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    Copeland: Ladies and Gentleman welcome to Meltdown 66. I’m Sebastian Copeland alongside my colour commentator Jack Cohen, we are just two weeks away from All or Nothing and this week we have not one, not two, but three shows to lead us up to the big event.

    Cohen: That’s right Seabass, WZCW introduces WZCW After Shock. The wrestlers have demanded more ring time and that’s what the front office has done. More wrestling, less talk. Be sure to tune in WZCW After Shock. Debuting after Ascension.

    Copeland: But tonight Jack we are live on Meltdown and I have a feeling tonight is going to be a memorable night that nobody is going to ever forget.

    Cohen: Why... are you retiring?

    “Falling on” cuts in and Meltdown General Manager Chuck Myles walks onto the stage ramp, microphone in hand.

    Myles: It seems my colleague Vance Bateman has a fetish with announcing matches for upcoming PPV’s. Vance even went out of his way to announce my shows EurAsian Title match happening at All or Nothing, a Tag Team Contest pitting EurAsian Champion Black Dragon and his partner Chris Beckford against the team of Blade and Scott Hammond. Well two can play at this game and I do know the match he has planned for the Elite X Title at All or Nothing. So you heard it on Meltdown first, Sam Smith will defend his Elite X Title in a triple threat match against Steven Holmes... and John Constantine!

    The crowd responds to the announcement and Myles gives them a moment before continuing.

    Myles: As well I am going to announce the 6 participants that will be competing in the 6 man match at All or Nothing with the winner receiving the final spot in the Lethal Lottery match. One of the participants will earn his spot on the debut of After Shock, that match featuring Alexander Steele, Jack Skinner, Johnny Scumm, and S.H.I.T. The other 5 participants I am going to let you all know tonight. And they are... EVEREST!

    The crowd cheers loudly.

    Myles: MR. BALLER!

    The crowd boos loudly.

    Myles: BRAD BOMB!

    The crowd cheers again.

    Myles: The new and improved Baez, I mean... MATT TASTIC!

    The crowd cheers even louder.

    Myles: And the final participant... he’s a guy I really had to have a long talk with about getting back into the ring. A former WZCW Heavyweight Champion, former Mayhem Champion, leader of the greatest faction in WZCW history.

    The crowd starts chanting “Ricky! Ricky!” in anticipation for Steamboat Ricky.

    Myles: and the final participant is...


    The crowd boos loudly as Ty Burna and his Apostles of Chaos walk through the curtain and onto the stage beside Myles. Ty Burna has a mic and speaks.

    Burna: Now Chuck, I hope that were just pulling these fans legs about announcing that overboard washed up swashbuckler and the person you really meant to announce was me. A former Heavyweight Champion, a former Mayhem Champion, and when you forgot to mention former EurAsian Champion, that’s when I felt I needed to come out here and make sure you didn’t give the wrong answer to these fans, or the wrong answer to your health.

    Myles: Now Ty... Vance Bateman and I have discussed for a long time who we wanted to be in this match and he wanted you to have nothing to do with this contest.

    Burna: Now see this is the interesting situation we have here Chuck. Bateman isn’t here... Steamboat Ricky is definitely not here, but I am here and I have my Apostles of Chaos, my still active faction here, and if I don’t get included in this match at AON then I can guarantee you Chuck we will take over Meltdown tonight and make sure nothing happens the way it should. We will make sure that in every match every opponent gets beaten down by my group and when there is no one left to beat down... we will make our way to your office... and see if you maybe have changed your mind by then. Or else you'll be the last to feel our wrath.

    Ty lowers his mic and motions for his group to leave. They turn around and start to walk off stage.

    Myles: Okay... you want in this match, fine. First off though, if you want in the All or Nothing match, you'll have to defeat Everest and Brad Bomb, right now!

    Ty Burna smiles as the crowd boos. He lifts his mic to speak one last time.

    Burna: Chuck, you've given me just that much more incentive to lay waste to the relic and his pathetic fanboy.

    Ty Burna drops the mic as his music plays as his Apostles walk to the back and Ty makes his way down the ramp towards the ring. Myles immediately exits the ring as Ty climbs onto the apron and enters the ring.

    Copeland: So big news to kick off Meltdown here tonight. Ty Burna must defeat Everest and Brad Bomb in a handicap match, just to be entered into the 6 man match at All or Nothing and a triple threat Elite X Title match between Sam Smith, Steven Holmes, and John Constantine has been announced as well!

    Cohen: Seabass you aren’t even on Ascension, you probably don’t even know who those guys are, but what we do know is Ty Burna will soon be in the 6 man match at AON against Everest, Mr. Baller, Brad Bomb, Matt Tastic, and one final entry to be named on After Shock.

    Copeland: Indeed, quite the exciting card we have so far for All or Nothing and so is one we have here tonight. Showtime takes on Titus, we see Dragon and Beckford team up for the first time against the Tag Team Champions, Ty Burna and one of his Apostles Chris K.O. are in seperate in ring action here tonight...

    Cohen: And our main event. WZCW Heavuweight Champion Big Dave takes on John Constantine. I can't believe you forgot that one Seabass.

    Copeland: But first, we find out if Ty can defeat Everest and Bomb, right now!
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    Ty Burna patiently waits in the ring for his opponents, ignoring the fan reaction he is receiving. The boos don't stay around for long as Ty's music fades, transitioning into:


    The crowd erupts as they hear the familiar theme of the legendary superstar they call Everest, who walks out on stage and soaks in the atmosphere before he begins to walk down the ramp.

    Harrys: The following contest is a handicap match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 205 pounds; EVEREST!

    Cohen: I can't believe I have to call this match, Seabass. This is completely unfair.

    Copeland: It makes perfect sense Jack. Two men who have been the torment of another person's wrath wish to get gain some revenge by denying him a chance at gaining the number 20 spot in the Lethal Lottery.

    Everest climbs onto the apron, staring down at Ty. He then gets on the turnbuckle via the apron and poses for the fans before getting back down on the apron, making sure Ty doesn't blindside him.


    The crowd continues its cheers as Brad Bomb explodes out on stage as the riff kicks in and taunts for the fans. Everest applauds him on from the apron.

    Harrys: And his tag team partner, from the United Kingdon, weighing in at 261 pounds; BRAD BOMB!

    Copeland: Through all the attacks, Bomb and Everest have become quite the pairing that could pose as a dangerous alliance.

    Cohen: Dangerous? Please! They couldn't defeat the Apostles of Chaos on multiple occasions. How do you think they're going to take down their leader?

    Bomb gets to the ring and onto the apron, shaking hands with Everest before both men enter the ring with Bomb going up to the turnbuckles to throw his arms up whilst Everest stares down with Ty. As the music fades, the referee attempts to check on all three men but all are too busy concentrating on each other. The referee signals for the bell as he tries telling Bomb or Everest to get on the apron.

    Ty smirks and inches forward slightly, which forces Bomb to attempt a pounce but Everest puts a hand in front of Bomb to stop him. He tells Bomb he has this, not breaking his eye contact with Ty. Bomb hesitates but reluctantly listens and gets on the apron. Everest tells something to Ty who does just smirks and goes straight for an attack. Everest ducks the attempt and locks his arms around Ty, going for a German but Ty blocks the suplex and elbows Everest in the ribs, forcing him to let go. Ty runs off the ropes and goes for a high knee but Everest catches him to hit a spinebuster. He goes for a quick cover but Ty kicks out immediately. Everest slaps on a headlock to try and drain Ty of his energy but Ty is easily able to get up and lifts him into the air for a back suplex but Everest rolls out of the attempt, landing on his feet behind Ty. He locks on the German once more but blocks it again. Ty goes for an elbow but Everest ducks the attempt, switching his position to hit a belly to belly suplex on Ty. He goes for the cover... 1... kick-out by Ty. Everest again follows up with a headlock with Ty getting up noticeably slower than last time. Ty runs back towards the ropes, using them as a slingshot to send Everest running. Ty waits for Everest and tries for a spinebuster but the legend counters it into a hurricanrana, flying Ty across the ring near Bomb's corner. Everest manages to trap Ty in the corner and gives the tag to Bomb, who scores a loud cheer from the audience. Bomb gets into the middle of the ring and runs at Ty in the corner to hit a stinger splash. Everest gets into position and whips Ty into Bomb, allowing Bomb to hit a sidewalk slam and go for the cover as Everest gets on the apron... 1... 2... kick-out. Bomb follows the same game plan and puts a headlock on Ty, keeping him grounded momentarily.

    Cohen: This is the reason why handicap matches should be abolished! It allows double teams and switching partners yet the lone man can't have any support? Outrageous!

    Copeland: They are completely within the rules here Jack. Besides, the strategy of wearing down Ty with these headlocks, this match will be over before you know it.

    Ty manages to get to the ropes to break the hold, forcing the referee to intervene by pulling Bomb off Ty. He lets go of the hold and immediately Ty gets up and tries blindsiding Bomb but he manages to escape the attempt at the last second and respond with a series of hard chops that corners Ty on the ropes. Bomb whips Ty across the ring and nails a dropkick on Ty. He is about to go for the cover when two men, James King and Chris K.O. (the Apostles of Chaos) suddenly appear on the entrance ramp. Bomb has his eyes fixated on them momentarily before tending back to Ty who is on one knee. He grabs Ty by the head but Ty delivers a hard knee to Bomb before working him over with a punching/kicking combination, bringing Bomb to one knee. Ty kicks him in the back of the head, knocking Bomb silly to allow Ty hit the Mo' Murda on Bomb. He goes for the cover on Bomb... 1... kick-out by Bomb. At this point, King and K.O. have reached ringside and just watch patiently with Everest keeping his eye on them. Ty locks in the straight-jacket strangehold to wear his opponent down, keeping Bomb down longer than he kept down Ty. Eventually though, Bomb makes it to his feet and tries desperately to counter but the lack of motion does not allow him to escape. Ty switches the strangehold into his signature X-Plex, crashing Bomb into the canvas before keeping the submission locked in. Bomb tries his hardest to get to a vertical base again and get to the ropes easily but Ty again hits an X-Plex before going back to the strangehold. Bomb seems to be going out fast, allowing Ty to let go of one arm to save energy. The ref uses this free arm to check on Bomb and hold his hand in the air. It drops the first time. Everest is on the apron trying to rally the fans to get Bomb back into the match with King/K.O. still remaining docile. The ref drops Bomb's arm for a second time with no response.

    Cohen: Now this is what you call a strategy to wear down your opponent! Self-strangulation for the win.

    Copeland: Bomb is not out just quite yet.

    He lifts and drops it for a third but Bomb keeps his arm up to signal he is still able to compete. With his last bit of strength and the crowd behind him, Bomb is able to get to his feet. Ty goes back to the X-Plex solution but manages to counter the attempt and throws Ty across the ring. Bomb does his best to try and make it to Everest for the tag but Ty is up beforehand and knocks Everest of the apron, garnering hatred from the fans. He picks up Bomb and goes for the Double underhook backbreaker but Bomb slips out as Ty lifts him up, sliding behind him to hit an inverted headlock backbreaker. All three men are down as the referee begin to count. By the second count, Everest has managed to get himself up and climbs on the apron. At five, Ty shows signs of live with Bomb still out. We hit seven and Ty breaks the count getting up with Bomb struggling. Ty lifts Bomb up and hits him in the face, only for Bomb to respond with an even bigger hit to Ty that makes him stumble. Bomb is up and hits a flurry of punches on Ty before he tries whipping him across the ring but Ty reverses and whips him. Ty goes for an attack but Bomb evades and rebounds off the ropes again with a crossbody. Bomb is up and Ty follows for an attack but Bomb hits a suplex on Ty. Bomb gets up again and waits for Ty, going for the Alabama Slam that hits successfully. Although Bomb is on a roll, he drops down to one knee due to exhaustion as Ty lays on the ground. He goes up and slowly makes his way to tag Everest in. Suddenly, King and K.O. swarm on Everest's position who sees them and drops down from the apron, knocking out both men with stiff clotheslines. K.O. and King aren't done and get up for more but Everest fends them off with any of them getting a single shot in. As the referee is distracted by the events outside, someone hooded slides into the ring from out of nowhere.

    Copeland: How did that man get passed security? Can someone remove this fan before he gets hurt.

    Bomb turns around and gets hit in the stomach quite hard with a punch by the mysterious man and slide out of the ring, trying to disappear before security intervenes and catches the man. They pull down his hood to reveal a familiar face.

    Cohen: That's no fan, Seabass. That's the newest member to the Apostles of Chaos: Dr. Alhazred!

    With Everest still distracted and Bomb clutches his stomach, Ty uses this opportunity to hit Bomb with a devastating Consecrated Banishment. He calls the ref over and asks for the count... 1... 2... 3!

    Harrys: Here is your winner; TY BURNA!

    Everest realises what has happened and slides into the ring to go after Ty. He manages to attack him before Ty can get up to his feet and tries fending him off to protect Bomb. He proves successful until King and K.O. are able to get up and remove security from Alhazred's clutches, allowing all three men to storm the ring. Everest tries fighting them back but its no use as everyone gangs up on Everest, taking him down. Ty signals for them to stop as soon as he gets to his feet and wishes for them to lift up Everest. Ty squares him up and hits a Consecrated Banishment on him. The crowd boos as the four men stand tall over Bomb and Everest, holding their hands high.

    Copeland: The numbers are increasing fast for Ty Burna's Gospel of Chaos with Dr. Alhazred. If someone doesn't act fast, Ty will rule over WZCW.

    Cohen: Who else is there? That whack job Professor? He is about as useless as the two who are laying unconscious in the ring right now.

    Copeland: Either way, Ty Burna has managed to overcome the odds and is now officially in the 6 man match at All or Nothing for the coveted Number 20 spot.
    We go backstage where Chuck Myles is standing by with Becky Serra.

    Becky: I'm here with Meltdown manager Chuck Myles. Mr. Myles, in a couple days we will see the debut of WZCW's new show, After Shock! What do we have in store for the fans at home?

    Myles: It's real simple Becky. After Shock is just another continuation of the great entertainment we put on here at WZCW. This is a joint effort between myself and Mr. Bateman. Like all shows, it will see it's own evolution and progress, but for our first show we will have a classic match between two of our greatest Mayhem Champions, Alex Bowen and Matt Tastic!

    Becky: That's great Mr. Myles, that's a match many have wanted to see for some time. I understand there will be some other matches with important stipulations?

    Myles: Absolutely. We want After Shock to start off with a bang. Justin Cooper and The Internet Warrior will face off, with a future Mayhem Title shot at stake. Also we will find out who the sixth participant in the All or Nothing match will be as Alex Steele, Jack Skinner, S.H.I.T., and Johnny Scumm square off to earn that huge opportunity.

    Becky: Thank you Chuck, and we hope you all tune in to WZCW's new show, After Shock!

    We cut to commercial.
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    An eruption of reaction comes from the capacity crowd as the music of the one and only Titus blazes throughout. The reaction in not completely positive, but the cheers are solid. Titus emerges from behind the curtain as Truman Harrys begins the introductions for this match-up.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, making his way down the aisle, weighing 225 pounds, this is...TITUS!

    Copeland: Titus receiving a warm welcome from this crowd as he prepares to battle with a one time friend, “Showtime” David Cougar.

    Cohen: A warm welcome he says. Ha! It’s more lukewarm if you ask me.

    Copeland: Well it’s a reaction nonetheless and that’s something Jack.

    As Copeland and Cohen bicker on the subject of Titus’ crowd reaction, the former world champion is handing out some high fives to some fans. Just as he goes to give one to a small child, he’s attacked from behind by the malevolent Barbosa! The deranged king has slammed his King for a Day briefcase into the back of Titus’ head, knocking him forwards. This draws a large amount of booing, but that does not stop Barbosa. If anything, it merely feeds his desire to continue assaulting Titus and he does so with the briefcase hitting Titus over and over again whilst the Oscar winner is prone on the floor. The man from Bedlam ceases once he has delivered five shots to Titus. He takes a step back and looks into the crowd, with a glint of madness in his eyes. He raises his briefcase and lets out a primal scream. He lowers the briefcase and slowly walks up the ramp.

    Copeland: What was that about? Titus was interacting with those fans and then this nutjob assaulted him. That was completely uncalled for.

    Cohen: Now, now Seabass. You’ve got to maintain a journalistic point of view. Barbosa was merely gaining a tactical advantage ahead of All or Nothing.

    As Barbosa exits, several officials come down to assist the wounded Titus. He rolls around in agony as the officials look to assist the Keystone native. He’s to his feet now, but when the referees look to help him to the back, he refuses, insisting that the show go on. The crowd are now 100% behind him, chanting Titus’ name as a mark of respect for his tenacity. Titus persists in telling the officials that he’s fine with competing and drags himself into the ring. The referees continue to protest but Titus has none of it as he pulls himself to his feet as Saliva hits the arena.


    David Cougar slowly enters the arena, a grin wide across his face. He saunters down to the ring at a slow pace, knowing his prey is wounded and ripe for the picking.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Winnipeg in Canada, weighing 219 pounds, “SHOWTIME” DAVID COUGAR!

    Cougar continues down the ramp before reaching the ring. He circles it before entering as the crowd reigns heavy booing down upon him.

    Cohen: Looks like things are getting a lot easier for “Showtime” this week thanks to Titus’ own thick head.

    Copeland: I can’t say I agree with Titus competing here, but I have to admire his sprit.

    Cohen: Bah! Spirit my backside. It’s the fool’s own stupid pride.

    Titus is backed into a corner, holding himself up with the turnbuckles and ropes as “Showtime” licks his lips with anticipation. The referee hesitantly calls for the bell and we’re underway. Immediately, Cougar rushes over to Titus’s corner and looks to release a flurry of strikes to the injured ribs. Titus looks to cover up, but can only do so for a handful of the blows as “Showtime” lands the majority. The winner of the 2011 Lethal Lottery throws his 2010 counterpart into the opposite turnbuckle. Titus does not spring out of the corner, but rather sinks into it. Cougar runs across and delivers a dropkick to the cornered Titus. 1...2...KICK-OUT! As Titus raises his arm to escape the pin, he clutches at his ribs. Cougar chuckles before getting back to his feet. He bounces off the ropes before executing a leg drop, but rather than hitting it across Titus’ neck, he delivers it to the ribs. 1...2...KICK-OUT! Again Titus kicks out and again he grabs the ribs. “Showtime” is on his feet again, but this time he has Titus with him. He sets him up for The Ratings Crash, but he takes a little too long and Titus smashes an elbow into his head. Cougar isn’t expecting it and let’s go of the former Red Mask immediately. With Cougar stunned, Titus sees an opportunity and runs at him. “Showtime” is expecting it this time however and hits a picture perfect dropkick to stop Titus dead in his tracks.

    Copeland: Try as he might to get something going, Titus simply couldn’t capitalise there.

    Cohen: I don’t think you’re giving “Showtime” his props Seabass. He was aware of the opponent despite being stunned. That’s an example of his continued brilliance inside those ropes.

    Cougar is to his feet first, but Titus isn’t too far behind. That’s not good enough though as the Canadian quickly sneaks behind Titus before executing a signature manoeuvre; Backstage! “Showtime” goes for a cover: 1...2...KICK-OUT! Cougar is disappointed, but is quick to plot his nest move as he is to his feet. He nails a quick few stomps in Titus’ midsection before grabbing and dragging him closer to the turnbuckle. Cougar exits to the apron as he begins to ascend. He nearly loses his balance as he gets to the top, but he regains his balance. He takes a deep breath in before launching himself at Titus with an elbow drop. But, Titus manages to roll out of the way, sending Cougar crashing into the mat below.

    Cohen: How did that happen?

    Copeland: Ring awareness Jack. Just as “Showtime” carries it with him, so does Titus.

    The referee begins to count both men as they lie flat on the mat. It is Titus who is first to stir and rise in spite of his injuries. “Showtime” is to his knees now which is the perfect position for Titus to unleash his signature kick to the head. Titus goes quickly for a cover. 1...2...KICK-OUT! Looking to maintain his advantage, Titus backs off before running and dropping a knee onto Cougar. 1...2...KICK-OUT! The damage is still not enough, but Titus is gaining ground. This time he brings Cougar to his feet, where he locks in a sleeper hold. Cougar flaps about, trying to escape from the submission, but can’t quite make the ropes at first. He instead goes for a different route and backs Titus, inured ribs and all, into the turnbuckle. The first hit does not break the move, but a repeat does. Titus is once again in significant amounts of pain, and as he clutches his ribs, “Showtime” grabs him for a second attempt at The Ratings Crash. This time it succeeds. Rather than go for a cover however, Cougar decides to pull his foe into the centre of the ring where he applies his submission finisher; Commercial Break. Titus struggles, but it is in vain as he taps out with the pain too much for even him to withstand.

    Harrys: Here is your winner; “SHOWTIME” DAVID COUGAR!

    “Showtime” keeps Titus locked in the hold for a good few moments following the bell, but eventually releases Titus after some prompting from the official. He demands the referee raise his hand which the official complies with.

    Cohen: A comprehensive win for everyone’s favourite star from north of the border.

    Copeland: That’s right, but it wouldn’t have been that way if it weren’t for that horrific attack by Barbosa. Totally uncalled for and that stopped us from seeing what should’ve been a tremendous contest between two of WZCW’s longest serving tenants.

    Cohen: Oh stop you’re whining, “Showtime” won and that’s all there is to it. Titus tapped out and admitted that he was not the better man.

    “Showtime” stays for a few moments to gloat and pose over his defeated opponent, but opts to leave shortly afterwards. While he’s exiting, the same referees as before run down to ringside to help Titus who is obviously having great difficulty with his injuries. He looks into the crowd as the men in striped shirts look to help him out of the ring. The arena rewards Titus’ efforts with rapturous applause and a continued chant of “Titus”. He grins and laughs, but has to stop abruptly due to his injuries. He stops the referees from trying to help him and insists on standing on his own two feet. They reluctantly accept. After a few moments he does so and raises one arm in recognition of the support.
    Scene shows Chris Beckford walking backstage towards to the ring entrance. He slows down and standing in front of him is the Tag Team Champions, Alexander Stark and Hiraku Susumu.

    Stark: Well well well... where do you think you’re off in a hurry to.

    Beckford: The ring, where me and Dragon plan on upseting a pair of champions tonight. You guys seen them.

    Stark: Hahaha, you are about as hilarious as Ricky Runn and maybe a notch or tow better than him so perfect practice for our All or Nothing match.

    Susumu: Show some clarity and good judgement Beckford. You can’t possibly expect that your tag team partner can even trust you when his belt will be on the line at All or Nothing.

    Stark: Not to mention that you wouldn’t even have a remote chance with any partner against us the WZCW Tag Team Champions.

    Beckford: Look I get you guys. You’re both very smart. And you both really like to talk. A lot. I mean like... you guys are putting our audiences to bed. Tonight though... is going to be a wake up call. And I’m not talking about just for the fans. I’m talking about you guys and your egos.

    Beckford walks past the two men as they turn and stare at them mouthing strategy.

    Copeland: Beckford and Dragon look for an upset against the Tag Team Champs. Can they work together to defeat Mind over Matter? We’ll find out next on Meltdown.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Susume marches out onto the stage, belt over his shoulder, and looks out at the booing crowd and Stark sweeps past him and they both head down to the ring.

    Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at a combing weight of 385 pounds, the WZCW Tag Team Champions, Mind Over Matter!

    The two men get into the ring and raise their tag belts on opposite sides of the ring to the booing crowd.

    Copeland: These guys are one of the most impressive tag teams to come into WZCW in a while but they have a big test tonight!


    The crowd give a big pop as Chris Beckford comes out onto the stage, looking pumped for the match.

    Harrys: And their opponents, first, weighing in at 226 pounds, Chris Beckford!

    Beckford slaps the hands of the fans as he goes down the ring but doesn’t get into the ring, waiting at the bottom of the ramp for his tag partner. The lights go down and Soul of the Shadow hits to another pop from the crowd and Black Dragon emerges, his title in one hand and a cigarette in the other. He flicks the butt away and slowly goes down the ring.

    Harrys: And his tag team partner, weighing in at 180 pounds, the WZCW EurAsian Champion, Black Dragon!

    He walks to the end of the ramp and comes eye to eye with Beckford. Beckford points to Mind Over Matter, telling Dragon they need to put aside their issues to beat their opponents tonight.

    Copeland: Beckford and Black Dragon will be partners again at All or Nothing, but they will also be enemies as Beckford can actually win the title during the match, which will also involve Blade and Scott Hammond, a team who are definitely on the same page! They need to forget that tonight to beat Mind Over Matter!

    Cohen: Whatever, Mind Over Matter can beat teams who are on the same page.

    Beckford gets up on the apron and Black Dragon reluctantly follows him. Susumu is already in the ring as Beckford climbs through the ropes. The referee takes the titles out of the ring and calls for the bell. The two men circles each other for a moment and lock up in the centre of the ring. Susumu applies the side headlock but Beckford pushes him off into the ropes. Susumu bounces back and Beckford leaps over him. Susumu keeps going, bouncing off the ropes opposite as he’s hit with a Dropkick! The crowd applaud and Beckford glances over at Dragon for a moment. Stark tells Susumu to get up and he does. They go to lock up again and Susumu takes his opponent to the mat with a Waistlock Takedown. He transitions into a Front Facelock and then into a Side Headlock and pulls Beckford to his feet, he goes for a Bulldog but Beckford pushes him off. Susumu puts a foot up to stop himself colliding with the turnbuckles. Beckford runs at him, but Susumu uses the middle rope to launch himself over Beckford and lands behind him before rolling him up, 1... 2... Kick out by Beckford. Beckford quickly gets up and catches his breath. Black Dragon extends his arm in the corner, wanting the tag. Beckford looks irritated but tags in his partner. Dragon gets in the ring and ties up with Susumu, who gets the EurAsian champion in a Wristlock. Dragon kicks Susumu in the waist to break the hold and hits a big Dropkick that takes Susumu down, who rolls to his corner and tags in Stark. Dragon shoots a look back at Beckford.

    Copeland: It seems to be ‘Anything you can do, I can do better’ between Dragon and Beckford.

    Cohen: And they’re both wrong...

    Stark catches Dragon off guard with a right hand and Dragon stumbles back into the ropes. He follows up with a European Uppercut and whips Dragon across the ring. Dragon returns and gets hit with a Belly to Belly that sends him across the ring and crashing to the mat. Beckford shakes his head as Stark covers Dragon, 1... 2... Kick out. Stark gets Dragon in a Double Underhook and pulls him to his feet. He lays into his opponent with knees to the body and tries to follow up with a Double Underhook Backbreaker, but Dragon blocks it and flips Stark over, bridging with a pin, 1... 2... Kick out by Stark! Stark quickly gets up and hits a series of stomps to Dragon’s head to stop him getting momentum before tagging in Susumu. Susumu picks up Dragon and Irish Whips him, locking in an Abdominal Stretch as Dragon returns. Black Dragon is out of the reach of the ropes and Beckford as he shakes his head, not giving up. Susumu grabs Stark’s hand without the referee seeing it, giving Susumu more leverage for the submission. Beckford tries to get into the ring to stop it, but the referee stops him and Stark gives Dragon a cheap kick to the head. Susumu lets Dragon go and hooks the outside leg, 1... 2... Kick out by Black Dragon. Beckford encourages his partner to get up but Susumu isolates him and tags in Stark, who sizes up Dragon and hits him with a Blue Thunder Bomb! He covers Dragon, 1... 2... Kick out by Dragon!

    Cohen: Great tag team work by Mind Over Matter!

    Copeland: Dragon desperately needs to make the tag!

    Stark gets up and calls for the end, picking up Stark and setting him up for the IQ Drop, but Dragon twists out of the Inverted Facelock and hits an Enziguiri! Both men go down and the referee starts the count. Dragon gets up at 6, with Stark still recovering. Beckford is eager to tag in but Dragon ignores him, much to the irritation of Beckford. Stark tags in Susumu who runs at Dragon, but gets caught with a Lariat before getting covered, 1... 2... Kick out! Dragon quickly picks up Susumu and goes for a Half Nelson Slam but Susumu counters, picking Dragon up and nailing a Death Valley Driver! Beckford looks furious as Susumu catches his breath for a moment before going for the pin, 1... 2... Kick out by Dragon! None of the competitors can believe as Beckford again tries to get tagged in. Susumu tags in Stark and holds up Dragon with his arms behind his back. Stark smirks at Beckford before going for a Spinning Heel Kick, but Dragon gets free and dodges the kick and Stark hits Susumu, who falls through the ropes out of the ring! Stark looks out at his partner, his hand on his forehead. He turns around and Dragon kicks him in the gut and gets him ready for the Darkness Falls. Just before he’s about to hit the move, Beckford blind tags himself in! Dragon nails the Northern Lights Driver, and tries to go for the pin, but the referee informs him he’s not the legal man. Beckford quickly climbs to the top rope and hits the Cross County and hooks Stark’s legs, 1... 2... 3!

    Harrys: Here are your winners, the EurAsian Champion Black Dragon and Chris Beckford!

    Susumu pulls him out of the ring and shakes his head as he drags his partner up the ramp, tag titles in hand. In the ring, Beckford and Black Dragon stare down each other in the ring. Beckford is saying something to Dragon, but Dragon simply raises his title in the air, much to the annoyance of Beckford. suddenly Bliss hits and Blade struts out with a microphone, Hammond alongside him.

    Blade: You kids...

    The crowd boo loudly at the interruption but Beckford and Dragon don't turn away from each other.

    Blade: I don't envy your chances at All or Nothing. See, Hammond and I will be working together as a unit at in the tag team match. We are working for the greater good. But Dragon, you want to hang onto your title. And Chris, you would do anything to get that title back. So if I could give you guys some advice, you should really put your silly issues aside.

    Blade shakes his head and hands the microphone to Scott Hammond.

    Hammond: You should listen to Blade because if we get a chance, not only will we take your title but we will beat you guys to within an inch of your pathetic lives. So I suggest you guys start acting like a team so that doesn't happen. Unless of course, an individual title win means more than your tag partner's career.

    Beckford looks out at Hammond and Blade, his jaw tightly clenched. Black Dragon looks from his title to Chris Beckford and back. Hammond drops the mic and sarcastically waves at the two men in the ring as he and Blade go backstage.

    Cohen: It looks like Blade is teaching Hammond the fine art of the mind game!

    Copeland: And it could be very dangerous for Beckford and Black Dragon come All or Nothing!
    Screen shot of a limo in the parking lot shows as Showtime David Cougar comes into view walking up to the limo. He goes to get in but is cut off by Leon Kensworth.

    Kensworth: Showtime... the world wants to know. Are you going to accept Stan Rogers challenge or are you afraid to face the Strong Man?

    Showtime: Leon... I will not answer that question at all to you. You will have to wait till Ascension like everyone else when I meet Stan Rogers and look him in the face and tell him exactly what I think and then I will give him my answer.

    Showtime gets in the limo and drives away leaving Leon by himself in the parking lot. A snicker is heard and the sound of a door shutting is heard by Leon and the camera turns towards the direction of the sound, but no one is there.

    Cohen: Someone from the world definitely showed interest in Showtime’s decision regarding Stan Rogers.

    Copeland: Well that’s going to have to wait for another night Jack because we are on to our main event.

    Camera shows a split screen shot of Big Dave and John Constantine each walking backstage.

    Copeland: WZCW Heavyweight Champion Big Dave takes on John Constantine. Who will have momentum heading into All or Nothing. Stay tuned cause it’s coming up later tonight!
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    The crowd begins booing immediately as the lights dim. Chris K.O. appears at the top of the entrance ramp, Serafina standing behind him. He looks back her momentarily before flipping his hood back and staring out at the crowd. The two make their way down the ramp, Chris enters the ring as Serafina walks slowly around the ring. Chris jumps up to the second turnbuckle and holds his arms up in an X shape.

    Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at 212 lbs, Chris K.O.!

    Steven Kurtesy makes his way out to the top of the entrance ramp, the crowd cheering loudly for the professor. He takes a deep breath before walking down the ring, the usual jovial and peaceful Kurtesy showing no emotion as he stares down K.O. in the ring. Kurtesy walks up the steps and enters the ring, never taking his eyes off of K.O.

    Harrys: And his opponent, weighing in at 235 lbs, Professor Steven Kurtesy!

    Copeland: For the third show in a row, Kurtesy will face off against Chris K.O., but this week it's one on one!

    Cohen: And for the third show in a row, K.O. will leave Kurtesy broken in the middle of that ring.

    Copeland: Is it even safe for K.O. to wrestle tonight? After his health scare earlier this week as reported by, he should be at home resting.

    Cohen: That shows you what type of competitor K.O. is. A few days after he's here on Meltdown to continue his dominance.

    The ref signals for the bell and the two immediately square up in the middle of the ring. Kurtesy hits a quick kick to the outside thigh but K.O. counters with a hard right hand. Kurtesy staggers back as K.O. stumbles a bit from the kick. Kurtesy goes for another kick but K.O. grabs hold of his leg and drops an elbow across the thigh. K.O. follows up with a leg sweep, dropping Kurtesy to the mat. K.O. goes for an elbow drop but Kurtesy rolls out of the way. The two both get up at the same time and stare each other down as the crowd begins cheering Kurtesy's name. K.O. goes for a hard clothesline but Kurtesy rolls under, hitting the ropes and hit connects with a spinning heel kick. K.O. drops to the ground and quickly rolls out of the ring. K.O. looks to recover but Kurtesy suddenly comes flying over the top rope and crashes into K.O. on the outside! Kurtesy stands tall as K.O. lies on the ground. The ref begins the ten count as Kurtesy lifts K.O. back to his feet, but K.O. runs forward and sends Kurtesy back first into the side of the ring. Kurtesy winces in pain but quickly gets interrupted as K.O. connects with repeated shots with his patented jabs.

    Cohen: Look at K.O. Who in WZCW can honestly compete with him? He's ruthless, and with Ty's mentoring he's become absolutely unstoppable.

    Copeland: Chris has been on a roll ever since coming under Ty's tutelage, but Kurtesy is no slouch either Cohen.

    The ref's count is at 6 as K.O. rolls Kurtesy back into the ring. K.O. takes his time entering the ring as Kurtesy lies on the ground. K.O. goes to lift him u but Kurtesy suddenly wraps his legs around K.O.'s and rolls him up, 1........2........K.O. kicks out! K.O. quickly gets up and puts a hard boot to the side of the head, dropping Kurtesy back down again. K.O. continues to deliver repeated stomps as the ref counts to 5. At 4 K.O. finally backs away. As the ref delivers a verbal warning, Kurtesy grabs hold of the bottom rope, trying to pull himself up. Serafina is right there however, a sick grin on her face as she delivers a hard slap across the face. The crowd boos loudly as Serafina walks away slowly, leaving Kurtesy to hold the side of his face. He suddenly gets flipped around as K.O. grabs hold of both his legs. He falls back, forcing Kurtesy upward, his throat crashing into the bottom rope. Kurtesy rolls over holding his throat but K.O. doesn't give a moment of rest, pulling him into the middle of the ring and covering him, 1...........2...........Kurtesy kicks out! K.O. gets up to one knee and begins blatantly choking Kurtesy. The ref tries to pull K.O. off at first but cannot seem to. He begins the 5 count and K.O. let's go at 4. He stands up and a smirk forms on his face before walking over to the corner. He climbs up to the top turnbuckle and motions for Kurtesy to stand up. As Kurtesy struggles to his feet, K.O. comes flying off with a spinning heel kick! Kurtesy is able to side step it over and K.O. crashes to the mat hard. The crowd cheers as Kurtesy quickly hits a Kesagari Chop, sending K.O. back into the ropes. Kurtesy whips him across. He catches him and drops him down with an arm-trap neckbreaker. He hooks a leg for a cover, 1.........2..........K.O. kicks out.

    Copeland: You can tell these two are very familiar in the ring together. Kurtesy saw the flying kick off the top rope coming, and now has capitalized on the momentum shift.

    Cohen: He tripped on his own foot and that's what got him out of the way. Kurtesy's such an air head there's no way he would have saw that coming.

    Kurtesy gets up and drags K.O. along with him. He hits a backhand chop, eliciting a Wooo from the crowd. He hits a few more before backing K.O. into the corner. He begins hitting various kicks, before finally connecting with a jumping kick to the midsection. K.O. drops to the ground holding his midsection as Kurtesy backs up. He rushes forward and connects with a big dropkick, sending K.O.'s head back. Kurtesy grabs hold of K.O.'s leg and drags him into the center of the ring before going for a single leg Boston Crab. K.O. struggles against the hold. and is able to kick Kurtesy off at the last moment. Kurtesy stumbles forward, and as he turns around K.O. goes for another clothesline. Kurtesy ducks under and runs to the ropes. He rolls and connects with a vicious savate kick, sending K.O. backwards once more into the ropes. Kurtesy rushes towards him but K.O. sends him over the top rope. Kurtesy lands on his feet and immediately hits a kick to the side of the head, sending K.O. to the mat. Kurtesy springboards off and connects with a seated senton! He lies back on K.O. and hooks a leg, 1..........2...........K.O. kicks out!

    Copeland: Kurtesy has an answer for everything K.O. is throwing at him. Can K.O. figure out the good professor or will Kurtesy keep him off his feet?

    Cohen: K.O., while impressive as of late, is still fairly green to WZCW. He will learn the tricks that Kurtesy knows, but right now he needs to stop this offensive by Kurtesy.

    Kurtesy is now fired up as he drags K.O. back up. He sets him up for the Prescripton Sedated but K.O. shoves him forward. As Kurtesy turns back around K.O. connects with a European uppercut. Kurtesy gets rocked bu the attack and K.O. immediately connects with a clinching slam! He drops down and covers Kurtesy 1............2.....Kurtesy kicks out. Both men are down as the ref begins the ten count. Serafina slams her hand on the mat, yelling at K.O. to get up. At the count of 5, both men begin to stir, Kurtesy getting up to his feet slowly as K.O. does the same. They stumble backwards into each other, and the two immediately turn and start throwing lefts and rights. Kurtesy gains the advantage and whips K.O. into the ropes. He tries to catch K.O. with Prescription Sedated again but K.O. once more counters and drops Kurtesy over with a devastating German Suplex! He bridges the suplex, 1.........2..........Kurtesy kicks out! K.O. begins to let frustration seep in as he turns and hits another hard boot to Kurtesy. K.O. lifts him up but Kurtesy suddenly hits Prescription Sedated on the third try! K.O. is face down as Kurtesy sits next to him, slightly disorientated. He rolls K.O. over and covers him, 1.........2...........Serafina puts K.O.'s foot on the ropes and the ref spots the foot, stopping the count as the crowd begins booing loudly. Kurtesy turns towards Serafina as she jumps up onto the apron, arguing with the ref. With Kurtesy's attention turned away, K.O. gets behind Kurtesy and suddenly lifts him over with another German Suplex! He doesn't bridge it this time as he gets up and motions for him to get up. Kurtesy stands and K.O. kicks him in the midsection, setting him up for the Butterfly Effect! Kurtesy counters and slides out, crossing K.O.'s arms around him and sets him up for Solitary! K.O. spins around and hits a hard knee to the midsection, grabbing hold of Kurtesy's arm and dropping him to the ground. He locks in The Burning Crusade! Kurtesy struggles against the hold as K.O. has him in the center of the ring. Kurtesy tries to fight against it but finally taps out and the ref signals for the bell.

    Harrys: Here is your winner via Submission, Chris K.O.!

    Cohen: Did you see that Seabass? Chris K.O. defeated Steven Kurtesy without a tag team partner.

    Copeland: He still needed help from Serafina. Her distraction gave K.O. the opportunity to win.

    Cohen: What distraction? She was merely pointing out to the ref that he was counting too fast and nearly missed K.O.'s foot on the rope.

    K.O. gets to his feet as Serafina enters the ring. She shoves the ref out of the way and raises K.O.'s hand up in the air. Suddenly James King and Dr. Alhazred appear at the top of the entrance stage. They walk down the ramp and enter the ring quickly. King and Alhazred stand in front of K.O., the three men completely silent, yet nod to one another.

    Copeland: These three allied with Ty Burna has become the most dangerous group in WZCW.

    The lights suddenly go out and the crowd boos loudly instantly. The lights flash back on as Ty Burna appears in the ring, standing next to Chris K.O. King and Alhazred look at Ty, their gazes not leaving their leader.

    Cohen: Ty Burna is here! Kurtesy is about to meet his maker!

    Ty looks to Dr. Alhazred and extends his hand out. Alhazred grips Ty's hand and the two shake hands. Ty lowers his head and speaks a few words which Alhazred nods to. Ty raises his head and grins wickedly as he nods once more before turning towards Kurtesy, who is struggling to his feet. He looks to the Apostles and nods his head before the lights go out for a moment and flicker back on, Ty and Serafina now gone from the ring. As the three Apostles look to begin their attack on Kurtesy, a buzz from the crowd begins as Saboteur and Saxton suddenly run down to the ring. The Apostles scatter as Saboteur and Saxton stand in the ring. Kurtesy gets to his feet and slowly walks up next to Saboteur and Saxton. The Apostles back up the ramp as the three in the ring motion for them to attack.

    Cohen: Kurtesy should have been hung out to dry by the Apostles.

    Copeland: Thankfully Kurtesy was spared however by Saboteur and Saxton. This certainly is an odd alliance Cohen.

    Cohen: They have a common enemy Seabass. It's such a shame though that their common enemy is simply too strong for them to combat.

    The crowd cheers as Saboteur, Saxton, and Kurtesy stand tall in the ring while the Apostles exit to the back as we go to commercial.
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    Truman Harrys stands in the centre of the ring, ready for tonight’s main event. He puts his microphone to his lips and begins to speak.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall.

    The crowd lets out a brief cheer, realising this is tonight’s main feature; WZCW World Heavyweight Champion Big Dave vs. the recently returned John Constantine. As the cheer dies down, the sound of the Empire echoes throughout the arena.


    Constantine enters the arena with a new found sense of confidence following his return. He is also encouraged by the vicious reception he is receiving from a hostile crowd. He lets out a small laugh before marching to the ring.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Washington D.C. and weighing 265 pounds; JOHN CONSTANTINE!

    Constantine continues his approach to the ring as our two commentators let us in on their thoughts.

    Cohen: Ah, here’s a man who knows how to get the job done. Here’s a man who could be a World Heavyweight Champion in the near future. Here’s a man who knows he’s better than most other men...

    Copeland: Unfortunately for Constantine Dave isn’t most men.

    The former politician is now stood centre of the ring, his head raised and an arrogant smile slyly crossing his face. He raises his arms as if to declare victory already a formality. This of course draws yet more hostility. That dissolves however as the reigning heavyweight champion of the world’s music hits.


    Harrys: And his opponent, from London England, weighing 268 pounds, the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion; BIG DAVE!

    Dave enters to a great response. The fans are 100% behind him here. He smirks from ear-to-ear and walks down the ramp, proceeding to the ring. There are still visible signs of the attack from Ty Burna and his Apostles of Chaos around his neck though.

    Copeland: Big Dave has had an interesting couple of weeks for sure.

    Cohen: Interesting one way to describe it. I’d call it an ass kicking personally, but I suppose it was interesting to watch Dave get destroyed at the hands of Ty.

    Copeland: Don’t forget the role that steel chair played though Jack.

    Dave is now stood tall on a turnbuckle with his championship raised high. He descends and stares directly into Constantine’s eyes. While the devious “Powertrip” smirks, Dave’s face remains stone cold as he hands over his championship. The referee puts the most sought after prize in WZCW out of the ring before calling for the bell to signal that we have begun. The two 260 pounders meet face-to-face in the centre of the ring. Constantine utters some sort of trash talking before Dave responds. Whatever the champion has said has obviously ticked Constantine off as the smile drops from his face. He slaps Dave hard across the face, before chuckling. Dave checks for blood before a loom of complete anger crosses his face. He smashes Constantine’s face with a vicious strike. The blow forces Constantine backwards into the ropes. Dave pursues his foe, but the devilish Constantine plays a little possum, lifting and then dropping Dave onto the top rope throat first. Dave clutches at his already damaged neck before Constantine bounces off of the ropes and nails a lariat. He’s quick into the cover. 1...2...KICK-OUT! Constantine in quick to his feet and stomps Dave multiple times, stopping only after a good six or seven. The D.C. resident raises his arms high in the air, taunting his foe and the fans in the arena.

    Cohen: Thus far, Constantine has made Dave look like a complete amateur.

    Copeland: I’m not sure if that’s entirely true, but Constantine is certainly firmly in control at this point of the match.

    Constantine remains in control as we re-join the contest where Dave is now in position for a vertical suplex. It is delivered with the upmost elegance before Constantine floats over into a cover. 1...2...KICK-OUT! Constantine isn’t deterred though and is once more quickly to his feet. He stands over his enemy, again trash talking. This allows Dave to critically gain some time to rest and also opens Constantine for an attack. Dave hits a low kick to Constantine’s knee. This reduces Steven Holmes’ ally to one knee while Dave returns to his feet. Rather than follow up with a big kick to the back of the head as per the norm, Dave opts to unleash a snap suplex instead. He decides against a cover, deciding instead to return to his feet, Constantine in tow. Dave whips Constantine across the ring and into the ropes where he returns to be greeted by Dave’s powerslam. This time he goes for a cover. 1...2...KICK-OUT! Dave rubs his throat slightly before backing off of Constantine, allowing his opponent the opportunity to return to a standing position. Dave launches at Constantine with a spear, but the arrogant “Powertrip” counters with a flowing DDT!

    Copeland: Stunning counter from Constantine there. He manages to get this one back on level pecking.

    Constantine drapes his arm over Dave. 1...2...KICK-OUT! The crowd breathes a sigh of relief. Both men try to pull themselves to their feet, but it is Constantine who is up first. He looks to capitalise with Collateral Damage, but Dave manages to evade the finisher. He can’t avoid Constantine’s drop-toe-hold though which the ever-dangerous Constantine uses to drag Dave into an STF! Dave writhes in pain as he’s stuck in the centre of the ring with great pressure on his already damaged neck. He squirms in the centre and manages to move slightly closer to the ropes, but it’s nowhere near enough as Dave’s movements slow down. The crowd boo this development, but soon change their tune to one of hope and optimism as they chant for Dave to get back into the contest. Feeling the power of the people, Dave is partially reinvigorated, dragging not only his own body weight, but Constantine’s too. Dave is in agony, but he manages to guide himself to safety and latch onto the ropes. Constantine refuses to relinquish the move, but at the referee’s count of 4, he decides the risk of a disqualification is too great and gets off of Dave. As Dave finally gets a break, Constantine looks to further inflict punishment, something he does by lifting Dave off his feet and flinging him backward with a vicious fall-away slam. Constantine dusts his hands, signifying that he believes that it’s all over. 1...2...KICK-OUT! The man named John is surprised to say the least, as is Jack Cohen...

    Cohen: What? How did that happen? Dave’s dead in the water.

    Copeland: Not quite Jack. It looks like he’s got more left to give in this contest.

    Constantine looks at the referee with a sense of disgust before returning his attentions to Dave. He lifts the longest reigning EurAsian Champion in history to his feet. Constantine signals it’s all over and goes for the Axis of Evil, but Dave reverses and lifts his enemy into position for the Stamp of Authority! Just as he looks to twist Constantine though, Dave takes a nasty looking elbow to the throat. He is forced to drop Constantine and check his injury, something Constantine has no problem taking advantage of as he applies a sleeper hold. This is countered immediately though and Dave drops Constantine with a big boot. Dave now has a chance to take his shot and that’s what he does, lifting and throwing Constantine into the turnbuckle. He runs, full-steam-ahead into his opponent, forcing him bounce out of the corner before falling onto his back. Dave bounces off the ropes and hits a leg drop. Dave could go for a cover here, but instead opts to inflict more punishment and repeats the leg drop not once but twice. Following the third leg drop, Dave makes the cover. 1...2...KICK-OUT! Dave isn’t too surprised though and is quick to lift Constantine to his feet...only to drop him down again with a DDT. Again Dave’s motive is punishment and not victory and he points to the top rope to a great reaction. He exits the ring and ascends from the apron, up to the top. He adjusts himself before flying down and nailing the Money Shot! 1...2...KICK-OUT! Not enough damage has been done to Dave’s antagonist, though the kick-out was closer to three than Dave’s previous cover. With the ball firmly in Dave’s court, things take a turn for the worst for the heavyweight champion as three devious and dark beings make their way to ringside.

    Copeland: Wait a minute! The Apostles of Chaos?

    Cohen: Indeed. Looks like this terrible trio are looking to continue making their mark in WZCW!

    Alhazerd, King and K.O. all approach ringside, and prepare to surround the ring when the trio of Steven Kurtesy, Action Saxton and Saboteur come in to even up the sides. As the trio’s pair off and fight with one another, the referee exits the ring, looking to restore order. This creates an opening for a slightly recovered Constantine who hits a low blow on Dave. Without removing his right arm, Constantine uses his left to pull at Dave’s tights and roll him into a schoolboy. As three new referees sprint down to ringside looking to restore order, the original official realises what’s going on in the ring, returning his attention to the pinning predicament. He makes the count. 1...2...KICK-OUT! Constantine is stunned and bitterly disappointed, but the crowd is going ballistic. Constantine gets in the referee’s face, signalling that was a 3, but the referee retorts with the signal for 2. At this point, with the carnage surrounding the ring continuing, a new party appears to aid Constantine.

    Copeland: The odds continue to mount against Big Dave as Steven Holmes now makes his way into the contest!

    Constantine signals at Holmes to discuss strategy, something the referee looks to stop. He steps between the two elitists, but his back is turned to Holmes, thus allowing him to slip a concealed object into Constantine’s palm. The referee takes no notice as Holmes backs off. He plays innocent, but the crowd knows otherwise as does Sam Smith, the newest player to storm down to ringside.

    Copeland: Looks like the odds just got evened up.

    Cohen: Yeah, but Holmes as already did his job by providing Constantine whatever that object was.

    Smith tackles Holmes, and they start to brawl with one another. This distracts an official trying to separate Saxton and King, causing King to smash him across the face. Even more officials now enter the arena as Alhazerd and K.O. Follow King’s example and dispatch of their officials. Almost every referee is now surrounding ringside, trying to stop the carnage from continuing. However the match is still in progress as Constantine prepares to hit Dave with what is now apparently a pair of brass knuckles. Constantine loads up, but Dave manages to counter and for the second time in the match, has his opponent on his shoulders in position for the Stamp of Authority. Dave looks to set to hi the move when the arena is bathed in darkness.

    Copeland: The lights going out can only signify one thing!

    There is a brief pause before the lights return. There is no Ty Burna, but several of the officials from before have been taken down by the various athletes surrounding the arena. Constantine’s position has also changed. He is no longer on Dave’s shoulders, but on the mat, on his knees, with Dave having obviously released him from the move. The former tag team champion looks at the ramp as if expecting Ty Burna to appear, but he is nowhere to be seen. Dave turns around, but is met with a stunning right hand from John Constantine, the brass knuckles from earlier playing a role in their effectiveness for sure. Constantine makes the cover of the doomed Dave. 1...2...3!

    Harrys: Here is your winner, JOHN CONSTANTINE!

    Constantine’s music plays loud and proud as the crowd boos with great venom. They let Constantine know what they think of his victory. The victory is congratulated not by a warm hug though, but by a stiff shot to the face from Sam Smith who has quickly entered the ring. He can’t do any more damage however as Holmes stops him. As Holmes stomps away at Smith, the referee looks to interfere. Holmes shoves him into a now angered John Constantine who blasts him with the Axis of Evil. All officials are now down and out and the carnage continues as Holmes and Constantine begins to beat down Smith in the corner. Outside of the ring, The Apostles have gained the advantage over their enemies. Kurtesy takes the same devastating finisher as Gordito did last week on the floor; Taste of Chaos. Saxton is down and out with a chair lain across his body, the cameras failing to capture his demise while Saboteur is wrapped around the steel poll outside the ring.

    Copeland: This is complete insanity. Somebody STOP THIS!

    Cohen: And who would you suggest does that? The referees are all lain out around the ring and the “good guys” are down for the count.

    As things looks equally as bleak for Sam Smith, Gordito sprints down and looks to get into the ring for the save. He avoids the Apostles and slides into the ring, where he takes it to Constantine. Realising that his partner is in trouble, Holmes clatters into his Ascension opponent. The pair beat down on Gordito, before seeing that the Apostles of Chaos are hungry for more. The arrogant duo in the ring nod at one-another and push the #1 contender to the outside for Ty’s apprentices to feed on. With Smith down and out and Gordito now in the hands of chaos, Holmes and Constantine turn their attention to Dave who is now starting to stir somewhat. Constantine blasts Dave with a second brass knuckles shot. This time cutting the champion open. Holmes lifts Dave to his feet where he throws him into The Axis of Evil. On the outside, the Apostles have gathered around Gordito and have begun to take turns inflicting punishment upon him. Eventually they tire of this paltry feast and decide to leave, exiting through crowd, climbing over the bodies that lay scattered across the ring. Back inside the ring, Holmes now has Dave in the Aristocracy Reigns. The blood of Dave flows freely and openly, turning Holmes’ fingers a crimson colour.

    Copeland: This...this is just too much. I--I can’t watch this anymore. I may be sick. Please, just, somebody, stop this.

    Holmes finally releases his hold after a few moments. He and Constantine raise one-another’s arms to extreme amounts of hostility with security being forced to hold several fans back from trying to attack Holmes and Constantine.

    Cohen: Well, I guess I’ll be signing off tonight. We thank you for tuning in to this....eventful edition of Meltdown. I’ll see you tomorrow night on Ascension where I’m sure the bigwigs of WZCW will have some words for those two men you see stood in the ring. Goodnight.

    We see a number of close-ups of the downed referees, Saboteur, Saxton, Kurtesy, Gordito, Smith and Dave before we fade to black.
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    Who wrote what:

    Showtime - Opening, Backstage
    Falkon - Everest and Brad Bomb vs. Ty Bur
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    Static rules the screen, though we can hear some voices in the background. We can’t distinguish what they have to say or who in fact is saying what, but they are there. Suddenly there is a loud roar and the static flashes out of existence, a picture of clarity returning...sort of. We have a close-up of the ring apron of a WZCW ring. We hear huge cheers and boos mixed together, but one sound is strong above all. A song that symbolises the fall of an era. A song that brings with it the darkness of a new day. A song that singles the arrival of a king.:


    Cohen: Are we back on? Tell me if we’re back on!

    Copeland: Jack, we’re back!

    Cohen: YES! And double yes with what’s about to happen.

    The camera angle changes for the first time since we regained picture clarity. We have a close-up of the entrance ramp of the recently just concluded Meltdown. It finished a mere few moments ago, but already many have decided to leave the arena following the harrowing conclusion to the event. So abrupt is this resumption of the broadcast that bodies remain draped across the arena floor and Steven Holmes and John Constantine remain at ringside, in awe, like most of the arena as Barbosa, with the only remaining referee in WZCW alongside him, enters the arena.

    Copeland: We apologise for interrupting your usually scheduled broadcast ladies and gentlemen, but Barbosa is cashing-in on Big Dave! I repeat, Barbosa is cashing-in his guaranteed World Heavyweight Championship match!

    Cohen: And he’s practically guaranteed the win too!

    Barbosa steps over the fallen bodies of a number of men before sliding into the ring to greet the already downed and destroyed Big Dave. Sam Smith is also in the ring, but not for long as Barbosa pushes him out. The referee takes the King for a Day briefcase from its holder and hands it to Truman Harrys, instructing him as to what’s happening. Barbosa ushers the referee to ring the bell.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, Barbosa is cashing in his King for a Day briefcase!

    There is another enormous roar from the audience with many scrambling to get back to their seats. Barbosa continues to demand Harrys and the referee hurry up, and with good cause as Big Dave, war wounds and all, is slowly coming around. Holmes and Constantine look at each other and nod before taking their leave, sneaking out the back door.

    Harrys: Therefore, the following is for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

    Copeland: I can’t believe this!

    Cohen: I CAN!

    The referee calls for the bell and immediately Barbosa goes for a cover. 1...2...KICK-OUT! Barbosa is disappointed and stunned. The crowd is delighted.


    Cohen: NO!

    Barbosa tilts his head slightly with a dumbstruck look on his face. This slowly morphs itself into one pure rage and he lets out a bone chilling scream. He brings Dave to his feet before unleashing the Mood Stabilizer. Dave begins to fall flat onto his face, but Barbosa catches him and drops him down with the Doppelgänger! 1...2...3! There is another horribly mixed reaction as Barbosa rolls off the cover before stopping, motionless in the centre of the ring.


    The referee gets the championship and awards it to Barbosa who stares at it blankly for a few moment s before rising to his feet, holding it high and then letting out an almighty howl. He bashes his skull off of the championship on more than one occasion and stands tall on the turnbuckle, showing his new prize with tears in his eyes.

    Cohen: This is quite possibly the single greatest moment of my broadcasting career. Big Dave is defeated and Barbosa triumphs!

    Copeland: He--he--he’s won the gold in perhaps the most disgusting fashion in history.

    Cohen: But he’s well within his rights you moron. That’s what King for a Day gifts him. And among the broken bodies and spirits, one man rises higher than any other. That man is Barbosa. The king is dead, long live the king!

    As Barbosa stand high with Kylie playing in the background, the referee checks Dave, making sure he is okay. Medical staff begins to file down to the ring for the many injured.

    Copeland: Well I suppose this is goodnight from a...a historic evening.

    Cohen: Don’t say it like that Seabass. Say it loud and proud. Tonight was one for the history books and Barbosa is the king of all. Praise him!

    We see one final shot of Barbosa on his knees within the ring, the championship pressed to his head before we cut to black abruptly once more, signalling the end of the broadcast.
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