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    Real Name: Tyrone Blades

    Gimmick Name: Tyrone Blades

    Announced As: Tyrone Blades

    Height: 6'3"

    Weight: 225 lbs

    Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

    Billed From: None

    Alignment: Heel (ish?)

    Fill in the Blanks With Your Information:

    Introducing first, weighing in at 225 pounds, Tyrone Blades!


    -----------Hair color/length: Black hair down to the base of his neck.

    -----------Eye color: Green

    -----------Facial Hair: Full Beard

    -----------Ring Attire: Black baggy jeans, tan Timberland boots, red baseball gloves. Before the match, black bandanna around face with a black hoodie with the hood up.

    -----------Backstage Attire: Black baggy jeans, tan Timberland boots, red baseball gloves, black bandanna around face with a black hoodie with the hood up.

    -----------Physical Features: Nothing of note.

    -----------Tattoos: He has a sleeve on both arms, covered with various religious symbols and occult markings. On his back is a fallen angel with its black wings spreading across his shoulders. His neck has Japanese symbols tattooed on both sides.

    Sample Pic of Wrestler: [​IMG]

    Seriously cannot find a great pic but it'll do.

    Main Gimmick: Street Thug/Gang leader

    2 Characteristics of Gimmick:

    1. After his suspension by Mr. Banks, he is reverted back to his old former self and is taking the fight through guerrilla warfare tactics to either attack WZCW....or take it back.

    2. He believes WZCW is being sanitized by corporate powers. He will attack anyone he feels benefits from this, and offer his hand to those he feels are disenfranchised. He will not justify his decisions on this, only what he feels is right in his eyes. Will always have a black bat with him to use at his discretion.

    3. Motivated by money as well. Could potentially be bought off for the right price.

    Brief Bio/History: After being the shadow that haunted WZCW for so long, Tyrone Blades has shed his former persona and now fights against the tyranny that is running WZCW. The former two time world champion no longer will play by the rules or within the system. He has decided to break up the monotony that WZCW has become, and return the company to it's former glory, through cleansing or fire.

    Entrance Music:

    Entrance Description: Tyrone Blades will enter from anywhere in the arena, through the crowd, from behind the announcers, the side entrance, wherever is most ideal for the situation. Once he gets to the ring he'll slide in, spinning his black bat around before slowly pulling his hood back and tearing off his bandanna, staring down his opponent or the entrance ramp. Will constantly talk shit the whole time.

    Fighting Style: Primarily has become a striker now, but still will utilize his high degree of Submission skills to choke an opponent out. Has leaned down increasing his speed and can incorporate springboard and some high flying due to training with his old partner El Califa Dragon. By no means is he a luchador or high flier now, but has become more versatile.

    Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: No longer crazed by his occult dealings. Has had two ACL tears in his right knee, resulting in two surgeries. Has also had surgery on his left shoulder.

    Finishing Moves (2 max):

    Click Clack (Superkick followed by the Kinshasa)

    Street Dreams (Muta Lock with Dragon Sleeper)

    Signature Moves (3 max):

    Mo Murda (Facebreaker DDT)

    Desolate Roads (Rope hung reverse DDT)

    Straight Jacket Suplex from top rope

    12 Most Used Moves:

    1. Double stomp to opponent hung across turnbuckle into...

    2. Running stomp to back of opponent's head while they lie face down on middle or bottom turnbuckle.

    3. Hook kick

    4. Springboard flash kick.

    5. Pentagon Jr Driver (Pumphandle flipping slam)

    6. Diving High Knee

    7. Double Underhook backbreaker into....

    8. Backbreaker submission

    9. Running High Knee

    10. Straight jacket Stranglehold into head stomp.

    11. Crossface

    12. Guillotine Legdrop
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