WZCW Roleplay Rules (Updated: 24th of September, 2016)

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    Please make sure you read and understand these ground rules before creating roleplay's. If you violate any of these rules, your RP may be deleted/altered/ignored and possibly infractions/warning may be received. If you have any concerns with the following (as it will be mentioned several times), please PM a member of creative.

    Rules & Regulations:

    1) You may not use the name or Gimmick of any Licensed WWE, TNA or any other real Wrestling Promotion (and to a lesser extent, other e-fed's). You may not mention them in your Role-Plays either. Do not mention a previous title run in such organisations either in your application or future Role-Plays, for the same reason. As for comedy however, you may mention or use characters that are from these promotions but only as a parody (i.e. Con Jena instead of John Cena is fine).

    2) Be sure to ask permission for using any Non-Wrestling Federation Characters from the board, likewise for using other Handlers Characters. If you do not ask permission and use these Characters you will be disciplined. You may use any of our Backstage Announcers, however you must ask permission if you wish to attack them in any way. It is also advised that flirting with the female characters is pretty lazy and will seriously go against you as will randomly attacking any character in an RP.

    3) We work on a simple Two Strike Rule when it comes to no showing (not RP’ing for Matches). If you no show once you will lose, no show again and you will be Jobbed out and made to look bad and kicked out of the Fed, no questions asked. These rules only apply to consecutive no shows; there is a thread open in the Backstage Area about taking time off. If you need time off, personal reasons or whatever, we will work it out with storyline.

    4) Anyone caught stealing RP’s will receive severe consequences: possibly leading to you being kicked out of the Fed. We will do periodic checks on the stealing of Role-Play’s, so rest assured if you do steal RP’s or lift lines from anything that isn't your own work, you would be caught out eventually. RP's that are partially stolen will receive a warning: possible infraction.

    5) If you are booked for a match, please only Role-Play in the thread provided for you, however if you are not booked and wish to Role-Play you are more than welcome to use our Random RP thread at your leisure.

    6) We allow the use of swearing and violence as we realise that sometimes it is required to add aspects of a character. However, please use it on a limited basis as we have to cater to anyone of the age of 13 and above, and excessive swearing & violence is not appropriate. Swearing & violence every other word isn't just uncreative, it will actually hinder our overall view of your Role-Play. If you are unsure whether the amount of swearing & violence in your RP is too much or need to get confirmation on doing something excessive, you can PM a member of creative and we'll discuss whether or not the swearing/violence is appropriate to post within your RP.

    7) If you feel that yours or someone else's RP wasn't judged properly or any other concerns you may have, please do not create a scene in the main areas - please PM us (creative) and we'll answer any questions or queries you may have. This message applies to non-creative members as well if you'd like to go directly to the source. Don't throw a fit or create drama in the fed as this may go against your record with possible warnings and infractions involved, depending on the severity.

    8) You must Role-Play! I can't stress this enough, failure to Role-Play results with your character losing the match automatically, Champion or not.



    WZCW understands the importance of actually having a life, hence our motto real life > fed life. So it is because of that we allow extensions, however we cannot allow this to be abused so here's the rules on extensions:

    A) Extensions will be granted at the discretion of creative.
    B) Any extension requests must be made with as much notice as possible. The more time we have, the more likely you are to get your extension.
    C) Please try not to take advantage of the extension rules as much as possible. If we deem you to be taking advantage, we may reject your request.
    D) The extension is never strictly 23:59, I don't mind a few hours delay but if the thread is locked when you go to post and you've not asked for an extension... unlucky!
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