TNA: Hartford Sub-Regional

Discussion in 'TNA Region' started by Shocky, Feb 21, 2009.

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    When did AJ beat Hogan in a ladder match?, I honestly don't ever remember them even being in the same ring together much less them having a ladder match

    As far as this AJ/Trips goes, Triple H is the king of gimmick matches, so if this match is anything other than Ultimate X or maybe, maybe a ladder match I think Trips would go over he just always seems to excel gimmick matches, if this happens to be an Ultimate X or Ladder match or something of that variety then AJ most defiantly would have the advantage with his speed and high flying ability

    I just hope people don't vote AJ just because of their blind hatred for Trips
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    One of the other WZ Tournaments. I was referring to kayfabe, not actual matches.

    AJ Styles has been in every gimmick match TNA has to offer, and has done well. I don't think HHH holds an edge there. Triple H also won't have much of an advantage if he tries the mind games either. AJ's experience in the Monster's Ball more than prepares him, I believe.

    I don't hate Trips. I'm actually a fan of his, except for the inordinate amount of title reigns.

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