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Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Ipswichicon, Jun 2, 2006.

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  1. Ipswichicon

    Ipswichicon Pre-Show Stalwart

    Jun 1, 2006
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    Leave your contreversiel opinons here. Here are mine:

    Teddy Long should go as GM of SD. His chracter got boring back when he was managing Mark Henry. Heel GMs are always more intresting.
    Tazz and Cole are wrost commentating team in History.
    Undertaker was better as the Bad-Ass
    Ric Flair is over rated
    The warrior has lost the plot and never had any real in ring abilty.
    Stone cold and Rocks promo's were entertaining but they were built around catch-phrases and cheap pops.
    Shelton and Randy Orton will be the future of this business, not Cena.
    Stone colds comeback match should be against Triple H NOT Hogan.
    Randy Orton v Kurt Angle would have been a great main event for mania putting Rey in spoilt it.
    The brand split hasn't worked because the writing on SD is so awful.
    The Rock and Austin are two of the best "story tellers" in history despite always being knocked for thier in ring abiltys.
  2. zero

    zero Guest

    1. No one in the goddamn world wants to see WWE vs ECW, we didn't think it was a good idea at last year's "One Night Stand" Pay Per View, we don't like the idea now. Drop it, please.
    2. Hogan shouldn't be allowed to wrestle again, purely for the fact that he isn't wrestling even part-time. Throwing wrestlers into random Wrestlemania matches truely shows the business for what it is, completely run by who knows who at the top.
    3. HHH needs to shave, end of story.
    4. Kane needs to go back to the days when he had his mask on, I don't really care about the mask persay but in my memory I remember the mask as the symbol of the days of the Brothers of Destruction, when Kane was an actual monster; not getting involved in love storylines and movie date plots.
    6. Someone get rid of King, when it comes down to it all he does is "call" the f*cking promo's, so many times per Monday Night I have to hear JR or Joey Styles pretty much verbally push him out of the way so that they can call the match. It doesn't even seem like he's watching or paying attention to the people who give his job a reason to exist.
  3. 1. Hogan shouldn't wrestle ever again
    2. Flair should became a manager or work backstage
    3. Have another draft lottery this year
    4. Put kurt angle back on smackdown
    5. Jbl should work out a little more
    6. Shelton needs to get a major push soon
  4. drgnerth

    drgnerth Dark Match Winner

    Jun 1, 2006
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    WWe needs to quite giving rookies main event pushes so quick.
  5. lalakerz

    lalakerz Fusion is back baby!!

    Jun 1, 2006
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    Yea i agree... What about wrestlers who've been around and proving themselves for quite a long time? Benjamon def. needs a push to the main event level. Are they f*cking kidin' me when they say that Umaga may go to main events!?!? That's messed up! Henry & Khali just came to Smackdown and were put in main events, when they already had people like Benoit! WWE needs new writers like RIGHT NOW! Their ppv's get crappier, but now b/c less people buy em' they wanna raise the price? HOW ABOUT JUST MAKING THEM BETTER! (sorry for getting off topic!)
  6. FLUFF

    FLUFF Guest

    Kane RULEZ

    Hogan need never grace the WWE again

    SCSA sucked

    The Rock sucked

    Taker would wrestle circles around both men at the same time back in the late 90's

    Taker could also promo better than both

    Flair is old and flabby

    So is Finlay

    Triple H is greater than Cena

    **** Fena

    Cena SUX

    Cena can't wresle

    Cena, go back to West Newberry and "fight" for your survival you stupid son of a bitch.
  7. AussieHobo

    AussieHobo Getting Noticed By Management

    Jun 1, 2006
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    1 - Hogan should never wrestle again.
    2 - Flair should never wrestle again.
    3 - Triple H should go for the Kings of Kings theme.
    4 - Matt Striker is/will be one of the greatest wrestlers/on the mic in the futer WWE
    5 - Lita is ugly
    6 - Matt Hardy should be WHC, not Rey Rey.
    7 - Cena should turn Heel
    8 - ECW will not work!
    9 - The Warrior is crybay thats using his fans for money.
    10 - RVD should of been Champion 2 years ago.
    11 - D-X shoulda worked the first time
    12 - Bret Hart shoulda never of left WWE.
  8. Knaaks

    Knaaks Dark Match Jobber

    Jun 3, 2006
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    I think I've come up with the least popular opinion of all time!

    Umaga vs. The Giant Khali for BOTH major titles to headline next years Wrestlemania!!

    Do I win?
  9. JKO

    JKO Guest

    THank You
    thought i was the only one
  10. FLUFF

    FLUFF Guest

    Heres' a few more

    cena can't wrestle
    Triple H is THE KING OF KINGS
    Shawn Michaels is an asshole outside the ring
    Finlay is old
    Boogeyman needs to die
    Andre the giant was the greatest big man wrestler ever.
  11. seiya1994

    seiya1994 Dark Match Winner

    Jun 1, 2006
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    Chris Master's Entrance was great
    Hogan SUCKS
    Flair's TLC match w\ edge was awesome!
    If ROCK ever comes back to WWE he will get booed out of the stadium
  12. JKO

    JKO Guest

    The Rock Is making money, cant hate the man for that...
    Spliting MNM was the worst move of 2006..they had so much potential to be the next Edge and christian
  13. FLUFF

    FLUFF Guest

    Almost as bad as Cena
    Edge should not be in the angle he is in now with Foley
    Heyman is fat
    Booker's hair is WAY TOO Long
    Great Kahli has horrible english skills.
  14. WWF-Attitude-

    WWF-Attitude- Dark Match Jobber

    Jun 2, 2006
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    Johnny Nitros entrance is fucking gay
    Brand extension should be ended
    Rock should come back to the wwe
    Rvd should have gotten the world title wayyy before Lesnar, orton, Cena etc.
    Finlay is old :shit:
    Booker T should cut his hair shorter
    The Diva Search is stupid and a waste of time
    TNA will never be close to WWE
    Lita's looks are way overrated, I think pretty much every WWE diva looks better then her
    I wish the old HBK would come back
    Taker needs new ring attire, I hate the bad ass attire mixed with his dead man stuff is wack
    Cena I beleive could be a much better wrestler if he would be unleashed
    Umaga does not deserve a title push, hell he doesnt even deserve to be on TV
  15. hhh_#1fan

    hhh_#1fan Guest

    NWO should be brought back
  16. exoskeletion

    exoskeletion Dark Match Jobber

    Jun 2, 2006
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    Rey should not have EVER got higher than US title level.
    Joey Styles was never that good a commentator.
    RVD does not warrant a WWE title shot on the back of his WWE work.
    Flair should not even be let near a WWE Arena.
    Finlay is doing incredibly well and does deserve a push.
    Edge should be the WWE champion.
    JBL is awesome.
    The Spirit Squad are a great team.
    The Cruiserweights don't get anywhere near the right amount of exposure.
    Rey should stop coming out with one of those hats over his mask. He looks a tit.
    The future of the WWE is good.
  17. Chiwaukee's Finest

    Chiwaukee's Finest Dark Match Jobber

    Jun 4, 2006
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    Cena is the future of the business
    Triple H and Micahels are gods
    Vince was right for "Screwing" Bret
    Joey Styles is overrated
    Michael Cole is underrated
    Rey DESERVES the title
    Edge deserves the Title
    Masters is underrated
    Mark Henry is doing an excellent job at playing a heel
    Kane bringing the mast back is D-U-M-B
    RVD is underrated
    Jericho was misused
    Mickie James>Trish
    Maria=Average Looking Woman
    Big Show deserves a MEANINGFUL Title Run
    Batista sux on the mic
    Benoit needs another run
    Jerry Lawler=Legend
    JR=Best PBP Announcer in the biz
    Shelton is NOT a spot monkey
    Vince favors Raw to Smackdown
    Trish is NOT the greatest women's champion
    Test was underused
    Coach is gonna be a HOF Inductee many years from now
    As will Goldberg
    Kevin Nash was better as Diesel
    Viscera should call it quits
    So should Conway
    Rene Dupree was a damn good heel
    Rocky did NOT sell out
    The writers deserve more credit than what they get on the IWC
    The Undertaker was MUCH better as The Deadman
    Vince took his "God" thing a bit too far
    Chavo plays the heel role better
    In terms of mic skills, The Rock and Roddy Piper are untouchable
    Billy Gunn was underrated
    Matt Hardy is, was and most likely will always be better than Jeff
    Jeff Jarrett is a damn good heel with the wrestling skills to match
    2005 wasn't really a bad year for the wwe overall
    Lita needs to stay away from a microphone
    Although Goldberg sucked in the ring, I believe he was the main reason people still watched wCw back in 98-2000
    X Pac is a damn good wrestler
    TNA Roster can put on a damn good show, it's a shame I can't watch it all because of the sucky commentators they have
    Stephanie McMahon took playing a woman heel to new hights that has not been touched ever since
    Just for the record Triple H>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Rocky
    The Undertaker's best theme song was Rollin
    NO Frog Splash is better than Van Dam's
    The best thing about the XFL were the footballs
    The Right To Censor was GENIOUS
    Crash Holly should go down as one of the greatest hardcore champions in WWE history
    I Miss The European Championship
    Paul Burchill has the best finishing move right now
    William Regal is underrated
    The only cruiserweight in the WWE i've seen take Mysterio to the limit was Chavito
    Naked Mideon was hilarious
    I actually prefer Stone Cold to Stunning Steve
    Dude Love>Cactus Jack>Mankind
    Brock Lesnar is quite possibly the MAIN reason people tuned into Smackdown
  18. FLUFF

    FLUFF Guest

    WCW was the shit back in the day
    NWO > DX
    Hogan < Macho Man
    Raw > SD
    Cena < Kane
    Kane shouldn't retire
    The elimination Chamber shouldn't have ended the way it did this year
    Kane should be remasked
    Angle needs not go to ECW
    RAW > ECW > SD > TNA
    that's about it
  19. AussieHobo

    AussieHobo Getting Noticed By Management

    Jun 1, 2006
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    D-Generation X will always be better than the NWO
    RAW is the best show every week. SD comes after. then ECW. then UFC the K1 then TNA
    Triple H is one of the greatest wrestlers in the business today, in my view the next Ric Flair or better.
    WCW was shit until Bishoff came
    Bishoff should come back
    Cena was better heel
    I used to mark for Cena
    HBK >>>> Hart
    AJ Styles is shit
    Nova >>> Simon Dean
    Hollywood Hulk Hogon is shit now and back in the day
    Muhammed Hussan was the next greatest heel in WWE
    The Rock will always be a sell out
    Brocklesnar is shit at everything he has ever done except wrestling
    Kane >>>> Undertaker
    Kane made the Undertaker what he is today
    UMAGA is the next Visera
    Chavo can be a better champ than Rey
  20. Finlay is the best wrestler currently in the WWE and deserves a push.

    Paul Burchill deserves a lot better than this.

    JBL is a great brawler.

    Giant Bernard (A-Train) is currently a much better worker than Brock Lesnar.

    Giant Bernard will be the best big man (workrate-wise) of this generation. Since leaving the WWE and going to Japan, he has improved lightyears.

    General Managers, Chairmen, Sheriffs and other authority figures ruin wrestling.

    Showing Pay-Per-View quality match-ups on weekly shows is the main cause of the low Pay-Per-View buyrates. You can't give the fans a big match-up a dozen times on Raw or SmackDown! and then expect them to buy a Pay-Per-View to watch it for the thirteenth time.
  21. Infamous

    Infamous Dark Match Winner

    Jun 2, 2006
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    Goldberg was the man
    TNA should be more than 1 hour
    New DX is going to suck if they add new people
    Cena sucks
    WWE sucks
    Add: Separating WWE into Raw and Smackdown was the most ******ed move ive ever seen
  22. Ipswichicon

    Ipswichicon Pre-Show Stalwart

    Jun 1, 2006
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    1.) Goldberg was a american football player with minamal talent in the ring who (as far as his WWE matches go anyway) was carried in every match.
    2.)Won't touch this have seen little TNA(is hard to get in UK) and what I have seen is very good.
    3.)I agree with this. They are the two biggiest stars on Raw right now why do you need anyone else?
    4.)That's not an unpoplar opinon that's just stating the obvouis.
    5.) Than why go on a WWE forum?
    6.) One company isn't in business anymore. One is Why? Becuase they had the better product and wern't afraid of change at the main event level. They MADE stars they didn't recurit Old Has beens. It was only ever going to be a short term sucess.:wwf:
    7.) It was a good concept. But now one show has pulled so far in frontb of the other one it's failing. The writng on SD needs to improve and they need to stop using a dead guy(RIP Eddie) to try to promote thier storylines.
  23. Guppee

    Guppee Marking out for no reason...

    Jun 1, 2006
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    1. WWE needs competition to make them as good as they were in the late-90s (TNA is NOT competition!)
    2. I am sick of the Spirit Squad, Vince, & Shane vs. HHH & HBK every week on Raw!
    3. Matt Striker>>>> underrated
    4. Umaga>>>> overrated
    5. WWE needs to improve the diva, cruiserweight, & tag team divisions.
    6. Smackdown lacks top talent.

    That's it for now....
  24. TenaciousK

    TenaciousK Dark Match Jobber

    Jun 4, 2006
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    - I agree, Striker has tremendous mic skills, I hope the bookers look past his size, and give a good push one day, he is talented, funny, and could be future of wwe...he would a sure-thing if he hit the 6' mark, but he looks to be about 5'5

    -Michaels needs another title run, he's still entertaining...even w/o being the old hbk, even though we've seen plenty shades of it recently. Most "reborn" wrestlers dont make it very far..ala Jake Roberts in the mid 90s..HBK is still a top guy, and needs to be a jerk again so he can start having some decent matches with real wrestlers...every match with vince has to be a hardcore style, to compensate Vince's lack of wrestling ability

    -John Cena is likeable, but not too likeable for me, I think he should drop the belt, but remain in the hunt for a little while...

    -Edge isn't over with me, I don't buy his rated R gig, I don't really like him anymore at all...I remember when I thought he was hilarious being with Christian, and they had the 30 second pose for the fans, and what not..that was funny stuff..now he's angry, and not funny...good thing his ability to bump keeps his matches interesting

    -Flair should have one big one on one match at this year's 'Mania, and retire afterwards. Love Flair, one of my top 3 of all time, but when it's time to go, it's time to go

    -Kurt Angle needs to stay in WWE, on Raw, and feud with HHH or even Join McMahon, and feud with DX that will reform Shortly

    -DX needs to ONLY consist of HHH and HBK

    -The Rock sucked to me...his mic skills were off the chart, but boy did I find it torture to watch his matches

    -Hogan is a 3-note song, that is largely immobile these days, and even in his prime he was 50% media creation

    -Bret Hart is still bitter about Montreal, and needs to let it go...Grudges are unhealthy, and cause stress...which could've led to his stroke

    HHH and HBK are the kings of WWE right now..and need to capitalize on it

    -Umaga's character is a sure thing to be one of the worst characters of all time, almost as bad as The Stalker, Waylon Mercy, T.L. Hopper, The Goon, and The Sultan...for those of you who felt I should mention Doink...no..I wont..the original Doink was awesome...happy circus music that turns so eerie, and pops kids balloons with a cigar...that's an awesome gimmick, but if he ever had a title run, he'd have to do all his promos in makeup..that would be hilarious to me

    -Benjamin is tremendous, he better find some sort of character and some sort of personality

    -Johnny Nitro is impressive, and has tons of charisma...he'll be huge one day

    -Carlito needs to find new attire, and think of a finisher
  25. JBL has turned into a fat washed up old man
    Shawn Micheals is a born again ******** dont no about christian
    Smackdown is the most [email protected] show ive ever seen
    And i agree ric flair is overrated
    Hulk Hogan Cant wrestle for [email protected]:lol2:
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