Elias at Wrestlemania

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    Elias is definately the big surprise of 2017. He has managed to get the crowd behind him, without being given a big push, he got organic heat and after Joe's injury, he's been given a chance to shine in a feud with Cena and now has the Elimination Chamber spotlight on him. His segment with Braun was amazing and he seems like a guy that is constantly improving.

    I've seen threads about what will Braun do at Wrestlemania, Miz, Rollins, Rousey or Balor.

    But here's one that I think deserves some talk. What will Elias do at Wrestlemania? For me he definately deserves to have a one-on-one match on the main show, simply because he's one of the best heels they have right now. He has charisma, great on the mic and a good look.

    Rollins was rumored to face a heel Ambrose, then a heel Jordan. Samoa Joe is also injured. Miz might be facing Balor, Cena might get Taker. The heels that RAW has left are HHH, Elias and Wyatt. The faces? Rollins, Braun and possibly Angle.

    We've seen HHH/Wyatt vs Rollins, so what about Seth Rollins vs Elias at Wrestlemania?

    I know it sounds underwhelming, but Rollins has nobody else fresh to face and Elias deserves this chance.
  2. Y 2 Jake

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    I don't see him getting anything other than a brief musical number before being crushed by somebody or a place in the battle royal. Having a prominent position on TV doesn't make you a Wrestlemania necessity.

    The best he can hope for is if they insert him into something with Strowman, Balor, Miz if they just have an IC match.
  3. Fire Marshall Bill

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    If Cena/Taker doesn't happen I would expect them to have a match. After all, Chris Jericho did lose to Fandango at WM. Cena is nearing that level.
  4. Spencesc11

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    If these matches are pretty much set from the Raw Side

    Lesnar vs. Reigns
    Cena vs. Taker
    Rock or Angle + Rousey vs. HHH/Steph
    Bliss vs. Jax (assuming Asuka decides to challenge Charlotte instead)

    I would do this....
    First off Stroman vs. Miz makes no sense. No heat to this feud and assuming it would be a squash match for sure.

    Stroman vs. Samoa Joe (assuming he will be ready to go) - winner challenges for the Universal Title at next PPV.

    IC Title Ladder Match - Miz vs. Balor vs. Elias vs. Rollins vs. M. Hardy vs. Wyatt (this puts all these guys in a nice high profile match) - I would probably have Elias win as well. A nice mid-card title run for him is definitely needed to propel him up the card. Plus this would allow you to move Miz, Rollins, & Balor to Smackdown for the superstar shakeup.
  5. Jack-Hammer

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    I'd just stick Elias in the battle royal this time around. Elias is fun as a character, he's coming along well, but the guy's completely average inside the ring, maybe a step or two above Jinder Mahal at this point. I enjoy seeing him do his schtick but, for the most part, not so much when it comes to wrestling because he works at a snail's pace and is just so dirt basic that nothing he does stands out.

    That's not to say that I'd be against him having a mid-card title run, I wouldn't really, but I'm just of the opinion that Elias shouldn't capture gold before Braun Strowman.
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  6. THTRobtaylor

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    Elias is a funny one, as his schtick works without a match at Mania... normally you'd expect him to show up with his guitar, start to sing and someone like Hogan would appear to crush him.

    Recent developments have given rise to this idea though... exactly the above happens but it's J..E..F...F... J...A..R...R...E...T...T who shows up with his guitar and we get an impromptu match.

    This time though, the Hall of Famer doesn't go over and Elias picks up a win, or at least the DQ loss by smashing Jarrett's own guitar over his head. It could be an interesting short feud for a month on PPV to have Jarrett back and to get Elias further over. I hate "pole" matches, but Guitar on a pole or some variation on a ladder match with a guitar might work.

    Failing that, he wins or is last 2 in the Battle Royale... we saw last year that last eliminated can still do better than the winner.
  7. bjarvis

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    I like that idea. Elias is playing than Double J comes back.

    It'd be a great way to reintroduce Double J, even if its just a one-off while also giving Elias a memorable moment for his debut Mania.

    Otherwise I could see him winning the Andre the Giant Battle Royal, which should be a guaranteed spot in the upcoming MITB match.
  8. BigDaddyKewl

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    It's unfortunate that a lot of the big stars on the main roster get bumped and don't have anything meaningful at Mania. However they would be stupid not to do a usual singing segment with ELIAS on the big stage. I mean what a site it will be to have Elias ripping into the seventy thousand plus New Orleans fans. Maybe they could book Jericho for a one off appearance for Mania and interrupt Elias singing. They had a funny segment at Raw 25 and would probably be even better in front of the live crowd
  9. Kodo Sawaki

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    Only if you are minority with WWE interested in your market. Now judging by "Black Panther" Africans are in. Maybe Elias can disguise himself with black paint and do ARMBAR with that. O wait, thats racist. :lol:

    Jokes aside, with Cena probably getting Taker cant see Elias getting Cena at Mania. So probaby ARMBAR for Elias this year. Shame, I like his shtick, maybe he gets more to do after by moving him to Smackdown or maybe even getting him MiTB contract.
  10. Rulk25

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    If he does not get Cena I think a better idea than him as a random guy in the Mr Irrelevant Battle royal...would be to make him the Mania Host like the New Day was last year a few backstage segments and this concert where he is interrupted forst by Honky Tonk Man and then by Jeff Jarret
  11. JoeMallard

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    Multi-man ladder match for the IC Championship.
  12. Psykohurricane55

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    Personally, while i like Elias act, what i would like to see for him at mania is just have him do a mini concert during mania, sing a couple of songs and then have a legends maybe goldberg come in and spear him. I Feel that the best way to utilize him at mania. The fact is while the gimmick is over, it's not a gimmick that translate well to a main event push or even a upper card push. The guy is a great gimmick and that's about it.
  13. The Brain

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    I was thinking he could be the host like New Day last year. He should have some spot on the card but I don't see him in a match outside the battle royal. Now we can debate on the value of a host for mania but it's a spot WWE can hype up a bit and it's better than being just another guy in a pre show battle royal. He can have two short segments with some annoying songs that piss the fans off and finally get interrupted by a legend during his third segment. Ideally the Rock would be the one to interrupt since Eilas is doing his Rock Concert schtick but I won't hold my breath on that. Giving Elias the hosting duties would be the perfect way to make him seem important even though he isn't important enough for a big match.
  14. rge2010

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    Elisa needs a segment, not a match. A concert of some sort.

    Who better to interrupt and have a sing off with than 'The Great One'? That would be much bigger for Elias than any low/mid card match.
  15. thebarber

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    Elias wins the ATG Battle Royal

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