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    Random Thoughts by Glenn Gilbertti:

    *Joe Legend must be happy i'm posting a new article, so now he can have something to write about. His psyochanalyzation of the Rock 'n Sock Connection would hold water, if the reality wasn't the fact the whole point of it was to get a sock over. I love it how Raven basically states in his article that promoters should put him over whenever he wrestles indies now. I would certainly hope that anybody that is interested in booking him knows that he's working you to make sure he gets the "W" on the show. What a mark.

    *I can't stand it how people say they get "confused" when watching a wrestling show. Seriously, if you get "confused" when you watch wrestling, than you have to be a moron. Wrestling is the simplist form of entertainment, written in broad strokes and bright colors(Eric Bischoff coined that term.) How could you possibly be "confused?" I can't even comprehend how your brain would react to a season of "24," or an episode of CSI.

    I honestly think when the smart mark says he's confused, what he's really saying is, "I know so much about pro wrestling because I read the dirt sheets and I know all of the guys real names and I watch all of the shows and I know what's supposed to happen in an angle and I tell my friends what's going to happen because I've read the spoilers and I'm so much smarter than fans that don't know the insider terms and read meltzer and keller and if an angle doesn't work the way it's worked the 965 times before and they do something different than what's supposed to happen, than I'm going to say it's confusing, because I think that the fans that don't read the sheets can't possibly be smart enough to understand it." If that's not true, then maybe the term "dumb" mark should be used to describe the fan that gets confused when watching a show that's performed in front of ten year olds and adults alike. Could you imagine trying to explain to a non-wrestling fan that you were confused when watching a wrestling show? I just can't stand when the word "confused" is used. Can you tell?

    *Chris Benoit has really damaged pro wrestling more than you can imagine. Steroids are found in a closet in someone's home, and it's all over my local news. Wrestlers=stroids=murderers=baby killers. That's basically the way the media treats our business now. It's like steroids are this killing drug that wrestlers take and we need to find these guys that have them. The worst part of it is that it's basically the fan's fault. Fans have always cheered for guys that look huge. You get a pop, you get a push. That's how this business works. Steroids would have never been a part of this industry if the fans would have just remained silent whenever anyone with a great body wrestled. If the fans would have just cheered Haystacks Calhoun and Randy Mulkey, instead of Hulk hogan and The Ultimate Warrior, then Mike Knox's shoebox wouldn't be a story.

    *Honestly, the Flair ceremony bored me. I know it needed to be done, but I've never been a big fan of ceremonies. The problem is that "nothing happens." A bunch of guys walk out and clap and cry. To me, a roast would've been so much more entertaining. The one thing I will say is that I can't think of another wrestler that would command that kind of respect when he retires. It was really hard to dislike Ric Flair. He never made it seem like he was better than you. He was humble, and he was the greatest of all time. Would any other wrestler receive that kind of send off? No way. The reality is that Ric Flair was the inspiration for probably half the guys in the business today. Even the great ones. I just can't picture the type of scene we saw on Raw for anyone else. Not for Hogan, Michaels, Austin, The Rock, or myself.

    *I'm really looking forward to Angle/Joe. I think you could see the fusion of MMA and Pro Wrestling on a believable scale. I'm excited to see how stiff it gets, and whether or not it works. One thing people need to understand, is that the stiffer a match is, the more chance guys have to get hurt. MMA guys don't fight every week for a reason. So if it's really good, don't expect to see everyone try it from now on.

    *Between Hardbody Harrison, Benoit, and Kanyon, it's amazing to me how little you really know about someone when you think you do. Did I know Kanyon was gay? No. Do I care? No. Did i know Benoit was like that? No. Did i think Hardbody was a kidnapping sex enslaver? No. But he did like to talk about pimping. What horrible P.R. pro wrestling has gone through over the past year. As a matter of fact, from now on i'm just going to refer to myself as a journalist.

    *btw, for all of you Raven marks out there, he actually tried to get me to go see 10,000 bc, the worst reviewed movie of the year. He claims four stars. But I think he judges his movies by the Star of David scale, since he's Jewish. On that note, 4 out of 6 stars would be 67%, and not that good. Since Ebert said it sucked, there is literally zero chance for me to spend two hours of my life at any time in the forseeable future watching this film, even when it comes to dvd. I'd rather spend two hours reading Chris "The Self-professed Authority" Schulz's impact reviews for the past year.

    *I can't believe that the WWE had Matt Morgan on two separate occasions. The first time they put a mask on him, and the second time they made him a stutterer. Wrestling fans can say what they want about TNA's creative, but the WWE is being written by guys that think well spoken good looking 6-10 guys should have their faces covered and stutter like imbeciles. It'd be like casting Clint Eastwood as a flaming homosexual in the Dirty Harry series. I feel sorry for the talented guys they have in the WWE that are being held hostage by their creative team. Seriously, i would love to hear some of the creative team's conversations that led to the Matt Morgan stuttering character. I would also like to know who thought that I was the number four reason Nitro failed, while we're at it.

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