Ascension 130: Alice Adams Vs Annie Holloway

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    RP Deadline is Tuesday August 21st at 11:59pm EST

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    Codename: Speakwrong and Live Hard


    Loading Complete.

    Minutes After Annie Halloway's Win Against Keith Kole:

    Ezekiel and Annie made their way from the ring towards a secluded corner of the backstage area, both pares holding hands as they did. Annie’s large, smug looking grin on her face told the story of how the first match went. A complete success in the record books of ATV.

    Annie Halloway:
    As predicted Ezekiel. Our first match, our first win.

    Ezekiel Roche:
    And it is only the beginning my dear Halloway.

    Annie Halloway:
    Absolutely. Keith was bound to make a mistake at some point, all I had to do was capitalize on it. One Hallowed Road later and victory was sure to be ours.

    Ezekiel Roche:
    You never stop amazing me with your talents Ms. Halloway.

    Annie Halloway:
    Thank you Mr. Roche…(sultry tone in her voice) now about those business pleasurings.

    Ezekiel nodded intently as Annie mentioned of these pleasurings to him once again. She had promised something of this matter earlier in the night had they won, and as such, there was nothing more she could do other do but keep her promise (something we established earlier). They sauntered off, deeper and deeper into the unknown area to take care of this business.

    They would not be seen again for the rest of the night.

    Time Shift: 72 Hours Later

    Three days had passed since the debut match of Annie Halloway. By this point, she had returned back to her headquarters in ATV and was already in the midst of things. One of the employees of this establishment (A man will we simply call Alexander) was in the middle of a very important assignment when Annie came up to him, all smiles and awaiting to see the results.

    Annie Halloway:
    Good morrow Alexander.

    Good morrow dear Ms. Halloway.

    Annie Halloway:
    Tell me Alexander, what is the status of the First National Bank of St. Louis?

    Their cash registers are having fits as we speak, they’re robbing people of their hard earned dollars and handing them all to you.

    Annie nodded slowly as her smile only grew wider. That was exactly the news she wanted to hear.

    Annie Halloway:
    Good boy. The more you take, the more you make.

    Absolutely Ms. Halloway.

    As Annie headed over to check someone else, she was stopped by a sudden crashing noise and a few flustered “excuse me”s. She turned over her head to see who it was that was having all these troubles and sighed to herself.

    Annie Halloway:
    (Quietly, somewhat annoyed)

    The first day is always the roughest for the fresh meat.

    Annie watched onward as the lady managed to collect herself and walk towards her. She was a bit shaky on her feet, apparently still not used to the idea of high heels and pencil skirts, and the look on her face showed that she was not nessecarily adapting to the climate of ATV...yet.

    But not a worry, everyone is bound to have their day at some point Annie thought as she reverted back to her normal, business friendly smile.

    Ms. Halloway?

    Annie Halloway:
    Ah, Sydney. Just the girl I was looking for.

    Would you like for me to go over your WZCW opponent really quick?

    Sydney flinched, awaiting an answer from her new boss. Annie was quick to give one to her.

    Annie Halloway:
    Of course. That was what I was going to approach you for in the first place. I must say, you are quite the fast thinker.

    Gosh, uh...thank you Ms. Halloway!

    Annie Halloway:
    No problem my dear. (With newfound interest) Now please, tell me. Who is this second opponent in my path?

    Sydney goes over her notes, all of which she scribbled down on several pieces of paper, glancing at the ever interested Annie as she prepared to give her report.

    Sydney:’s a lady by the name of Alice Adams. She makes her WZCW debut against you and goes by the nickname of Baby Doll because of her noted babyface. But she’s far from such.

    Annie Halloway:
    How so?

    Sydney took one last look at her notes to ensure that everything she wrote was accurate.

    It says here that she’s been through two toxic relationships, takes nothing from no one and works as a burlesque dancer in order to provide for her two children, Logan and Marie.

    Annie nodded slightly, the smile faded away and replaced with a rather disappointed sneer.

    Annie Halloway:
    Ah, I think I see the problem.

    What may that be?

    Annie Halloway:
    Her occupation, line of work as the undereducated society calls it. It is simply ridiculous and serves her no favors.

    Noticing the distaste in her voice, Sydney decides to relay some positive information about this Alice Adams character.

    She seems to be handling her job quite well and is well trained, even being in her group for over a year. Not a bad run if I say so myself.

    Annie Halloway:
    True. Not bad at all...if you’re willing to sell yourself to the lowest bidder.

    I..I don’t think I understand.

    Annie looked at Sydney, noting the sheer confusion in her face. Taking pity, she pats her on the head and gives her a smirk. Time for the wise sayings to take hit again.

    Annie Halloway:
    You’re rather new to this occupation Sydney, so there are bound to be things you do not yet understand. That is understandable, and it is with my hope that you will learn from your shortcomings and become a champion for the truth. The real truth.

    Sydney: do you feel about Alice Adams, Ms. Halloway?

    Annie Halloway:
    It’s simple dear Sydney, I can sympathize with the plight of the young lady as it stands. Going through one toxic relationship is bad enough, but being through even more is downright unlucky. And to her credit, she has found a way to be resourceful with herself and her children are at least lucky that she has found a way to provide for herself…

    Annie turned around and took a few seconds to let all of it sink it. Before Sydney could find a cue to speak up, Annie rushed her head over and gave a rather motherly looking glare.

    Annie Halloway:

    Sydney stared into Annie’s eyes, nervous over what she had to say next.

    Annie Halloway:
    That does not change the fact that she ruined my image towards her by admitting to her vice of burlesque dancing. To me, it is the softest form of pornography imaginable. And for what? A few dollars so the children can live knowing that their mother is practically a choreographed stripper?

    It must be a very well paying job if she still wishes to obtain it.

    Annie Halloway:
    Perhaps, but objectification and sexualization in general represents yet another sin of life B.A. A sin I look forward to destroying as ATV continues it’s march towards immortality.

    By this point, Alexander had heard of the conversation and what Annie had to say about her opponent. It was around this point that he decided to ask his own question.

    Ms. Halloway? Would you like we give a warning shot to this Alice Adams to know that you are not one to be messed with?

    Annie Halloway:
    (To Alexander)
    Yes actually.

    Name the price.

    Annie Halloway:
    I think i’ll be generous this time…

    Annie gazed into a deep thought. Whenever she did something like this, it usually meant one of two things. Either it meant that she was to designate a punishment to something that was parting of the ‘dying’ culture or someone that had wronged her in the past. Or she was going to sentence an employee to…

    Well, it can’t be said yet.

    Soon, the time would come that Annie would make her punishment known to the two fine upstanding employees.

    Annie Halloway:
    Hack into her personal files and see what you can find. There has to be some damning evidence that showcases her sexual deviancy. Then, once you’ve found all the footage possible, you are to download and then upload the footage onto as many websites as you may see fit. Especially in websites that take pride in their adulterous ways.

    Exactly Ms. Halloway. Anything else?

    Annie Halloway:
    No no, that’ll be all. Just note this, you wouldn't catch me acting so promiscuous, would you?

    Um...not really?

    (Immediately, with spite)
    Absolutely not. Never in a million years Ms. Halloway!

    Annie Halloway:
    You’ve been paying attention. The both of you.

    Alexander beamed with a smile while Sydney felt rather uncomfortable with the choice of words thrown around. It felt like there was something she should say...but what?

    Annie Halloway:
    Well, i’m off. A nice practice before I head off to show the masses the truths of the world is essential to our victory.

    Alexander nodded in agreement as Annie made her way out. This was Sydney’s window of opportunity to speak her mind.

    Didn’t I hear rumors about her-

    Alexander noticed Sydney speaking up and immediately went to shut her mouth with his hand and shushing her. Alexander frantically searched both ways to see if anyone had noticed…

    Oh good. The coast was cleared. Alexander breathed a sigh of relief.

    Thank goodness no one heard you! If they had found out that you had been committing speakwrong, you would’ve been in big trouble!

    Speakwrong? What’s...speakwrong?

    I can’t go into the details, but let’s just say that speakwrong is the absolute last thing you want to do here.

    Why? What happens if you do it?

    (Struggling to explain)
    Well...uh...let’s just say that if someone were to commit speakwrong, they would…

    The words to describe the consequences for such an act having failed him, Alexander decided there was no other way but to explain in another way. He did so by imitating a throat slit gesture, complete with the noise and the over exaggerated movements. Freaked out by this display, Sydney could only ask one thing.

    That bad?

    Yes. That bad.

    And on that day, Sydney learned to never mess or speak wrongly about Annie Halloway because if she did, chances were Annie could’ scratch that, Annie would hurt her.

    Annie would destroy her.

    @3 would 34 her.

    Annie would mutilate her.

    @3 would 2til8 her.

    Annie would end her.

    @3 would end her.

    Oh Child!
    The Eye Of Annie Has Dawned Upon You In Disgrace!

    Look Away, Look Away!
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    [Scene opens to a spotlight pointed on a very excited announcer in front of a huge red curtain]

    [Announcer] “Now coming to the stage our little Baby doll Adams!”

    [The announcer runs to one end of the stage, with the spotlight still trailing along]

    [Announcer] “cut the light, Jack!”

    [Spotlight turns off abruptly, when the red curtain opens; the stage lights turn on, lighting the stage with hues of cool blues and soft pinks, center stage is decorated with a tall gold framed oval mirror, a small side table with a rhinestone encrusted rotary phone and a gorgeous small cushioned love seat with Victorian detailing finished up the whole set.]

    [The spotlight dims and the curtains close as Alice finished up her act. She then walks offstage saying thanks to all of her well wishers, stopping to take photos with audience members and having small conversations with as many people as she could possibly handle, once down the hallway, she hurriedly walks towards her dressing room, the once lively corridor with laughter and music, now quiet and solemn, her little piece of heaven as she calls it inching ever closer. She opens the door to her dressing room.]

    [Alice] “oh shit I hope I didn’t miss it!”

    [Alice drops down on her little couch and turns on the tv]

    [Alice] “Awe man, I missed the beginning segment and half of the first match!”

    [Alice is stuck watching the ending of a match between two new comers, one a tall cocky arrogant looking man with a big mouth, “every time he gets a hit in, he arrogantly talks shit and struts around the ring like he owns the place” Alice thinks to herself, “typical, show a narcissist a sign of weakness and they think they rule the world.” The other newcomer was a woman, young, pretty, strong, calculative and very determined looking, but yet, she didn’t seem real, as if she was hiding behind a mask as well. “Those women are the most dangerous kind. Always hiding, but ever vigilant, cold and calculating, I would know because I am the same way, it’s smarter to just show face, to never give away to much of yourself; she’s good and really strong, she could honestly be a threat if I where to ever honestly entertain the idea of sending an application in.”]

    [Alice] “wait a minute, why do I feel like I have seen this arrogant ass before…?”

    [Once the match ended she stopped paying attention to the television, and started to think back to the hundreds of people who came to the show tonight, specifically all the guys who were really tooting their own horn hard tonight. “I seem to recall, one particular guy…” Alice thought to herself…” He was with this woman who looked completely mortified after every word he said.”]

    {Earlier That Night After the Show}

    [Alice stands in front of the stage putting on her best smile she tries to not sound to awkward, as she talks to people who stuck around after the nights show]

    [Alice] “Thank you, thank you very much, I hope you enjoyed the show…”

    [Alice went through her usual after show routine, shook hands, kissed cheeks and took photos, everyone left, well almost everyone, Alice irritated and a little flustered with what came out of that person’s mouth, started walking towards the table the voice was coming from, the only reason she even noticed them, was because of how loud and obnoxious the guy was.]

    [Unknown female] “Honestly can you just shut your mouth already![nervously looks around] you are seriously making me regret bringing you here! How many times do I have to tell you, they are burlesque dancers, NOT STRIPPERS!”

    [Unknown male] “ and I’m telling you it doesn’t matter what you call them, if your gonna drop your top then show them nips off. I, personally, am offended, I feel like I have been played! How you gonna drop your top but not go through with showing it all, those pasties are a crime!” [he dramatically shakes his fist in front of the woman’s face]

    [Female] “I swear to god, I am never trying to cheer you up again, if you get us banned from here Keith so help me…”

    [Keith] [interrupts mid sentence] “Kass please, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, my bad, I didn’t mean to get you all butt hurt.[Laughs loudly] now let’s get back to what’s really important here, ME, and the mind boggling question of WHY ARE THERE TITS BUT NO NIPS!?”

    [Keith laughed out loud, took a big swig of his beer all the while the timid girl he called Kass shook her head and put her face in her hands]

    [Kass] “ God your such an idiot, I think you’ve had enough to drink already”, [looks up and grabs the half empty beer bottle out of his hand] “Burlesque and Stripping are not the same [she stands up, and grabs Keith by the arm] now let’s go, you’ve had way to much to drink.”

    [Alice stops mid stride when she notices the woman getting up, grab the man by the arm and pull him up and out towards the door.]

    [Alice] “Good riddance, I feel sorry for that poor woman, she looked as if someone from the club was gonna come and ban her for life, shit what time is it? [Looks at her phone] I’m gonna miss the beginning of the show if I don’t go back now.”

    [Alice turns around and starts down the main floor to the backstage door, as soon as she the door closes behind, she slips her heels off and begins to jog towards her dressing room]

    {End Of Flashback}

    [Alice laughs out loud, thinking about that poor woman’s face, she looked as if she had made the biggest mistake in her life]

    [Alice] “Time to stop thinking about such nonsense, honestly, even if it is a lovely distraction. But now it’s the moment of truth, it’s time for me to send in my application.

    [Alice goes and grabs her laptop off of her dressing table, she opens up her email and begins to fill out her application]

    [Alice] “I can’t believe I’m really doing this… it’ll be a miracle if they accept me.”

    [Once finished with her application she sends it in and turns off her computer, after setting it back where it was originally, she gets up, changes from her show clothes to sweats and a black shirt, ties her hair up in a ponytail and makes sure everything is locked, turned off and put away before she leaves.]

    {1 week later}

    [Alice grabs clothes from her dressers and closet; stuffs them all into a big overnight bag. After, she then starts to grab heels and shoes and stuffs them into a different easily as if not bigger bag than before]

    [Alice] “A girl can never have to many shoes, plus I have no idea what I am going to wear out there! I still can’t believe I got in! That call last night threw me through a loop.”

    [Alice stops to think about the night before, she had just finished putting her son Morrison and daughter Marie to sleep, and as if someone was looking out for her, her phone did not ring until the kids room doors where closed. Once she answered she heard a man congratulating her and welcoming her into the WZCW, her hearted raced then fell when she heard her debuting match was in Minneapolis, but none the less her voice never wavered, she thanked him again and told him she would see them there.]

    [Alice] “I’m so glad I was able to get my grandmother to watch the kids for this, there is no way they would have been able to handle all this traveling.” [she sits down on the bed and puts her sneakers on.]

    [Alice] “alright, I have everything packed and good to go, when I’m on the plane I’ll read up on my opponent.”

    [Inside a busy airport, Alice walks out of the arrival tunnel a little dazed from sleeping the whole flight.]

    [Alice] “oh god [groggily] I would be lazy enough to sleep through that whole flight. I didn’t even get to read up on my opponent. [Giggles to herself] god that sounds so ridiculous, well I have some time to kill, before tonight I can read up about them at the hotel.
    [Alice grabs her things, walks out of the airport and hails a taxi]

    [Taxi Driver] “where to miss?”

    [Alice] “To the AC hotel please.”

    [Alice sits back and pulls up her acceptance email, now, she thinks to herself, where was the link to show who I was up against tonight… oh! Here it is. She clicks the link and begins to study for the whole car ride]

    [Alice] “thanks again for the ride Mr. [Slowly smiles and hands the driver her fare] I do hope I get to run into you again handsome." [Alice winks, grabs her bags, turns and walks away from a very flushed taxi driver]

    [Alice checks into the hotel and goes straight to her room. Once settled, she showers and starts to get ready for tonight. She digs threw one of her bags and pulls out a red velvet box with a black satin bow on top, a light blue card is stuck neatly between the ribbon.]

    [Alice] “now who in the world sent me this…[she picks the card from between the ribbon and opens it] it can’t be… [eyes widen] how did she..?!”

    My dear doll face, I know you are angry with me, but I am so glad you gave this a shot! I know you can do great things not just for you, but for your little ones as well. Anyways, knowing you, you probably packed the wrong thing to wear. No offense honey, but rhinestones and corsets make for a very stiff and uncomfortable match, so I made this for you. Kisses sweetheart ~S

    [Alice] “Even when I pushed her away… she still found me, [teary eyed, Alice pulls off the ribbon and opens the box; inside was a beautiful leotard with lace all around] damn, this Bitch still got it, this is seriously some craftsmanship [pulls outfit out of the box] I wonder if it fits…”

    [Alice slips into the outfit]

    [Alice] “damn this fits like a glove, this is seriously way better than what I was going to go with, haha even when she’s god knows where she still finds a way to criticize and make me cry.”[she bends down to lace her boots up] ”whelp let’s see how this all looks [looks in the mirror, a small excited smile formed across her lips] perfect.”

    [Alice grabs her phone off if the nightstand and sits on the bed, she opens the email containing the link to her Opponent, the name ANNIE HOLLOWAY was at the top of the page, next to it, a picture of a pretty young woman, with a cold hard look in her eyes.]

    [Alice] “Well screw me sideways, I wasn’t dreaming, I can’t believe I got her… of all people! [Alice stops talking out loud, thinks for a moment and then takes a deep breath. After exhaling a sly smile formed on her face.] Wait a minute, I saw her first match, I am not going in totally blind, I know she’s calm and calculative, but her eyes give her away. [Alice sneers and looks at the photo of Holloway] Oh Annie darling, you may be able to hide your expressions and motives from others, but not from me. Your mask is slipping my dear, now, stand back and let a real woman show you how it’s done.”

    [Alice stands up, grabs her things she would need to enter the Center for her debut, once everything is in hand, she walks out of the hotel and into a taxi]

    [Alice] “To the Target center please.”

    [after shutting the door she gets a good look at the driver, surprisingly, it was the man from before.]

    [Taxi driver] “what’s a dainty little woman like you [moves his review mirror down to get a good look at Alice] doing going to a big bad wrestling thing like that? What are you, the ring girl?” [He laughs and snorts at his own joke]

    [Alice] “Actually Mr., This frail dainty little thing is going to wrestle, see its been a long time since I’ve been out…[Alice stops, as if chocked up, frowns a bit, Making sure to stick out her bottom lip and looks down innocently]

    [Driver] [looks at Alice confused] “Been out of where honey? [Sits up taller] if you need a bodyguard I can be your guy… for a small fee of course.” [smirks]

    [Alice] “Oh, [looks up into the review mirror at the driver] prison actually, I was let go on account of they couldn’t prove I killed my lying cheating asshole ex, [smiles sweetly at the now shocked and horrified driver.] but I didn’t do it of course.”
    [The driver shuts right up and stops staring at Alice, who was now trying hard not to burst out in laughter. But as soon as Alice was about to lose her composure, she could see the light from the target center come up, once in front of the center, he hurriedly parked.]

    [Driver] “well we are here ma’am, [hurriedly he got out of the car and opened the door for Alice] I hope you have a good night.”

    [Alice] “Awe, your so sweet [she reaches to touch the drivers check, he flinches at her touch] don’t worry darling. Smile and have a wonderful night [she pays the driver and walks away, when finally out of earshot from him she finally loses a bit of control and begins to laugh.] Well, at least he helped me calm down, now, time to focus, I’m here and I’m not going down without a fight.”
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