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    Real Name: Adam Mullin Jr.

    Gimmick Name: Vox

    Announced As: Vox

    Height: 6'2"

    Weight: 225 lbs

    Hometown: Limerick, Ireland

    Billed From: Dublin, Ireland

    Alignment: Face

    Fill in the Blanks With Your Information:

    Introducing first from Dublin, Ireland, weighing 225 pounds, Vox!


    ----------------Hair Colour/Length: Jet Black Hair, slicked back, middle of neck length in the back.

    ----------------Eye Colour: Blue

    ----------------Facial Hair: Mild stubble, dark brown.

    ----------------Ring attire: Black shirt, black leather pants, black boots (the tops of which are tucked under the black leather pants.)

    ----------------Backstage Attire: Black leather jacket over ring attire, dark sunglasses. (For major shows, the black leather jacket is replaced by a jacket that is covered by reflective mirrors.)

    ----------------Physical Features: Muscular (but not overly so) build, white skin, large hands, mild stubble, muscles are proportional between upper and lower body.

    ----------------Tattoos: None

    Sample Pic of Wrestler: [​IMG] (None of the images I've used so far are working. It's a buffer, taller Bono from U2.)

    Main Gimmick: A egomaniac with aims to solve the world's problems. He became a wrestler primarily to get his message out, and figured that the platform of television would be the best way to help solve world issues. While the issues he brings up are legitimate, and he truly wishes to save them in a benevolent way, he drones on and on about them to the point where the audience wants him to shut up and allow them to be entertained. His earnestness and enthusiasm for solving horrible issues is typically outdone by his insatiable need for acceptance and credit.

    2 Characteristics of Gimmick: Will grab any hand in the audience as he is walking out, and point out with adoration for any poor soul that cheers for him. Frequently tells the audience that they are beautiful people in a beautiful city (regardless of reaction from the crowd before or after this remark) and will then drone on about a major issue in the world that all of these beautiful people can help us solve.

    Brief Bio/History: A middle class man from Dublin, Ireland; 32 year old Adam Mullin Jr. (wrestling under Vox) always sought to make a difference. After a successful collegiate amateur wrestling career, and a boxing career that was cut short due to a hand injury (suffered five years prior to becoming a wrestler), Clayton racked his brain for the next step to gain the fame he desired to help fight for the change he felt the world needed. He eventually decided to become a professional wrestler, figuring that he had both the physical acumen, and that his earnestness and his message would connect with a worldwide audience and make him beloved forever for not only entertaining, but for saving the world.

    Entrance Music:
    [YOUTUBE]f0edY2zMNB0[/YOUTUBE] (The Fly by U2)

    Entrance Description:

    Lights go out, and a video shows of images of world atrocities in rapid succession for 8 seconds, then a spotlight shines on Vox. The natural lights come on as he begins walking. He walks out wearing his backstage attire and with a microphone in hand. Looks to the crowd to find anyone with an outstretched hand. He grabs their hand, holds them earnestly, asks for their name and says "(insert audience member name) God bless you! Let us be the change." Eventually makes way to the ring. Begins talking about an issue in the world (IE, malaria in Africa), how to correct it. Drones on forever about it, to the point where he makes the people in the audience not care at all and are desperate for the opponent to come out to shut this annoying jerk up. Always ends spiel with "Thank you, beautiful people. God bless you!" He removes his jacket and sunglasses while his opponent comes to the ring.

    Fighting Style: Mat based, with above-basic level brawling ability.

    Previous Injuries/Character Psyche:

    Strengths: Very adept mat wrestler, and a strong puncher. Very good with submissions and physical moves. Highly intelligent and worldly, very well spoken. Is of above average speed and agility, though not a world beater in either category. Very strong, but not overpoweringly so by any means. An 8/10 for physical strength, essentially. He is a very driven wrestler, who truly wants to succeed.

    Weaknesses: Vanity and ego. Will lose concentration to acknowledge any positive reaction he is given. While he is a strong speaker, he is not a good self-editor and tends to drone on as he speaks about an issue he feels is important. Will have serious trouble with anyone who significantly outclasses him in speed, or strength (assuming they have above-average ability in the other category. Someone who is strictly all strength or all speed will have an issue with the more well-rounded Vox). Typically dislikes high flying moves, having a preference typically to only use a double foot stomp from the top ropes to seriously weaken the back to make his finishers more effective.

    He has a previously broken left hand from boxing. Minor wear and tear on left knee from wrestling.

    Finishing Moves (2 max):
    Crossface Chicken Wing (Difference Maker)
    Package Piledriver (World Pieces)

    Signature Moves (3 max):

    Cross Arm Breaker
    Double Foot Stomp (From Top Rope, onto opponent that is laying down on chest, move hits opponents back)

    12 Most Used Moves:

    Right and Left Hook combination
    Right and Left Jab combination
    Forearm Smash
    Double Leg Takedown
    Single Leg Takedown
    Standard Spinebuster (Let me know if this isn't ok, as I know the Spinning Spinebuster is being used)
    Standard DDT
    Grounded Headlock
    Back Body Drop
    German Suplex

    Sample RP.

    (In the center of the ring is Vox, with a microphone in hand to address the crowd)

    Vox: Beautiful people of Chicago, Illinois. My name is Vox, and I am here to use my voice to tell you all about the horrifying troubles of the world. While my efforts of raising funds and awareness to help cure the problem of female genital mutilation in Africa, so many people are still taking part in this horrible practice and it is time we force this barbaric monstrosity affecting so many of the world's women to be banished back to the Dark Ages where it belongs. Some countries, like the Sudan, practice FGM on nearly 98% of the women in the population. Most of these girls are being harmed by this when they are between 7 and 10 years old, much like many of the beautiful young children I have the honor of speaking to in this beautiful city tonight. This is a beautiful city, Chicago. One where many changes have been made. Even President Barack Obama, a man I have had the pleasure of speaking with several times, is proud to call this fair city home. The man who became the leader of the free world on a slogan of "Hope and Change" is committed to helping us. But it takes more than just him, it takes all of you beautiful people. So please, get on your phones, take them out, and text SAVEUSVOX to 888-END-2FGM, for those of you whom are confused, that is SAVEUSVOX to 888-363-2346. Let us be the change. We are the change. I will be the one who saves us, and you will be the ones who help me. Thank you, beautiful people. God bless you!
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