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    The IPWC could not prove the existance of alts in the case of the Misawa / Edge match. It is plausible that the litany of posters under the one IP that CM found may very very have been off of a dynamic IP, which is not an intentional offense. The fact that there were multiple votes for Edge from that pool of posters and ZERO for Misawa is odd, but with a lack of proof must be chalked up to "coincidence."

    That being said, the following actions are being taken:

    1. Since the match ended in a tie, the Gold Medal in the Falls Count Anywhere match will be contested under Triple Threat Rules. 2 Referees will be utilized.

    2. The winner after a round of voting will win the Gold Medal. The remaining two men will battle for the silver. The loser of that match will face the 4th semi-finalist (Umaga) for the bronze.

    3. Alts will be investigated in every match. Discovered alts will, of course, be banned and their votes disqualified.

    4. In case of a tie moving forward, the tie breaker will be total number of posters who post in favor of one man vs the other. If Austin and Misawa tie 37-37, then I will painstakingly count the number of individuals who actualy posted their vote. If you want your vote to count in case of a tie, post.

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