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Discussion in 'Wrestlezolympics '10' started by IrishCanadian25, Feb 23, 2010.

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    Current Team
    Rocky Maivia
    Samoa Joe

    Peter Maivia

    2nd Half Events
    Tag Team Tournament
    King of the Mountain
    Ultimate X
    Elevation X
    Battle Royal

    You may vote to sub out one or two of the current participants for either alternate. You may also vote to keep the team as it is currently constructed. Voting will be open for 3 days. You may vote for more than one choice, but obviously you should not vote for more than one option, since you are only voting to sub out or in a max of two people!
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    Ok, I'll first state that I don't know certain things here. First, I have no idea what Peter Maivia is capable of. Second, I have never seen an Elevation X match before. Finally, these two things together will require some assumptions on my part.

    I would think that Sika should come in so the Samoans have a solid tag team. The Rock and Samoa Joe will probably be put in King of the Mountain and Ultimate X, though I don't know which in which match. Joe has experience in both (I believe), but I can't quote win/loss records. The Rock is the face of the team, and is needed for the Battle Royal at the very least later.

    Who to sub out becomes the big question. I would think that Rikishi is the easy choice for Sika, but I'm still unsure of Umaga vs Peter Maivia for the spot in Elevation X. I would think Umaga is the logical choice, but I could be wrong here.

    So, vote out Rikishi, and vote in Sika.
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    This is a pretty easy one. Sika should be in and Rikishi goes out. Afa and Sika have a legit shot to win gold in the tag team part of the tournament. Their only competition is two overrated teams in Edge and Christian and the Bulldogs and the dysfunctional American team of Austin and HBK.

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