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    This thread is one that I have set up to allow people to RP whenever they feel like. You will not have an opponent for any of the RP's that you post in here. However, RPing against people that also post in this thread is possibly encouraged.

    Be warned that I will be surveying this thread constantly and anyone who takes advantage of this thread to post RP's of poor quality for a post count will be reprimanded. Be advised that you may only RP once per week in this thread. You have another RP to do bi-weekly too and this thread is best used sparingly for people to work on live RP's and toy around with ideas and characters.

    This thread has been set up to allow people to develop their characters and give practice to people who have not been given a match yet. You must be a member of the E-Fed to post in here and it is my hope that rookies and veterans alike can use this thread to develop their alter-egos and bounce off of other people.

    Good luck.
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    We open with a backshot of a mansion. Beethoven's Ode to Joy is playing when the words The Elite Lifestyle floats across the screen in a regal font. We go inside to see a man sat in a grand, old chair reading a newspaper with a cup of tea next to him, he is 'The Elite' Steven Holmes. The music dies down.

    Holmes: Ah welcome to the home of 'The Elite' Steven Holmes and to be more precise, 'The Elite Lifestyle'. As you can see, I live a life of comfort but don't let that fool you. I can be a pretty tough customer. If you don't believe me then just you wait. But that's for another time. Come allow me to show you around the family home.

    He gets up and signals for the camera to follow him. We cut to Holmes approaching a painting that although clearly old, has a resemblance to him. He stops to admire it and turns to face the camera.

    Holmes: This is a portrait of my great-grandfather, Lord Richard Holmes. He was a great man from what I here. He was an MP you know. Truly a great man.

    Holmes nods approvingly before leaving. We cut to Holmes walking through his home as Ode to Joy picks up once again. There are various shots of Holmes admiring his rare china, priceless portraits and other valuble antiques. We finally cut to the dining room. Holmes is now sat down to dinner. The music dies down again.

    Holmes: As you can see from this grand room, The Elite lifestyle serves me well.

    The servant arrives with a plate of food and presents it to Holmes.

    Holmes: Thank you Geoffery. As you can see only the best cuisine is served here at Holmes Manor. But this is only a taste of the great things that the Elite will bring to WCZW. The Elite will bring a new flavour a new, a much sought-after taste to WZCW. This is 'The Elite' Steven Holmes, bidding you farewell.

    Holmes waves as the camera pulls out and Ode to Joy once more plays. The double doors that lead into the majestic room shut, as if to leave Holmes in peace. The camera remains fixated on the doors as the regal font once more appears this time with 'The Elite, coming soon.' written. The screen fades to black.
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    The crowd is gathered outside the arena, waiting for the doors to open so they can take their seat and enjoy WZCW Redemption. Titus signs and Killjoy t-shirts are abound. The excitement is palpable as fans do their best to be seen and heard as the camera following Leon Kensworth onto the scene. Leon faces the camera while walking backwards next to the barricade keeping the rabid WZCW fans from tearing Kensworth’s clothes off.

    Leon Kensworth: Ladies and gentlemen, we’re moments away from WZCW Redemption, live on pay per view! The card is stacked, the crowd is ready, and the stage is set for a night of historic WZCW action. You won’t want to miss our triple threat main event to determine the undisputed World Champion of WZCW! Also, in a match that promises to produce absolute bedlam, the WZCW Tag Team Championships will be on the line as four teams will do battle in the unforgiving steel cage!

    One match I know I’m on pins and needles over is the implosion of the Second Coming. You heard me right, wrestling fans! Phoenix and Garth Black will go one on one, tonight at Redemption! Right now, let’s get an idea who the audience thinks will be victorious tonight.

    Kensworth turns to the crowd, who react enthusiastically to his acknowledgement.

    Leon Kensworth: Wrestling fans, let’s some noise for the WZCW Redemption preview show! Who do you to win like in the match between the Second Coming?

    The fans near Kensworth are split 50/50 in their reaction. Kensworth turns back to the camera with a look of glee on his face.

    Leon Kensworth: Well that doesn’t seem to have settled much. I guess you’re just going to have to tune in and see it settled in the ring, LIVE, tonight, on pay per view!

    The crowd about fifty meters down the barricade begin jeering and heckling a man who’s approaching them. Kensworth turns to see what’s going on and then waves the cameraman to follow him.

    Leon Kensworth: Ladies and gentleman, if that’s who I think it is, we may have a breaking story... Come on, cameraman. Pick up the pace!

    Kensworth reaches the man being heckled by the audience to see that it’s none other than Hunter Kravinoff, a man who had a brief stint in WZCW earlier this year. Kravinoff is adorned in a black suit and sky blue button-down shirt with an open collar and is holding a small wooden crate in his hands as he stands a few feet from the barricade and soaks in the crowd’s reaction with a huge smile on his face. His eyes scan the crowd, noting every cat call he’s receiving. After taking it in for a few moments, Hunter notices Kensworth is standing next to him with a microphone. He puts the crate down at his feet and turns to address Kensworth.

    Leon Kensworth: Well, well, well. If it isn’t Mr. Cup of Coffee, himself. What brings Hunter Kravinoff to Redemption?

    Hunter Kravinoff: The blood of man is what draws me from Point A to Point B, so I’m sure it’s no mystery what brings me here.

    What is this “Cup of Coffee” talk?

    Leon Kensworth: You might not have heard from whatever hole you crawled in, but you’ve been a joke among WZCW’s internet following for months. You showed up, got a win, looked promising, and then vanished into thin air. What gives, nature boy? Where’d you go?

    Hunter looks confused as he mouths “nature boy” and appears to contemplate retorting to the attempted insult. After a moment, he thinks better of it and answers Kensworth’s question.

    Hunter Kravinoff: My history quite clearly explains what gives. You do remember the harrowing tale of my life, don’t you? I’m not sure what kind of person could forget such a thing.

    Leon Kensworth: Of course I remember. Your parents were killed in front of you when you were a child in Uganda, you acquired a taste for blood in the days that followed, you were taken in by apes who taught you how to survive in the wild, and you went on to become the king of jungle after jungle. Great gimmick. The bit about how you learned English while hiding in the shadows and listening is gold.

    Hunter smirks, lowers his head, and shakes it in disgust. He then lifts it, still smirking, and gazes with conviction at Kensworth.

    Hunter Kravinoff: ”Gimmick.” Right. You can keep your ignorance for now. You’ll learn soon enough. Once the breadth of my brutality has been released on the WZCW roster, you’ll know how sorely mistaken you are.

    Leon Kensworth: Okay, but that doesn’t answer my question. Where’d you go?

    Hunter Kravinoff: Well, as I said, my history explains what happened. If you recall the last time you saw me, you’ll remember that I was dropping to my knees, begging for mercy, praying that Excellency wouldn’t hit me with a kendo stick. While this was a forgettable detail to most people, to me, it was a defining moment. It exposed a weakness to me that I’d previously been blind to. Something that I needed to correct. Have you figured out what that weakness was, Kensworth?

    Leon Kensworth: You’d exposed your cowardice in spite of you insistence that you’re a merciless predator?

    Kravinoff’s expression changes to one of rage as he steps closer to Kensworth, who steps back accordingly.

    Hunter Kravinoff: I’ll let that one slip, Mr. Kensworth.

    No, it was not cowardice. It was the damage of my past. As you can surely tell from my bloodlust, the events that inform my story stay with me. Some make me stronger. Others cripple me. When Excellency measured me with that kendo stick, I was no longer in that ring. Seeing his silhouette triggered a sort of hallucination.

    Leon Kensworth: A hallucination? Of what?

    Hunter Kravinoff: A rhinoceros.

    Leon Kensworth: You’re kidding me, right?

    Hunter Kravinoff: I’m afraid not. You see, his silhouette on that night, with the kendo stick protruding above his head, was very much the spitting image of a rhinoceros.

    Leon Kensworth: I beg to differ.

    Hunter Kravinoff: Differ all you may, but I know what I saw. I saw the rhinoceros that, in what I believe was 1997, tore into my hip, hindering my ability to hunt for many months. I thought I’d gotten over this setback, but the psychological scars, unseen by me in the time since then, have remained. I’ve spent the last few months correcting that, getting my head on right. I need to be healthy in body and mind if I hoped to rise to the top of WZCW. And now I’m ready.

    Leon Kensworth: Okay, I’ll humor you.

    What makes you think you can deal with the competition WZCW has to offer when you couldn’t even handle a rhinoceros?

    Hunter Kravinoff: I did handle it. After recovering, it was the first thing I handled.

    I handled it with my knee in its back as I choked the life from it with a rattlesnake.

    Kensworth stared, stunned, at the alleged barbarian that stood in front of him. After a few moments, he pressed on with his interview.

    Leon Kensworth: What’s in the box?

    Hunter Kravinoff: A megaphone.

    Kravinoff props open the crate and withdraws a megaphone. He then reseals the crate and turns back to Kensworth.

    Hunter Kravinoff: What’s more important is what’s about to take place on the box.

    Kravinoff steps on top of the crate and stares out into the crowd, re-igniting their ire for him. The jeers grow louder as he raises the megaphone to his mouth.

    Hunter Kravinoff: WZCW fans, it is I, Hunter Kravinoff!

    A “Who are you?” chant breaks out among some as the jeers of others continue to ring through the air.

    Hunter Kravinoff: Who am I? Fantastic question, seeing as our time together was cut short before I could truly show you what stands before you. But fear not, as I am here to correct that malfeasance. I’m here to enrich my relationship with the fans of WZCW and let you know who I am!

    As the chant dies off, the outcries against Kravinoff persist. Kravinoff sets the megaphone down, takes off his jack, sets it down, and undoes his shirt, tossing it to the crowd. Revealed from under his button-down shirt is a white t-shirt with the sentence “Hunter Kravinoff once threw a lion into a body of water with sharks to see if the lion would put up a fight.” He picks up the megaphone and continues.

    Hunter Kravinoff: We’re going to make up for some lost time tonight! Our relationship has been stagnant too long, so I think it’s time for all of you to get to know some intimate details about my life. And the best way to do that is to send all of you home with a Hunter Kravinoff t-shirt!

    Kravinoff sets the megaphone down, takes off his t-shirt, and throws it out to the crowd. Upon taking off his shirt, he revealed another white t-shirt. This one says “Hunter Kravinoff knows the best way to execute a neck-breaker on a giraffe.” Hunter picks up the megaphone and continues.

    Hunter Kravinoff: These shirts are free of charge, informative, made in the USA, and promote reading. What more could you want?

    Kravinoff repeats what he did with his last two shirts, this time revealing a shirt that says ”Dogs fear Hunter Kravinoff more than The Terminator”, which draws an overwhelming chorus of boos.

    Hunter Kravinoff: They may be man’s best friend in the developed world, but by the rules of the jungle, they wouldn’t stand a chance against me.

    Kravinoff takes off this shirt, his last one for the moment, throws it into the crowd, and picks up the megaphone once more.

    Hunter Kravinoff: If you’d like more t-shirts, I’ll be here after the show! Thank you for your time! Spread the word of Kravinoff and have fun at Redemption!

    Kravinoff dismounts from the crates, puts the megaphone back in the box along with his jacket, picks up the box, and walks into the sunset as Kensworth stands staring in Kravinoff’s direction, dumbfounded by what just happened.
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    As Beethoven's Ode to Joy begins to play, we see 'The Elite' Steve Holmes walking out of an airport in a suit. His cases are being carried for him by his butler, who looks dejected. The music begins to die down.

    Holmes: Ah, hello. 'The Elite' Steven Holmes here. As you can see, I've just arrived in the land of the free, home of the brave, The United States of America. What an interesting country this is.

    A limo pulls up besides Holmes and the butler. The butler opens up the door for Holmes and Holmes gets in.

    Holmes: Thank you Geoffery.

    We cut to inside the car as the butler loads to boot with his cases and Holmes gets in.

    Holmes: As you're aware, Britain and the United States have had a special relationship. I hope that I can continue the tradition of great Brits that have come to America and had success. People like Richard Branson and David Beckham.

    The boot closes and the car pulls off.

    Holmes: Now, as an Elite, I'm entitled to certain benifits that you blue collared folk aren't. I'm entitled to riches beyond your wildest dreams, I'm entitled to fancy clothes, priceless antiques and other things that are beyond your reach. Now I see you sitting at home thinking, 'so this man's had everything handed to him, there's no way he can cut it here in WZCW.' Well, that's where your wrong. I've come to this country, not to realise the American Dream, but to prove why I'm an Elite, and you aren't. So prepare yourselves for Aristocracy to Reign. This is 'The Elite' Steven Holmes, signing off.

    Holmes waves at the camera as Ode to Joy picks up. The screen fades to black and the word 'The Elite, coming soon.' appear on screen in a regal font.
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    [Black screen. A voice-over breaks the silence, speaking in a relaxed tone.]

    Gordito: My dad once told me: "It's takes a big man to kick my ass, but it won't take him very long".

    [Music starts playing. It's "Flossing A Dead Horse", by NoFX]

    Gordito: He also used to tell me to look him the eyes when he was speaking, and that I was free to do as I wished as a teenager, but that I could never call him from jail and expect to come home anytime soon. But I think the point he was making was this: no matter where you are, or how comfortable you feel, there will always been someone willing and able to take your spot.

    [Images appear in the dark as if played from a projector. It is of the contract battle royale featuring Steven Holmes, Toyota Wasabi, and Gordito. After a few moments, the voice-over starts in again.]

    Gordito: He probably meant it as a warning. He never felt I was as stern or as serious about things as I should be, like he was. But I took it a different way; why worry about permanence when you can enjoy the experience? Nothing lasts forever, baby, that's what he was really telling me. Everything you attain will fade away eventually. The best we can do is prepare ourselves to make our name in the world, to follow our dreams, and to enjoy what we've got while we've got it.

    [The images change to scenes from the Chris Jones/Gordito match from Ascension. He picks up his verbal tempo dramatically.]

    Gordito: So a couple of years later I open for a friend's band at Rocktoberfest, a rock festival at some shitty college in Northern California, and after the show we're all drinking and being stupid, when one of the school staff approached with quite the damn attitude. He was saying something silly like "blah-blah-blah open alcohol containers" and "yadda-yadda calling campus security" when he asked us: "Why would you want to waste your life doing something that's probably going to kill you in the long run?". And that's when it hit me: because it's what I want to do. Our time here is limited, and so I'm not going to waste any of it doing anything I don't want to do. I'll take 35 years of fun and games and a shot liver over ending up 65 with the last 15 years spent in a wheelchair lamenting about all the good times I didn't have, about all the risks I didn't take, and about all the adult diapers I'll be going through in the next week.

    [The images stop playing. The screen is black again momentarily, until a small spotlight from above turns on and reveals Gordito standing facing the camera with his arms crossed. He begins speaking.]

    Gordito: Wrestling is my life. Wrestling is my passion. Wrestling is what I what to die being remembered for! Wrestling is how I want to inspire you, and entertain you and make you go "damn, that tubby bastard can put on a show"! I want to excite you in the same way that wrestlers and rock bands excited me! I want you to see that working hard and being tough and never giving up will always lead you to what you want, but I want you to also see that you should have fun while you can still have it. Enjoy every damn sandwich, every damn beer, every damn spinebuster, every damn loss, and every damn victory! Life is too short to waste being worried about when The Dirty Train is gonna end. As long as it's still rolling, have fun and go crazy my friends! Have fun & go crazy!

    [Fade to black as the song ends]
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    *camera cuts to the ring at a house show, where fans just watched a match between two local wrestlers, hoping to get noticed by WZCW. The arena darkens and the temperature drops as Amaranth by Nightwish suddenly starts playing over the sound system*

    [YOUTUBE]<object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=";hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=";hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed></object>[/YOUTUBE]

    *smoke rises from the entrance, only to fade to show Chris Jones standing, causing the fans to boo. Jones makes his way to the ring, paying no attention to the people who jeer his appearance. He grabs a microphone from one of the stagehands and enters the ring, looking around at the hate-filled fans*

    Jones: ...a few moments ago, you saw a match between two no-name locals, hoping beyond all hope that this company would recognize at least one of them as someone worth spending their money on. Not so long ago, I was no different from them. I came here, hoping that I could wash away the work I had done before, and start anew.

    *the crowd continues to boo Jones, who pauses a moment to listen to them before continuing*

    Jones: Some would say that I've done well. After all, how many rookies can say that they took part in two PPV title matches within just a month of their debut? Wilheim Wunderbar can't say that. Tucker Graham can't say that. But I can.

    *Jones then sighs, regretting that he has to say what he's about to say*

    Jones: But now, I'm not even on the PPV card for Unscripted, much less a title match.

    *crowd cheers this fact, annoying Jones*

    Jones: ...I wondered why I was left off. I thought that I could, at the very least, be one of the choices for John Constantine's invitational. But I'm not even granted that. And as I wondered what I had done wrong, I overheard Scott Hammond's promo for the PPV. And as much as I hate to admit it, his comments about me losing a match again...well, they got to me.

    *crowd cheers again, one fan suddenly shouting "You can't wrestle!". Jones snaps to attention, glaring at the fan*

    Jones: Excuse me?! Did you just say what I thought you just said?! You worthless dog turd, you have no right whatsoever to say that I can't wrestle, when you can't wrestle a good match to save your life! What gives you the right to critique my wrestling ability, when the closest thing you've come to wrestling is rolling around in the hay with your brother!

    *crowd boos loudly as Jones paces around the ring*

    Jones: Let me make something very, very clear to you. If I laid out every secret the wrestling industry had, 99.9% of you would just sit there with the blank, vacant stares that you have on your faces right now, due to total lack of understanding, while .1% of you would probably wet yourselves when you realize just what people like me have to go through every day, just for you ungrateful pieces of crap! So I suggest that you get this through your heads real fast: None of you have any right to say that any of us don't know how to wrestle.

    *crowd roars in disapproval as Jones stops pacing*

    Jones: Now then...where was I? Oh, right...when I heard what Scott Hammond had to say about me, I came to realize that no one, in the locker room or out, could take me seriously. When a complete and total joke like Doug Crashin can rip off my name and no one says two words about it, something is very wrong. So I asked myself what I had done wrong, why people considered me not worth their time.

    *Jones sighs, again regretting the next few words before he even says them*

    Jones: And then I realized that, much like Crashin, I had talked the talk, but hadn't walked the walk. Everyone thought that I was just going on and on about my high moral values because I liked the sound of my own voice. I was like a lone wolf, howling at the moon, hoping that anyone would answer my call, but realizing that no one would.

    *Jones glares at the camera, ignoring the constant boos*

    Jones: You see, I gave you people much more credit than you deserved. I thought that I didn't need to show you what you were, but that I just needed to tell you. That that was all you needed to understand what you had become, and that you would change on your own. Clearly, that was a mistake. Clearly, I need to treat you all like children, and walk you through the changes you need to make. No longer will I just tell you what happens if you don't change. Now, I will show you what will happen. And there is not a soul who is exempt from this. Men, women, and children. Young and old. Gay, straight, bisexual, transsexual, necrophiliac, pedophiliac, or asexual. White, black, Asian, East Indian, Native American, Jewish, Irish, Scottish, Australian, or Egyptian. Not one race, creed, sex, religion, or political group is safe. You are all equal in my eyes.

    *crowd boos constantly as Jones continues*

    Jones: I thought I needed to stay above the filth, to be your guiding light, but now I will lead by example. I will wallow through the muck that society has become, and I will walk away the same I always was, proving to you all that I am the one you need to follow, that I am your Savior, and I know what's best for you.

    *Jones throws down the mic and marches away, crowd booing him as Amaranth plays over the sound system*
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    *Sat quietly in deep though, Zakk Falcon notices somebody below. It's Leon. Zakk continues to sit silently while he watches Leon.*

    *Leon catches glimpse of the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Ty Burna.*

    "Excuse me. Excuse me, Ty Burna!" says Leon frantically.

    *WZCW Champion, Ty Burna looks at Leon and smiles.*
    "Leon, what can I do for you?"

    "I was wondering if you could tell me where Zakk Falcon was, Ty?"

    *Ty looks confused as he thought he was the one Leon wanted to speak with.

    "Oh..yeah, he's up there."
    *Ty Burna points up to a higher level as he walks away in a huff.*

    *Leon looks up as he notices Zakk Falcon sitting on some nearby scaffolding about 20ft up. Zakk has his hands interlocked between eachother as if he was praying.*

    "Uhh...Zakk? Are you alright up there?" *Leon sounds quite nervous and worried.*

    *Zakk doesn't respond*

    "Do you want me to call for help?...a doctor?"

    *Zakk stands up, revealing himself to Leon properly.*


    *There is a long silence between Zakk and Leon.*

    "I don't need a doctor. What I need is for all my loyal followers out there to show me how much they appreciate my Falcon's out there...*the crowd in the arena roar with a load cheer repeating 'Falcon, Falcon, Falcon.'"..yeah, that's what I wanted."

    *Zakk quickly jumps off of the scaffolding as Leon looks worried at the fact that Zakk just jumped from a 20ft high platform. Leon goes to see if Zakk is alright but by the time Leon gets over to Zakk, he is gone.*


    *Leon cannot see Zakk, but Zakk can see Leon. Zakk lets out a primal screech that strongly resembles the sound of a Falcon cawing.*
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    *We are backstage at Meltdown 45 where Stacey Madison has caught up with &#1041;&#1072;&#1088;&#1073;&#1086;&#1089;&#1072; after the conclusion of the Contract Battle Royale*

    Ladies and gentlemen, I have managed to catch up with the multi-faceted, mystery man, fresh from his participation in the Contract Battle Royale tonight, &#1041;&#1072;&#1088;&#1073;&#1086;&#1089;&#1072;.

    *&#1041;&#1072;&#1088;&#1073;&#1086;&#1089;&#1072; moves into shot alongside Stacey. He is still sweating from the night's earlier exertions and yet is smiling widely, almost idiotically*

    Thank you, Stacey. It's great to be here having the chance to compete against so many tremendous athletes in front of all the great WZCW fans.

    &#1041;&#1072;&#1088;&#1073;&#1086;&#1089;&#1072;, with all due respect, you might be happy to be here and may have gotten a contract from Meltdown General Manager, Chuck Myles but you barely made the top third of the new generation and showed compassion to Hays when you had him down and it ultimately led to your elimination. Mistakes such as that will not get you very far in WZCW...

    *&#1041;&#1072;&#1088;&#1073;&#1086;&#1089;&#1072; looks a little taken aback by this; his jovial demeanour somewhat diminished*

    Oh... well... ah... maybe you are right, Stacey. While I did receive the honour of a WZCW contract from Mr. Myles, I am somewhat disappointed in my performance in the Battle Royale and I am certainly disappointed in not winning, but there was a lot of great talent in the ring and Winters thoroughly deserved his victory. Having said that, I know that my in ring skills are worthy of this contract and now that I have signed mine I know I can make waves in WZCW.

    *Not satisfied with that, Stacey continues on her probing attack*

    That is all well and good, &#1041;&#1072;&#1088;&#1073;&#1086;&#1089;&#1072;, but being less than forthcoming about your background and short on details during your interviews will not help endear you to WZCW management or the fans

    *&#1041;&#1072;&#1088;&#1073;&#1086;&#1089;&#1072;'s face is now a mixture of confusion and shock*

    Not forthcoming? Short on details? I fail to see what else I could have said without going into pedantics or needless speculation about what my opponents are like... but if it is the case that I have been too brief then I am truly sorry and apologise profusely to WZCW management, the rest of the roster and especially to the fans. It was the last thing I intended to do... however, I must admit that seeing as how I am new to this kind of self-promotion, I am not entirely sure what I should say...

    *&#1041;&#1072;&#1088;&#1073;&#1086;&#1089;&#1072; looks increasingly lost for what to say and Stacey sees an opportunity to chastise her quarry further*

    I am not here to give you advice and pointers on how to sell yourself to your peers, fans and bosses.

    But what am I supposed to talk about... aside from... from... my training... my in-ring skills and intentions in WZCW?

    *&#1041;&#1072;&#1088;&#1073;&#1086;&#1089;&#1072; is beginning to look more and more agitated and desperate. His brow is even sweatier than it was before the interview began and he is waving his arms about in an increasingly flailing manner*

    What am I going to do?

    If I don't improve my connection with the fans, I will never achieve my dream of becoming the best wrestler in the world!

    I can't rely on my fellow competitors for help. It is dog eat dog in the locker room!


    *In his manic delirium, &#1041;&#1072;&#1088;&#1073;&#1086;&#1089;&#1072; knocks the microphone out of Stacey's hand*

    Hey, watch it!

    *As &#1041;&#1072;&#1088;&#1073;&#1086;&#1089;&#1072; continues to freak out, Stacey scurries after the mic and the camera follows her as she bends over for the gratuitous throng shot. However, when she retrieves it and the camera pans back up again, &#1041;&#1072;&#1088;&#1073;&#1086;&#1089;&#1072; has not only calmed down, he now has a very serious look on his face. Stacey does not notice straight away and reprimands the cameraman*

    I hope you were not zooming in on my ass...

    *She turns back to &#1041;&#1072;&#1088;&#1073;&#1086;&#1089;&#1072;*

    And you be more careful or else I'll...

    Or else you'll what? You'll report me to WZCW management? You'll bad mouth me to the entire locker room? Well, it seems to me that you are too late for clearly someone has done that already! How else can you explain an athlete of my calibre being forced to compete for a contract that should be mine by rights? Myles may have recognised and rectified that error by giving me my contract but what should have been a glorious moment for me was denigrated by the fact that my debut match was not in challenging for a championship but being foisted into a shambolic and chaotic Battle Royale where a gifted athlete like myself could easily get injured.

    That moment was further diluted by the simultaneous signing of such no-talent hacks like Sam Smith, Hays, Justin Cooper, Brad Bomb, Bud Dakota, Ferbian and Michael "The Lies" Winters. Did you see what I did to Smith out there? He is lucky to be able to leave the arena under his own power tonight! Clearly those morons realised that they were in the ring with a far superior competitor and decided to team up against me. It took a whole cadre to throw me over the top rope. It was either sheer luck or an organised conspiracy that prevented victory for yours truly ... but not to worry as I will soon put this travesty right...

    *&#1041;&#1072;&#1088;&#1073;&#1086;&#1089;&#1072; seems to have finished his rant and a visibly more cautious Stacey goes to ask another question... but &#1041;&#1072;&#1088;&#1073;&#1086;&#1089;&#1072; cuts her off again*

    As for my brevity and terseness towards the WZCW fans and media, how long does it take to describe what I am going to do in the ring and how badly I am going to hurt my opponents? What else do you want me to say? Do you want me to divulge my game plan to the world? Do you want me to re-enact some part of my life for the camera where I open up emotionally to some airheaded, bimbo interviewer like yourself? ? Do you want me to perform some staged gimmicky sideshow where I dress in drag and do the hula?

    *&#1041;&#1072;&#1088;&#1073;&#1086;&#1089;&#1072; leans close into Stacey's face*

    That is not going to happen... This is not a soap opera! This is not a reality show! This is wrestling! THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS!!

    *&#1041;&#1072;&#1088;&#1073;&#1086;&#1089;&#1072; is seething with anger*

    I do my talking in the ring... and if that is not good enough for this company and its fans…

    I don’t care and WZCW and its roster won’t know what hit them when I enlighten them all to their folly!

    *&#1041;&#1072;&#1088;&#1073;&#1086;&#1089;&#1072; storms off, leaving Stacey a little shaken. However, just before she can end the segment, shuffling can be heard around the corner. Stacey and the cameraman go to investigate only to find &#1041;&#1072;&#1088;&#1073;&#1086;&#1089;&#1072; sitting on the floor, slumped against the wall, all of the confidence, intensity and scorn that he had exuded mere moments before have seeped away, replaced by this mumbling, sniffling mess of a man who looks on the verge of crying*

    What am I going to do...? What if I don't get better? *sniff* I'm going to mess up my big chance... They are going to let me go... *sniff*

    *&#1041;&#1072;&#1088;&#1073;&#1086;&#1089;&#1072; spots Stacey*

    What are you doing here? GET AWAY FROM ME!

    *&#1041;&#1072;&#1088;&#1073;&#1086;&#1089;&#1072; pushes over the cameraman and as the camera hits the ground the screen is replaced with static...*
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    A dark and eerie night becomes prevalent as the figure of John Constantine fulfils the foreground. He stands tall in his designer suit. The wind is blowing through his hair and through the darkness but with an air of silence. Looking anxious but committed, Constantine turns his head and looks into the distance. The pitch black that surrounds him is ominously quiet but strangely lively as he squints into the distance. There is something in the air, an air of expectancy perhaps.

    Constantine: They’re out there, you know!

    Mia: Sir?

    Constantine: Aliens! They are all around us, Mia!

    Mia: Uh…

    Constantine: They are in our enterprises! They are in our markets! They are always watching us, Mia. You cannot go around these parts without meeting one. You don’t know it because they cover their tracks so well but they are amongst us.

    Mia: Sir, are you… OK?

    Constantine (sharply): Oh, I have never been better, Mia! Tonight, I am going to prove to everyone that these… things exist and are amongst us. Tonight, Mia. Tonight I prove to this great nation that I am looking out for their best interests. Tonight I will show the United States Of America that the truth is out there. You only need to come out here to get a grasp of what I am talking about, Mia. They are EVERYWHERE!

    Mia: Sir, I don’t understand what you are getting at…

    Constantine: Of course you don’t, Mia! For you see, you too are blinded by popular belief. You are like most of the weak-minded citizens of the United States. You believe that they don’t exist so that you don’t have to break any social contracts. You don’t want to put your neck on the line and address what we all know to be true. You are bound by the law of social tradition and cannot break that regime. I am not, however, bound by such tradition.

    What kind of hero would I be to these people if I sugared the pill? What kind of leader of man would I be if I shied away from the harsh realities that plague this wondrous nation? What kind of saviour would I be if I could tell the people the truth about what surrounds them?

    Mia (cutting him off): Well, you would be Chris Jones or, God forbid, Doug Crashin!

    Constantine: Exactly, Mia! The people deserve to know what is going on and I have made my name on being honest... Hell! It’s what made me the politician I am today.

    Constantine takes a deep breath in and allows it to pass back into the environment with a heavy sigh.

    Mia: Yes! Very good, Sir… But you cannot possibly think that aliens are real, can you?

    Constantine: Oh yes! I absolutely do. They come here from places that we could never understand. People like to believe that they are here for good but they are wrong, Mia. Illegal aliens are the death of this great nation!

    Mia: Ah! I see! I thought you were referring to extra-terrestrials, Sir.

    Constantine: Don’t be so ridiculous, Mia. Illegal aliens pose much more of a threat than that.

    Yes! The threat level of an illegal alien supersedes anything that comes out of the mouth of Captain Picard…

    Mia looks bewildered.

    Mia: Who?

    Constantine gives her a questioning look before letting out another sigh. As he goes to speak once more, a rustling comes from a near-by location. Constantine’s ears visibly perk up as he catches a glimpse of the cause in the distance. His eyes fixed and his intent signalled, Constantine begins a charge towards the source of his distress. As he runs into the darkness, Mia tries to follow.

    Mia: SIR!?

    As Mia rounds a line of shrubbery that is illuminated in the harsh moon-light, she finds her Boss wrestle a man to the ground. As he subdues the man, Constantine fixes his hands behind his back before securing his target on the ground, the victim’s nose placed deeply in the sandy terrain. With four more people huddled around and looking fearful, Constantine fixes his suit and looks at Mia, pleased with his work.

    Constantine: You see, Mia! They are everywhere! These illegal aliens will be the death of this country! Mark my words! You wondered why I would come out here and patrol the border and at times like this, it is not hard to see why.

    You are under citizen’s arrest, Hombre!

    As the other people try to reason with Constantine, a look of dread appears on Mia’s face. Constantine tosses his mobile phone at Mia.

    Constantine (regaining his breath): Phone the immigration services, Mia. I’ve wrangled myself a live one here!

    Mia: I… I… Don’t know the number, Sir.

    Constantine: Speed dial number one! These amigos and Chiquitas are going back to Mexico on whatever door they sailed in on.

    You see, Mia, these people come into our country and take the things away from the everyday American civilian! They take the best jobs at the best locations. Think how many hard-working Americans are put out of work because of these people picking our fruit and landscaping our lands!

    People like this don’t deserve my time normally but I did this to prove a point. You see, for too long WZCW has been infested with these people! They hide behind their “work visas” and think nothing of it. Both of my competitors are putrid filth that deserves to be flushed down whatever drainage pipe they crawled into this country from.

    Mia (confused): Sir! Gordito is from the United States!

    Constantine (desperately): You are not serious!? His name is Gordito, for Constantine’s sake! That’s as Mexican as they come! Its right after Juan on the ethnicity scale, Mia.

    Mia: No, Sir! I did some research for the match and it turns out that he is born and bred in this country!

    Constantine: Hmm! That throws somewhat of a spanner in the works, Mia.

    At that moment, a truck with two border patrol officers pulls up at the sight of the incident, their blue lights flashing into the dark night. Constantine gets off of the man and without fuss, the family is hauled into a large truck. Constantine gives the guards a quick nod of satisfaction and waves smugly as the truck with the apprehended aliens passes him.

    Constantine: Now, Mia! We have done this great nation a favour tonight, believe it or not! You see, for too long WZCW has allowed its ranks to be filled with people who have no business of being there. For too long, people that belong in this great company have been robbed of the opportunity to succeed by this filth. Chris Beckford is a great example of the filth I am talking about.

    At Ascension last week, I was embarrassed by one a man who has no business meddling in my affairs. Chris Beckford is a man who should know better. Not only have I battered him to a pulp in the past, I have physically abused him and whatever moral code he stands for. He robbed me of my opportunity to go onto the semi-finals of the Gold-rush tournament and I simply will not stand for it!

    Constantine’s face goes red with despair as the emotion of the moment gets to him. Taking a moment of silence, he composes himself again.

    Constantine: When I started in WZCW, I made a promise to the people. I made a promise that I would rid this country of the disease that plagues it. In this time in American history, the fact that Chris Beckford looks at me with those eyes that are so full of deceit as he eats his way into the coffers of the American people… It makes me sick, Mia.

    He has taken something from me as the people we apprehended would have done to this great country. He has taken away my stage. He has taken away my podium of truth. The people of this great country do not look at me the same way as they did a few weeks ago. Since I…

    Constantine puts his hand to his gut as a pain rushes through it. Remembering the events of Ascension, the pain becomes more abundantly clear.

    Constantine: As we crashed through that table onto the cold floor below, I felt the disappointment of my flock crash down upon me also. I have never been more embarrassed!

    Constantine lowers his head to his chin and takes a moment of silence as Mia looks on at him, worriedly.

    Constantine: But the more I thought about it, the more I realised that this was a wake up call for me. In the last couple of weeks, I have rested on my laurels. I was the man who defeated Everest and Doug Crashin at Unscripted! I was the man who would lead the people into a new dawn of WZCW! Mia! I was the man who the people pinned their hopes on!

    As we crashed through that announce table, I had a realisation… I realised that I need to be more ruthless than ever! I realised that my work is far from over and if I cannot beat the likes of that putrid filth Chris Beckford, then how am I ever going to beat the disease that currently afflicts this great company?

    This is a company that rewards losers, Mia! This is a company that has given that sleazy degenerate Gordito a place in a tournament that is so far above him, he can barely see it from the plummeting depths of the Mayhem division! It makes me absolutely sick to my stomach to think of the nerve it must take to even show up at our match, knowing that you couldn’t even win your match…

    Mia: Doesn’t the same apply to you, Sir?

    Constantine: No, Mia! It certainly does not! I will tell you the main difference between myself and the other two Neanderthal heathens that will stand across the ring from me at Ascension. The main difference is that I stand for something! I stand for all that is good in this company. I stand for the morals of the great unwashed masses. Mia, I stand for victory! Ascension was a small hiccough in my plan to be the icon that the people want and deserve!

    At Ascension, Chris Beckford and Gordito will face a man that they have never seen before. They will see a new and rejuvenated John Constantine! As the Axis of Evil meets with their near lifeless bodies, they will know that I am a man of my word and that word is success.

    I will not tolerate a lame double count out at Ascension next week, Mia. I will not tolerate defeat to someone who doesn’t belong in this country and I certainly will not accept a defeat to a man who is no better than a Mayhem talent! Yes, Mia! Last week’s Ascension sparked something deep within me.

    At Ascension 21, there will be no failure for John Constantine. I will show no fear and I will progress to the next round of the Gold-Rush tournament…

    Mia: And if you don’t?

    Constantine: Failure is not an option, Mia. Let’s just leave it at that.
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    Camera's begin to roll, as we see DK Wilton rushing around with Johnny Klamor. The two men seem to be on somewhat of a mission as they are both seen wearing a pair of track suits and sporting black gloves. They begin to walk up upon a box placed upon an altar in what seems to be the Nevada desert.

    DK, what in the red hot hell are we doing out in the desert here. And why is there a box!?

    Calm down Johnny, it's all apart of the plan. I have got this under control. This box right here, you see it right!?

    No kidding, what's inside of this!?

    Prepare to be amazed Klamor. This shall change your very own outlook on life... Open the box.

    Johnny approaches the box, as he places his hands on it he briefly looks back towards DK, whom is trying to hold back some laughter as he glances over at Klamor. He opens the box and looks back at Wilton with a blank stare. He pulls out what turns out to be a rifle.

    What in the hell are we doing with a loaded GUN!!?!?

    Bird Hunting... hahaha

    DK then bursts out laughing after trying to hold it back for the longest time. He looks at Johnny who is more relieved than anything. DK walks up to the opened box and stands tall beside Klamor as he puts his hand on his shoulder.

    Don't you feel younger already? I mean we are having fun are we not!? Even I, a man who is critically acclaimed and who has shown a serious passion for this business can have a good time as well.

    Well, you sure as hell scared me. Nearly gave me a damned heart attack. Are you out of your mind? First you come to my hotel room and drag me out at 5 O' Clock in the morning. And now you bring me to the desert to go "Bird" hunting!?

    Come on lighten up a bit. Do YOU think I'm crazy or something?..

    Crazy, no Wilton your own another level.

    Hahah why thank you, that just makes me feel so much better about myself. Come on you old hack, shall we continue?

    Since I'm already out here why not....

    The camera's then fade out as we see a "To Be Continued" screen hit.
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    We are brought to the scenery of what seems to be a WZCW exclusive photo shoot. Various superstars and on air personalities are seen sitting around in chairs getting their makeup and wardrobe finished. To the back of the room we see DK Wilton sitting in front of a mirror putting on his own makeup whilst wearing an all white robe. As time passes on we see faces like Kravinoff, Toyota, Constantine and even Klamor look at him in disgust. He is then approached by a makeup artist.

    Hey Wilton, it seems that you could use a little help there?

    Wilton shoots up out of his chair and turns to face this woman. With his side only facing the camera he looks at her directly in the eyes with a nasty look.

    I don’t need any... ANY help, especially yours lady. I mean look at you, you want to do MY makeup or proclaim your better than me? Oh please, you couldn’t even tell mascara from eyeliner. But if you want after this shoot is done and I head back to my luxurious hotel room, with my luxurious delights. I might just be able to help you whiten up that blemished face of yours.

    The artist then walks away and shakes her head as she is somewhat grossed out by what Wilton said to her. We see the camera still facing Wilton from the side, so that we cannot see his appearance entirely. From what we are able to see, he is laughing to himself. As he puts down a makeup brush he is then approached by Leon Kensworth. Leon is standing there wearing a black dress shirt, black pants and a silver necklace. He tries to begin speaking to DK, though as soon as he attempts DK shuts him up real quick.

    SHUT UP LEEEEOOON I’m not finished!!! One more finishing touch and then we can begin this photo shoot.

    Wilton then pouts his lips and begins to flirt with himself in the mirror as he picks up some eyeliner and finishes up what he’s doing. He then looks over to Leon and gets up out of his seat. The two walk on over to the other side of the studio, but are met with very awkward looks from the surrounding superstars.

    What was that about? Leon, you’re doing it entirely wrong. I mean I said dress well but become a more sinister and darker person. Not look like some satanic priest. I mean look at you, the jacket does not match the pants. Hell you look like a teenage Ronald Mcdonald going through that "Emo" stage.

    Ugh, well. I thought.

    No it’s not about what you think. It’s about what looks good in the eyes of the viewers. Can’t you see I pioneered good looks? It is I who innovated what the hipsters call “Swag”. Definition of “Swag” is I.

    Both men reach the area where photos are being taken, DK stands back as we see Leon get his photos done. While he is doing some poses we hear Wilton shouting at him giving him directions on what to do. As soon as the pictures are finished up DK then moves over to his set. It features a gothic looking chair with an all black background. He approaches the setting and takes his seat.

    Leon, now this is how it’s done.

    The camera reveals Wilton’s face entirely as the unnoticed half of his face is pure white with DK on his cheek in black lettering. The camera’s now fade out as we see DK smile as if he was king of the world.
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    The scene fades in to a rooftop overlooking the city. It pans around showing a lack of people in the streets, and the crescent moon hanging over head. It swings around to reveal Ty and Serafina looking out at the city. Ty has the WZCW World Title draped over his shoulder. Serafina looks up inquisitively at Ty before speaking.

    Serafina: Master, are you worried about your match with Gordito at All or Nothing?

    Ty looks down at Serafina and a smirk forms across his face. He runs a hand down her cheek before looking back out at the city.

    Ty: Not at all my dear Serafina, in fact I am more than confident that I will dispose of Gordito and we will move on to the next task.

    Serafina: Master, he beat John Constantine, Chris Beckford, and Phoenix, you must think he is a formidable opponent.

    Ty: And yet he has no business having the opportunity to defeat such opponents. What happened to him in the first round Serafina? He lost to Big Dave. And had it not been for Myles' vendetta against Big Dave, we would not be having this conversation about Gordito right now would we?

    Serafina: look what he's done with that second chance.

    Ty: It does not matter! You want me to consider his opponents he defeated, John Constantine, a constant loud mouth who has more bark than bite, Chris Beckford, a perennial second place in anything he does, and Phoenix, who honestly I'm a bit shocked did not bring his top game against Gordito. While I respect some of those men, they are not the caliber that I defeated to win this title, the exception being that foolish Doctor Kurtesy. I ended a career of one of the most lethal men to ever enter the WZCW.

    Serafina: But Ty...

    Ty: You don't understand my dear, I made Vengeance tap out at Unscripted, a feat never done before in his entire career. I made Vengeance submit to my will, what chance does Gordito have to fight against such an imposing force? Now Serafina, it is time to prepare for our departure, run along and I will be along soon.

    Serafina looks up at Ty with a disappointed look before turning and walking away quickly. Ty looks back at her for a moment before turning and stepping towards the ledge. He places one hand in the pocket of his leather coat and looks down at the ground below. The wind begins picking up and clouds move intot he area, crisscrossing in front of the crescent moon.

    Ty: Fighting and scraping from the bottom to the top, I have taking my rightful passage to becoming WZCW World Champion. I did not have a simple tournament to win to simply reach this point. This is the difference between us Gordito, I am battle tested, I have lived through wars with the likes of Showtime and Vengeance, while you stuck around and waited for a second chance to be handed to you by Myles. You know as well as I do that it was Big Dave who was the better warrior that night, and just like that night, at All or Nothing it will be a repeat performance with the exception that Myles won't be able to save you from defeat. While I applaud your efforts to reach this point Gordito, you will have to take this title from my cold dead hands. It won't get to that point Gordito, I promise you this.

    Ty walks along the ledge, his head not raising up for one moment. He stops at the corner and finally raises his head, his teeth gritting as he stares dead into the camera.

    Ty: I told you a couple weeks ago Gordito, that if you want to have a chance against me, you must forget everything you are involved in. You must become obsessed with gaining this title. I don't think you have Gordito, you worry about the success of your bar, and ensuring your manager takes care of it properly. And while you ponder such thoughts, I will be there to kick you into oblivion. While you squirm on the ground, your thoughts a scattered mess, perhaps then you will realize just how great a clear mind will be. You are not at the advantage Gordito, you are walking into my hell and you will have to play my game. For you see, I am the puppeteer and you are just like everyone else, a puppet and a pawn fit to go down in history as just another victim to the King of Darkness. I am the WZCW World Champion for a reason Gordito, and I fully intend you introduce you to the realm of pain that has driven countless mad, made even the strongest warriors wilt, and crushed those that show even a moment of weakness.

    Ty takes the title off his shoulder and spreads his arms out wide and the wind begins picking up in intensity. Thunder can be heard in the distance, and a number of lighting bolts light up the sky. Ty begins cackling maniacally as his eyes begin glowing red.

    Ty: Your dream has become a nightmare Gordito. While I'm sure you sat there and enjoyed the sudden praise you've recieved, let it be known that I have gone under the radar while you made your triumphant march to All or Nothing, and when i am underestimated, I destroy those that think lightly of me. But why is it they sing your praises Gordito? Why do so many hope you become champion? Do they honestly have your best intentions in mind? Do they pat you on the back and say good job for a reason? In the rare chance you do defeat me Gordito, those same people expressing such things will stab you in the back. They do not see you as great, they see you as an easier target to gain the World Title. They fear that which is more powerful than themselves. If you were to ever open that gate by defeating me, you will be trampled upon like a welcome mat. Gordito, you will say you do not fear me, that you are ready for what I bring to the table, but in the deep recesses of your mind, your subconscious will scream out to run, to flee away from such a dangerous predator.

    Ty lowers his arms and drapes the title back over his shoulder and he grasps it close to himself. Rain begins falling around him, drenching his hair and his leather coat. A vicious smile forms across his face and his voice deepens. The crack of thunder gets louder as the storm continues moving in.

    Ty: At All or Nothing, I will decimate you Gordito, I will shred you apart and stand above you, still WZCW World Champion. You will twitch and wish you had remained in the Mayhem Division, perhaps taking chair shots would be easier than being beaten within an inch of your life. This is nothing personal Gordito, it just has to be done. You are the one trying to take my WZCW World Title from me, and that is simply unacceptable. You must be punished because of this, and I will take a sick joy out of listening to your tendons snap and your bones crush beneath my foot. And while you scream in pain, the Ouija will be pleased with the gift I have given it.

    Ty walks along the ledge, the rain now coming down in torrents. His hair is now matted down and dripping from the rain. He continues pacing on the ledge before stopping in the middle, looking dead into the camera once more.

    Ty: Some will question my words tonight, many will question my actions at All or Nothing. They will ask why I speak as such when I have the WZCW fans firmly behind me now. If it wasn't clear before, let me tell you know. I am not the hero you want me to be. I am not Titus who will make the world right, I am not Austin Reynolds who plays it up to the fans to entertain them. This is my ultimate goal, to remain WZCW World Champion and to dominate every opponent I have. It will not be flashy, and I will not change merely because the fans have given me the respect that so many in the back have failed to do so. They have shown me gratitude for ending Vengeance, and if they decide I am despicable for breaking you Gordito, so be it. It doesn't matter how I go about it, at the end of the day I will be WZCW World Champion, and your second chance at your dream, will ultimately be the continuation of the nightmare I started over a year ago in WZCW.

    Ty steps to the corner of the ledge once more and holds his title up high. He looks up at the title and closes his eyes, the rain still coming down hard.

    Ty: I can feel it, the need to hunt and feast upon the weak is still with me. I am not complacent, in fact I am hungry to prove those that have doubted me, and those that still do. I am no replacement for Vengeance, I am an entirely different beast all together. At All or Nothing Gordito, it is time for you to feel the wrath of a champion forgotten, and to end this talk of when my title reign will end once and for all, and I will be the catalyst to the dark reign over WZCW, and the King of Darkness will pull the strings and watch you all dance to my whim.

    Ty stares down into the camera when suddenly all electricity in the area goes out, and the rooftop goes completely dark. A few seconds later the city lights up once more and Ty is nowhere to be seen.

    Ty: Thus the Ouija has written, so it shall come to pass.

    The feed cuts out.
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    There is white noise. The camera starts to flicker on as if the person turning it on doesn’t know how to work it. It turns on but it is fuzzy and there is static. You briefly see a young blond man sitting on a broken down brown couch before the camera goes off again. The camera flickers on and off again.

    Dr. Alhazred’s voice can be heard off camera:
    Dr. Alhazred: You’re the camera man, turn this damn thing on!

    Shuffling can be heard.

    The camera finally turns on without trouble. We see what looks like a sitting area in a living room. The dirty brown couch is in the center of the screen. The wall behind it is stained yellow and there are holes in it.

    Dr. Alhazred: Sit Down!

    The young man quickly sits down on the couch. He looks to be in his early twenties. His face is battered and bloody, and his movements show his fear and nervousness. He stares at the camera and clears his throat.

    Camera Man: My name is Jason Howard. I am a camera operator for WZCW. I have only been here a short time as I just graduated from film school last spring.

    They don’t want your life story! Tell them what this is about!

    Jason Howard: Sorry, I’m sorry. Several days ago I was asked by WZCW to film a promo with Dr. Alhazred. Many people have speculated that I was then attacked from behind and brought to unknown location. While there it appeared Dr. Alhazred brutally assaulted me without reason, this is not true.

    He looks at Dr. Alhazred, he looks as if he doesn’t want to say his next words.

    Don’t look at me! Look at the camera dumb-ass!

    Jason quickly looks back at the camera and begins again.

    That was not the case. What the video did not show was that it was staged. The night before over the phone, I and the esteemed Dr. Alhazred agreed that we needed to do something to shock the audience and generate hype for Dr. Alhazred’s debut.

    His words are hollow and sound as if he is reading off a cue card.

    So we came up with the idea that he would tie me up and beat me to send a message to his opponents. While his attacks were real and have scarred me, I agreed to it. I believed it would not only make Dr. Alhazred a star, but possibly make me one as well.

    He turns his head to the side.


    He slowly lifts his head and looks at the camera again.

    Good boy. Finish what you were saying.

    Therefore I will not press any charges and hope the staff at WZCW will not punish Dr. Alhazred. He is a good man. After the shoot he cleaned my wounds himself and allowed me to sleep at his house for the next couple of nights. The time I have spent here will stay with me forever. I have learned so much about science, engineering and myself.

    But I have also learned how dangerous this man can be. To all members of the WZCW locker room, do not take him lightly. I have seen what he and his Power Glove are capable of and it’s… it is frightening. I would not wish an attack from it on my worst enemy. Dr. Alhazred will not stop for anyone on his path to destiny. When you look at the match card and see his name next yours, be ready for pain you have never experienced in your worst nightmares.

    He looks at Dr. Alhazred.

    That’s it right?

    Yes, yes marvelous job boy.

    Can I go home to my family now?

    Oh yes certainly. Do you need a ride?

    Jason nods.

    Do you wanna play one more game of Super Mario Kart before you go?

    Jason’s eyes look at the camera. He pauses for a moment.

    I guess He shrugs.

    Oh goody I’ll set it up don’t move!

    Dr. Alhazred’s voice can be heard in the distance


    Jason slowly walks up to the camera. Up close the bruises and scars on his face are shown to me more gruesome than previously thought. Fear is flowing out of his eyes.

    The camera turns off.
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    We’re brought to the moment which DK was eliminated from the Lethal Lottery by Everest.

    DK came flying over the top rope after being launched to the outside by Everest. He stumbled back up to his feet and made his way over to the ramp way. While making his way up the ramp he was met only with the crowd viciously taunting him. He glanced on over to a group of Gordito fans and proceeded in giving them disgustful looks while mumbling to himself. After the altercation DK looked on in front of him and motioned his head down in of a moment of dishonor. He started to think to himself on his way to the back.

    "After all the progress, everything I’ve achieved has been finally laid to rest. Regardless if I’m some big figure in the world of music, it seems as if here I am just a joke. But wait, all of this has got to be for a reason right? I mean, aren’t I already one of the most decorated men in this company? Well I already know the answer to that one being the rock star that I am, but the world around me isn’t seeing it yet."

    As DK cut the corner he was brought into the back stage area. He raised his head up slightly and stiffened his posture up straight. While journeying backstage, his mood changed as he began to think more positive thoughts of what just recently happened.

    "Everest made me the person to be eliminated first this year. Although I must have stayed true to my words? I mean I said that I would go in there and make an impact, and I did just that. I went out with a bang. I mean hitting the floor was mainly the bang but I did get right back up didn’t I? Surely that was some progress? Nobody has ever gone out with that much style!"

    DK stumbled towards his locker room door as he was passed by Michael Winters the man who was up next in the Lethal Lottery. As he continued on to his private locker room he was approached by “The Dirty One” Gordito. From behind Gordito walked up to him with an uncanny swagger, a more laid back strut to be exact. He placed a hand of his on DK’s shoulder which made him jump up and let out a yell.

    DK: JESUS CHRIST! Who in the hell are y—

    Mid sentence DK turned to see Gordito laugh hysterically at him. DK looked on directly into the eyes of The Dirty One with a blank stare, holding onto his chest. But at the same time wondered why a man who was loved so much by the crowd would even hesitate to talk to him.

    DK: Oh great it’s you.

    Wilton shook his head in agony as he began to converse with the man who’s fans had just previously disrespected him.

    DK: Your fans are just a lively bunch aren’t they? First them and now you almost giving me a heart attack. Man are you trying to end my career?

    The Dirty One: Calm down dude. No need to jump to conclusions or anything. I just wanted to tell you that you did a solid job tonight in regards to the lottery. It’s not something that you should be so disappointed about. You were up against men who’ve been in it before. And you’ve only been wrestling in WZCW for how long?

    DK: Thanks for the consideration. You know Gordito you looked pretty good in your match tonight as well. It’s a shame you were pretty much forced to tap out by Ty Burna. You know I could’ve always been one solid outing away from becoming the number one contender for that world championship.

    The Dirty One proceeded in placing his hands onto his hips as he looked to DK. They both began to exchange a bit of laughter. Gordito beginning to realise that there is a more easy going side to DK. After the brief pause in the conversation, they continued to talk.

    The Dirty One: Hey DK, you know you're not actually as bad as they say you are. But anyways I thought that maybe I could give you some advice with the whole wrestling thing. You know kinda help you out?

    DK: And what advice could I possibly need Mr. Oh So Dirty One?

    The Dirty One: More than you could ever know dude.

    Wilton took a deep breath and swallowed his pride for once. He nodded his head and implied that The Dirty One could begin to talk.

    The Dirty One: Well, first off you’re taking everything you do too seriously. Look man I’ve seen all the little interviews you've been doing and you’re too damn headstrong for your own good. See most people think that because they've got problems with the same competitors that they're automatically respected and all is good. But that’s wrong. And to be honest man, I’ve heard the word around the locker rooms and quite frankly nobody’s too keen on you.

    DK then avoids eye contact with Gordito as he hears these words and somewhat begins to understand as to what he’s saying. He stroked his mouth over his hand and continued to listen to what is being said.

    The Dirty One: All I’m trying to say DK is that you’re going down the wrong path, stop trying to please everybody around you and just start doing you man? It’s only going to make you happier in the end and probably rack up way more wins.

    DK: You know what Gordito, maybe you’re right? Although maybe you’re wrong. All I know is that regardless of what I may do, I’m staying true to myself?

    The Dirty One: Or you’re just staying true to what you think is yourself. Man, behind the rock star I see someone with good potential that just may be able to shine through. You just need to stop going around like you own the place first off. I think this ego you carry is even too big for yourself and it probably ends up costing you all these matches.

    DK: Hey thanks for the advice, you really would make a great champi--

    Wilton had looked over behind Gordito's back and saw his Entourage coming towards both of them. As soon as The Entourage arrived on the scene, a large personality shift came from DK. Being laid back at one moment now switching to his more obnoxious side as his peers had arrived.

    DK: Ahh yes! Gordito, this is The Entourage. Learn to love them because they have my back no matter what. And if you dare to wrong me in any way, they will be sure to make quick work of you in an extraordinary way, including myself.

    DK wore a large grin on his face. He then proceeded to head into his locker room while Gordito stood there with a very confused look on his face, shaking his head in disappointment.

    The Dirty One: This kid has a lot to learn.

    The screen fades to the concerned look on Gordito’s face
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    The following conversation takes place at Meltdown 50, moments after Austin Reynolds was targeted by a black limo. We see The Ratings Winner, standing in the car park, cuddling his shocked fiancée Hayley and talking with his agent Dominic. While Austin is healthy, they are leaning against the wreckage of a couple of black cars that the limo did crash into.

    The conversation between the two best friends is terse and as harsh as the reality that has just crashed into them.

    “You do realise that you have just escaped with your life don’t you?!”

    “Of course I do!”

    “So what are you going to do about it?”

    “I don’t know!”

    “I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you!”

    “I’m not going anywhere sweet.”

    “Look Austin, what’s the next step? Someone has just tried to run you over! That could have been the end for you, career over. No more fans, no more money.”

    “I’ve got away with it so far.”

    “And how long will that last? You’re good but can you really see yourself outlasting them two on one, three on one given that Bateman’s running the show. If they want you out of the picture then that’s it. You want to win the Lethal Lottery and that’s great but you have to get there in one piece first.”

    “I’ll deal with Constantine and the number twenty match.”

    “It’s more than that mate. Look.” He moves closer to him and speaks in a caring, softer tone. “You need a friend, an ally, someone to help you out while you are out there. It doesn’t matter whether it is a seven foot tall bodyguard or just someone to be another pair of eyes, but you do need someone.”


    “Trust me, I’ll make some calls.”


    Following his loss to Hunter Kravinoff on Ascension 25, Austin is walking backstage with an ice pack on his throat. Hayley follows with one on the back of his neck. Austin is visibly pissed off.

    “Don’t give that crap Dom. I lost that match because Kravinoff is good, that had nothing to do with them.”

    “Dude you lost your focus. You expected them to come after you at any moment. You didn’t have your eye on him, you were worried about them!”

    In a instant, Hayley and Dominic are shoved aside and a chair crashes down on his back. Austin is floored; dazed and barely aware of how vulnerable he is. Cougar emerges and stands tall over him; he picks him up and locks his arms behind his back. John Constantine stares him in the face, overcome with evil.

    He doesn’t remember much after that.


    Of course, it’s now all too clear what has happened. The effect that it has had on Austin was profound. It is now all too clear to see the grander picture.

    The Showtime Power Trip took the Elite X title from him.

    They put Austin’s best friend in the hospital with a serious head injury.

    They eliminated him from the Lethal Lottery through nefarious means.

    Austin Reynolds needed help. The Showtime Power Trip had outnumbered him to detrimental effect on at least three occasions and, he had suffered because of their indirect actions on countless more occasions. All in a matter of weeks. So the time had come that Austin Reynolds had to admit that he needed assistance.

    Despite the beatings and the defeats, Austin’s pride meant it that was difficult to admit. Where the hell do I begin? Can I trust anyone on the roster?

    And with all these thoughts running through his head, he couldn’t forget Dominic. Beyond all the professional implications and complications of having to work, he was at his desk, in his office, on the penthouse floor of the building that they owned together in Chicago.

    Austin picked up his Blackberry, put it onto charge and then turned it on. Dom lived by this thing so there bound to be a crapload of messages and things that he would have missed. Once the beeps and vibrations had subsided and Austin had sifted through the wave of messages, one stuck in his mind.

    In an email titled Re: Security? were two very distinct images. His mind rushed with the possibilities and questions of what Dominic had planned for him. Austin was filled with a very clear desire to follow it up and left with his Blackberry.
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    The House show has came to a conclusion and WZCW superstars are signing autographs after the show for ten dollars an autograph and that includes a free picture. The tables are set up down by the ring. Many of the WZCW superstars have their own table including, Constantine, Ferbian, DK Wilton, Action Saxton, Chris Beckford, Armando Paradyse, and Malcom O&#8217; Neil. There are long lines at each table, except for Malcom O&#8217; Neil&#8217;s. Of course new comer, Armando Paradyse has all the ladies at his table. O&#8217; Neil signals for a teenage boy to come over to his table. The boy is probably thirteen or fourteen years old.

    The Boy - What do you want?

    O&#8217; Neil- How come you are in the back of a long line waiting for Ferbian&#8217;s autograph, when one day I will be a bigger star than Ferbian and no one is in my line?

    The Boy - You be as big as Ferbian? What a joke.

    The boy laughs.

    O&#8217; Neil - I don&#8217;t think it&#8217;s funny kid!!! Tonight, I might have lost to Armando Paradyse but that is because I underestimated him. I thought, I would go out there and win in a quick squash match. However, I was wrong and next time I will take him a bit more serious. Now, it&#8217;s only ten dollars, why don&#8217;t you take an autograph.

    The Boy - Because you are a loser. Do you want me to sound it out for you?

    O&#8217; Neil - I see your parents did a great job in raising you, Malcom O&#8217; Neil says in a sarcastic tone.

    The boy ignores him and walks back to Ferbian&#8217;s line.

    An hour has passed and not a single person has asked him for his autograph. O&#8217; Neil is getting very frustrated. He jumps up from his seat at the table and throws his chair down. O&#8217; Neil is walking up to the ring and grabs a microphone. He then proceeds to slide into the ring.

    Malcom O&#8217; Neil - It has been an hour people. A fricken hour, how come not a single person has asked Malcom O&#8217; Neil for his autograph? Eh? I know why&#8230; It&#8217;s because I am black. Yes indeed. You stuck up, racist, idiots would be ashamed to have an African American&#8217;s autograph.

    A fan yelling from in line at one of the tables - No, it&#8217;s because you suck!

    Malcom O&#8217; Neil - Shut Up! You better never disrespect me like that again.

    Everyone in line is giving O&#8217; Neil heat.

    O&#8217; Neil - Of Course, you are all going to boo me. Is there even a single black man, woman, or even child here tonight? I don&#8217;t see any. Security probably wouldn&#8217;t let them come into the arena because of there race. I guarantee it. I might of lost my match tonight but that is just a motivation. A motivation, to get better and to prove all of you stereotypical haters out there, wrong. Now, someone is going to get my autograph. I don&#8217;t care who it is. Do you people not realize, tonight I went out and put my body on the line for you guys and didn&#8217;t even get paid. I didn&#8217;t get paid because I lost, which means I didn&#8217;t get a contract. I still have two more chances to make it into WZCW but that doesn&#8217;t matter because I will for sure make it to the main roster. I am the future of this company and you people are ashamed of me. Since I didn&#8217;t get paid tonight, that means I won&#8217;t have any money to eat on when I leave this dump. I will be starving and you selfish jerks don&#8217;t even care. If I would have given out at least one autograph then I would have had enough money for one meal. At least I wouldn&#8217;t be hungry. But none of you care if I&#8217;m hungry because you just care about yourself. Now someone is going to give me ten dollars for an autograph whether they like it or not. Come on people. I am not leaving this ring until someone pays me and lets me write my signature on one of there belongings. I will stay here all night. Still no one? Fine, I will lay down in this ring and take a nap. Wake me up when your ready for my autograph.

    He lays down but the ring crew is coming out to take down the ring and are demanding him to get out. O&#8217; Neil is refusing and a woman, in her younger twenties walks over and says she will take an autograph just so he will shut up and leave everyone alone. O&#8217; Neil rolls out of the ring and she hands him the ten dollars. He yanks the ten dollar bill out of her hand in an un-polite manor. She gives him a WZCW logo picture and a sharpie. O&#8217; Neil signs his name and she reaches her hand out to take it. Instead of giving it to her, he rips it up and throws it in her face. He grabs the mic.

    O&#8217; Neil - I got my ten dollars and that&#8217;s all I wanted. Now, I am leaving this dump and going to try and find a half way decent, restaurant in this Hellacious town. I don&#8217;t want any of you members of the Nerd Herd, bothering me as I leave either.

    O&#8217; Neil walks out of the building not feeling a bit of guilt as the fans look on in disgust.​
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    We’re brought to the scenery of a rough looking street corner. The pitch black sky and heavy rain blended and created an eerie atmosphere. A small current of wind picked up and blew old newspapers across the empty streets. Light posts flickered with precision while bright neon signs gave off hypnotizing reflections in the various puddles that filled the streets. A man wearing a dark grey muscle shirt and a pair of tattered jeans came across the screen. On his arm there laid very familiar tattoos, which let speculation begin on if this in fact was DK Wilton. The camera angle changed and revealed the man as he walked into an alleyway with a bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand and a cigarette in his mouth, his face had still not been revealed to the viewers. The figure spat his cigarette out of his mouth, tilted his head back and took a large swig from his bottle of alcohol and smashed it against a brick wall that stood near him. The camera angle had changed once again, and finally revealed the trademark aviators. It was in fact DK himself. He began to speak soon after.

    DK: Life used to be fun and games. Keyword, it USED to be

    DK backed up against the wall and began to speak his mind.

    DK: My financial status was crumbling due to my expensive lifestyle. I had to resort to taking a couple of risks backstage with some of the other wrestlers. You know, we would bet on who would win their matches and who was most likely to get their asses handed to them that night. It paid quite well to be honest.

    Camera’s panned around DK and showed the large grin upon his face. He looked up at the night sky and started to speak once again.

    DK: Management gave me a hard time. They suspended me and disrupted my path to Kingdom Come, but I won’t let them stop this freight train. I’m coming back with my head on shoulders and you better believe that. I don’t care who you are or what you align yourself with. I will make a statement when I return.

    The screen had suddenly changed to a black and white camera lens. DK took off his aviators, put them on the collar of his shirt and gave off a more critical look upon his face. It was like someone had taken a number two in his cereal that morning.

    DK: I’ve got to do whatever it takes, whatever it takes to put food on my family’s table. Any other honest man would go about the exact same route.

    DK reached into his pocket and pulled out a pack of Marlborough smokes. He took a single one out with pious care as if it was his last and put it in his mouth. He put his hand into his other pocket and pulled out his lighter and lit his cancer stick up. DK inhaled a large amount of smoke and did a couple of tricks before he spoke again.

    DK: The Mayhem title has yet to have a solidified match for Kingdom Come so I’m guessing due to my “impressive” record that it would be my only chance of getting on the card. Although In my eyes a championship is a championship none the less. They have prestige. They have honour, and most importantly god do they ever look good.

    DK took another inhale from his cigarette and put the pack back into his jean pocket. He scratched his head and made lip bubbles as he continued to speak.

    DK: Over the last couple of weeks Chris Jones defended his strap against plenty of competitors. He’s been up against a business man, a makeup wearing lunatic, an Australian rapper and of course the “Law Abiding Citizen” himself Sam Smith. Those guy's have never been in high profile matches against men like Hunter Kravinoff, Constantine, Austin Reynolds, and Blade just to name a few. They’ve never really been exposed to the real talent in this company, only swimming around in their own cesspool of mediocrity. Since day one I’ve been competing against men who are the headliners, the former champions, the men who very well dominate this company.

    The camera angle changed around once again.

    DK: This upcoming Meltdown Jones will be facing off against Bowen and Cooper for the second time in recent weeks. Now to be honest I don’t care who wins that little gong show, but whoever does has one eventful trip to Kingdom Come headed their way as a little congratulations present. Don’t expect the unexpected cause this is for all of you to hear. Mark my words, when I return I will ROCK the Mayhem divisions world!

    The screen faded to black as the words "Coming Soon" appeared in white lettering.
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    Scene opens on the set of a commercial. Showtime David Cougar is promoting a new fragrance spray that is named after him. He is shown going through take after take, trying new lines everytime. The director feels they are close to having the perfect take, but feels there is something missing in each one.

    Cougar: Unleash the Star in You...

    Smell like a Showman. Perform like one too...

    Shine like a star. Smell like a million bucks...

    Stay on top of your odor. And you&#8217;ll stay on top of her too...

    Director: Cut!

    Showtime, baby, the lines are good, but I&#8217;m just not feeling the emotion from you. Perhaps you need a break, everyone take 5. Man I cant believe this is taking so long...

    The director storms off to review the takes as Showtime paces around the set. A well dressed older gentlemen approaches Showtime.

    What seems to be the problem there David. I was expecting this would only be a few takes. I hope our director isn&#8217;t being too hard on ya my boy.

    I&#8217;m really sorry Mr. Ashworth.

    Mr: Ashworth: Please... call me Clarence.

    The directors not really the problem, Clarence. And I&#8217;m a huge fan of your products and I&#8217;m truely honoured you chose to name your new scent after me. I just haven&#8217;t really been myself in the past while. Since that fire that destoryed the set of my show, The Show, I&#8217;ve been having a hard time being in front of the camera often. I feel like... I know there is somebody out there waiting to try and finish me off and that the whole world is just watching waiting for it to happen.

    Well Showtime... I hate to burst your bubble there but the whole world is watching.

    I knew it... and they must be in on it as well.

    Well... now, now that first part you said.. the whole gibble gabble about everyone out to get you, that&#8217;s all nonsence Showtime. Are you drunk or something? The whole worlds not in on one mad man&#8217;s scheme to try and ruin you and he most certainly won&#8217;t succeed because the man, who ever he is, is a looney.


    And the people, they are always watching you, because you are Showtime David Cougar. The biggest star ever in WZCW. Titus? Him and his 3 Oscars got nothing on you. He had his Kingdom Come last year and it fizzled out faster than 30 minutes of watching Charlie Sheen. This is your Kingdom Come now. You&#8217;re in the main event and about to be the biggest comodity in wrestling history.

    Now you&#8217;re speaking my language. It&#8217;s a god given fact the Kingdom Come III will be the biggest event ever and the Star of WZCW will be the new World Heavyweight Champion.

    And that&#8217;s why I chose to model my new scent after you Showtime. You flow with charisma. Men want to be you... and women want you to be in them. Eh? You are the perfect speciman and that is why eveyone watches you.

    Showtime puffs his chest out filled with pride. He pulls out a pair of cool looking shades and puts them on.

    So you want something like cool as steel Showtime. Ok here we go. Mhmm.

    It&#8217;s not easy being the biggest star in wrestling today
    The bright lights, the inferior competition
    Cut? No, you need to get me a Milenko who can wrestle
    The girls, the money, the cars
    Man... who am I gonna pay next to carry my baggage?
    uh...... Agony? Cooper? DK Wilton?

    But now you can have all the plus without any of the work
    With new Showtime Frangrance for Men
    Shine like a star. Smell like a million bucks too
    Do you have any idea how many girls you can buy with that kinda money
    Showtime Fragrance for Men and coming soon Showtime Lubricant for Women
    Stay on top of your odor. And you&#8217;ll stay on top of her too...

    Clapping can be heard coming from the directors chair.

    Not bad Showtime. I actually really like that bit you practiced there. Let&#8217;s get it in front of the cameras for a take. When you&#8217;re ready Showtime baby.

    Showtime nods towards Clarence&#8217;s direction and then faces the camera, hude confident smile on his face.


    Scene reopens later that day. Showtime is seated alone at a cafateria table eating, having arrived late due to a mob of fans as he was leaving the commercial set and erratic behaviour from his limo driver. Showtime is texting Serafina to see when she&#8217;ll be arriving when a short man slides onto the seat across the table from Showtime, interrupting him in the process. He has short black hair and a tacky brown suit. He has his arms out with a big smile, staring at Showtime as if Showtime knew exactly who he was.

    Who the fuck are you?

    The smile lessens but remains on the mans face as he extends his hand.

    Andrew Donaldson: Andrew Donaldson. Marketing specialist. We talked on the phone a week ago about sponserships and how to better promote you.

    Showtime shakes his hand cautiously while still giving him a skeptical look. Showtime is trying vaguely to remember their conversation.

    Anywho... since you&#8217;re for once lost for words I&#8217;ll show you some of the killer ideas I had that I know you&#8217;re totally gonna have a blast over.

    Showtime nods his head, unsure if even Andrew knows what he&#8217;s said.

    Okay first... skin is really popular... especially in South America and all them Latin countries. So I was thinking we could put you on a 50 foot buildboard in Brazil with nothing but a speedo on. I think you&#8217;ll agree... with your North American appeal... these will easily transition well into the US market.

    Andrew looks up at Showtime who remains unimpressed.

    Okay... forget that one... it&#8217;s crap... this next idea I got way better. Everyone&#8217;s into this whole viral crap. Codes, blogs, videos. Heck nobody watches TV no more. I watch Seinfeld through the video camera on my phone when watching TV.

    Showtime nods his head, far less ready to hear what Andrew has next than before.

    So what we&#8217;ll do is run some viral ads that&#8217;ll promote your own web based show. We&#8217;ll run countless short videos and little messages. Ride the same kinda media exposure Charlie Sheen is flying high on and over expose the crap out of you. We'l' put your name in the god damn dictionary as a synonium for awesomeness.....


    Or maybe.

    Look just stop... maybe these ideas are actually good. I don&#8217;t know, I&#8217;m really not in the mood for them. You are wasting my time. I don&#8217;t know you. How can I even trust you?

    Andrew taps his fingers on the table. He leans a little closer and talks a little lower.

    Listen... would I be able to borrow $10000 or something like that.

    And what in the &#8220;holy shit your stupid&#8221; hell do you need that for, and why would you think I would just lend it to you?

    I... uh... have a serious gambling problem..... but I&#8217;m do... I got a plan.

    Showtime smiles and laughs for the first time.

    Well, you&#8217;re right. You are honest. So the answer is no.

    A stage hand runs up to Showtime with an important message.

    Stagehand: Mr. Cougar. Terrible events have struck Japan. An earthquake caused a massive tsunami. Many people survived, but there has been a considerable amount of buildings destroyed, including your dojo in Japan you helped finance.

    Yes that is terrible news. Let us go talk in private. Andrew, it&#8217;s so far been a terrible experience meeting you. Hope it doesn&#8217;t happen again.

    Showtime and the stagehand get up and walk away from the table.

    Mr. Cougar, who was that you were just talking to.

    Never mind him, his name is Andrew Donaldson or something. I think he&#8217;s crazy, make sure you take down his information. I want him reported. Now as for the people in Japan, I want to act quickly on this and show everyone that I do care about others. I want to donate $1,000,000 to help aid Japan. And then I want you to post a challenge to all the wrestlers of WZCW to match that figure.

    But Mr. Cougar, more than half the roster makes way less than $1,000,000 a year.

    Exactly, no one will be able to match it, hence I&#8217;ll come out looking like that donation. And enough of this Mr. Cougar crap, it&#8217;s Showtime... now what did you say your name was.

    Chris Martin.

    From Coldplay?

    ........... huhhh yes.

    Hmmm... how long have you been with WZCW Chris?

    About 10 months.

    I&#8217;ll have to confirm this with Bateman. See to it Mr. Donaldson is excorted off the premise.

    Showtime turns around and walks away as Chris turns back to what is now an empty table, one single paper left behind.

    Somehow I don&#8217;t think that&#8217;ll be a problem.


    Scene reopens an hour later. Showtime is finishing an interview with Leon Kensworth.

    And that is why I will undoubtable be victorious next week on Meltdown just as I will be victorious at Kingdom Come.

    Kensworth: Well Showtime... while you may have just worn me down with your endless barrage of words, catchphrases, and trademark ... uh... &#8220;Showisms&#8221; I can undoubtly say that you are correct with everything you just said.

    Yes I have a way of talking myself into victory. Gets the job done.

    Well... you are a sucess here in WZCW... no matter what the skeptics say.

    Hey look, there goes Stacey Madison. She&#8217;s been so depressed of late she might actually go after me... I mean... I have to get an interview tape from her.

    Go on Leon. I&#8217;ve ridden that bike before, you deserve to ring her bell once too.

    Leon looks as excited as a kid as he races up to catch Stacey. A black suited figure taps the shoulder of Showtime from behind. It is Showtimes old friend from California, Dwight Chamberlin. The two hug, having not seen each other in almost a decade when Dwight was an executive at the last movie studio Showtime&#8217;s dad worked for. Dwight took Showtime out often and really helped shape his personality before he started training to be a professional wrestler.

    Chamblerin: Showtime David Cougar. Wow. I can&#8217;t believe how many years it&#8217;s been. You&#8217;ve changed a lot. Bulked up mostly you little California twig.

    You haven&#8217;t changed at all it seems D-Right.

    Ah grey hairs and wrinkles are somewhere underneath all this plastic and dye. I knew you were in the state of Califonia here tonight and I wanted to come down and congradulate you on your victory at Lethal Lottery. I remember you telling me your dreams of competing on the grandest stage of them all for the biggest prize in wrestling and brother you are there. Nobody is going to stop you tonight or any night.

    Well thank you for the bode of confidence and the congradulations. It really means a lot to know there are real people out there who really believe in me and aren&#8217;t simply trying to screw me over.

    Anytime brother.

    Yes, well I gotta go meet my new lady Serafina in the parking lot. Smoking hot honey... I stole her from Ty... mostly to piss... him... off... but I&#8217;ll be in the city for a few more days. I&#8217;ll give you a call and we&#8217;ll catch up.

    Sounds like a plan man. Hey good luck tonight... just try to use it in the ring and not in the sac for a change.

    Ha, luck, I&#8217;ve been lucky since I was 12. Don&#8217;t need luck to score a pinfall in a match or score with the ladies.

    Showtime and Dwight shake hands and then turn and walk in opposite directions. Showtime is in an upbeat mood for a change. Showtime walks no more than 10 steps when Leon approaches, sporting a few kisses on his face and a nasty red slap mark across his face.

    Showtime are you feeling okay?

    Never better Leon. Although it looks like you could be doing better. God I don&#8217;t even want to know what happened with you.

    Showtime answers his blackberry shouting Serababy into the phone as Leon stands there holding his face as the camera fades.
  19. Find'er Woo'er Ryder

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    The Camera cuts in backstage inside the office of Chuck Myles. Myles is on the phone talking to an unknown person....

    Yes! I'm Excited for Kingdom Come III as well.
    Which match will steal the show? Well, I can't pick just one. There are so many gret matches that will take place that night. I mean Everest vs Titus! And don't forget about Ty Burna defending the WZCW World Title against "Showtime" David Cougar and who could forget....

    Armando Paradyse burst into the GM's office

    I want a match with the Mayhem Champion on Meltdown the week after Kingdom Come!

    Let me call you back
    Hangs up the phone

    Armando, have a seat. You lost the battle royal on Acsension last week. Why do you deserve a title match against either Bowen or Cooper over others like Action Saxton or The Agony?

    Well, a few weeks ago. I took the EurAsian Champion Chris Beckford to the limit. I don't like it but I do have a victory over the champ. Plus, I didn't say I wanted a Mayhem Title match; Just a match with the champion.

    You did beat beckford. I'll think about it Armando.

    Gracias, senor.

    Anything else I can do for you Mr. Paradyse?

    Si. If you do let me face the champion in a title match and I beat him, I want a title shot at Redemption.

    You're asking for alot Armando!

    I know Senor, But I can beat anyone on the roster one-on-one. All I am asking for is a chance, Senor. A chance to make a name for myself here in the greatest wrestling business today: WZCW!!!

    Armando, I'll think about it and talk to Bateman. But if you don't mind, I have alot of last minute touches to do on Kingdom Come.

    Woman-Excuse me. I'm looking for Armando Paradyse. Can you tell me where he is?

    I'm Armando Paradyse Senorita. What can I do to you later--I mean--What can I do for you?

    I have a letter for you.

    A love letter for me eh? Wonder who it's from. A fan? A lover? My high school principal again?

    He reads

    What does this mean?

    You have been served.
    Walks off

    How do they walk like that? I'm glad they do. Wait!? Court!? Chuck Myles won't give me a shot now at the Mayhem Championship!
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    This was the RP I was working on for Kingdom Come. Some thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated if anyone can spare the time or effort.

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    Monday, 04 April 2011
    Boston, Massachusetts
    The Refinery

    The scene opens, audio first, to the echoing tunes of Tech N9ne’s “The Beast”. Resting behind the beat of the music is the consistent sound of flesh hitting leather. The video begins showing a musty old gym; it doesn’t look like it’s been used in months. The camera pans around the gym starting at the left, showing the lonely wrestling/boxing ring, followed closely by cardio equipment, and punching bags of all sorts. The image stops at the punching bags, displaying an apparently young man from behind pounding the heavy bag with his fists. He bounces along on his toes as he thrusts each punch into the leather, rocking the heavy bag with his speed and strength.

    The image continues to watch the young man lay into the heavy bag until the man lunges in and grapples the heavy bag. He lifts the bag, miraculously unhooking it from the ceiling, and bridges back slamming it to the cold concrete, which causes the leather to tear and some sand to spill out. The young man pushes the bag off of his body and then rises to a stand, as he turns around the camera shows that it is former WZCW Tag Team champion, Alexander Steele. As the music ends and the gym rests silently, onto the scene walks Leon Kensworth who has witnessed the entire display. He clears his throat and walks directly over to Steele before looking at the camera and smiling.

    Ladies and gentlemen, you all know who I am, but most of you may have forgotten who this man standing next to me is. The man to my right is a former WZCW Tag Team champion, Alexander Steele. He left WZCW a few months ago completely unexplained and leaving some fans to wonder just what happened to him.”

    Leon stated as he looked at the camera and then turning to Alex and looking up at him from where he stood. Alex raises an eyebrow as he looks at Leon, the look on his face tells all that he is wondering just where on Earth this interview came from. He didn’t recall requesting anything of the sort.

    ”Mr. Steele, it has been a few months since you left WZCW and the world wants to know what you’ve been up to. Why exactly did you left while you were on top of the tag team ladder?”

    ”Why I left? For my own damn personal reasons, it’s none of your business nor is it any business of the world’s to know.”

    Alex responds without hesitating, the tone of his voice indicating that he is clearly annoyed by Leon’s presence and this interview in general.

    ”Um… Mr. Steele it just doesn’t make any sense to me or anyone else why you’d leave the way you did, why no one has heard anything from you in so long, and what you’ve been doing with this time of yours. It’s not so much that we want answers but that we want you back in a WZCW ring.”

    This statement earns a cross look from Steele, who shakes his head and sighs heavily.

    ”Look Kensworth, I don’t have to explain myself to anyone, not in WZCW nor any of the fans. If you people don’t like it then leave me the hell alone. As for what I’ve been doing with my time, you can see just what the hell I’ve been doing. I’ve been training, getting ready for something huge.”

    Leon looks back at the torn heavy bag on the floor and then back at the young wrestler as he talks. Kensworth can sense that this unannounced interview is about to abruptly ended by Alex. You can see the gears turning as Leon thinks quickly of what he’s going to ask for the final question.

    ”What exactly have you been training for then Mr. Steele?”

    He asks carefully as he looks up at the former champion. Alex smirks, glancing at Leon before looking directly into the camera.

    ”I’ve been training for the hunt and my prey is big game.”

    Alex offers as his answer and walks out of the view of the camera, leaving Leon and the viewing audience with a cryptic message that can be defined in multiple fashions. The screen fades slowly to back at Leon scratches his head to figure out what the young Steele man meant.
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    The scene opens with Bowen setting in a ring corner staring down at the ground. He has a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and it flops up and down as he mumbles angrly to himself. He looks up at the camera with his head tilted, a glazed look is on his face. He is emotionless as he looks at the camera. His hair is a disheveled mess, and he looks to be wearing old tatterd clothes. But his Mayhem title shines under the grime of his outward apperance. He finally brings his arm forward after taking a drag of of his smoke and takes it away from his mouth. He hooks both of his arms in the ring ropes, his right still holding the lit cigarette. He blows out the smoke non shalontly at the camera as he begins to talk.

    Alex- I'm a tired man, but I'm not a broken man. I'm a legend that will never die. I am about to bring a show that will never be topped. I am god in the hardcore world, but I am also a legend in the ring. No one in this company right now can claim to of done what I have.

    He brings his right hand up and strokes the stubble on his face, drawing down the skin on it his mouth opens. His bottom row of teeth are visible, but at the front they are noticably smaller than the rest. He yawns and his mouth turns into a large maw, the camera zooms in on his face only to be met by gums. Alex takes another puff off of his newport and smiles a now toothless grin. Blowing his white smoke of death at the camera.

    Alex- You want to pay for my pain Justin? Would you like to run around for possibly the rest of your life with no front teeth?. Most people would freak out about this! But me? This is my job, this is the worst you can do to me? You opened that turnbuckle, but I'm not mad.

    Alex rubs his hands together while rocking back and forth in place. His gnarled hands grip the side of his hips, pressing deeply into the flesh. The pressure deforms his legs for a moment while his fingertips pass over top. Alex's beady eyes stare at the camera, fixed as if he is staring into souls. He yells.

    Alex- I'm PISSED

    Alex gets up to one knee and flips his cigarette into the sea of empty seats. He looks at it as it turns end over end, it finally drops. He turns his head with a wicked flip to the camera, and cracks his neck in the process.

    Alex- Sam Smith, you have no place in this match. Lay down, take the loss. You have what you wanted at Kingdom Come you became number one contender. I won my match, but at a small cost... My sanity.

    Alex points down to his mayhem title and taps one long fingernail on it. Eyes still fixed on the camera we can hear the tapping of his nail on the belt.

    Alex- I was never the strongest nail on the board. But you break my teeth out, and try to run me over? I use wepons, but I see your point. You actually want to put me out, take me completly out of the picture. Are you scared Justin?

    Alex quickly gets up off one knee and bolts to the camera man, He grabs the side of the camera and puts his face up to it. We can clearly hear his deep breating breathing as he thinks what to say next.

    Alex- You should be Justin, you've sewn your own destiny. In ashes you shall reap brother, Because in our next meeting dust will be your destiny.

    Alex lets his grip loosen on the camera and pushes it away. The camera tilts to the side as the camera man tries to re steady the focus. When we see Alex again he is flush infront of the camera with his title belt completly uncovered. His fists are balled up and his head is tilted down but still glaring at the camera.

    Alex- It's a rough game in this division, and I don't have to play fair. I never have before, but now you have set loose a mad man. I am revolting against all reason, which makes me more dangerous than I ever was before. Save yourself, because a pissed off Alex Bowen is something you never want. You now have that thanks to your actions at Kingdom come. If Sam takes the advice I gave him earlier you will be meeting the wretched sick mind that I have been hiding from this whole company.

    Alex lets out another one of his famous now allmost toothless grin. This one seems a bit more wild, He winks at the camera and one side of his mouth closes. When he is finished with his wink He drifs off back to the corner and plops back down in his former spot, reaching in his pocket for what we can guess to be another smoke as the camera fades awat.
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    The morning after Redemption, on ESPN's First and 10...

    Dana Jacobson: "Welcome to 1st and 10, on the thirteenth day of june. Today we have a special guest but first, our residential 'hater', Skip Bayless!"

    Skip Bayless: "Yeah, but today is special, because not only do I get to murder someone, but today, I get to assassinate a 'King'!"

    Dana: "And that King that he is speaking of is none other than a fast rising member of the WZCW wrestling company. Welcome for the first time on ESPN 1st and 10, The King of Zimbabwe, King Shabba!"

    King Shabba sat across from Skip Bayless at the ESPN debate table in front of Dana Jacobson, dressed in a different attire than he is used to. He has on a white suit, with a dark green shirt under it, with a gold tie, a gold hankerchief in his suit jacket pocket, and dark green dress shoes with gold socks.He grabbed at the collared shirt in an attempt to adjust it as the camera focus in on him. He still had his crown on, and he recently had the tips of his dredlocks dyed a goldish color. With the extra time off from the busy WZCW schedule, he decided to use his spare time to put his face out into the national spotlight through the media.


    Skip holds out his hand as he always does to offer a hand shake to King Shabba, who does not alter his seating in his chair, highly prestigous and sitting straight as possible without any sign of emotion on his face. He looks down at Skip's hand and then back at Skip as he refuses his handshake without saying a single word or making any other movements.

    Skip: "Wow, he must have already heard how vicious I am against my opponents. No matter, you'll be bowing to me after this show."

    Skip said with a laugh. This forced King Shabba to change his facial expression to anger as he finally replied

    "I'll never bow to you Americans! You, pathetic old man, should bow to me now!"

    He stood out of his seat and demanded Skip to bow to him, which Skip refused to do as he continued to laugh. King Shabba finally sat back into the chair and continued

    "It doesn't matter, you're not worth the time it would waste to have you bow to a superior being. Stay being a disrespectful little woman."

    Skip: "So you are the King of Zimbabwe, huh? I thought Zimbabwe was a republic."

    "It was, until I unified my people and declared it as my Empire, The Zimbabwe Empire. We have unified the lands of Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Swaziland, Lesotho, and most of Sothern Africa. And with our alignment with Congo in the past, we will only expand. I alone will rise my people to the upper echelon of the world."

    Skip: "Well if you are the King of this 'Empire', are you worried about it falling apart with you being here?"

    "Not at all. The Zimbabwe Defence Forces, and our National Army has expanded with the unification of these lands, so I fear not for the safety of my people while I am here."

    Skip: "Well, make sure you learn how to fight first, I managed to see highlights of your lost at that pay per view last night, that other guy destroyed you."

    "I was not destroyed, nor did I lose because I was not better, I lost because that was my tactical plan."

    Skip: "Tactical plan? Of getting beat up? What kind of tactical plan is that?"

    "It was to give him a false sense of security. To make him feel like he could possibly contend with me. But in reality, he doesn't stand an ice cream sandwich chance in a volcano of beating me. And I will destroy him, when we meet in the ring again, if he doesn't fear me, that is."

    Skip: "Why would he fear a guy that he beat fair and square?"

    "I will show you what there is to fear!"

    The King rose from his seat once again, and leaned over the table before Dana Jacobson interfered.

    Dana: "Okay, these two hate each other already, let's get going. 1st down, we have the NBA playoffs. The Dallas Mavericks, after many were saying that they were going to lose in the first round in the playoffs, and some were even calling them the 'one and done boys', have won the NBA championship after they defeated LeBron James and the Miami Heat in game six last night. What does this do to Dirk's legacy? Skip?

    Skip: "It makes him one of the greatest basketball players of all time. He was already one of the greatest foreign players ever. I mean, the Mavericks beat all of the teams that people, including myself, said they couldn't. They beat the Trailblazers, the former defending NBA Champion Los Angelos Lakers, a young Thunder team that shows so much promise for the future, and even the Miami Superfriends. And who lead them the entire playoffs? The 7 foot tall GerNo one in the world cares about the Mavericks.

    Dana: "Wow, okay, why do you say that King Shabba?"

    "No one cares about the NBA. The NBA is an American sport's league, which means that it's a league full of drug selling, drug addicted, in the closet, rapist playing against other drug selling, drug addicted, in the closet, rapist. No one outside of America cares about the NBA!"

    Skip: "But we are in America, so that's why it's a big topic, do you even realize where you are?"

    "Yes. I'm in Hell."

    Dana: "Oooookay, well, on to the next topic, the MLB is underway and the Texas Rangers are making a strong case that they could return to the World Series, King Shabba, do you think they could win the World Series this year?"

    "How can it be called a 'World' Series if the world isn't involved? I see no team in YOUR sports leagues that does not reside in America or Canada, so why isn't it known as the 'North American' Series? Until you include teams from around the world, like the Zimbabwe Mighty Lions, which doesn't exist because we don't care about baseball, than it can't be called the 'World' Series."

    Skip: "It's the World Series because it is the biggest sporting series in the world."

    "It is not. It is the biggest series in the world of North America. The biggest games in the world happen in the World Cup! It's called the World Cup because it includes the World. Even the horrible US team is including, although they could never beat a team from the motherland, yet another thing we do better than you."

    Dana Jacobson: "Okay, and with that note, we'll be right back with second down after his."

    During the commercial break

    Skip: "Well, your Kingliness, why did you come on the show if you dislike sports so much?"

    "I don't dislike sports, only American sports. And I'm on here because my father used to watch this network when I was young!"

    Dana: "Your father?"

    "Yes, my father, JeMonte."

    Skip: "There was a King before you? Named JeMonte? Never heard of him."

    "No, he was not the king, he was the President, of sorts. I, am the first and only King."

    Skip: "This doesn't make any sense. How could you become a King?"

    "My father's dying wish, was for Zimbabwe to rise up and become a dominant nation. He wanted me, his son, to unite our people, so he declared me King."

    Skip: "But a president doesn't have the power to annoint a king."

    "He did! Before he was killed!"

    Skip: "Killed? His own people turned on him?"

    "Never. He was killed here, in the United States. He was close friends with the former president Bill Clinton. They used to smoke Ganja together. One day, while out with the President of these United States, he was suddenly attacked by a secret military organization, due to them feeling as if he was a threat to the Commander-in-chief. The United States' Government would then cover up the incident, like it never happened."

    Skip: "Then how do you know?"

    "Because I was there..."

    The King lowered his head in attempt to hide the slight tear he was beginning to shed. Behind the scenes, Nnamdi is seen shaking his head in denial as King Shabba spoke. he held his head down is disbelief, or maybe it was because he was embarrassed by his king's actions on a national stage.

    Nnamdi: (To Himself)"But that isn't what happened... How could he lie like that?"

    Nnamdi walked away and quickly dissappeared. The King quickly wiped his eyes and held his head up high and proudly.

    Dana: "Wow, I'm sorry to hear that."

    "It doesn't matter. Your sorrow does nothing for me, neither does your pity.

    Dana: "I see."

    "Also, it would be a great place for me to promote the WZCW's allstar event, seeing how the bigger the company gets, the better it will be when I take over."

    Skip: "So you came here to plug yourself? You waste our precious time from our busy lives to promote yourself and a wrestling company?"

    "American's busy life? Busy life of what, sitting their fat asses in front of their big screen tv watching other people talk about sports that they are too lazy to go outside and play? Or watching 3D commercials for, what is that placed called again? Pizza Hut? Trying to bite the 3D stuffed crust fatty pizza? Yeah, they're really busy."

    Dana: "I'm sorry to have to cut you two apart right now but the commercial break is almost over."

    The crew gives word that the show will continue in 5...4....3....2...

    Live on ESPN

    Dana: "Welcome back to ESPN First and Ten, we are here with Skip and WZCW wrestler, King Shabba."

    "I would rather be announced as the King of Zimbabwe, King Shabba, who is currently wrestling in the WZCW."

    Dana: "Okay, anyway, here on second down, we have the NHL, and the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, with game 6 between the Canucks lead the Bruins 3 games to 2, Skip, do you think that we'll see the Stanley Cup come out tonight or will we go to a game 7?"

    Skip: "I think that we'll see a game 7. I mean, the Vancouver Canucks have been destroyed in this building where they've been outscored 12-1 in this series. I definitely think we'll see a game 7."

    "Yet another stupid North American sport. This one is the sport of Canada. They even have a team called the Canucks in the championship? A sport where teethless ******s fight other teethless ******s. Yeah, let's watch "******ed Toothless Boxing... on Ice!" This stupid sport should be canceled forever."

    Dana: "We go back to the NBA now, and the comments made by LeBron James after the NBA finals lost, speaking on how all of the haters and doubters have to go back to 'real life' and how he'll continue to do what he wants to do and be happy with his family, what are your thoughts?

    Skip: "I think that my close friend, who played more like LeBrick last night, was totally out of line for saying those things. I don't think he meant it the way it sounded, but he chose the wrong words. It just shows thThat none of you Americans know anything. He is absolutely right. All of the fans will go back to struggling to pay their bills, and struggling to pay for their triple cheeseburgers. No matter how many times your sports 'stars' lose, they'll still be rich, and they'll still be better off than the fans. If I were this guy, LeBrandon James or whatever his stupid name is, I would have told all of the fans to kiss my *beep* and that they could *beep* *beep* my *beep* in a *beep* *beep* *beep* and then come back and *beep* theyself in the *beep* and *beep* the *beep* in their *beep* *beep*.

    During his profanity laced rant, the network goes to emergency commercial break.

    During The Break

    Dana: "Okay, ShabbaIt's KING Shabba and you shall address me as such, you stupid American ****!"

    Before Dana could react, Skip proceeded her and she dashed off the set of the show in tears, the tv crew looked around franticly for a replacement host.

    Skip: "Hey, that's crossing the line, I understand you are a 'King' but that doesn't give you the right to speak to anyone that way. And all of your profanity isn't necessary here either."

    "I am the King of Zimbabwe. incase your small American brain forgot that already, I can speak to whichever American I want, however I desire. If you or anyone else dislikes my actions, then force me to change them, if not, then shut up!"

    Skip: "But this is a family show. This isn't back in Africa where you chase animals for amusement. This is America."

    "Yes, you people do not chase animals here, but that is because you are too fat and lazy. The only thing that moves fast here is the numbers on the scale when your fat asses stand on them."

    Skip: "Haha, that's really fun, now enough jokes, can we just finish the show so we can all go on about our day?"

    The crew informed the set that they will be back on in 5...4...3...2...

    Live on ESPN

    Lil Wayne, who was currently speaking on ESPN's PTI, walked onto the set and sat in the seat where Dana once sat.

    Lil Wayne: "Welcome back to ESPN's 1st and 10. It's young Weezy Baaaabaaaaay and I'm filling in for Dana who had an emergency and had to leave."

    Skip: "I'm glad to see you on the show again, Little Wayne, I guess you're afraid to sit across from me again so you decided to be the host, I respect that."

    Lil Wayne and Skip have a laugh before Lil Wayne contines,

    Lil Wayne: "The next topic is the NFL lockout, the owners and the players union held another meeting a few days ago, ya dig, do you think that we'll see a collective bargaining agreement made before the start of the regular season?"

    Skip: "Honestly, Wayne, I think they'll work it out. There's too much money that would be lost for them to sit out an entire year, you know all about making money, and both the owners and the players want to make money."

    Lil Wayne: "King?"

    "I think that they are just crying because their steroid shipment hasn't came in yet. Once everyone get's their needle shot into their ass they'll kiss and make up, seriously kiss and make up."

    Skip: "Steroids? Seriously? How many NFL players do you think are actually on steroids?"

    "I know that since they are American, it would be no less than 100!"

    Lil Wayne: "100? That's not even two entire football teams worth of players."

    "No, I meant 100 percent! All of them."

    Skip: "Wow. So you think all of the players in the NFL are on steroids? Even the pencil thin kickers?"

    "Yes, but speaking on steroids, coming soon, the greatest wrestling company, WZCW, will be having a special event, WZCW Allstars. Make sure you tune in and watch. Of course, the African Lion King won't be competing because they will obviously have steroids somehow involved, but you should still watch anyway. Now, that, is real sports news."

    Skip: "You mean like your sport? 'Wrestling'? Yeah, like that's a 'real' sport. It's not even a sport, that's why we don't mention it on ESPN, because we are a 'sports' network."

    "You better watch your damn mouth before I jump over this desk and shove my foot so far up your *beep* that you'll sneeze shoe polish for the rest of your damn life!"

    The camera crew quickly threw on a commercial for the NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks DVD.

    During The Break

    Skip: "Wait, let me read my script first so I know how you'll 'beat me up'!"

    "Yeah, I'll show you how real this is!"

    King Shabba sprang out of his seat and stood on the desk. Lil Wayne stood up and tried to stop King Shabba from stomping Skip Bayless into the ground.

    Lil Wayne: "Whoa, calm down, son, it's just a friendly debate, homie. Relax, baby."

    "SHUT UP! If you want to get your ass kicked, I'll happily do it for you too, shorty!"

    Skip: "Maybe you should listen to your favorite rapper! Yeah, you didn't think I knew that the man who hates everything American has a favorite rapper who is American?"

    "This idiot isn't my favorite rapper! He is a rapper who doesn't even know the meaning of his own dreadlocks, but other than that, I've never listen to any of his songs outside of my entrance music! He kisses men on the lips, that's how you can tell he is American!"

    Lil Wayne grew angry at the mentioning of him kissing his "father" and began to raise his voice

    Lil Wayne: "That's mafia style! You don't know nothing 'bout the Mafia, homie! That's what we do, ya dig! We family!"

    King Shabba swiftly kicked Lil Wayne in the mouth and made him stumble back onto the ground

    "Yeah, the homosexual Mafia. I bet you kiss each other in other places too, don't you?"

    He then refocused on Skip as the crew tended to Lil Wayne and tried to get King Shabba off of the table. The camera's returned to the show with a vision of an enraged King Shabba leaping off of the table and attacking Skip Bayless before he is forcably restrained by security. As they remove him from the building he looks at the camera one last time, and smiles a golden smile as the screen fades to black.
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    Woman's Voice: Are you alright, Sam?

    Sam: Yeah, I'll be fine...

    Smith stumbles through his bedroom door onto his bed, rubbing his temples, wincing with pain.

    Sam: Agh...

    Smith reaches to a bedside table. He pulls open a drawer and shuffles through it, finally pulling out a bottle of pills. Smith rips off the top, dumping a few into his hand. He gets off his bed and slowly makes his way to the bathroom. He turns on his faucet, stuffs the pills into his mouth, and drinks them down with water from the faucet. He stares at himself in the mirror, his face engulfed by total darkness, except for the sliver of light coming in through the window from the pale moon. Smith reaches down and washes his face and turns off the faucet.

    He stumbles back towards his bed, taking off various articles of clothing along the way. He jumps underneath the covers and tries to sleep, but to no avail. After many hours of tossing and turning, Smith gives up. He throws the covers off of himself and slips on some sweats. He heads out of his bedroom and down his stairs and out the door. Smith looks around, as if expecting to see someone, but keeps on walking, all the while sweat drips down his brow.

    Sam: It wasn't my fault... IT WASN'T MY FAULT!

    Smith collapses to his knees on the sidewalk, staring the down the steet aimlessly. Suddenly Smith shoots up to his feet. He rubs his eyes and shakes his head, a look of disbelief covering his face.

    Sam: That's not possible.

    ...How are you here?

    Smith points down the street. Off in the distance a single figure can be seen in the shadows.


    Smith chases after the figure. Down twists and turns of residential areas, down country roads, and finally into the forest, but the figure constantly remains just out of reach.

    Eventually Smith dives and reaches out for the figure. He catches their foot and they collapse in a heap. Smith and the mystery figure both stand up finally face-to-face. Smith reaches out but the figure disappears.

    Suddenly everything blacks out as Smith is torn back into reality from his dream. Smith jumps from his bed and flips on his light. His whole body is shaking as he seems stunned by his dream. Smith runs down his stairs and runs through his front door. He looks down his street, thinking that maybe the figure really was there, but much to his relief, it is not.

    Smith turns back and heads into his house. He closes his front door and sits down at the foot of the steps, in shock.

    Smith: What the hell is wrong with me?
  25. Steamboat Ricky

    Steamboat Ricky WZCW's Living Legend

    Jan 8, 2007
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    *Steamboat Ricky is shown walking through farm country somewhere in the Midwest. He then walks into a field where cows are grazing. Ricky is also holding a chicken. "Good Life" - One Republic*

    Hello. I'm WZCW Superstar Steamboat Ricky. You might know me as being the most hardcore son of a bitch in the history of professional wrestling.

    *Flash of Ricky falling off the Cell and bleeding profusely*

    I enjoy dealing out a great deal of punishment in the ring, but outside of the ring, it's a different story. If anything happened to my good friends Polly or Barnacle Bill, I would be heartbroken. The truth is, many animals are mistreated on a daily basis. Millions upon millions of chickens are genetically manufactured and raised in a rapid period of time whose sole purpose is to die in order to be put into a bag and sold in your grocer's freezer. Cows are given artificial growth hormones to speed up their growth cycles in order to keep up with the high demand for beef from various fast food chains and low-income grocery stores.

    If you step into the ring with me, expect to leave on a stretcher. Otherwise, it is my wish for you to live a happy and healthy life living in community with the animals around us. Rescue a dog or cat from your local shelter. If you eat meat, buy locally from farmers who raise free range chickens and cows. Not only will you be eating healthier meats from chickens and cows who lived good lives, but you will also be helping out a farmer who has a hard time competing with the big meat companies.

    We have an amazing opportunity to make a big difference in the world in which we live and simultaneously improve our own lives. For more information on sustainable food, ethical treatment of animals, and other ways that you can live "The Good Life," please visit

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