Round 1: Mario vs. Batman

Discussion in 'Humans Section' started by The Doctor, Sep 8, 2012.


Who wins?

  1. Mario

  2. Batman

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  1. FlexAmerican Dynamite

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    Dec 27, 2011
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    While Batman winning seems a bit more plausible than Joker beating Buffy I'm really afraid that the Dark Knight is going to completely cost through his matches based on popularity and no actual skill.

    Let's be honest here, Batman winning every battle he's in is based on prep time. There's no prep time in this tournament.

    Even with KB's post about all you have to do is touch Mario Batman doesn't know that off first encounter. In fact Batman's first reaction to a situation such as this would be completely staying away from Mario.

    Batman's probably going to be he shouldn't win this.

    Vote: Mario, being dressed like a fucking Bat doesn't make you a badass.
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