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Discussion in 'ABC Party' started by Muffin Top Merkley, Dec 2, 2011.

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    After a lot of back and forth, I have decided to make it official and have thrown my name into the running to be elected as the candidate for the ABC Party, and potentially the next moderator of WrestleZone Forums.

    I have openly stated since the beginning that I am interested in becoming the moderator of the Video Game and Technology section. This is the transparency that I will be bringing during the entire election process. If you are not interested in seeing your elected candidate in the position of VG&T moderator, and would like the candidate to moderate another section of the forum, then there are a near limitless number of talent within this party that deserve your support.

    The number one reason for me becoming a supporting member of the ABC Party, is the deep well of talented posters, many which would make for an outstanding moderator on this forum. If I am not selected as the candidate, I have no doubt that the person who has been selected, would rise to the task to improving their designated section, and in turn, the forum as a whole. The ABC Party will have my support and devotion until the very end.

    I would like to be the man placed in charge of that section for two reasons:

    1 - As of right now, that is the section that I visit the most, and the section that I am most passionate about. I have always been extremely interested about wrestling, TV, movies and video games, and love the opportunity to discuss all facets of each with anyone, but right now, it is video games and technology that carry the most weight in my life.

    2 - I believe I would be the best person for the position. No disrespect to Dagger or anyone else, but if you don't think you are the best suited to run the section you are most interested in, you should not run for candidacy, but instead be a vocal supporter for the person who you feel would be better.

    The comment I made earlier about "not seeing Dagger as the mod for the VG&T section" was not made out of malice, but rather self-confidence. I have no intention of putting down another poster and member of this party during this election process because as I have already mentioned, the level of talented and committed posters in this party is great and I have a high level of respect for many, not only within this party, but throughout the entire forum.

    How could I improve the Video Game & Technology section?

    While discussing what they would do to each specific section, if they were made moderator of the section, most commented that the VG&T was in good shape. I disagree as there is now, more than ever, a lot of room for improvement.

    There have always been a number of dedicated posters who post in the VG&T section, whether it be creating a thread and opening post to kick off the discussion, or to contribute to a thread with an intelligent, thought-provoking comments to help carry the discussion. But since the departure of Lee as the sole moderator of that section, there has been an increase of spam posts that often not only add nothing to the discussion, but sometimes even entirely stop the thread dead, ending any momentum that was being built. This is the main problem with the VG&T section as of now - the amount of spam post that are being built up and burying the quality post. This is the number one issue that needs to be addressed.

    Quality discussions are taking place in the VG&T, but they often focused on a specific game and while that does provide an excellent starting point, I would like to see more threads that cover a wider area of gaming, that can provide more diverse discussion. Rather than seeing mainly threads on individual games, I'd like to see threads that provide posters with a wide range of commenting, like I did with my 'Essential PS3 Games' thread.

    Even when I'm away from the forums, I often think of thread ideas that could potentially stir up discussion. I literally have a notebook in my locker at work that has hand written notes of ideas for opening posts of threads that I would like to create and hope to do so in the very near future. (This seemed less nerdy before I typed it out.)

    For the past two years, I have been apart of a very successful tournament to crown the "Best Video Game Ever." These tournaments would continue to be an annual event once a year, but I can't see why we can't hold monthly discussions were we stand two comparative games side-by-side, and determine which is the better game.

    While I might not be one of the most frequent posters in the section, I am a frequent visitor and I believe that my comments within the section represent a "quantity over quality" approach. I'm driven to creating and maintaining discussion, rather than boosting my post count and rep.

    The biggest weakness that I have going into this election is that I am not able to be on WrestleZone forums everyday. Family and work will always take precedence in my life over WrestleZone. While I try to log onto the forums as much as I am able to, I may not be able to post and contribute to it as much as I would like. Even with that being said, with the current amount of traffic that takes place in the VG&T section, I am still confidence that I would be capable to maintain an enjoyable area for posting within it.

    I have always enjoyed my time on this forum and have had the privilege to discuss a number of topics with a number of posters that I respect. I enjoy reading the thoughts, ideas and comments from many posters here to gain a different perspective on things. I truly believe that WrestleZone is the best wrestling forum on the internet, and that is solely due to the amount of talented posters that contribute to it on a daily basis.

    My campaign is based on my belief that by bettering even one section of the forum, you better the entire forum. This election is a win-win scenario for me. If I am chosen as a candidate for the ABC party, and selected to become a moderator, I will work to improve and better the VG&T section. If I am not the member to be chosen, the selected member will be qualified to improve the section he or she desires.

    The Video Game & Technology section doesn't need a lot to improve, but out of all of the sections on WrestleZone, I believe that it needs the most improving, and I would like to be the man to lead the charge in making it a better place. By improving one section, you improve the entire forum.
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    Excellent post Merk. You made some excellent points and make a strong case for being chosen. You put out a well though out post and put forth efforts into how you want to improve the gaming section. Great work Merk, love the initiative. I think it says something as to how you look at this. You are serious about this and that is something to keep in mind.

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