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    *Pryos go off*

    Copeland: Ladies and gentlemen we are just a few short weeks away from Kingdom Come, and the WZCW World Heavyweight Title match just got a lot more intriguing and definitely more personal on Ascension.

    Cohen: Showtime has taken control of the situation in a way no one has before against Ty. Short of carrying Ty's own Ouija scroll, he has everything on his side including Ty's own woman Serafina.


    The raucous crowd instantly are to their feet and booing at the top of their lungs as Showtime Cougar slowly makes his way out in a full suit and tie. He makes his way down the entrance ramp as the crowd continues to jeer him. He hops up onto the ring apron and slowly steps through the ropes. He straightens his tie and asks for a mic from the ringside assistant. He stands in the middle of the ring, a hand behind his back.

    Showtime: Before I go any further this evening, please let me introduce, the new and improved Serafina!

    Showtime extends his hand towards the entrance stage as his music hits once more. From behind the curtain Serafina emerges, with a significantly different look. Her long black tresses are now dyed blonde, her face done up with make up and lipstick, and she is wearing a black cocktail dress along with high heels on her feet. She walks down the entrance ramp with a seductive look on her face. She walks up the steel steps and Showtime goes to hold the rope up as she enters the ring. Showtime grasps her hand and raises it up into the air.

    Showtime: You see this is what a man of my stature and class can provide a woman. Serafina is no longer girl in the corner wishing for her prince charming. She is now the diamond of WZCW, something that Ty Burna could never provide her.

    Serafina gingerly takes the mic from Showtime who looks at her confused. She nods her head and leans in, whispering in his ear. He suddenly gets a big grin on his face and nods his head as Serafina begins speaking.

    Serafina: My former "master" treated me like a child. He promised me everything in the world if I stood by his side, and once he gained the WZCW World Heavyweight Title, I was thrown to the side like a rag doll. Well that rag doll wasn't going to put up with it anymore. I wanted a man who could satisfy me in every.....single.....way. You see, what better way to get back at such a lowly man with mommy and daddy issues than to abandon him at a critical moment? Not only abandon him, but hop in bed with his worst enemy.

    The crowd is firing down heat upon Serafina, she tries to continue speaking but can't as she can barely be heard. She purses her lips and screams into the mic.

    Serafina: Will you people shut up for one moment and let me talk? You've all fallen for Ty's smoke and mirrors act, and it's time you all realize what a great man is in the ring with me tonight. He is the true gentlemen of WZCW, a man who takes care of his woman and takes care of business inside this ring. I was sick of being a slave to Ty, and now he's going to pay for how he treated me at Kingdom Come. So go ahead and jeer at me, all you need to know is that right here, is the soon to be WZCW World Heavyweight Champion. And I will see to it personally that bastard Ty Burna will never see the title ever again!

    Just then End of 9 hits and the crowd goes berserk as Gordito makes his way out to the top of the entrance ramp with a mic in hand. He looks out as the crowd begins chanting his name.

    Gordito: Oh I'm sorry, did I interrupt you solidifying your status as a ****e Serafina?

    The crowd pops loudly at Gordito's comment, sending Serafina into a rage. She puts her hand on her hip and stares down angrily at Gordito before speaking.

    Serafina: Gordito, why did you bother showing up tonight? You know you can't beat my man. What, is Ty too afraid to walk out here and confront us himself?

    Showtime takes the mic from Serafina and begins speaking.

    Showtime: Show some respect to my woman Gordito! Don't you have any class at all?

    Gordito: The way I look at it Showtime I don't need class to realize all she is is an expensive looking prostitute. But I'm not out here to discuss Serafina's going rates or anything of that nature. I'm here to deliver a message that tonight, I will prove to you and the world just how good I am, and that the almighty Showtime Cougar, is nothing but a bunch of hot air.

    Showtime: And who told you to come out here and interrupt my grand celebration? I'm sure Ty is back there manipulating you just as he does everyone in this company into doing his bidding. You're nothing but a dog to him Gordito, open your eyes to the truth and see through his lies.

    Gordito: Actually I haven't seen Ty around for awhile, in fact I wouldn't want to see him at all if I were you Showtime. No the fact remains this is just one more test to prove Baez wrong, and because I just want to open a can of "Kickassery" on you ya jackass! It's not about Reynolds or Constantine's pick your poison match, this is about me kicking your ass all over this arena. I'll see you later tonight Showtime, and Serafina, careful about standing on the wrong corner around here.

    Showtime: Just shut the hell up already. I'm sick of your crass comments. I'm going to put you in your place tonight, and I'm going to reveal to everyone what kind of "mentor" Ty is and how pathetic he truly is, and how you will never be at my level.

    Gordito: Is that so? Well I suppose I could see that connection, beat the student to get back at the teacher. One problem with that Showtime, I'm no one's whipping boy, and once I'm done with you, I'm taking out everyone in the King for a Day match and I'm taking the WZCW World Title from either you or Ty. Maybe then Baez will realize his words have no meaning to them, and how the Dirty one has risen above everyone in WZCW.

    Showtime: Don't make me laugh Gordito. Ty took pity on you and gave you opportunities. He manipulates everyone around him to take care of his dirty work. He set this all up tonight, and he's sending his student to the slaughter. Don't you feel lucky to be treated like that?

    Gordito: It could be worse, I could be saddled with a second hand, what's the word Ty used, harlot like yourself. Get yourself ready Showtime, while I may be merely a student as you put it, I"m going to give you a top rate lesson in "Kickassery!"

    The crowd is just eating it up as they start chanting Gordito's name. End of 9 hits as Gordito has a big smirk on his face as he turns and makes his way to the back. Showtime is furious in the ring and rips off his tie, throwing it to the outside. Serafina grabs him and tries to calm him down, whispering something in his ear once more. Showtime smirks again and the two exit the ring, making their way up the ramp as we cut to Copeland and Cohen.

    Copeland: Well it appears we're in for a brutal main event this evening. Speaking of the Pick Your Poison match, I have just received word that Austin Reynolds and Constantine have both been banned from the building this evening. Their contract signing will take place tomorrow night on Ascension. We'll be back after this commercial break as Phoenix takes on the rookie The Agony!
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    "28 Days Later" begins playing through the speakers as a hooded figure appears on the stage, looking down, with the crowd cheering. He lifts his head slowly with a focused glare towards the ring, and proceeds down the ramp.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Louisville, Kentucky, weighing in at 298 pounds... The Agony!

    Agony rolls underneath the bottom rope, removes his robe and begins preparing for his opponent. The arena goes to dark and the crowd cheers louder as "The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning" by Smashing Pumpkins hits. The emerges from the stage and begins looking around the arena to the crowd, with a faint smile appearing on his face. He turns his attention to the ring and begins walking down.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Heliopolis, weighing in at 213 pounds... "The Eternal One" Phoenix!

    Copeland: It seems that recently the man reborn Phoenix has had a new fire lit underneath him, despite the loss he took last week to the dominant Kravinoff... and I think the fans are growing on him.

    Cohen: He's not the man he once was, Seabass. He's losing his mind by giving into the fans. I hope his focus is on the monstrous Agony, who decimated his opponent in his debut match last week, not on them.

    Both men are in the ring with the lights back to normal. The referee checks them and signals for the bell.

    Agony walks up to Phoenix and the two size each other up, showing the huge difference between the two men. Agony goes to grab Phoenix, but he goes behind Agony and kicks him in the leg. Phoenix stands his ground as Agony turns and tries again, only for Phoenix to repeat his previous actions. Agony goes to grab Phoenix, who dodges and tries a kick, but Agony catches his leg. Agony spins him around and Phoenix delivers a dragon whip kick that stuns Agony. Phoenix gives him enough room for a run-up and charges at Agony with a step-up enzuigiri... but still, Agony is standing. Phoenix rebounds off the ropes and hits a running spinning heel kick that final takes Agony down. He goes for the pin... 1... Agony powers out by pushing Phoenix into the air, who is shocked at the man's strength. As Agony is getting up, Phoenix hits a running knee lift to the face of Agony, putting him back down. He quickly climbs to the second rope and performs a double stomp onto the face of Agony, who clutches his head in pain. Phoenix locks in a figure four headlock, trying all he can to subdue the big man. Agony gains some footing and gets up slowly, as if Phoenix isn't an issue. He is standing up with Phoenix on Agony's shoulders, re-adjusting himself so he doesn't fall. His resistance is futile as Agony performs a modified electric chair drop. Phoenix feels the full effect of the drop as Agony slowly recovers and goes for a pin... 1.... 2..... kick-out by Phoenix.

    Copeland: What a huge crash landing for Phoenix there! That's about a 10 feet drop! With the force of Agony, that's got to feel like 20!

    Agony is up with Phoenix using the ropes to aid him. Agony knees Phoenix in the gut and Irish whips him across the ring, delivering a discus elbow to take the eternal one down. He goes for a cover... 1.... kick-out by Phoenix on 2. Agony capitalises on the situation by locking in a modified surfboard stretch on Phoenix, putting as much pressure as he can. Phoenix screams in pain and does his best to crawl to the ropes with the big man on him. He moves slowly to the ropes, slowing down as Agony puts more pressure. The crowd cheers loudly for Phoenix, which he hears and inadvertently revitalises Phoenix. He uses all his strength to get to the ropes and grabs the bottom, with the crowd cheering. Agony let's go immediately and allows Phoenix to recover, waiting for him. Phoenix uses the ropes to get up and turns around to see Agony go for the Reverse Angle Slam, but Phoenix counters and hits the Liger Kick on Agony that dazes him, bringing the big man down to one knee. Phoenix quickly strikes with the REBIRTH to the temple of Agony. The crowd cheers as Phoenix looks towards the turnbuckle and ascends it. He looks around the arena to see the crowd on their feet ready for what they all know and hits the Final Flight! He goes for a cover... 1... 2... 3!

    The crowd cheers as the bell sounds and Phoenix's music hits the speakers. He gets up and has his hand raised by the referee, looking around the arena to see everyone behind him.

    Harrys: Here is your winner... PHOENIX!

    Copeland: What an impressive victory by Phoenix to take down the big man. It indeed was a tall task.

    Cohen: I admit, seeing the Final Flight always gives me something to look forward to... but this new found Phoenix. I'm not quite sure what to make of it.

    Phoenix heads up the ramp as Agony is getting up, being checked by the referee.
    As Phoenix walks past the entrance curtain, he's met by Chuck Myles clapping his hands.

    Myles: Fantastic showing out their tonight Phoenix.

    Phoenix: Thanks boss, but I still feel disappointed that I'm not involved in Kingdom Come.

    Myles: Keep at it, your opportunity will present itself soon enough.

    Phoenix nods and makes his way past Myles who has a thoughtful look on his face. He pulls out his cell phone and begins dialing. He taps his foot patiently as he waits.

    Myles: Vance baby! Have I got a deal for you.

    We cut to Beckford sitting in the cafeteria drinking a cup of tea chatting with a stage hand on break. The Eurasian Title sits on the table next to Beckford.

    Beckford: Well we've had a good season since being promoted, though I can always hope Leeds keeps doing better year after year.

    Just then Blade walks by and snags the Euarsian Championship and holds it across his waist. He smirks as he looks at Beckford.

    Blade: Looks like it's a perfect fit.

    Beckford becomes incensed and goes after Blade, who drops the Eurasian title to the ground as the stage hand grabs Beckford and holds him back.

    Beckford: You'll get yours Blade. You can't keep an arms length away from me forever.

    Blade laughs and picks up the Eurasian Title and tosses it on the table.

    Blade: Better spend what little time you have with that title Chris, soon it's going to be fitting perfectly around my waist.

    Blade walks past as Beckford struggles to break free from the stage hand as we go to commercial.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    "Bliss" hits the arena and out walks Blade with red flashing lights gracing his presence. He smirks as the crowd boos him and continues to make down the ring.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Dublin, Ireland, weighing in at 235 pounds... "The Prodigal Son" Blade!

    Blade gets into the ring and awaits his opponent as "Wake Up" hits the speakers and out comes Sam Smith to a cheering crowd. He points out to fans, then walks down the ramp clapping the fans at ringside.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Washington, D.C., weighing in at 235 pounds... "The Law-Abiding Citizen" Sam Smith!

    He slides underneath the bottom rope and stops to stare at Blade, who is smiling back. The referee checks on both men as the music fades and signals for the bell.

    Copeland: This should be a solid technical match between these two. Both men are looking for momentum heading into Kingdom Come, especially Blade with his championship opportunity.

    Cohen: He doesn't need momentum. Destiny is already on his side, what else does he need?

    The two men are locking up in the ring and are struggling for dominance, which Blade eventually wins by pushing Smith in the corner. He makes for a clean break but quickly uppercuts Smith in the corner. He calls for Smith, who looks disgusted by that tactic and they lock up again. This time, Smith gets the advantage and puts Blade in the corner. He pulls a clean break, telling Blade "that's how it's done!" Blade moves out of the corner, only to be met by a dropkick by Smith. He taps his head as Blade goes to get up, smiling at him. Blade is annoyed and they go to lock up a third time, but Blade kicks Smith in the stomach, followed by another uppercut that sends him reeling to the ropes. Blade gives him an Irish whip and tries for a clothesline, but Smith ducks and hits Blade with one of his own... then another... and another... followed by a big sidewalk slam. Smith goes for the cover... 1.... 2.... kick-out. Blade tries to escape, but Smith grabs him and picks him up to hit northern lights suplex... 1.... 2.... Blade uses his strength to push him and Smith up from the ground and twist Smith around into a suplex of his own. Smith counters and slips behind Blade, delivering a neckbreaker. Smith goes for another cover.... 1..... 2....... kick-out by Blade. Smith calls for an early finish and tries for double jeopardy, but Blade wriggles his way out to the floor before it's applied. The crowd boos as Blade escapes, so Smith goes after him. Smith gets Blade with some clubbing blows to the outside before setting him up for an Irish whip to the stairs... but it's reversed by Blade, sending Smith crashing into the steel. Blade bides his time recovering as Smith feels the effects. He ascends the apron and delivers a modified frog splash/crossbody into Smith, who is caught between Blade and the steps, his body crushed. The crowd boos as Blade relishes in the moment, picking up Smith's limp body and throwing him into the ring. He goes for the pin.... 1....... 2....... near fall for Blade, with Smith kicking out just before 3.

    Cohen: What an innovative move by Blade! Sacrificing himself to cause serious damage to his opponent.

    Copeland: That could have been dangerous, inducing injury! I'd hate to see what he'd have in store for Beckford if he continues this.

    Smith attempts to get up, but is aided by Blade who toys around with him by uppercutting him a few times. He follows it up with an enzuigiri, sending Smith back into the corner. Blade chokes the life out of Smith in the corner blatantly, releasing at the 4 count. Blade runs into the corner with a clothesline, knocking Smith silly. Blade walks forward with Smith and picks him up for a backbreaker. Blade slams him down and pins him.... 1..... 2...... kick-out by Smith. Blade shakes his head at Smith as he tries getting up to fight and picks him up in a suplex, delaying the move in the air. He keeps Smith up there for some time, slowing walking around the ring and doing a couple of squats before slamming down into the ground. Blade sits up, smirks and goes for a cover.... 1..... 2...... kick-out by Smith. Blade starts to get a little agitated that the match has taken longer than he intended and picks up Smith, hitting him with a belly to belly suplex. He tries for another cover.... 1.... 2.... kick-out by Smith. Blade immediately chokes Smith again before being pulled off by the ref. He warns Blade that if he does so again, he'll be DQ'd. Blade cools down and agrees, then proceeds to let Smith stand up before German suplexing him with a bridge pin.... 1..... 2...... kick-out by Smith again. Blade quickly locks in a Texas cloverleaf in the center of the ring and pulls back on Smith's legs, with Smith crying in pain. He tries to reverse it, but he finds no way. He considers tapping for a moment before the crowd chimes in and gets behind Smith, chanting his name and stomping their feet. Smith uses all his strength to claw and scratch his way to the bottom rope, which he eventually gets. Blade let's go, not believing what Smith is able to accomplish.

    Copeland: Smith will not let up! This kid has got some guts to do this.

    Cohen: Yeah, but he has no brains. If he keeps going, Blade's just going to keep dealing damage. He's relentless.

    Blade signals for the end as Smith uses the ropes to get to his feet. He waits for Smith to turn around and kicks him in the gut, setting him up for the Halo.... but Smith counters with a spinebuster out of nowhere. Blade clutches his head as he hit the mat hard, which Smith trying to get up. The ref begins the count and crowd cheers for Smith to come back. At the count of 6, both men are up to their feet and begin exchanging punches, with Blade getting the advantage. He tries whipping Smith across the ring, but he reverses. Blade runs with a clothesline, but Smith ducks and locks in a sleeper hold! Smith uses everything he has to keep the sleeper in, with the crowd going wild. Blade tries every possible direction for a rope break, but to no avail. He tries rolling through, but Smith comes along for the ride as well. Blade looks like he is about to fade as he arms slowly stop fighting. Blade fades to one knee, but trips in the process, sending Smith into the second turnbuckle, smacking his face. Blade recovers before Smith and hits the BLADE RUNNER.... Smith is out and Blade drapes an arm over Smith.... 1.... 2.... 3!

    The referee signals for the bell, Blade's music hits and the crowd boos at the result. Blade slowly tries getting up, with the ref helping, who he pushes away.

    Harrys: Here is your winner.... BLADE!

    Copeland: A tremendous effort by Smith in keeping up the fight and making Blade work for the victory, but it was Blade's night tonight. If Sam keeps this up, maybe the next time these two meet it may be a different story.

    Cohen: That's the possible future, Seabass. This is the present, and we are celebrating Blade's victory. Don't take it away from him.

    Blade exits the ring with a smile on his face as he heads up the ramp, with the referee checking on Smith. He sits up and sees Blade walking up the ramp, feeling disappointed.
    We cut backstage to Dave's sister Dani walking through the backstage area, a couple bottles of water in hand. She opens a locker door to a darkened room and walks in. She realizes quickly she walked into the wrong room as the camera turns to reveal Hunter Kravinoff and Barbosa sitting watching Black Swan on a projector. Barbosa wipes a tear away from his eyes as he watches.

    Barbosa: Mila Kunis is such an inspiration.

    Kravinoff: A swan is such an elegant being in the wild. While it is beautiful it can also be dangerous, I can see now why they would compare a fleet footed dancer to such an animal.

    Dani: What in the hell are you two talking about?

    The two men turn back towards Dani with inquisitive looks on their faces.

    Barbosa: My black swan?

    Kravinoff: No my good Barbosa, I believe this is Big Dave's sister.

    Dani: Where do they find these freaks in this company?

    The two men quickly get up and they slowly corner Dani. The situation becomes tense.

    Barbosa: Freaks? Take a good hard look at your own brother, not to see how messed up he is in the head, but it'll be one of the few times you'll see him in one piece.

    Kravinoff: I concur with my partner here. He will be caged in with the most dangerous hunter, and I look forward to skinning him for my trophy case. In fact, why don't you join us until KC.

    Suddenly a knock at the door arrives and Kravinoff answers. Johnny Klamour walks in and Dani quickly slips out with Barbosa and Kravinoff distracted.

    Klamour: Hey uh guys, Myles wants to see you in his office.

    Barbosa and Kravinoff grumble and make their exit. Klamour is left in the darkened room. He notices the movie playing and his eyes go wide as the infamous love scene begins.

    Klamour: Now this is a movie I can get into.

    He quickly takes a seat as we go to commercial.
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    ”The following match is scheduled for one fall and is a triple threat match with a single fall to a finish for the WZCW Mayhem Championship!”

    “On his way to the ring, from Detroit, Michigan, he weighs 247 lbs, this is Alex Bowen!!”

    Alex comes out, runs around and high fives fans then runs to the ring. He hops into the ring and goes up to the top rope, claps the fans and then hops down. He is interrupted by I Made it by Kevin Rudolf.

    “From Sydney, Australia, he weighs 253lbs, Justin Cooper.”

    Justin walks out and stops at the top of the ramp, he looks around at the fans. He then runs to the ring and slides in, Justin gets up and climbs onto the turnbuckle where he looks out at the crowd with a blank and unemotive stare. He gets down and goes to a corner

    “And finally, he weighed in at 227lbs from Ontario, Canada, this is the WZCW Mayhem Champion, the Saviour, Chris Jones!!”

    The arena lights dim as Amaranth by Nightwish begins. Smoke starts to rise from the entrance, and when it clears, Jones is shown standing there, as though he appeared from nowhere. He then walks to the ring, ignoring the crowd, and enters the ring. He stands on the turnbuckle closest to the entranceway and stretches his arms to his sides and the crowd greets him with a mainly negative reaction.

    “If this is anything like last weeks fatal four way then this will be great!”

    “This is Chris Jones’s chance to show he is the cream of the crop in the Mayhem division.”

    The three men stare each other down as the referee signals for the bell as Harrys leaves the ring. As quick as the bell rings, Cooper jumps both Jones and Bowen, attacking each with fists of fury! Jones rolls out of the ring, catching his bearings, as Bowen covers up. He fights with way back, punching Cooper square in the jaw. Jones rolls back into the ring just as Cooper gets punched a second time. He turns around only to meet another closed fist, this time from Jones. Back and forth, an unusual alliance between Bowen and Jones forms and they are taking out their opponent! Bowen sets Cooper up in a front facelock, and Jones joins him for a double suplex!

    “I never expected to see Alex Bowen join forces with someone as diabolical as Chris Jones.”

    “I could get behind the guy if he showed half of the intelligence that Chris Jones has.”

    Cooper rolls out of the ring in pain, but Bowen and Jones are quick to follow. Jones stomps on Cooper before Bowen picks him up and strikes him with several stiff jabs. He and Jones then double Irish whip Cooper into the steel ring steps, as the sound of flesh and bone smashing against pure steel makes a heinous noise. But as Bowen turns around, Jones clotheslines him right to the ground!

    “Yeah I knew that wouldn’t last.”

    Jones scoop slams Bowen right onto the floor. He grabs him by the head, picks him up and rolls him into the ring. Bowen somehow manages to get up and swings at an unprepared Jones, but Jones ducks, hits a Shining Wizard then floors Bowen with a leg drop bulldog! Jones covers, 1...2...Bowen kicks out!

    Jones gets a chair and picks Bowen up, only to be stunned with a forearm to the jaw. He hits Jones several times and forces him to drop the chair and then whips him across the ring, hitting a lariat as he makes his way back across! The crowd pops as Bowen jumps to his feet as Jones struggles to get up. As he gets up slowly, Bowen sizes him up and just as Jones turns around, Bowen runs at him and wallops him with a steel chair to the skull! He covers Jones, 1...2...Kick out!

    “That’s the hardcore Alex Bowen that WZCW knows and loves.”

    “He’s a yob with a chair, just like Cooper.”

    Bowen wastes no time, locking Jones in an abdominal stretch before he can get up. Jones writhes and wriggles in pain as the referee asks him if he wants to quit. He struggles to get towards the ropes, crawling with a man on top of him. He’s almost there, just a few more inches! But Bowen uses his leverage to pull Jones back to the middle of the ring. Jones’s face is red with pain as he raises his arm, ready to tap out… inching closer to the mat… closer and closer… but no! Cooper manages to crawl in the ring, smacks him with a Stop sign, then rolls Bowen backwards into a small package! 1...2....Bowen fights out of it. Surprised, Bowen gets to his feet and is thrown out of the ring by the crafty Cooper. He then approaches Jones, who is holding his side in pain sitting on the mat, grabs his head from behind and lifts him up, but Jones drops him with a jawbreaker! Cooper reels backwards and as backs up against the ropes, Jones jumps up, drops him with the STO backbreaker directly onto the discarded steel chair! Jones covers him again! 1....2....Cooper manages to get the shoulder up. He rolls to his stomach, clutching his head in pain. Jones approaches him to do more damage, but somehow, Alex Bowen manages to sneak in and roll him up! 1...2....Jones gets out of it!

    “What an incredible series of near falls!”

    “Jones needs to get a grip on this match. I can see it slipping away from him!”

    Bowen gets up, holding his head in pain, and Jones angrily runs towards Bowen, only to receive a hiptoss for his troubles. Jones jumps to his feet again only to receive a second hiptoss, and then a third! Clutching his back in pain, this time he stays down!

    “That the kind of smarts you were talking about?”

    Bowen signals for the End of Days; he locks in the double underhook and drops Jones on his head! He covers Jones! 1...2....Justin Cooper, out of nowhere, breaks it up with a dustbin lid shot to the back! Cooper picks Bowen up and tries to hit Your Final Verse! But Bowen blocks it with elbows to the head and hits the Bell Clap! Cooper collapses! Bowen puts the Stop sign and the dustbin lid on Coopers’ head, he then climbs to the top rope and hits the Eat My Ass leg drop!! He covers Cooper! 1...2...3—NO! Jones breaks up the fall! Bowen gets up, only to receive a brutal kick in the face as Jones dropkicks him out of the ring. He looks back at Cooper, who is now barely conscious on the mat. Jones picks him up and drops him with the Lifesaver DDT onto the steel chair!

    “Cooper’s out of it!”

    “But look at Bowen!”

    Jones covers Cooper…1......Bowen climbs into the ring......2..... Bowen interrupts the count. Without a moments’ hesitation, he drops Jones with the End of Days and covers, 1......2.......3!!!!

    Your winner and NEW MAYHEM CHAMPION!!!!! ALEX BOWEN

    Bowen rolls out of the ring, raising his arms to the crowd, as Jones smashes his hands on the mat in frustration.

    “He’s done it! Alex Bowen, the hardcore veteran of so many companies, has finally got his hands on Mayhem gold in WZCW!!”
    We go backstage to the WZCW World Tag Team Champions Brothers in Arms walking through the hallway, their respective Title Belts draped across a shoulder.

    Toyota: We're facing two rookies tonight Hammond, this should be a walk in the park for us.

    Hammond: I wouldn't be so certain Toyota, that Power Glove Alhazerd has is a potent weapon. How it's not banned is beyond me.

    Toyota: I think they took pity on him, the poor guy. Anyway let's get past these guys, go get some pizza and get ready for the Crashin Movement, again.

    Hammond: Let's play it safe, remember you did crush Alhazerd's larynx and he may be looking for revenge.

    Toyota: And what's he going to do to me Scott? Beat me at Mario? Because I may not have played it in awhile, but I can show that techno nerd what's what when it comes to gaming.

    Hammond shakes his head and can't help but smirk as they continue walking and the screen goes black.
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    We take a shot around the arena of the crowd coming back from commercial break, with everyone excited. We cut to a shot of announcer's table.

    Copeland: Welcome back everyone to Meltdown! As you just saw, these fans have been electric since the get go of the show and I don't think they'll be slowing down.

    Cohen: Yeah, if they slow down any more, they wouldn't be moving! Then again, with amount of food these people consume, it's hardly surprising.

    Copeland: Well, speaking of food, we'd like to take this time to say that Meltdown is brought to you by...

    "Bliss" hits the speakers and out comes Blade smirking as the crowd boos him. He casually makes his way down to the ring and heads towards the announcer's desk. He goes over to shake Cohen's hand, but ignores Copeland's efforts. He gets his gear on to a shocked announcing team.

    Copeland: Ladies and gentlemen, we have an unexpected guest in the form of Blade join us at the table. Welcome Blade, what brings you out here?

    Blade: Well first of all Seabass, I'm pretty sure that the audience figured out who I was and where I was going in the two minutes I spent walking down here. And secondly, I'm here to scout out my opponent at Kingdom Come, if you don't mind.

    Cohen: Oh no, it's our pleasure! Seabass is just jealous that you're going to do a better job than him! Well then, let's get this next match underway, shall we?

    We take a shot of Blade focused on the ring before crossing over to Truman standing in the ring.

    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    As "Paradise" hits, the female fans go crazy (with their male counterparts being less enthusiastic) as Armando heads out from the curtain. He seductively takes his vest off and chucks it into the crowd, with women fighting for the jacket. he begins jogging down the rampway.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Puerto Rico, weighing in at 268 pounds... Armando Paradyse!

    He does a quick pose in the ring as "Enya Stomp" hits the speakers and Beckford comes out, doing his signature pose. Paradyse covers his ears as Beckford charges down to the ring, sliding underneath the bottom rope and ascends a turnbuckle to pose, pointing towards Blade and showcasing his belt, before back-flipping off.

    Harrys: And his opponent, already in the ring, from Leeds, England, weighing in at 226 pounds, he is the WZCW EurAsian Champion... Chris Beckford!

    Beckford stares at Blade intently, before turning his attention to Paradyse. He eventually turns around and gets ready for the match.

    Blade: You should pay attention to your opponent there, Beckford. You never know what might happen.

    Cohen: Truer words were never spoken.

    The bell has already sounded and the two men are in a collar-elbow tie-up. Beckford twists the arm of Paradyse, then again to keep the pressure. Paradyse rolls through, un-twists the arm and goes behind to hit a hammerlock on. Beckford pivots in three different directions, on the third forcing Paradyse to flip over Beckford that allows him to be caught in a headlock on Beckford. Paradyse kips up out of the headlock, with Beckford getting up quickly. Both men stand off as the crowd cheers at the athleticism. They lock up again, only for Beckford to get a headlock on Paradyse. Instantly, Paradyse pushes Beckford towards the ropes and sends him for a ride. Beckford shoulder blocks Paradyse and goes for a cover, but Paradyse kicks out. He gets up, shoulder blocks Beckford and covers, only for Beckford to kick out. Beckford arm drags Paradyse, followed by Paradyse arm dragging Beckford. They both get up and both go for a dropsault at the same time. They stand their ground and get a cheer from the audience. They circle the ring before going for a test of strength where Paradyse begins to gain the advantage. Before Beckford goes down to his knees, he jumps up, uses Paradyses legs as a springboard and performs a hurricanrana, following it into a pin... 1... quick kick-out by Paradyse who rolls it into his own pin... 1... kick-out by Beckford. Both men have their hands still clasped together and get back to their feet, where Beckford is getting the advantage. Paradyse does the same as Beckford, except he performs an over castle neckbreaker. He rolls through and goes for the cover... 1... kick-out by Beckford. They let go of the hand clasp, and Paradyse follows up with a standing moonsault. He goes for the cover... 1... kick-out by the champ. As Beckford is getting up, Paradyse grabs him and hits a snapmare, followed by a dropkick to the back of the head. Again for the cover... 1... 2... kick-out by Beckford. Paradyse points to a lady in the front row as he prepares himself near the ropes, waiting for Beckford. Paradyse springboards, but Beckford catches him into an atomic drop and follows up with a face-plant. He goes for the cover... 1... 2... kick-out by Paradyse. Quickly, Beckford locks in a Boston crab.

    Copeland: Smart strategy by Beckford here. Inflict pain to the legs of faster Paradyse to keep him down whilst catching your breathe.

    Blade: Albeit the submission has been used randomly. What happened to picking apart the leg beforehand?

    Paradyse struggles to make it to the bottom rope, which Beckford immediately let's go of. Paradyse tries getting up, but Beckford assists him only to drop him down for a reverse DDT. He goes for the cover... 1... 2... kick-out by Paradyse. Beckford gets up and hits a dropsault to Paradyse, with another pin... 1... kick-out. He goes over to the ropes and springboards off, delivering another dropkick. Beckford covers... 1... 2... kick-out. Beckford signals to the fans that he is going up, they cheer and he ascends to the top turnbuckle. He jumps off, hitting a successful missile dropkick. He goes for the cover... 1...... 2......... near fall for Beckford as Paradyse just kicks out. Beckford sees Paradyse is reeling and waits for him to get up. He tries for the Cross Drop, but Paradyse counters it into a snap suplex. Both men use this time to recover. Beckford is up before Paradyse and charges at him going for a clothesline, but Paradyse ducks and delivers a flapjack, with Beckford smacking against the ropes. Paradyse clotheslines Beckford in the back of the head and pulls the rope back to push Beckford off the ropes. He waits for Beckford and springboards off, delivering a crossbody in the process. He pins... 1...... 2......... near fall for Paradyse. Beckford uses the ropes to aid himself up as Paradyse measures him, hitting a shuffle sidekick that sends Beckford down to the outside, in front of the announcer's desk. Paradyse begins to clap and dance to get the crowd going, which they follow, and Paradyse performs a suicide dive onto Beckford to the outside. The crowd begins to cheer as Paradyse waves his hands in the air.

    Cohen: These two are getting a little too close for comfort. Go back in the ring guys and keep entertaining me!

    Blade: I'll take care of it.

    Paradyse kisses the hand of a female in the audience before turning his attention back to Beckford, who is still getting up. He waits for Beckford to get on his feet and charges at him. Both men have the same idea with a clothesline, knocking each other down. The referee is up to a count of 3 at this point as both men begin to stir.

    4..... 5...... 6......​

    Paradyse uses the ring apron to hoist himself up whilst the announcer's desk provides for something Beckford can use to aid him. Blade gets up out of his chair and goes over to the time-keeper.

    Copeland: Where's Blade going?

    7..... 8......​

    Paradyse is on his feet and slowly crawls into the ring whilst Beckford almost standing. However, he notices Blade walking off with his WZCW EurAsian championship.


    Beckford follows Blade who has around the other side of the ring, who places the belt on the top of the steel steps carefully and pats it. He looks at Beckford and mouths "you lose." Beckford, confused, realises what he's just done and tries rolling the ring but...


    The referee signals for the bell, Blade begins walking up the ramp and Beckford is stumped at to what has just occurred.

    Harrys: Here is your winner as a result of a count-out.... Armando PARADYSE!

    His music begins to play and the referee holds up his arm high. He begins celebrating in the ring as Beckford becomes quite frustrated with what Blade has just done. Blade turns back at the top of the stage and smiles, before heading back.

    Copeland: Blade has yet again cost Beckford his match! What's the purpose of all this?

    Cohen: To get inside the mind of Beckford. He's trying to make him snap so come KC, he'll be a vulnerable target to pick apart.

    Paradyse rolls out the ring and heads up the ramp as Beckford collects his championship, shaking his head.
    We go backstage as Alex Bowen is sitting with the Mayhem Championship in his hands. He stares at it in disbelief as Chuck Myles walks by. Bowen quickly gets to his feet as Myles approaches him.

    Myles: Congratulations on winning the Mayhem Championship Bowen, it's been a long time coming for you in this company.

    Bowen: Thanks, and I'm ready to take on all comers who want this title. I've fought for quite some time in WZCW, and this is my first major success. I'm not about to let anyone take it from me.

    Myles: Is that so? Well I may just have something in mind for you then Bowen. But Jones still has his rematch clause, so next week you will be defending your Mayhem Championship against Chris Jones. Regardless of the outcome, I think you may be interested in what I have in store for the Mayhem Title match at Kingdom Come.

    Copeland: Alex Bowen versus Chris Jones for the Mayhem Championship has been made by our General Manager Chuck Myles! And what does he have in store for the Mayhem Title? We'll be back after this.
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    Harrys: The following non-title tag team match is scheduled for one fall!

    “We Are One” blares from the PA system as Scott Hammond bursts out from behind the curtain. He stands at the top of the ramp and raises one arm in the air. He then turns his attention to the entrance curtain, and points both hands towards the entrance, as Wasabi Toyota steps out from behind it.

    Harrys: Introducing first, at a combined weight of 825 pounds, they are the WZCW World Tag Team Champions, the Brothers in Arms!

    Hammond slides inside the ring as Toyota climbs the stairs and enters with him. Toyota stands behind Hammond in the centre of the ring as Hammond drops to his knees. Toyota raises his arm as pyros go off in the ring behind them. “I Am” hits and James King comes out onto the stage with his fists raised. He makes it to the bottom of the ramp as “Powerglove” begins to play and Dr. Alhazred and Mister come out from the back and head down to join King at ringside.

    Harrys: And their opponents, accompanied to the ring by Mister, at a combined weight of 428 pounds, the team of James King and Dr. Alhazred!

    Hammond starts for the Brothers in Arms and Alhazred starts for his team. The two men tie up, with Hammond easily overpowering Alhazred with a side headlock. Hammond connects with a knee to the gut and tries to lift Alhazred for a military press, but Alhazred slips out and runs the ropes to build momentum for a dropkick straight to the right knee of Hammond. He falls to the ground and Alhazred immediately starts stomping away at the same knee. He winds up for a punch with the power glove, but Hammond rolls to the outside. Hammond tries shaking feeling back into the knee, but doesn’t see Alhazred until right as he connects with a springboard clothesline to Hammond. Alhazred quickly gets back into the ring as the referee begins to count out Hammond. He is able to get back into the ring at 6 and quickly gets to his corner and tags in Wasabi Toyota. Alhazred stares at Toyota with a terrified look on his face and his non-gloved hand massaging his still injured throat. Alhazred goes to adjust the settings on his glove, but Toyota gets to him before he can and scores with a belly-to-belly suplex. Toyota sees Alhazred lying in the middle of the ring, face down, and runs the ropes for momentum before dropping a big leg across the back of Alhazred’s neck. Toyota rolls Alhazred over for the pin, 1…2.. King comes in and breaks it up.

    Copeland: It really looked like the agility training that Mister had put Dr. Alhazred through was paying off until Wasabi Toyota entered the match.

    Cohen: That’s like saying an ant was doing well until it happened to be under my shoe when I took a step, Seabass.

    Toyota picks up the nearly lifeless body of Alhazred and drags him to the Brothers’ corner to tag in Hammond. They make the tag and Hammond climbs to the top rope as Toyota connects with a shoulder backbreaker. Hammond comes off the top to follow with a leg drop, but Alhazred gets the glove and Hammond’s injured leg slams hard into it. Hammond screams out in pain as Alhazred crawls to his corner and tags in King. King flies into the ring and begins stomping away at the knee of Scott Hammond. King finally relents, but only to tie up Hammond in a leg lock, putting more pressure on the injured knee. Wasabi Toyota is yelling encouragement at Hammond, until Hammond is finally able to reach out and grab the bottom rope, forcing a break of the hold. King breaks, but stands right behind Hammond, waiting to go back on the attack. Hammond finally gets back to his feet, and King charges at him for a clothesline but Hammond hears a warning from Toyota and ducks it. In the process, Hammond is able to catch King’s head and drops him with a reverse DDT, leaving both men down on the mat. King is the first one to stir as Hammond is struggling to put any weight on his right leg. King finally gets back to his feet as Hammond is still only in a seated position. King runs the far ropes, and this time is able to score with a clothesline to the back of Hammond’s head and neck. King slides out to the apron from the momentum of the clothesline, and climbs to the top rope in the corner closest to him, which happens to be his corner. He tags Alhazred just before coming off the top with a double stomp to the knee of Hammond. Alhazred follows with a top rope move of his own, a fist drop with the glove to the same knee. He goes for a pin, 1…2… Toyota comes in to break it up at the last moment.

    Copeland: Dr. Alhazred and James King were that close to getting a pinfall victory over the tag team champions. Can the Brothers in Arms, specifically Scott Hammond, come back and overcome the assault of Alhazred and King to secure a victory here?

    Cohen: I wouldn’t count on it, Seabass. King and Alhazred are using good tag wrestling to systematically destroy the smaller of their opponents. Toyota and his fat rolls might not be there to break up the next pin.

    Alhazred seems furious that Toyota broke up the pin, and goes over to try and yell a the ref about it, but is unable to due to his throat injury. King yells at Alhazred to turn around, but he is too late as Hammond was able to drag himself over to tag in Wasabi Toyota. Toyota charges into the ring and just misses the referee as he smashes Alhazred with a splash in the corner. He follows up by whipping Alhazred off the ropes and catching him off the rebound with a Samoan drop. Toyota wants to go for a pin, but King comes in and distracts Toyota before he can. As the ref escorts King out of the ring, Toyota drags Alhazred to the corner and sets for the Bonzai drop. He tags in Hammond and audibly tells him to lock in the Anaconda Vice. Hammond goes to get in the ring, but Alhazred kicks Hammond’s bad leg out from under him, gets up, and connects with the Level 5 to the back of Toyota’s head. Toyota collapses in a heap and sparks fly from the glove due the impact. Alhazred immediately starts trying to figure out what is wrong with the glove as King yells for a tag. Alhazred, still preoccupied, slowly walks over and tags in James King. King grabs Hammond, who has begun to get back up on the apron, and brings him back into the ring with a rope-hung DDT. Hammond rolls toward the center of the ring and King locks in the Amnesia Strikes, putting a lot of pressure on the knee of Hammond. After a brief moment, he begins tapping furiously.

    Harrys: The winners of the match, the team of Dr. Alhazred and James King!

    Copeland: James King and Dr. Alhazred have defeated the tag team champions! Where does this put them in the WZCW World Tag Team Champion picture?

    Cohen: We can worry about that later, is the Power Glove okay?

    King walks up the ramp with a huge smile on his face, and Dr. Alhazred and Mister walk next to him tinkering with the Power Glove. Back in the ring, trainers check on Scott Hammond’s knee and Wasabi Toyota as he begins to come to.
    We go backstage with Becky Serra standing by with Baez.

    Becky: I'm here with Baez, who's had a personal issue with Gordito as of late. Baez, what is your problem with him?

    Baez: It's very simple Becky, tonight is the perfect example of what I"m talking about. Reynolds or Constantine could have picked me to fight in their Pick Your Posion match, but no, look who Reynolds picks, Gordito. Every time an opportunity rises for a big match, Gordito gets picked instead of me. I'm sick of being over looked for a loser like him.

    Becky: I guess that sums it up. What are your feelings on the King for a Day match? You have some stiff competition including the previously mentioned Gordito and your opponent tonight Big Dave.

    Baez: Since I've never been handed anything on a silver platter, I'm going into the King for a Day match, and I'm earning my shot at the WZCW World Heavyweight Title. I can't sit around and wait to be handed something like Gordito, I have to earn it. As far as Big Dave is concerned, he cost me the win in the Lethal Lottery. My nose is still crooked from the Stamp of Authority he gave me. And yet, Dave is a perfect example, he's earned everything he's got so far, the Tag Team Titles, the Eurasian Title, even the ass kicking he's about to get from me in a few moments.

    Becky: But wasn't it Gordito who handed you your King for a Day sp....

    Baez: What so one time I get handed something suddenly I'm a hypocrite Becky? Is that it!?!?! We're done here.

    Baez walks off as Becky is taken back by Baez's outburst. Gordito walks into the picture and looks at Becky.

    Gordito: Well someone didn't get their onion rings today.

    He walks off as the screen goes to black.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    "Goodbye" hits and Baez makes his way out to a loud chorus of boos from the crowd. He looks out at the booing crowd before walking with a purpose to the ring. He rolls in and climbs to the second turnbuckle and stares out once more at the crowd.

    Harrys: Introducing first, standing at 6'2" and weighing in at 225 lbs, Baez!

    Dave slowly makes his way out to the top of the entrance ramp as the lights dim low and a spotlight comes down around him. He keeps his head lowered as he walks down the ramp while the boos from the crowd become deafening. He slowly walks up the steel steps and enters the ring, finally raising his head and staring Baez down.

    Harrys: And his opponent, standing at 6'1" and weighing in at 261 lbs, Big Dave!

    Copeland: This is destined to be a great match Cohen. Not only did these two have a hard hitting encounter during the Lethal Lottery, but now they are both involved in the dangerous King for a Day match.

    Cohen: I applaud both these men. Baez has finally showed his true colors and is making Gordito's life a hell while Dave has finally got on the right page and now regaining his dominant status.

    Copeland: It will be interesting to see who gains more momentum as we near Kingdom Come.

    The ref signals for the bell and both men meet face to face in the middle of the ring. Baez shoves Dave back. Dave turns back as Baez rushes him and swiftly hits a big boot, sending Baez to the ground. Dave grabs him and forces him into the corner. Dave quickly goes to work, striking Baez in the midsection repeatedly until hitting a hard elbow to the head. He whips Baez into the corner and rushes him for a clothesline but Baez rolls out of the way and hits a quick dropkick, sending Dave face first into the turnbuckle. Dave slowly backs up out of the corner as Baez gets up and catches Dave with a quick German suplex, sending the larger man backwards onto the mat. Baez gets up and exits to the ring apron. He springboards back in and connects with a splash. He hooks Dave's leg 1.....2.....Dave kicks out.

    Copeland: Baez surprisingly has Dave off his feet and hitting some big moves early in this match Cohen. Ever since he attacked Gordito, it's as if Baez has become far more focused inside the ring.

    Cohen: It's really a beauty to behold Seabass. Baez is no longer pandering to these idiots and now he can concentrate on defeating his opponents.

    Baez begins lifting Dave to his feet but Dave hits a few shots to the midsection before grabbing Baez by the throat and dropping him with a thunderous slam. Dave drops to one knee and shakes the cobwebs out before walking over to the downed Baez. He takes his time before he begins stomping away on Baez. He lifts him to his feet and connects with a Norther Lights suplex. He bridges the suplex and hooks Baez's leg for good measure, 1....2.....Baez kicks out. Dave is to his feet quickly, connecting with a boot to the head. He applies a reverse chin lock and uses Baez's mask for leverage. He keeps the hold on tight but Baez is to his feet and backs Dave into the ropes. He sends him to the opposite ropes and prepares for a back body drop, but Dave stops and hits a low kick before hitting a quick kick to the head, sending Baez into the ropes. Dave goes to clothesline Baez over the ropes but Baez ducks and sends Dave to the outside. Baez looks at Dave and looks to the ropes. The crowd buzzes for the dive to the outside and Baez bounces off the ropes. However as he reaches the ropes he stops and rolls out to the outside to boos from the crowd.

    Cohen: Baez just played the fans for fools Seabass! I love it.

    Copeland: Yes but is there a reason why? He could have done damage with a big dive to the outside.

    Cohen: And hurt himself in the process? It's amazing to me, Baez apparently found a brain!

    Baez stomps on the back of Dave's leg as he tries getting up. The ref begins his ten count as Baez slams Dave's head into the ring apron. He drags Dave over to the ring post and tries slamming his head into it but Dave blocks and sends Baez head first into the ring post. The count is up to 4 as Dave grabs Baez and throws him back first into the barrier. Baez holds his back in pain as Dave stares intently. He quickly drops a leg across the throat of Baez. The ref's count is up to 7 as Dave rolls back into the ring and then back out, breaking the count. Dave picks Baez up and sends him back first into the ring apron now before connecting with multiple punches. He hits a big knee to the midsection and throws Baez back into the ring. Dave slides in and quickly covers Baez, 1.....2.....Baez kicks out!

    Copeland: Dave nearly had Baez there, and has now taken full control of this match.

    Cohen: Baez may have been one of our greatest Mayhem Champions, but Dave gained the most from the scuffle on the outside. It figures a man as great as Dave would excel at anything he tries. I can't see how the King for a Day match would be any different.

    Dave gets to his knees and looks down at Baez laying on the ground. He suddenly wraps his hand around Baez's throat and begins choking him. The ref begins the five count and Dave breaks the choke at four. He pulls Baez up and sends him into the ropes. He catches Baez for a spinebuster but Baez breaks loose and hits a quick headscissor, taking Dave down. Dave is quick to his feet and looks angered as he rushes Baez again. Baez quickly jumps up and catches Dave with a hurricanrana. He hooks both legs and puts all his wait forward as he goes for the pin, 1.....2.....Dave kicks out! Both men are slow to their feet, but Dave is up first. He grabs Baez and sets up for Checking Out but Baez hits a few elbows to the head before reversing into a Uranage back breaker! Dave lies on the ground writhing in pain as Baez is to his feet and backs up into the corner. He motions for Dave to get up and as he rises, Baez rushes and goes for Smashmouth but Dave suddenly lowers his shoulder and lifts Baez up and hits The Stamp of Authority! Dave drops down and covers Baez, 1....2......3!

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Big Dave!

    Copeland: What a fantastic counter by Dave. He caught Baez at the right moment for the victory. These two have to be favorites in the King for a Day match.

    Cohen: Just as any previous King for a Day participants can tell you, defeating a man one on one in a normal match is one thing, but that chamber changes everything. With Baez's success in the Mayhem division, I still peg him as my favorite in the match.

    Dave slowly rises to one knee, breathing a bit heavy before standing as the ref raises his hand. He pulls his hand away and begins walking to the ropes. He stops and stares down at Baez before exiting the ring as the crowd continues booing Dave.
    The screen fades to black yet stays that way for a few moments when suddenly a spark of fire starts on the screen and slowly begins circling around. It creates a circle and adds additional lines inside the circle, creating the Chaos symbol. The crowd cheers loudly as we go to commercials.
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    Harrys: The following Pick Your Poison contest scheduled for one fall!


    The crowd heavily boos Showtime Cougar enters the stage with Serafina behind hi,, they smile and share a quick embrace before heading down the ramp.

    Harrys: Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Serafina, representing Constantine, from Winnipeg, Canada, weighing in at 213 pounds, Showtime Cougar!

    Copeland: Showtime is trying to gather as much power and momentum as Kingdom Come nears, but does giving Constantine an owed favour do any justice here?

    Cohen: It might do. But then given there’s no Constantine here, can’t really judge the situation here, but I think Constantine getting the pick would be considered as a debt repaid!

    Showtime and Serafina climb up the stairs, as he enters the ring, he demands the referee hold the ropes open for her, to which he reluctantly obliges as they both pose to the crowd. “End on 9” hits to a great ovation as Gordito appears on the stage and walks down at a moderate pose, raising his arms up the to welcoming crowd..

    Harrys: His opponent, representing Austin Reynolds, from San Francisco, California, weighing in at 257 pounds, Gordito!

    Copeland: What a coup would Gordito get out of this victory here! Not only would it earn Reynolds the pick, but it would carry huge momentum going into the King For A Day.

    Cohen: Something Gordito needs more than anything when Showtime has the best cards already in his hand.

    Gordito stands staring the couple while outside the ring before sliding in, he provides the crowd with his usual chest beat pose before being confronted in the centre of the ring by Showtime and Serafina who exchange words between with him. Serafina then gets up in Gordito’s face who says something to her and Showtime then slaps him across the face and starts beating down on him as the referee signals the bell, Serafina exits the ring as Showtime continues the offence, pulling Gordito up to hit a suplex followed by an elbow drop, he is quickly up and drops another elbow and goes for the cover, 1……2..kickout by Gordito. Showtime gets up and paces towards Serafina who smiles at him and he smiles back before kicking Gordito in the back. He allows Gordito to get himself up, and tries to prevent that but Gordito uses his speed to drop the showman with a Samoan drop to get the crowd pumping. He follows up by dragging him to his feet and hitting a Russian legsweep, following up with a cover attempt of his own, 1….2…kickout by Showtime as Serafina cheers him on.

    Gordito and Showtime get back up at their own pace and meet each other head on with Gordito give a chop across the chest of Showtime, causing the crowd to shout “Wooo”, Showtime responds with a chop of his own and starts a trade off of chops between his opponent before Gordito starts getting two in succession, followed by a third, fourth and fifth, which gets Showtime backed into the corner and wears out Showtime to the point that he drops down in the corner as Gordito paces out and then turns in a poised manner looking at the down Showtime, he points towards him before running at him and hitting the bronco buster which Serafina blocks her eyes from seeing and the crowd cheer on.

    Cohen: Did he really need to do that?

    Copeland: Well it certainly takes Showtime off his game, and other things…

    Gordito gets up and points at Serafina and she trash talks him back, he turns around and is met with a Showtime clothesline out of nowhere before shaking off the events that just occurred before him. He runs off the ropes and drops an elbow on Gordito and goes for another cover, 1…….2…kickout. Showtime pulls Gordito up and proceeds to Irish whip him, on the rebound Gordito ducks underneath a clothesline attempt and again, with the final try being countered by a cactus clothesline, sending both men over the top within distance of Serafina who looks disgusted at Gordito as both men get back up to their feet. Showtime is quick to get back in but as Gordito tries to get in, Serafina grabs his leg and the referee tries to warn her off, but she ignores him and then Gordito uses full force to push Serafina back into the barricade as Gordito gets himself back only to find himself at the mercy of an elbow to the back of the head.

    Showtime pulls him up and Gordito hits a small package, 1…..2…..kickout by Showtime. Gordito rolls to his feet first and gets behind Showtime to hit a half nelson bulldog, he goes up the turnbuckle and lines up for the elbow drop, but Showtime is quick to his feet and runs at him to his a sudden superplex which has both men immobilised. The referee starts a ten count, by the time he reaches 5, somehow Gordito gets an arm over Showtime, 1…….2……shoulder up from the showman. Both men struggle up to their feet, getting some assistance from the ropes. Both go to meet each other dead on and Showtime hits The Ratings Crash, he slowly follows up with a cover, 1…….2……kickout, Showtime holds his head in disbelief that Gordito still kicks out, as does Serafina who still feels some pain from what happened earlier.

    Copeland: Showtime getting frustrated that he can’t put Gordito away.

    Cohen: He can and will do, I guarantee it!

    Showtime gets up onto one knee before standing fully up right as he stands poised and ready behind Gordito who is steadying himself to get back up, unaware Showtime is behind him ready to strike, Gordito stands tall and begins to turn just as, the lights go out a huge pop from the crowd. The lights come back on as Gordito is down but Showtime is on one knee and standing before him is the World Heavyweight Champion, Ty Burna, Showtime looks around for an escape route as Serafina holds her hair unsure what to do. Ty grabs Showtime and throws him the opposite side of the ring, he rolls back onto his feet and is met with a Consecrated Banishment which sends him rolling out the ring as the referee signals for the bell for a disqualification. Serafina runs around the ring and helps Showtime up and they start up the entrance ramp. Ty raises his hand in the ring and drops it, a wall of flame forming at the top of the ramp, impeding Show and Serafina's path. They panic as Ty starts up the ramp himself, but the two jump off the side and run through the side entrance. The lights go out and come back on quickly. The camera focuses in on Gordito when suddenly Baez jumps the barrier and slides into the ring, chair in hand. Gordito turns around and gets crushed by Baez with a chair shot. Baez stands over Gordito and begins yelling at him as the crowd boos loudly.

    We cut backstage to Showtime and Serafina running through the area and out to the parking lot. They reach their limo which is already fired up and ready to go. They both look around nervously and Showtime opens the door when suddenly Ty's hand reaches out and grabs Showtime by the throat. He walks out of the limo and Show is down on his knees as Ty continues to choke him. He stares him dead in the eyes as he does so. Serafina tries to desperately pull Ty's arm away but he shrugs her off.

    Ty: Now it's time for you to understand what you've truly done Showtime.

    Showtime is fading fast in Ty's grip when Ty suddenly whirls around and slams Showtime hard into the limo. Ty begins pounding away on Show, and Showtime is busted open. Show drops to the ground and Ty looks down at him with no remorse whatsoever in his eyes. He steps back and readies for a low Consecrated Banishment but Serafina grabs him by the hair and pulls hard. Ty grabs her wrists and shoves her off of him to the ground.

    Serafina: Stay away from him you monster! You're nothing more but a thug Ty, and this proves it.

    Ty laughs and kneels down, his face mere inches from hers. His eyes begin to glow red as he licks his lips. Serafina cowers in fear and tries to kick him away to no avail.

    Ty: I might be a monster or a thug, but a monster will always destroy those that oppose him.

    Ty stands and turns towards Showtime who is slowly getting to one knee, his face donning the proverbial crimson mask. Ty grabs him by the hair and looks towards the limo.

    Ty: This is but one punishment for your sins David. Thus it is written.

    Ty suddenly slams Show head first into the limo's window, shattering it all around them. Showtime is slumped over the opening as Ty stares at the destruction he's caused. He walks away slowly but stops in front of the limo. He raises his hand slowly and Serafina gets up quickly and rushes to Showtime, desperately trying to drag him out of the window.

    Serafina: No! Don't do this Ty!

    Ty: So it shall come to pass!

    Ty yells out as he drops his hand. At that moment Serafina is able to get Showtime out of the limo and the two collapse backwards away. The limo suddenly erupts in flames. The camera turns back towards where Ty was, yet there is no sign of him, other than the Chaos symbol burned into the ground. The camera turns back to Showtime and Serafina. Showtime is out cold and oozing blood with cuts all over his face. Serafina has a horrified look on her face as the flames continue to envelope the limo as Meltdown goes off the air.
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    Who wrote what:

    Dave/Baez, Opening, segments - Ty
    Phoenix/Agony, Blade/Smith, Beckford/Paradyse - Falkon
    BIA/King and Alhazerd - Thriller
    Mayhem Title - Numbers
    Showtime/Gordito - Phoenix

    Rep these fine men for their work and the time put into the show. Please give us feedback for the show so we can improve anywhere we may be lacking. We hope you enjoyed the show and buy us a drink next time, you cheapskates ;).

    And yes I realize i said show in every sentence there. Say his name 3 times and he might wake up.
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