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Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Ipswichicon, Jun 2, 2006.

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  1. WWF-Attitude-

    WWF-Attitude- Dark Match Jobber

    Jun 2, 2006
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    :wwf: name change was wack, and vince shoulda fought harder to keep it
    Brand extension is stupid and is not that entertaining
    Some of yall said Rock was bad in the ring, NOPE he is the :shit:
    Sting is annoying and overrated
    Jericho wont make it as an actor, he is great on the mic and in the ring but i just dont think it will work out, or wont make it as a rockstar
    Give RVD time on the mic and he will be amazing, he is already amazing in the ring
  2. Death Knight

    Death Knight Guest

    no u wernt i was as well!!
  3. Eternal Dragon

    Eternal Dragon Monster

    Jul 6, 2006
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    1. Diva Search is a waste of time
    2. The new DX really does suck- they're good in the ring but, it does not compare to the old.
    3. Greogory Helms needs to lose the CW Championship fast. He barley defends it and he's one of the worst CW Champions ever.
    4. Randy Orton should win the match at Summerslame but, he won't.
    5. Smackdown sucks so bad.
    6. I like Edge but, I hate the whole "Rated R Superstar" it sound so horrible.
    7. Lita is the best female wrestler right now in the WWE bar none.
    8. I like Booker T but, I hate "King Booker" - he bores me to death.
    9. HBK should be a champ again.

    Flames Out
  4. Danbrogo619

    Danbrogo619 Guest

    1)Booker T will make a great heel WHC
    2)Orton vs Angle good mania spoiled by a cruiserweight
    3)they should actuallymake SD! live in tead of taping it
    4)Orton and Benjamin future not Cena(no offense towards Cena)
    5)Andre was the true giant so what the man won the WWE,WCW,and ECW title dude the guy is fat and like hogan he shouldn'twrestle for cryin out loud
  5. J-Slim

    J-Slim Guest

    1. Make Flair retire (Nobody wants 57 year olds wrestling)

    2. TNA make it 2 hours

    3. Let Heyman run ECW not Vince

    4. Bring back Jericho to RAW

    5. Give Randy Orton a WWE title shot.

    6. More hot women (not Beth Phoenix and Victoria)

    7. Give Lita a push at the Womens Championship

    8. Make Cena Heel

    9. Have more Tables, Ladders and Chairs matches or Ladder matches or Table matches

    10. Give JBL a WRESTLING GOD! a shot at the World HeavyWeight Championship

    11. Make Sting stop copying The UnderTaker by making all the lights go out and then he's there standing in the ring when the lights turn on.
  6. Danbrogo619

    Danbrogo619 Guest

    FWI: JBL is retired
  7. J-Slim

    J-Slim Guest

    Bring back JBL then!
  8. sevastra

    sevastra Getting Noticed By Management

    Jul 17, 2006
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    I think Hogan is, and always was, over rated and was only big because we were told to make him that way...

    Same goes for Cena....

    And The Rock

    I think Rey could have been a great champion, but he was completely misused.

    Chavo could make a good champion

    I don't really think Booker T is that entertaining, nor do I think he is good World Champ material. Back in 1999, yeah, it was great, now...no. He is stale...

    And this King crap is ******ed.

    Sharmell shouldn't be allowed near the ring. She is annoying, whiney, and well...******ed.

    The new ECW is total crap.

    Sabu is great, but not here.

    I actually don't mind Big Show in ECW, nor do I mind him being champ.

    I DO, however, mind him defending it against WWE guys constantly...

    TNA is better than WWE. WWE may be more popular (they've been around for years), but TNA has more quality matches, and wrestlers.

    Flair needs to retire

    So does Taker

    So does Hogan

    Kane, however, doesn't

    The new DX is the only thing entertaining WWE is doing right now.

    Edge is a great champ, much better than Cena.

    I can't believe I made it this far withuot saying Cena sucks...

    Cena can be good, but he needs a lot of work.

    Cena's match against RVD at One Night Stand was actually very impressive

    Rey vs HHH vs HBK vs Angle would be incredibly awesome.

    Rey is really great in the ring, shame WWE holds him back.

    Same goes for Paul London

    And Sabu

    And Brian Kendrick

    I wish Tazz would still wrestle.

    I wish King wouldn't....

    AJ Styles is my new favorite wrestler BEHIND rey mysterio....followed by senshi...

    I hope ROH gets a TV deal.

    I think I am going to spend the money and start a federation. I can put out a product twenty times better than the WWE.....

    I'll think of more later
  9. rkolover09

    rkolover09 Pre-Show Stalwart

    Jun 11, 2006
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    Cena and Flair are OVERRATED!!!!
    Stop giving Cena title shots.
    Finally a heel champion....Hopefully the rating will go up now.
    Kane needs a run at the title.
    WWE needs to bring main eventers to Smackdown!
    If Hogan wants to work for WWE in the furture for ONE MORE Match...again....WWE needs to say...NO!
    JBL is fat.
    When JBL gets in shape bring him back...Smackdown! needs him.
    Get rid of the spinner belt...it just stupid.
    Eugene and Matt Striker's gimmick is...like Eugene...retarted.
  10. J-Slim

    J-Slim Guest

    Flair especially is overrated! And Cena needs to get out of the title hunt picture.
  11. ragin' bull

    ragin' bull Guest

    1. cena should be jobbing
    2. hbk should have a title considering last time he won one was survivor series elimination chamber
    3.hoga should stick to reality tv coz he sucks
    4.rey should have never won the title, worn the eddie guerrero arm band, won royal rumble, mainevent wrestlemania
  12. ragin' bull

    ragin' bull Guest


    Matt Hardy's one of the more talented superstars on smackdown

    Divas are killing wwe

    spinner belt should be burnt and to never return again...as should cena

    if there not going to give kennedy a title push he mite as well not be there

    give william regal a chance with something other than tag titles

    DX is sucking rite now bring in chyna and they need to target everything and anything not jus mc mahons and the f***ing cheerleaders!!
  13. robwylde90

    robwylde90 Celtic Warrior

    Jul 19, 2006
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    Orton, Kennedy, Carlito and Benjamin are the future of the WWE not a dumb wigger like Cena, all 4 of those guys are 10x as talented as him.
    Orton should win the WWE title and have a gd long heel run.
    Carlito should win the intercontinental title, join DX(theyr boring just now) and bring Trish with him.
    Benjamin should stop jobbing and have Cena do it instead.
  14. Eternal Dragon

    Eternal Dragon Monster

    Jul 6, 2006
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    Here are some more-

    10. Trish Stratus is overrated.
    11. Big Show sucks as the new WWECW champ
    12. No matter how optimistic we are ECW will now forever be WWECW which transtlates into that it will always suck
    13. Hulk Hogan should stop wrestling and only make guest appearances
    14. The SS are ruining the legacy of the World Tag Team Titles
    15. Hearing Cole and JBL call on Smackdown makes me want to shoot myself
    16. Batista's return was sooooooo boring- I mean the guys gone for close to 7 months and all he does is hit Mark Henry with a chair and pose in the ring???
    17. Cena may not be the best wrestler but, he's hilarious
    18. Edge is great on the mic
    19. The Great Kahli has less talent than Candice Michelle
    20. Ashley M. is a horrible wrestler

    Flames Out
  15. mabuza

    mabuza Getting Noticed By Management

    Jun 10, 2006
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    1.WWE should stop adding new ppvs and shows like SMNE until they make the ones the already have worth watching.
    2.Flair needs to go.
    3.Undertaker should just retire,his 2 month disappearing acts are annoying.
    4.WWE's drug testing policy is bias,cause you can get away will a "slap-on-the-wrist" if you are influencial of are a top-card wrestler
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