Championship Region, Sixth Round: (1) Hulk Hogan vs. (4) Bruno Sammartino

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Who wins this match?

  1. Hulk Hogan

  2. Bruno Sammartino

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  1. Hollywood Naitch

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    I am leaning towards Hogan on this one. Bruno was a massive star, but Hogan became a global PHENOMENON, he put wrestling on the map and was the face of the WWF when they became the international powerhouse that we all know today. Hogan was a genuine celebrity all across the world, and Hulkamania ran wild everywhere....even in places where Bruno was a hero. I believe Hulkamania would have been stronger than Sammartinomania on this night.

    Bruno does have an advantage in the fact that he beat El Santo pretty easily while Hulk had to overcome the Undertaker in a close fought battle, but Hogan made a career out of comebacks and after withstanding an initial onslaught from Bruno I have no doubt he could do it again here.

    This will not be an easy match for Hogan, especially as he isnt 100%, but he is THE face of wrestling and will take his vitamins, say his prayers, and drop the leg on Bruno to advance...just.

    Winner: Hulk Hogan
  2. Cereal Killer

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    Hogan gets the win.

    When has Hogan ever lost clean to a face, apart from when he was trying to pass the torch/put a younger talent over? I am referring to Ultimate Warrior and The Rock. Faces who beat Hogan. With Warrior, it was so he could become Hulk's successor, with The Rock, it was to put a man from the era below over. To be fair, Hogan wasn't even face in this match. It was only at then end when he shaked The Rock's hand. To make things even worse for Bruno here, his move is a submission, Hogan, the Greatest man in professional wrestling would never submit to a babyface. He never has and never will, and it has never happened to men on similar levels as Hogan, i.e: Steve Austin, Bret Hart, Undetaker and John Cena. Men who have never tapped out. So I suppose Bruno's move won't be too effective here.

    Then you have the crowd who will be supporting Hogan. I suppose Bruno was famous in the east, selling out Madison Square Garden numerous times. However, Hulkamania is a global phenomenon.
    If you asked a friend who is a non-wrestling fan; "Who is Bruno Sammartino?" His response will be; "I dunno. Look it up"
    Should you ask the same friend who Hulk Hogan is, then you'll get an answer. Everyone knows who he his, he is the reason wrestling is where it is today. His character, and his charisma helped Vince's new idea of sports-entertainment, and everyone clicked on, because of the face of the company (at the time), Hulk frikin' Hogan.
    Hogan has been in the movies, interviews, appeared on TV shows, etc. Bruno has never really got that kind of mainstream attention.
    Anybody can go on to say that Bruno has the fans in this region, but Hogan has fans everywhere, he definitely gets the crowd back up.

    We have this argument that Bruno squashed El Santo, and Hogan has just come back from a war with The Undertaker, but people are forgetting that this is Hulk Hogan. The man who ended Andre the Giant's 15 year streak after body-slamming the 600 pounder. The man who has lost once cleanly in a world title match (with Ultimate Warrior) as a face. The man that is known for his "Hulking up". That's what we can expect in this match. A "Hulk up", followed by 3 punches, a big-boot and a leg-drop. Again, he has never lost a title match apart from when he passed the torch to Ultimate Warrior.

    Hogan certainly wins.
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  3. ServantofTwilight

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    Sorry it took so long to respond but my daughter got the opportunity to cheer with her school squad on the field before our area minor league baseball teams game last night. The Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Railriders. Anyway while I read Stormtroopers post I have been unable until now to respond.

    Stormtrooper has said this about a few of the things I posted in my support of Bruno. Rather then answer each one at a time I think tis umbrella explanation would be better.

    Nothing is irrelevant in this tournament. In the 4 years I have voted and posted in it and in the years prior in which I just read I have discovered that anything and everything will be used to push someone along. Some of the things I have seen include-

    Wrestler A beat B, B beat C so A beats C.
    Andre couldn't lift Robin Wright during filming of The Princess Bride so he can't beat Steve Auston in a 3 stages of hell match.
    Older wrestler can't climb a ladder( I have seen this used against Hogan, Andre and Thesz).
    Wrestler A is the type of wrestler Wrestler B would put over.( saw this one in the Cena/Andre match )
    Brody is not the kind of wrestler a promoter would have win this.
    And my fav, Stars in Japan would never be booked to win in the States. The person who posted this argument then went on to vote Rikidozen over Bret Hart in Miami and Inoki over Flair in Chicago.

    So, anything and everything goes and someone who just argues irrelevant usually can't refute what he is arguing against. So I maintain...
    Advantage Bruno.

    You have it backwards. People like to say that without Hogan there would be no Stone Cold. Well, without Bruno there would be not Hogan. And no Hogan did not build the WWF.

    QUOTE=Stormtrooper;4432925]Basically, Bruno was the top guy for Vince Sr. and Hogan for Vince Jr. Vince Jr. took the regional company of Vince Sr. and built a Global Empire.[/QUOTE]

    Right, Vince did it, not Hogan. That is one of the great myths of Hulkamania. Oh, and Sports Illustrated agrees with me.

    Except it was not a regional title. It was defended mainly in the Northeast, the biggest area at the time, but Bruno also defended it in Florida, Maryland, The Midwest, Mexico, California, Canada, Australia and Japan. Just because you chose to ignore this fact does not make it less true.

    How is it subjective? Because it hurt your case?

    No, again you are ignoring facts. Bruno became so over that other promoter sought him out. In 1965 the NWA offered to have him win the NWA title. Bruno became a world wide attraction on his own, without Vince Sr promoting him outside the Northeast.

    First we have already agreed that Vince Jr made it a global promotion.

    Second, Hogan helped lift WCW, it was already a GLOBAL promotion. He then helped destroy it from the inside.

    Third, Hogan did not save the WWF at WrestleMania. This is another myth of Hulkamania. Hogan was in the WWF for a year before WrestleMania. It is not like he signed and WrestleMania happened. And he was as important as Mr. T and Roddy Piper. Take one of those three out and WrestleMania fails. Also, had Hogan nevr signed with the WWF then Vince Jr would have created WrestleMania around another main event and it would have succeeded.

    If anything Cyndi Lauper and Mr. T made WrestleMania.

    The spoiler is Hogan on the cover of Sports Illustrated from April 1985.

    This is perhaps my favorite Hulkamania myth. Hulks the greatest because he was in SI. Hogwash. People who brag on this NEVER read the articles.

    SI( link 1 )

    The article mocks wrestling, puts all the credit of it going national on the shoulders of Vince Jr and Cyndi Lauper, and hardly mentions Hogan. Here is what they say...

    That's great. But there were two articles.

    SI2( link 2 )

    This one only mentions Hogan as a cartoon.

    Please, keep posting things like this; Bruno is losing and I need all the help I can get.

    Oh my. No it wasn't. The WWF would admit it was fake in 1988 to avoid state athletics regulations. It would be then that the NWA would start their 'We Wrestle' campaign. Facts are a bitch, huh. And yes, he is theonly wrestler on the cover of a magazine who then proceed to mock the man, his sport and profession. Good find.

    In the end I see Hulk Hogan as a great magician who performed a great trick. We are all astonished by the magic we have seen. However, once we learn how the trick was done it is not so special. The magician is still great for being able to do the trick, but not as great as we thought.

    Hogan was a great wrestler who was credited with allot of things. Now that we know that most of those things where illusions, he does not appear as great as we thought.

    Is Hogan great? 100%
    Is he one of the greats ever? With out a doubt.
    Is he the greatest? No, but he is currently beating the greatest in this match.

    And that is sad.
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