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    Backstory: Shane and Stephanie McMahon are given control of the WWE after Backlash. Vince says he's burned out but they have to keep the storylines going. They promise Vince that they'll not put the company under the ground.

    Chris Jericho
    Mr. Kennedy
    Paul London
    Brian Kendrick
    Super Crazy
    Hardcore Holly
    Cody Rhodes
    Triple H
    Lance Cade
    Trevor Murdoch
    Jim Duggan
    Randy Orton
    Val Venis
    John Cena
    Santino Marella
    Shad Gaspard
    Jeff Hardy *Suspended until May 10*
    Robbie Macallister
    Rory Macallister
    Shawn Michaels
    D.H. Smith

    Beth Phoenix
    Mickie James
    Candice Michelle

    WWE Champion: Randy Orton
    Intercontinential Champion: Chris Jericho
    World Tag Team Champion: Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes
    Women's Champion: Beth Phoenix

    RAW Live 9/8 CT Every Monday on USA Network.
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    Backlash Quick Results:

    Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes defeat London and Kendrick to retain the World Tag Team Championship. (6:39)

    Holly pinned Kendrick after an Alabama Slam.

    Big Show defeated the Great Khali (8:28)

    Big Show pinned Khali after a Big Boot.

    Kane defeated Chavo Guererro to retain the ECW Championship (4:10)

    Kane pinned Chavo after a Chokeslam.

    MVP defeated Matt Hardy to retain the United States Championship (10:37)

    MVP pinned Hardy after a playmaker.

    Undertaker defeated Edge to retain the World Heavyweight Championship (17:58)

    Edge submitted to the gogoplata submission.

    Batista and Shawn Michaels ended in a draw (15:00)

    Neither man could answer the 10 count after a Batista Bomb through the announcers table.

    Randy Orton defeated Triple H, John Cena, and JBL to retain the WWE Championhsip (23:32)

    Orton pinned Cena after an RKO.
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    RAW Preview- April 28, 2008

    Preview: Backlash Aftermatch

    After retaining the title at Backlash against three other hungry competitors, what's next for WWE Champion Randy Orton. Orton has defeated Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy, John Cena, Triple H, and JBL during his recent title reign. You have to think anyone's who left can't beat the Legend Killer. What's destined for Randy Orton and the WWE Championship at Judgement Day.

    Also on RAW, after fighting to a draw at Backlash, Shawn Michaels and Batista are going to meet in the ring. Batista still believes what Michaels did was wrong, but does Michaels agree?

    Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes defeated London and Kendrick to retain the World Tag Team Titles, so what's next for the Champs and London and Kendrick. Will Cade and Murdoch and Cryme Tyme have anything to say about this? Find out on RAW.

    Tommorow's RAW is live from University of Phoenix Stadium in Phoenix, Arizona. Tune in tommorow at 9/8 CT to see what happens on wrestling's number one brand.
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    [YOUTUBE]<object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/QPKwTNtqifI&hl=en"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/QPKwTNtqifI&hl=en" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="355"></embed></object>[/YOUTUBE]​
    *Randy Orton Enters*

    Orton: The Age of Orton is upon us! Last night at Backlash, I defeated Triple H, JBL, and John Cena to retain my WWE Championship. I pinned Cena and won 1-2-3 to keep my title. You all aren't believing my greatness so I'll run down the list one more time. Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy, John Cena, JBL, and Triple H. If that's not enough for you fans I guess I'll never impress you. Not that it matters to me, because you fans a piece of sh--

    *Triple H enters*

    Triple H: Randy, while that is an impressive list, I have to say it is very flawed.

    Orton: What the hell are you talking about. I defeated all those guys fair and square.

    Triple H: That's the key word, "Fair and Square". You didn't defeat Michaels without a stipulation of Michaels not using the Sweet Chin Music. You didn't even beat Chris Jericho, you lost by DQ. You lost to Cena at No Way Out by DQ, you never pinned JBL, and most importantly, you never pinned ME! I want my title match, one-on-one with you Randy, at Judgement Day. (crowd face pop)

    Orton: I don't think so Triple. Why should I give you the title and not J--

    *JBL enters*

    JBL: While Triple has a great case, I have to say he's had his damn chance. It's time for a wrestling god to get in here and win the title and bring it back where it belongs. That's why it's going to be Randy Orton vs. JBL for the WWE Championship at Judgement D--

    *John Cena enters*

    Cena: Well, well, well. Look what we have here. JBL, a "wrestling god" is campaigning his way for a title shot. Triple H, campaigning for his spot, I just wanted to make it clear that I don't need to campaign my way for the title, I'll just show it in the ring.

    *William Regal enters*

    Regal: Gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen! I've had enough of your bickering. I'm going to solve this the only way I can-- a triple threat number one contenders match featuring John Cena, Triple H, and JBL! (Randy is shown with a smirk on his face) And what are YOU smiling about Mr. Orton? Next week on RAW you will be in a match against Umanga. (Crowd cheers as RAW goes to commercial)


    Cade and Murdoch vs. London and Kendrick- Tag Team Match​

    JR: What an impressive tag-team match for London and Kendrick. They may have lost the title match at Backlash but haven't lost a step. I hope they do get a rematch for the World Tag Team Titles.

    Lawler: I feel the same way. What an impressive win for this team. I believe they could be future champions.

    JR: I agree with you King. Now, let's go backstage to Mike Adamle.

    Mike: Thanks guys. I'm here backstage with Mr. Kennedy. Kennedy, you have a non-title match here tonight against the Intercontinential Champion, Chris Jericho, how are you planning to beat him.

    Kennedy: Listen you, Mr. Kennedy doesn't need any preparation for his match against Y2J. Kennedy has the perfect plan. I'm just going to need rope, wire, a pencil, and a gay porn star.

    Mike: Woah there Kennedy. I don't think the WWE allows them into it. Think about the children.

    Kennedy: Screw the children, I don't give two shits (bleeped) about the kids. No one, I repeat, no one, is a fan of wrestling unless they cheer for...KENNEDY!

    Mike: Ok. Bac-

    Kennedy: KENNEDY!

    Mike: OK. Back to you JR.


    Mr. Kennedy vs. Chris Jericho- Non-Title Match​

    *Kennedy comes out first*
    *Jericho comes out second*

    *Jericho celebrates in the ring while Kennedy looks on disgusted.*

    JR: What an amazing showing of athletic skills of these two men. Jericho has shown why he is the rightful Intercontinential Champion. Kennedy did look impressive.

    King: JR, Kennedy may have looked impressive, but when we see the replay we can see where Jericho starts to get the momentum. Right when he crashes into the exposed turnbuckle. Jericho then hit the Codebreaker to win the match.

    JR: Your right King. After commercial, we'll have two of our most talented Divas, Mickie James and Melina, match up for a #1 contenders match for the Womens Championship at Judgement Day.


    Mickie James vs. Melina- #1 Contenders Match​

    *Mickie James comes out first*
    *Melina comes out next*

    JR: There you have it everyone! Mickie James is the new #1 contenders for Beth Phoenix's Women's Championship.

    King: Mickie was simply dominant tonight. I wouldn't be surprised if she walked out of Judgement Day as champion.

    JR: I wouldn't be either King. Now everyone, our other #1 contenders match is our Main Event, but before we get there, we are going to have the Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels come out to discuss last night's Backlash.


    *HBK comes out to the ring, holding a microphone in hand.*

    HBK: OK everyone. Last night at Backlash, me and Dave, our match ended in a draw. Now Dave here, is still mad that I had to retire Ric Flair after Flair Deliberatly wanted me to face him. I see a problem here. Why would big ol' Dave be mad at me for doing my job. C'mon Dave, tell me why. You say I'm just begging for attention, but Ric asked me for the match. I didn't want to do it, but he basically forced me.

    *Batista appears on the titantron.*

    Batista: Shawn, what the hell is this? "You were forced to have a match with Ric?" That's bull---- and you know it. I, as well as everyone else in the building know, that you were just hogging the Spotlight to yourself again. I want to face you one more time, at Judgement Day, in a Steel Cage! If you win, I'll let it go, but, if I win, your show will have to be stopped!

    Shawn: It's on, Davey.

    JR: Oh my god. King, did you just hear about that match that was going to happen at Judgement Day? It's going to be HBK-Batista II. And it's in a STEEL CAGE!
    King: Wow JR, Judgement Day is already shaping up to be a good card. Batista vs. HBK, Mickie vs. Beth for the Women's Title! I can't wait.

    JR: Neither can I King. You want to know what else I can't wait for.. the Main Event, and it's up NEXT!


    JR: Here it is everyone! Our Main Event of RAW!

    *JBL enters first*
    *John Cena enters second*
    *Triple H enters last*

    Triple H vs. John Cena vs. JBL- #1 Conteners Match for the WWE Championship​

    JR: Yes! Yes! Cena's done it! Cena's the New #1 Contender for the WWE Championship. He's going to face Randy Orton at Judgement Da-- What the Hell! What is Randy Orton doing out here?

    *Orton RKO's Cena and holds the Title over Cena's head. Raw goes off air.*
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