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    Real Name: Nikolis Nikolaidis

    Gimmick Name: Sparx

    Announced As: The Eternal Flame of Greece

    Height: 6 foot

    Weight: 175lbs

    Hometown:* Santorini Island, Greece

    Billed From: The Santorini Volcanoes

    Alignment: Face

    Fill in the Blanks With Your Information:

    Introducing first from Santorini weighing, 175 pounds, he is The Eternal Flame of Greece, Sparx


    ----------------Hair Colour/Length
    Ash Black
    ----------------Eye Colour
    ----------------Facial Hair
    ----------------Ring attire
    Black with an exploding volcano image on the sides.
    ----------------Backstage Attire
    A heavy looking orange and black jacket & trouser combination. It's a flame ******ant outfit so is fairly unwieldy.
    ----------------Physical Features
    A number of small burn scars on his arms and torso mainly.
    Sample Pic of Wrestler:

    Main Gimmick:
    A fire dancer who gets a thrill from putting on a show.

    2 Characteristics of Gimmick:
    He is a natural* entertainer. He has a desire to put the best display possible. Even if that means having to risk it all off one more big move, he will choose to gamble his body and career on one more big move.

    Brief Bio/History:
    From a small tribal village on the Greek island of Santorini Nikolis - Nike to his friends - has become famous for his acrobatic fire-breathing displays, for which he received aclaim whilst travelling around European circuses.

    His natural agility and creative performances are attributes that have given him the chance to shine in professional wrestling.

    Entrance Music:
    Firestarter by Prodigy.

    Entrance Description:
    The arena darkens. Images of volcanic explosions on the Tron bathe the arena in an orange glow before a large circle of fire on the stage begins. Sparx is flung up and lands in the centre of the flames. Sparx begins a flamboyant fire breathing routine.

    He vaults out of the circle before continuing with ever more flamboyant tricks. The final trick involve what appears to be a fireball from his hands that cause the whole arena to light up.

    Fighting Style:
    Would be considered a Mexican luchadore for his aerial capabilities but has mixed in some high impact moves.

    Previous Injuries/Character Psyche:
    He is a rookie and is therefore largely risk averse, lacking any fear of failure. His only goal is to get the biggest cheers of the night.

    Finishing Moves (2 max):
    Exploder Suplex (Pyro-lific)
    Green Bay Plunge (Santorini Spectacle)

    Signature Moves (3 max):
    Mist Spray
    Phoenix Splash
    Jumping 450 splash

    12 Most Used Moves:
    Edge o matic
    Kip up rana
    Mandible Claw
    Owens-style cannonball to an opponent in Tree of Woe position.
    Curb Stomp
    Pele kick
    Suicide dive
    Missile dropkick
    Face Wash
    Sami Zayn style no-hands DDT through the corner.

    Sample RP.
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