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    According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, a couple of high profile NXT stars are expected to make their main roster debut after WrestleMania XXXII. According to the reports, possibly as part of the post WrestleMania Raw, Samoa Joe will make his debut sometime after WrestleMania. Plans are currently in motion to bring him up, though plans could change as there's also been some talk of having Joe win the NXT Championship resulting in an extended feud with Finn Balor.

    Speaking of Finn Balor, reportedly, he's not going to be brought up after WrestleMania as officials are still looking for/considering wrestlers to replace him as the "face" of NXT. He's wanted on the main roster, but officials don't want to bring him up until they're certain they have someone they feel can adequately fill his shoes.

    There's also said to be heavy consideration in bringing Sami Zayn to the main roster to feud with Kevin Owens, though the reports don't indicate if this will be during WrestleMania season or afterward.

    Considering that Joe will have just turned 37 by the time WrestleMania comes around, I'd say he'll most likely head to the main roster without winning the NXT Championship. Joe's still a young man in life but, realistically, he probably only has a small handful of years where he has the potential to be used and booked as a big deal on the main roster. While there are older stars on the main roster, like Jericho, Cena or Taker, they've also been part of the main roster for years whereas Joe hasn't.

    As for Finn Balor, the window of opportunity is a bit larger as he turned 34 this past June. While it's always possible he could pop up on Raw as sort of a surprise for the post WrestleMania Raw, my guess is he won't be brought up until later this year, possibly around SummerSlam or Survivor Series.

    As for Sami Zayn, it's a little more difficult to say. After all, Zayn's been on the shelf for about 7 months or so due to a shoulder injury, so I'd imagine they'll want to see how he holds up in NXT for a bit. He looked good during his match on NXT against Samoe Joe and Baron Corbin last night, so hopefully things will improve as there are a lot of people interested in Zayn vs. Owens for WrestleMania.

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    I think it's a huge miss on WWE's part to not bring Finn Balor up soon and put him vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania. He has that dark/demon thing going on and they can make an easy play off of that for why he's "targeting" The Undertaker.

    Have Undertaker beat him at Mania to get the win in his final Mania match but if Balor looks great in the loss it will be seen as a real good Mania debut.
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    I had a look at the different ages of some of the NXT guys earlier and Jesus do some not have a lot of time left to make an impression. Anyway, I understand keeping Balor in NXT for a while. WWE has finally got a fresh looking roster, last thing we'd want is for Balor to get lost in the pack. Joe going up makes sense seeing as AJ has just debuted, he's been ready for the main roster basically since his debut. Maybe we'll get that Owens/Joe feud they teased.

    If I had to rank a top 10 of who I think is most likely to be brought up to the main roster I'd go with:

    1 - Samoa Joe
    2 - Enzo and Big Cass (New Day need new challengers, these two are perfect. The comedy would be gold)
    3 - Baron Corbin (He's not ready in my opinion but Vince loves a big guy and seeing as RAW is now overflowing with what he'd refer to as Internet darlings, can see this happening soon)
    4 - Sami Zayn (I think he's the big post Mania RAW appearance. I expect Styles to face Owens at Mania for some reason. Think this will be Owens next feud)
    5 - Bayley (Again Post Mania RAW, Sasha's won the belt and out comes Bayley)
    6 - Apollo Crews (Not racist but other than New Day.... Plus this guy is super talented)
    7 - Emma (reinvented herself perfectly)
    8 - Finn Balor (Low on the list just by going by the report)
    9 - Blake and Murphy and Alexa Bliss (Irrelevant but these 3 remind me of Edge, Christian and Trish Stratus)
    10 - Vaudevillians
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    I say WWE pull the switch on only 2 NXT stars making the move. They dont necesarily need more talent on the roster and by than Cesaro & Cena could be due back and no doubt they get screen time.

    For me, Enzo and Big Cass dont need to debut just yet. I still think WWE put the strap on the Dudleys sometime soon and with Extreme Rules the PPV after WM32 why not let them have there last big moment? It will most likely be in a multiple team match since New Day have already beaten them. That reason alone, i dont see Enzo & Cass making there debut till at least June/July. Same for B&M and Vaudevillians.

    Balor is on the same page for me and obviously WWE dont see a fit enough "leader" for NXT so why not just let him relish in his current role? Once Gallows/Anderson debut, thats even more publicity for him and NXT. Could WWE maybe do a Taker/Demon Balor match than have Balor deny moving to Raw to regain the NXT title off Joe after losing at Takeover: Dallas. Maybe the dead man rocks up on NXT when Balor is in Demon form? Darn, if only lol.

    So with that and Sami Zayn and Bayley already having a match made for a PPV following WM32, there the 2 i think will debut after Raw. Joe is an unusual one, does he push to the main roster without even having with the biggest prize in NXT? Not just yet imo.
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    There is no need to bring Balor up to the main roster just yet. Samoa Joe, Sami Zayn and AJ Styles are more than enough fresh faces to be on TV.
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    Enzo and Cass have not featured at all in the recent NXT Tapings... could this mean a main roster call up is in fact imminent?
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    At this rate they should just scrap NXT as this legit company and use it strictly to develop talent...then do another brand split or something if the roster is too packed (I don't think it is though). It's kinda shitty to not be able to see top stars like Balor, Aries, Nakamura, Samoa Joe, Zayn, Big Cas and Enzo, Baley, etc on tv interacting with main roster talent in the spotlight. NXT and WWE is almost like a conflict of interest. When all these injuries happen, and the roster is short on talent, we aren't allowed to be given all those stars wasting away in a small developmental promotion. I could see if they were needing to be developed but these guys have years and years of experience in TNA, and NJPW for goodness sake. This is getting to be a bit ridiculous in my personal opinion.
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    But NXT already have it's new face in Austin Aries, so i don't see any problem here.
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    Why would they bring Balor up right now? So he can get buried by all of HHH's friends? Oh hang on, Rollins is injured and will be out till July/August possibly.
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    Like many stated above I believe at this point and time The WWE roster is a little too stacked at the moment. Tyler Breeze just debuted a couple of months ago and is already massively lost in the shuffle. I mean at least guys like Adam Rose, Bo Dallas, Fandango, Adrian Neville, ect... had a decent enough push after their debut to show The WWE Universe and Big Brass reasons as to why they were going to be regulated to the deplorable status know as jobber but it seemed WWE gave up on Breeze before He even had a chance to leave a lasting impression and/or have a single opportunity to shine or showcase His talent or character. As with many of the Men I named above He has more then enough talent to carve out a niche for Himself on The Main Roster it's too bad The WWE Big Brass would rather bury their promising talent then elevate Them to being a useful cog in the ever evolving machine that is The WWE.

    Now with all of that being said to the question at hand while there are many talents deserving of a Main Roster Call-Up, I truly believe no matter how great they are They will get lost in the shuffle unless The WWE has a long term goal and/or general creative direction for the upcoming talent. I think Samoa Joe with all of His history and natural abilities on the mic and in the ring should have debuted on The Main Roster much like AJ Styles. I believe there are several viable options for Him right now a fuel with AJ have them elevate Each other by having the great matches We all know they are capable of preforming. I also believe He has unfinished business with Kevin Owens, who wouldn't want to see these two hard hitting brusers decimate one another.

    Which brings Me to Mr. Sami Zayn He also has a compiling reason to not only debut but for people to instantly care. The Best Friend Thing with Kevin Owens writes itself and was beautifully set up by this year's Royal Rumble. If You have KO win The Intercontinental Championship then have a re-debut Sami Zayn unseat Kalisto for The United States Championship could You imagine how big a unification match could be at Wrestlemania? or just how much match potential and general overall options The WWE would have at The Mid-Card level, something The WWE should consider considering it's recent string of injuries. I mean a re-focused Miz, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens, Kalisto, Neville, Rusev, Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio, Luke Harper, Bray Wyatt, a returning Ceraro, Tyson Kidd and Sin Cara just to name a few options adding Joe, Styles, Zayn and even My next pick of Austin Aires would elevate The Mid-Card Division to the best it has ever been.

    Now on to another Guy that should have debuted on The Main Roster Austin Aires. With the WWE choosing to push Kalisto as it's United States Champion The WWE has created a unique opportunity to showcase a wrestling first Division much like TNA did with their X-Division. So why not have a very aggressive Aires debut and create a very compiling heel character to counter act His babyface character, why not have Them elevate Each other to the stratosphere, why not throw Breeze in there to give Him something to do. I truly believe if They are going to continue to have The Intercontinental and The United States Championships then They need to be two completely different Divisions, They should have two completely different feels to Them and having the more technical high flying wrestlers compete for The United States Championship could balance out The WWE product and create compelling TV for Us all.

    So in closing My number one pick for Single Competitor Male Call-Up is...

    1. Samoa Joe: Has proven Himself every place He has ever gone. Has been a Champion everywhere He has ever gone. Great on the mic, has a great character. Could be in the mix right now fighting it out for best match of the night.

    2. Sami Zayn: He has done His time in NXT and at least IMO created an even better character then His El Generico gimmick from the independent scene. He is good on the mic and outstanding in the ring. I don't really see future World Champion on Him but as a Upper Mid-Card Proformer He will have plenty of opportunities to change My mind.

    3. Austin Aires: I know He just debuted but He should already be on The Main Roster, already is one of the most polished acts in NXT. The WWE really makes their average NXT Star look pretty bad when They bring in someone of Aires caliber.

    4. Baron Corbin: I know He has His critics but I have seen a decent amount of growth in Him going toe to toe with the best NXT has to offer. It started with NXT signing Joe and Rhyno and I don't know They took Him under Their collective wings or what but He has continued to not only improve but excel in matches with American Alpha and Apollo Crews.

    5. Alex Riley/Hideo Itami: Both Men are coming off injuries and have more then proven Themselves to be capable. Alex was as white hot as Sandow was when He first broke away from The Miz and even had a slight push that went nowhere before being demoted back to NXT then the ultimate low blow of being regulated to the commentary team. Hideo just one short year ago was chosen over Finn Bàlor to compete at Wrestlemania in The Andre the Giant Battle Royal and was well on track to Main Event on NXT. Had He stayed healthy I believe Finn would be working as a heel and chasing Hideo as Challenger to His Champion.

    I want to state that the once all powerful Women's Division of NXT is now a weak decrepit shadow version of itself and not one Women should be Called-Up at this time, expectually considering the deplorable state of The Main Rosters Diva's Divisio but these are the Women I consider to be the hottest prospects in NXT...

    1.Evil Emma: Has worked hard to re-invent Herself in NXT. IMO She is a less lovable but better version of current NXT Women's Champion Bayley. If WWE is smart Emma created a prototype as what not to do with Bayley. With that being said I believe She has more then earned Her spot back on The Main Roster.

    2.Bayley: Was there any doubt She would be here although many would probably place Her at number one I believe their was a reason She was left behind by The other Four HorseWomen, for one IMO She is not as polished and needed the time and space to be the face of NXT Women's Wrestling which She is. Unlike most I believe Her being left behind can only help Her grow and raise Her game to the next level. I cannot deny the raw talent She has to become the next big female babyface but WWE needs a little more time to workout their Diva's Division and it's competitors before Bayley makes Her big debut.

    3.Adrienne Reese: I know She is just a house show worker for now but I believe that's because The WWE has huge things in store for this talented young lady. I fully expect for Her to make a massive impact upon Her NXT debut possibly becoming the woman to replace Bayley when She makes Her debut on the Main Roster. If You haven't had the pleasure of seeing Her in action then I strongly recommend for You to look Her up on YouTube.

    4.Peyton Royce: IMO this lady just has that intangible it factor that I like in a new wrestler. I was not familiar with Her before She intrigued Me in NXT but I looked up some of Her work as KC Cassidy on the independent scene and I think She has an incredible upside. She has shown Me enough even in constant loses on NXT to make Me a fan and that is very hard to do. I believe when She finally receives a sustained push She will not fail to disappoint. Could be the next huge heel to Adrienne Reese face. I think these two will be at the top on NXT's Women's Division sooner rather than later.

    5.Asuka: She has that it factor but I am not as sold as everyone else is on Her. I think sometimes She is a little sloppy and unpolished in the ring and She can't even speak proper English which means little to no promo skills, but I am genuinely interested in seeing Her develop and believe with proper booking She could be a huge star in years to come.

    Now Last to what I consider NXT's flagship Division at this time Their Tag Team Division which I consider to be superior to the WWE's current Division...

    1.American Alpha (Chad "Say My Name" Gable and Jason "JJ" Jordan): This is far and beyond the best Tag Team in the untire WWE IMO. I believe They have the chemistry and character to be huge stars on The Main Roster right now. Not to mention the fact that They both have singles wrestling potential written all over Them, IMO They are right up their with the very best technical wrestlers in the untire WWE. They truly have a unbelievable somewhat scary upside as singles wrestlers and as a tag team.

    Apollo Crews and Rich Swann: I know they are not a Tag Team but These Two are incredible performers who I would love to see feud with American Alpha for NXT Tag Team supremacy then move to The Main Roster with Them and light The WWE Tag Division on fire.

    3.The Alexa, Blake and Murphy Factor: Great heel Tag Team, can put on great matches with anybody and seems at least at the moment to be lost in the shuffle in NXT so why not inject some new life on The Main Roster.

    4.The Two Man Smash Machine (Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson): The current NXT Tag Team Champions are every bit the throwback brusers They claim to be and I think every roster need a rough and tumble Tag Team like these Guys.

    The Vaudevillians (Simon Gotch and Aiden English): They are a very interesting and unique Tag Team. Both had weird body types and strange movesets that make Them standout in a talent filled Division. I love these Guys thought Their reign was too short even if They did help elevate Blake and Murphy and Wilder and Dawson.

    Last I know I left out such favorites as Finn Bàlor and Enzo and Big Cass but unlike most I think both of these talents still have alot to learn if They are going to make it in The WWE. Finn should stay on NXT until He can do a test run of The Bullet/Bàlor Club angle I know it will work but just imagine how much more in will mean when They actually debut on The Main Roster if Them Dominate NXT first then go on to invade The WWE. Maybe The WWE could even sign a couple more members and let's face facts Finn needs more time to develop on the mic if He is ever going to have a shot at achieve the goal The IWC has placed on Him. Although I enjoy Enzo Amore on the mic, IMO He and Cass are just not a very good Tag Team I think even The Hype Bros gel better in the ring then these two, they need to overhaul Their gimmick and more importantly work on vastly improving inside the squared circle IMO.
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    At this time, I mean pre-Wrestlemania 32, I would like only one call-up and I think I would love it:
    The duo of Enzo Amore and Big Cass along with Carmella!​

    There is no better choice for a NxT call-up at this time. They can debut at main roster and dethrone New Day as the Tag Team Champions at Wrestlemania 32. Presence of Carmella would even the odds out there due to Xavier Woods. And dont forget the epic promos between these two teams. :blush:


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    The problem is that they are so focused on keeping NXT relevant that they are failing to realize the main roster is severely suffering for it.

    There is no way you can convince me that you cannot come up with something significant for Zayn, Aries, Joe and Balor on the main roster. Throw in the tag team talent down in NXT that could feud with New Day ... and you could make a serious case for about 10 people being called up.

    I know that they want NXT to stay relevant and important, but if they really want to get the main roster to new heights they need to stop having such supreme talents on the "B" roster.

    NXT could still season Corbin for a little bit and he would be a fantastic champion if booked correctly. Apollo Crews, Hideo Itami (briefly after return), Samson ... they could all grow. Get Breeze back down there. Sign new talent, not just Indie darlings.

    I just think they could be doing so much more with the main roster and using NXT more as a proving ground ... instead they are so worried about keeping it great that the main product is suffering from it.

    All that said ... if I am bringing up ONE guy ... it has to be Joe because of the age thing. If the E is going to get the most money that they can out of him, he needs to come up first. He is polished in the ring and has a persona that easily translates.
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    I hope at one of these Takeovers, Joe claims "This is my last match here in NXT, I'm moving to the main roster and issues an open challenge" Brock Lesnar accepts the challenge to a huge pop, they have a match and Joe gets loads of offense in. Even though Brock will obviously win, I think that would put Joe over big time for the main roster.

    I think Brock would be willing to do anything if he thinks the money's right.
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    They can bring anyone up at any time and they could or would fit in depending on creative. The problem I see is we have a main roster that can't be booked properly. There is only a handful of wrestlers that get put on TV each week, the rest are almost forgotten about.

    Then you have Cena, Orton, Cesaro, Rollins and others out with injuries. Where do they fit in when they come back? Cena is the only one I see haven't a feud ready made for him with the US title, the rest, well storylines will have to be created for them.

    Henry, Kane, Undertaker will most likely be gone soon. While we all I'm sure appreciate their careers and what they've put into the business, now is the time for them to move on and let other have a shot. Kane I could see staying around for a little while to help put newer guys over, he would be a great asset to NXT if he wanted to remain in the business.

    The WWE has to do something here, they have a stacked roster, some of who are overworked, some never get used at all, and some should maybe be let go. They can call up all of NXT, but if there is nothing for them to do, no creative direction, all the hard work they put in has gone to waste. Thin out the roster, release those that for want of a better word regarded as "benchwarmers", and start fresh.
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    According to a report at, it looks like Enzo Amore, Colin Cassady and Carmella are headed to the main roster in the near future. The report alleges that it's a lock for all three to be brought to the main roster and that writers have been having talks about bringing them up.

    The report doesn't state exactly as to when they'll be brought up, though talents are usually brought up from NXT after WrestleMania and, if I had to guess, that'll be the case this time as WWE will be devoting the rest of its time to the WrestleMania build up. A debut on the post WrestleMania Raw will have the biggest impact and it'll be in front of a super hot crowd.

    Enzo & Cass are entertaining, Enzo especially so on the mic, and Carmella does add some sex appeal to things, she also has a lot of personality. Whether or not they'll thrive on the main roster is up in the air because Vince has a generally different booking philosophy for the main roster than Triple H has for NXT.

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