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    Alright, its after WWE Armageddon and we are heaidn into 2009, ill be booking the RAW brand. Adamle's ass got fired and shane o mac is permananet GM of RAW. Not that complicated of a backstory. The WHC is Randy Orton, the IC Champ is Santino, the Tag team champs are Simply Pointless and the womens division has been discontinued cuz no one gives a fuck.

    Heres the Roster:
    John Cena
    Chris Jericho
    CM Punk
    Randy Orton
    Rey Mysterio
    Kofi Kingston boom boom boom
    Evan Bourne
    William Regal
    Paul Birchall
    Jamie Noble
    Lance Cade
    Paul London
    Charlie Haas
    Hardcore Holly
    Val Venis
    Dlo Brown
    Mark Henry
    Chuck Palumbo
    DiBiase and Rhodes
    Miz and Morrison
    Cryme Tyme

    Beth Pheonix
    Kelly x2
    Mickie James
    Katie Lea
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    King and Cole wlecom us to RAW Live, and talk about the two big matches tonight. It will be CM Punk and Kofi vs. Miz and Morrsion vs. Cryme Tyme to determine the No.1 Contenders for the tag titles plus it will be Randy Orton vs. John Cena for the WHC.

    Opening Match: Paul Birchall w/Katie Lea vs. Jamie Noble
    Solid opener with Birchall dominating most of the match. Noble tries to comeback but ultimately fails and gets the Backflipping Exploder Move from Burchall. Burchall wins. After the match Katie Lea comes into the ring looking very impressed she holds up birchalss hand in victory and eyes him in a sexual manner.

    Backstage Segment:
    Mickie James and Cena talking backstage about upcoming WHC match to hype it up for later tonight. Kane interrupts and says he will rape Mickie unless he gets the next WHC shot.

    Match: Evan Bourne vs. Thee paul london
    Filler match. Crazy high flying shit. Bourne wins.

    Miz and Morrison make fun of cryme tyme, cm punk and kofi(who go by the team name Kofi and Kream). that match is next.

    CM Punk and Kofi vs. cryme tyme vs. Mizorrison
    Kofi and Kream get the win. Punk pins Miz. They are now the No.1 Contenders and will face Simply Worthless next week.

    Goldust Promo:
    Goldust in the ring challenging Santino saying that he loves wrestling italians. beth and santino come out and santino makes fun of goldusts paint and such and says that next week goldust can fight beth.

    Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio
    Great match. OMG wut a match this was.....jericho wins by cheating, Cade interfered and helped Jericho.

    Video Package:
    Promoting Val Venis saying that not only will he be getting back into wrestling he'll be getting back into the porn industry as well.

    Randy Orton talks shit. Batista interrupts and says he wants winner. Main Event next.

    Main Event : Cena vs. Orton WHC
    Back and forth match. Cena accidently Knocks down the ref with a clotheslinebut remains in control of the match. Mickie James is at ringside cheering for Cena...but then Mickie James gets in the ring and low blows cena! ITS A SWERVE! RKO by Orton ref back up. Orton wins. Orton makes out with mickie, while Cena is down. fade to black....
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    Opening Segemnt:
    Orton comes out with WHC and brags about beating Cena. there is a heart bed in the ring. He says that there will be a live sex celebration with him and mickie. He says that last week mickie screwed cena and this week she will screw him. HA HA. Mickie makes her way down to the ring but its ambushed from behind by kane who tombstones her on the ramp and demands a title shot. Batista comes out and he wants a shot. Cena says that last week the match was bullshit and he wants a re match. Out comes GM Shane O Mac in a popemobile. He announces that tonight it will be Cena vs. orton for the WHC and a No.1 contenders match batista vs. Kane. The winners will fight at the Royal Rumble.

    World Tag Ttitle Match: Kofi and Punk vs. Rhodes and DiBiase
    Punk and Kofi win and are the new tag team champions.

    Lance Cade massgaing Jericho in the locker room comlimenting him on his big win last week against Mysterio. He says he needs to get reayd becuz up next he is facing evan bourne. Cade offers to help him put on his trunks.

    Bourne vs. Jericho
    Cade interferes and helps jericho. Jerichos wins unclean again this week.

    Hyping up Val Venis. Saying that Venis is getting back into both wrestling and porn.

    Canidce and Kell Kelly brawl backstage randomly. Clothing flying everywhere. Batista vs. Kane is next.

    No.1 Contender's Match: batista vs. Kane
    solid match between two monsters. very evenly matched. for the finish batista hits the batista bomb. Batista is the Number 1 Contender.

    Santino giving Beth tips on how to beat Goldust. She says she can handle him without help. Goldust walks in dressed in drag and asks if santino likes it. Santino does not. But beth however does. Goldust says he'll see her in the ring but would like to see santino later tonight.

    Goldust vs. Beth Phenoix
    Every time goldust gets in any offense he stops to pose for santino. Every time Beth takes ddown goldust she tries to feel him up. Its a technical classic basically. For the finish the ref is down. santino tries to get involved but goldust punches him on the apron and then kisses him and then thorws him to the outside. he turns around blocks a punch from beth and then low blows her..... she goes down(its a swerve). Ref back up again goldust gets the pin.

    Kofi talking to CM punk. He says he wants to celebrate their tag title win by smoking some ganga. Punk is disgusted becuz he is straitedge and he walks out on Kofi.

    Main Event: Cena vs. Orton WHC
    Cena counters the RKO into an FU. Cena wins.we have a new champion! batista comes out and him and cena have a stare down...fade to black...
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    its ok so fare as your backstory hasn't got much detail at all and theirs alot of text talk in your shows

    i don't like reading text talk.

    whats with the swearing all the time come on.

    and when it comes down to interviews all you have is "Randy Orton talks shit, Batista interupts"

    and when you say "she'll screw him HAHA" you laugh at your own joke which is just bad man im sorry but that one had to be said.

    and when it comes down to the interview it just a sentence orton talks shit, batista interupts.

    its obvious you haven't read other book this! threads as you will see what normal shows look like (e.g. have a look at TNA or NEW)

    and its obvious you didn't put much plaining into it.

    bt i do lik wat u r doin with Cena and batista
    (but i do like what you are doing with Cena and Batista)

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