Ascension 130: Harald Var Krigare Vs Keith Kole (non-title)

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    RP Deadline is Tuesday August 21st at 11:59pm EST

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    The pulsing neon lights dominated the otherwise dreary and derelict bar, its antiquity evident, yet desperately veiled in an effort to draw in a younger generation.

    Imogen Marceau took notice of this and humoured it. She respected defiance, even in the eyes of defeat. There was enough of a luxury to drinking there that she felt some comfort, but at the same time, she knew her investment there was making a difference; she wasn’t merely oiling a corporate machine. Few things annoyed her more than complacency and submission.

    Imogen sat on a creaky bar stool, a shot glass in her grasp, when an impressive shadow cast above her. She turned to face the Mayhem Champion, and raised her glass, giving her latest talent a coy smile.

    Imogen: Thirsty?

    Harald: Not particularly, I’d rather not deal with a hashtag storm.

    Imogen: I meant cider, stupid.

    Harald: I know, I was being facetious. No, I’m off the alcohol now.

    Harald then pulled up his own stool and sat down next to Imogen. There was a terrible sound from the seat as it struggled to hold Harald’s weight, but eventually, the stool held steady and housed the leviathan.

    Imogen: You’re off the alcohol?

    Harald: Yes. I made a promise to a friend.

    Imogen: Did you promise him your balls I take it?

    Harald: He promised me his first. I owe him that much for sticking with someone like me.

    Imogen: Oh cool, I didn’t know you were LGBT, Harald.

    Harald: I’m afraid I’m not. Straight as an arrow.

    Imogen: Yes, parading around in your underwear constitutes clear heterosexuality.

    Harald: Are you telling me the ancient Greeks who practiced wrestling for the Olympics were gay?

    Imogen couldn’t help but crack up at Harald’s ignorance.

    Imogen: Are you kidding? I thought you were historically literate Harald. One only need to look at Alexander the Great’s conquests to refute that, and I’m not talking about on the battlefield here.

    Harald: Alright, point taken, Imogen. You’re exactly as Jacob described you were on the tin.

    Imogen: Oh, Jacob. He’s a sweet guy, but I can’t help but feel a little sorry for him. There’s this naïve childlike innocence to him, as if he expects everyone with strife in the world to unite around the fire and sing the Safety Dance.

    Harald: Why the Safety Dance?

    Imogen: Because Kumbaya and Imagine are too obvious.

    Harald: I would have accepted Imagine as an original choice.

    Imogen rolled her eyes. She enjoyed being sassy, but she couldn’t help but be a little hypocritical at times.

    Imogen: Thank you, Alex Trebek.

    Harald: I prefer Alec Trevelyan myself.

    Imogen: Who?

    Harald: Don’t tell me you’ve not seen Goldeneye…

    Imogen: I got you on board Bond 25, of course I have.

    Harald: So how do you not know Alec Trevelyan. You know, Sean Bean?

    Imogen: Oh, you probably should have said. I just see him as a walking skeleton nowadays.

    Harald: He actually doesn’t die in National Treasure.

    Imogen: One exception doesn’t disprove the rule.

    Harald: And Troy. And the Silent Hill movies. And Jupiter Ascending.

    Imogen: Do you hear yourself? You’re talking about Troy and Jupiter Ascending as if they’re somehow reputable movies right now

    Harald: And the Silent Hill movies are? Funny how you didn’t bring them up.

    Imogen: They’re guilty pleasures, Harald. Look, can we get down to business, being Bond 25?

    Harald chuckled to himself, pleased that he managed to keep her snark in check.

    Harald: Sure thing. How the hell did you get any executive power on a triple A movie franchise like Bond after that Tampon commercial though?

    Imogen: Apparently, they saw potential in you more than anything else.

    Harald: So why did they contact you?

    Imogen: They think I’m your handler apparently.

    Harald: A likely story.

    Imogen: Well, if you’re handing over your balls so readily, I’m supposing the rest of you is property for hire.

    Harald: I thought you wanted to get down to business?

    Imogen: I’m not stopping you.

    She flashed another sly grin to Harald, motioning his cue to continue the conversation.

    Harald: So, I’m the henchman. Who am I working for in the movie?

    Imogen: Gary Oldman, actually.

    Harald: Ahh, good actor.

    Imogen: I know, right? I’m glad he finally got an Oscar. Heard he’s a real professional also.

    Harald took a moment to digest the revelation. It seems as if opportunities had suddenly begun to fall into his lap. Mayhem Champion, and now soon-to-be in a triple A movie in a major role? It was more than he felt entitled to.

    Harald: Thanks for getting me that gig though, Imogen. Provided there’s no scheduling conflicts or emergencies, I’ll be able to start filming whenever.

    Imogen: Speaking of scheduling, I’ve not had an opportunity to congratulate you on your championship win at Kingdom Come. I hope you’re enjoying your new job as gatekeeper. And timekeeper it seems also, given that you sent Lynx back to Hill Valley.

    Harald raised an eyebrow, detecting a hint of sarcasm in Imogen's voice.

    Harald: Gatekeeper? What do you mean by that?

    Imogen: Harald, any casual WZCW fan could tell you that the Mayhem championship means nothing anymore. It’s not an honour, it’s a chore, a means for you to be a crash test dummy and let the ageing veterans and the new kids on the block play around with you for a bit. You’ve become the designated driver.

    Harald stood up defiantly, containing his anger despite the blatant insult to his ego.

    Harald: Bullshit. Any championship is an honour, and it’s my duty to the Krigare Empire to secure a legacy and defend this hard-earned championship with my life.

    Imogen remained unimpressed, turning away from Harald, as if he were a fly on the wall.

    Imogen: I’d be more inclined to believe your valiant platitudes if you’d actually put your money where your mouth is. I mean, it’s one thing to cut down on your drinking; it’s another to just piss it all away entirely.

    Harald: Are you trying to sabotage my friendship with Jacob?

    Imogen: No, I’m trying to make you the man that you should be. I might not be one, but women tend to see the manifestations of masculinity on this earth, be it the good, the bad or the ugly. And right now, you seem to be forming your special fourth category; the weak.

    Imogen then motioned to the barkeeper and made an order, handing him the cash.

    Harald: How is it weak to refuse alcohol, Imogen? Why should I be a slave to addiction once more?

    Imogen: Nobody is saying you should be an addict. I’m just saying your abstinence is cowardice. If you actually want to hold onto that Mayhem Championship and appease your empire as you call them, you need to live to your full potential. Take off the stabilisers, turn off the safety and take a few risks. You saw what you were truly capable of at Kingdom Come when you shed your inhibitions. Don’t let them get purchase on you again.

    The barkeeper returned with two drinks, one of which was a pint glass full of apple cider. Imogen thanked him before pushing the glass towards Harald, gazing into his eyes.

    Imogen: One drink, Harald. I want a warrior, not a pacifist.

    Harald sighed to himself, defeated. After all, it was unlikely Jacob would find out if he just had one drink. He sat down, and downed the glass, eager to get the ordeal over with.

    Harald: Happy?

    Imogen: You should be yourself, given enough time.

    And that time came.

    A few hours passed, as did three litres of cider down Harald's gullet. The behemoth, whilst still moderately astute, was beginning to succumb to his temptations once more, the drug now feeling fully welcomed in his system. Imogen, oblivious to Harald's sincere struggle, continued to unknowingly encourage the big man in his self-destruction.

    Imogen: Who’s your next opponent?

    Harald: Keith Kole. He’s one K away from a Southern Poverty lawsuit.

    Imogen: I’m not familiar with him.

    Harald: He used to work at McDonald’s. Seems like the boiling fat went to his head, and I mean that in more than one way. Has a manager called Kassandra Kross, which makes me think he’s part of a promotional deal with Sesame Street to represent the letter K. Hell, given how much he loves to talk about McDonald’s too, I wonder if he’s just the personification of a Happy Meal.

    Imogen: See, this Is the Harald I can get behind.

    Harald stood up once again, his swagger reinvigorated from the alcohol running through his veins

    Harald: And this is the Harald you’re going to get from now on, Imogen! As I said, Keith Kole’s one K away from disaster, and it just so happens that this lion has the one K to drag him beneath the depths. And it’s my duty to release that K!
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    Post AS129
    Charlotte, NC

    Keith Kole walked slowly to the back, his manager Kassandra Kross following behind. It had not been the successful debut to stardom like Keith had envisioned. He went out there and he lost.

    He smacked the wall with his palm as the duo walked to the locker room. Keith shoves the door open and storms inside, Kassandra sneaking in before the door bounces back closed.

    Kole: Well so much for that. But if you really look at it Kass, she didn't beat me, Keith Kole just let the spotlight get to him. Next time, they'll all see.

    Kassandra just shakes her head before taking a seat.

    Kross: You know, you could always look into some training....not that THE KEITH KOLE would ever need it of course. Look at it as a chance to take your incredible talents even farther. It can't hurt to try Keith. I mean unless going back to that tiny hobbit of a GM back at McDonald's sounds like a plan.

    Keith stops and glares at Kassandra before a sly smile creeps upon his face...

    Kole: I know exactly who to get to train me, just on the backstage dealings and such, the wrestling I already got down. (Pointing at his head) I'll reach out to my old favorite, Logan McAllister! I'm sure he'll be willing to help once he seems everything great emanating from me.

    Keith stands up, having finished switching into his street clothes, and the two head to their car, Keith trying to find a contact number for Logan, and Kassandra pulling out the keys.

    Kross: Um you do realize that last we saw of Logan he didn't seem the type that would deal with.....god how do I put this? Logan won't like your arrogance.

    Kole: (looking sideways at Kassandra) Arrogance? When you look as good as me and you have such unlimited potential that's not arrogance, it's confidence. Logan will see me and beg to train me.

    Kross: (smiling as fakely as possible) Or he'll just hit you with the Boston Massacre on his front doorstep and call it a day....

    Keith simply looks at his friend as the two head off towards what seems like Boston and a visit with Logan McAllister.

    One Week Until AS130
    Logan McAllister's House
    Boston, MA

    The arrogant one and his timid manager stepped out of the Honda civic and stretched. It had been an uneventful trip from Charlotte to here, but finally they made it. After Keith had no luck contacting Logan, Kassandra reached out to WZCW officials and got the last known address of Logan.

    Kole: Think he's excited Kass? Not everyday that the Keith Kole stops by your house haha.

    Kassandra simply looks down before motioning Keith forward. This likely doesn't go well for him.


    Kole: Think that's loud enough? He'll appreciate a strong knock right?

    Before Kass can reply, the door opens and there stands Logan McAllister.

    McAllister: What do you want? The Sox are on.

    Kole: Hey! Logan! My all time favorite WZCW superstar!! (Holds out his hand which Logan ignores) well check it out pal, see now I'm a wrestler. Yea I know, "what took you so long? It's obviously in your blood" anyways, see I'm thinking you can teach me the business side since I already got the in ring stuff locked down. So what's up? (Again holding out his hand to the irritated father) Be the wicked hahd helper to Keith Kole's rise to prominence? It's inevitable really so you should jump at this chance my friend.

    Logan simply looks at the two and shuts the door.

    Kross: He sure look excited to me Keith. Welp, guess we should head out towards AS130 huh?

    Keith looks stunned.

    Kole: Head out? Hell No! C'mon Kass the Sox are in town tomorrow still and Keith Kole needs to see Fenway....

    Keith walks down the steps and into the car, Kassandra trailing after...

    Kross: Kole isn't even his real last name....

    As the couple drive off, Keith receives a text.

    Bring my boy an autograph tomorrow and we'll see about training....LM

    Kole: (Showing Kass the message) Haha! Told you!

    Without a word Kassandra keeps driving, apparently to a hotel for the evening, before wasting a day watching baseball....

    Night Of AS130
    Target Center
    Minneapolis, MN

    Kensworth: Ladies and gentlemen I'm here with Keith Kole as he prepares to face the Mayhem champion, Harald Var Krigare. Keith, your debut didn't exactly go as planned, yet here you sit with an opportunity against a current champion. Win tonight and maybe a title shot Keith?

    Keith rolls his eyes at Leon before grabbing the mic.

    Kole: Leon, win or lose, the people still wanna see more Kole. Now yes, last Ascension didn't go my way, but that was my fault. I didn't get beat Leon. I just lost focus. (Shaking his head) But that was then, and this is now. WZCW has given me the Mayhem champion for my second opponent. You know why right Leon? It's because they see the talent and they recognized that my star potential should be capitalized on. Harald is a big man. And a strong one at that. But he don't have the brains, and he sure doesn't have the charisma that the Keith Kole does. Later tonight, that man will attempt to unleash the kraken upon Keith Kole. However what Harald isn't aware of, is that tonight he finds out about Keith Kole and kraken or no, a little Customer Service from the best drive thru order taker in all of San Diego and Krigare goes down. (Laughing to Kassandra) you like that one right Kass? Haha anyways Leon, I'm gonna put that man to sleep tonight and after I do, I will march into the GM's office and request my title shot. Roll With Kole my friend, Roll With Kole.

    Keith walks off, his ego self boosted from the interview, with Kassandra still semi shocked with the amount of arrogance her friend displayed.( which to be fair, she should be used to it by now, but Still) She catches up as Keith is adjusting his ridiculous robe and approaching the ramp.

    Kross: (whispering)I hope he paid attention to Logan's advice...
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