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    Over the past couple of months or so, we've seen The Miz and Daniel Bryan in possibly the best feud on WWE TV currently, and no, I'm not being sarcastic. Perhaps that's going a bit far as one of the two can't even get in the ring at the moment, but their interactions over the last little while have been nothing short of gold in my opinion. Since that first heated exchange on Talking Smack in August, this program has really taken on a life of its own and so many dynamics have been slowly added in: Miz mimicking Bryan's moves, Bryan accusing the Miz of being a crappy wrestler, Miz calling himself a better IC champ than Bryan, Miz attacking Bryan's ability as GM... and the list goes on. Now, I do believe that the first exchange between Bryan/Miz was just supposed to be a kind of throwaway start to a small program between a GM and a disgruntled employee; within the past month or so though, they've really put a lot of steam behind this thing, which leads me to believe they're building to something bigger.

    Furthermore, the dynamic has shifted. This no longer has the feel of a GM vs employee feud, this feels like an old-school challenger vs champion build, at least from what I've seen. The Talking Smack segment from last night (which strangely mirrored the one from 4 months ago) is kind of what sold me on the fact that WWE might be trying to do something big here.

    Alright, before I go any further let's just get a few things out of the way because I know they'll pop up:

    1. No, I do not want Daniel Bryan to die in the ring.
    2. Yes, I care if Daniel Bryan gets brain damage.
    3. No, I do not want to see another Chris Benoit incident.

    Now that we've cleared that up, I'll get to the point of this thread. I think it's likely that we see Bryan get back in the ring at Wrestlemania. A few things have led me to this viewpoint, as I've mentioned, but the main reason I say this is because of the Miz's flash title win over Ziggler on the SD before SS. I know WWE has a habit of doing this but even so, that one seemed odd. Stay with me now. Last night Miz brought up the "never-ending IC tour" thing again (both during his promo after the ladder match and on Talking Smack) which is kind of what the original program was all about; Miz claiming to be the greatest IC champ and Bryan trying to find someone to knock him off the perch. Because it couldn't be Bryan himself, that guy was Ziggler who eventually won the title. Soon after, something changed. Miz won the title back and, as I've said, re-introduced the concept of his never-ending IC title reign. He does this just before the re-hashed Talking Smack segment with Daniel Bryan. Just before the Road to Wrestlemania kicks off. I don't think it's a coincidence.

    Perhaps I'm reaching and I'm sure some people will think I'm delusional. I'm ok with that. Still, I'll put it out there... I think we're going to see Daniel Bryan return for one night and face the Miz for the IC title at Wrestlemania.

    What do you think?
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    Daniel Bryan has been medically cleared to wrestle by doctors outside of WWE, the problem is that WWE is reluctant to give him the okay given his history of concussions. I can understand the notion of him being healthy and it being his body, thereby making it his decision as to whether or not he wants to take the risk. However, it's not nearly as simple as that because WWE is a wrestling company that's being held to different standards than others; one of the tradeoffs for WWE's success is that it's the target that the media goes after whenever anything negative or harmful concerning pro wrestling is brought up. For instance, a wrestler who has a history of head trauma wrestling on the indie scene could die in the middle of the ring and nobody outside of wrestling circles will hear about it or care unless it comes to light that said wrestler used to work for WWE; it'll then be the position of certain members of the media, and possibly family members, that WWE is to blame for the trauma in the first place with the result in someone trying to collect damages as a result.

    After all, there are some 50+ former personnel who're suing WWE with the position that WWE deliberately misled them as to the possibility of suffering catastrophic brain injury while working for them. Now personally, I think most of it's bullshit as most of these people haven't wrestled in WWE in a long time & continued to wrestle elsewhere and a few of them weren't even wrestlers, such as Slick. Whether it's crap or not, it'd be disastrous for WWE if they allowed Daniel Bryan to wrestle knowing about his history of concussions and he wound up getting hurt. While I don't know about all the various legal technicalities involved, If that happened, I have no doubt that the attorney for all these people, Konstatine Kyros, would do everything he could to introduce it as evidence of some sort of pattern of conduct regarding negligence on WWE's part. Even if a judge were to rule that it's immaterial, Kyros has a rep for being an attorney who doesn't let little things like the rulings of a judge stop him from making his point.

    I'd love to see Bryan return to the ring, his interaction with the Miz has been a big help in Miz delivering what I think may well be the best work of his career; it's most definitely injected new life into Miz and has been one of the reasons why Miz's 5th run as IC champ was so good. I just think that there's almost zero chance of it happening as it could be a PR disaster for WWE if something were to happen to him as a result of lacing up the boots.
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    Yeah, I think Bryan is done. Even if Bryan did comeback, he wouldn't get the proper stage to return at WM. He'll get overshadowed by Brock vs. Goldberg, Taker vs. Cena, etc.

    Bryan can headline the 2017 WWE HOF.
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    I dont know if they are going to let him have one more match, but they do, its going to be at WM, next year....or 34. They wont spend a DB match on any other PPV.

    Keep in mind, we are talking about the guy who had the best WM night in history. I dont know if someone would be able to top that.
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    I have a different idea, posted in another thread.

    Bryan's role for Wrestlemania
    The story going into Wrestlemania is that the Miz does not have a Wrestlemania opponent. So at Wrestlemania, the Miz gets to the ring, just before the main event and says that this show won't continue until he faces someone at Wrestlemania. He will sit there in the ring and won't let the fans see the main event, unless he defends the most prestigious title in the WWE. Cue to Bryan's music!
    Bryan enters the ring in a big ovation. The Miz is shocked, the bell rings, Miz starts trash talking and screaming. Bryan though hits the running knee! 1-2-3 victory!

    How do you continue this feud?
    On Smackdown after Wrestlemania, Miz attacks and takes out Bryan. Probably using a chair and non-head attacks. The title is vacated and the Miz wins it back.
    The WWE brass has made a desicion for Bryan's sake. If Bryan gets physical with any talent again, he'll get fired.
    Daniel Bryan makes his return after a couple of months. A new story builds here where the Miz wants to get Bryan fired, so he insults him. Miz crosses the line, when he mentions Bryan's wife and child. This forces Bryan to punch the Miz. Miz goes down, looks up at Bryan and laughs. Bryan is fired.

    Leading up to Summerslam, Miz brags about taking out the trash from Smackdown. Daniel Bryan returns once again! He says, that he may be fired, but he's the one getting the last laugh here. He says he gave Shane one last advice before leaving and that was to sign this man on Smackdown and in case Bryan where to get fired, this man would become the #1 contender to the IC Championship, automatically. Bryan reveals the signed pappers to the Miz and Miz is still cocky. Says nobody can beat him and stuff.

    Cue to Shinsuke Nakamura's music! Summerslam it is, Nakamura vs Miz for the IC Championship and Nakamura beats the Miz to become the new, IC Champion!
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    firstly, i dont see Bryan returning....i hope he can, but i think he's done in the ring with WWE.

    as for what i think they should do...i feel that after Roadblock, Sami Zayn should beg Foley for one more match vs. Strowman (who he just lost to after almost beating, then Zayn nearly gets destroyed AFTER the match)...Foley tells him no and that for his own good, he's trading Zayn to Smackdown for Corbin.

    then have Zayn go to Smackdown, have Miz come out and claim he reminds him of a pathetic GM, then have Bryan come out and say that if anyone reminds him of himself, it's Zayn, then set up Zayn vs. Miz at Wrestlemania where Zayn beats the Miz for the IC title.

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