**ANNOUNCEMENT** 40 Post Rule Abolished

Discussion in 'Backstage' started by ABMorales787, Jul 10, 2018.

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    Given the recent influx of talent following Kingdom Come 9 as well as forum activities in general, we in WZCW Creative have decided to change our rule on the requirement to enter WZCW.

    Previously, we required a minimum of 50 posts overall in WrestleZone Forums to show commitment before you could apply. That has since been lowered 40. However, due to certain limitations, we realize this might be difficult for new members these days. As such, we will be doing away with the amount of posts required to apply to WZCW. As of now, all you need to do is simply apply. But there are a few details now:

    1) We will be strict on these applications. You will need to present a solid sample Roleplay. Not just something you can write up quickly. We will require a full introductory roleplay for your character. This may also apply to certain tenured posters who may be coming back if they had unfavorable exits. We just ask that you comply. We wish to see how devoted you are to coming into WZCW as we cannot just allow anyone in just to have to no-show, affecting our shows.

    2) Following applications of new recruits, you will not be slotted into our main shows right away (Meltdown, Ascension, PPVs, etc). Instead, you will have to roleplay for 'House Shows' or 'Dark Match'. These will not be added to any show. We will announce winners and then determine if you will pass on to the main shows or if we need you to adjust your roleplaying for a second 'House Show' or 'Dark Match'. You winning or losing in this position will not be a direct determination of whether you'll need to do a second one of these or you will pass on to Ascension/Meltdown.


    With that in mind, that is it for this announcement. Thank you for your interest in WZCW and more announcements are to come very soon.

    - WZCW Head Of Creative
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    Good call, lads.
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    About damn time. I feel like our long group discussion on Discord a week or 2 ago about this exact thing helped get the ball rolling.
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    All hail our glorious leader.

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