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Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Jack-Hammer, Oct 19, 2015.

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    Maybe there's been a thread about this made before, it's been quite a while if so, but I just don't recall it. The main page mentioned something that Jim Ross posted on Twitter in which he answered a fan's question if he'd be interested in working in NXT in which he responded:

    "Of course. I started the developmental program years ago and have always enjoyed that aspect of the biz."

    Jim Ross is someone who strikes me very much as a "Triple H guy" in that he's someone who seems like he's cut from the same cloth as guys like William Regal and Dusty Rhodes; an old school guy who's very passionate about wrestling and has a strong eye for talent.

    Of course, the first thing that'll spring to mind would be putting Jim Ross on commentary, which wouldn't be a bad thing at all, but I have a feeling that Trips hasn't reached out to Ross because of Vince. Triple H makes the final calls in NXT, but only because Vince allows it and I'm wondering if bringing in Jim Ross is something that Vince would veto or otherwise put his foot down with. Jim Ross' old school, southern boy enthusiasm that made him the voice of WWE, and the voice of wrestling in general as far as many fans are concerned, is something that's associated with "professional wrestling" and that's a term that Vince doesn't like applied to WWE.

    IF Triple H becomes Vince's successor within the next few years, I could see Jim Ross being brought in to take over NXT or be William Regal's right hand guy if Trips doesn't bring Regal on up to the main roster.
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    The biggest problem I see here is age. Ross is 63 while Regal is only 47. It's hard to say when Vince will be gone, but Ross could be pushing 70 by that point. I could easily see him as an adviser but putting him in charge of developmental at that age is probably a stretch. There's definitely a place for someone who has been around that long and used to be VP of Talent Relations but putting him in charge of NXT might be a bit too much.
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    While I'd love to see Ross back on commentary, I'd also be fine with him somewhere behind the scenes. There have been countless articles and interviews citing JR's mind for the business, and even at his age, the WWE would be lucky to have him. As KB mentioned above, it is an IF and WHEN question.

    Regardless, if nothing else, I'd bring in JR to give pointers to the commentary teams. Teach them how to sell a superstar, how to help pace a match for the home audience, and how to react appropriately to the talent. All those things matter, and JR is one of the best ever, so who better to learn from?
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    JR had always had his hand in development, scouting, advisement and everything else, he doesn't need to be head of anything, just put him on the payroll and have him whispering in whomever is in charge's ear, and great things could come from it.

    I'd keep him off commentary though, keep NXT about the new.
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    I certainly wouldn't complain at all. There's no better one to put a talent over or show cast him better than Jim Ross. Unfortunate that he hasn't been in NXT already. Perhaps like JH said, once Vince stepped down, Triple H might rope Jim Ross in.

    Certainly he's a great wrestling enthusiast and the fans all over the globe respects him. It'll be vital if he plays a crucial part in the development. Let's hope these aren't just fallacy facts that might fade away soon.

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    It would be awesome...... He is a great commentator..... what a better way to get over young guys like Richard Breenan & Corey Graves.....
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    The above sentence is key. Triple H is in charge of NXT, but only because Vince says he can be. I wonder about the private thoughts of Paul Levesque. Outwardly, he likely has to defer to his father-in-law as much as anyone else in the company, except for Stephanie. Inwardly, he probably wishes Vince would retire and let Trips get a crack at running the whole thing.

    Yes, there are 'Triple H men/women' ...... for all the good it does those people because if any that Trips would use are vetoed by Vince......that's it.

    Included in this group is Jim Ross. I never fully understood why Vince had to get rid of JR, at least in such a complete sense. He had to be outright fired before being allowed to come back and work some assignments for the company. Seems to me that should have been the way it was done in the first place.

    As for the feasibility of Ross having a bigger role, even in NXT, I would consider his advanced age before turning him loose with such a big project. Plainly, the man doesn't want to retire, and he's seemingly found stuff to do since WWE released him. I'd leave it at that, having the guy back only occasionally, as they've been doing.
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    I see many did not begin watching NXT til it got onto the network. Ill leave it at that ;)

    Jim Ross would be a fantastic addition to the development and creative down in NXT, and he loves the product. Sad to say its probably very far from possible given his deal with NJPW, at which he will have grown even older by the time it is done.
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    Jim Ross always came across statesmanlike, considered, respectful, intelligent and could present a positive outlook on even the most bizarre and questionable of pro wrestling's creative decisions.

    Then I read his Twitter feed and listened to his podcast. What a miserable bastard.

    I've still got respect for good ol' JR but I now see him as a vestige rather than a useful component of a business that wants to progress.

    Besides, whether it be on commentary or behind the scenes, NXT already has an exemplary team.

    Oh, to think back to the days when I listened to Jim Ross try to put Jinder Mahal over as a legitimate title contender and thought of myself as a latecomer.
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    Jim Ross would be a huge asset to any wrestling promotion. Not just on commentary, but backstage too. As VP of talent relations and head scout he was responsible for the signings of some of the best talent WWE has ever seen. And also had the unfortunate job of wishing some talent well on their future endeavors. So we know he isn't a pushover when it comes to making business like decisions.

    Ross could run a promotion and should still be in WWE to this day. NXT would be perfect for him. Even if it is just as a backstage presence, I'm sure he would be able to bring the very best out of the roster and continue the upward climb NXT has been taking on.

    People with smart sense of the business like Jim Ross and Paul Heyman are best for business. And when Triple H finally takes the reigns from Vince, I hope he knows this to be true. Sadly It would mean I will never see my beloved Phil Brooks in a WWE ring again, but I may have to learn to accept that.

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