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Discussion in 'La Resistance' started by Hyorinmaru, Dec 5, 2011.

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    I don't have a sharpie
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    Dagger said the exact same thing, and I called bullshit when he said it too.

    Why would every new release, or future release need it's own thread? Even every HUGE release doesn't need it's own thread for two reasons.

    1) If there was such a desire to discuss every big AAA title that comes out, why aren't these threads being created already? Surely you aren't suggesting that only a moderator is capable of creating such threads.

    Modern Warfare 3 had the biggest launch day of anything, ever. Yet, no one cared enough to create a thread discussing it in detail. Why? Because not every game needs/deserves its own thread.

    2) One of the most important things that everyone who has shown interest in being the moderator of the VG&T section has stated is that they plan on cleaning up the section of spam. By creating a thread on every game that is to be released, you'll be welcoming spammy post with open arms.

    The number of posters, new and old, that would just try and buff their post count in a Skyrim thread is ridiculously high. "I love Skyrim because I can fight dragons!" doesn't really cut it for me as an intelligent, contributing post that can better the VG&T area.

    You'd be promoting "controlled" spam posts vs "uncontrolled" spam post.

    For a guy who has been here for so long, you really don't understand how things work and the the people in it do you?
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    Now he's going to ignore this thread.
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    Why do you think may comes before December? America isn't that opposite Australia now is it?

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