Meltdown 153: Stetson Hayes Vs Jabari

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    This Is Rasslin'
    Show Date: August 21, 2018
    S1 - Ep. 02: I'm Not Racist, But
    Only on the WZCW Network

    The opinions expressed on this program do not reflect those of The WZCW Network and any affiliated partners. Viewer discretion is advised.

    The cowboy made his exit and stepped into the backstage area. Leon Kensworth immediately thrusted a microphone into his face.

    Leon: I'm standing by with new star and self-proclaimed "rassler" Stetson Hayes. Stetson, just moments ago you submitted Hijo Del Vejigante in expeditious fashion. Care to comment about your opponent here in Ohio?

    Hayes didn't look at the interviewer. Instead, he kept his gaze focused on the camera as if he was talking directly to the viewing audience.

    Stetson: He may have been here but he didn't show up. This is a man's sport and if his leg was that fragile then he had no bidness signing to WZCW. Hate to thump mah chest but I calls it like I sees it - don't step in the ring with me unless you're ready to face the woodshed. I'm here to whoop ass and take gold Mister Leon, but I ain't going nowhere by beatin' down the crippled. My Texas Cloverleaf deserves better than that.

    Leon: Are you saying you're not impressed by our talent pool and want a bigger challenge?

    Stetson: Thas exactly what I'm sayin'. I'm a big boy and I should be fighting other big boys, not these twinkies you see Suicide Divin' in school gyms. Gimme bigger prey, WZCW!



    Filmed on location in Denver, CO
    Three Days Before Meltdown 153

    The Hayes Family are out at Sloan's Lake, a popular fishing and recreational park area. After unpacking his tackle box, The Minutemen reminded Stetson he had a match the next couple of days and wanted to pick his brain about it. They jogged his memory on who Jabari was due to The Giant's absence on the shows lately, and a crew member loaded a picture on his phone and showed it to him.

    Stetson stared down at the cellphone, trying to form words. He threw his hands up in the air and spun around. The cowboy looked at the image again, his brows in frustrated disbelief. After a few minutes of silence, he asked The Minutemen the question that prodded his mind.

    Stetson: He ever eat a guy? I'm not racist, but he looks like a guy who has ate a guy. Can...can I say that on TV? Like what the fuck am I 'sposed to say here?

    The film crew exchanged glances at one another. Angie and Dakota looked at Stetson with "we knew he would say something like this" faces.

    Dakota: ...what is wrong with you?

    Stetson: The Kenyan is obviously a cannibal, how does that make ME the monster?

    Angie: He's Nigerian!

    He raised his hands up to her and looked around the park.

    Stetson: You know we ain't 'spose to say that word.

    Angie: Christ, he doesn't eat people he's just a man that grew up in a different culture than ours. One that relies on hard work instead of technology. This Jabari feller has a couple of things in common with ya, South.

    Stetson: Nah I don't munch my neighbors and he ain't gettin' a taste of my Texas poopshoot neither. Believe that. I'm fightin' for survival this match.

    Dakota: You're a credit to your race, dad.

    Stetson: It's a race I plan on winnin', boy!

    The South turned his attention to his pole, meticulously applying a hook to the line. Dakota rolled his eyes and went back to the white Chevy Bronco they took to get to the lake. Angie had her hands on her hips, observing her ex-husband.

    Angie: He's a competitor you know. You should be training.

    Stetson: Woman, I might have three days left on Earth 'til I'm this wildman's stew. If I wanna spend the rest of my life with family enjoying some freshwater bass, I'm gonna.

    Angela sighed and left him to his fishing.


    The Minutemen followed Hayes out in the middle of Sloan's Lake from a different boat. When the Texan settled in his fishing spot, he baited his hook and casted his line out several yards away. He kept his thumb near the reel seat and spoke to the camera.

    Stetson: Look Jabber, you ain't gotta consume human flesh no more. You're in America and in America we fish. This right here...this is called a fishin' rod. You get this little bob in the water, and you wait. Then, ya net yer catch and cook it. I ain't got time to teach you how to be usin' a skillet right now, but maybe your owners, handlers, whatever can show ya.

    He focused on the bait, quietly lifting the handle upwards. Stetson chucked, and shook his head.

    Stetson: Been hard to find my words with you. Say the wrong thing and I can be out of a job. So I'm gonna try and be respectful to you and yer people. I'm not one for delicates, but as a human being you should be treated like other human beings.

    Satisfied, he sat his rod aside and hunkered down in the tin boat. As he talked, he exaggerated gestures and inunciated slowly.

    Stetson: Me, Stetson, make Giant's leg hurt. Giant need leg for walking and running in Olympics. Giant you don't want Stetson me to fuck you up, but me need win so I can feed family. You have enough food - look at Giant belly. You survive many Winters.

    The South chuckled again and closed his eyes.

    Stetson: Lord I apologize for that. Alright alright, listen here Jabberjaw, I don't care if I hurt yours or any special interest groups' feelings. You have size, and you have strength. You may even have some speed hell I don't know but I figure you gotta to hunt lions. But what you don't got is pedigree. I come from a long line of rasslers - my daddy was a rassler and his daddy and then his daddy before him. The Hayes take to the ring like...well, like a fish takes to water. Last time you were in WZCW, you got distracted by a cellphone. I'm too old for that millennial horseshit. Look at me! You think technology is gonna keep me from snapping yer leg in half? No sir. I may be ig'nant but I know my way around a ring in the West. Do you even know how to say "Colorado"?

    There was a sharp tug and the pole arched. The cowboy's reflexes were keen - his hand a mad flash of pink before a reeling blur and loud splashing. A brim fought for his mouth, but Stetson grabbed the line itself and raised the fish out of the lake. It twitched aggressively.

    Stetson: Yer a man of the land and I respect that. But while you stab at tiny fish with your spear in a shallow creek, I'm out in the thick of it catching larger game with better equipment. We ain't the same at all. Jabari, you are a mountain and a biggun at that, but folks climb those. We make a damn sport of it. And the thing with giants is they ain't known fer their balance - if your legs betray you like they do big men, then you'll be on your stomach searchin' for the ropes. Those drumsticks are gonna be locked in The Texas Cloverleaf.

    He looked at the brim with morbid fascination before removing the hook from its mouth. He dropped the specimen back into the water where it darted off in panic.

    Stetson: I just hope you don't do me like Heejo did. It was mighty *****rdly of 'im.

    Stetson Hayes nodded, and rowed back to the docks.


    RPer's Note: This was incredibly difficult for me to write on this site with the new update. I have reading complications I didn't even know I had until the change. I appreciate everything folks like Dave and Lee have done to try and convince the Higher Ups to include better options for their formatting, but this was still a chore to get through and if I didn't get it up now I doubt I ever would. If things do not change soon I will have to throw in the towel on WZ. You all will know where to find me if things do not improve for the visually impaired. I love each and every one of you. Except Yaz.​
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    I sat in the office of my financer, Maxwell Hunter. The room was what you would expect of an old money white conservative. I was told he would be in ten minutes ago, though I'm sure he was late more due to his lack of interest in the meeting as opposed to actually being busy.

    To my surprise when he came through the door, he had someone from the IT department with him, with a laptop under his arm.

    "Sorry to keep you waiting Dewey, but I had to fetch one of the tech geeks. I have a solution to our Jabari issue. One that should finally put us in the black and put Jabari in the win column. Despite this final solution, I do admit, it is a shame we have to get one over on a fine young man like Stetson."

    I had a feeling this wasn't the first time Maxwell or Stetson had been linked to a Final Solution.

    "What do you propose?"

    Before I had even finished speaking, Maxwell motioned for the IT guy to play a video on the laptop. As Maxwell motioned, his diamonds on his cuff links glistened in the sunlight coming into the room.

    The video began to play. A group of African tribesmen slowly made their way through a jungle. The show changed to a group of white men, dressed in typical explorers gear, sat around a fire that was roasting a wild hog. As the white men talked, they were oblivious to the tribesmen that approached. Suddenly a spear flew and stuck into a tree next to the men. They turned just as the tribesmen attacked. They ran roughshod through the camp until the white men were able to get to their guns. Once they began to fire, the tribesman started to lose the fight. The remaining tribesmen scatter into the jungle as the surviving explorers try to catch their breath. Suddenly a flock of birds fly from the trees and a giant tribesman emerges from the jungle. The white men fire, but their weapons are ineffective. The giant grabs one of the white men and lifts him over his head, before dropping him face first into the fire. He grabs another and slams him over his giant knee, breaking his back. He slams a third into a tree, before he impales him with the explorers own gun. The giant swats one of the explorers into a nearby tent, revealing a woman inside. The giant stops, enthralled by the woman. he approaches her and she screams and begins to back away. As the giant approaches, one of the white men shoots a tranquilizer dart into the giant, but it has no effect. The giant grabs the woman, but a second and third dart hit him and he begins to stumble around. A fourth and fifth dart pierce his back and he drops the woman, before a sixth and final dart cause him to fall to the ground.

    The video then cuts to an old school carnival barker, enticing a crowd. "Come one, come all, to see Jabari, the Giant African Savage!" The barker pulls the curtain aside and the words COMING SOON TO A TOWN NEAR YOU flash on screen.

    Maxwell appeared pleased. The IT guy look embarrassed. The video looked cheap and poorly made and felt incredibly racist.

    "Is this a joke?"

    Maxwell looked confused.

    "No. We need this, we need to start making a return on our Jabari investment."

    I stood up, appalled.

    "Our investment? I agreed to bring Jabari to New York to help him learn. Not once have you followed the recommendations that I or Ode have given. I was against it, but I at least get why we convinced WZCW to sign Jabari. His education would not have been cheap, but to turn him into a sideshow attraction is a gross display of ignorance. He is not a savage!"

    "Do you know how much Jabari has cost us? We have to have him travel in secret because he has no passport. Do you know how hard it is to conceal a seven foot black man who speaks no English? It is like he doesn't appreciate the opportunities we have given him!"

    "You are complaining that a man you brought here illegally isn't happy! Do you realize how crazy you sound?"

    "I guess if I'm crazy, then you won't have an issue no longer being part of this operation. You are officially fired from this project Dewey!"

    I didn't say a word, I walked away calmly. I pulled out my cellphone when I got to my car and made a call.

    "Hey, Mr. De-Way! How are you?"

    Ode friendly and enthusiastic voice was unmistakable.

    "Ode, we have an issue. Jabari needs to be returned home, and I need your help."
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