Predict the opponents at Wrestlemania

Discussion in 'WWE Pay Per Views' started by rge2010, Jan 30, 2018.

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    Mania 34 is looking to be a stacked card!!! There are lots of rumours floating around of the main event matches and Rousey joining only adds to that.

    The only match that looks a lock right now is AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura.


    1 - Roman Reigns
    I am completely fine with Lesnar vs Reigns but it doesn't look like they are building Reigns very well - he has suffered back to back defeats against The Miz. I wonder if WWE will swerve us?

    2 - John Cena
    Given the new scandal surrounding Reigns maybe WWE have gone a bit sour on him? I wouldn't be surprised to see Cena get his Main Event at Mania (a few years since his last) and his redemption against Lesnar. A lot depends on Undertaker.

    3 - Bobby Lashley
    Improbably but not impossible. He is close to signing with WWE and could be a surprise entrant in the Elimination Chamber. He wins that and goes on to take Brock and slays the Beast.


    1 - John Cena
    I do not believe we have seen the last of Taker. There is nothing official at his supposed 'retirement' and the rumours of him facing Cena are gaining strength.

    2 - Braun Strowman
    He would be the alternative to face Taker. Although I think this has come a year too late and maybe 12 months ago was his time to be the 2 in 23.

    3 - Kane
    What a way to end this over 20 year old history. Taker retiring his Brother Kane. Or vice versa perhaps?


    1 - Triple H & Stephanie McMahon
    Probably the most likely given the segment a few years ago - also allows Trips/Steph to protect their golden girl a little. Rousey could have Rock, Kurt, Shane as a partner. Possibilities are fairly endless. Not sure on Rousey vs Steph though.

    2 - Asuka
    Rousey wins the Elimination Chamber and becomes Raw Champion - and Asuka is the main challenger. I have a feeling this is likely but WWE may want to keep them apart and have a showdown at Summerslam. Keep them both undefeated - could be the Main Event if booked well.

    3 - Charlotte Flair
    A decent match up but least likely. WWE will want Rhonda on Raw.


    1 - Triple H
    I think these two will lock horns whether it is a singles, or involves Rousey and Steph in a mixed tag. Not sure Rousey and Steph would work though.

    2 - Jason Jordan
    Jordan turns on his 'Dad' or admits he lied to further his career etc etc. Storyline is cheesy, predictable but writes itself. Would be a decent match.

    3 - Samoa Joe
    A throw back to their TNA days. They have history - hardcore fans know this. I can't think of anybody else!!!


    1 - The Miz
    Strong rumours he will be challenging for the IC Belt. It is about time Braun won a Championship.

    2 - The Undertaker
    Not sure this has the intrigue it would have 12 months ago and it looks like Taker will be busy with Cena anyway.

    3 - The Demon Finn Balor
    Kinda stuck to the think of a 3rd but the Demon is undefeated, maybe Braun could be the man to end that. Throw in 'The Club' and you have a decent story.
  2. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

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    Lesnar gets Reigns. It's a match that I think is set in stone and quite frankly I have no problem with.

    Undertaker (if he wrestles), he gets John Cena. It's about damn time actually. Taker's last match at the same place the streak broke.

    Rousey. Now that's a tough one... I don't know what they'll do, my gut tells me it's going to be a mixed tag against HHH & Steph. What I'd like to see though is her squashing Nikki Bella.

    Strowman? I think Strowman should stay away from the IC title. It would feel like a demotion for him actually. Strowman is a draw on his own. The IC championship belongs in another part of the card. If you combine those two, you lose one drawing match. I don't really care what Braun will end up doing, I know it's going to be entertaining though.
  3. Kodo Sawaki

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    Lesnar/Reigns- set in stone

    Cena/Undertajer- if they do Undertaker match this is it

    Rousey/Charlotte- Just cant see them doing Asuka/Rousey now and Steph isnt gona wrestle

    Angle/Jordan- makes sense

    Strowman/HHH- still think its gona happen, surprised that they didnt do HHH interfere at Rumble
  4. brahuma_bull

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    Cena/Stowman-Only Logical one for Braun
    Rousey/Partner-Trips/Steph-1st match won't be singles she just started at the Performance Center
    Balor/Miz-Miz has to leave for Baby for a while who better to take IC Strap?
    IMO Taker is done.
    Asuka/Bliss-Unless Rousey is full time Raw
    Charlotte/Becky-Made at Fastlane some kind of qual match
    Owens/Zayn-Owens PO'd Sami entered Rumble slow build turn at Fastlane
    Uso's/New Day- No other teams worth the match
    Bar/Club-Again no other teams worth the match
  5. roipdh123

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    Lesnar will fight Reigns, and Cena will fight Taker. Those seem to be locked in, even though the WWE didn't start to build to those matches on TV. Angle/Rousey vs HHH/Stephanie makes sense, and WWE should keep Asuka vs Rousey for WrestleMania 35 where it can actually main event.
    Then we enter the problem the WWE has and that is that they have too many good midcard wrestlers to have them all in meaningful matches. They have Miz as IC Champ. But then they have Joe, Rollins, Strowman, Balor, Jordan, Wyatt, Elias, Matt Hardy etc. all in the raw midcard. My solution is this: They will have Jordan vs Rollins at Mania for sure, then they need to have Miz (C) (w/The Miztourage) defend his title against Finn Balor (w/The Balor Club)... and against Brauuuuun!!. Think about it. Strowman vs Miztourage vs Balor Club. Have the 2 factions team up to take Braun down early in the match, have Balor Club and Miztourage fight against each other, when Braun comes back up and smashes everyone, hitting 2 powerslams on Miz to win the title. That will be a great WrestleMania opener by the way...
    Joe will fight with Cena after Mania, as WWE won't take the risk with his injury, and that leaves him open to each win the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal (which I prefer) or insert him into the IC title match, which will kill off Braun's heat and also Joe won't win so it will make him look weak. I think the solution for Joe is if the WWE would go with Strowman and Rousey vs HHH and Stephanie with Kurt Angle going against Jason Jordan. That will allow them to do Balor vs Rollins vs Joe vs Miz for the IC Title, which is a much more balanced match.

    But, even with all this speculation, I see the Raw side being:

    WWE Universal Championship
    Brock Lesnar (C) vs Roman Reigns - Reigns wins the title.

    No Holds Barred Match
    John Cena vs The Undertaker - Taker wins.

    Mixed Tag Team Match
    Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey vs Triple H and Stephanie McMahon - Angle / Rousey

    Singles Match
    Seth Rollins vs Jason Jordan - Jordan wins

    Fatal Four Way Match for the WWE Raw Women's Championship
    Alexa Bliss (C) vs Nia Jax vs Sasha Banks vs Bayley - Bayley wins, Sasha turns heel on her, allowing Carmella to cash in on Bayley and win the title.

    Triple Threat Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
    The Miz (C) vs Braun Strowman vs Finn Balor - Strowman wins.

    Pre-Show Match: Tag Team Street Fight for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships
    The Bar (C) vs The Revival - Revival wins.

    Pre-Show Match: Tournament Finals for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship
    Cedric Alexander vs Hideo Itami - Cedric wins the title.

    Pre-Show Match: Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal
    I will have Samoa Joe win the battle royal last eliminating Rusev (I am in predictions mode not fantasy mode..). Make the battle royal feel important with the ton of star power that it will have - from Raw (Samoa Joe, Bray Wyatt, Matt Hardy, Elias, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and so on..), and from SmackDown (Rusev, Dolph Ziggler, Chad Gable, Shelton Benjamin, Baron Corbin and so on..). They need to make it to the same level of importance of the New Japan Rumble

    In terms of the SmackDown side, AJ vs Nakamura is a lock now. Then you look down the card and as it looks now they must do Owens and Zayn vs Shane and Daniel Bryan, but if not, then I see them having Roode vs Owens vs Zayn for the US title. Shane must have a match and a match with Daniel Bryan makes sense, but again he needs to return to the ring in order for that to happen. Tag Titles will be the ladder match of this show. In terms of women, I see Asuka challenging Charlotte, and going to the SmackDown roster (when after the brand split, you'll also have Naomi and Carmella go to Raw with Nia Jax and Mickie James going to SD - then Raw will be led by Carmella, Bliss, Bayley and Sasha, and SmackDown led by Charlotte, Asuka, Nia Jax and Becky Lynch, with Ronda Rousey being a free agent).

    WWE Championship Match
    AJ Styles (C) vs Shinsuke Nakamura - Nakamura wins.

    Tag Team Match. The person who will be pinned must leave SmackDown Live
    Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. DB and Shane win (DB pins Owens).

    Lumberjill Match for the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship
    Charlotte Flair (C) vs Asuka - Asuka wins.

    Singles Match for the WWE United States Championship
    Bobby Roode (C) vs Randy Orton - Roode retains

    Fatal Four Way Ladder Match for the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship
    The Usos (C) vs The New Day vs The Bludgeon Brothers vs The Authors of Pain - Authors of Pain win

    So there you have it 14 matches (15 if you include the cash in) - 11 main card, 3 pre-show matches, even though I see WWE doing 4 pre-show matches this year (don't know which match they can possibly demote...). But that is it.
  6. Y 2 Jake

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    The main guys are fairly obvious. I feel Wyatt and Hardy will come together and will challenge The Bar and that Roode will turn heel and his Mania debut will be a US title challenge where he'll get squashed by somebody like Lashley.
  7. rge2010

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    I like that idea of Hardy and Wyatt together. I think you could be on to something there.

    Not convinced Roode has to turn heel for an open challenge but you are probably correct, makes more sense if his opponent is a face.
  8. Psykohurricane55

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    I would go with Cena and Reigns on this one. My logic would be that you could go either way with this . You got the big dog trying to avenge his mania lost from a few years ago, you also have the aging veteran trying to win his 17th champions and beat the record, plus you have three of the biggest star in wwe fighting for the universal title


    For me, I don't want anybody to face taker, in fact if I was them, I would just have him come to the ring at mania, cut a retirement speech that makes sense and you announce him as the first inductee for the 2019 hall of fame. So I hope they do something like that since I feel last year's retirement angle was too well done to just throw it all away for another match.


    Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

    I feel that for now, you need to protect to mystique of rousey as a performer so having her in a tag match for her first match makes sense. As for who will be her partner. The ideal one would be the rock since they have history already, but if you can't get him, 2 ideas come to mind, first how about Braun strowman. The guy as already some story with HHH and that would be a big match for him that would help making look like a major star, second would be angle. Again, they have history from what happened at survivor series and HHH and angle would have great match.


    See rousey response.


    If you don't put him in the rousey match, at this point I would either put him in the battle royal And he just kills everybody in the match or just not use him.
  9. Deoxyribonucleic A.C.I.D.

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    Wyatt and Hardy together works for me, too.. but how about heel Balor Club vs face Woken Family (Hardys and Bray)?

    PS: If they get Lashley for WM, he should face Joe.

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