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    Harrys: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome at this time, the winner of the Lethal Lottery, Showtime Cougar!


    Showtime makes his way out dressed in a full suit and the Elite X Title over his shoulder. The boos from the crowd become deafening quickly as he makes his way down the ramp with his arms spread out. He walks up the steel steps and enters the ring slowly. He grabs a mic from ringside and stands in the middle of the ring, a big smile spread across his face. The crowd continues to rain boos down at him as he raises the mic up.

    Showtime: Ladies and Gentlemen, you are looking at the next WZCW World Heavyweight Champion!

    Showtime tries to continue speaking but the crowd has not let up. Showtime lets the mic down as he waits for the crowd to settle down.

    Showtime: You see it shouldn't be a surprise to you people that I won the Lethal Lottery. After all I am the best looking member of WZCW, and the true money maker here. I survived twenty other men to earn this opportunity. I stayed in the ring the entire time unlike that sneak Reynolds. I survived mad men, primal African hunters, masked clowns, and some of the most technically gifted wrestlers in the business. Now it is time for me to claim my rightful spot as the World Champion. And there is not a damn thing you people or anyone in the back can do about it!

    Showtime paces in the ring as the crowd continues to jeer at him. He begins laughing before speaking once more.

    Showtime: And who better to take the title off that maniac Ty Burna then the last man to ever defeat him. Not only was I victorious over Ty, but I made him tap out. I made him submit to me. And yet he stole my big title victory at Unscripted by making the big lug Vengeance tap out. That was supposed to be my victory Ty! You had no business being in that match to begin with! But it doesn't matter anymore, because I will deliver the beating of your life at Kingdom Come and I will prove once and for all that I am the better man between us.

    Suddenly the lights flicker and Showtime's expression suddenly changes as he quickly turns towards the entrance. The crowd begins buzzing in anticipation but soon the flicker stops and Can't Get You Out of My Head begins playing and Barbosa makes his way out to another round of boos. He walks down the ramp, lighting a cigar along the way, and enters the ring.

    Barbosa: I don't care if you're the Lethal Lottery victor Showtime, I should be the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion right now! I was robbed of the title by that bastard Ty Burna. I was in total control of that match the whole time, and just because I got tied up in the ropes, Ty was able to steal the title from me.

    Showtime: And what does this have to do with me you psycho? I don't care that you lost. Even if you won what chance would you have against perfection such as myself.

    Barbosa: My point is Mr. Cougar that I was not pinned at Lethal Lottery and I deserve to be included in the World Title match at Kingdom Come!

    Showtime begins laughing and backs up from Barbosa. He holds his midsection as he continues laughing while Barbosa's face contorts into anger.

    Showtime:'re joking right? Get over it Barbosa, you lost the match, you lost your opportunity at the title and now you're throwing a tantrum over it? Face it, you can't bring any money in. Showtime vs. Ty Burna is the headlining match the fans have been dreaming of.

    Barbosa: Maybe I should destroy you and take your spot in the match then. One way or another I will get another title shot, and if that means breaking every bone in your body, I'll take pleasure in doing so.

    Showtime and Barbosa face off when suddenly the Meltdown theme hits and Chuck Myles makes his way out to the top of the ramp.

    Myles: Barbosa you lost your match at Lethal Lottery, you have no basis for your claim to be included in the Kingdom Come Main Event. Now shut up and get out of my ring. If you want to hurt Showtime then do it in your match later tonight.

    Barbosa looks like he wants to argue but he shakes his head and exits the ring and begins making his way up the ramp. He brushes past Myles and makes his way into the back.

    Myles: As for you Showtime, I have made an agreement with Bateman earlier today. On Ascension tomorrow night you and Ty will sit down for the official contract signing for your match at Kingdom Come. Now clear the ring we have a Mayhem Title match to get to.

    Myles exits to the back as Showtime's demeanor has changed at the announcement of the contract signing. The crowd cheers the announcement as Showtime slowly exits the ring and walks up the ramp and to the back.
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    Harrys: The following Mayhem rules match is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the Mayhem Championship!

    “Wake Up” hits and Sam Smith comes out from behind the curtain. After a few seconds, he begins making his way toward the ring.

    Harrys: Introducing first, the challenger from Washington D.C. and weighing in at 235 pounds, Sam Smith!

    Smith climbs into the ring and paces a bit, waiting for his opponent. After a moment, “Amaranth” plays throughout the arena and smoke begins pouring from the entryway. When it ceases, Chris Jones is standing there with his newly won Mayhem Title.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and weighing in at 227 pounds, the Mayhem Champion, Chris Jones!

    Jones slides into the ring under the bottom rope and is immediately met with stomps from Smith as the bell rings. Smith pulls Jones’ overcoat over Jones’ head, rips off his Mayhem Title, and begins whipping Jones with it. Smith rolls Jones over and goes for a pin, 1… and Jones kicks out. Smith grabs the belt and waits for Jones to get to his feet. Jones gets back up and fights with his coat. He finally gets it off and turns right into a belt shot to the skull from Smith. Jones drops like a rock, but is able to roll to the floor. Smith steps out onto the apron to follow Jones, but has his legs swept by the champion, sending Smith back first onto the ring frame before he too tumbles to the floor. Both men lay on the floor, trying to recover.

    Copeland: Sam Smith came right at the champion out of the gate, but that steel ring frame makes for a great equalizer.
    Cohen: That thing hurts like hell, Seabass. For my money, Jones did more damage with that sweep to the apron than Smith did with the belt shots.

    Both men slowly get back to their feet, with Jones being the first to. He kicks Smith hard in the gut, and locks in a front facelock. He gets in position, before taking Smith over with a snap suplex, driving Smith across the barricade back first. Jones leaves Smith writhing in pain on the floor as he searches for a weapon under a different side of the ring. He finds a kendo stick and heads back over toward Smith, who is now on his hands and knees. Jones lifts the stick for a strike, but out of nowhere, Smith drives a steel chair into the midsection of Chris Jones. Jones doubles over in pain, dropping the kendo stick, as Smith uses the chair to help him back to his feet and cracks Jones across the back with it. Smith tosses the chair into the ring, before going under the ring, finding a table, and sliding it into the ring as well. Smith begins trying to lift up Jones to throw him in the ring, but Jones sandbags it and Smith struggles to lift him with his injured back. Finally, Smith is able to get Jones into the ring before sliding in himself. Jones is slowly getting to his feet as Smith enters the ring. Smith spins Jones around so they are facing each other, and drops the champion with a DDT. Smith slowly rolls into a cover, 1…2.. and a kick-out by Jones. Smith signals for the end and sets up the table in the middle of the ring.

    Copeland: It looks like Smith is ready to end the Mayhem Title reign of Chris Jones in his first defense!

    He once again struggles, but is able to pick up Jones. He lifts him for the Final Judgment, but Jones is able to land on his feet. Smith charges at Jones, but Jones flips the table on its side, tripping Smith who falls into Jones’ arms. Jones lifts him into a Canadian backbreaker hold and carries him into the nearest corner. He plants Smith there and connects with a shining wizard into a leg drop bulldog. Jones opens up the chair in the center of the ring and now he signals for the end. Jones picks up Smith and plants him face first onto the chair with the Lifesaver, destroying the chair in the process! Jones rolls Smith over and shoots the half, 1…2…3!

    Harrys: Your winner, and still Mayhem Champion, Chris Jones!

    Jones slowly gets back to his feet as the referee hands him the Mayhem Title. Medics check on Smith as he hadn’t moved since his head was driven into the chair. Jones starts heading up the ramp as the scene fades out.

    We cut backstage to Leon Kensworth standing by with Chris Beckford, the Eurasian Championship draped on his shoulder.

    Leon: I'm here with the Eurasian Champion Chris Beckford. Now Chris, at Lethal Lottery you successfully defended your title against a very game Dr. Alhazerd. What are your thoughts after a closer than expected match?

    Beckford: Dr. Alhazerd was surprisingly difficult. While his physique may not be of a typical professional wrestler, he can be very dangerous in the ring. I think he will be a future star in WZCW.

    Leon: Now that we are weeks away from Kingdom Come, what will you do in regards to the Eurasian Championship?

    Beckford: What any great champion does Leon, I'm going to defend it against the very best this business has to offer. In fact, I am issuing a challenge to anyone in the locker room to step up and face me at Kingdom Come for the Eurasian Championship. I don't care if it's Phoenix, Baez, or even the World Heavyweight Champion Ty Burna, I want to face the best, and I'm going to prove that I deserve to hold this title on my shoulder.

    Beckford walks away as Leon turns back to the camera.

    Leon: You heard it here first folks, the Eurasian Champion Chris Beckford has laid out a challenge to anyone that wants a shot at his title.
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    “I am (…All of Me)” hits as the lights go down. Once the beat kicks up, James King walks out on stage an raises his fists up. He walks down the ramp, slapping the hands of some fans. He rolls into the ring and raises his fists into the air again.

    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from San Jose, California, weighing 250 pounds, James King!

    Copeland: The young James King makes his debut here tonight, I wonder how this lad will do in this company?

    Cohen: Him? I’m going to grab a coffee for this one. How do you take your one? Milk with lots of sugar?

    King stands ready as “We Are One” hits to an ovation from the crowd as Scott Hammond emerges from behind the curtain, he unhooks his tag title from around his waist and raises it high to the joy of the crowd.

    Harrys: His opponent, from London, England, weighing 275 pounds, he is one half of the WZCW World Tag Team Champions, Scott Hammond!

    Copeland: Hammond played a big role in the decision that won him and Toyota the titles at the Lottery, hopefully he’s ready for this singles bout.

    Cohen: I’m serious about that coffee by the way!

    Hammond walks down the ramp and slides under the ropes, he raises the belt high once more. He hands the belt over to the ref and says a few words to the young rookie in a respectful manner, the bell rings and both men slowly circle around the ring before locking up, Hammond gets a tight headlock on before King shoves him to the ropes which Hammond knocks him down, he then runs at the ropes as King remains on the floor, he springs up ready for Hammond on the rebound and tries to go for a neckbreaker but Hammond reverses it into a DDT.

    Strangely, King is first up to his feet and as Hammond rolls up, he’s met with a clothesline to the back of the head, King then locks on around Hammond’s waist and sends him over for the german suplex, he tries for a second but Hammond elbows him, reverses the hold and sends him flying with a release version of the german suplex. King uses the ropes to pick himself up and goes for a shoulder block but Hammond grabs him and sends him flying with a T-Bone suplex.

    Copeland: Some good back and forth action between these guys.

    Cohen: Seabass, are you wanting the coffee or not?

    Copeland: No I don’t!

    Cohen: Finally!

    Hammond stalks up King from behind as he drags himself up one more time, he turns to face Hammond and then suddenly grabs him by the shoulders with an attempt on the Alpha Bomb but as he lifts him in the air, Hammond uses the momentum to roll himself backwards, taking King with him into a small package, 1…….2……..3.

    Harrys: Here is your winner Scott Hammond!

    Hammond has his belt handed back to him and then helps the young lad up. He chats with him for a moment, giving some tips right before the referee raises his hand. Hammond then raises King’s hand and points at him to get the crowd behind him, they both leave as Hammond continues to chat to him in a motivating manner.

    Copeland: Now that’s something you don’t see often in this company. The experience guys giving tips to the youngsters.

    Cohen: That’s not right, I learnt the hard way!

    Copeland: Why doesn’t that surprise me?

    Backstage we see Big Dave arriving at the arena. He's hoodie is blocking his facial features except his mouth which gives off no reaction, accompanying him is his sister Dani who's keeps close to his side and trying to avoid attention, this is soon ended by the interruption of Becky Serra.

    Serra: Dave, Dave! You came so close to winning the Lethal Lottery, what are your plans now that...

    Dave and Dani shun past her

    Dave, could I get any insight? Dani?

    Dani: No comment!

    Serra: Any words to the f...

    Dani suddenly gets up in Becky's face in a threatening manner, Dave continues to walk on unfazed by the events

    Dani: Listen you dumb cow! When I say 'no comment', you get out of our faces! If you try this again, then this microphone is going to go into place actually might enjoy that!

    Dani backs off before grabbing the mic out of Becky's hand and slamming it to the floor. She then paces up to catch up with Dave as Becky looks on shocked at what just happened.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    The Beginning is the End is the Beginning hits and Phoenix walks out from the curtain to a large amount of booing from the crowd. He stares off towards the ring as he makes his way down the ramp, paying no attention to the fans at ringside. He slides into the ring and drops down into the corner, waiting for his opponent.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Heliopolis. He stands 6'2" and weighs 213 lbs, Phoenix!

    Unstoppable hits and Ferbian makes his way out as the lights dim to a blue hue. He gets a nice reaction from the crowd as he makes his way down the entrance ramp, slapping hands with the fans at ringside before walking up the steel steps and enters the ring. He poses for the crowd before setting his attention on Phoenix.

    And his opponent, from Copenhagen, Denmark. He stands 6'1' and weighs 264 lbs, Ferbian!

    Copeland: Phoenix had a good showing in the Lethal Lottery, eliminating the surprising entrant Celeste Crimson. Meanwhile Ferbian had a rough night as he lost the Mayhem Championship to Chris Jones.

    Cohen: Let's face it, Ferbian just can't cut the mustard yet, and Phoenix was screwed out of winning the Lethal Lottery.

    The ref signals for the bell and the two lock up, Ferbian gaining the upper hand quickly. He hits an European uppercut and whips Phoenix into the ropes. Ferbian goes for a clothesline but Phoenix slides under and hits a Liger Kick off the rebound. Ferbian hits the ground and Phoenix goes to work stomping away at Ferbians limbs before hitting a high rising leg drop. He lifts Ferbian to his feet but Ferbian hits a shot to the midsection and sends Phoenix over with a snapmare and applies a chinlock. He tries to wear Phoenix down but he eats a kick from Phoenix and the hold begins to loosen. Phoenix hits another kick and Ferbian releases the hold as he holds his face. Phoenix gets to his feet and goes for a dropkick bu Ferbian moves out of the way and Phoenix crashes to the mat. Ferbian connects with a fist drop and quickly covers Phoenix, 1...2... Phoenix kicks out.

    Copeland: Intriguing match up of styles in this match. Phoenix is explosive and delivers incredible damage, but Ferbian is more deliberate and prefers to grind the match out.

    Cohen: You know what's intriguing? That Ferbian hasn't been destroyed yet by Phoenix.

    Copeland: Why don't you give Ferbian the benefit of the doubt?

    Cohen: Maybe if he paid me off I would.

    Ferbian drags Phoenix up and hits a few more European uppercuts before sending him into the ropes. Ferbian takes his time and hits a few knees to the midsection followed up by punches to the head. Phoenix drops to the ground and Ferbian stomps away at him before lifting him up and whipping him into the opposite corner. Phoenix hits the turnbuckle and Ferbian rushes at him. Phoenix gets both legs up and kicks Ferbian away before lifting himself to the top rope. He flies off and hits a big dropkick, sending Ferbian crashing across the ring. Phoenix gets up and drags Ferbian to the middle of the ring and covers him 1...2... Ferbian kicks out. Phoenix gets a bit frustrated and pulls Ferbian up, sending him into the corner. He rushes at him and connects with a knee to the head, followed up by a bulldog back into the middle of the ring. Phoenix begins kicking Ferbian in the ribs, causing him to yell out in pain. He drags Ferbian up once more and connects with a few stiff kicks to the midsection before sending him into the ropes. Phoenix ducks under a clothesline counter and both men fly off the ropes and hit cross body attempts at the same time. The ref checks on both men before beginning the ten count.

    Copeland: A brutal shot that has both men down, who's going to take advantage of the situation?

    Cohen: I'm sure it will be that greedy Wall Street puppet that will. They're always taking advantage of people.

    The ref's ten count reaches 6 as both men are slowly struggling to their feet. Ferbian gets up first and grabs hold of Phoenix and goes for the Dane suplex! Ferbian is unable to hold on to the suplex and Phoenix lands on his feet. Ferbian tries to go for a big boot but Phoenix ducks under and hits a German Suplex of his own! He looks down at Ferbian and then at the top rope and quickly climbs up. He taunts the crowd before flying off with the Final Flight but Ferbian rolls out of the way at the last second, causing Phoenix to hit the mat hard! Ferbian is slow to his feet but drags Phoenix up with him before dropping him down once more with a snap DDT. Ferbian covers Phoenix 1...2....Phoenix kicks out!

    Copeland: What resiliency from Phoenix! I thought he was finished after missing the Final Flight.

    Cohen: Or it goes to show you how pathetic Ferbian is that he can't even defeat a man who beat himself.

    Ferbian looks frustrated and slams his hand into the mat. He gets to his feet and drags Phoenix to his feet by his hair. He lifts Phoenix up with a vertical suplex and holds him there for several moments before dropping him down hard. Ferbian gets up and stomps away at Phoenix before signalling for the Deal Breaker. He lifts Phoenix up and sets him up but Phoenix shoves him back and hits a step up enziguri. Both men are down again as the ref starts another ten count. Ferbian is to his feet first and he turns towards the corner and slowly climbs up. He waits for Phoenix to stand before coming off the top rope with a hammer drop but Phoenix counters with the Rebirth! Ferbian is out as Phoenix falls on top of him for the cover. 1.....2.......3!

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Phoenix!

    Copeland: Another solid victory for Phoenix, now the question is where does his road to Kingdom Come lead to?

    Cohen: He deserves far more than the opportunity to beat down the likes of Ferbian. Give that man a title shot!

    Phoenix slowly gets to his feet and the ref raises his hand in victory. Ferbian is still down on the ground as Phoenix poses on the second turnbuckle to boos from the crowd. He exits the ring and holds his arm up high as he walks up the entrance ramp.

    We go backstage and Showtime Cougar is walking towards his locker room, a wide grin across his face and the Elite X Title around his waist. As he is about to enter, Constantine walks up to Showtime.

    Constantine: You want me to follow you out tonight?

    Showtime: Why bother John? Ty has alienated Dave and Barbosa wants to tear him apart. I doubt my pathetic teammates can screw this up. I won't have to lift a finger and I'll get to enjoy watching Ty beaten down.

    Constantine: Aren't you worried about Big Dave? You did eliminate him in the Lethal Lottery, and you do have a history with him.

    Showtime: John, it's all good my friend. I am not the World Champion right now, Ty is, so I'll let the idiots attack him rather than me. You just stay back and get the limo ready for the celebration after.

    John nods and walks away. Showtime watches him for a moment before turning back around and sees Serafina sitting on a table, a small bag of candy in her hand. She places a few pieces in her mouth and closes her eyes in a state of bliss. Showtime stares at her apprehensively for a moment while Serafina notices Showtime and smiles innocently. Showtime snaps out of it and continues his way into the locker room.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Becoming the Bull hits and Brad Bomb makes his way out to the entrance ramp. He looks out at the crowd before throwing his hood back and walking down the entrance ramp with a burst of enthusiasm. He tosses his hoodie into the crowd and enters the ring. He climbs up to the second turnbuckle and raises his arms up high.

    Introducing first, from the United Kingdom. He stands 6'6" and weighs 261 lbs, Brad Bomb!

    Copeland: Brad Bomb missed out on being Beckford's opponent at the Lethal Lottery for the Eurasian Championship, but he looks to make an impression on the fleet footed Champion.

    Cohen: Who cares about Brad Bomb? I want to see that geek Dr. Alhazerd get another opportunity at the title.

    Enya Stomp hits and Chris Beckford comes running out from behind the curtain to a loud cheer from the crowd, the Eurasian Title firmly wrapped around his waist. He holds his arms out at the top of the ramp as he gets the crowd fired up. He dashes down the ramp and slides into the ring. He hops up onto the bottom turnbuckle before backflipping off. He holds the Eurasian Championship high into the air to another pop from the crowd.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Leeds, England. He stands 6'1" and weighs 226 lbs, he is the Eurasian Champion, Chris Beckford!

    Copeland: Earlier tonight Beckford laid out the challenge to anyone on the WZCW roster. He wants to face one of the best for the Eurasian Championship at Kingdom Come.

    Cohen: I've never understood that type of challenge. What if Big Dave decided he wanted to regain the Eurasian Championship again? I don't think Beckford would have a chance against him.

    The ref signals for the bell and Bomb looks to lock up with Beckford. Beckford wants nothing to do with it and rolls out of the way. He hits a quick dropkick and sends Bomb staggering backwards. Beckford gets to his feet quickly and connects with a few kicks to Bomb's knee before he gets shoved backwards towards the corner. Bomb looks irritated and rushes at Beckford, but Beckford pulls himself up to the top rope and Bomb hits nothing but turnbuckle. He clutches his chest and walks back from the corner and Beckford comes off the top rope with a cross body. Bomb catches him mid air and quickly tosses him back with a fallaway slam. Beckford crashes hard and Bomb goes for the cover, 1....2.. Beckford kicks out.

    Copeland: Beckford got caught early in this match. He does not do well when he's grounded. Bomb will be looking to slow the pace of this match down and grind down Beckford.

    Cohen: Well of course he is Copeland. If you have to point this out then whatever credit I gave our fans is clearly too much.

    Bomb drags Beckford up to his feet and throws him into the corner. He goes to work with multiple shots to midsection before backing up and hitting a quick clothesline. Beckford drops to the ground but Bomb doesn't let up and quickly stomps away before pressing his boot to the face of Beckford. The ref counts to 4 before Bomb breaks the hold. He puts a knee into Beckford's back and pulls back on his head. Beckford yells out in pain as he tries to grab out for the ropes but Bomb continues applying the pressure. Bomb let's the hold go and pulls Beckford up. He whips him into the ropes and goes for another clothesline but Beckford ducks and goes for a crossbody off the rebound. Bomb catches him but Beckford grabs the ropes and uses his momentum to cause both of them to spill over the top rope to the outside!

    Copeland: Beckford needed to get out of the clutches of Bomb, although I don't think that's what he had in mind.

    Cohen: Bomb has been dominant over this joke of an Eurasian Champion. I hope he chokes him out. Forget them being on the outside, now Bomb has harder surfaces to toss Beckford into and through.

    The ref begins the ten count as both men slowly get to their feet. Beckford gets to his feet first and hits a stiff kick to the side of the head. Bomb becomes dazed and Beckford climbs onto the ring apron and waits for Bomb to stand. He runs and jumps off the apron, landing on Bomb's shoulders and spins him around with a huracanrana, sending Bomb shoulder first into the guard rail. Beckford quickly rushes forward and hits a low dropkick to Bomb's head and the crowd pops for the sudden flurry from Beckford. The ref's count is up to 6 as Beckford slowly drags Bomb to the ring and rolls him under the bottom rope. Beckford hops up to the apron and climbs to the top turnbuckle, motioning for Bomb to get up once more. Bomb struggles once more to stand and Beckford flies off the top rope and hits a beautiful Missile Dropkick! He springs for the cover, 1...2..... Bomb kicks out at the last second!

    Copeland: So what was that about Bomb tossing Beckford around? It appears our Eurasian Champion has this match well in hand.

    Cohen: If Bomb had any senses about him, he'd get off the mat and just end this insignificant pest.

    Beckford gets to his feet and poses for the crowd which elicits a large pop. He motions to the top rope for the Cross Country. He drags Bomb into position and begins climbing the top turnbuckle. He steadies himself...


    Blade makes his way out, microphone in hand. Beckford stares at him from the top rope as Blade paces the entrance ramp, looking down towards the ring.

    Copeland: Blade? What's he doing here? He has nothing to do with this match.

    Cohen: Just shut up and listen you idiot and you'll find out.

    Blade: Beckford! I heard you were looking for a challenger to your Eurasian Championship at Kingdom Come. Well considered your challenge accepted! Oh and you better watch out.

    Beckford looks perplexed and turns back to the ring but Bomb suddenly jumps up to the top rope and catches Beckford and throws him back with the Detonator! Bomb throws an arm over Beckford. 1.....2....3!

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Brad Bomb!

    Copeland: Unbelievable, Bomb just pinned our Eurasian Champion! With a major help from Blade.

    Cohen: What are you talking about Seabass? Beckford took his eyes off his opponent and it cost him. This is all on Beckford's scrawny shoulders!

    Bomb jumps up in jubilation as the ref raises his hand. He climbs to the second turnbuckle and raises his arms in victory as Blade watches on from the ramp clapping in amusement. Beckford slowly struggles to his knees and looks up the ramp at Blade as he turns and walks to the backstage area.

    Copeland: A truly stunning victory for Brad Bomb tonight. But I don't think that will be the last surprise of the evening as we have that huge main event coming up later tonight!

    We cut backstage and see Ty walking down a hallway, the World Title on his shoulder. A smirk forms on his face as he stops in front of a locker room and enters qiuckly. The door slams behind him and the sign on the door reads "Everest".

    Copeland: What does Ty have up his sleeve? Or is it perhaps a quick good luck message to his opposition?

    Cohen: Knowing Ty he's planning something, I just hope Everest is smart enough to avoid going along with it.

    Ty emerges a few moments later as does Everest. The two men do not speak but shake hands and a nod to one another. Everest disappears back into his locker room as Ty begins walking down the hallway again before suddenly entering another locker room. A few more moments pass and Ty exits the second locker room and makes his way down the hallway.

    Copeland: Something is amiss for our main event. Can either of the two teams work together well enough to secure the victory?
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Ecstasy of Gold hits and the crowd give huge heat for Hunter Kravinoff. He carries his easel down to the ring, looking focused.

    Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at 245 pounds, Hunter Kravinoff!

    Copeland:An impressive outing in the Lethal Lottery has put Kravinoff in a good position heading into Kingdom Come!

    Cohen: Tonight he’s going to have his work cut out for him!

    He gets to the ring and carefully places the easel down before rolling into the ring and staring out into the crowd. Hero hits and Constantine emerges with his bandaged head down to more heat from the crowd. He raises his arm, taking in the reaction before heading down to the ring.

    Harrys: And his opponent, representing the Showtime Powertrip, Constantine!

    He climbs the stairs and gets into the ring before throwing up his arms again. He slowly moves his arms down before turning around and locking eyes with Kravinoff.

    Cohen: Constantine should have the week off, he’s clearly not at a 100%!

    Copeland: Well, karma caught up with Constantine at the Pay Per View.

    The referee calls for the bell and the two men circle each other. Both men seem very wary of each other, with neither wanting to make the first move. Suddenly Kravinoff throws a right hand and Constantine stumbles backwards to the corner, where Kravinoff starts pounding on Constantine’s head. Kravinoff looks vicious, beating down Constantine, who slowly slides down to the corner onto the mat. Kravinoff picks him up and hits a big Double Underhook Suplex. Kravinoff goes for the pin early, 1... 2... Kick out by Kravinoff. Kravinoff picks up his opponent and Irish Whips him into the corner and runs after him, but Constantine hits him with a Drop Toe Hold, sending Kravinoff headfirst into the middle turnbuckle. Constantine takes a moment to recover from the earlier onslaught and uses the ropes to get back to his feet. Kravinoff is still leaning forward in the corner before Constantine picks him up and hits a Sidewalk Slam. Constantine goes for a pin, 1... 2.... Kick out by Kravinoff. Constantine leans over Kravinoff and starts punching him in the head, stopping only to readjust his bandages, before going back to the right hands. The referee counts to five, but has to pull Constantine off. Constantine starts arguing with ref, who walks backwards and cowers in the corner. Constantine turns around and walks into a kick in the gut from Kravinoff, who follows up with a devastating Tiger Suplex. Kravinoff scrambles for a pin, 1... 2... Constantine kicks out!

    Copeland: Kravinoff has been dominating early on here!

    Kravinoff drags his opponent to the corner and sits him up against the bottom rope before walking to the opposite side of the ring. Kravinoff runs forward and goes for the dropkick, but Constantine manages to roll out of the ring and Kravinoff smashes his feet into the corner post. Constantine grabs Kravinoff’s legs from the outside and pulls them forward, sending Hunter groin-first into the ring post, causing a collective groan to come out from every male in the audience. Constantine rolls back into the ring and goes for a pin, 1... 2... Kick out by Kravinoff. Constantine walks around Kravinoff, stomping at his body before dropping a knee on his head. Constantine goes for another pin, 1... 2... Kick out again by Kravinoff. Constantine picks up Kravinoff and sits him up on the top rope. He goes to climb the top rope himself, but Kravinoff kicks him down and Constantine stumbles backwards. Kravinoff shakes the cobwebs out of his head and stands up straight on the top rope. Constantine turns around and Kravinoff leaps off the top rope, going for a Crossbody, but Constantine manages to catch him. He takes a deep breath before hitting Fallaway Slam. Constantine goes for a cover, 1... 2... Kick out by Kravinoff. Constantine starts to look frustrated and he gets back up, signalling for the end. He measures up Kravinoff, who is slowly getting up, for the Axis of Evil. Kravinoff gets up, and Constantine picks him up and twists him around but Kravinoff lands on his feet before hitting a big lariat before collapsing to his knees. Both men slowly get up and start to exchange right hands. Constantine gets the advantage, backing Kravinoff into the ropes. Constantine clotheslines Kravinoff over the rope, but he manages to hang on and land on the apron. Constantine shoulder thrusts Kravinoff in the gut through the ropes and goes to Suplex him inside the ring, but Kravinoff holds onto the ropes and manages to land back on the apron. Kravinoff gives Constantine a headbutt and he falls forwards onto the top rope. Kravinoff gets Constantine in a front facelock before lifting him up into a suplex position. Kravinoff turns sideways before hitting Constantine with a Brainbuster on the apron! Constantine folds like an accordion before rolling off the apron onto the floor.

    Cohen: Holy crap, I think Constantine is dead!

    Copeland: Or just very, very hurt.

    Kravinoff slowly rolls off the apron to the floor. He picks up Constantine and rolls him into the ring before going for a pin, 1... 2... Constantine barely gets a shoulder up. Kravinoff pounds the mat in anger that he couldn’t get the pin. He gets up and starts to walk around, stalking Constantine who is using the ropes to slowly get up. Constantine turns around and gets a kick to the stomach and Kravinoff goes for his Double Underhook DDT. Constantine tries to struggle out of it, but Kravinoff keeps the arms locked. Constantine uses his power to flip Kravinoff over onto his back with a bridging pin, 1... 2... Kravinoff Kicks out. Constantine gets up to his hands and knees before Kravinoff quickly gets up and viciously kicks him in the head. Kravinoff covers Constantine, 1... 2... Kick out. Kravinoff roughly picks Constantine up and pushes him into the corner, before sitting him on the top rope. Kravinoff climbs up and goes for a Superplex, but Constantine powers out of it and headbutts Kravinoff. Constantine rubs his head as he gets off the top rope onto the apron and gets back into the ring. He climbs up behind Kravinoff and hits him with Collateral Damage off the second rope! Constantine crawls over to Kravinoff and drapes an arm over him, 1.... 2.... Kravinoff gets his foot on the rope. Constantine tries to argue with the referee, but he doesn’t have the energy anymore. He gets up and signals again for the Axis of Evil. Kravinoff gets up very slowly and Constantine lifts him up for the Spinebuster but Kravinoff knees him in the head. Constantine stumbles backwards into the ropes before he tries to clothesline Kravinoff, but Hunter ducks under it and hits the Ugandan Death Knoll! With Constantine trapped in the Sleeper, the referee asks him if he wants to quit. After struggling for a few moments, Constantine goes limp and the referee calls for the bell.

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Hunter Kravinoff!

    Cohen: Constantine’s injuries got the better of him here. No doubt he’ll be looking to blame this on Reynolds!

    Copeland: But don’t take anything away from Kravinoff, he picked up a big win tonight and he continues his momentum towards Kingdom Come!

    Baez is sitting on a stage box as Gordito walks in.

    Gordito: Hey, I'm not interrupting anything am I?

    Baez: No man, I got time for you. Just want to let you know, you did good in the title match. I honestly thought you had the title at one point.

    Gordito: Same with you and the Lottery, you really took it to the likes of Dave and the others. Your head ok?

    Baez: I'll live, not like I've been through similar given our Mayhem experience!

    They have a chuckle to themselves.

    Baez: Funny, we could have been the Main Event at Kingdom Come had things gone our way. But I know another universe has ourselves doing that right now!

    Gordito: Yeah that's true.

    Gordito then puts his arm around Baez.

    Gordito: But for this universe, I'm very sure that you will get to where I am one day, hopefully sooner rather than later! But then, you are the Mayhem Legend, no-one's ever going to take that from you! Right, I got my match to get to, but afterwards, go for some onion rings and fries?

    Baez: Sounds like a plan! Good luck out there!

    Gordito: Later!

    Gordito heads off as Baez looks on and nods to himself.
  7. Ty Burna

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    Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is your main event of the evening and is a six man tag team encounter!

    Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 205 pounds....This is Everest!!!

    The lights go out as the music hits and are replaced with bursts of orange lasers throughout the arena until Everest makes his way down the ramp, making time to interact with the fans.

    And his partner, he weighs in tonight at 257 pounds and stands at 6' 1'', he hails from San Francisco, California... he is "The Dirty One" GORDITO!

    Out comes Gordito to a huge cheer that matches Everests’. He goes to both sides of the stage and pumps his right arm into the air and cheekily sticking his tongue out to the fans. He slides underneath the ropes and climbs the turnbuckle, posing for the fans before shaking hands with Everest

    And finally, from Winnipeg, Canada, weighing in at 213 pounds, he is the former Elite X Champion and winner of the 2011 Lethal Lottery, Showtime David Cougar!

    The crowd boos heavily as the Lethal Lottery winner emerges in the dim blue light covers the area except for the usual spotlight that follows Showtime on his way to the ring.

    Barbosa makes his way out, an aggressive look on his face as he quickly makes his way down the ramp and slides into the ring as his opponents leave it.

    And their opponents, firstly from Bedlam, He stands 6'1" and weighs 237 lbs, Barbosa!

    He walks directly to the corner but turns and stares down at his opponents on the outside.

    And his partner, from London, England, weighing in at 268 pounds... BIG DAVE!

    The arena goes out again as the music hits, with the crowd booing heavily for the man about to enter the arena. A single spotlight shines upon Big Dave who stands at the start of the ramp, Dave stares solemnly as he walks to the ring

    And finally, he weighs in at tonight 235 pounds and stands at 6' 3''... he is the current, reigning and defending WZCW Heavyweight Champion of the World.... TY BURNA!

    The crowd gives a huge reaction to Ty as he emerges with the World Championship around his waist. After a slow walk down the ramp, he steps in the ring and all six men face off as the referee steps to keep order.

    "A huge main event match after a pay-per-view of epic proportions, six incredibly talented men stand in the ring for the first Meltdown main event of 2011."

    Showtime insists on starting the match for his team and points to Ty, indicating that he wants his Kingdom Come opponent in the ring with him now. Ty is all too willing and gets in his face. Showtime pushes him and Ty comes back with a pissed look on his face. Ty pushes him back and when Cougar turns back around, Ty begins pummelling him with punches. Cougar tags in Gordito and immediately escapes the ring.

    “Unsurprisingly Showtime doesn’t want a big part of our World Champion.”

    “I am sure he was just saving himself and is happy to sacrifice Gordito for the cause.”

    Ty cautiously approaches the Dirty One and they tie up. Gordito forces him into the corner. Ty is cornered and he fights his way back out but Gordito takes him down to the mat with a clever takedown. Ty comes straight up and Gordito drops him with a flapjack!

    Barbosa enters the ring and begins punching Gordito. The ref tries to stop him but Barbosa whips Gordito off the ropes and hits an overhead suplex. The ref finally gets into position to eject him and Barbosa declares his total innocence. The ref firmly admonishes him and The Ultimate Inmate appears sheepish and allows himself to pushed out the ring.

    “What is Barbosa upto?”

    “You know there are precisely 78726 answers to that question.”

    Ty has been watching this go on and has tagged in Big Dave who appears content to pick up the scraps. He hits a snap suplex and tries to cover Gordito but he grabs the ropes before Dave can hook the leg. He tries to tag in Everest but Dave enjoys pulling him away. He puts Gordito in a front facelock and starts hitting stiff knees into the midriff. He sits out and the facelock becomes something resembling a guillotine choke. Everest comes in and stomps on Dave to break it up. Again the ref has to admonish the interruption; however Everest immediately leaves the ring. Dave looks at him viciously and that gives Gordito enough time to tag in Showtime David Cougar.

    “This match was so intriguing because it had so many stories going into it. Big Dave vs David Cougar has almost as much history as Ty and Cougar.”

    “It would probably make a better match.”

    Dave gets hit by a couple of clotheslines from Cougar but as he comes back for a third, Dave ducks and hits a neckbreaker. Dave covers but only gets 2. Dave then tags in Barbosa who picks up Cougar and hits an atomic drop and then a huge STO. Cougar rolls out the ring, claiming injury to his face. Barbosa looks on confused. Ty stands over Cougar from the apron and the two rivals jawjack. Ty looks over and is clearly trying to talk sense to a distrusting Barbosa as he looks for a tag but Cougar has rolled out of grabs his legs and pulls him down from the apron. They exchange massive punches. Gordito takes advantage of the distraction, gets into the ring and takes Barbosa down with a back suplex. Dave rushes in only to be met by the onrushing Everest who intercepts and nails a spine buster. Everest then goes off on Barbosa while Gordito picks up Dave and hits a half nelson bulldog.

    The crowd screams in appreciation of the fast and intense action that has fallen out of the ring. Showtime and Ty are at the bottom of the ramp. Ty has set up for Consecrated Banishment but as Constantine comes out and covers his ally, Ty backs off in recognition of strength in numbers. The Showtime Power Trip decides to head backstage.

    “Where are they going – the match hasn’t ended?”

    “They are the Showtime Power Trip, they can do what they like.”

    Barbosa has Everest and they are fighting by the announcers table. Gordito stands over Dave and is feeding off the noise of the arena. He waits for Dave to get up, kicks him in the gut and locks in the double underhook, just as Baez enters the ring with a chair in his hand

    “Gordito wants to end it the Meteor of War.....”

    “....but why is Baez in the ring? And why does he have that chair?”

    Baez slams the chair into the top of Gordito’s back. The Dirty One crumples, Dave escapes, bemused and surprised by the turn of events. Baez raises the chair above his head and slams it repeatedly over Gordito. After five loud shots, Baez drops the broken chair over his prone body and leaves.

    Meanwhile Barbosa has been felled by Ty after being slammed into the ringside barriers by the World Champ who has returned after Cougar left. Everest has been tackled by Dave but he fights back and hits the Rock Slide on the ringside flooring! Ty and Everest notice Gordito lying devastated in the ring following the attack from behind as Baez has reached the top of the ramp. Paramedics and security rush past him.

    Ladies and gentlemen, as a result of interference, the referee has said this match has been declared a no contest!

    “No great surprise, it turned into a bit of a cluster towards the end.”

    “Exactly. We don’t know why Cougar left, Baez has damn near crippled Gordito with little explaination and Dave tangled with Everest again and is flat on his back just in front of us.”

    Ty kneels down over Gordito checking on him as paramedics are converging around him. They push Ty away from Gordito as they work on him. Ty suddenly grits his teeth and anger flashes over his face as he turns and looks up the ramp, staring down Showtime as Showtime returns the favor. Ty slowly raises his arm up and points at Showtime who's being held back by Constantine as the show goes off the air.
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    Who wrote what:
    Six Man Tag - Numbers
    Hunter Kravinoff vs. Constantine - Blade
    Chris Beckford vs. Brad Bomb, Phoenix vs. Ferbian, Backstage, Opening - Ty
    Scott Hammond vs. James King, Backstage - Phoenix
    Mayhem Championship - Thriller

    Rep them, love them, review them:

    We hope you enjoyed Meltdown 51, tune in tomorrow for Ascension 26!
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