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    The show begins with a cheering crowd in the sold out arena in Eugene, Oregon. The normal fireworks don’t ignite as the crowd slowly silences into a soft lull. All of a sudden, the lights go out in the entire arena.


    Dozens of robed figures with torches begin to slowly emerge from the back as they outline the sides of the entrance ramp. The crowd starts off by booing, but slowly quiet down due to curiosity. The figures slowly encompass the entire ring and the sides of the entrance ramp. Their torches are the only light source inside of the entire arena.


    The lights turn on in a dim purple hue as Chris K.O., James King, Dr. Alhazred, and Serafina make their way out in druid ropes as they pair off and face towards the entrance in a kneeling position. Ty Burna makes his way out in specialized druid robes. He parts his four disciples and they proceed to follow him after he passes them. The crowd begins to boo the group heavily as they make their way to the ring.

    The lights now allow for the camera to show an onyx throne sitting centered in the ring. Four robed figures are standing behind the onyx throne as the Apostles make their way inside of the ring. Burna takes his rightful place on the throne and his apostles begin to kneel in front of him. A rather large robed figure behind the throne hands Burna a microphone.

    Burna: What your eyes gaze upon at this moment is nothing new. I have long preached my dominion and kingship over this company. I have told you from the beginning that this is my rightful place; my rightful place above all of you.

    Burna gestures out to the crowd as they boo him in response.

    Burna: All of you in the locker room should listen and listen well. I have now become the hand that feeds you; I have now become your master on Meltdown and co-owner of the WZCW. Let none of you forget about the old proverb, “do not bite the hand that feeds you.” My wrath is unyielding to any and all who dare to cross me.

    However, my servants have proven most useful to me over the last few months. They have been key assets to polluting this company and constructing the very chaos that you all fear. All of which they have done under my watchful command. For which I will now graciously share with them the fruit of our labor.

    The crowd boos Burna as he begins to look over his kneeled apostles.

    Burna: Chris K.O.

    Chris looks from his bowed position and meets eyes with his master.

    Burna: Tonight you will enter into the very path that I walked on and begin your course of destiny. As you have been instructed, you will face Black Dragon---

    The crowd cheers at the sound of Dragon’s name.

    Burna: For the WZCW EurAsian Championship!

    Although they are hostile towards Burna, the crowd eats up the idea of a title match. Chris nods graciously and returns his head to a bowed down position.

    Burna: Dr. Alhazred.

    Alhazred perks up his head and looks at his master.

    Burna: Tonight you will take on Celeste Crimson for a coveted spot in the Lethal Lottery. Don't fail me.

    The crowd cheers for Celeste and the Lethal Lottery as Alhazred nods graciously and bows his head again.

    Burna: James King. Stand.

    King, who has his injured arm in a sling, stands up nervously.

    Burna: In your failed attempts to assist our cause, you have foolishly got yourself injured. The Age of Chaos is here, and rather than let you suffer in weakness; I am having you erased from existence!

    Suddenly, the large robed figure from behind the throne emerges out and quickly grapples King and his broken arm. He locks in a tight bearhug as Alhazred frantically tries to pull the unknown man off. King screams in pain as Burna watches with a smile. Chris pulls Alhazred back as he looks on in horror. The large robed figure drops King to the ground and pulls back his hood to reveal himself as Wasabi Toyota!

    The crowd is shocked and begins to boo Toyota for his evil alignment. Burna laughs as he gets off of his throne. Toyota rips King’s arm out of the sling and pulls him up. He throws him to Burna, who hits a Consecrated Banishment! Burna quickly gets back up and grabs the microphone. He turns to Alhazred and directs his speech towards him.

    Burna: King did nothing but hold you back. Think very wisely before you make any decisions about your future Alhazred. I have already brought you to great places. King is a shell of his former self and is unsalvageable, but you are different. Complete your project that you have told me about and continue on with the plan.

    Alhazred doesn’t know what to do as he is torn between his partner and his master.

    Burna: Now, all of you be gone!

    The lights go out for a moment and then reappear to the dim purple lighting. Burna is now alone at ringside. He returns to his throne and begins to address the audience.

    Burna: On top of all of that, tonight we will have a WZCW World Heavyweight Championship match between Titus and Steven Kurtesy.

    The crowd erupts in applause in anticipation of the match.

    Burna: And I will act as the match’s special guest referee. Welcome to my show!

    The crowd boos him heavily as Burna leans back his head and laughs maniacally. The lights out for a moment and them come back on. Burna and the throne are now missing from the ring. The lights go out again, but this time a slow burning chaos symbol slowly ignites in the middle of the ring.

    Copeland: I don’t like how this is going so far partner.

    Cohen: Are you kidding me? This Meltdown has already become the best Meltdown of all time!

    Copeland: Ladies and gentlemen we have two titles on the line tonight, including the coveted WZCW World Heavyweight Championship! Don’t go away, this is Meltdown!


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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a Lethal Lottery Qualifiying match!

    The crowd give a big pop as Celeste Crimson walks out onto the stage and down the ramp, eyes focused on the ring despite the cheering crowd.

    Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at 165 pounds, Celeste Crimson!

    She gets into the ring and acknowledges the crowd with a quick nod before turning to face the entrance ramp.

    Copeland: Celeste made her stunning return last week!

    Cohen: The Apostles will put her in line!

    Harrys: And her opponent, weighing in at 178 pounds, Dr. Alhazred!


    Cohen: One of the princes to the king that is Ty Burna!

    Copeland: Co-owner and king aren't exactly the same...

    Cohen: Quiet Seabass, it's my metaphor.

    The referee calls for the bell and the two competitors circle each other. Alhazred makes the first move but Celeste manages to go behind him and delivers a Waistlock Takedown. She goes for an Armbar on Alhazred's gloved arm, but manages to wrence it free before Celeste can lock it in. Celeste gets up and stares down Alhazred, who as crawled to the corner to rethink his strategy. He pulls himself to his feet and tentaviely walks out of the corner. He raises one hand, challenging Celeste to a test of strength. As Celeste clasps his hand, Alhazred delivers a Powerglove shot to her stomach. Celeste goes down, winded and Alhazred kneels over her and hits several elbows to her head. He gets up and maniacally stomps on her head before going for a pin, 1... 2... Kick out by Celeste. Alhazred keeps up the intensity, choking Celeste with his hand until the referee counts to five.

    Copeland: Alhazred has just been brutal so far...

    Cohen: And very effective.

    Alhazred gets up and grabs Celeste by the hair, dragging her to her feet. He whips her across the ring and she collides with the turnbuckles, which is quickly followed up by Alhazred running at her and hitting a clothesline. Celeste slumps back in the corner and Alhazred Irish Whips her across the ring again. She hits the turnbuckles with the same impact as before. Alhazred goes for another running clothesline but Celeste catches him with a Shuffle Sidekick! Alhazred hits the mat and Celeste uses the ropes to hold herself up, recovering from the earlier beating. Alhazred gets up looking dazed and swings a glove punch at Celeste put she ducks it and grabs Alhazred, throwing his across the ring with a Belly to Belly Suplex. She goes for a pin, 1... 2... Kick out by Alhazred. Celeste slowly walks over to the corner and climbs up to the top rope. She stands on the top and leaps off as Alhazred is on his feet. She goes for a Flying Thrust kick, but Alhazred gives her a gloved punch to her extended leg and she hits the mat hard. Alhazred goes for a pin, 1... 2.... Kick out by Celeste!

    Copeland: I'm concerned about Celeste's leg, she took that punch right to the knee.

    Cohen: Well maybe she shouldn't have stuck her leg out...

    Celeste tries to get up but Alhazred kicks her bad leg and she collpases down to the mat. Alhazred walks to the corner and climbs up to the top rope. He leaps off and hits Celeste with a flying fist drop before going for the pin, 1... 2... Celeste gets a shoulder up. Alhazred gets up and shouts at Celeste to give up. He laughs maniacally as Celeste attempts to get up, hanging out of the middle rope. Alhazred leans forward and continues to laugh before Celeste hits him with a hard punch to the jaw, causing the crowd to give a huge pop. Alhazred stumbles backwards, because of surprise more than anything else. Celeste uses the top rope to get to her feet and sizes up Alhazred for the Spirit Crusher. She goes for the kick with her good leg but Alhazred blocks it with the Powerglove and kicks her bad leg and it collapses under her. Alhazred pulls her to her knees and hits a DDT before going for another cover, 1... 2... Celeste barely gets a shoulder up. Alhazred is looking frustrated now as he gets up and holds up his gloved hand to loud boos. Celeste gets up to one knee and Alhazred goes for the Level 5, but Celeste catches the arm and drags Alhazred down into the Sea of Serenity! Alhazred panics and looks shocked again, trying frantically to get out of it but Celeste is hanging on as if her life depends on it. After several more moments of futile struggle, Alhazred taps out!

    Harrys: Here is your winner, and the latest qualifier for the Lethal Lottery, Celeste Crimson!

    Copeland: Celeste's great return continues!

    Celeste rolls out of the ring and the referee helps her up the ramp as Alhazred looks enraged inside the ring. Celeste looks back with a slight smirk on her face before going backstage.
    We go backstage where Ty is sitting in his office, his feet up on the desk and a cigarette lit in his hand. He inhales deeply before slowly exhaling. Chuck Myles suddenly enters with a number of reports in his hand.

    Myles: I have those reports for you Ty. All the grievances that each wrestler has with WZCW.

    Ty: Excellent, hand them here Myles.

    Myles hands over the bundle of reports. Ty opens one and flips through it. He suddenly tosses the whole bundle into the trash and begins laughing. Myles looks disturbed and pissed at Ty's actions.

    Myles: What was that for? You asked me to interview each wrestler for those reports!

    Ty: And I don't give a damn about their complaints Myles. I just needed to give you busy work so you don't sulk around here complaining yourself. Now go do something constructive and get me another bottle of Crown Royal.

    Myles: But the closest bottle shop is three miles away.

    Ty: Are you complaining again Myles? I can have you do three more reports just like those.

    Myles: I....but....

    Ty drops his feet off the desk and leans forward, his eyes glowing red, his teeth gritting.

    Ty: Do not make me repeat myself Myles. Go. Get. Me. My. Whiskey. Now.

    Ty stares down Myles who looks to protest again but drops his hand and shakes his head, walking out of the office. Ty grins and his eyes return to normal, leaning back in his chair.

    Ty: There's nothing better than being the boss.

    He laughs loudly, echoing throughout the office as we go to commercial.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Sam Smith makes his way out to a pop from the crowd. He nods to the crowd before walking methodically down the ramp. He walks up the steel steps and enters the ring, climbing to the second turnbuckle to pose for the crowd.

    Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at 235 lbs, Sam Smith!

    Matt Tastic walks out to the top of the entrance ramp as the crowd cheers loudly again. He walks back and forth frantically on the entrance ramp before making his way down the ramp and into the ring. He climbs to the second turnbuckle and stares out the crowd before pointing out to them.

    Harrys: And his partner, weighing in at 225 lbs, Matt Tastic!

    Mr. Baller makes his way out to boos from the crowd as he hops up and down getting hyped up before running down the entrance ramp and sliding into the ring. He tears off his warm up clothes and tosses them to the outside before posing on the turnbuckle.

    Harrys: And their opponents, first, weighing in at 220 lbs, Mr. Baller!

    Showtime makes his way out to a deafening boo from the crowd. He walks down the entrance ramp slowly taking his time before hopping up onto the apron and climbing up to the second turnbuckle, posing as the crowd boos him once more.

    Harrys: And his partner, weighing in at 213 lbs, Showtime Cougar!

    Copeland: An interesting couple of pairings here. The usually serious Sam Smith teaming alongside the jokester Matt Tastic while Baller teams with Showtime. This is going to be a great math.

    Cohen: Showtime and Baller teaming together is great. With Baller holding the 25th spot in the Lottery, he's a shoo in to win the whole thing and go on to Kingdom Come.

    The ref signals for the bell as Baller and Tastic start us off. The two lock up but Baller quickly gets a side headlock, shoving Tastic forward and hitting a quick dropkick. Tastic gets up quickly and delivers a dropkick of his own, dropping Baller to the mat. Baller gets to his feet but Tastic is on him, applying an arm wrench and pulling Baller back to the middle of the ring. He hits a quick kick to the midsection before whipping him into his corner. Tastic tags in Smith who comes in and connects with a kick to the midsection. He begins stomping away until the ref counts to 4. He drags Baller out of the midsection but Baller quickly rolls him up, 1......2....Smith kicks out! Baller gets to his feet but gets flipped over with a quick Huracanrana from Baller. Baller drags Smith over to his corner and traps his arm down while Showtime springboards in and hits an elbow drop to the midsection. He covers Smith, 1........2......Smith kicks out. Showtime drags him up and hits a lifting knee to the mid section before applying a standing armbar. Smith holds his shoulder as Showtime wrenches harder before sending him into the ropes. Smith pulls up and kicks Showtime who is telegraphing a back body drop. Smith quickly drops Showtime down with a DDT. Smith shakes the cob webs out before reaching out and tagging in Tastic who springboards in and drops a leg across the back of Showtime's neck. He lifts him up and whips him into the ropes and delivers a back body drop, sending Showtime sprawling across the ring. Showtime quickly rolls out as Tastic poses and plays to the crowd which elicits a loud cheer.

    Copeland: So far both teams are working well together. Tastic and Smith have ran into some trouble to begin but are now in control of the match.

    Cohen: In control? Showtime did the wise thing and rolled out. Now he and Baller are discussing strategy while that idiot Tastic panders to this crowd.

    As Baller and Showtime regroup on the outside, Tastic suddenly springs off the ropes and goes flying through the middle and top ropes with a suicide dive! He crashes into Baller and Showtime and leaves them sprawled out on the ground as the crowd pops loudly. Tastic poses once more before grabbing Showtime and throwing him back in the ring. As Tastic enters however Showtime connects with a right. He drags Tastic back in and hits a few knife edge chops before whipping him across, connecting with a running flying elbow, dropping Tastic to the mat. Showtime covers him, 1.......2......Tastic kicks out. Showtime sits him up and applies a rear chinlock, cinching in the hold tight as Tastic struggles against it. The crowd gets behind Tastic as they begin chanting his name, Smith in his corner begins pounding the turnbuckle wanting to get in. Tastic shakes his first in the air and slowly gets to his feet. He begins walking himself and Showtime to his corner but Showtime suddenly just pulls back and slams Tastic's back of his head into the mat. Showtime grabs him and drags him over to his corner, tagging in Baller who hops in and both men begin stomping away at Tastic until the ref forces Showtime out. Baller flies up into the air and hits a standing leg drop, draping his legs across the neck of Tastic, connecting with the move. He covers him, 1.......2........Tastic kicks out.

    Copeland: Tastic finds himself in a precarious position. Baller and Showtime have cut the ring in and half and now look to focus on beating down Tastic.

    Cohen: Sound tag team strategy Seabass. Both men are former World Tag Team Champions after all.

    Baller drags Tastic up and kicks him in the midsection before bouncing off the ropes and connecting with a swinging neckbreaker. Baller rolls out under the ropes and stands up on the outside, springboarding off and connecting with a big splash. He hooks a leg, 1........2.......Tastic kicks out again! Baller looks frustrated as he can't put him away. He lifts him up and whips him into his corner, tagging in Showtime who enters and begins hitting repeated knife edge chops, each chop echoing throughout the arena. Showtime spins around and hits a hard clothesline, dropping Tastic to a seated position in the corner. Showtime pushes his foot into the face of Tastic as the ref begins the five count. Showtime pulls away at four and struts arrogantly in the ring, causing a loud boo from the crowd. He lifts Tastic up and into the center of the ring, delivering a reverse neckbreaker and dropping Tastic to the mat. Showtime covers him, 1.........2.........Tastic kicks out again! Showtime is now frustrated at the inability to put him away. He lifts him up again and sends him into the corner, hitting a few more knife edge chops before lifting Tastic up to the top turnbuckle. He climbs up and sets up for a superplex but Tastic fights back, hitting a few shots to the midsection. He hits a headbutt and Showtime falls off the top turnbuckle, hitting the mat hard. The crowd roars as Tastic steadies himself and stands up. He comes flying off as Showtime gets to his feet, delivering a perfect missile dropkick! Both men are down in the center of the ring, gazing towards their corners. Showtime stirs first and begins crawling to tag in Baller while Tastic drags himself to his corner. Just as Showtime tags in Baller, Tastic tags in Smith and the crowd roars as Smith comes flying into the ring, hitting a hard clothesline on Baller. Baller gets to his feet but walks right into a sidewalk slam from Smith. Showtime tries to get involved but Tastic is to his feet and goes for the Twisted T but Showtime counters into a Reverse DDT, dropping Tastic on the back of his head. Meanwhile Smith has Baller in a bad spot, connecting with a spinebuster! Showtime is forced back to his corner by the referee, but that gives Baller an opportunity to connect with a low blow as he slowly got back to his feet! Smith drops to his knees from the blow which gives Baller a chance to hit nasty DDT of his own. Baller goes to the corner and comes flying off with the Buzzerbeater! He connects and covers Smith, 1.......2........Tastic comes flying in from nowhere and breaks up the pin attempt!

    Copeland: What a match we got going on here! Baller had Smith beat with the Buzzerbeater but Tastic was able to recover and break up the pin.

    Cohen: Won't he just stay down already? Seriously after being in the ring for so long and then taking the reverse DDT, he should be down on the outside still!

    Baller gets to his feet and drags Smith up, sending him into the corner and tags in Showtime. Suddenly Smith comes to life and hits a knee to the midsection on Baller and a back elbow on Showtime. He hits another DDT on Baller, sending him face first into the mat. Showtime enters the ring but Smith is ready for him and hits a Northern Lights Suplex! Baller rolls to the outside to the apron as Smith goes on the offensive on Showtime. He whips him into the ropes and hits a power slam, dropping Cougar to the mat. He covers him, 1.......2........Showtime kicks out! Smith gets up and tags in Tastic who springboards in and goes for the Treble Boost! Showtime rolls out of the way at the last second and Tastic's elbow eats nothing but mat. Showtime gets up and knocks Smith off the apron to the outside as he grabs hold of Tastic's legs and locks him into the Commercial Break! Tastic yells out in agony, trying desperately to reach the ropes. With a major effort he's able to pull to within inches of the ropes as Showtime sits deep into the hold. Tastic finally grabs hold of the bottom rope. forcing the ref to break the hold. Showtime holds on until 4 and then walks away, posing once more as the crowd boos loudly. Suddenly Smith slides into the ring and lifts Showtime up, hitting the Final Judgement! Baller enters the ring and hits the Game Changer! He knocks Smith to the outside as Tastic suddenly throws Baller over the top rope to the outside. Tastic yells at Baller as the crowd cheer but Showtime suddenly rolls him up and grabs the tights, 1........2........3!

    Harrys: Here are your winners, Mr. Baller and Showtime Cougar!

    Copeland: I hate to see such a great match end like that, but Cougar got the 1, 2, 3 and I guess that's all that matters even if he did cheat to get it.

    Cohen: Of course that's all that matters Seabass! Showtime used the distraction to his advantage and a little extra leverage to pick up the win for his team.

    Showtime stands up in the ring as the referee holds his hand up in victory. Tastic sits up and looks beside himself at how the roll up got him. Baller slowly drags himself into the ring and the ref raises his hand as well. Tastic rolls to the outside and begins checking on Smith as Baller begins celebrating in the ring as Showtime rolls out and begins making his way up the entrance ramp and to the back.

    Copeland: Another great match here on Meltdown. But what will happen when Black Dragon is forced to defend his Eurasian Championship against Chris K.O.? That's coming up next!

    We go backstage where Becky Serra is standing by with the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion Titus.

    Becky: I'm here with World Heavyweight Champion Titus. Now Titus, later tonight you face Steven Kurtesy for the World Title, with our esteemed Meltdown General Manager Ty Burna as special guest referee. Any thoughts on your opponent?

    Titus: Steven Kurtesy, the good professor. He's become a very honorable wrestler ever since leaving the Crashin Movement. A better wrestler too, he showed me that on Aftershock last week and his two other World Title opportunities. He's been so close that this truly is a big opportunity for him. I'm honored to be facing him for the World Title this week.

    Becky: But what about Ty? He has personal reasons to screw both of you over, what with Kurtesy defeating his Apostles at All or Nothing, and of course there's the history between you and Ty.

    Titus lowers his head in thought for a moment while adjusting the WZCW World Title on his shoulder.

    Titus: Ty doesn't gain anything by helping either of us. I don't get why he's involved himself other than to cause more chaos as usual. Well whatever his plan is it won't matter because I'm walking out of here with the WZCW World Heavyweight Title, regardless of what games Ty plays in that ring. He will have no choice but to count the three after I deliver the finishing attack to the good professor. It's nothing personal Steven, but I'm not ready to let this title go yet.

    Becky: Any other thoughts Titus?

    Titus looks at Becky and flashes a smile. He pats the WZCW World Title on his shoulder before walking away as we go to commercial.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the Eurasian Championship!

    The crowd pops at the announcement of the title match but begins booing immediately as an ominous music begins playing.

    Chris K.O. makes his way out with his druid robe on as the crowd begins booing at a deafening pitch. He throws the hood back and stares out at the crowd before making his way down the ramp. He slides into the ring and climbs up to the second turnbuckle, staring out at the crowd before tossing the druid robe off.

    Harrys: Introducing the challenger first, weighing in at 212 lbs, Chris K.O.!

    Copeland: I'm still not sure how Chris has earned a title shot here tonight.

    Cohen: Ty runs Meltdown, and he gave his protege a title shot. It's not hard to understand Seabass.

    "Soul of the Shadow" begins playing as Black Dragon makes his way out to a large pop from the crowd. The Eurasian Championship is wrapped around his waist as he tosses aside his lit cigarette before walking down the ramp. He climbs up onto the apron and enters the ring, unstrapping the belt from his waist and handing it to the referee.

    Harrys: And his opponent, weighing in at 180 lbs, he is your Eurasian Champion, Black Dragon!

    Copeland: Black Dragon passed out in the Final Seance last week, no thanks to his opponent in the ring.

    Cohen: As impressive as Black Dragon has been as of late, Chris K.O. has been near unstoppable. Dragon's had a good run, but it ends tonight.

    The holds up the Eurasian Title before handing it to the ringside assistant. He signals for the bell and the two immediately lock up in the center of the ring. Chris overpowers Dragon and spins under, wrenching his arm before backing him into the ropes, connecting with an European Uppercut. He whips Dragon across and goes for a clothesline but Dragon ducks under and on the rebound hits a dropkick, knocking Chris to the ground. Chris is back to his feet quickly however as is Dragon after the dropkick. They stare each other down until Dragon goes for a kick to the thigh. Chris catches it however and holds Dragon's leg up, only to get hit by an enziguri, dropping Chris to the mat again. Dragon drops an elbow across the chest, covering Chris immediately after, 1......2..Chris kicks out. Dragon gets to his feet and tries to drag Chris up with him but Chris grabs the tights and pulls Dragon forward, sending him crashing through the ropes to the outside. Chris follows through to the outside as his tone suddenly changes on his face. He shoves Dragon against the barrier and begins chopping at the chest, following up with a hard right hand to the head. The ref begins the ten count as Chris continues the assault on the outside. He grabs Dragon and whips him back first into the ring apron, following with a knee to the midsection and a shot to the back. The ref's count reaches five as Chris lifts Dragon up and tosses him back into the ring.

    Copeland: Chris used the time on the outside to gain the advantage and delivered some major punishment.

    Cohen: I love the tactics Seabass. The physicality of the attack on the outside should leave Dragon weakened at the midsection.

    Chris slides into the ring himself and grabs hold of Dragon's arms and presses his knee into the back, applying a surfboard stretch. Dragon struggles against the hold as Chris pulls back harder. The crowd begins to get behind Dragon, chanting his name as he kneels up tall, slowly getting his foot underneath him. He gets to his feet as the crowd is worked into a frenzy. He slowly spins, pulling Chris in front of him. Chris suddenly releases the hold and hits a hard clothesline, dropping Dragon to the ground. Chris goes for the cover, 1.......2.......Dragon kicks out! Chris floats over and begins hitting right hands while holding Dragon's head down. He stands up and pulls Dragon back up, but Dragon counters with a front chinbreaker, sending Chris backwards. Dragon shakes the cobwebs out before springing forward and hitting a lariat! Both men are down on the ground as the ref checks on them before beginning the ten count.

    Copleand: A desperation lunge by Dragon now has this match back on even footing. Who will get up first though and gain the advantage?

    Cohen: Chris K.O. obviously Seabass. Dragon's hit a couple nice moves but that can't equal the amount of damage Dragon took over the past few minutes.

    Just as Cohen says, Chris is back to his feet first at the count of seven while Dragon slowly pulls himself back up to his feet. Chris rushes across the ring and goes for a spinning heel kick but Dragon moves out of the way. Chris crashes to the mat. Dragon gets behind Chris and applies a half nelson, suddenly suplexing him over onto the back of his head! Dragon bounces off the ropes and connects with a quick leg drop. He covers Chris, 1.......2......Chris kicks out! Dragon is on a roll now as he lifts Chris up and hits a quick snap suplex. Dragon exits to the apron and climbs up to the top turnbuckle and motions for Chris to get up. As Chris gets up Dragon comes flying off with a crossbody. Chris catches him and rolls through the landing. He drops Dragon to his feet and suddenly hits his Clinching Slam! Dragon is down as Chris holds onto the ropes. Suddenly the crowd pops as Celeste Crimson walks out to the top of the entrance ramp, her arms crossed and watching the match.

    Copeland: What's Celeste doing out here?

    Cohen: Apparently she's interested in one of these two competitors. I wouldn't blame her she's been gone so long now she can see how far WZCW has come since then.

    Chris signals for the Butterfly Effect and sets Dragon up for it in the center of the ring. He hooks his arms but notices Celeste at the top of the ramp. He releases Dragon and walks to the ropes, staring out at her. Celeste doesn't move as she continues watching Chris. She nods her head which causes Chris to turn back towards Dragon who suddenly lifts him up and connects with the Darkness Falls! Chris is out in the middle of the ring and Dragon covers him, 1.........2........3!

    Harrys: Here is your winner and still Eurasian Champion, Black Dragon!

    Copeland: Black Dragon retains the Eurasian Championship! But I have to wonder Jack, what is the deal between Celeste and Chris K.O.?

    Cohen: She screwed him out of the Eurasian Championship that's what's going on Seabass! Black Dragon has no business retaining here tonight.

    Dragon sits up and adjusts his mask as the referee holds his arm up and hands him the Eurasian Championship. Chris is still down in the center of the ring as Dragon stands up, looking down at this Eurasian Championship. He drops down and rolls out of the ring, making his way up the entrance ramp with the Eurasian Title draped over his shoulder. Chris finally sits up and stares up the entrance ramp at Celeste who smiles and laughs, making her way to the back after Black Dragon disappears to the back himself.

    Copeland: That's the first of two title matches tonight Jack. Coming up later we have Titus defending the World Title against Steven Kurtesy, with Ty Burna as special guest referee!

    Cohen: I can't wait, I wonder what Ty's going to do as referee?
    We go backstage where Barbosa is walking through the hallways towards the entrance ramp. He walks up to Wasabi Toyota and nods his head to him. The two continue walking together towards the entrance ramp as we cut to another area of the backstage area as Saboteur and Action Saxton sit together.

    Saboteur: I'm going to stick a katana so far up Barbosa he's going to be a shish-ke-bob with five different flavors of Barbosa on it.

    Saxton: That sucka Toyota needs to lose some weight with the Action Saxton three minute workout.

    Saboteur: And then I'm going to pop that walking helium balloon with the end of a sharp stick.

    Saxton: And then Action Saxton is gonna knock some sense into that sucka Barbosa. I don't care how many voices in his head he has, all he's going to saying to himself is how bad of a sucka he is.

    Saboteur: Ok enough talk about what we're going to do, let's go do it.

    The two stand and begin walking towards the entrance.

    Saboteur: I still want that collectable spoon damn it!

    Saxton: You lost sucka get over it.

    We go to commercial.
  5. Ty Burna

    Ty Burna WZCW World Heavyweight Champion

    Oct 27, 2007
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    There is a mixed reaction as IZ’s version of the Judy Garland classic hits the arena. A large man steps out from the backstage area; Wasabi Toyota. The soulful and happy song was usually accompanied by a bright smile and a look of happiness from Toyota, but now it is only witness to a stare that makes even Arnold Schwarzenegger freeze from fear. He walks at a deliberate pace to the ring.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following is a tag team contest where either Saboteur or Wasabi Toyota will qualify for the Lethal Lottery match! Introducing the participants, first from Matsumoto, Japan, weighing 550 pounds; WASABI TOYOTA!

    Wasabi’s only hint of emotion comes from his left arm being extended up in the air at the recognition of his name. As Harrys introduction for WZCW’s resident sumo, we move from a Hawaiian to an Australian in terms of musical talent.


    Harrys: And his partner, from Bedlam, weighing 237 pounds; BARBOSA!

    The former World Heavyweight Champion enters to chorus of boos from the raucous crowd. He too has a robotic stare and a slow walking pace.

    Cohen: I just love to see two very focused and violent men in the ring together. It always makes the carnage that much more fun.

    Copeland: Carnage is probably the right word, especially with the opponents these two are up against.

    As Barbosa reaches the end of the ramp and begins to ascend the stairs, Toyota removes his tracksuit. Several fans prepare to have it thrown in their general direction, hoping to catch it, but instead Toyota merely discards it in the direction of a stage hand. There is additional boos for this, but only until everyone’s favourite bad-ass mudda’s theme hits.


    Harrys: And their opponents. First, from Wherever He Damn Pleases, weighing 270 pounds; ACTION SAXTON!

    The fans are enchanted by the jazzy sounds, but are less than pleased with the lack of Wyoming’s favourite resident. There is confusion for all as the crowd murmurs amongst itself. Truman Harrys has a look of confusion whilst Barbosa & Toyota both frown with a lack of humour. They turn, almost in unison, to Harrys with a look of “where is he”. Harrys shakes his head and shrugs, terrified.

    Copeland: Well this is...odd.

    Cohen: Clearly Saxton’s finally seen reason and chickened out. A smart choice if there ever was one.

    Copeland: I don’t know Jack, maybe Saxton is looking for the sucka’ that ransacked his apartment?

    Cohen: Please tell me you didn’t say “sucka’”.

    A small cheer breaks out from the front of the crowd, but Barbosa and Toyota do not notice as they continue to stare forwards. The cheer is in fact in recognition of the ice men’s opponents; Saxton & Saboteur. They enter through the crowd and jump the barricade. As Saboteur grabs Barbosa by the leg and pulls him out, Saxton uncharacteristically ascends the ropes and dives in a typically heroic fashion onto the surprised Toyota, taking him down. The fans roar with approval.

    Copeland: Of course! After this whole kidnapping malarkey, Action Saboteur decided to turn the tables!

    Cohen: You mean you actually keep up to date with these idiot’s lives?

    Just beside our commentary team, Saboteur fights Barbosa into a corner, pummelling him somewhere between Jack Cohen and the timekeeper. Back on the inside and the big dive hasn’t kept the even bigger Toyota down for long and he’s to his feet. The referee assumes this is our starting pair and calls for the bell. However, something dramatic has occurred with our attention drawn to the pairing of Barbosa and Saboteur. Saboteur is holding his fist in agony whilst Barbosa clutches the ring bell. The referee looks on perplexed. He demands to know what happened. Meanwhile, back in the ring, the two larger gents have locked up, not realising what’s happening. Toyota attempts to push Saxton back and even begins to succeed when Saxton brings their arms down, allowing access to the head of the “Matsumoto Mauler”. He hits a good four or so before Toyota is released from the tie-up and he falls backwards. Saxton shakes the cobwebs out of his head. The official is still converging with outside officials and the match is still not underway. Saxton whips the referee round and starts a somewhat heated debate.

    Cohen: Will one of the technical monkeys please show the damn footage? It was priceless!

    Cohen gets his wish as a replay of the missed incident finally plays. It shows Saboteur winding up for a finishing punch when Barbosa grabbed the ringbell at the very last second, blocking the mighty fist and quite possibly shattering the mighty right hand of Saboteur (who is on his back, rolling around in some discomfort). The fans boo thunderously as Barbosa looks on, no emotion. Not fear, not pleasure. Nothing. He is on the apron for the start of this contest as Saxton looks increasingly concerned about his partner. The referee gives Barbosa a telling off, but again there is no reaction. Toyota has risen, and makes the obvious point; the bell never rang.

    Copeland: As much as hate this, Toyota’s 100% right, the bell never rang. That was technically not an illegal move.

    Cohen: Ah, I love it when a plan comes together.

    Copeland: And you have the nerve to talk to me about dated references.

    Saxton goes to exit the ring, but the referee stops him. Saxton gives him an intimidating look, but the referee turns and calls for the bell, now back in its ringer’s possession. Saxton quizzes the decision, but Toyota comes in from behind with a clobbering blow. This sends Saxton tumbling into the turnbuckle. Toyota tags in Barbosa whilst using his body mass to hold Saxton in place. Barbosa blasts WZCW’s resident Blaxploitation throwback with a number of forearm smashes whilst still on the apron. The referee counts to four (out of five) before the Bedlam native ceases. He now climbs in the ring as Toyota exits. Saxton backs out of the corner and Barbosa bounces off the ropes, catching him with a swinging neckbreaker as he comes back. 1...2...KICK-OUT! Barbosa is quick to remain on the assault though and lifts Saxton to his feet. He is now prone for the STO from Barbosa. Using his left boot, Barbosa rolls Saxton over. He tags in Toyota who comes off the ropes and executes a leg drop. 1...2...KICK-OUT!

    Cohen: Everyone talks about the fluidity of the team of Saxton & Saboteur, yet we see this stupendous teamwork. What utter bias.

    Toyota follows Barbosa’s example and decides to remain on the attack, bouncing off the ropes and looking for a vertical splash. This connects with “ooh’s and ah’s” from the crowd. This is quickly turned into a cheer as we see Saboteur is rising to his feet and going to try fighting through the pain by holding his fist high in defiance. This does not last long though as Barbosa mows him down with nasty looking forearm smash. Saboteur’s hand lies on the floor, the perfect place for Barbosa to stand on it. He does just that. Not once or twice, but five times. He turns away with the referee yelling at him, but it only inspires him to return with an extra stomp for good measure. Toyota is also observing and gives the referee a glare as he attempts to discipline Barbosa. This provides a solid distraction for Saxton to rise to his feet. Noting the crowd’s cheering, a look of wonder comes across Toyota’s face. He slowly turns only to be stunned momentarily by a Karate Chop. Saxton looks to follow it up with a second, but Toyota blocks with his gargantuan palm. He follows up with a headbutt that knocks Saxton down. The Japanese tags in his former rival turned “ally”.

    Our former World Heavyweight Champion stalks his prey, allowing him to return to his feet. This only lasts a few moments as he is quickly turned round and down with a hangman’s neckbreaker. 1...2...KICK-OUT! Barbosa pursues a pin and covers again. 1...2...KICK-OUT! And again; 1...2...KICK-OUT! Refusing to lose his cool, Barbosa tags in Toyota. Saxton is getting too his feet as the big man comes in. This allows Wasabi to whip him off the drops and crush him with a good ole-fashioned Samoan Drop! 1...2...KICK-OUT! The cheers get louder with each passing kick-out as Saxton simply refuses to go down. Saxton, Toyota & Barbosa (the majority of the crowd too) fail to notice Saboteur crawling with his one good arm. He is getting towards his corner...slowly. Toyota is unsure what to do for his next move and decides to opt for a finisher; The Banzai Drop! He grabs the arm of his manly foe and drags him towards a corner. This just so happens to be the corner that Saboteur is crawling towards. Toyota starts to ascend the turnbuckle, looking behind to make sure Saxton has not shown signs of life. He turns around to be greeted by a stiff kick to the face. A second knock shim off to an awful loud pop. Saboteur has pushed his toleration of pain to the brink as Saxton rolls out of the mass weight of Toyota. He goes for a cover. 1...2...KICK-OUT!

    Copeland: Saboteur with a tremendous save there. Saxton now is on level pegging with the massive Toyota.

    Cohen: But how? Saboteur’s hand has to be in unrelenting agony.

    Indeed that may well be true, but it hasn’t stopped him from willing his partner on and offering his hand for a tag, something that Saxton takes as he requires a rest. However, rather than fight the legal opponent, Saboteur goes directly for the man who injured him earlier; Barbosa. He dives dramatically at Barbosa who goes to block, but can’t manage to get his hands up in time, taking the brunt of the dive, but both men tumble to the outside. With a second-wind, and the people behind him, Saboteur is to his feet first. He whacks his enemy with a big roundhouse kick, knocking him down once more. With Barbosa prone, Saboteur completes his revenge with his finishing move; Death Blow! The fans are red hot now as the referee reaches a count of 6. Saboteur raises his injured hand into the air as a sign of triumph, but quickly realises that not only is he getting counted, but the beast that is Wasabi Toyota is getting to his feet. Saboteur is back in on 8 and charges recklessly at the man mountain. With his abdomen open and his arms flailing as he sprints, Saboteur’s attack is met with a Savate Kick!

    Copeland: Ooooh, that’s the same Savate Kick that spelled the downfall for Matt Tastic last week.

    Cohen: History shall repeat itself Seabass. It always does.

    Grabbing his ribs, Saboteur’s second wind has been well and truly knocked out of him. Toyota notices and hoists him up for his Bearhug. With the suffocating submission applied, Saboteur is in real danger. Action Saxton is still fairly battered, but he is probably in slightly better shape than Saboteur. He offers a tag, something which Saboteur can achieve, but the mercenary refuses. He tries to feed off the energy of the crowd who clap as they chant his name. Toyota also feeds off the energy too though and locks the crushing finisher in even tighter, squeezing the life out of the fan favourite. With time running out, Saxton is forced to make the save by leaning over the ropes and making a back tag. Saboteur is barely with us as Toyota notices Saxton come in. He drops the near lifeless Saboteur and rewards Saxton’s courage with a second Savate Kick of the match. He then rams his pointed fingers into Saxton’s throat, knocking him onto his back and into position for the Banzai Drop. Again Toyota climbs the turnbuckle. He steadies himself before dropping all of his weight down onto Saxton’s chest. He remains seated in a cover. 1...2...3!

    Harrys: Here are your winners; WASABI TOYOTA AND BARBOSA!

    The behemoth raises both his arms in victory before finally sitting up from Saxton’s chest. Barbosa is coming to on the opposite side of the ring. He seems to be aware of what has just occurred and raises his arms in a similar fashion. Toyota exits the ring to a mostly negative reception as Barbosa follows him up the ramp. Despite being somewhat flustered, both remain cool and expressionless. The referee checks on both men’s respective injuries.

    Cohen: What a convincing win and a fine performance. Toyota & Barbosa should be proud.

    Copeland: They used underhanded tactics to get the win and drive Saboteur into a fit of rage.

    Cohen: Like I said a fine performance.

    As Saxton clutches his chest, grimacing, Saboteur begins to clear his head. He looks at the entrance with a look of severe anger, knowing he’s been defeated. He shakes his head in disappointment all the while holding that injured hand of his.
    We go backstage where Ty is standing in his office, preparing to exit to the ring when he receives a knock at the door. A referee walks in with a referee shirt on a hanger.

    Ref: Sir here's your official shirt.

    Ty looks at the black and white shirt disturbed. He begins laughing loudly and grabs the referee shirt, tossing it across the room. The ref backs up startled at Ty's actions.

    Ty: I am NOT wearing that ridiculous shirt. I don't need to wear a zebra for everyone to know just exactly who is running the show in that ring. Now get the hell out of my way! While you refs couldn't stand up in a strong wind, I'll make sure we have a proper ending to the World Title match.

    Ty shoves the referee out of the way and exits the office as we cut to another area of the arena as Steven Kurtesy and Sandy Deserts walk through the hallway, a determined look on Steven's face.

    Copeland: Steven Kurtesy has another opportunity at the WZCW World Heavyweight Title against Titus. Will this be the time Kurtesy breaks out and wins the title? Or will Titus or even Ty himself have something to say about that? We'll find out, next!
  6. Ty Burna

    Ty Burna WZCW World Heavyweight Champion

    Oct 27, 2007
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    Harrys: Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight’s main event is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship!


    As the opening organs play the lights go completely out. The crowd begins to boo heavily, but is hushed when large columns of flames burst out from the corners of the entrance ramp. Ty Burna makes his way out and is wearing street clothes.

    Harrys: Introducing first, tonight’s main event special guest referee, Ty Burna!

    Cohen: Ask any idiot in this audience and even they will tell you that the officiating in this company has been horrible as of late.

    Copeland: Well, whether that is true or not, tonight the owner of Meltdown will act as the special guest referee for this world title match. After the luck of his apostles, I can't imagine he will be in a good mood.

    Burna is now standing in the ring as he waits for the two men that he will be overseeing.


    Steven Kurtesy emerges from the back to a huge approval from the crowd. He soaks in the atmosphere and inhales a breath before making his way to the ring.

    Harrys: Introducing the challenger, from Sydney, Australia, weighing 235 pounds, Professor Steven Kurtesy!

    Copeland: Steven Kurtesy is a respectable man in many fields. He has made great strides in psychology and tonight he hopes to make the biggest stride that one can make in the WZCW, winning the World Heavyweight Title.

    Cohen: Yeah, yeah. All that stuff about being a respectable man may be true, but there is no denying that tonight can be attributed to only one thing, luck.

    Kurtesy enters the ring and keeps his eyes on Burna, who stands calmly in a corner.


    Titus comes out to a huge pop and instead of the usual high he has over such a big match; he is baring a serious face and is staring at Burna, slapping the WZCW World Title on his shoulder before walking to the ring.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Keystone City, Kansas, weighing 225 pounds, he is the defending WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, this is Titus!

    Copeland: From a career ending match to a big return to a place back on top as the world champion. And tonight he must defend what took him so long to get back to.

    Cohen: This is a PPV main event worthy match here people. Ty has already made Meltdown the most must see show since he has taken over as the owner.

    Titus and Kurtesy are both standing in opposite corners as Burna steps into the middle of the ring. He looks at both of them and then holds the world championship in the air. The crowd is split in their reaction. Half of them are cheering because of the weight of the match and the other half are booing because of Burna. Titus begins to yell at Burna and tells him that if he takes his belt again, he is going to kick his ass. Burna laughs in response and hands the belt to an outside official.

    Cohen: Look at this Seabass. Ty is already doing a great job as referee.

    Copeland: The match hasn’t even started yet.

    Burna signals for the bell and it the match has now officially started. Titus and Kurtesy begin to approach each other in the ring, but stop to watch Burna as he exits the ring and makes his way to the announcer’s booth. Burna begins to put on a headset.

    Cohen: Get up Seabass! The boss wants to sit.

    Copeland moves out of his chair and lets Burna sit in it as he grabs a fold out steel chair.

    Burna: Thanks Sebastian.

    Cohen: Ty! How nice of you to join us here tonight as a special guest announcer.

    Burna: Thanks for the greeting Jack. How is the family?

    Copeland: I hate to interrupt, but aren’t you going to referee this match Ty?

    Burna: I will get in there when they need me.

    Cohen: Ya Seabass, he knows what he is doing!

    Titus and Kurtesy realize that Burna isn’t coming back into the ring any time soon. They approach each other in the center of the ring and Kurtesy holds out a hand. Titus looks at the crowd as they cheer the gesture. Titus grips Kurtesy’s hand and shakes it. Kurtesy smiles at Titus, and Titus finally cracks his serious demeanor and gives a smirk in response.

    Copeland: A classy gesture by these two men as they prepare to wage war against each other.

    Burna: Let me give you a tip Copeland. Respect has its rightful place, but when you compete in the ring you need to dispose of that feeble mindset. It breeds apertures into strategies.

    Cohen: So wise!

    Titus and Kurtesy begin raising their hands as they prepare to lock up for the first time in the match. They finally connect hands and begin to pit strength versus strength. Titus pushes Kurtesy’s hands back and kicks him in the gut. He connects with another and then grabs Kurtesy by the arm and whips him into the ropes, but Kurtesy reverses! Titus bounces off of the ropes as Kurtesy ducks and prepares to flip him over his back upon his return. Titus is able to stop in time and delivers a European uppercut to Kurtesy. Kurtesy jerks up in pain and turns away from Titus. Titus walks over to Kurtesy and turns him around. He begins to deliver kicks to the gut again. One kick, two kicks, three kicks, four k--- No! Kurtesy grabs the leg this time and executes a dragon screw! Titus grabs his leg in pain on the ground as Kurtesy shakes off the pain in his gut.

    Copeland: We’re being treated to some high pace action in the early parts of this world title match.

    Cohen: They’re definitely upper level talent, but let’s not forget that the man sitting next to us has beaten them both on more than one occasion.

    Burna: Indeed I have.

    Kurtesy steps over to Titus and begins stomping on his favored leg. Titus flinches at each stomp. Kurtesy finally ends the stomp and grabs Titus’ leg in an attempt to turn him over. Titus fights the maneuver and sends Kurtesy back with a shove from his foot! Titus quickly pulls himself up with the ropes. Kurtesy recoups from the foot shove and runs at Titus, but Titus ducks and sends Kurtesy over his back and over the ropes. However, Kurtesy grips onto the top rope and is able to land on his feet on the outside apron! Titus is unaware and staggers to the center of the ring to catch his breath. He turns around, but is met with a springboard seated senton from Kurtesy! Titus hits the mat hard and Kurtesy goes for the cover!

    Copeland: Uh, Ty?

    Burna begins to rise from his seat as the crowd boos him heavily, but before he can head to the ring, Kurtesy gets up from the cover and begins to point at Burna and tells him to get into the ring. Burna is now standing at ringside as Kurtesy instructs him how to do his job. This offers a chance for Titus, who hooks an arm under Kurtesy and goes for a roll up pin! Burna slides in and makes the count, 1…Kick out! Kurtesy rolls away from Titus as both men get to their feet and regain their composure.

    Copeland: It looks like Ty is finally going to do his job as referee.

    Cohen: What are you talking about Seabass? Ty got in there and did exactly what he was supposed to do. He has been a flawless referee so far.

    Kurtesy takes a moment to speak some ill words towards Burna, which coincidentally allows Titus to catch him off guard and he hits a spinning heel kick out of no where! Titus quickly picks Kurtesy up and grapples his head. Titus executes a swinging neck breaker and sends Kurtesy to the mat. Kurtesy holds his neck in pain as Titus quickly applies a sleeper hold onto Kurtesy, while he is in a sitting position. Kurtesy begins to flail his arms as Titus strengthens his grip.

    Cohen: Titus is executing on the weak neck of Kurtesy; this could be over quick!

    Copeland: Kurtesy is trying to break free, but he is going to have to use pure will power to get out of this situation.

    Burna watches a Kurtesy slowly stop fighting the hold as he slowly begins to dip into unconsciousness. Kurtesy’s arms are now drooping towards the floor as Burna walks over and begins to check for signs of life. He raises the arm once and it drops immediately. The crowd begins to perk up over this. Burna raises Kurtesy’s arm again and it falls once again. Burna holds up a “two” sign as the crowd is up on their feet. Burna raises the arm again and it begins to fall, but suddenly stiffens up! The crowd erupts as Kurtesy waves his fist into the air.

    Cohen: I don’t believe it!

    Copeland: It’s not over yet folks!

    Kurtesy begins to shake his fist as he begins to push himself up into a standing position. Titus still has the sleeper hold locked in, but Kurtesy is building momentum! Kurtesy is finally standing straight up and begins to send elbow jabs to the gut of Titus. It takes four of them for Titus to release the hold and Kurtesy quickly moves into position and hits a Prescribed Sedation! He rolls Titus over and goes for the win, 1…..2..Kick Out! The crowd is eating it up as they thought for sure Kurtesy had done it.

    Copeland: Kurtesy looked like he had it, but Titus quickly kicks out of that one.

    Cohen: And Ty is still doing a great job!

    Kurtesy is in the process of returning to his feet as Burna looks out to the audience. They respond by booing him heavily. Burna begins to point at isolated people and throw insults at them. While this is happening, Kurtesy picks up Titus and begins throwing several punches at the dazed champion. Kurtesy throws a kesagiri chop at Titus, but Titus blocks it! Titus quickly responds with his own kesagiri chop! Kurtesy backs up from the blow and Titus follows through with a kick to the gut. Kurtesy bends over from the strike and it allows for Titus to execute his finisher, The Tit Drop!

    Copeland: Titus out of no where with The Tit Drop!

    Titus quickly covers the downed professor as the crowd is cheering wildly for him. Burna finally turns around after a delay and notices the cover. Burna makes the count, 1……2…..Kick Out! Titus can’t believe it and his face shows it. He quickly gets to his feet and begins to get into Burna’s face. Titus is clearly pissed about Burna’s delayed three count. Burna shrugs in response and it only pisses Titus off more. Kurtesy slowly begins to get to his feet as Titus notices his fellow competitor. Titus walks over to Kurtesy and begins to kick the seated Kurtesy. He finally knocks Kurtesy flat on his back and attempts to end it with the British figure! Kurtesy is able to catch what Titus is doing and responds with several palm strikes to Titus' shoulder. Titus no sells them, but is abruptly met with a palm strike to the face of! The angle of the connection causes blood to spew from Titus’ nose. Titus pulls back in pain and turns away from Kurtesy.

    Copeland: The angle of that strike allowed Kurtesy to possibly break the nose of Titus.

    Cohen: I don’t know if it is broke or not, but that thing is spewing like a faucet!

    Kurtesy quickly gets to his feet and runs at a turned Titus. He hits his finisher, Solitary! Kurtesy hooks the leg as Ty gets down for the count,


    Harrys: Here is your winner, and new WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Steven Kurtesy!

    Copeland: I don’t believe it! Kurtesy has done it! Kurtesy has won the world title!

    Cohen: Wow, and not only that, but Ty has shown the whole entire referee staff how a referee should properly officiate!

    An official brings the belt into the ring and hands it to the stunned Steven Kurtesy. He gazes at the belt as his cheeks begin to house tears of joy. The crowd begins to chant Kurtesy’s name amidst the enormous applause. Burna is now making his way up the ramp, but he stops at the top and looks back at the ring. Kurtsey stares at him and stands on the bottom rope and raises the belt high to a huge pop from the crowd. Burna responds with a cold stare, but then slowly curls his lips into an evil smile. Kurtesy shoots him a confused look and turns around to see Barbosa! He hits the Doppelg√§nger! Barbosa laughs as the camera shows Burna smiling and lifting a mic up.

    Ty: Oh by the way Steven Kurtesy, meet your challenger for the WZCW World Heavyweight Title at Lethal Lottery, none other than Barbosa! Congratulations, champ.

    Ty drops the mic and walks to the back as Barbosa stands tall over Kurtesy

    Copeland: I can't believe it, Ty couldn't settle with just letting Kurtesy have his moment. He had to get the last laugh! And now Kurtesy is scheduled to defend against Barbosa at the Lethal Lottery!

    Cohen: Chill out Seabass, this is Ty's show. You didn't really think he would let Kurtesy and Titus hog the last few moments, did you? Not only did he do that, but he's also given us our World Title match at Lethal Lottery! I love it!

    Copeland: As much as I hate to say it, we are running out of time. Thanks to all of you that joined us tonight and join us next time!

    The WZCW logo appears on the screen as we close with a shot of Kurtesy in pain, next to his WZCW World Heavyweight Championship.
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    Who wrote what:

    Blade: Celeste Crimson vs. Dr. Alhazred
    Funkay: Barbosa/Toyota vs. Saxton/Saboteur
    Kermit: Titus vs. Steven Kurtesy, Opening
    Ty: Chris K.O. vs. Black Dragon, Matt Tastic/Sam Smith vs. Showtime/Baller, Backstage

    Rep these gentlemen for their work. Sorry for the show running a tad late. Enjoy.

    And pay the alcohol fund on your way out.
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