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Discussion in 'La Resistance' started by Awesome_Miz, Dec 13, 2011.

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    Now there out there a lot of people saying I don't got what it takes. Well I am here to tell all of you that I believe that I have what it takes. You see I am a guy that will take the modding job seriously. If I have to give an infraction then I will but I will make sure those people deserve it. I won't let arrogant people anger me. You see I am online every chance I get and I lurk around for stupid posters. The times I'm online is almost every day in the morning and night. And guess what I find lots of them in every section but with me as mod I will make sure they stop that. I also won't be afraid to get in a really long discussion with them for the infraction or complaint.

    My Goals:

    • I want to mod WZPC. Now this is a section, I strongly believe could use the help of a mod(Which I hope it could be me). If I get the job then I'll make sure no idiot post random shit there. Cause today I saw this freaking dumbass posting random shit. If I ran it I would have given him/her a warning about it.

    Now I do joke around with people but if I need to get down to business then I will get to business. I hope you guys can see me as a mod. I want to run a more significant WZPC. By that I mean a much smoother program. Also as a mod I would like to hear what they have to say. Cause I like to make it more fun for the people.

    If I get to advance and I hope I do. I will represent this party and every member with honor, respect and dignity. So all I ask for you people to give me a shot or the ball cause I will run with it in a good direction. I also see myself as the biggest underdog in here. So, thanks to all you for reading this.
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    This sentence is proof enough you don't. "I don't got"? You mean, "I don't have".


    My Goals:

    You sound so immature with "This freaking dumbass posting random shit". Also, you believe that WZPC needs a Mod, but why? Don't tell me because you saw some "Freaking dumbass posting random shit", or I'll hit the roof. Seriously, why?

    You want to "Run a more significant WZPC"? You wouldn't be running it at all, Theo would be. You'd just be modding over the section. But the fact that WZPC is all spam means you could possibly be doing very little.

    I've elaborated on this in my own thread, but you do not deserve the spot. I'm not saying this because I want the spot so badly, or because I feel I'm an underdog because they don't matter in this situation. What does matter is that after 5 months of being here, you think you'd be so good. I've only been here over a year, but I really think I'd be tonnes better than you. I've managed to experience the "Prison" and come out better than I ever was. As much as I think you're an alright guy, this really isn't for you at all.
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    You're not really promising anything. You're just saying, "if I get elected, I'll do my job." That'd be like Obama saying, "If I get elected, I'll be the president."

    So you can't hear what people have to say without being a mod?

    The fact that part of your "campaign" is the fact that you're an underdog is disappointing. Underdogs get cheered for in sports, not when they're trying to put themselves in a position of authority and responsibility over others. You need to prove that you're worthy of the position, by proving that you're able to do the job. What you're doing is telling everyone that you're an unknown, as if that's a positive trait. Make us trust you.

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