New York Region, Colorado Subregion: Second Round:(24)Nick Bockwinkle vs.(8)Goldberg

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  2. Goldberg

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  1. klunderbunker

    klunderbunker Welcome to My (And Not Sly's) House

    Jan 8, 2007
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    The following contest is a second round match in the New York Region.

    This match takes place in the Pepsi Centre in Denver, Colorado.


    #24 Nick Bockwinkel



    #8 Goldberg


    This contest is one fall with a 20 minute time limit. The match will take place in a 16 x 16 ring with no ramp leading to it. Any traditional managers for either competitor will be allowed at ringside.

    As for voting, vote for who you think would win this match based on the criteria you choose. Some suggestions would be (not limited to): in ring ability, overall skill, their level of influence at the highest point in their career, ability to connect with the crowd, experience in major matches or simply personal preference etc.

    The most votes in the voting period wins and in the case of a tie, the most written votes wins. There is one written vote per user, meaning if a poster make ten posts saying Bret should win that will count as a single vote. In the event of a second tie, both men are ELIMINATED, no questions asked. Only winners advance.

    Voting is open for four days and all posts must be non-spam.​
  2. It's...Baylariat!

    It's...Baylariat! Team Finnley Baylor

    Apr 2, 2009
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    Goldberg carried a company for year. Bockwinkel carried a company for the better part of a DECADE! Yea, when Verne Gagne was tired of carrying the AWA World Heavyweight title, he put it on Bockwinkel and never wavered from that. Bockwinkel is a very accomplished wrestler who's been in some serious ring wars with the likes of Harley Race, Ric Flair, and Jerry Lawler. Want to put some perspective into this? Lawler's losses in Memphis during his glory days can be counted on two hands... maybe one. Bockwinkel is one of the few that beat Lawler CLEAN in Memphis. That right there should tell you everything you need to know.

    Sure Goldberg's a beast and his ONE good year in pro wrestling may be the best year for any wrestler in recent memory... but experience counts. It counts for a lot. And Bockwinkel has the edge by a large margin in that department.

    Bockwinkel wins this with class, substance, and grace.
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  3. hatehabsforever

    hatehabsforever Moderator
    Staff Member Moderator

    Mar 5, 2007
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    As Lariat correctly stated, Nick Bockwinkel was a force in the business for a decade. As opposed to Bill Goldberg, who was pretty dominant during his run, but his run was for a grand total of about a year. Goldberg was overrated in my opinion, and never really nearly as good as he himself thought he was. I like the thought of him being put on the shelf by an old school veteran.

    I look for Nick Bockwinkel to build upon the tremendous momentum he built up in the previous round, by putting out another overrated guy in RVD.
  4. X

    X RIP Sgt. Michael Paranzino / RIP CM

    Feb 6, 2007
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    Every year KB. EVERY. DAMN. YEAR. You misspell Nick Bockwinkel's name. EVERY TIME! It's EL, not LE. Get that shit straight son!

    Anyways this is a tough one for me. On one hand we have Nick Bockwinkel, a legend of the AWA and other territories who wrestled many 60 minute matches with the likes of Curt Hennig and others. But on the other hand we have Goldberg, who I've always thought was pretty underrated as a worker, but who accomplished more big-name success than Bockwinkel ever did.

    I'm going Bockwinkel I guess. He deserves some support and he's a name youngins should familiarize themselves with if they have an interest in old-school wrestling.
  5. Steamboat Ricky

    Steamboat Ricky WZCW's Living Legend

    Jan 8, 2007
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    Um. Goldberg...


    That, and he was booked more ferociously than any other character in wrestling history. Goldberg gives Bockwinkel internal bleeding and they stop the match.
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  6. nightmare

    nightmare ...7, 8, Better stay up late...

    May 26, 2010
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    As many titles held\opponents defeated, im nt so sure Nick has a good shot here. He is damn crafty & definately has the stamina to go with the best of the best. He has had some damn fine matches in his time. Unfortunately i dont think he will have a chance to showcase his stamina here.

    I thing Goldberg is too strong for Bockwinkel. Even if Goldberg really only had one good year, he literaly destroyed everyone-.... everyone. He made it a game of coming out, running a guy over, lifting him up & planting him in the ground. Guys that were his size & even bigger (the giant) have been left in pieces. Being booked like a super-human monster aside, Nick has half a chance if he stays away & chooses his attacks. Stick & move. His ring-smarts & experience will help him survive for a while. Problem is- once Goldberg gets ahold of him, its over & quick. Spear & Jackhammer take this one roughly halfway through the match.
  7. LigerBomb

    LigerBomb Getting Noticed By Management

    Aug 25, 2006
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    Allow me to drop civility for a moment.
    Fuck Goldberg.
    Seriously, fuck'em.
    I couldn't care less about the guy.
    I'm glad guys like Jericho had a go at him and made him look like a childish turd.

    Bockwinkle all the way. Better on the mat. Better on the mic (just ask Jericho who basically aped Nick's gimmick during Chris' second heel run; from the suit and tie to the thesaurus).

    Nick has always been better where it mattered (to me). He got the art of being a heel and was class all the way.

    I admire NB and his work and have apathetic apathy—that's right, even with a whole pocket of fucks, the fuck I couldn't give, couldn't itself, give a fuck—towards Goldyberg.
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  8. Tastycles

    Tastycles Turn Bayley heel

    Jun 16, 2008
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    There's no doubting that Goldberg's run is one of the most impressive runs in history, but the one guy who managed to beat him multiple times was Bret Hart, renown for his technical ability and ring psychology. That sums up Bockwinkel's strengths within the ring pretty well, and when you add his superior skills on the promo side of things, I think he should take this.

    Goldberg's main strong point is that he hardly ever lost, and that's true. However, his entire career lasted 5 years, whereas Bockwinkel hardly lost at all for 9 years in the AWA, beating some pretty big names along the way.
  9. The Brain

    The Brain King Of The Ring

    Mar 8, 2009
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    Flash In The Pan: •A transient occurrence with no long-term effect; A career notable for early success not followed by significant accomplishment; Bill Goldberg

    Never has someone received so much praise for one good year. Maybe we should put Richard Hidalgo in the baseball Hall of Fame. Never heard of Hidalgo? Because he only had one good year. He, like Goldberg, was a flash in the pan. Bockwinkle was a master of the ring. Goldberg didn't know a wrist lock from a wrist watch. I think Bockwinkle would have Goldberg scouted without a problem. After one minute goes by and Bockwinkle has avoided the spear he can easily outsmart Goldberg and wrestle circles around him.
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  10. INDYjon22

    INDYjon22 Nome is where your heart is

    Mar 29, 2009
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    Bockwinkle was a very sound and technical performer, unfortunately that's the sort of guy Goldberg would run through. By no means am I saying this match is a squash or anything like that, but this is Goldberg's match to lose. He has the superior strength and speed and is the overall better athlete. He ran through lots of guys in WCW and WWE and that included the very best wrestlers. Goldberg will come out like a fucking wild man and use his power to beat up Bockwinkle. Bockwinkle may be able to get some offense in but I just don't see it effecting Goldberg as much as it should to get him the win. Goldberg will win with the spear and Jackhammer.
  11. Hollywood Naitch

    Hollywood Naitch The current reigning and defending

    May 27, 2010
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    I understand all the Goldberg hate in here, he had a short career...spectacular yes, but a short career. Bockwinkel on the other hand was a consistent quality performer for a long time in the AWA and is very well respected by people who know the business.

    However, Goldberg is one of the most explosive, intense wrestlers to ever step into a ring. His aggression would shock Bockwinkel who would have to use all his experience and intelligence to try and counter Big Bill's onslaught. And I do not think he could do it.

    Goldberg has beaten alot bigger names than Nick Bockwinkel, as well as beating alot bigger and powerful men. He hit a jackhammer on the Giant FFS and pinned Hogan cleanly, not to mention his epic winning streak.

    The initial attack from Goldberg would be too much for Bockwinkel to come back from, although he does put up a fight, dodging a spear at one point. However, Goldberg does end up connecting with a Spear and a Jackhammer ends this match after 7 minutes

    Goldberg advances
  12. Mr. Artistic guy

    Mr. Artistic guy Better Off This Way

    Sep 28, 2010
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    I kindof just wanted an excuse to use this video at some point and I think here is a fair place to do so:


    This a prime example of TECHNICAL vs. Goldberg. I think there is a few things to take from this match. 1) Possibly his longest match since début in WCW, I'm not certain though, about that at around 5 minutes. 2) Rare example of having to watch Goldberg work at a somewhat methodical pace.

    3) Most importantly for me there are key points where Goldberg is forced to be more technical himself in order to work through the match, particularly from about 2:00 - 2:30, 3:00 - 3:10, 3:40 - 4:00 and others. You even hear at 5:08, "first power move from Goldberg.

    I'm not going to sway people I'm sure but going on the image you would have on Bill merely by reputation he handles himself IMO surprisingly well in a technical environment. Now obviously I'm not forgetting this match is still only 5 minutes long, that's massively average, we all know he had very few longer matches. I just think it's best to be informed.

    Myself, I'd say it depends on the period. At the time Bockwinkel wrestled there were no guys like Goldberg, it's documented that those guys really kindof started with Billy Graham and he wasn't really an extension of how the big man would eventually be with guys just like Goldberg and Lesnar who relied even more on power than him. Had Goldberg been a wrestler then he would have been wrestled into a coma by the more superior technician. However, had Bockwinkel been brought forward to now times I can suspect that he would have been "just another victim".
  13. FitFinlay4Life

    FitFinlay4Life What's the craic?

    May 4, 2010
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    I'm slightly lost with all the Goldberg hate. As far as I can see, Bill is the posterboy for messed up potential. In both WCW and WWF his undefeated starts were brilliant, were both federations dropped the ball was what they did with him once he lost. Having said that, he has faced and beaten a lot of names that will be cruising through this round - something that Nick Bockwinkel cannot claim.

    Bockwinkel's reigns were surrounded by controversy; handed one reign, a reversed decision after losing to Hogan and hogging the spotlight well past his prime being three. Hating on Goldberg is one thing but let's not wear rose coloured glasses, lot's of guys in this tourney have major dislikeable characteristics to their careers.

    There has been much discussion in the various matches about when the competitors were in their prime, Nick's was from age 40-52. Goldberg's from 32-37.

    Had the two met during their primes, in a non affiliated match - spear and the streak continues.

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