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    *Pyros go off*

    Copeland: Green bay, Wisconsin is hosting Meltdown tonight as we continue the search on finding the new Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. Hello again everybody I'm Sebastian Copeland, alongside Jack Cohen, here at ringside for another explosive Meltdown!

    Cohen: It sure is Seabass, we're getting closer to All or Nothing meaning a new Contender will appear.

    Copeland: And currently out of the remaining five, only one of them is a former World Champion, so we got a high chance of seeing some new blood appearing in the title picture.

    Cohen: It's a possibility, but then former World Champions are the ones to look out for!

    Copeland: Let's kick off straight into the action as we have a six man tag featuring some of the newest members of the roster.
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    Harrys: The following contest is a 6 man tag match scheduled for one fall!

    Copeland: We now have a chance to see some of the newest talent to hit the WZCW scene!

    Becoming the Bull hits and Brad Bomb makes his way out, with Bud Dakota and Ferbian on either side of him.

    Harrys: Introducing first, at a combined weight of 855 pounds, the team of Bud Dakota, Ferbian and Brad Bomb!

    Bomb smiles out at the crowd as he makes his way down to the ring. Ferbian walks down the ramp, looking out at the crowd disapprovingly and shaking his head. Meanwhile, Dakota poses at the top of the ramp before making his way down. All three men get into the ring and discuss strategy as they wait for their opponents.

    I Made It by Kevin Rudolf hits and Justin Cooper, Hays and Sam Smith make their way out onto the ramp.

    Harrys: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 703 pounds, the team of Sam Smith, Hays and Justin Cooper!

    Cooper bolts down to the ring and slides in before staring out into the crowd. Hays and Smith make their way down to the ring at a much slower pace, grinning cockily to themselves.

    Copeland: An interesting match up here. Dakota, Ferbian and Bomb have the size and strength advantage, but their opponents arguably have the better wrestling skills.

    Cohen:.... Is it me or does Bud Dakota smell like manure?

    The referee calls for the bell and it’s Smith starting off against Ferbian. They lock up in the centre of the ring, with Ferbian pushing Smith back into the turnbuckle. The referee begins the count and Ferbian backs off. Smith suddenly bursts out of the corner, attempting a clothesline but Ferbian ducks under it and unleashes a series of stiff right hands directly to Smith’s temple. Smith stumbles backwards into the ropes and Ferbian finishes up the combo with a big clothesline, sending Smith over the top rope to the outside. Smith lands on the outside, but quickly gets up, looking angry with himself. He takes a moment to compose himself before sliding back into the ring. They again lock up and once again Ferbian backs Smith into the corner, but this time as the ref tries to get between them to break it up, Smith gives Ferbian a swift thumb to the eye. Ferbian stumbles away and Smith follows up with a snap suplex before going for the first pin of the match, 1... 2... Ferbian kicks out. Smith grabs Ferbian by the head and lifts him up. He gives Ferbian and European Uppercut, sending Ferbian backwards into the corner. Smith starts stomping on Ferbian in the corner before dragging him out and tagging in Justin Cooper. Cooper goes to work on Ferbian’s head, hitting a jawbreaker before going for a pin, 1... 2.... Ferbian kicks out again. Cooper picks him up and lifts him up for a Scoopslam, but Ferbian lands behind Smith and counters with a quick Chop Block, taking Cooper down. Ferbian goes into a Half-Nelson facelock and Cooper starts to panic, flailing his arms slightly as Ferbian locks it in. Cooper tries to struggle out of it, but eventually manages to get to his feet. He elbows Ferbian, who breaks the hold and tries to follow it up with a Flying Shoulder Block, but Ferbian kicks him out of the air with a big boot. Ferbian leans against the ropes to catch his breath before tagging in Dakota, who gets into the ring and immediately hits a big Lariat on Cooper before standing over him.

    Copeland: This big farm boy is so intimidating.

    Cohen: There’s definitely some kind of stench coming off him....

    Dakota picks up Cooper off the mat with one arm before lifting Cooper into the air and hitting a Vertical Suplex. Dakota goes for a pin, 1... 2... Cooper manages to get a shoulder up. Dakota again picks up Cooper before lifting him up into a Gorilla Press. Cooper manages to struggle out and lands behind Dakota. Dakota turns around and Cooper unleashes a flurry of chops to the chest of the Powerhouse of the Plains. With the chops doing little damage, Cooper runs off the ropes and hits Dakota with a full force Flying Shoulder Block, sending Dakota stumbling backwards into the ropes. Dakota bounces back off the ropes and is met with a kick to the gut from Cooper, who follows up with a Double Arm DDT. With both men down, their respective partners hold out their hands for the tag as the referee begins to count. Cooper slowly starts crawling to his corner as Dakota holds his head on the mat. Dakota then starts dragging himself over to his corner. Cooper tags in Hays as Dakota tags in Brad Bomb. Hays runs at Bomb, but Bomb counters with a Back Body Drop. Hays swings a wild right hand, but Bomb catches it and drags Hays to the ground, locking in an armbar. Hays rolls backwards and manages to pin Bomb to the mat, 1... 2... Bomb breaks out of it. Both men quickly get to their feet. Bomb goes for a quick dropkick but Hays catches his legs and turns him over into a Boston Crab Submission. Bomb reaches out for the ropes, but he’s too far away. Hays leans back, putting all the pressure on Bomb’s back. Slowly but surely, Bomb manages to drag himself over to the ropes. The referee starts to count, but Hays doesn’t break the hold. The referee pulls Hays off Bomb, and Hays starts arguing with him. As Hays is arguing with the referee, Bomb slowly climbs to the top rope. Hays turns around and is caught with a big Crossbody from Bomb. Bomb goes for the pin, 1... 2... Hays gets a shoulder up. Dakota shouts at Bomb to tag him in. Bomb hesitates, but gets up and slaps Dakota's arm. Dakota charges into the ring and goes for a big Lariat on Hays, but Hays ducks it and locks in My Swag out of nowhere! Dakota tries to struggle out of it, but Hays has it locked in too tightly. Suddenly, Smith gets into the ring and breaks it up, before taking Hays down witha suplex. Smith starts to stomp on Hays, but Bomb comes out of nowhere and hits a clothesline on Smith, sending him flying over the top rope. Bomb waits till Smith gets up on the outside before launching himself over the top rope and hitting a flying crossbody on Smith. Ferbian and Cooper get into the ring and start brawling. Cooper gets the advantage and backs Ferbian into the ring before running at Ferbian and hitting a Shoulder Block that sends both men to the outside. Slowly, Hays and Dakota start to get to their feet.

    Copeland: There’s only two men left standing, the two legal men!

    Hays swings a right hand, but Dakota blocks it and lifts Hays up into the Torture Rack, getting ready to hit The Beef Buster. But Hays struggles out of it and gets Dakota from behind, locking in My Swag again. Dakota quickly starts to fade, slowly going down on the mat. He taps out to save himself passing out.

    Harrys: Here are your winners: Sam Smith, Justin Cooper and Hays!

    Hays rolls out of the ring and raises his arms before backing up the ramp. Bomb gets into the ring and helps up Dakota. But then Bomb turns on him and hits The Detonater. Ferbian gets into the ring and starts shouting at Bomb for attacking Dakota. Suddenly Cooper and Smith get into the ring and all 4 men start brawling as Hays looks on from the ramp.

    We cut backstage to Michael Winters who punching and kicking air in preparation for his first contracted match as Leon Kensworth steps in

    Kensworth: Excuse, Michael Winters. We're live on Meltdown and you must be excited to be going from a Contract Battle Royale winner to your debut match against Barbosa, how are you feeling that you are getting closer to that moment?

    Winters ceases the punching and kicking to speak to the microphone.

    Winters: Closer? My dear Leon, I'm already in the moment! Win, lose or draw tonight, the moment begun the moment I stepped in the ring last week to win my contract. Now I will continue to live in the moment as it grows upon me with (Looks up) you watching over me and I thank you. Leon, tonight's just another step of living in the moment, I take pride being here and I will continue to do that. Barbosa may be unpredictable in terms what to expect of him, but that's the excitement of being with the WZCW. Tonight the fans will see and live in the moment with me as we journey together to make the most of our time together here!

    Winters resumes his final bit of preparation as Leon leaves him in peace.
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    We come back from commercial to find Matthew Fox standing in the ring.

    Harrys: The following match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Oakland, California and weighing in at 353 pounds, Matthew Fox!

    “Rooster” hits, and Mark Hancock makes his way out from behind the curtain, walking with a purpose.

    Harrys: And his opp…

    Hancock hits the ring and charges right at Fox. The bell rings as Hancock uses and double leg takedown and hammers away at the face of his former tag partner with lefts and rights. The ref pulls Hancock off Fox, but right as Fox sits up, he is met with a running knee. Hancock follows up with a knee drop and goes to the top. He stares down at Fox and drives his elbow deep into the 7 footer’s chest. He doesn’t go for the pin, however. Instead, Hancock paces, waiting for Fox to return to his feet.

    Copeland: It seems as though Mark Hancock came in with a mission tonight. And that mission was to make his partner pay for his attacks that cost them matches and nearly put Hancock out of action. I’d say he’s doing a pretty good job thus far.

    Fox finally gets back to his feet and stumbles back-first into Hancock. Hancock traps Fox’s arms and takes him over with a tiger suplex. Without releasing the arms, Hancock rolls out of the bridge and pulls himself and Fox back to their feet. He spins Fox around and kicks him in the gut before dropping Fox on his head with a piledriver. Fox is lying on his back on the middle of the ring. Hancock comes up and locks in the Black Out! He screams and he wrenches as hard as possible. Fox is clearly knocked out and the ref calls for the bell!

    Harrys: The winner of the match, Mark Hancock!

    The referee has to pull Mark Hancock off the prone body of Matthew Fox. Hancock escapes though and locks the submission in once again, until Fox’s head comes off! Hancock keeps pulling and Fox’s head and back peel off, revealing a control center being run by a little person. The little person looks around nervously, before bolting backstage, with Hancock hot in pursuit.

    Cohen: I guess Matthew Fox came up a little short in that match, eh CC?

    We cut backstage to the Elite X Champion Austin Reynolds who's making his way through the backstage area.

    Copeland: Well Ladies and Gentleman, you know what's coming next when you see this man on Meltdown. It's time for the Ratings Spike, it's up after this break!


    Harrys: Ladies and Gentleman... please welcome at this time... the Elite X Champions..... AUSTIN REYNOLDS!!!!!

    Headstrong by Trapt booms out around the arena as Austin strolls out to the Meltdown stage once again for another edition of the Ratings Spike. He walks down the ramp and while he does motion to his fans, he makes swift progress to the ring with focus on his face.

    He enters the ring and the music stops. Austin lifts the mic to his mouth and pauses as he waits for the crowd to quieten.

    Reynolds: There's a lot of excitement out there in the crowd tonight and for good reason. This may be the single most watched segment in WZCW History! And as good as I am, I am not going to take all the credit for it. So let’s get him out here because I think we have a lot to talk about. This is SHOWTIME!!!!

    Showtime walks out onto the ramp and down to the stage. The crowd is defeaning, cheering loudly for both men as Showtime walks up the stairs and onto the apron. Showtime and Austin have a long stare down. As the music sings "Welcome to the Show", Showtime poses on the ring apron and gets a loud pop. As he enters the ring Austin raises the Elite X Title and gets an even bigger pop. Showtime sees what Austin is doing and cautiously grabs a mic from off the chair and slowly claps the mic in his hands as the music stops.

    Reynolds: Showtime... Welcome to the Ratings Spike

    Austin entends his arm out, using his other arm to hold the Elite X Title. Showtime looks at the audience and shakes Austin's hand.

    Cougar: Yes Austin it's really pleasure being on your little show, I like what you've done with the ring. Roll out carpet, studio chairs, hey... a falt screen TV. You almost forget that actual wrestling takes place here.

    Reynolds: Come on Showtime, I didn't have you come on here and tell me how much less my set is compared to yours, or if I'm just some scene making, ratings stealing, rip off of yourself. You want to talk about my carpets, go have a sit with the Queer Eye for the Straight Guys. If you want to tell me I'm some lesser copy of you, then expect the next sound from this mic to come from the slap across your face

    Austin is right in Showtime's face as the crowd is on their feet in anticipation. Showtime smiles and waits for the crowd to quieten.

    Cougar: You're right. You're right Austin... you're not just some replica of myself. True, we share similar nicknames, catchphrases, ring attire, move sets. We each host variety talk shows, held prestigious belts, and have millions of people following us on Twitter, Facebook, and watching us at home. We share a common connection with the audience that keeps the rating high.

    Showtime has stepped away from Austin now and paces around in the ring.

    But we also have our differences. I mean, I was a EurAsian champion, and you currently hold the Elite X championship. Miles apart there. And I did justify my spot on the Kingdom Come card by defeating Vengeance back when beating Vengeance was difficult. While you were a late substitute for a short ADD filled Scotsman and a last minute sub for a injured false royalty figure for KFAD.

    Showtime removes his sun glasses and slides them intp his pocket. Austin waits with a focused look, clearly unimpressed by his words. He goes to talk, but Showtime continues.

    But again, you are right. It's not about how we're the same or different, or how we each got to this point in WZCW. What matters most of all is the wrestling... right? That's why the fans come out every night and watch us perform in the ring. Is that correct Austin?

    Reynolds: Yes that is true Showtime.

    Cougar: So that's why it sickens me... sickens me... to see you competing in the ring against a pair of no name jobbers. Sickens me... that when I look at who you've successfully defeated. The only name I see, and I'll spell it out for you in case you haven't heard it enough times... is B-E-C-K-FORD. You and Beckford have fought each other so many times already you guys have your own time slot on the rerun channel.

    Austin shakes his head again but Showtime continues.

    You claim to be a Ratings Winner, but lately the only reason I've seen as to why people watch you is to see Beckford finally get one over you. You claim to be bringing the Elite X title to the forefront, well that's easy to see given the last three champions were two bar-fighting Scots and a retired ex convict, also Scot. Until you actually beat real challengers, until you’re able to say you've beaten somebody other than your new best buddy Beckford, you will never be able to say you are among the best Elite X Champions... let alone even a good one.

    The crowd cheers as Showtime dips his head to let Austin know it's his turn to speak. Austin takes a moment to let the crowd settle, then continues.

    Reynolds: So what are you saying Show? Should I be standing in the ring with a 500 lb gorilla? Maybe defend my belt against all three Crashin Movement members.

    Cougar: What I am saying is that I expect you to live up to your expectations. You claim to be a proud champion, willing to face anybody for great ratings. You know that a matchup between you and me for the Elite X Championship will shut down TV Stations across the nation due to the high ratings we will receive. What I want you to do is put that belt on the line at Ascension tomorrow. Defend against the real face of this company, against somebody who is the original draw here and someone who is better than you!

    Reynolds: And why should I do that Show? I mean, who have you beaten recently?

    Cougar: You listen to me... I was in a damn World title match at Unscripted! You need to show me...

    Reynolds: Show you what Showtime?

    The crowd roar with delightful approval as Austin fights back.

    Where do you get off? I mean you come out here and demand a title shot when the only thing you seem to be excelling in at the moment is defeat. Your efforts last week were abysmal.

    The crowd pops and a smile goes across Austin's face. Showtime's smug smile has disappeared across his face.

    Defeat is bad for ratings Showtime. Losers who constantly hold their spot despite being completely unable to make it on the big time, makes for dull television.

    Champions..... on the other hand.He smiles and lifts up the Elite X title to a massive roar. That is the power of being a champion. That noise is the feeling of being unbeatable. Your life now must be full of deafening silence, a dearth of under-achievement, empty of successes.

    He looks at the faceplate of the famous Elite X title, which has become synonymous with him since his arrival in the company.

    And I have to ask myself, what do I have to gain from this? I defend my title against a guy who constantly has failed in the main event and comes to the next biggest name in the company when he cannot beat the World Champion. I could lose my title. I don’t know if you remember what hard work is Cougar, but this title and I, we are intertwined. This is as important to me as anything in this business. It signifies the payment of dues, the nights I have arrived home bleeding or unable to move the next morning. You don’t deserve to...

    Cougar: You shut YOUR disrespectful mouth before I make sure that you don't even make it to Ascension.

    The crowd pops as loud as they have all night as both men stand toe to toe, almost ready to trade fists.

    If you're going to try and talk the talk with me then we'll be here all night long. The only question I have for you is Yes or No, do you think you have the guts, the strength, and the balls, to put your title on the line this week on Ascension... or are you afraid that just like the last three times the Elite X Title was defended on Ascension... that you will lose... and end up with nothing... as you so elegantly said about me.

    Both men lower their mics and remained eyes focused on each other. The crowd is chanting both wrestlers name as Austin raises his mic and answers.

    Reynolds: Yes

    The crowd roars and Showtime smiles and nods his head. He shakes Austin's hand and makes his way to the ropes to leave the ring. Austin turns and raises the Elite X Title in the air. Suddenly Showtime strikes him from behind and starts swinging fists at Austin. Austin is backed into the ropes. Showtime whips him across the ring. Austin bounces quickly off the ropes. He leaps and hits a Leg Lariat on Showtime.

    Austin fist pumps to the crowd and grabs his Elite X Title. Showtime is slowly getting to his feet as Austin waits to hit him with the belt but he changes his mind, drops the belt and kicks Showtime in the gut, bending him double and goes for the Ratings Winner!

    Austin lifts him up but Showtime flips him out of it and lands on his feet. As Austin stumbles, Showtime is ready, waiting and floors Austin with the standing Final Act!!!

    Showtime hovers over Austin as his music cuts in. The crowd is absolutely divided with cheers and scattered boos. Showtime walks over across the ring and grabs the Elite X Title. He looks at the title and then throws it on top of Austin. Showtime exits the ring as ring personnel tends to Austin. Showtime walks backwards up the ramp and mouths the words "At Ascension" as Austin rolls over and stares at Showtime on the ramp.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    "Lithium: by Nirvana fills the arena as Барбоса erily comes from behind the curtain. He skips back and forth along the sides of the entrance ramp, extending a hand that recieves no slaps back. Барбоса is sporting a sick and twisted smile on his face. He gets to the ring and stops in front of it. He starts to breath heavily as he continues to stare at the ring.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Bedlam, weighing in at 237lbs, Barbosa!

    Cohen: Is that how you pronounce Барбоса?

    Copeland: That is correct Jack.

    Cohen: Huh, all this time I was calling him, Fapsixoca.

    Барбоса slides into the ring and stands on the second rope turnbuckle. His face is emotionless as "Invisible Wounds" by Fear Factor cuts in. Michael Winters walks out and stands in the center of the stage. Michael stares at Барбоса in the ring and then crosses his forehead and chest and looks to the sky and then methodically makes his way to the ring.

    Harrys: And his opponent, New Orleans, Louisiana, weighing in at 267 lbs, Michael Winters!

    Michael walks up the stairs and enters the ring. Both men stand at opposite corners as the ref calls for the bell. Winters and Барбоса slowly meet in the center of the ring. They lock up and Барбоса quickly gets behind Winters and wraps his arms around his waist. Барбоса is driving shoulders into the lower back of Winters. Барбоса tries for an Atomic Drop. Winters stays on his feet and elbows Барбоса in the head. Winters turns and connects a solid right on Барбоса. A European upper cut puts Барбоса against the ropes. Winters Irish Whips him across the ring. Барбоса comes off the ropes, Winters knocks him off his feet with a clothesline right to the neck. Барбоса coughs on the mat, but can then be seen laughing. Winters shakes his head and grabs Барбоса by the waist. He lifts him off his feet then drops him on his knee for a Gutbuster. Winters goes for the cover. Gets a short 2 count. Winters stands up and helps Барбоса to his feet. Winters lifts Барбоса onto his shoulders, looking to connect with a Fireman's Carry Slam. Барбоса slips down behind Winters and swiftly kicks him in the ankle, causing Winters to hobble. Барбоса runs to the ropes. Winters turns and runs at Барбоса, but he is closer than Winters thought. Барбоса hits a huge Kitchen Sink Knee Strike. Winters lands hard on the mat and immediately is gripping his ribs.

    Copeland: A big momentum turner right there. Барбоса has his first big opening in this match.

    Cohen: The Truth is finding out that The Ultimate Inmate is not someone to be messed with.

    Winters rolls onto his stomach. Барбоса stands over Winters and grabs each of his arms. He crosses them around Winters neck and puts his foot on Winters back. Барбоса pulls back, chocking Winters. Winters wobbles around and with his strength, manages to get onto his knees and then to his feet. Барбоса doesn't let go and hits a Double Knee BackBreacker, the Split Personality. Барбоса goes for the pin. 1... 2... Winters kicks out. Барбоса stands up and slowly bounces off the ropes. Winters is on his knees and Барбоса knocks him to the mat with a low dropkick. Барбоса drops his knee on the back of Winters and locks his hands in front of Winters face, applying a Front Face lock. Winters swings his arms meekly, but is very far away from the ropes. Барбоса starts rocking back and forth. Winters begins to fade and the ref grabs his arm and lifts it up. It falls to the mat. A second time up and a second time it falls. The ref lifts it a third time and Winters just keeps it above the mat. Winters swings his arms, forcing Барбоса to move his knee off Winters back. Winters slowly powers to his feet and elbows Барбоса in the gut to get free. Барбоса reapplies his hold into a DDT on Winters. Барбоса slowly lifts Winters to his feet, looking to hit a second DDT to complete the Duplicity. Winters surprises Барбоса and lifts him up and over his head. Барбоса crashes hard on his back as Winters falls to the mat exhausted.

    Copeland: Winters his a desperation move, will this be enough to turn the tide back in his favour?

    Cohen: I dunno Seabass, I'd ask Барбоса, but I'm afraid of which side of him would respond.

    The ref begins to make a 10 count. At 4 Барбоса has rolled onto his stomach. At 6 Winters is on all fours. Барбоса is pulling his hair and kicking his legs like a child. At 8 Барбоса punds his fists into the mat and looks to finish off Winters. To his surprise Winters is up and ready at 9 and knocks him to the mat with a forearm. Does it a second time. Winters runs and bounces off the ropes and leaps with a flying forearm. He connects with it. The crowd is pumped and Winters takes a moment to work the crowd. Барбоса is up in the corner stomping his feet. He bashes his head into the corner 3 times, yells, and runs at Winters. He leaps at Winters with a Crossbody, but Winters catches him. Winters carries him to the centre of the ring and hits a big Fallaway Slam. Winters goes for the cover. 1... 2..... Барбоса just kicks out. Winters claps his hands together. He waits for Барбоса to stand and walks up behind him. He goes for The Crucifix. Барбоса attempts to block it, then drops to the mat with a Jaw Breaker like maneauver. Winters stumbles around holding his jaw. Барбоса comes up from behind and lifts Winters onto his shoulders, looking to hit the Doppelgänger. Winters weighs too much for the tired Барбоса who falls to his knees. Winters picks him up and locks in a Crobra Clutch. He hits The Crucifix. Winters falls on top of Барбоса for the cover. 1... 2... 3.

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Michael Winters!

    The ref raises Winters hand as he gets to his feet. Winters is holding his neck with his other hand, but looks happy about his victory. Winters slowly exits the ring and slaps five with a few of the fans along the entrance ramp. Барбоса drags himself towards the corner and buries his his face in his hands. Winters looks back at Барбоса, who looks like he's crying. Барбоса moves his hands from off his face to reveal that he is actually laughing. Барбоса falls to the mat laughing and kicking his feet as Winters shakes his head and goes to the back.

    Copeland: This Барбоса is something different all together.

    Cohen: Strange doesn't even come close to describing this mental nut.

    Copeland: Indeed, but a good showing by both men. Either way you look at it, the talent pool in WZCW has definitly shot up.

    We cut backstage to Chuck Myles' office, he's on the phone.

    Myles: Well he answered the challenge, I didn't have any influence on it. Just be grateful that this has given a booster on your ratings for tomorrow! Should be exciting to see the Elite X Title on the line, but then I think the Mayhem Championship has got something worthwhile tonight. I'm glad you still got a sense of humour, but I'll talk to you later Vance.

    He puts the phone down as there's a knock at the door, in steps Ferbian

    Ferbian: Mr. Myles, I just wanted to say I hope the loss tonight, despite me not being the one submitting, doesn't affect how things go for me in WZCW

    Myles: Ferbian, right? There's an old saying, "You win some, you lose some" Sure you maybe starting out and you haven't got a victory yet, but you have to remember that a victory counts when it's most important. You'll know what I mean when the time comes, but how about next week we put you in some singles action? Get a pure show of your skills,

    Ferbian: That would be fantastic sir! I really would appreciate it!

    Myles: Then it's settled. I'll sort out an opponent for you next week, you know with a smart business mind like yours, you could be as successful as myself!

    Ferbian: But I am as successful as you, financially that is.

    Myles: Good, then you got no excuses to slip up then! Please vacate my office!

    Ferbian leaves as Myles checks through some notes.

    I wonder if I should put him against someone like Blade? Nah, I got someone more deserving than that...

    Myles continues to check through the notes we cut to a break.
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    Harrys: The following contest is a Triple Threat match for the WZCW Mayhem Championship, scheduled for one fall!

    The lights dim as Amaranth by Nightwish blares through the speakers, allowing Chris Jones to appear through the smoke produced on the stage. He smiles as he raises the Mayhem Championship high into the air and continues on down the ramp, with the crowd booing.

    Harrys: Making his way to the ring, first, from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 227 pounds, he is the new WZCW Mayhem Champion, “The Saviour” Chris Jones!

    Copeland: Chris Jones defeated what some might call the most dominant Mayhem Champion in the history of WZCW, Baez, to become the current holder of the title. It seems for Jones that the only easy day was yesterday.

    Cohen: Despite the match occurring last week, right Seabass?

    As he sits on the turnbuckles with the title around his waists, Hells Bells by Bruce Faulconer begins playing. Steven Holmes makes his way from the entrance way slowly as the crowd again boos the next participant.

    Harrys: His opponent, from London, England, weighing in at 240 pounds, representing the Crashin Movement, “The Elite” Steven Holmes!

    Copeland: Here comes the man that has been possessed for months to destroy the entire Mayhem division and what it stands for. Tonight, he gets another shot at the title.

    Cohen: Can you blame him? Garbage wrestling is just plain rubbish!

    With Holmes in the ring, the German National Anthem begins and the crowd does not appreciate it. Wunderbar begins his approach to the ring, muttering something in what appears to be German to himself.

    Harrys: And finally, their opponent, from Berlin, Germany, weighing in at 125 kilograms, “Das Kaizer” Wilhelm Wunderbar!

    Cohen: He might be German, but this kid has got some game.

    Copeland: Question is: how will he fair under the rules of no rules?

    Wunderbar enters the ring and hands over his coat to the referee, with Chris Jones giving his title and Holmes handing over his robe. The referee manages to show the belt to the crowd and signals for the bell as he pans the loose items off.

    All three men look cautiously at each other as they take defensive positions in their respective areas. At the point of a small flinch, Holmes quickly exits the ring and goes behind the turnbuckle post fixing up his wrist tape. Jones and Wunderbar look at Holmes who is smiling back at them and directing them to fight each other. The two give each other a quick glance and Wunderbar makes his way to the outside. Holmes has his focus on him as Jones exits and grabs a steel chair from under the ring, approaching Holmes from behind to trap him. Holmes pleads but both men charge at him. Jones swings the chair, Holmes rolls out of the way and Wunderbar takes the blow to the head. Jones turns around and is met with a high knee by Holmes, causing him to drop the chair. Holmes tries irish whipping Jones, but he counters and sends Holmes into the steel steps. Jones picks up the chair and goes after Holmes who is crawling away. Jones whacks Holmes in the chest a couple of times with the chair before sending him into the ring. He goes for a quick pinfall... 1... kickout at 2. Jones quickly locks in a fujiwara armbar and Holmes feels the pain. Wunderbar gets to his feet and makes a dash to the ring, breaking up the submission. Wunderbar places his own variation of the fujiwara armbar on Holmes, which is broken up by Jones. Both men stare each other down: enough for Holmes to get up and lock in a double armbar for a moment before the two breaks it up. They lift up Holmes and toss him to the outside. Wunderbar hits a couple of European uppercuts on Jones, followed by a roundhouse kick that knocks down Jones. He goes for a cover... 1... 2... kickout. Wunderbar stomps on Jones before going to the outside and pulling out a “Stop” sign. He looks disgusted but uses it to take down Holmes before tossing it away. He goes under the ring and gets an “Anhalten” sign, with Wunderbar smiling. He rolls in the ring and runs at Jones who trips Wunderbar. He takes the sign off him and begins digging the edges into the gut of Wunderbar. Jones manages to use the ropes to sit on top of the sign’s edge to apply maximum pressure, with Wunderbar doing all he can to stop it. Holmes grabs the “Stop” sign, climbs onto the apron and whacks Jones over the head who topples over. Wunderbar clutches his stomach and rolls to the outside as Holmes enters, awaiting Jones. He turns around and is met with another shot. Holmes places the sign on the ground and delivers a belly-to-back suplex with a pin... 1... 2... kickout.

    Copeland: It seems like pretty even ground with all men getting some offense and a pinning combination in.

    Cohen: But it is the Elite Aristocrat that reigns supreme thus far!

    Holmes quickly applies a body scissors on Jones, pulling his head back into a sleeper variation. Jones tries struggling out, but Holmes has it cinched in tight. He reaches for the sign and begins smacking Holmes in the back of the head with wild shots. After three, Holmes lets go but Jones gives him one more for good measure. Jones crawls and uses the ropes to assist him getting up whilst Wunderbar grabs Holmes' head through the ropes and delivers a snapmare sending Holmes to the outside with him. He finishes with a kick to the shoulder that hears screams from Holmes. Wunderbar screams some German to Holmes and turns around, where Chris Jones is on the top turnbuckle with the sign and performs a moonsault that takes Wunderbar out. He picks him up and throws him into the ring for a pin... 1... 2... kickout. Jones slams the mat in frustration and tries going for the Angel Lock on Wunderbar, but he makes it difficult. Just as Jones goes to lock it in, Holmes comes from behind with a steel chair and hits the back of Jones. He let's go and falls over. Holmes waits for Wunderbar to get up. He goes for a shot but Wunderbar ducks and delivers a release German suplex. Wunderbar snatches the chair off Holmes and plants another shot on Jones who goes down. Wunderbar puts the chair on the ground and waits for Holmes to get up and hits the Panzer DDT, head first. Wunderbar goes for the cover... 1... 2... Jones barely manages to break up the count. Wunderbar quickly gets up and tries for an elbow drop on the prone Jones, but to no avail. Jones moves and grabs the leg of Wunderbar to go for a submission, but Wunderbar resists. Jones reaches for the chair and rams the end into his stomach a few times, allowing Wunderbar to resist. He wraps Wunderbar legs around the chair and goes for a Single-Leg Boston Crab. Wunderbar screams in pain but refuses to tap no matter the pressure. Jones gives everything he has before Holmes appears out of nowhere with a kendo stick, whacking Jones in the face. He gets behind Jones and chokes him to perform a variation of a sleeper hold. Jones manages to stomp on the toes of Holmes allowing him to release some grip and drops out of the hold in time as Wunderbar throws the steel chair straight into Holmes face who stumbles into the corner. Jones grabs the kendo stick and tries to hit Wunderbar, but Wunderbar grabs the arm of Jones and, using the kendo stick, delivers a swift armbreaker. Wunderbar shakes the cobwebs from his knee.

    Cohen: Das Kaiser is on fire right now!

    Copeland: But that leg of his seems to bothering him from that previous submission by Jones. Can he capitalise?

    Wunderbar eventually makes a cover 1... 2... broken up by Holmes with a knee drop to the back of Wunderbar, that subsequently delivers damage to Jones. Holmes grabs Wunderbar by the neck and does a neckbreaker, taking him out. Holmes manages to find the steel chair and folds it out, placing the chair in the centre of the ring. He turns around to see Jones charging at him with a shining wizard, knocking Holmes silly. He follows up with a leg-drop bulldog to Holmes onto the chair. Jones gets up and looks at Wunderbar using the referee to get up asking him something. Jones grabs the chair and runs at Wunderbar, but he rolls out the way and Jones rams the chair in the gut of the referee. Jones looks at what he has done, distracting him enough for Wunderbar to throw Jones to the outside. Wunderbar goes over to Holmes and locks in the Kaizerlock! He has it in tight and Holmes is screaming in pain. He can't keep up and begins tapping! Holmes is tapping! The bell rings and Wunderbar lets go of the lock and slowly makes it to his feet, holding his hands high in celebration. Jones gets into the ring, quickly revives the referee and locks in the Angel Lock on Holmes whilst Wunderbar is still celebrating. Holmes begins tapping again and the referee calls for the bell.

    Wunderbar, confused turns around to see the referee signalling for the bell and Jones letting go of the submission. Jones quickly rolls out of the ring as his theme music begins playing and goes to grab his Mayhem championship.

    Harrys: And the winner and still WZCW Mayhem Champion, "The Saviour" Chris Jones!

    Wunderbar is furious at the announcement and begins berating the referee, then looks over at Jones who is smiling near the timekeeper's desk. Jones grabs the bell hammer and rings it in the same fashion that Wunderbar heard when he applied the Kaizerlock. Jones points to his head and walks out, with Wunderbar steaming in the ring.

    Cohen: That has got to be the smartest thing I've ever seen happen in a Mayhem match... wait, scratch that. It's probably the only smart thing I've ever seen in a Mayhem match. But, it still doesn't change the fact that Jones screwed Wunderbar out of a victory!

    Copeland: Jones used the bell to trick Wunderbar that he had, in fact, won the match so he could win the match via his own submission. I wonder what Chuck Myles thinks about the outcome?

    Jones walks out snickering as Wunderbar stares him down with a deathly look leaning on the ropes. Holmes is being attended to by the still recovering referee.

    We cut backstage to Baez who was watching the previous match, he's eating popcorn, or rather failing as his mask as no obvious mouth hole.

    Baez: Using the bell? Huh, I never thought of that. Obviously Jones has a thing or two up his sleeve, at least I know the Mayhem Title is in good hands...I think.

    There's a knock at the door as Stacey Madison enters

    Madison: You seem rather relaxed given you got a big match tomorrow.

    Baez: The Big Dave match? Oh yeah that's no problem, I faced Scott Hammond before, I know how the English fight!

    Madison: Didn't you see the tape?

    Baez: Tape?

    Madison: Yeah, what Big Dave had to say about this week. He's got some new moves and plans to make you a Guinea Pig for them.

    Baez: I thought he wasn't much of a talker.

    Madison: Clearly you are!

    Stacey walks off as Baez continues to "eat" popcorn, until he looks down and spots a tape laying on the table reading "Jelly Girlz Championship Vol. 4", his head shifts side to side as the camera fades out.
  6. Phoenix

    Phoenix WZCW's First Triple Crown Champion

    Feb 16, 2009
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    Harrys: The following contest is a semi final match in the Gold Rush Tournament, scheduled for one fall!

    The Beginning is the End is the Beginning begins playing as Phoenix makes his way out and the crowd begins booing him as he makes his way down the ramp. He doesn't pay attention to the fans on either side of him and he slides into the ring and walks to the corner, leaning against the turnbuckle.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Heliopolis. He stands 6'2" and weighs 213 lbs, Phoenix!

    Supernova Goes Pop hits and the crowd comes alive with a mostly positive response as Everest makes his way out. He points out to the crowd and makes his way down the ramp, slapping hands with a few of the fans before entering the ring. He raises his arm and the crowd pops once more.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Los Angeles, California. He stands 6'0" and weighs 205 lbs, Everest!

    Copeland: This is an intriguing matchup. Phoenix likes to fly around the ring while Everest is the most technical wrestler in WZCW history. Who do you like in this match Cohen?

    Cohen: It's not even a question Seabass, Phoenix will be victorious and Everest's decline as a big name will decline. It's all about the youth now, not the old relics still around.

    The ref signals for the bell and the two lock up in the middle of the ring. Everest gets the advantage and applies a hammer lock. He backs Phoenix up and whips him across the ring and connects with a quick clothesline. Phoenix bounces right back up and hits a dropkick, sending Everest into the corner. Phoenix follows up and goes for a Rolling Koppu kick, but Everest moves out of the way and Phoenix crashes into the corner. Everest picks Phoenix up and connects with a belly to belly suplex. Everest covers Phoenix and gets a two count. Everest applies a rear chin lock and cinches the hold tighter. Phoenix stirs and gets to his knees and elbows Everest in the midsection a few times to loosen the hold. Phoenix whips Everest into the ropes and connects with a spinning heel kick. He follows up and hits a standing moonsault. He hooks Everest's leg and gets a two count.

    Copeland: Back and forth action starting here. Phoenix is using his speed to his advantage and keeping Everest off balance.

    Cohen: Of course he is, he uses his speed every match Seabass. Don't you ever pay attention?

    Phoenix pulls Everest up and flips him over with a snapmare followed by a kick to the back. Everest winces in pain but gets dropped with a low dropkick from Phoenix. Phoenix bounces off the ropes and hits a dropkick across Everest's chest. He gets up and stands over Everest momentarily before locking in a figure four headlock! Everest quickly reaches out and grabs the ropes and the ref forces Phoenix to release the hold. Everest slowly pulls himself up on the ropes and Phoenix bounces off the ropes again. He goes for a flying clothesline but Everest quickly pulls the rope down and Phoenix goes over the top rope to the outside. He crashes hard in front of the announcing table. Everest rolls out of the ring and picks Phoenix up, slamming him head first into the table. He whips Phoenix towards the steel steps but Phoenix hops up onto them and jumps back towards Everest. Everest catches him in mid air and drops him down hard with a spinebuster!

    Copeland: A nice array of moves from Everest, showing his veteran savvy to counteract Phoenix's attack.

    Cohen: I'm sure it's past Everest's bedtime, you know how those nurses don't like old men being up past a certain time.

    Everests poses for the crowd as Phoenix holds his head in pain. The ref's count gets up to 7 as Everest rolls Phoenix back into the ring. He follows up and stomps away at Phoenix before dropping an elbow. He hooks a leg and gets a two count as Phoenix kicks out at the last second. Everest drags Phoenix up and whips him into the ropes and hits his own spinning heel kick, knocking Phoenix down to the ground hard. Everest follows up and locks in the Mountain Climber! Phoenix struggles in the hold and tries to get a foot on the rope. Everest drags him back to the middle of the ring and locks in the hold tighter. Phoenix continues to struggle in the hold but is able to get to get a kick up to Everest. He continues the kicks and Everest loosens the hold just enough for Phoenix to escape. Phoenix rolls towards the ropes as Everest gets up and gives chase. He goes to pick up Phoenix but Phoenix pulls him down and Everest gets dropped throat first on the ropes. Phoenix rolls him up and holds onto the tights without the ref seeing and gets the three count!

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Phoenix!

    Copeland: Phoenix had a hand full of tights there. I think Everest still has a lot in the tank if Phoenix has to resort to that to win.

    Cohen: No it's called being smart Seabass. Phoenix caught Everest at an opportune time and did what he had to do to reach the finals.

    Phoenix quickly rolls out of the ring and the ref raises his hand as Everest sits up in shock. Phoenix begins walking to the back as the crowd boos him mercilessly. Everest gets up slowly and leans on the ropes, his head lowered slightly. The crowd cheers for Everest as he exits the ring and slowly walks up the ramp.

    We cut backstage to Dr. Steven Kurtesy who is standing in front of the Meltdown logo with Becky Serra.

    Serra: Well Dr. Kurtesy, we just saw that Phoenix has reached the final of the Gold Rush Tournament. What are your feelings about his progression in this tournament?

    Kurtesy: Becky, I thought you would ask me how I feel about my match, which is up next, none the less, I'll fill in the blank as my job does. Phoenix maybe the one who is officially on the verge of calling himself the Number One Contender, but tonight I am going to do something that he hasn't dreamt of yet, and that is defeating Ty Burna tonight. What I hope this does is see that I am more deserving to become the champion a week before All or Nothing just to show Phoenix, or whoever the challenger is, that their cause, while notable, was futile. Trust me, I'm a Doctor, I wonder how that makes you feel?

    Kurtesy walks off as Becky is unable to get a response in quickly, she looks stumped before she's tapped on the shoulder, she turns around to find Development Star Zakk Falcon behind her.

    Falcon: Hey Becky, I'm sorry that I disappointed you again and failed to get a contract, but as the saying goes, third time's a charm, how about some...

    He stops on the spot he looks to see Chuck Myles standing in front of him.

    Myles: I wouldn't take that tone young man, I value my interview staff greatly, so cease and desist immediately! Also, why are you here? Until you have your contract sorted, I want you off my show! GET OUT!

    Falcon rushes off as Myles and Becky watch on.
  7. Phoenix

    Phoenix WZCW's First Triple Crown Champion

    Feb 16, 2009
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Dr. Steven Kurtesy is first out onto the stage with a set of boos from the crowd, he looks around from side to side before he slowly paces down the entrance ramp. He rolls into the ring and stands waiting in the corner for his opponent.

    Harrys: Introducing first, representing the Crashin Movement, from Sydney, Australia, weighing in at 235 pounds, Dr. Steven Kurtesy!

    Copeland: Kurtesy must be feeling lucky about this match Jack. Could pulling a victory on the World Champion work in his favour?

    Cohen: Of course it would! In the fact could you imagine the Crashin Movement getting hold of the prestigious championship in our company? Actually, don’t answer that!

    Kurtesy’s music fades out as the crowd start chanting “Ty Ty Ty”, the crowd’s chants begin to build until…


    The crowd erupts into a frenzy as the music plays throughout the arena but there is no sign of the World Champion. Suddenly the curtain raises and out bursts Ty on a motorcycle which has the crowd pumped, he revs the bike at the top of the stage before relaxing. He looks around at the arena before he beats his chest and points to the sky. He rides the bike down the ramp before stopping in front of the ring, he dismounts the bike and takes his World Heavyweight Championship belt with him as he climbs into the ring and presents his belt to the crowd as the streams of flashlights go off around the arena.

    Harrys: His opponent, weighing in at 235 pounds, he is the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Ty Burna!

    Ty throws the belt the referee before he immediately unloads his right hands on Kurtesy who’s caught unaware as he’s backed into the corner. He referee passes over the belt before signalling for the bell as we’re officially under way here. Ty irish whips Kurtesy out of the corner into the other and hits the pad chest first, making him stagger out of the corner before he’s taken down with a kick to the back of the neck. Ty gets him up and drags him back to the corner, slamming his head against the turnbuckle pad, he gives Kurtesy a moment to relax in the corner before knocking an elbow into the head, he goes for a second but Kurtesy ducks and hits some rights of his own followed by a couple of kicks to the chest, he rolls the champion out of the corner and tries to go for a sleeper but Ty swings a right to daze Kurtesy, allowing himself the chance to get back on his feet.

    Ty turns around to be met by an arm-trap neckbreaker from the doctor who tries to lock on the sleeper hold again but Ty is quick to roll out of it before a headlock take down by Kurtesy. Kurtesy takes a moment to think through his methods as Ty gets to his feet, he quickly kicks Ty in the leg which stings and Ty responds with a kick of his own, Kurtesy responds with another getting a boo from it, Ty responds with another getting a cheer, Kurtesy goes for a kick to the abs which gets a boo until Ty grabs it and swings it to lock his head for the Mo’ Murda but Kurtesy uses the momentum to get a Japanese arm drag to take the champion down once again before giving a few punches to the head and then dropping a leg on the neck. He goes for a cover 1……2..kickout by Ty.

    Copeland: Kurtesy is looking to wear the neck down, no doubt he wants to get Ty with the Kommon Kurtesy.

    Cohen: And they say Kommon Sense is common!

    Kurtesy gets Ty up and bounces him off the ropes to his an irish whip, he goes for a clothesline on the rebound but Ty ducks under the attempt, as well as the second and hits a high knee to knock Kurtesy back down who then rolls out of the ring to take a moment to recover. Ty leans over the top rope to try and grab him but Kurtesy is up quickly and pulls him down onto the top rope to get Ty off his feet, Kurtesy then quickly moves around to the opposite side of the ring to wait for Ty to get up, the moment he does, he comes at him with pace but is met with a sudden spinebuster from the champion who staggers over with a light cover 1……2…Kurtesy counters it into a package 1…….2…..kickout by Ty. Both men are back up to their feet and Ty tries to end it with a Consecrated Banishment but Kurtesy catches the boot and counters with a dragon screw which is rolled into a single leg boston crab that has Ty wincing in pain, Kurtesy holds on tightly as he paces himself into the centre of the ring before he lets go of the hold and without Ty being able to do anything, he locks on the Kommon Kurtesy on his head, given the earlier damage to the neck area, Ty is in even more pain here.

    Ty is stuck in a problem as he tries reaching for the ropes but it’s difficult with the doctor holding on strongly, he tries to reach for the ropes again but it’s no use, he lifts his hand up high before he gets up on his leg and starts to sway Kurtesy from side to side, eventually using the momentum to roll across the ring, with Kurtesy still holding on but Ty manages to sneak a foot under the bottom rope to get the referee to tell Kurtesy to break the hold, who does so after a four count. Kurtesy gets up and starts debating with the referee about how Ty could have legally reached the ropes, nothing will change what’s just occurred as Ty uses the ropes to get to his feet. Kurtesy turns and charges at Ty who counters it into the Mo’ Murda, the effects of the move slows down his cover attempt which is weak again, 1…….2……kickout by Kurtesy, Ty looks surprised somewhat as he gets back to his feet slowly right before Doug Crashin and Steven Holmes make a run to the ring. Ty is quick to counter them as he knocks Holmes out with a running knee and then counters a Crashin clothesline into a Russian legsweep, making both men roll to the outside.

    Cohen: So much for team mate support!

    Copeland: Ty Burna showing that he can stand up to the attempts of the Crashin Movement to swing the momentum.

    Ty turns around is caught by a revived Kurtesy who goes for the Prescripted Sedation, but Ty shoves him away and Kurtesy stops himself before the turnbuckle, he turns and is met with a Consecrated Banishment to the face, taking him out as Ty goes for the cover 1……2…….3

    Harrys: Here is your winner, the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Ty Burna!

    Ty is up to his feet again as he is given his championship belt and has his hand raised by the referee. He surveys the damage as the Crashin Movement look deflated and refuse to attack despite the numbers advantage. Instead they all regroup and carry Kurtesy back towards the ramp. Ty points at the Movement to let them know he does back down from anyone, he raises his championship and points to the sky once more. He takes a few paces around the ring before the lights go down and the titantron shows a series of flames blazing away as Ty watches on, the flames slowly fade to reveal Phoenix on the screen who’s staring intently at Ty, until he finally speaks…

    One more step remains. All or Nothing.
    The titantron clears and the lights are restored to normal as Ty looks from side to side before he exits the ring and gets back to the motorcycle.

    Copeland: Well Ladies and Gentlemen, it appears Phoenix who was victorious tonight is feeling confident about the fact he is just one more match away from possibly being unveiled as the new Number One Contender in the Gold Rush Tournament, it’s rather arrogant given he will face one of three opponents.

    Cohen: Maybe so Seabass, but he’s in the final, defeating Showtime and Everest along the way, what chance do any of the other guys have? Except maybe Constantine.

    Copeland: Well the message has been made clear, but who Phoenix faces will be discovered tomorrow on Ascension as the build to All or Nothing continues to unveil itself. Until then, alongside Jack Cohen, I’m Sebastian Copeland. I’ll see you next time!
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    Who wrote what:

    Everest vs. Phoenix - Ty
    Ty Burna vs. Dr. Steven Kurtesy, Backstage Segments - Phoenix
    Wilhelm Wunderbar vs. Chris Jones vs. Steven Holmes - Falkon
    Michael Winters vs. Барбоса - Showtime
    Bud Dakota, Ferbian & Brad Bomb vs. Hays, Justin Cooper & Sam Smith - Blade
    Matt Fox vs. Mark Hancock - Thriller

    Rep them, love them, worthship them. Also, feel free to give feedback on the shows as we love hearing your views on our work:

    We hope you enjoyed Meltdown!
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