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    *Super huge pryos go off*

    The camera pans around the arena and the Meltdown logo has a 50 embedded into it, we then focus on the ring where Chuck Myles standing in the center of the ring, mic in hand. The crowd is buzzing as a smile creeps on Myles face.

    Myles: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Meltdown 50!

    The crowd roars as Myles paces around the ring while waiting for the crowd to quiet down.

    Myles: Tonight we celebrate why Meltdown has been the cream of the crop in the wrestling business, and we're going to do it in style. I know I'm excited for our World Heavyweight Champion defending on MY show against Everest. I know we have the Lethal Lottery, as well as...Ascension 25...but Meltdown is going to be one of the biggest and best shows yet, there's a reason it's been so successful for the number of years we have been around. We got qualifying matches, we got surprises and most importantly a chance to see what the Superstars have felt about the past editions of Meltdown, which will be nothing but positive no doubt!

    It's like on Meltdown 27 where...

    Suddenly The Beginning is the End is the Beginning hits and Phoenix makes his way out to boos from the crowd He walks down the ramp and enters the ring, grabbing a mic from the ringside assistant.

    Phoenix: Sorry to interrupt your gloating Myles, but I have something more important to discuss. You decide the best way to celebrate all the success I've had on Meltdown by putting me into a match with Blade, now from the perspective of a person who defeated Everest in a Gold Rush Tournament on top of actually making Blade bleed on Unscripted, you're making this pretty easy. As this is suppose to be the "final straw" between us, destroying each other isn't going to be getting the job done. Blade cost me a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, so what I propose is that you insert me into that match at Lethal Lottery and be able to prove...

    Bliss suddenly hits and Blade makes his way out to a mixed reaction. He walks down and enters the ring, mic in hand as well.

    Blade: just don't seem to get it, naturally you cost me as much as I cost you last week, but tonight isn't going to be about what happened last week. It's going to be about the betrayals, the fact you walk away from a fight knowing you can't beat me without cheating. Face it Phoenix, I have been and always be your superior but yet the record books are going to say that Phoenix defeated me on this night and that night when you know that much like your credentials, you have nothing to prove. Tonight is about making sure that you walk out of Meltdown 50 with your tails truly inbetween your legs because you face me without any backing down and no cheap ways of getting around the situation and you will lose. This is where the momentum I carry will take me into the Lethal Lottery and earn myself a World Heavyweight Championship shot at Kingdom Come, further proving that I don't need to play the politics game to win against you, but rather I beat you with ease and then eliminate you amongst the other eighteen competitors in the Lottery. Meltdown 50 will be about how Blade finally puts Phoenix in his place!

    Phoenix: Touching words Blade, I'm certain I saw you read those off an email from your mother because you're about as generic as they come. You speak of my credentials and yet I have been a champion where you haven't and I will change that once again. Not to mention that I will be no doubt carrying you like every other match I've been in with you. You say about bending the rules and going behind your back, let's not forget about Unscripted where you snuck up on me and pinned me. You're about as big as hypocrite as your ego!

    Blade: Phoenix, you forget that where you start singing your own nursery rhymes about rising from the dead and that's how your legacy and destiny is set, this is where I have the control over you. For all the excuses you have come up with, tonight was the focus point of it all along, I have been controlling our destiny to the point that regardless of what has been and gone, it was only going to matter tonight because as destiny would have it, I will be walking out tonight as a victor while you remain broken and bloodied while keeping within the rules of the game.

    Phoenix and Blade get face to face and Myles, looking slightly irritated breaks the two apart.

    Myles: Blade, you bring up an interesting point, you two speak about the rules and I don't think that is enough to settle the score between you two, I can see the hate in your eyes and you want to destroy each other, well I'm going to let you have it. Tonight your match will have NO disqualifications and no countouts, you both want to prove your points, so make use of it with nothing to hold you back now, there will be a winner no matter what!

    The crowd roars in excitement at the announcement.

    Now if you two could save it for later and excuse me, I have the greatest show on earth to run.

    Blade and Phoenix don't budge from one another. Myles exits the ring as his music hits.

    Copleand: You heard it here first ladies and gentlmen, tonight on Meltdown 50 we get Blade and Phoenix in a No Disqualification match! This should be a barn burner!

    Cohen: Good, maybe we'll get one of the two to shut up for awhile about this destiny crap.

    Copeland: I don't know if they'll stay silent about it but one thing is for sure, neither man will be the same after this match. We have to take a commercial break, but when we come back, Constantine will face off with Brad Bomb, the winner qualifying for the Lethal Lottery!
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is a Lethal Lottery Qualifying match!

    Becoming the Bull starts and Brad Bomb makes his way out to a positive response from the crowd. He walks down the ramp and enters the ring. He sheds his hoodie and tosses it into the crowd before climbing the second turnbuckle and raises his arms up.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from the United Kingdom. He stands' 6'6" and weighs 261 lbs, Brad Bomb!

    Coplenad: Brad Bomb is making his return after the brutal attack by the hands of Big Dave a few weeks ago, and he looks to catch Constantine at his lowest point and qualify for the Lethal Lottery.

    Cohen: What better way for Constantine to get out of his funk then to take out this large idiot?

    Hero begins playing and Constantine makes his way out to deafening boos from the crowd. He throws his arms up high into the air before making his way down to the ring. He walks up the steel steps and enters the ring, throwing his arms up once more to even more boos from the crowd.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Washington D.C. He stands 6'4" and weighs 265 lbs, Constantine!

    Cohen: Here is my personal pick to win the Lethal Lottery!

    Copeland: He has to get over this losing streak first and actually qualify Cohen, and Bomb is no pushover. Not to mention he has to worry about Austin Reynolds causing him more hell.

    The ref signals for the bell and both men lock up in the middle of the ring. Bomb pushes Constantine back into the corner and the ref starts the five count. Bomb breaks away cleanly but Constantine kicks him in the midsection and hits a huge right hand. Bomb gets rocked and stumbles backwards and Constantine follows up with a hard clothesline. Constantine backs up into the ropes and hits a knee drop across the forehead. He hooks a leg, 1...2... Bomb kicks out at 2. Constantine drags Bomb up and connects with another right. He goes for a lariat but Bomb ducks and sends Constantine flying with a back body drop. Bomb drops to one knee to gain his senses back as Constantine slowly gets to his feet. Both men meet in the middle of the ring and they begin throwing punches. Bomb gains advantage and whips Constantine into the corner. Bomb gets a head of steam and crashes hard into Constantine with a big splash. Constantine crumbles to the ground and Bomb raises his arms up to the delight of the crowd.

    Copeland: Great back and forth action right from the get go. Both men are powerhouses and I expect the rest of this match to be a slugfest.

    Cohen: There is one thing Constantine has over Bomb, and that's his technical prowess. He'll catch Bomb when he least expects it.

    Bomb drags Constantine to his feet and whips him into the ropes. He catches Constantine and drops him down hard with a spinebuster. He quickly covers Constantine, 1..2... kick out by Constantine. Bomb gets up and stomps away at Constantine before picks him up and ramming him back first into the corner. He starts throwing a flurry of punches and Constantine tries to cover up. The ref finally pulls Bomb away from the corner. Bomb argues with the ref momentarily before walking back to Constantine. Constantine suddenly takes down Bomb and begins throwing punches of his own. He gets up and stomps down hard on Bomb's chest. Constantine takes a moment to gloat and the crowd boos him loudly.

    Cohen: This is not the time to taunt them Constantine! Get the pin, this is your last chance to get in the Lethal Lottery!

    Copeland: Constantine certainly has the match in his favor now, but he can't afford any mistakes.

    Constantine turns around and goes to drag Bomb up, but Bomb suddenly rolls him up! The crowd is going nuts as Bomb gets Constantine's shoulders down! 1....2.....Constantine kicks out at the last second! Both men are to their feet and Bomb rushes at Constantine. Constantine ducks a clothesline and lifts Bomb up and hits a thunderous sidewalk slam. Constantine hooks a leg now 1....2..... Bomb kicks out. As Constantine gets to his feet, Bomb rolls out of the ring and drops to the floor. Constantine follows him out and stomps at him before picking him up and whipping him hard into the steel steps. Bomb goes flying over the steps and crashes hard to the ground. The ref begins the ten count inside the ring. Constantine walks over to Bomb and tosses him into the guardrail and begins hammering away on him. The ref's count reaches 4 as Constantine sends Bomb back first into the ring apron. Constantine rushes forward and tries for a lariat but Bomb moves and Constantine crashes chest first into the ring. Bomb stumbles for a moment before throwing Constantine back into the ring at the count of seven. Constantine slowly gets to his feet as Bomb rushes at him. Constantine catches Bomb and suddenly hits the Axis of Evil! He covers Bomb 1...2.....3!

    Harrys: Here is your winner and the next qualifier for the Lethal Lottery, Constantine!

    Cohen: Yes! It was just a matter of when not if Constantine would qualify for the Lethal Lottery. Now he can focus on winning it and going on to Kingdom Come.

    Copeland: Constantine has broken his losing streak that's certainly true, but Bomb put up one hell of a fight tonight. I'm sure Mr. Reynolds may have something to say about this on the Ratings Spike.

    Constantine slowly gets to his feet and the ref raises his hand in victory. The crowd boos loudly as Constantine kicks Bomb out of the ring before exiting himself. He walks backwards up the ramp and takes in the crowd's reaction to his victory.

    Copeland: That's not our first Lethal Lottery qualifier tonight, coming up next we have Johnny Sherman taking on Michael Winters, but we have some Meltdown Memories to show.
    We cut backstage to Becky Serra standing by with Everest.

    Becky: I'm here with Everest who as everyone knows will be taking on Ty Burna tonight for the WZCW World Heavyweight Title. Everest, you have been in so many of these matches, is there any nervousness or worry going into tonight?

    Everest: Becky, you should know better than anyone that the Pinnacle of Perfection does not get nervous. I'm going to go out there, kick Ty's ass and celebrating Christmas and New Year's Eve as the three time World Champion.

    Becky: As usual Everest you aren't lacking in confidence, any final words for your opponent tonight?

    Everest: Ty, we've had our battles in the past, but none as big as tonight. We both have respect for the other, but the time for being nice is over. This is about the World Title you have on your shoulder. I have held that title far longer than anyone else, and tonight it's coming back home to where it belongs.

    Becky: Thank you for your time Everest.

    Everest: Not a problem Becky.

    Meltdown Memories, clips of WZCW Superstar share their memories, with shots cutting between them

    DK Wilton: Meltdown, in my relative opinion is the pinnacle of entertainment. Not only does the audience have a legend of the music industry like myself, but they are privileged to have men with great honor step into the ring every show providing dominance and entertainment that leaves them wanting more.

    Scott Hammond: Wow man, Meltdown number 50, its been such a privilege working week in, week out with the best guys in pro wrestling

    Ferbian: It's been quite a ride, huh guys?

    Sam Smith: You know, I've always had a love of wrestling, but WZCW especially. I've seen it all, from Baller trying to pin people in the Lethal Lottery match, to RWO, to Titus' retirement.

    Austin Reynolds: In my time here I've spent a lot of time on Ascension but Meltdown is a landmark show in all of pro wrestling. It is the benchmark that we all look to surpass. So when I was asked to host a segment on Meltdown, I jumped at the chance to show my talents on the premier brand of this company.

    Now the Ratings Spike, just like me, has become one of the biggest draws in the company. It's a huge privelege to bring it back to Meltdown 50 and I hope it is one of many more.

    Jordan Lights: The six man tag match at Meltdown 41 was an amazing match up. It was between the formidable rWo and Titus, Bratchny, and Steel. You could just feel the tension before the match backstage and all throughout the arena once the match had begun. I've yet to see another six man tag be as good as this one.

    One of my favorite things was the comradie between Steven Kurtesy and William Teach. Their chemistry was amazing and what made me want to be a tag team wrestler with Max Karzai. The two greatest moments I've had in WZCW have been winning the tag titles with Karzai and just recently winning my entrance to the Lethal Lottery.

    Ferbian: Reminiscing back on our past experiences with this company. Sure we all know I haven't gotten half the experience, or half the career of guys like Big Dave, Everest and Titus. But that's all in the future, the future I plan on sharing with the guys in the locker room and most importantly with you guys in the crowd.

    This is our time. Things have been changing in WZCW as of late, new faces clashing with older faces. New champions and everything just seems to twirl around in one big pile of change. But it's all good, we need to be able to move on from the past, and look to the future.

    Scott Hammond: This milestone reminds me of the first time I stepped foot in a WZCW ring. I was young, hungry, and very cocky, and I took centre stage when I fought Milenko in a Mayhem Rules match. To be honest, I really didn't know what to expect walking down that aisle for the first time, especially in a match where anything goes. But after the bell sounded to finish the match, and I stood over one of the best Mayhem Division wrestlers of all time, I knew that WZCW, and Meltdown, was where my home was. Bring on Meltdown 50!

    DK Wilton: A moment in meltdown history which I have a certain liking for would easily have to be when the rWo represented by its leader Steamboat Ricky and Big Dave stood tall over Elite X champion Titus on Meltdown 29 also known as Meltdown Madness. Throughout that match rWo dominated Titus, not to mention he put up a good fight against two of some of the most famed men to ever step in the WZCW ring. But regardless of the controversial run in from Ace, all in all this excellent display of dominance put the "better" men on top.

    Sam Smith: One moment that sticks out for me would be Gordito's rise to the main event scene. This guy busts his ass week in and week out, proving to be one of our best talents. He deserves to be facing Ty in the World Title match, undoubtedly. Happy anniversary WZCW. Here's to another 50 Meltdowns and 25 more Ascensions. Cheers.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall where the winner will be the next participant to qualify for the third annual WZCW Lethal Lottery!

    "The Saints Are Coming" by U2 & Green Day blasts through the speakers as Sherman walks out from the curtain hands raised in the air as the crowd cheers. As he goes down the ramp, he waves and hi-five's the fans in the front row.

    Harrys: Making his way to the ring, first, from Down Under, weighing in at 255 pounds... Johnny "First Class" Sherman!

    The music changes to "Invisible Wounds (Dark Bodies)" by Fear Factory and Winters makes his way to centre stage and performs the sign of the cross before walking down the ramp to a cheering audience.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 267 pounds... Michael "The Truth" Winters.

    Copeland: Both men are in similar situations here. This is their last chance to qualify for the Lethal Lottery match and will stop at nothing to get there.

    Cohen: Both men are loved by the crowd and have nickname's between their names.

    Copeland: What has that go to do with anything?

    Cohen: Nothing, Seabass... and so does your point. If any of these two men were smart, they'd consider this just another match so they don't put pressure onto themselves.

    The two men shake hands as the referee checks both of them and signals for the bell.

    Sherman immediately hits a boot to the chest of Winters, knocking him back by surprise. He follows up with a dropkick that doesn't put him down but he does stumble back into the corner. Sherman taunts to the crowd and goes for a corner clothesline on Winters, but Michael moves out of the way that causes Johnny to hit his head on the turnbuckle and turn around into a clothesline of Winters. Sherman is dazed and tries standing up, but Winters is there to greet him with a European uppercut to the face. He delivers a couple more before sending Sherman on an Irish whip ride. Sherman tries for a crossbody off the rebound, but Winters grabs him and throws him across the ring with a fallaway slam. Sherman uses the ropes to get up and slowly walks backward into Winters who hooks the Crucifix, slams him to the ground and locks the submission in. Sherman does all he can to fight out of Winter's grip but it is no use. Sherman tries to endure the punishment but just as he is about to pass out, he weakly taps out.

    The referee signals for the bell, Winter's music hits and the crowd cheers.

    Harrys: The winner of the match and the next participant to qualify for the third annual WZCW Lethal Lottery... Michael Winters!

    Copeland: Sherman jumped right out of the blocks with the offense but Winters quickly turned it around and won it just as fast.

    Cohen: What did I tell you? Don't pressure yourself, otherwise you'll get caught out.

    Winters walks up the ramp and celebrates with the fans as the referee checks on Sherman who is having trouble moving as go to a commercial break.

    We're back in the arena as the arena is clear and Johnny Sherman has been taken backstage after his match, Truman Harrys is on standby.

    “Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome at this time.....the former Elite X Champion.....AUSTIN REYNOLDS!!!!”

    Austin emerges as his music loudly plays. He walks to both sides of the stage, playing to the crowd before walking down and touching hands with the fans who reach over. He gets into the ring which has been specially made for this very special interview slot.

    “Alright guys, I am here to make your night with a very special Ratings Spike on this fiftieth episode of WZCW Meltdown.”

    The crowd go wild with delight for this announcement.

    “And I’d like to welcome at this time, someone who in recent months has been crucial in the success of Meltdown by consistently providing incredible competition and forcing everyone to compete at the highest level. Guys, from Ascension, this is Vance Bateman!”

    Bateman comes out to a mixed reaction. Austin welcomes him to the ring and hands him a mic.

    “Thank you for inviting me Austin. It’s delightful to be here on such a momentous occasion.”

    “Mr Bateman, I’ve always appreciated the competition that you promote with Mr Myles. Now at the pay-per-view, Meltdown will be promoting an open challenge for the Eurasian championship, with Chris Beckford taking on all-comers. What is your comeback – how do you fight that?”

    As Vance brings the mic to his mouth, Austin interrupts him enthusiastically.

    “You know what, I can tell you right what will sell the pay-per-view to the masses. You can put me in the ring with David Cougar and John Constantine and let me loose.”

    “And while you’re at it, give me a rematch for my Elite X title.”

    Bateman shrugs off the interruption.

    “I’ve got a fantastic idea, to blow that away. You see I don’t need to have a title on the line – I can come up with a great match with something just as important. You see Mr Reynolds, the Lethal Lottery is a crucial event and the winner will need to survive nineteen others. That is why the number twenty spot is important and that is where you come in. Austin, you are going one of the two men in that match.”

    Austin celebrates with a quiet fist pump while the crowd react extremely positively to that news.

    “But I am going to have to put somebody in that match who will give you a run for your money. I need a strong figure who will combat you and force you to bring your best. I have thought long and hard about this but the choice was obvious to me.”

    “Well don’t keep me in suspense boss. This is one of those need-to-know things and I.....we need to know!”

    “You got it.”

    Constantine’s music starts, booming loudly through the arena and the crowd boo furiously. He is smiling broadly as Austin furiously squares up to Bateman.

    “You know Mr Bateman. It’s all been worth it just to see his face. And I on behalf of the Showtime Power Trip, will be glad to ensure Austin Reynolds has NO CHANCE IN HELL in the Lethal Lottery match!”

    “Are you kidding me? This is BS!! Holy crap this makes so much sense! You have been behind this all along!” Austin pushes Bateman away out of anger but holds back. Bateman laughs and gestures at Constantine to stay at the top of the ramp.

    “Mr Reynolds, this is the reality of the situation. You have dragged my show down the toilet so I had to take the Elite X title from you. You were simply not worthy of the championship and you did nothing with it! David Cougar is a superb champion and I am delighted to have him represent Ascension. The Showtime Power Trip are the future of this company and you, just like everyone else needs to take a backseat to my choices.”

    “You know what, I should knock your teeth down your throat. And then deal with your giant ape up there.” But it’s going to be more fun, going to Ascension to prove you wrong and then screw him at the Lethal Lottery like you screwed me!”

    The crowd roar again as Austin stands up for himself so vociferously.

    “Now as this is my very special segment for the fiftieth episode of Meltdown, it means for a few minutes at least, that this is MY SHOW!!! So I will see you tomorrow night *points at Bateman* and I am looking very forward to seeing you at the pay-per-view!” He points at Constantine and the two men lock eyes as Austin’s music hits to end the segment.

    Meltdown Memories, clips of WZCW Superstar share their memories, with shots cutting between them

    Wasabi Toyota: When I made my WZCW debut on Meltdown 39, it was a glorious day. I still remember how the sun shined high and bright in the sky when I woke up that morning. Being able to get in the ring and get my life back on track was one of the most fantastic days of my life. While I may not have won my contract battle royale, I still impressed enough to receive a contract at the end of the day and got the chance to be featured with some other great talent.

    Gordito has become one of the premier young stars in the company and a great friend of mine. He showed from day one that he had the talent to one day be a World Champion, which I believe is going to happen sooner rather than later. Steven Holmes was also feautred in that battle royale, but he's a man with minimal talent that's done had success only because he's a spineless, gaping asshole. He needs to be dealt a huge serving of VENGEANCE!!!!

    Hunter Kravinoff: My first exposure to Meltdown was about fifteen months ago. As I grew more integrated into western society, I discovered the magic of television and beyond all the fluff about houses, senates, and American Idols, I found some of the most enthralling, rigorous, mesmerizing combat I’d ever seen. Meltdown 29 truly gave me the taste for a hunt the likes of which I needed to be a part of. Two men in a squared circle locked in mortal combat the likes of which would allow me to finally get my hands on humans who are in fighting form in a socially acceptable battlefield.

    But it wasn’t the obvious “great” matches that really sold me on the company. It was the mismatches, the battles that resembled Christians being thrown to the lions more than they did legitimate athletic contests.

    Big Dave: Meltdown's had a lot of memories whether seeing them as a fan or being part of it as a WZCW Superstar. Naturally my debut in the Contract Battle Royale will stand out for me as I made the first stage of reaching this company, though Meltdown 21 saw more things as that was the birthplace of the FHD.

    My lowest moment, well it was going to be said by someone sooner or later was the infamous Chicken Match at Meltdown 25. We already had a set up where we switched Garth Black's music to the theme song from Sesame Street which got good laughs, but one of the guys at the back told me to look under the ring and call the guy that's under there out and play the match as normal. Little did I know that some geezer in a Chicken suit would come out and do what he did, I ended up losing the match which didn't help but that moment sticks out like a sore thumb, even more than the Ladder Match from All or Nothing, so you can see why it can be viewed as a low point!

    Steven Holmes: One of my fondest memories of being a WZCW wrestler was episode #44, where myself, Dr. Kurtesy & Doug Crashin revealed ourselves to be the masterminds of the Mayhem plot. I know many were shocked by the revelations that night. It was night where I was reborn and a night where the Crashin Movement certified our dominance over WZCW. We took out several men that night, and showed the world what we were capable of. I think that’ll go down, not only as a moment that not many people expected to see, but also as one of the greatest in Meltdown’s history.

    Hunter Kravinoff: That night, I experienced this phenomenon twice when Matthew Fox lost decisively to Corey Payne and then Eurasian Champion Drake Callahan destroyed Excellency. These quick, forgettable contests served only to wet my appetite for the human prey I had long been ready for. Not only did I want to destroy people in similar fashion, but when I did so I intended to go up against the real carnivores of the organization and lay them out in a manner that says they too belong at the bottom of the food chain. You see, just like these squash matches serve to tease the viewers and give them a taste of what the greats in WZCW are capable of, it also gives me as a competitor a goal to strive for in matching the abilities of these modern day titans. Competitive matches are always exciting to watch, but a good squash match doesn’t get enough credit and WZCW Meltdown has provided some doozies. When Showtime David Cougar defeated Trevor Steel in under a minute on Meltdown 36, I knew that one day I wanted to squash Cougar in similar fashion one day, just as I’ve often squashed real cougars using real butternut squash.

    My favorite squash match in WZCW history was Beckford vs. Baller on Meltdown 42. Beckford showed Baller exactly why he needs to focus on one sport and quit wasting his time with his silly basketball preoccupation. Beckford beat Baller and then went Alice in Wonderland on him: Off with his head! It was an impressive display and one that will live in the annals of WZCW lore for long time to come. I can’t wait to see what both men attempt to do to up the ante come Meltdown 50.

    Chris Jones: Without a doubt, the most important thing that happened in the last 50 Meltdowns was my victory over Baez, which led to me capturing the Mayhem Championship. Not only did I do what I said I was going to do, not only did I capture the title after working for it for ages, but I proved that, like it or not, I am here to stay. But what is much more important than one moment from my past is my future. Rest assured, not only will I win the Mayhem Title again, but before my time in WZCW is over, I will have held every title this company has. I will embed my name in the record books and ensure that no one will forget me.

    Wasabi Toyota: The most talented man in that battley royale was no doubt Mr. Rodney McClain. I regret eliminating him so early because it certainly deprived the company of a surefire superstar. McClain had all the tools, he was smart, strong, charming, good looking, and popular with the ladies. It was that damn marijuana that ruined his career. Our company really needs a better support program for wrestlers who struggle with issues such as Rodney's. On the plus side, I have heard that his cousin Ricky Jade has recently been looking to join the company and I wish him the best of luck.

    So, yeah. Meltdown 39. The day a few careers were made and one was violently crushed.

    Big Dave: My biggest moment for me was Meltdown 35, I had a great match with a newcomer in the form of Chris Beckford, while that was a great bout, the moment that stood out for me was after I got the pin, the moment hit me as I just won the EurAsian League and was getting a title shot at Kingdom Come, that was a huge moment in my career because I was getting a big match and I earned it through hard effort.
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    Harrys: The following match is scheduled for one fall!

    “Far From Over” hits and Jordan Lights comes out as the music begins to play, with the hood on his jacket over his head. He flips the hood off his jacket and lets out a scream as he lifts his arms in the air as his manager, Lilith, comes out and slowly walks to the ring with him.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and weighing in at 255 pounds, Jordan Lights!

    Jordan does his signature gavel taunt with Lilith standing behind him arms raised in the air as one pyro shoots up the center of the stage. They then enter the ring together as Jordan climbs to the ropes as Lilith stands there and watches him before exiting to the ringside area. “Hell’s Bells” starts and Steven Holmes slowly makes his way out onto the stage, followed closely by Ojos Sandaza.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from London, England and weighing in at 240 pounds, representing the Crashin Movement, “The Elite” Steven Holmes!

    Holmes stands still in the center of the ring, his head held high and slowly raises his left arm with his hand making a pointing motion to the ceiling. He gets some last minute advice from Sandaza before Sandaza exits the ring and the referee calls for the bell.

    The two men circle each other, with Lights also keeping an eye on Sandaza at ringside. They lock up, with Lights gaining the advantage with a front chancery. He goes for a knee strike to the face of Holmes, but Holmes slips out and grabs a rear waistlock. Holmes tries to take Lights over with a German suplex, but Lights lands on his feet and drops Holmes with a bulldog. Lights begins stomping away at Holmes, until Holmes rolls under the bottom rope and to the floor. Lights goes to give chase, but stops as Holmes ducks behind Sandaza. Lights stands on the apron, staring at both men. Holmes begins to wander away, and Lights gets a start, jumps over Sandaza and drops Holmes with a crossbody on the floor. Lights gets up and high-fives a couple fans in the front row as Holmes clutches at his midsection.

    Copeland: What a move by Jordan Lights! Holmes might not recover from that one!

    Cohen: He’ll be fine, Seabass. Lights is nowhere near the level of anyone in the Crashin Movement.

    Lights rolls Holmes back into the ring and then follows behind, rolling himself and Holmes in position for a cover, 1…2.. Holmes kicks out. Lights looks at the ref in shock that the match isn’t over. He drags Holmes back to his feet. He dead-lifts Holmes onto his shoulders and takes Holmes down with a powerslam. He goes for another pin, 1…2… and Holmes just gets his shoulder up. Lights signals that the end of the match is near. He goes to pick up Holmes, but Holmes rolls Lights up, 1…2.. and Lights kicks out. Both men get back to their feet and Lights throws a forearm smash. Holmes catches it, however and drops Lights with a neckbreaker. Holmes gets momentum off the ropes and drops a knee on Lights. He goes for a cover, 1…2… Lights is able to get his shoulder up. Both men are down, exhausted. Lights gets back to his feet and signals for the C.Y.A. He picks up Holmes and sets for it, but Sandaza jumps onto the apron and grabs the referee’s attention. As the ref goes to get Sandaza off the apron, Holmes takes advantage by nailing Lights with a low blow. He collapses to the mat, lying on his stomach as Holmes hits another knee drop on Lights’ back. Sandaza sees that Holmes has the advantage so he jumps off the apron as Holmes locks in the Aristocracy Reigns. After a couple moments in the hold, Lights taps out.

    Harrys: The winner of the match, Steven Holmes!

    Ojos Sandaza slides into the ring and kicks Lights out to the floor as he begins celebrating with Steven Holmes. Lilith helps Jordan back to his feet and they head up the ramp.

    Copeland: Jordan Lights had this match won before Holmes’ crony had to interfere.

    Cohen: You do what you need to win, and Sandaza did what he had to do to make sure his man won the match.

    We're backstage in Chuck Myles' office, he's in an excited mood as balloons and banners reading "Meltdown 50" and "Congratulations", there's a knock at the door as EurAsian Champion Chris Beckford enter.

    Myles: Ah Beckford, my EurAsian Champion, a man proud to represent Meltdown on it's 50th show. How can I assist you?

    Beckford: Well more to answer questions, I wanted to know what my situation is regarding a title defence, as I wasn't defending tonight and I have no clear challenger going into the Lottery, I wanted to know what my situation?

    Myles: Well the main reason you're not defending tonight was because I knew you could represent the brand with honour and I'd rather see that work through the champion making his presence felt on any competition rather than losing the title, not to mention having the World Title being defended. But the point being, I wanted to let you decide for yourself what you want. At the Lethal Lottery you will defend the championship, but against who is up to you!

    Beckford: I'm listening.

    Myles: Basically, after Ascension 25, you'll receive a list of competitors not assigned to the Lottery or any other match on the pay per view. Your choice is to choose one of these people at Lethal Lottery and they will challenge you right then and there.

    Beckford: So an Open Challenge then?

    Myles: Yes, exactly that. Much like what Showtime Cougar did last year but naturally with a different selection available.

    Beckford: Sounds good to me, much like the Lottery itself, a bit of unpredictability, only that I will be guaranteeing a successful title defence and going into Kingdom Come as the champion.

    Myles: I have no doubts about that! Right, you better get going as you have your match with Baller later, just try and keep his head where it is ok?

    Beckford smirks as he heads off as Myles continues to enjoy his happy mood.
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    Phoenix WZCW's First Triple Crown Champion

    Feb 16, 2009
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and in this contest there will be no disqualifications and no countouts!

    ‘Bliss’ bursts throughout the arena to mixed reaction as dark red lights start to flash. Blade walks out on to the stage, he looks fired up as he makes his way down, keeping his eyes firmly beyond the ring.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Dublin, Ireland, weighing in at 235 pounds, Blade!

    Copeland: Blade has never had a rivalry like the one he has had with Phoenix. Sure there was his problems with Baller and Karnage, but they never amassed to this and it will end tonight!

    Cohen: Under no disqualifications though, it’s almost as if Chuck Myles doesn’t want him to win.

    Blade climbs inside the ring and stands by the ropes, he assesses the arena but just keeps focused on the task at hand as “The Beginning is the End is the Beginning” hits with Phoenix making his way out to a loud chorus of boos. The lights dim low and flashing lights begin going off around the arena. He walks down the ramp, looking around at the fans before turning to face Blade as he enters the ring.

    Harrys: His opponent, from The Great Beyond, weighing in at 213 pounds, Phoenix!

    Both men waste no time and just get into get each other’s faces as the bell sounds, they exchange rights until Phoenix shoves Blade backwards and tries to clothesline him but Blade ducks it and then hits a clothesline of his own to knock down his foe. He picks him up only for Phoenix to wriggle out of the grip, grabs his head and throws him out of the ring and follows behind him. Blade takes his time to get back up as Phoenix stands behind knocks him down, he grabs Blade again with his eyes on the steel steps and just slams him into them with full authority. Phoenix takes a moment to allow the pain to sink in as he steps away before sprinting back without hesitation but Blade gets a drop toe hold in to slam Phoenix’s face into the steps, allowing Blade to get up and look under the ring to grab a chair. Blade takes no time in using it as he slams it on Phoenix’s back which has him stinging in pain as he stumbles backwards as Blade is locked and ready to unleash on Phoenix’s head. Blade goes Phoenix’s head only to be evaded as Phoenix grabs him by the waist and throws him back with a German suplex.

    Phoenix is surprised at Blade’s resiliency so he looks under the ring for a weapon of his and out drags a ladder which the crowd gets excited for as Blade gets back to his feet only to met with the ladder head on. Phoenix uses the time to get the ladder inside the ring and lean it against the turnbuckle as Blade has staggered back up once again while having a chair held in his hand out of Phoenix’s view. His adversary spots Blade is up and leans over to grab him but Blade introduces him to the chair leaving Phoenix rolling around in pain on the canvas as Blade gets himself into the ring. He drops the chair on the mat and pulls Phoenix up by the hair, as they stand over the chair, he drops him head on with DDT but Blade doesn’t go for the cover as he looks at the ladder.

    Cohen: Blade, it will jinx you, last time Phoenix was in a match with one of them, he won the Tag Titles!

    Copeland: I don’t think that matters to Blade, it’s a weapon to him and there’s only room for destruction on his mind.

    Blade moves the ladder out of the corner and sets it up to the side of the ring, he looks over at Phoenix who’s still down from the chair shot. He goes over to roll him onto his front before going back outside the ring, he looks under the apron and displays a trash can to the crowd, he throws it into the ring along with a second one. He climbs in and grabs one of them as Phoenix is still down and out as Blade shoves one of the trash cans into the highest run of the ladder and proceeds to climb it up which gets the crowd excited. He reaches the top and sits there to grab the trashcan, he holds it next to his chest as he points downwards towards the crowd. He holds the can tight with one hand while one hand is free as he leaps off the ladder with a frog splash, landing on top of Phoenix with the trash can between them which kills both men as the crowd chants “Holy shit!”

    Both men are laying motionless after what just happened, after about a minute, Blade reaches a weak arm over Phoenix’s chest as the referee counts, 1………2……Phoenix gets a shoulder up. Both men slowly start moving, requiring the assistance of the ropes to even get both of them up, it takes a while before both men can move as they face each other and start a slug out with each other, taking weak rights to the face before exchanging with another until Phoenix gets a kick to the gut and then hits a sudden snap suplex right into the standing ladder which knocks it over and Blade holds his back in agony as Phoenix tries to get some momentum going by picking up the ladder and slamming it right onto Blade’s chest and then kicking him straight into the head. Phoenix goes up the turnbuckle slowly but reaches the top with no problem, he then leaps off the top rope with the Final Flight but Blade throws the ladder up and Phoenix crashes straight into the mat, landing next to Blade.

    Copeland: Good god, the momentum of Phoenix’s Final Flight into the ladder, that’s got to be it!

    Cohen: I just don’t get how Blade can enjoy this, the sick bastard!

    Blade staggers up to his feet and looks drained but it doesn’t stop him from grabbing the chair he had from earlier as he looks ready to end this match as Phoenix rolls over by the ropes with the blood on his forehead being distinct from the green paint he has on his face, he is busted open, Blade doesn’t see this as he wants to get the chair shot and is ready to go for it, he starts stamping in anticipation, Phoenix is up, he turns, Blade runs, Rebirth knocks the chair into Blade face and Phoenix goes for the cover, 1……..2……..kickout, Phoenix is dismayed as he thought he had this one. He sluggishly gets to his feet and spots the trashcan, he goes and grabs it, and places it over Blade’s head as best he can, he grabs the chair and raises it up high and slams it down with full force on the trashcan as Blade holds his head in pain as he too is busted open. Phoenix follows up with another chairshot to the back as he challenges Blade to get back up on his feet and on adrenaline he does so, Phoenix takes aim and is met with a Blade Runner onto the trashcan which knocks both men down as Blade gets a cover, 1……..2…….kickout by Phoenix. With the blood running down his head, Blade looks annoyed that Phoenix won’t stay down, once he has enough strength again, he gets outside the ring and drags out a table from underneath, he brings it into the ring and sets it up roughly near the middle, he gets the ladder and leans it against the corner, he drags Phoenix up to his feet who low blows him and drops down to his knee. Phoenix spots the ladder and climbs up the turnbuckle behind it, he has the ladder lined up to drop on his foe only Blade jumps up and runs up the ladder as both men exchange rights with each other with Blade winning this slug out, Phoenix then kicks the ladder as it starts to slowly move back but Blade grabs Phoenix’s torso to keep the ladder from falling. Phoenix goes to kick it again only Blade grabs him in a suplex hold as the ladder falls back with a suplex in motion as both men land through the table, both men bloodied and batter are down and out.

    Copeland: Somebody get the medics out here, this match has got to stop!

    Cohen: How much more punishment will these two men put each other through.

    Blade slowly gets a hand raised to show he’s ok but it suddenly drops without energy, landing on Phoenix’s chest, 1…….2……..3. The referee calls for the end.

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Blade!

    Cohen: I don’t think there is a winner here Sebass, they killed each other!

    Copeland: What a match, I don’t think both men will ever be the same again, not after what happened here tonight on Meltdown 50. Blade gets the important victory to get some momentum going into the Lethal Lottery, but how much damage has been done which will no doubt hinder both men’s chances?

    Cohen: Certainly by a high means, let’s hope both men can make it.

    The EMTs are out to try and get Blade and Phoenix out of the table wreckage, moving the wooden panels and shards out of the way, they get the neck braces out onto both men, as Phoenix is in less of the remains so he is shifted onto the board first and then onto the stretcher. Blade is eventually freed which the fans are pleased at as both men are freed and taken to the back despite being on a stretcher, there is applause for both competitors.

    Copeland: Well we wish both men speedy recoveries but the show must go on, so while the ring is being cleared up, let’s have some further looks into the Meltdown Memories, this time with some former WZCW Superstars.

    Meltdown Memories, clips of WZCW Superstar share their memories, with shots cutting between them

    Steamboat Ricky: Hey kids! It's your old pal, Steamboat Ricky. No, I'm not wearing any rWo garb, so parents, it IS safe to let your children watch this segment. Well, maybe not. You see, Polly here has been hanging out with WZ Forums member justinsayne, and as any parrot would do...he's...ARRRRRR...picked up on some choice language.

    Brrrrrrrrack! *&$# you, Ricky! *&$# you! Brrrrrack!

    See what I mean? I'll have to teach Polly to keep it in the cage.

    Courtesy of the BCB
    Jonathan Woss: Now it's been five years since your last movie, a film you won your fourth Oscar for, most people don't know what you've been up to in that time.

    Titus: Well Jonathan it's been a busy five years to say the least I've been wrestling in that time.

    The crowd laugh

    Jonathan Woss: No weally he has, look

    Jonathan Woss picks up a wrestling figure of Titus the crowd cheer.

    Titus: Yeah, it's been an amazing time. I've mostly been working for a company called WrestleZone Championship Wrestling, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

    Jonathan Woss: I understand they're coming up to a very special edition of their show Meltdown?

    Titus: That's right Jonathan, it'll be their fiftieth show, which is pretty amazing when you think about it. Some great memories I have their.

    Jonathan Woss: Care to share?

    Titus: Why do I think you have footage of what I'm about to say at hand?

    Jonathan Woss: Youtube's a gweat thing! Tell us about your debut.

    Titus: Just look at this, look how nervous I am, yeah I'm doing the hi fives but bloomin heck! Meltdown 1 was a great learning curve

    Jonathan Woss: And what about Everest? You have a lot of history between the two of you.

    Titus: I hope it's the footage of my first WZCW victory there, I think it was Meltdown 4.
    Titus: That moment always makes my smile Jonathan.


    Max Karzai: I decided to join WZCW after All Or Nothing from last year. As a lifelong fan of professional wrestling and WZCW in particular, I had always wanted to get into it and had actually been training during my free time, when the music didn't require my undivided attention, of course. After witnessing the excellent event from my seat in the stands, I knew that my time was now, so I postponed my music career and applied to WZCW.

    The Lethal Lottery Qualifier was my first big test. I wanted to shine, I wanted to win. I really thought I had it until Beckford eliminated me. Luckily, management was impressed with me enough to award me a contract. That was a huge moment for me. I thought that, when I lost, my dream was over, so those words from Bateman were like a stairway to heaven. I'll be the first to admit that my career didn't go exactly how I planned it at first. I thought I'd be able to come in, make a big splash, but that didn't happen. I'm kind of glad it didn't, because it allowed me to keep my head from swelling and to start forming relationships with the boys in the back. One of these friendships was with Jordan Lights, and that of course turned into the tag team, Heavy Artillery.

    My time in Heavy Artillery was one of the high spots in my life. Jordan and I were - and still are - brothers in arms. Winning the tag team championships was the highest of the high. Wait, is it possible for a high spot to have a high spot? Because this one did. After all the working, scratching, clawing our way to the top, Jordan and I did it. It really was a great feeling. It was so surreal; I thought it would never happen. And then it did. Words simply can't describe.

    Losing the belts...I have to say, I was disappointed. Disappointed in myself, really. I thought I could give it my all, I thought for sure I'd be able to win that one. To be the first team eliminated was a shock, really. It left me in a bit of a slump. I don't want to say I gave up - I've been through so much worse and I have never given up - but it was a blow. That said, it was a fantastic match and I'm proud to have been a part of it. I'm glad the end of Heavy Artillery was on good terms. Jordan is doing well for himself and as I said we're still friends. I'm on good terms with much of the locker room, such as Gordito, and with WZCW itself. I still watch the shows live when I have free time (or DVR it when I'm on tour), I buy all the pay-per-views, and I'm always open for appearances or promotion. My time in WZCW is a very happy memory, one I can say I have no regrets with.


    Courtesy of the BCB
    Titus: Then there's my return to WZCW. Not my Red Mask return, my return as Titus. Meltdown 22 that night I won my first ever belt in WZCW. Just listen to the crowd:

    Jonathan Woss: Wow some gweat memories there Titus, will you ever go back?

    Titus: Don't you have a movie to ask me about?

    Jonathan Woss: Well join us after this break


    Ricky: So, I'm here to talk about Meltdown Memories. I mean, I've been here since almost the beginning...well, I was here from before the beginning, Rickyana Jones has not uncovered those manuscripts as of yet. But the bottom line is: I've been in my fair share of Meltdown episodes. I've got a lot of good memories from the show. I wasn't able to pinpoint a favorite. Many would think that my favorite Meltdown would be the Meltdown after I won the WZCW Heavyweight Championship. But never can it be your favorite Meltdown when you have to turn around and defend the title against that beast Vengeance. Gadzooks.

    But considering that up to this point, there's probably been some pretty tranquilizing matches and promos on the show, especially if that loser "The One" Big Will made a return for Meltdown 50, I think it's time for a little humor. So, without further adieu, here's Ricky's select Meltdown Memory; defeating D.C. on Meltdown 14 to enter the King For A Day match, a fun night. Poor D.C. All the guy wanted to do was take his ball and go home. But Ricky wanted to bowl a little first! Arrrrrrharharhar!

    Well, it's time to get back to the show. Keep your eyes peeled for some chubby pirate swinging through the rafters. You never know when Ricky might be back in WZCW! Happy 50!
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the special guest referee for the next match, "Mr. Incredible" Doug Crashin!

    The crowd boo's heavily as Doug Crashin & Dr. Steven Kurtesy walk out to "Black Betty" by Ram Jam that blasts through the speakers. Kurtesy is in formal apparel with the WZCW World Tag Team Championship draped over his shoulder, whilst Crashin is in the usual referee get-up using a cane to keep stability. They make their way down to the ring, with Kurtesy protecting Crashin from any fans trying to touch them. As Crashin slowly climbs the steps, Kurtesy hops onto the apron and opens up the ropes so Crashin can get through with ease. They pose in the middle of the ring with the crowd still booing.

    Copeland: Something doesn't seem quite right here with only the good doctor out here accompanying Crashin to the ring. Where's Holmes?

    Cohen: Maybe you should ask him that question yourself. I think he might be joining us on commentary! Welcome to ringside, Stevie!

    Kurtesy is at the commentary booth and gives Jack a hug complete with greetings, then gives Sebastian a quick handshake without eye contact and sits down putting on the headset.

    Kurtesy: Thank you Mr. Cohen for the invite. And to answer your question Seabass, my tag team partner has already wrestled tonight and is backstage in the locker room. I'm just out here to get a close-up view and scout our opponents for the Lethal Lottery match, as well as keep an eye out for Crashin. You know, just in case.

    Harrys: The following contest is a WZCW World Tag Team Championship number one contender's Match, scheduled for one fall!

    "We Belong" by the ICP hits the speakers and the crowd cheers as the two men explode from the curtain together, trying to pump up the crowd. They make their way down to the ring drinking some Faygo.

    Harrys: Introducing first, on their way down the aisle, at a combined weight of 467 pounds, Alex Bowen & Cory Allen... The Motor City Psycho's!

    Alex tosses the drink into the crowd as Cory throws his shirt. They enter the ring and head towards the turnbuckles to pose, with both men quickly sizing up Crashin as they walk past. He throws his hands up and assures them they're okay. The music switches to "We Are One" by 12 Stones and the crowd cheers as Scott Hammond appears on the ramp and raises his hand into the air. He turns around to wait for Toyota, who comes out and hi-fives his partner.

    Harrys: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 825 pounds, Scott Hammond and Wasabi Toyota, the Brothers In Arms!

    Toyota uses the ring steps to get into the ring whilst Hammond slides into the ring. They pose together before Hammond reaches into Toyota's Sumo diaper to take out a Vagisil kit. He shows Crashin, then proceeds to Kurtesy at the announce table and gives it to him, telling him it's for Crashin's injuries.

    Kurtesy: Very amusing, Hammond.

    Copeland: I'd just like to remind everyone prior to the start of the match that the losing team will be automatically included into the Lethal Lottery match.

    Cohen: Who knew there were incentives to not win?

    Wasabi Toyota and Alex Bowen are both on the apron with Cory Allen and Scott Hammond in the ring ready. Crashin let's both teams know that he needs the cane to maneuver, with both men looking skeptical. He asks if they are ready and signals for the bell.

    Allen moves around quick on his feet with Hammond slowly trying to corner his opponent. Hammond eventually forces Allen to strike, but he rolls out of the predicament and tries for an axe handle to the back. Hammond feels little effect as he turns around to Allen, who is on his toes trying to confuse Hammond. He goes after Allen again and grabs him, but Allen delivers a sit-out jawbreaker, stunning Hammond to his knees allowing Allen to DDT the larger man. He tries for a pin, but Crashin has a hard time getting to the mat. However, it's no use as Hammond power-out's from the pin attempt almost immediately. Allen looks for the tag and brings in Bowen, which Crashin acknowledges. Allen holds Hammond back as Bowen gives him a headbutt. Hammond staggers back into their corner and Bowen hits a bionic elbow, with some chops to boot. He moves back out of the corner and runs at Hammond with a splash. Bowen tags in Allen, who climbs to the top rope. He measures his man and jumps off the top with a crossbody, but Hammond catches Allen into a Military Press and slams him to the ground. Hammond shakes the cobwebs out and tags in Toyota. Hammond tries to do a double team move but Crashin is there to subdue Hammond and get him back to the ropes immediately. Reluctantly, he obliges as Toyota hits a throat thrust to Allen's throat, followed by a back elbow and a headbutt that knocks Allen down. Toyota hits a running leg drop to the fallen Allen and slowly goes into a cover. Crashin moves in odd positions to get to the ground using his cane to begin counting... 1... 2... kick-out. Toyota gets up and complains to Crashin, who tells Toyota he is injured and can't move fast. Toyota goes over to Hammond and tags him in, prompting Crashin to keep Toyota in his corner which blocks Hammond from getting in the ring. He makes it around them and sees Allen jumping at him to perform a hurricanrana. Slowly, Allen makes it to tag Bowen in and Crashin limps over to the other side forcing Allen to the outside. Bowen locks in an abdominal stretch on Hammond.

    Kurtesy: Some great back and forth action here by two highly skilled teams.

    Copeland: Despite the referee providing to be a nuisance.

    Cohen: He can't help he has injuries. At least Crashin isn't being biased, he's calling this right down the middle.

    The crowd begins cheering on Hammond as he over-powers Bowen out of the submission and performs a hip drag. Bowen is quick to his feet and runs at Hammond, who delivers a snap suplex to Bowen. They both get up and Bowen tries for a clothesline, but Hammond ducks and hits a Full Nelson on Bowen. The impact makes Bowen roll through a little dazed, which Hammond uses to his advantage and hits a neckbreaker. He goes for the cover, but once again Crashin has trouble getting to the pin position. He eventually makes it... 1... 2... kick-out by Bowen. Hammond just stares at Crashin as he gets up, telling him he can't help it. Hammond turns to Bowen who instinctly hits a atomic drop to Hammond, followed by a impactful belly to back suplex. Both men are down in the centre of the ring and Crashin checks on both men. The crowd begins to cheer as Crashin begins to count.

    1... 2... 3... 4...​

    Both men begin stirring and crawl to their respective corners.

    5... 6... 7... 8...

    Bowen tags in Allen first, with a cheer from the crowd. Hammond then tags in Toyota, with a bigger cheer. Allen tries keeping the big man in the corner, but Toyota thrusts him back. He gets into the ring and hits a savate kick to Allen, followed by a headbutt that sends Allen to the corner. Toyota performs a body avalanche to the corner, squashing Allen. Toyota allows the dazed Allen to fall into his arms and hits a Samoan drop. Toyota signals to the crowd that the match is over, but Bowen interrupts with a dropkick to the back of Toyota. Hammond is up and clotheslines himself and Bowen over the top rope, taking each other of the match. Allen slowly crawls out of the way into the corner and Crashin checks on his health. Toyota recovers and runs at Allen who dives out of the way and Toyota inadvertently gets Crashin instead, taking him out. Toyota looks at what he has done whilst Allen comes up from behind to hit a reverse DDT on the big man.

    Cohen: Doug has been taken out by the behemoth.

    Copeland: Accidentally, of course. But... who is going to officiated this match.

    Kurtesy: Excuse me, gentlemen.

    The doctor drops his head set and slides in the ring to check on Crashin whilst the action has stalled. He drags him to the outside, but he is out. Kurtesy thinks quick and rips off the referee shirt, putting it on himself. He slides into the ring and takes over the duties. Allen is up and is confused by Kurtesy, but shrugs it off and climbs to the top to hit the Juggalo Drop. Allen goes to hit it, but Toyota rolls out of the way that sees Allen crashing to the mat. Toyota gets up, ascends to the second turnbuckle and hits the Banzai Drop. He goes for a pin... 1... 2... 3!

    Kurtesy signals for the bell, the BIA's music hits and Hammond slides into the ring to celebrate. He is confused to see Kurtesy in the referee shirt checking on Toyota.

    Harrys: Here are your winners and the number one contenders for the WZCW World Tag Team Championships, Scott Hammond and Wasabi Toyota... the Brothers In Arms!

    Hammond confronts Kurtesy to see what he is doing, but pleads he is only helping. Kurtesy begins aiding Toyota to his feet, followed by Hammond. Kurtesy raises their hands and the crowd cheers.

    Copeland: This is certainly a confusing sight. I thought for sure that the Movement would have taken this opportunity to assault the BIA and gain the advantage heading into the Lethal Lottery PPV.

    Cohen: Have you stopped to think that maybe they want to have an excellent bout to defend their tag team titles?

    Copeland: I guess you're ri... who's that jumping over the barricade?

    Steven Holmes and Ojos Sandaza slide into the ring and blindside the two men, with Kurtesy laughing and the crowd booing as they attack them. He joins in and all three attack them like ravenous dogs. Crashin is up, now walking normally, with a cane in his hand and climbs on the apron barking instructions. Ojos and Holmes pull Toyota into the ring and go to perform a double team move, but the Motor City Psycho's pull Crashin from the apron and it causes him to smack his face on the ground. Distracted, Toyota grabs both men by the head and force them to headbutt each other. Kurtesy and Hammond brawl in the corner until Hammond gets the upper hand and gets him into the London's Calling, but Kurtesy narrowly escapes and slides out of the ring. The crowd cheers as the Movement retreat and hi-tail up the ramp as the Motor City Psycho's join up with the BIA in the ring looking tall. Allen and Bowen congratulate the two on the victory and tell them to take the titles off them, before raising their hands out of respect.

    Copeland: I knew the CM had something planned for tonight, but it seems it backfired on them. I guess they'll have to wait to the Lethal Lottery to get their hands on them. Now Ladies and Gentleman, here's a look at Meltdown's history with the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Ty Burna


    The camera cuts back to Ty sitting in a darkened room, a candle placed directly in front of him, illuminating his face. The WZCW World Title sits atop his shoulder as Ty stares directly into the camera.

    Meltdown, the place I have mostly called home for my career here in WZCW. There has been many memorable moments for me, starting with my very first match with Showtime Cougar. Both of us were merely rookies and we were fighting for a spot in the semi finals of the Eurasian Title tournament. It was at that time I defeated him and eventually went on to become the very first Eurasian Champion. That match with Showtime however was the beginning of one of the most bitter feuds WZCW has ever seen. It was that night Showtime laid on the mat, and decided to focus on becoming one of the best in this company. Ever since then we have run parallel to each other, and often times crossing paths.

    While my Eurasian title reign was not as long as I had predicted due to dubious means, I will say I represented Meltdown with pride during that time. And just like tonight, Everest and I will tear the house down on Meltdown with the final World Title match of the year. It has been an honor and a privilege to compete on Meltdown as often as I have.

    One final memory is my return from what Showtime coined hell. That night I shocked the world and destroyed the Dark Alliance with one brutal kick to Vengeance. I gave Showtime a reprieve in an attempt to show that my intentions were pure. While Showtime and I did not become allies after that night, I felt it was this moment that allowed me to turn the corner, and eventually become the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion. I shocked the world turning on a man such as Vengeance, and a mere few weeks later I shocked the world once more after making him submit to the Final Seance.

    There are more memories to be made on Meltdown, and you can be assured that I will be the focal point of those memories moving forward. Thus it is written, so it shall come to pass.

    The candles goes out and the scene goes to black.


    We cut backstage with Leon Kensworth standing by with Ty Burna as they just been watching the clip beforehand.

    Leon: I'm here with the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion Ty Burna. Ty, thank you for the time to share those memories, we are a few moments away from you defending the World Title against a man who's familiar with these matches, Everest. What are your thoughts this close to defending the World Title once more?

    Ty: It's very simple Leon. I'm going out there, and I'm walking back World Champion still. Everest has faced the same men I have, and he has been victorious against them just as I have. This is the type of match most dream of being in, and it will be a war. Everest is the type of man that hopes people underestimate him. He has the skills and the experience to defeat anyone at any time. He's held this very title twice before, including the longest reign as champion.

    Leon: You two have noted that you respect one another, earlier tonight Everest said the niceties have ended, do you feel the same way?

    Ty: Do you believe I'll walk out there and simply hand the title to him Leon? Of course not. Everest is completely correct in this regard. It is time to put the nice words aside and kick him squarely in the face to retain my title. What I will say is the respect aspect of this match means that no shortcuts will be taken, and we will add yet another level of prestige to this very title. This is what it's all about, this title is the pinnacle of our business, and I'll be damned if I"m knocked off the top tonight.

    Ty walks out of the picture as Leon looks on and we go to commercial.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Mr Baller’s music hits and he emerges onto the entrance ramp looking focused.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Miami, California, Mr Baller!

    Baller makes his way down the entrance ramp with a cocky grin. He gets into the ring and takes off warm-up suit before checking out a woman in the crowd. Enya Stomp and a big pop echoes out through the arena as the Eurasian champion comes out, belt over his shoulder and stands at top of the ramp smiling.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Leeds, England, the Eurasian champion, Chris Beckford!

    Copeland: Last time these two met it was... Umm... Memorable.

    Cohen: Not for me, I’m pretty sure my mind has repressed the memory.

    Beckford slaps the hands of some fans as he makes his way to the ring. He rolls in the ring and raises his title into the air proudly. The referee calls for the bell and two walk to the centre of the ring. Beckford mimes kicking Baller’s head. The crowd laughs but Baller doesn’t look amused. Baller runs at Beckford and takes him down, unleashing a flurry of right hands as Beckford tries to cover up. Beckford manages to turn Baller onto his back, giving him some right hands of his own. The referee starts the five count and Beckford gets up and backs off. Baller gets up and stumbles back into the ropes and Beckford Irish Whips him into the ropes. Baller comes back and Beckford goes for an Atomic Drop but Baller reverses into a jumping DDT. Baller gets up and hits a quick standing moonsault before going for the first pinfall of the night, 1... 2... kick out from Beckford. Baller picks Beckford up and goes for a Bulldog but Beckford counters into a quick back suplex. Both men stay on the mat for a moment before both getting to their feet at the same time. Baller charges at Beckford, going for a clothesline, but Beckford ducks under it and runs towards the ropes, before springboarding off the ropes, hitting Baller with a crossbody! He goes for a pin, 1... 2... Baller kicks out.

    Copeland: Fast paced action from the get go here tonight!

    Beckford picks up Baller and Irish Whips him, sending Baller across the ring. But Baller holds on to the ropes on the opposite side. Beckford runs at Baller, but Baller ducks and flips over the top rope onto the apron. Baller turns around and hits a Dropsault, sending Beckford falling to the outside! The crowd cheer loudly for both men as Baller rolls out of the ring. He picks up a dazed Beckford and slams his head against the ring apron. Baller Irish Whips Beckford towards the ring steps but Beckford reverses, sending Baller towards the ring steps, but Baller manages to jump onto the ring steps. Beckford runs forward and dropkicks the steps, sending Baller flying off them into the ring barricade. Beckford rolls Baller back into the ring, breaking the referee’s count at 9. Beckford goes for a cover, 1... 2... kick out by Baller. Beckford picks up Baller and backs him into the corner. He places Baller on the top rope to go for a top rope DDT, but Baller kicks Beckford stumbling backwards. Baller stands up on the top rope and jumps off, hitting Beckford with a hurricanrana! Baller crawls over to Beckford and goes for a weak cover, 1... 2... Beckford gets a shoulder up! Baller looks frustrated, and goes for another pin, 1... 2... Beckford gets the shoulder up again.

    Copeland: Baller is pulling out all the stops tonight.

    Cohen: A victory over the Eurasian champion would be huge for him.

    Baller drags Beckford over to the corner. He goes for the Buzzerbeater, but Beckford gets his knees up. Beckford crawls over to Baller, who is clutching his ribs, and goes for a pin, 1... 2... Baller gets a shoulder up. Beckford slowly gets to his feet and picks up Baller before Irish Whipping him into the opposite corner before running after him. Baller manages to jump up the corner, and goes for the Whisper in the Wind, but Beckford runs under it before springboarding off the second rope and hitting Baller with a hard kick to the head! Baller goes down and Beckford sees the opportunity, climbing to the top rope. The crowd cheer him on as Beckford signals from the Cross County. Beckford leaps off the top rope and hits it! He hooks Baller’s leg, 1... 2.... Baller gets a hand on the rope! Beckford cannot believe it. He stands up and picks up Baller. He goes for the Cross Drop, but Baller grabs Beckford arms and twists it, managing to get behind Beckford. Baller rolls up Beckford, 1... 2.... Beckford kicks out! Both men are breathing heavily, using the ropes to get to their feet and Baller swings a wild right hand at Beckford, but Beckford ducks under it and goes for the faceplant, but Baller goes behind Beckford and hits a bulldog! Baller drapes and arm over Beckford, 1... 2... Beckford gets a shoulder up. Baller looks frustrated, but he quickly refocuses, going for the Gamechager and locking it in! Beckford screams out in pain, as Baller leans back, stretching out Beckford’s legs and back. Beckford tries to drag himself towards the ropes, but Baller is putting too much weight down on him. Beckford grits his teeth and manage to wrench his legs free. He rolls forwards and turns around as Baller sits up before Beckford hits him with a kick to the back of the head. Baller falls back onto his back, knocked out and Beckford stumbles to the corner. He climbs up to the top rope and leaps off, hitting the Cross County again. Beckford hooks both Baller’s legs, 1... 2.... 3!

    Harrys: Here is your winner, the Eurasian champion, Chris Beckford!

    Copeland: What a great match from these two!

    Cohen: Beckford got the W, but you have to feel that WZCW management definitely noticed Baller’s performance.

    The referee hands Beckford his title belt and he rolls out of the ring. He leans back, using the barricade to hold himself up as some crowd members pat his back. He holds up his title for a moment and makes his way up the rope as the referee tries to bring Baller back to consciousness.


    We head to Becky Serra backstage; she is walking along one of the corridors.

    “I am here with the former Elite X champion, the Ratings Winner Austin Reynolds. Austin, you qualified for the Lethal Lottery match last week in a strong showing and you gave us a landmark episode of the Ratings Spike, what did you think of Meltdown 50?“

    We see Austin who is with his girlfriend Hayley and Dominic, his agent.

    “It was going very well to a point. Vance Bateman has finally shown his true colours and is putting everything into screwing me over. I now have to face John Constantine who scraped into the event to begin. He showed he doesn’t belong on the show. He isn’t good enough to lace my boots and finally I am going to get the chance to expose him on pay-per-view.”

    “And ahead of the Lethal Lottery, you will look to give a strong message to John Constantine during your match at Ascension because we learned that you two will face off in a match to determine the final entrant in the match.”

    “I knew that David Cougar and John Constantine were being led by someone who was smarter than them and tonight proved it. I have been the subject of a horrible prank but everyone knows that the ratings are highest when the lovable hero kills off the big-nosed villain. That is what will happen at the Lethal Lottery.”

    Austin leaves Becky as he and his friends head out to his parked vehicle. Suddenly a black vehicle screeches around the corner. It pelts along at high speed and heads straight for Austin. Dom instinctively pulls Hayley back but Austin carries on for a few more steps before realising he is in the vehicles’ sights.

    We hear Becky and Hayley scream as the vehicle roars closer but as she does we see the nimble former Elite X champion jumps out of the way onto one of the nearby parked cars. The limo steers into where he was standing and the side of it screeches into the side of the cars where Austin has jumped to.

    The metal bodywork of the paint crashes along the back of the several cars. It comes to a halt and Austin jumps off the car that he had jumped onto and tries to open the door but as soon as he tries, the car revs up and loudly screeches away. Austin is left furiously in its wake and he kicks the battered boot of one of the vehicles.

    Copeland: Somebody get them a medic out there! Call an ambulance!


    In another arena of backstage, Everest is standing with his hands locked together in thought, he knows what he has to do next as he takes a deep breath and starts walking.

    Copeland: Not to distract from other matters Ladies and Gentleman, but our Main Event is coming up! Can Everest become the WZCW's first ever third time World Champion? This is Everest's first title shot since Redemption which was a long time ago, we know he will make the most of it but can he walk out with the gold? Find out next!
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    “This is your main event and is for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship!!!!”

    Everest emerges to a great reaction as Superman goes Pop reverberates around the building. He touches hand with the fans on both sides before he enters the ring and climbs the turnbuckle!

    Blackened The Sun interrupts him to another popular reaction and as Ty enters, he has one hand on the title around his waist and immediately locks eyes with Everest as the champions walks methodically to the ring.

    “Introducing the challenger, from Los Angeles. California, he weighed in tonight at 205lbs, he is a former WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, this is the Pinnacle of Perfection, EVEREST!!!!”

    More loud cheers again as Everest raises his arms.

    “Standing across from him to my left is the champion; he weighed in at 235lbs, from Parts Unknown, he is a former Mayhem and Eurasian and he is the current reigning and defending WZCW World Heavyweight Champion of the WORLD.......This is TY BURNA!!!!!”

    Ty continues to lock eyes with Everest and doesn't acknowledge the crowd. Ty looks at his title and hands it to the referee, who shows it to Everest before handing to the timekeeper. He signals for the bell and quickly Everest attacks the champ and sends him into the corner with fierce punches. Burna is floored by this quick start by Everest. He quickly realises that he has been trumped at the start and put on the back foot by the hungry challenger. Everest puts the boot in as Burna tries and fails to block it.

    “Everest has seized the initiative here and if he has any chance tonight, he will need to dictate the pace where possible.”

    Everest picks Burna up and whips him off the ropes but Ty avoids a big boot and capitalises on Everest’s lack of balance by tripping him with a lariat. Both men are on the mat but Ty rises first, to give Everest a taste of his own medicine with hard punches to the face. Ty stands up and walks away to jaw jack with the crowd but in doing so he steps on Everest’s chest!

    “This is why Ty Burna is so good. He can take so much punishment and come back like it means nothing.”

    He turns and brings Everest up to his knees with a hard arm wringer. He then drives his elbow into the shoulder before taking him down with hard short arm clothesline. Everest’s head bounces resoundingly off the mat as a newly aggressive Burna is in control.

    “This is typical Ty Burna offense. Ruthless and aggressive!”

    Burna keeps Everest on the mat by pressing on his back and driving stiff knee shots into his ribs. Everest is clearly in pain, as much as he would like to prevent Ty from noticing that, he can’t. Ty repeats the shots to the chest, even sitting Everest up and kicking the bejesus out of him from a running start!

    Burna is clearly enjoying this and stands Everest up. He stands in front of him taunting him and then grabs him to go for a neck breaker, but Everest FIRES BACK!! And with a sudden spark ignited deep in him, Everest clicks that he can’t allow Burna to continue his attack and hits Burna with multiple forearm strikes that all connect. Soon enough Burna is dazed and barely standing.

    Everest is obviously fired up and runs off the ropes then floors Ty with a picture perfect dropkick. Everest is eager to get Ty up but he rolls outside to try and evade the attack. Everest sees this and climbs the turnbuckle. Ty thinks he has escaped temporarily but Everest flies off the turnbuckle all the way to the floor, taking Ty with him with a huge cross body!

    Everest is hyped enough to get to his feet quick enough but holds his ribs because of the impact. Everest picks up Ty and shoves him into the ringside barrier. The ref leans out from inside the ring and tells them to get back in the ring. Everest ignores this and promptly hits a Russian Leg Sweep on Ty into the ring barrier! Ty screams in pain.

    “Everest is giving Ty a real test here. This non-stop offense is giving him all sorts of trouble.”

    Everest picks up Ty again and this time whips him into the ring steps. Everest is clearly enjoying being in charge and is very deliberately taking his time. Ty is really struggling now. Reluctantly, the ref begins to count out both men.1....2....Everest drags him over to the announce table and begins to clear the announce table of monitors and the top.3....4.... He then picks Ty up and gestures that he is going for the Rock Slide. He tries to lift him up but Ty elbows out of it and shoves him off the desk and then hits a big dropkick! The ref is up to 6 as both men are on their back on the floor. They appear to acknowledge the count and slowly but surely, they begin to make their way back to the ring....8....9.... both Ty and Everest both reach the ring and as they both have their head neck and shoulders underneath the bottom rope. The ref stops the count.

    Everest and Ty get up to their knees and see each other. Without even hesitating, they both get up and meet each other with stiff knife edge chops, which elicit loud “Whooooo’s” with each hit.

    “The crowd are really into this one now!”

    Everest successfully blocks a chop and uses it to grab an arm and whip Ty into the opposite corner. He goes to clothesline him but Ty ducks it. Everest tries to hit a clothesline but Ty ducks it and Everest makes contact with the ref’s face instead!

    “Oh no the referee goes down hard!”

    “That’s his own stupid fault; he should have got out the way!”

    Everest looks gutted with what happened but Ty has an evil smirk on his face. He hits a hard back breaker then pounds on him with vicious closed fists on the floor. Everest gets enough about him to begin punching back. They roll out of the ring.

    Ty gets an advantage and uses it to send Everest back first into the ring post and then head first onto the floor with a reverse DDT. With Everest groggy, Ty has time to set Everest up for a fisherman suplex, which he connects with, sending Everest back first on the hard ringside flooring. Ty is gesturing that the match is over. Once he is done jacking to the crowd, he picks up the dead weight of Everest and shoves him into the ring, with a slap across the back of the head for good measure. Ty gets in the ring himself, shouts Mo Murda’ and hooks Everest in a front facelock, just as the referee begins to shows signs of life. Ty tries to drop Everest off but Everest blocks it then lifts Ty and nails a desperate northern lights suplex! The ref is just about coming around .......1 .................2 ........................Burna barely kicks out!

    “How the hell!!”

    The crowd can’t believe it and neither can Everest. He is first to his feet but is quickly followed by Ty though he is almost dragged up. Everest tries to hit a neck breaker but Ty blocks the rotation, makes a waistlock and hits a German suplex that sends Everest hard to the mat, holding his neck. Ty grabs Everest’s neck and begins to punch his forehead with fierce closed fist strikes. The ref sees this and warns Burna off. This is blatantly ignored and after a five count, The official firmly grabs Ty by the waist and pulls him away from Everest. This gets the champ riles and he goes nose to nose to the referee, who doesn’t back away. As it looks like they will come to blows, Ty falls back. Everest has crawled up and grabs Ty’s trunks and has rolled him up....1.....2......kicked out! Ty is up quicker this time and pounds on Everest’s back. He then puts Everest in a front facelock then lifts him up in a vertical suplex and drops backwards hard to the floor of the ring. He floats over for the cover....1....2....kicked out by Everest. Ty is clearly enjoying being in control. He sits Everest up, wrenches his arms back and puts a knee in his spine. The referee kneels in front of Everest and asks if he wants to quit.

    “What a brutally intense match this is. Everest is showing why he is a legend in WZCW. He is just flat out refusing to back down from the champion.”

    “I can't decide whether this is a clever or stupid move!”

    Everest screams as the crowd will him on. Ty tries to wrench back even more but Everest is trying to escape. His arms shake and Ty attempts to maintain the control. He is forced to stand up as Everest gets to his knees and then eventually to his feet. Ty keeps hold of the arms and tries to turn it into a suplex but Everest resists this. Instead, he jumps up, kicks off of the pad of the middle turnbuckle and falls back onto Burna, who has his shoulders forced to the mat. Cover!

    1....2.....Ty powers out of it as Everest can’t quite keep the hold. Everest gets up quickly. He briefly signals that he is going for the Rock Slide and the crowd react to it as Burna uses the ropes to stand up. Everest puts him in the position and lifts him up again but s he does, Ty catches Everest’s head and drops him with a DDT! Ty falls on Everest and slowly hooks the leg. Cover!!! 1....2.....Everest kicked out!!!!!

    Ty can’t believe it and he confronts the official again, vehemently arguing what he believes to be a slow count. Ty turns and picks up Everest again. He hits a sidewalk slam which puts Everest in more pain. He stalks Everest again, making it clear to all viewers that he intends to hit Consecrated Banishment. Ty runs at him but as he takes Everest hits a smart dropkick. This causes Ty to crotch himself on the ropes. With clinical instincts, he instantly targets the knee, kicking and contorting it. He pulls Ty away from the ropes and applies the Mountain Climber!! Ty tries to fight it but Everest has already turned him over. The Pinnacle of Perfection sits deep, locking the hold tightly. He scream at Ty telling him to tap out but the World Champ somehow manages to claw himself along the mat. He reaches for the ropes but as Everest fights his movement, Ty is achingly close! He is fading fast as the toll on his back is nearly too much. But with one giant, desperate reach, his fingers barely graze the bottom rope, which is enough for the ref to break the hold!

    “Somehow, some way, Ty forced Everest to break the Mountain Climber!”

    “That looked to be locked in so tight, I don’t know how he even forced himself to the ropes.”

    The crowd cannot believe it as both men have been knocking ten bells out of each other. They both struggle to get to their feet and use the ropes to stabilise them. Hard punches by Everest are met with stiff chops by Burna.

    “Again, these men exchange powerful blows”

    “Both men are covered with bright red swollen welts!”

    “What a brutal match this has been. This may well be the most brutal match in the history of Meltdown!”

    Ty blocks a punch and whips Everest into the ropes. He comes back off, ducks a clothesline and nails a diving, flying forearm as he comes off the other side. Everest springs back up, grabs Ty’s legs and nails a slingshot into the corner of the turnbuckle!Ty stumbles back after that shock to the head before Everest hits the Rock Slide!!!!! Everest slowly hooks the leg

    Ty kicks out!!!!!.

    Everest is visibly devastated and frustrated but without hesitation, he picks up Ty’s leg and tries lock in the Mountain Climber again! Ty gets an inside cradle!!! 1.......2........Everest forces himself out at the last second!

    “What an incredible exchange of pinfalls! I can’t believe this match is still going on!”

    Ty is apoplectic and punches the mat in frustration. As he directs his anger at the official, Everest gets up slowly. Ty turns around, sees Everest almost upright. He runs off the ropes whilst limping slightly and and hits a huge Consecrated Banishment which makes a forceful contact with his head, which then rebounds off the mat. Ty falls on him and hooks a leg.

    ........................................................................................ ..............................
    Everest kicks out!!!

    “Holy S**t!!!!!”

    “Did he do that? He really kicked out of Consecrated Banishment?!”

    Nobody can believe that Everest is still in the match after that devastating kick to the head. Ty is pale with exhaustion as he realises he needs to reach down even further to beat his man. Everest has turned to his stomach but has barely moved since. Ty grabs Everest’s limp wrist and wraps his thick thighs around Everest’s throat.

    “That’s it!!! The Final Seance, it’s locked in!!!”

    “Damn, Everest is in an awful position. Ty has got that locked in tight dead in the middle of the ring.”

    Everest tries to fight it but Ty has a dominant position. Everest continues to struggle and uses his free arm to elbow Ty in the chest but Ty drops back. As his shoulders hit the mat, Everest screams in pain. With his arm outstretched, Ty wrenches back and turns onto his side and Everest taps!!

    Harrys: “Your winner and STILL WZCW World Heavyweight champion by submission, Ty BUUUUUUUUURRRRNNNNAA!!!!!”

    The crowd roars their appreciation as they recognise the toll that has been taken on both men in the match. Ty limps to the ropes and clutches the title to his chest as “Blackened The Sun" hits. As he gingerly escapes the ring, Everest is just about getting up himself, Ty gives Everest a lingering look that betrays both pain and respect. Ty makes his way up the ramp as the fans cheer for both men. Serafina walks out at the top of the ramp and Ty turns around. He nods to Everest before raising the World Title high into the air before walking to the back. Everest plays to the crowd for a few moments when suddenly Big Dave runs in from the crowd. He turns Everest around and hits Checking Out.

    Copeland: What is the meaning of this?

    Cohen: Dave is taking out Everest and proving he is better, that's the meaning Seabass.

    Dave stands over the downed Everest and stares down at him. The crowd boos loudly as Dave tosses Everest to the outside. Dave follows him and tears off the cover of the announce table and throws the screens to the side. He tosses Everest on top of it and climbs up himself. He lifts up Everest and drops him face first with the Stamp of Authority! The table collapses and the crowd begins booing loudly once more. Dave sits up with a sick grin on his face as Everest lies out cold within the wreckage of the table.

    Copeland: We're out of time here on Meltdown 50! I'm sure Dave will have an answer for his actions on Ascension, for Jack Cohen, I'm Sebastian Copeland, good night!

    The camera pans out as Dave gets to his feet and stares down at Everest before the feed goes out.
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    Who wrote what:
    Ty Burna vs. Everest, Ratings Spike, Backstage - Numbers
    Brothers in Arms vs. Motor City Psychos, Michael Winters vs. Johnny Sherman - Falkon
    Blade vs. Phoenix, Backstage, Opening - Phoenix
    Constantine vs. Brad Bomb, Opening, Backstage - Ty
    Jordan Lights vs. Steven Holmes - Thriller
    Chris Beckford vs. Mr. Baller - Blade
    Meltdown Memories - WZCW Roster Past and Present

    Love, rep, feedback:

    We hope you enjoyed Meltdown 50 and we would like to thank you all for helping us being able to write 50 episodes of Meltdown and getting us to where are today. From Creative, thank you!
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