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    Here we have it, ladies and gentlemen. My much awaited final and official platform.

    I would like to become your next WWE moderator. Wait for it, there is more. Please bear with me and read. :)

    I know that I have supporters who wish to see my moderate the Video Games section instead. While I have kept the section alive during its time without a moderator, it does hold true that it doesn't receive as much traffic as other sections. I promised that I would keep it alive until it receives a mod who will look after it with the attention it deserves. Currently, it has no mod and various mods or G-Mods have to come into it to maintain it even though no one from the staff currently are regular posters in there. Doc, Dave, and Lee have all stepped down. When Lee was G-Mod he looked after it alongside his G-Mod duties. I plan to do the same. The Video Game section will be looked after by yours truly alongside my duties as WWE mod. The sig link will remain active and I will still make threads there to keep traffic coming to it. Nostalgia threads, typical gaming topics, new releases, walkthroughs, and so forth.

    Now, what about the WWE section? What can I bring to the table there when it already has a team in place? I am a poster who loves to post, to generate discussion by creating threads and debating with those I disagree with. Jack-Hammer creates excellent threads and it would be an honor to form a team with him in this task. It would make his workload lighter and we could divide up the sections or tackle them all together. I can work that out with him and the other mods when the time comes. Nick and Nate do most of the maintaining, so they would be there to help me learn the maintenance process. Plus, they do most of their posting in the spam zones while Jack-Hammer mainly makes threads.... What's missing here? Someone should be actively involved in the discussions with the regulars by debating with them and keeping the threads on topic. Thats's where I come in. I'll assist Jack-Hammer in thread creation, post up a storm while debating with those I disagree with, and help as needed with the section maintenance.

    It is the busiest section of the forum by far, and we are about to enter the busiest time of the year. Having a 4th WWE moderator will come in handy. I do not plan on being a seasonal mod who resigns after Wrestlemania. Despite my goal of keeping the Video Games section alive, the vast majority of my posting has always been in the WWE section. I plan on remaining actively involved there and if any of the current mods there decide they want to switch to another section, I'll be able to fully take over their portion.

    I had promised to begin doing more reviews for Raw, Smackdown, and PPV's. Those are still coming and I have decided to go with an approval rating format. The Championship analysis threads will still be coming as well. I apologize for not having those started yet. I've been busy at work, December is awful for retailers. After New Years things will die down significantly, and I do place my job as well as my family above the forum in priority. The good news is that I have been doing really well at work and might be getting a promotion to a management position. With that being said, I do have my 15 minute breaks at work that I can use to be available for extra moderating. I am also available on a daily basis when I am not at work.

    What you will get with me as a moderator is someone very passionate about their section who will be available on a daily basis to either post, maintain, or help posters who have questions for me. Someone who unlike Coco or The Crock will never troll posters by making threads in The Bar about how much they suck. I want to encourage others to come out and post more by repping them for their work in my section and being that friend on the staff who they can count on and deserve to have. Finally, the WWE section gets a stronger team just in time for Wrestlemania season and with me also taking care of the Video Games section that means one less unmodded section for the rest of the staff to worry about when most of them don't even post there.

    What it comes down to though is this.... We must be able to provide the alternative to Coco and The Crock. Someone kind, friendly, passionate, and finally someone who wants to improve the forum by making the posting experience more enjoyable for all. Coco and The Crock will just be more of the same. Another troll becomes a mod. I'm the complete and total opposite. I'm a nice guy who loves to post.

    If I win our party's nomination I will see to it that neither Coco nor The Crock win this thing. All I ask for is your continued support. United with all 60 of the ABC Party members behind me, I am 100% confident that I will be able to defeat them in the election to become the next mod.


    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Dagger Dias for mod!
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