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    Copeland: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Meltdown! Redemption is just around the corner, and the situation between Showtime, Austin Reynolds, and our World Champion Ty Burna continues to grow in intrigue.

    Cohen: It's been two on one, how is that exactly fair? With Reynolds and Ty Burna both looking to defeat him, it's no wonder why Showtime's looked weak going into Redemption.


    Showtime makes his way out as the crowd begins booing the title contender. Showtime looks annoyed by the reaction of the crowd as he walks down the ramp to the ring. He walks up the steel steps and enters the ring slowly and walks over to the ring assistant and grabs a mic. He stands in the center of the ring and allows the boos to shower down around him before speaking.

    Showtime: Last week I had my hated rival Ty Burna in the palm of my hands, just ready to deal a blow to his confidence and show the world why I will become WZCW World Heavyweight Champion at Redemption. Even though my team had lost the battle, I was ready to win the war that evening. But no! Instead Austin Reynolds appears suddenly and attacks me.

    The crowd begins cheering at the mention of Reynolds. Showtime paces in the ring, trying not to let frustration show. Suddenly Showtime dashes to the corner and climbs to the second turnbuckle.

    Showtime: That's exactly what you all want isn't it? You want Ty and Reynolds to beat me down and leave me hanging out to dry at Redemption. It's clear to me that not only is Ty involved with this conspiracy against me, so is Reynolds, WZCW management, and all of you idiots. Everyone is holding me back, they don't want me to become World Champion because they know I will reign longer than anyone else in the history of WZCW. I'm used to a stacked deck, so it doesn't matter who tries to hold me back. I'm taking the World Title at Redemption, and there's nothing that you people can do about it, Bateman or Myles, Ty Burna, or Austin


    Austin Reynolds makes his way out, mic in hand as the crowd explodes, cheering for Reynolds as he stands at the top of the entrance ramp. He stares down Showtime for a moment but turns towards the crowd and nods his head and before speaking.

    Reynolds: You seem to forget one thing Showtime, I had issues with you far before the World Title ever got included. And what better way to make your life hell then to prevent you from attacking Ty, or taking that World Title. In fact, I think it would drive you, pardon the pun, insane seeing me wearing that WZCW World Heavyweight Title. After all, I am your clone, but this would prove the "clone" is far better than the original wouldn't you agree?

    Showtime: Oh I forgot all about that, how is your friend doing Reynolds? Is he still have those markings on the back of the steel chair? Hell I damn near break Serafina's neck and she's back up and running two weeks later. Your friends are pathetic Reynolds, maybe I need to take care of the rest of them.

    The crowd boos loudly as Reynolds smile on his face disappears as he begins making his way down the entrance ramp towards the ring as Showtime continues taunting him.

    Showtime: There's no car here to run me down with Reynolds, you can't sneak up on me this time. Who's going to save you from getting the beating I should have given you a long time ago?

    Just then the lights go out and the crowd roars in anticipation. The Chaos Symbol flashes across the tron briefly before the lights come on. Ty Burna stands in the middle of the ring, the WZCW World Heavyweight Title draped across his shoulder. Showtime is nowhere to be seen but Ty quickly turns towards the crowd and spots Showtime trying to weave his way through to the exit when he suddenly gets slapped hard across the face as Serafina walks past him and climbs over the guardrail. Ty begins laughing maniacally as Showtime holds his face as he looks on towards the ring. Reynolds enters the ring and casually pats Ty on the back which causes Ty to forcefully turn towards Reynolds as Showtime finds the exit and disappears.

    Ty: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. However Reynolds, you also vie for the same thing Showtime does, you must be crushed as well. My match later tonight, be out here and watch.

    The lights go out once more and come back up with Reynolds standing in the middle of the ring looking perplexed.

    Copeland: This has certainly come to a boiling point. Ty has made it clear that Reynolds is not safe either come Redemption.

    Cohen: It's just like I said Seabass, two on one. Showtime can't concentrate on both when the other is ready to strike and Serafina should be arrested for assault! That slap looked vicious.

    Copeland: I think we can all say Showtime had that one coming. This should be interesting to see what happens as the World Champion Ty Burna takes on Baez in our main event this evening!
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    The following match is scheduled for one fall...

    As “Enya Stomp” begins, Beckford pops out to a great reception.

    On his way to the ring from Leeds, England...weighing in at 226lbs, Chris Beckford!!

    He then races to the ring with his trademark energy on full display. He rolls into the ring and jumps onto the turnbuckle.

    “Chris Beckford was devastated last week with a ladder by a vengeful Blade.”

    “And as we build up to the ladder match, Beckford has to go through Steven Holmes who turned on his long time mentor Doctor Steven Kurtesy.”


    As Beckford poses on the turnbuckle, Holmes appears from behind him and grabs him from the turnbuckle. Holmes slams him down and pounds on him viciously in the back. Beckford rolls him around and tries to fight back but Holmes has too much on him. The Elitist brings him to his feet and whips him off the ropes, Holmes swings and misses with a clothesline. Beckford stops himself on the ropes, jumps over the top rope to the apron and then springboards back inside but he misses the attempted dropkick!

    “Has the bell rung?”

    “Does it matter? Holmes is destroying Beckford. What is there going to be left come Redemption?”

    Holmes sidesteps the impact and watches Beckford crash and burn to the mat. He covers him quickly but only gets a quick two.

    “Beckford is never going to give up but this relentless attack from Steven Holmes isn’t doing him any favours.”

    Holmes picks him and rams him shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Beckford comes out and stumbles backwards. Holmes lifts him up and goes to hit a German suplex but Beckford twists out of it and sends Holmes head first into the second corner pad. Beckford staggers back before dropping Holmes on his head with a faceplant DDT!

    He goes for a cover but then reconsiders and heads to the top rope. He pauses as he balances but as he sets up for Cross Country, Blade emerges from the crowd and trips up Beckford and crotching him on the top rope.

    “God damn it! Where the hell did Blade come from?!”

    Holmes gets up slowly and without hesitation grabs Beckford, drapes him over his shoulder and hits the Imperial Impaler piledriver!!! The pin is inevitable, 1......2.......3!!!!

    Your winner by pinfall, Steven Holmes!!

    “This is fantastic! What a massive win for Steven Holmes.”

    “Yet again, Blade screws over Chris Beckford.”

    “I don’t see how Chris can recover to pose a challenge to Blade at Redemption. Blade is just in such a crazy place that he is solely focussed on ending Chris Beckford.”

    Suddenly Blade enters the ring as Beckford slowly tries to drag himself up. Blade lifts Beckford up and hits The Halo, devastating the challenger. Blade stands above Beckford and begins stomping away at him before exiting the ring and grabbing two chairs. He throws them into the ring and slides in himself. He picks one chair up and taunts Beckford before swinging down hard across his back, causing Beckford to yell out in pain. Blade repeatedly swings the chair until Beckford isn't moving. He grabs Beckford's leg and wedges it in the chair before grabbing the second chair and climbing to the second turnbuckle. He holds the chair vertically and jumps off, slamming the edge of the chair right into the other one. Beckford's leg bends awkwardly and he suddenly curls up in immense pain as Blade crouches down next to him. Referees and trainers rush to the ring and they pull Blade away who laughs as he exits the ring. Trainers check on Beckford's leg as the crowd boos loudly.

    Copeland: This doesn't look good folks. I think Beckford's leg is broken. Was this really necessary from Blade? Was he so worried about him that he had to take him out like this instead of facing him like a man?

    Cohen: This is great stuff Seabass what are you talking about? Blade took out the competition before Redemption even hit.

    The trainers continue working on Beckford as they call for a stretcher to help Beckford to the back. They sit him on it and wheel him out as the crowd chants his name.
    We go backstage to Becky Serra who has caught up to Blade.

    Becky: Blade, it appears that you broke Chris' leg out there, what do you have to say for your actions?

    Blade: I did what was needed Serra. I took out Beckford just like I said I would, only I didn't wait until Redemption. I just guaranteed myself a day off.

    Becky: You won't be competing at Redemption then? What if they brought you a new contender for the title?

    Blade contemplates for the moment then grins, lighting up a cigarette before speaking.

    Blade: Actually that's a great idea. Now that Beckford's out of the way, let's see what the rest of these slobs can do. I'm issuing an open challenge to anyone in the back. If you want my title, show up at Redemption and I'll beat you down just like I did Beckford tonight.

    Blade walks away as we cut to a different part of the arena asScott Hammond is backstage stretching out for the Brothers in Arms tag team match versus Action Saxton and Alex Bowen. His tag partner Wasabi Toyota walks in with a pair of apples in hand. He throws one to Hammond.

    “Bro, this isn’t your normal pre-match meal. Have I rubbed off on you.”

    “No.” Wasabi appears dismayed as Hammond takes a bite from the apple. “I was hoping to use them as target practice. I picked this up the other day.” He pulls out a small crossbow. “You wanna go first.”

    “ We have a big match tonight. What if I take your eye out?”

    “We’ll survive, we’re the champs.”

    “So? Bowenis a champ and Saxton is his challenger. We can’t blow this off as easy. Just like we can’t blow off whoever wins on Ascension.”

    Wasabi seems bitterly disappointed but Hammond comes up to him and pats him on the chest.

    “We’ll go shoot apples in a couple of days. But this thing isn’t being aimed anywhere near my face.”


    “Great, now help me get ready. We need to prepare.”
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    Harrys: The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall!

    "We Are One" blares from the PA system as Scott Hammond bursts out from behind the curtain. He stands at the top of the ramp and raises one arm in the air. He then turns his attention to the entrance curtain, and points both hands towards the entrance, as Wasabi Toyota steps out from behind it.

    Harrys: Introducing first, at a combined weight of 825 pounds, the WZCW World Tag Team Champions, the Brothers in Arms!

    Toyota stands behind Hammond in the center of the ring as Hammond drops to his knees. Toyota raises his arm as pyros go off in the ring behind them. Once they die down, “Tank” hits and Action Saxton makes his way toward the ring.

    Harrys: And their opponents, first, from Wherever He Damn Well Pleases and weighing in at 270 pounds, Action Saxton!

    Saxton climbs into the ring and tears his shirt off as his music cuts out and “The Hills Have Eyes” blasts through the arena as Alex Bowen comes out onto the stage.

    Harrys: And his partner, from Detroit, Michigan and weighing in at 247 pounds, the WZCW Mayhem Champion, Alex Bowen!

    Bowen and Saxton stare each other down as Bowen heads to the apron so Saxton can start against Scott Hammond. They lock up in the center of the ring with Hammond taking the advantage with a side headlock. Saxton backs Hammond up and shoots him off into the far ropes. Hammond goes for a shoulder block but Saxton holds his ground as Hammond stumbles back a step. Saxton follows up with a load knife-edge chop across the chest of Hammond, followed by a second and a Mongolian chop that takes Hammond down. Hammond bounces back to his feet but is planted by a discus punch from Saxton, who goes for the pin, 1… Hammond kicks out. Saxton picks up Hammond and looks toward his corner, possibly for a tag, but Bowen signals to Saxton to continue on his own. The distraction is enough to allow Hammond to connect with a right hand to the midsection of Saxton and follows up with a t-bone suplex. Hammond rolls to his corner and tags in Wasabi Toyota.

    Copeland: It seems as though Action Saxton and Alex Bowen haven’t been on the same page at all tonight, and Bowen’s refusal to tag in has now shifted the momentum.
    Cohen: Bowen has wanted the youngsters in WZCW to prove themselves. This looks as though it may be another test for Action Saxton.

    Saxton has begun climbing back to his feet as Toyota enters the ring. Saxton is on one knee when Toyota sends his right back to the mat with a throat thrust. Toyota gets a running start with the help of the ropes and drops one of his massive legs across the upper chest and throat of Saxton. He call the ref over to count the pin, 1…2.. Saxton is able to press Toyota’s leg off of his chest. Both men get back to their feet at about the same time. Toyota hits a headbutt that sends Saxton stumbling back into the Brothers’ corner. Toyota tags Hammond, who begins climbing to the top rope. Toyota lifts up Saxton and scores with a shoulder backbreaker. Immediately after, Hammond flies with a leg drop from the top. He goes for a cover, which the referee starts counting once Toyota leaves the ring, 1…2.. Saxton kicks out. Hammond quickly gets back to his feet and finds Saxton on his hands and knees, lifts him up, and plants him with a powerbomb. Rather than go for a cover, Hammond picks Saxton up and lifts Saxton onto his shoulders. He tries for the London’s Calling, but Saxton lands on his feet. Hammond turns around into a combination of punches and a Kung Fu kick that leave both men down on the mat.

    Copeland: Saxton is in desperate need for a tag here, but will Bowen oblige?
    Cohen: Bowen wants to see how tough Saxton is. What’s tougher than taking on the tag champions by yourself?

    Hammond crawls over and is able to make the tag to Toyota. Saxton reaches out for a tag, but Bowen refuses to do the same. Saxton gets back to his feet and turns just in time to be crushed into his corner by a charging Toyota. As this happens, however, Saxton’s arm flails out and hits Bowen on the chest, tagging the Mayhem Champion into the match. Saxton rolls to the floor and Bowen enters the ring, hamming away on Toyota. He hits a discus clothesline that stuns Toyota, but can’t take him down. He climbs to the second rope and hits The Derby Shot, but Toyota stays upright. He climbs up top once again, and comes off with a knee drop bulldog that does take Toyota to the mat. He goes for a pin, 1…2.. Toyota kicks out. Bowen starts stomping and punching away on Toyota, refusing to let him get back to his feet. Bowen gives Toyota a stiff stomp to the head, goes to his corner yelling “Don’t screw this up,” and slaps Saxton on the chest to tag him back into the match. Saxton climbs into the ring but is screaming at Bowen, who just stares at him from the apron as Toyota begins getting back to his feet. Bowen points behind Saxton, who turns around into a bearhug from Toyota. Saxton is able to reach out and tag Bowen back into his match, even though Bowen tries to avoid the tag. Toyota releases Saxton as Bowen charges at him, and tosses Bowen overhead with a belly-to-belly suplex. Toyota goes to his corner, tags in Hammond, and climbs to the second rope. Hammond picks up Bowen, and the Brothers connect with the Walking Wounded. Toyota heads to the apron and Hammond covers Bowen, 1…2…3!

    Harrys: The winners of the match, the WZCW World Tag Team Champions, the Brothers in Arms!

    The Brothers head up the ramp and Saxton climbs back into the ring and talks smack to Bowen before hitting the Black Dynamite. He grabs the Mayhem Title that had been placed on the apron for Bowen and drops it on the champion’s chest before he heads to the back.
    We go backstage to Steven Holmes' dressing room as Holmes slowly packs up his bags. Steven Kurtesy suddenly emerges through the door and shoves Holmes to the ground.

    Kurtesy: Is that how it's going to be Steven? We were friends and you just turn your back on me over a loss?

    Just then Sandaza walks in behind Kurtesy. Kurtesy turns towards the large man and narrows his eyes at him.

    Holmes: You see my dear Kurtesy, it was nothing personal. It's just the fact that you were holding me down, just like Crashin was. And it's high time that you learn a little thing called respect.

    Sandaza walks past Kurtesy and helps Holmes to his feet as Kurtesy gets in Holmes' face.

    Kurtesy: And maybe someone should smack that grin off your face Holmes. In fact, let's do it without you attacking me from behind. Redemption is just around the corner, let's take care of this then.

    Holmes begins laughing as he crosses his arms. Sandaza stares down Kurtesy as Holmes continues getting his chuckles in.

    Holmes: It is your funeral my boy. I was always the backbone of our team, the one that got the job done. If you want another thrashing all you had to do was ask. I will see you at Redemption dear old friend. Now, Sandaza, please escort Mr. Kurtesy out of my dressing room.

    Kurtesy stares down Holmes until Sandaza stands in front of him, his arms crossed. Kurtesy nods his head and turns, making his way out of the locker room as we go to commercial.
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    ‘Firefly’ hits as WZCW newcomer Sam Masters enters the arena and stops to look around at the crowd, their reaction is lukewarm due to them not knowing much about him, he smirks anyway and heads down the ramp.

    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Approaching the ring, from Oklahoma City, weighing 212 pounds, Sam Masters!

    Copeland: Masters is an up and coming member of the roster, making his debut tonight after shining in a Battle Royale, he takes on fellow newcomer, the mysterious Black Dragon here tonight. What do you make of this guy Jack?

    Cohen: They let him in? Oh this is going to be a long night!

    Masters slides under the ropes and kneels up as he looks around, he gives himself one final stretch before turning to face the entrance that he came from as darkness falls around the arena with a drum hitting, lights flash as ‘Soul of the Shadow’ hits as Black Dragon slowly emerges from behind the curtain, much like Masters, the reaction is lukewarm but he is unfazed by this.

    Harrys: His opponent, from The Halfway House, weighing 180 pounds, Black Dragon!

    Cohen: What kind of place is that to hail from? So here we go with…Baez 2.0 right?

    Copeland: Be respectful Jack, Black Dragon comes from…well, I’m not sure what to make of him as there was no info on him, he’s as mysterious as they come.

    Cohen: He must have stolen a green card or something!

    Black Dragon slides under the ropes and looks at his opponent who’s ready and waiting as the music fades out both men stand ready as the referee signals for the bell and both men pace around the ring for a bit, they edge in closer and Dragon hits a quick kick to the thigh of Masters, they keep each other at a length and Dragon hits another kick to the thigh, he goes for a third and Masters grabs the legs and shoves him down and tries to go for a single leg crab early on but Dragon gets to the ropes and is quickly back and goes for a roundhouse kick which Masters ducks and hits a german suplex, he pulls Dragon up with his hands still locked around the waist and tries for a second but it is blocked and Dragon rolls him forward, allowing the chance to escape before proceeding to run at the ropes and hit a lariat on the return, he gets back up and goes at the ropes for a second time, only Masters is quick on his game and hits an immediate dropkick on Dragon, followed by a cover attempt, 1…..2…..,kickout by Dragon.

    Masters continues the offence by mounting on top of Black Dragon and hits some hard fists on the masked vigilante, the referee counts up to three and Masters stops because of the potential to get disqualified so he stops, he tries to do some more punches but Dragon blocks with a hard forearm, which dazes his opponent and allowed Dragon the chance to get back up. Masters stumbles back into the corner and Black Dragon runs up into the opposite corner and does a handspring elbow to keep Masters in there, he hits a couple of elbows before dragging out Masters with an arm drag which he follows up with a run at the ropes and hitting a hard kick to take down Masters, Dragon goes for the cover, 1……2……kickout by Masters.

    Copeland: Quick offence from both men, it’s almost like a cruiserweight bout.

    Cohen: Screw the Speedy Gonzales crap, where’s the real wrestling?!

    Dragon rolls Masters up to his feet and leans him against the ropes, using the momentum to get him running, Dragon tries for a dropkick on the rebound but Masters ducks underneath it and gets him with a spinning wheel kick to take down the masked man. Masters eyes up Dragon who steadily gets back up and hits a knee strike the moment he turns to face him, he pulls him up and drops him with a scoop slam, Masters is beginning to feel the momentum gaining and gets Dragon back to vertical basis and locks him ready for a bulldog, he goes for it but Dragon lifts him up and drops him back with the Darkness Falls, a version of the Northern Lights Driver and goes for the pin, 1……2……3.

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Black Dragon.

    Copeland: Masters had firm control but Black Dragon was resourceful to find an opponent to hit his finisher, kudos to both men for a good outing.

    Cohen: Wow, it’s over already? I’m surprised!

    Black Dragon gets up to his feet and has his hand raised as Masters lays back and holds his head in surprise, he gets up on one knee and observes Black Dragon standing on the turnbuckle, he climbs down and both men stare face on. Masters sighs and offers a hand to his opponent, Dragon takes a moment and accepts the shake before Masters raises his hand and applauds him.

    Copeland: A true act of sportsmanship, these two will go far here.

    Cohen: Please Seabass, expect one of them to be slating the other in the next five minutes.

    Copeland: Speaking of backstage slating and masked men, I hear Becky Serra wants our attention, take it away Becky.

    Becky Serra is stood backstage next to Baez.

    “Baez, you have a match with the World Champion Ty Burna tonight. Is it possible for you to put the Redemption match with Gordito out of your mind?”

    “A silly question Rebecca.”

    “Erm, is it?”

    “Yeah, you know why?”

    Becky shakes her head.

    “Because I’m better than Gordito. I know for a fact that I will give Ty a better challenge that he ever did. The guy had two title shots and didn’t even cause Ty to break sweat. Gordito wasn’t good enough for Ty then and he won’t be good enough at Redemption.”

    “And this confidence is born from one more thing.”

    “What’s that?”

    “Chicken nuggets.”

    Alisha emerges from behind Becky, slaps him around the head and walks off.

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    Harrys: The following contest is a six man tag team match scheduled for one fall!

    The crowd give a big pop as Titus, Phoenix and Sam Smith emerge together. They interact with the fans a bit as they make their way down to the ring.

    Harrys: Introducing first, the team of Titus, Phoenix and Sam Smith!

    They get into the ring and each climb up onto a different turnbuckle before posing for the crowd.


    There's a lot of heat as Constanine emerges with Chris Jones and Michael Winters. They look at their opponents with hatred as the slowly walk down the ramp.

    Harrys: And their opponents, the team of Constantine, Chris Jones and the Elite X champion, Michael Winters!

    Copeland: With these six warriors in the ring, there is no doubt we'll see an absolute war here!

    They stand outside the ring, discussing strategy before Winters slides into the ring and hands his belt to the ref as his two partners climb up onto the ring apron. Across the ring, Phoenix volunteers to start and his partners pat him on the back before also going out onto the ramp. The referee calls for the bell and the match begins as Phoenix and Winters size each other up. They tie up and Phoenix gets the advantage with a headlock before taking down his opponent to the mat. Winters gets out of it and quickly gets to his feet, looking a bit frustrated. They go to tie up again, but Winters quickly kicks Phoenix in the stomach and follows up with a series of hard shots to the head.He backs up before running forward and hitting a quick clothesline on Phoenix, before going for the first pin of the match, 1.... Phoenix kicks out.
    Winters goes right back to work, stomping on Phoenix's head as he's trying to get up. Winters picks up his opponent and runs at the ropes before going for a flying forearm smash, but Phoenix dropkicks him out of the air. Both men quickly get up and Winters swings a right hand wildly, but Phoenix ducks under it and hits a German Suplex. Looking a bit shaken, Winters gets up and charges at Phoenix, but Phoenix dodges and Winters goes shoulder first into the ring post. Phoenix pulls him back out before performing a Snapmare on Winters before kicking him in the back of the head. Phoenix goes for a pin, 1... 2... Kick out by Winters. Phoenix tags in Titus, causing the crowd to let out a collective cheer.

    Copeland: Phoenix and Co. are in control early on here!

    Cohen: Yeah, thanks to Phoenix's cheap shot...

    Titus waits till Winters gets up and hits a quick clothesline before going for his ankle. Fear enters Winters eyes as he quickly tries to wrench his foot free. He manages to get free and crawls across the ring before tagging in Chris Jones, who looks ready to go. Jones runs forward and swings a right hand, but Titus blocks it and hits Jones with a punch of his own before following up with a second and third. Jones stumbles backwards into the ropes and Titus clotheslines him over the top rope. Jones hits the floor outside and Titus follows him, rolling out of the ring. Titus goes to pick up Jones, but he gets hit from behind by Constantine! Constantine starts stomping away on Titus until Sam Smith intervenes, hitting a clothesline. Smith goes to help Titus, but he's hit from behind by Winters. Winters helps up Constantine and Jones and they start working over Titus and Smith. Inside the ring Phoenix has climbed onto the top rope, and before his opponents realise, he jumps off, doing a shooting star press and taking out Jones, Constantine and Winters all at once on the outside! The crowd go wild as Phoenix gets up, smirking.

    Copeland: Wow, incredible!

    Cohen: Is this guy's whole moveset based around cheap shots!?

    Phoenix helps his tag team partners and slides Jones back into the ring. Titus quickly goes for a pin, 1... 2... Kick out by Jones. He picks up Jones and hits a quick suplex before measuring up Jones. Jones slowly manages to get to his feet and Titus goes for the Tit Drop, but Jones dodges and hits a one handed bulldog. He crawls over to Titus for a pin, 1... 2... Kick out by Titus. Jones catches his breath for a moment before grabbing Titus' leg and locking in a Single Let Boston Crab. Titus' face shows his agony as he tries desperately to get to the ropes. He manages to claw his way towards the rope, but Jones drags him back to the centre of the ring. Finally, Titus manages to turn himself around and kick Jones off him. Both men get to their feet and Jones runs forawrd but Titus leaps onto his shoulders and hits a Hurricanrana! Both men are down, with their respective partners eagerly awaiting the tag. Winters crawls towards his corner as Titus tries to get up, but can't stand on his damaged leg. Winters reaches his corner and tag in Constantine as Titus leaps over to his corner and makes the tag to Smith!
    Constantine gets taken down by a clothesline. He gets up and gets hit with another. He gets up again and Smith hits him with the Spinebuster. Smith is on fire as he picks up Constantine and goes for the Final Judgement but Cosntantine powers out and hits a DDT. Constantine shakes his head and kneels over Smith, hitting a series of punches to his head as the ref counts to five. Constantine stops at 5, and picks up Smith and hits a devastating Backbreaker before going for the pin, 1...2... Smith kicks out. Constantine signals for the end, picking up Smith and going for Collateral Damage, but Smith lands on his feet and hits and Armdrag! Both men quickly get up and Smith runs forward, but Constantine picks him up, going for a Fallaway Slam, but Smith reverses into a DDT! Smith goes for a pin, 1... 2... Kick out by Constantine! Smith gets up and grabs Constantine's legs for Double Jeoprady, but Constantine kicks him away. Smith stumbles backwards towards the ropes as Constantine gets up. Smith bounces off the ropes, sending him forward into Constantine who hits the Axis of Evil! Both men are down. but Constantine slowly starts to stir. He gets up onto his knees, and realises what just happened. He's about to go for the pin, but Winters blind tags himself in! Constantine gets onto his feet and gets in the face of Winters as they begin to argue. They start to shout furiously at each other before finally the referee breaks it up and forces Constantine to get out of the ring. Winters goes towards Smith, but Smith catches him with a Small Package, 1... 2... 3!

    Harrys: Here are your winners, Phoenix, Titus and Sam Smith!

    Winters looks furious and Smith slowly rolls out of the ring and is helped up to his feet by his partners. They walk up the ramp grinning, holding up Smith who is still dazed, but is smiling widest. Constantine looks at Winters in disgust and begins to walk

    Copeland: Well Winters tries to get one over on his next challenger, but failed miserably...

    Cohen: That's why you should always leave it to Constantine...
    We go backstage as Ty Burna and Gordito stand talking.

    Gordito: You sure you don't want me out there man? I know what kind of dirty tricks Baez can pull and you may need...

    Ty: Your help? Gordito I want you to sit back and watch this match. Watch as I dissect your opponent for Redemption. And I certainly won't be needing any weapons other than my foot putting a permanent imprint of his mask into his face.

    Gordito: Fair enough, hey, save some for me, I don't want to be picking up your scraps again.

    Ty begins laughing maniacally before he starts walking away.

    Ty: I'll leave a few bits of meat on the bone for you Gordito. Enjoy being a vulture for a change, they take advantage of us all whenever we're down and out.

    Copeland: The WZCW World Heavyweight Champion is in action against Baez, next!
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    Cohen: What’s he doing here?

    Copeland: Looks the other challenger for the title is joining us for commentary.

    Austin Reynolds makes his way out and heads down a ramp, all suited to go, he slaps some hands with some of the fans on his way down.

    Harrys: Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome Austin Reynolds!

    Reynolds arrives at the announce table and sits next to Cohen and puts on a headset.

    Copeland: Austin, thank you for having the time to come out here, how does it feel to be near your first ever opportunity at the World Heavyweight Championship?

    Reynolds: Excited more than anything, I would have expected the ratings to have gone through the roof because of it. But I figure now is a good time to scout the champion in what could be the last Meltdown he’s World Heavyweight Champion.

    Cohen: I see you’re supporting Showtime too?

    Reynolds just glares at Cohen as “Megaman 2” hits and the arena starts booing Baez as he emerges from behind the curtain, he looks around the arena with some intensity but strolls forward, but his music is suddenly cut off and the lights go out.


    A strike of lightning hits as the arena now glows a blood red as Baez stops to turn and see the World Heavyweight Champion, Ty Burna, has emerged and stares at him intently. Baez takes a few paces forward as Ty closes his eyes and gently bows his head in some sort of prayer, he suddenly looks up and stares at Baez and hits a right that knocks Baez down and rolling back, he gets back up and stands his ground and gets a right in as Ty kicks him back down, he picks Baez up and rolls him into the ring and he looks at the ref to call for the bell, and he does so as the match is now under way.

    Ty lines himself up and ready, waiting to for Baez to get up and go for the Consecrated Banishment, Baez uses the ropes to pull himself up as Ty runs at him, but Baez pulls the ropes down and Ty leaves himself hung to dry. Baez gets up to a vertical basis and then slaps the champion before rocking the ropes with the champion still on top, Baez stops and Ty takes a moment to absorb the pain before staring at Baez and hits him hard with a right, allowing him the chance to get off the ropes and get out of the pain threshold, but Baez hits a shoulder barge into the knee of Ty and continues the offence by kicking the knee before grabbing it and dropping it with a DDT.

    Baez runs at the ropes and drops a senton drop on Ty while he’s still down but Ty counters it with a schoolboy attempt, 1…….2……Baez rolls off his shoulders and goes for a quick offence only to be met with a high boot to the chin from a still floored Ty. Ty gets back to his feet but is leaning in the corner to allow the blood to flow through his knee again, this allows Baez to springboard off the ropes and hit a dropkick on Ty while in the corner. Baez then lines himself for more offence by standing in the opposite corner and runs at Ty who catches him with a desperate spinebuster.

    Copeland: Baez seems to have Ty’s offence limited, this looks concerning.

    Cohen: Baez just sees through the smoke and mirrors.

    Reynolds: I wouldn’t count Ty out, look at far Showtime took him at Kingdom Come and he still came out on top.

    Both men get themselves back up and Baez tries to get the pace back on his side and resumes offence to be met with a right from Ty, followed by another, then he hits a series of rights before knocking Baez back as he falls onto the ropes and rebounds by dropkicking the back knee and Ty is down on one leg again. Baez uses the ropes again and goes for a hurricanrana and he spins himself into a powerbomb from Ty who is refusing to let Baez get the pace going. Both men use the ropes to pull themselves up and Baez is quick to grab Ty by the head and goes for a bulldog but Ty elbows him and hits a Russian Legsweep and he pulls himself up, challenging Baez to come at him but Baez himself is somewhat sluggish to get back up, when he does he is met with the Mo’ Murda and Ty goes for a cover attempt, 1…….2….Baez counters and rolls Ty onto his shoulders and grabs the tights, 1…….2……..Ty rolls off his shoulders.

    Baez sits up and holds his head thinking he had the champion, so he gets up and pulls the rest of Ty with him and hits the Twisted-T to down the champion, but instead of going for the cover, he stands up and in the corner, he stares intently at Ty who is on his side and uses the ropes to pull himself up, once he’s vertical, Baez stands ready to pounce and runs at him to go for the Smashmouth but Ty drops to his back and Baez runs over into the corner, he leaps up onto the second rope and hits a splash on Ty who wasn’t back to his feet yet, Baez goes for a cover and gets his feet on the ropes, 1…….2…..the ref spots the feet and says it does count, Baez is getting frustrated here.

    Cohen: The referee is costing Baez valuable time here, damn him!

    Copeland: He had his feet on the ropes, what else did you expect?

    Reynolds: Baez is looking really frustrated, he’s asking what does it take to beat him. Only so few have the answer to that question.

    Baez gets up to his feet and points at the referee not to screw up again as he stands back in the corner and looks ready to go for the Smashmouth once again as soon as Ty is in position. He really wants to hit it as Ty is back up and Baez runs at him and hits a Smashmouth that knocks himself and Ty outside of the ring and to say he looks frustrated is an understatement. He gets up and shouts something towards Reynolds before pulling Ty back up and rolling him into the ring as the referee has counted up to six with the countout. Baez goes over the timekeeper’s table and grabs a steel chair, he slides under the ropes and the referee tells him not to use the chair but Baez threatens him with it, he stands ready to strike but as he has the chair locked and ready, Reynolds grabs it and pulls it to the outside with him, Baez shouts at him in frustration and even yells at the referee for allowing it to happen. He turns to Ty who’s up and hits the Consecrated Banishment which takes himself and Baez down, he gets the eventually cover on Baez, 1…….2…….3.

    Harrys: Here is your winner, the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Ty Burna!

    Copeland: It looks like Baez’s frustrations got the better of him and it cost him dearly.

    Cohen: I think you mean Austin Reynolds, Seabass!

    Copeland: He did the right thing!

    Cohen: Sure, and you’ll say that if, god forbid, he wins the championship at Redemption?

    Ty has his hand raised as he tries to hold off the pain on his knee as Reynolds climbs into the ring with the World Heavyweight Title in his hands and passes it over to Ty who accepts it. Reynolds nods and says “Might not be yours for long” and Ty smirks and nods in a complimentary yet sarcastic way as he raises his championship belt high as Reynolds looks up at the belt before both men stare each other down as Ty places the belt over his shoulder.

    Copeland: Not long to go and the Championship will be decided, but what more can we expect before Redemption arrives? Find out tomorrow on Ascension, until then, I’m Sebastian Copeland with Jack Cohen here on Meltdown, will see you next time!
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