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Discussion in 'ABC Party' started by The 1-2-3 Killam, Dec 17, 2011.

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    Several people have asked for my support throughout this entire election process, and now we find ourselves at the primaries. These votes are real, and go a long way in the eventual decision of who will moderate these forums we hold so dear. I will admit that I was extremely close to casting my vote for Daggar, as I consider him one of the best posters around today, and as much of a friend as one can have in a wrestling forum... I also think Killjoy is a phenomenal poster who could lead with great ability and efficiency.

    But I went into this election supporting hatehabs, and for all the same reasons I shall remain loyal. On a more insignificant note, I don't want to be seen as a flip-flopper who throws his weight behind one guy, only to change his mind in the end. There is something to be said for keeping your word, and for loyalty. But on the grander scheme, this is not about me... This is about nominating the best guy to lead the Wrestlezone forums.

    Hatehabsforever has taken this party from rags to riches. He founded the party on the principle that the best man for the job should lead, and that he should have the freedom to lead whichever section he so chooses. The ABC party has never been a one-man show, nor has it been focussed on a single direction. It is for that reason we have been able to draw so many followers, uniting them under one banner to support the ENTIRE forum collective.

    Out of all the candidates I have seen, Hatehabs continues to keep an open mind and put over his opponents, sighting both their pros and cons, rather than burying them to get ahead. He has put the party first, and continued to keep things organized and summarizes all things in a way that is both easy to read and intelligible for the ones that don't want to wade through the sea of posts made by our huge group thus far. In a way, he's already proven his weight by moderating this party...

    I'm not worried about who can "stand up to" CoCo or any other candidates that may arise to challenge for the moderator spot. He will have full support of his party, and no matter who wins from the ABC, he will have full support from us. I know very little about the 3rd party, Crock, or any sleeper candidates that may present themselves. But I think Hatehabs, Killjoy, and Daggar would represent us, and themselves well in the debates and discussions.

    However, the one thing I believe will become truly necessary is the ability to keep a cool head no matter what is thrown at you. And when you're dealing with CoCo (who I truly believe is a great poster, and who could make a decent mod), plus our rather crafty Wrestlezone mods and admins, you're going to need to remain collected. Hatehabs has shown that he can do that, and proved it on several occasions.

    I don't claim to have a huge influence, or believe that I carry a weight that could shape the election - far from it! But I was asked to support the party, and to choose the best candidate for the job. I truly believe that to be hatehabs. And like we've said all along, no matter who takes the spot (especially if it's habs or Daggar) they will have my full support.
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    Hey guys, only a few days left before the end of the first phase of the primaries. So far, voter turnout has been pretty good, at 43 people out of a possible 60. Voter turnout for our party is going to be very important, in this round, in the second part of the primaries, and especially in the general election itself for whoever is fortunate enough to advance there.

    To the 17 of you who still haven't voted, I'm not going to chase you for votes. We all have put our positions out there and everyone knows where everyone stands. Just make sure you get out there and vote for one of us. I think it would be excellent if we could get 100% voter turnout, whatever the result.

    Remember, round one ends on Friday.
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