Ascension 130: Tony Mancini Vs Kagura

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    RP Deadline is Tuesday August 21st at 11:59pm EST

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    The camera comes into focus inside Tony's office at The Social Club with Tony sitting behind his desk while Gino stands up and slams his fists down on the desk.

    "What do you mean I'm not going with you", Gino yells in anger. "If it's WZCW related I should be there with you, anyone could take you out."

    "Will you shut the fuck up and relax Gino," Tony asks with a touch of annoyance in his voice. "Myles wants me out there doing radio interviews in Minneapolis to hype up my match on Ascension against Kagura and made it crystal clear I was to do it alone. Fly to Minneapolis the day before the show and we'll meet up before Ascension to talk strategy."

    Gino snorts at hearing he was told to stay behind by management but before he can say anything Tony raises his hand.

    "I wish you were there with me as well Gino but sometimes we gotta role with the punches," he says as he stands up and walks around the desk. "While you're stuck here in the city I need you to do something for me."

    "Anything you need Ton' you know that."

    "I need you to take Bruno and go to the OTB parlour run by the Genovese Family, you know the one where they launder most of their money. We need to hit them tonight in order to show them that despite me losing at Kingdom Come the Mancini Family is getting stonger every day. We need to make sure your friend has what it takes to be a part of the Family so this kills two birds with one stone."

    As he talks Tony opens the office door and walks right out the front door with Gino walking up to Bruno behind the bar as the front door closes.

    "Hey Bruno," Gino says as he pours himself a drink. I hope you don't have plans tonight because The Boss has work he wants us to do.

    "You know I'll do anything to prove myself Gino."

    The camera slowly goes out of focus and finally fades to black as Gino & Bruno talk about later.

    Later that night

    The camera comes back into focus and we see both men in a car driving through Brooklyn as they go to the OTB parlour Tony told Gino about earlier.

    "Why isn't Anthony here with us," Bruno asks as he stops for a bit at a red light. "If it's as as important a job as your saying he should be here shouldn't he?"

    "He's busy with stuff for WZCW. He's facing Kagura and they wanted him to do some PR bullshit beforehand."

    Do you think he'll be able to win?

    "Tony won't have a problem," Gino says as he looks at the buildings, searching for the one they want. "They've teamed together in the past so he already has knowledge of her fighting style from that. Not to mention the fact despite being a former Wolrd Champion she's still just a 145 lb woman from Japan. I've seen Tony take out men built like a brick shithouse."

    "Doesn't her being a former World Champion mean she's one of the best though," Bruno asks as he turns onto the street that has the betting parlour they've been looking for. "That would make anyone pause and take notice I think."

    "Well yeah I guess," Gino says nonchalantly as Bruno parks at the end of the block. "There's no worry there though. She couldn't even make it through one title defense without losing it so how good can she really be?"

    Before Bruno can say anything Gino climbs out of the passanger side while Bruno quickly follows from the driver side. They walk silently down the street and duck into the alley near building and watch as men walk out the door and put large duffel bags in the trunk of a nondescript car. They watch this go on for a few minutes before they casually walk over to the men. Gino talks calmly to the men as they walk up but as soon as they get within arms reach Gino takes the head of the man at the back of the car and slams it into the trunk lid before slamming the lid down on his head, knocking him unconcious and letting him fall to the ground. Bruno takes care of the other men by slamming their heads into the wall they're standing next to.

    "Go get the car", Gino says as he hops into the driver seat. "I'll meet you back at The Social Club."

    Bruno silently nods his head and quickly jogs off in the direction of their car.

    45 minutes later at The Social Club

    Gino pulls into the stolen car into a garage by The Social Club and quickly walks into Vito's office where Vito is on the phone. Vito looks up and after another couple minutes says his goodbyes and hangs up.

    "How did things work out with Bruno?"

    "Everything went off without a hitch," Gino says with a smile as he sits down across from Vito and snatches a cigar from off the desk in front of him. "Bruno did a great job and did everything I told him to. We got away with at least a quarter mil and the Genoveses won't even consider us as the people who did it."

    "That's good to hear Gino," Vito says as he watches Gino light his cigar and put his feet on the desk. [colo=purple]"I'll make sure that money is put to good use."[/color]

    They continue to talk until they hear a knock on the door at which point Bruno comes in with a sheepish look on his face.

    "Sorry I'm late guys I got a little lost."

    Vito waves off the apology and continues talking as the camera goes out of focus until it cuts out completely.
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    The air in the bar was thick with the smoke of cigarette smoke and booze. It was a local hangout for patrons on the upper east side of Minneapolis. It was here that one man found himself drinking the night away. Not for any particular reason, other than he felt like doing so. The twin city had once been an old stomping ground of his, and he still had many friends here. This bar had been one of his favorites. He lifted his hand, and singled to the bartender for another beer. A local favorite; one he hadn’t had in years. He turned his head and looked around, musing to himself how the establishment hadn’t changed much either. The barkeep returned, and placed a frosty mug in front of him. He picked up the glass and took a sip of the amber colored liquid; it was perfect.

    He glanced up at the television, watching as the sports analysts gave their opinions on the football and basketball games that were going on. He had been an athlete once, in his younger days. Spent some time on the gridiron before making the transition over to wrestling. Back then, wrestling was wrestling. It didn’t have all the glitz and glam that it did today. The rules and regulations were tougher, and the travel schedule was rougher. He chuckled to himself, thinking of the old days when he was still young and first breaking in. He travelled thousands of miles a week, praying that his old clunker wouldn’t break down on the way. Run down motels, dirty bars, and cheap old women were eventually replaced by first class air travel, fancy rental cars, 4 and sometimes 5-star hotels, and fine young women.

    The business had its way of rewarding those that stayed loyal, and put in the time and effort to be successful. He had amassed an array of regional titles, but never one “the big one” in any of the major leagues. That had always bothered him, but he couldn’t be bitter. He had a good job now. Paid benefits. With something of a mentorship role to the young guys that wanted to approach him and listen to his stories. Wrestling had been good to him. And now that he was older, he couldn’t have been more content with himself. He didn’t hear the footsteps behind him, but he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around, to see the face of an old friend, and occasional opponent, staring back at him.

    “How’d I know you’d be in here, Jackie-boy?” The man asked.

    Jack Cohen, current color commentator for WZCW, greeted the man with a smile, “Well if it isn’t the Sauce. It’s good to see you, pal. Pull up a chair.”

    Cohen shook the Asian’s man’s hand, and motioned to the barstool beside him. Sasuke Gozaburo had met Jack while they were both wrestling in Japan during the 70’s, but the Saitama native spent several years wrestling in the States as a top regional star. They worked the New York, Canada, Midwest, Texas, and West Coast territories together.

    “This is the same place we went to in 81’ after that show in St. Paul where the Ox-Man caused a riot. You remember that?”

    Cohen laughed, “I remember; I was sitting in the back. And then the promoter burst in the locker room and told us all the get the hell out, because the fans were swarming the ring. I grabbed my bag and left, and I saw Fred already out the door ahead of me. You worked that match, right?”

    Sasuke nodded, as the barkeep sat a glass down in front of him, “It was Freddie, me, and the Ox. And we were going against the Afflis brothers and Stevens. And Stevens had his valet. Real pretty girl called The Cat. I remember at the end of the match, we had beaten them down and the bell ran, and then Ox pulled her into the ring. He started punching her! And that’s what triggered it. Fans started throwing chairs, and as soon as they started jumping the barricade, and it was time to go.”

    Sasuke took a drink from his glass, as Jack spoke, piecing together the rest of the story, “I saw that on tape years later. Fred grabbed the belt and bolted up the ramp. I didn’t know could move that fast! You and Ox left next. I think Bill and Reggie tried to calm everyone down, but it was futile. Who did you ride with?”

    “I rode with Freddie. We came here afterwards.”

    Cohen nodded, “That’s right. And we all got plastered too. And the remarkable thing is the beer still tastes the same, even years later.”

    Sasuke chuckled, “It does.”

    The pair began to reminisce about old times in the ring, quickly losing track of the time. They spoke about old friends that had passed away, old venues that had been torn down, as well as catching up with each other’s personal lives. Sasuke glanced down and checked his watch, and grumbled something that Jack didn’t quite catch. He was inebriated, but still mostly competent.

    “What’s up?” the color-commentator asked.

    “Kagura was supposed to be here half an hour ago,” the Asian man replied.

    “Don’t worry about her, Sauce. She’s a tough girl and can take care of herself.”

    He nodded, “I know she can, but I still worry about her. It’s complicated.”

    Cohen nodded. He knew Sasuke’s backstory, and really didn’t want to go down that road with him tonight. He had been more interested in the coma he had been in. According to Sasuke, he started rehab after he woke. His muscles had deteriorated while he was asleep. He had lost nearly one hundred pounds. It had taken him seven months to build his strength back up. But even then, he was still about fifty pounds lighter than he had been in his physical prime.

    “You came back to be her voice then, huh?”

    Sasuke nodded, “Pretty much. Kagura doesn’t need me to mentor her. There’s nothing more I can teach her. I’ve seen the tapes of her old matches while I was gone. She was brilliant. Her finance, Derrick, pushed her a lot harder than I did after that. She won the world title, Jack. That was her dream. The one thing she wanted to do as wrestler. I thought she was going to retire, but she’s still going at it.”

    Cohen lit up a cigarette, and offered one to his friend, but Sasuke declined, having decided to quit those after waking from his coma.

    “I’ve called plenty of her matches over the years, and she’s changed, Sauce. She has that look in her eyes now, the one that champions get when they get a taste for gold. She’s hungry, and she wants more. I think you’ve still got a lot to offer her as a mentor. She was on her own during that feud with Black, and she sucked. Her matches not only looked sloppy, but she looked frazzled and confused, and just plain done with it all. Like she didn’t care. If you had been there, guiding her, talking to her, maybe she would have beaten Garth at Kingdom Come. Don’t sell yourself short, man.”

    Sasuke chuckled and smiled, “Thanks Jack. Kagura’s like a daughter to me, so I want to see her succeed.”

    Neither man heard the set of footsteps approaching them, but Sasuke had felt the tap on his shoulder. Both men turned to see the topic of their conversation standing behind them. Kagura stood there, wearing jeans and a tee-shirt, looking both bemused and irritated at the same time.

    “You were supposed to help me with my workout, Sasuke-sensei. What happened?”

    “What do you mean what happened?” he asked in befuddlement.

    “I felt asleep, and then I woke up, and you’re still here,” Kagura replied, visibly upset.

    “Are you even aware of the time?”

    “Of course I’m aware of the time,” he said, glaring at his phone. “It’s… oh… shit.”

    It was 2 in the morning. They had been drinking and sharing stories since 7 that evening. Jack howled with drunken laughter. This was tremendous.

    “She’s sounds more like your wife and less like your daughter. Might as well have a seat, girlie. The bar doesn’t close for another hour.”

    Kagura looked displeased, as Sasuke offered her the stool next to him. She sighed and sat down. The bartender approached her to take her order. She politely refused. Kagura looked over at the two men beside her. Glasses littered the countertop. There was still a half pitcher of bear on the table. The smell of alcohol wafting up from the two men was enough to make her sick.

    “How much have you had to drink, Sasuke-sensei? Are you drunk?”

    The older man shot a glance at his friend, as Jack said something that Kagura didn’t quite catch. She didn’t expect to see him out this late either.

    “Yeah, I’m… I’m pretty drunk. You want to call an Uber?”

    Kagura shook her head. The last time she had called one, she hadn’t understood what the star rating meant. The driver that had picked her up, had driven his car down a flight of steps and into a light post. It hadn’t been a fun experience. She sat in silence as the two men continued to talk and drink, before ordering something herself, pointing towards the Budweiser sign.

    “The king of beers,” Cohen commented, “Good choice.”

    “I thought you were a Coors man, Jack. What happened?”

    Kagura had just some warm sake. Some nice warm sake, and a bath. She had spent the previous afternoon mostly brooding over her loss in the fatal four-way match to decide the next #1 contender. She really didn’t want to bother competing in another Gold Rush, since the last one had gone about as well for her as a root canal without anesthesia. The most logical step in her mind was the Eurasian title, but who the heck was going to be her opponent? Matt Tastic? Mikey Stormrage? Garth Black again? Ever since it had been vacated, the division was left wide open.

    The barkeep placed her glass in front of her. She lifted the glass to her nose and sniffed it. She recoiled a bit, before tilting the glass to her mouth. She took a sip, and immediately retched. It tasted like moldy stale urine. It was terrible. Utterly terrible. She pushed the glass away from her, and rested her head down onto the table. She just wanted to go back to the hotel and sleep. The raucous laughter of the two men beside her not making her feel any better. Why had she even bothered? Sasuke didn’t need her help. She had just been worried for nothing, really. She supposed it was the guilt that she still felt for putting him in a coma. There still hadn’t been a medical explanation for that. Most experts had dismissed his case as simply miraculous. But then again, he was like a father to her, and was all she had right now. She lifted her head up, as the conservation between the two men shifted.

    They were talking about the new PPV that was coming up soon. R-Awakening. And she still didn’t know what her place on the card was going to be. She interrupted both, and blurted out a sudden declaration.

    “I’ve got my sights set on the Eurasian title. And I won’t lose until I capture it! Tony Mancini is my next opponent. He managed to win the Mayhem title, he lost every single one of his matches leading up to Kingdom Come. At least I beat someone during that cycle. I don’t want to lose to Tony Mancini. I’m not going to lose to Tony Mancini. Are you two even listening to me? Should I be ranting to the wall instead?”

    Kagura laid her head back down onto the bar top. Cohen turned to Sasuke, “What did she say? I didn’t understand any of that.”

    He shrugged his shoulders, “Something about winning the Eurasian title and beating up Tony Mancini. I didn’t catch all of it either. So, you remember that that one motel in Topeka by the nudie bar? What a dump that was…”

    Kagura sighed, and got down from her stool. She had decided to take an Uber home after all. One with at least 4 stars this time. She shot one last glance at the two men, who continued drinking and sharing stories of the good old days. She couldn’t help but smile.
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