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    Pyros go off

    Copeland: The Lethal Lottery draws near as we look to have another exciting edition of Meltdown to pave the way. Hello again everybody, I’m Sebastian Copeland alongside Jack Cohen. Now Jack, this week will see some interesting news develop tonight in regards to the pay per view, what are your thoughts?

    Cohen: Well Seabass, you got the World Title Contract Signing here tonight, what a coup by Myles but also, he made the right choice in giving Lars his deserved title shot, no interferences from others, the title will be Lars’ for the taking come the Lethal Lottery!

    The Meltdown theme hits as Chuck Myles heads down to the ring

    Harrys: Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome the Co-Owner of WZCW and the General Manager of Meltdown, Chuck Myles!

    Chuck climbs inside and grabs the mic off of Harrys as he looks to say something to the crowd

    Myles: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to what will be another successful edition of Meltdown! Now firstly, in case you didn’t watch Ascension, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t either, it has been decided that the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship will be defended at the Lethal Lottery. And Everest’s opponent on this occasion will be none other than Lars Reidar, a man deserving of his title shot and the official contract signing will take place later tonight.

    The crowd give a mix reaction as the camera pans around to find a guy holding a sign saying “Steel for World Champion”

    So that means we have this match as well the 20 Man Lethal Lottery so far on our pay per view. But you know what, I’m going to make two announcements to give that Meltdown feel to the pay per view, and what better way than to put the EurAsian Championship on the line! And I’ve got the perfect opponent for Drake Callahan. Effectively, this man had his rightful championship match stolen by Drake, much like Lars Reidar did, so I’m going to give Showtime David Cougar his deserved shot at the Lethal Lottery. So quote me right now, EurAsian Championship, Drake Callahan vs. David Cougar, that will take place at the Lottery!

    The crowd give a cheer with some boos in the mix at the announcement of Cougar being the contender.

    Now the other idea I have, I will be watching Meltdown and….Ascension very closely this week. Much like championship matches, there are some men in the locker room who deserve a reward for their efforts. Which is why two lucky guys will be competing one on one at the Lottery to contest for the last entrance number for the 20 Man Lethal Lottery Match on the same night!

    The crowd get excited by this.

    So I want to see the best out of all of you this week because only so few can be in the Lottery, but only one can be the No. 20. It could be anybody, like Mr. Baller

    The crowd give a mixed reaction, mostly boos

    Or it could be…Rush

    The crowd starts cheering

    It could be…Carmen Bratchny

    The crowd cheers even louder

    It could even be…Titus

    The crowd erupts into a huge pop

    Or even a member of the rWo

    The crowd boos loudly

    But even speculating about who will contest the number 20 spot, let’s get on with the show!

    The Meltdown theme hits as Myles exits the ring

    Copeland: What an announcement by Bateman, and I usually don’t support most of them. The EurAsian Championship being defended at the Lottery and two men will fight on the same night to be the last entrant into the Lottery itself, I’m getting quite excited by this!

    Cohen: Calm down Seabass, you don’t want to wet yourself now. But you’re right there, and I don’t always agree with you, these two matches will no doubt make up a great pay per view. But I personally feel disappointed, I wanted to see Showtime enter the Lottery and go on to Kingdom Come for a World Title Shot!

    Copeland: Can’t have it both ways Jack, the Lottery will no doubt be a tough enough match as it is, and we will take a closer look at last year’s edition later on tonight

    The camera cuts to Lars Reidar entering his locker room as the crowd boos at the sight of him

    Copeland: Well here’s the man who will be officially penning in his title match later on tonight, but there’s a lot of questions about whether this match will be standard rules or if a stipulation gets named?

    Cohen: No doubt it will benefit Lars in any situation
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentleman, this match is scheduled for one fall.

    “When I’m Ere” by Roll Deep hits the arena as Scott Hammond appears on top of the ramp. He stares deep into the crowd and begins to shake his head as he is met with dim boos from the WZCW faithful. He raises one hand into the air and a single shoot of pyro shoots up behind him.

    Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at 275 pounds, from London, England. The English Enigma, Scott Hammond!

    Copeland: Somewhat of a baptism of fire for Hammond here tonight. Corey Payne has showed us over the last few weeks that he can content with the best of WZCW.

    Cohen: Hammond has what it takes, Seabass. A young guy who takes crap from no one.

    Hammond continues down the ramp at a slow pace. His eyes remain fixed on the crowd as he nears the ring. He slides under the bottom rope and mounts the turnbuckle. He glares into the audience and shakes his head some more as he removes his jacket.

    Hammonds music cuts as “Down with the sickness” hits. Corey Payne comes out to a thunderous applause from the crowd. It’s time appears on the titantron as He throws some practise punches and kicks on top of the ramp.

    Harrys: And his opponent, weighing in at 250 pounds, from Las Vegas, Nevada. The Prototype, Corey Payne!

    Copeland: This man has proven over the last coupe of weeks that he is very dangerous and is very capable of holding his own.

    Cohen: Well, we will have to see how he does against a more than competent adversary in Scott Hammond, wont we?

    Payne begins his walk down to the ring after he raises his arms high into the air. He walks down the side of the ramp and slaps some of the hands that have been outstretched to meet his. He gets to the ring and throws his jacket into the crowd. He exchanges a glare with Hammond and prepares for the match.

    The referee signals for the bell and both men cautiously start out the match. Hammond raises his hand into the air and signals for Payne grab it. Payne does so and the match begins in Ernest. Hammond lands a knee to the gut that bends Payne over. Hammond quickly bounces off of the ropes and goes for a kick to the side of the head. Payne swivels out of the way and as Hammond turns to face Payne once more, Payne lands a drop-toe hold that takes Hammond to the mat. Hammond struggles as Payne asserts him dominance over him with an ankle lock. Hammond struggles across the ring and grabs the bottom rope. The referee calls for the break and Payne drops the hold. Both men get to their feet and Hammond stares at Payne with a new found respect. Payne smiles as they tie-up once more. Hammond breaks the tie-up with a heavy swing at the head of Payne. Payne ducks under the clubbing blow though and lands a belly to back Suplex that takes Hammond down once more. Payne immediately locks in a head lock that is keeping Hammond grounded.

    Copeland: Right now, Payne is dominating this match and Hammond has his work cut out for him.

    Cohen: I can’t believe this; Hammond needs to step up his game because Corey Payne is taking him downtown.

    The match remains on the mat as Hammond transitions out of the head lock and applies an arm bar of his own. Payne looks comfortable though and transitions out so that both men are standing once more. Payne begins to circle the ring and throws a few jabs at Scott Hammond. Hammond manages to move out of the way of the jab and hits a punch of his own. Payne is staggered and recoils onto the ropes. Hammond is quick to get on top of the advantage and quickly drives Hammond into the corner of the ring with some more clubbing blows. Payne is struggling to cover up as Hammond whips him across the ring. With Payne in the other corner, Hammond runs at him and lands a hard clothesline that sends Payne out of the corner, Hammond quickly maintains his momentum and lands a reverse DDT to his opponent.

    Copeland: If Hammond wants to win this match, he will have to play by his rules. He will be wise to keep this match off of the match.

    Cohen: Please Seabass; he knows what he is doing. He doesn’t need you throwing him advice.

    Hammond raises his arms in celebration as the crowd launch a verbal assault on him. He smiles and goes back to working on Corey Payne. He picks up his opponent and lands a few punches before landing a t-bone Suplex that sends Corey Payne across the ring. Hammond picks up Payne once more and launches him across the ring, Payne rebounds off of the ropes and Hammond applies a sleeper hold to his opponent. Payne is beginning to fade out and drops to one knee as Hammond applies more pressure. Payne then drops to both knees as Hammond forces him onto the mat. He transitions into the head lock as Payne fades more and more. The referee is showing some concern and raises Payne’s hand into the air. It drops to the mat and the referee duplicates the action once more. On the third attempt, Payne keeps his hand aloft and the crowd begin to cheer his name. Payne seems to take momentum from the energy and gets to one knee. He gets to one foot and then up to the other. Payne lands an elbow to the gut of Hammond and then quickly bounces off of the ropes. He comes back at Hammond and lands a running Superman punch that sends Hammond to the mat. Payne begins to recover and then stalks Hammond as he gets to his vertical basis once more. Payne looks to lock in the Protolock but Hammond reverses it and looks to hit London’s Calling. Payne is quick to transition away though and hits the Protoslam. Payne quickly locks in the Protolock and Hammond fades. The referee signals for the bell as Hammond passes out.

    Harrys: Here is your winner by way of Submission, Corey Payne!

    Copeland: Wow! Another win via the Protolock for Payne. An impressive showing once more from Payne to come back from the situation he was in.

    Cohen: I didn’t see Hammond tap out, did you?

    Copeland: He passed out, Jack!

    Payne gets to his feet and staggers into the corner. After a moment, Hammond gets to his feet. Payne goes over to him and outstretches his hand. Hammond looks at it and looks out to the crowd. The crowd cheer loudly and Hammond stretches his hand out. He shakes hands with Payne and Payne goes to exit the ring. Hammond attacks Payne as his back is turned and lands some vicious shots to Payne, who tries to fight back. He is too weak though and Hammond hits London’s Calling, leaving Payne strewn out on the mat.

    Copeland: What a coward!

    Cohen: I knew he had something planned, Seabass. Haha!
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    "Because of Me" by Seether begins playing as Matt Royale begins making his way out to the entrance ramp. He makes his way down to the ring, pointing and talking back to the crowd. He enters the ring and climbs to the second turnbuckle, shaking his head at the crowd.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from St. Louis, Missouri, he stands 6'1" and weighs 235 lbs, Matt Royale!

    "Power" by Helloween hits the sound system as Rafael De La Noche makes his way out to the entrance. He stands at the top of the ramp and closes his eys, listening to the boos directed at him. He makes his way down the ramp and into the ring, climbing the turnbuckle and staring out at the crowd.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Madrid, Spain, he stands 6'3" and weighs 225 lbs, Rafael De La Noche!

    Copeland: This should be a great match up Cohen, we have two solid up and comers in this one.

    Cohen: How do you figure Seabass? Neither of them could even beat that loser Carmen Bratchny in that triple threat last week, I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up in a draw tonight.

    Copeland: They put a great effort in Cohen, and you know this. Bratchny is a veteran of WZCW, while Rafael and Royale are both relative new comers here.

    Cohen: So you agree that the only way Bratchny can win is against inexperienced wrestlers?

    Copeland: That's not what I said...the match is starting let's get to the ring action.

    The referee signals for the bell as Rafael and Royale lock up in the middle of the ring. Royale applies an armbar on Rafael and backs him into the rope, sending him to the opposite side, hitting a clothesline on Rafael on the rebound. Royale follows up with a fist drop, connecting against Rafael's face. He applies a rear chin lock, pulling back on Rafael's head. Rafael counters with an elbow to Royale's midsection, causing him to release the hold. Rafael gets to his feet and hits a few punches on Royale, knocking him back into the corner turnbuckle. Rafael rushes up and hits a clothesline in the corner, causing Royale to bounce out to the middle of the ring. Rafael then connects with a lariat, knocking Royale onto his back. Rafael holds his arm up as the crowd begins booing him.

    Cohen: What is with this crowd and booing the obviously more talented wrestler?

    Copeland: They can do what they want Cohen, but as it stands Rafael appears to be in control of this match.

    Rafael drags Royale to his feet and hits an European uppercut, knocking Royale back. A boot to the midsection and Rafael sets him up for the turnbuckle bomb. He signals to the corner and lifts Royale up, but Royale slips out, lands on his feet, and hits a dropkick on Rafael. Royale goes for the cover, getting a two count. He drags Rafael to his feet and hits a few punches on him. Rafael swings wildly but misses, allowing Royale to counter with a swinging neckbreaker. He stomps away at Rafael before connecting with a leg drop. He goes for the cover again, getting a two count once again. Royale pulls Rafael up and sets him up for a suplex. Rafael blocks and moves behind Royale, hitting a half nelson backbreaker. Both struggle to their feet, and Royale rushes Rafael as he gets up, only to eat a big boot from Rafael. He goes for the cover on Royale, getting a two count.

    Copeland: So far it's been a close match Cohen, are these two impressing you at all?

    Cohen: Rafael should be dominating this match Seabass, but he just can't seem to take full control.

    Rafael picks up Royale and sends him into the corner. Rafael begins hammering away at Royale with fists before hitting a spinning back fist and knocking Royale down into a slumped position against the bottom turnbuckle. Rafael presses his foot against Royale's face and let's go at the count of 4 by the ref. He stomps at Royale before picking him up, signaling for the turnbuckle bomb once more. Royale counters with a back body drop and hangs onto the rope to regain his senses. As Rafael gets up, Royale rushes and connects with a running knee lift. He stomps at Rafael's chest before pulling him up, and from Rafael's back he connects with a huge German Suplex with a pinning bridge, and gets almost a 3 count! Royale begins to look frustrated as he drags Rafael up and throws him in the corner, pounding away at him with his fists before throwing him into the middle of the ring. He climbs the top turnbuckle and goes for an elbow drop and connects. He goes for the cover once more, getting a two count.

    Copeland: You have to give Rafael credit for his resiliency, he took some big moves from Royale and still has the herewith-all to kick out.

    Cohen: It's not necessarily Rafael's durability, it's Royale's weak attacks that makes it easy for Rafael to kick out.

    Royale pulls Rafael and hits a kick to the gut, and drops Rafael with a DDT. Royale signals for the Royale Execution, and locks on his submission maneuver. Rafael grimaces in pain as he reaches desperately for the ropes. He slowly drags his body closer to the ropes as Royale begins increasing the pressure of the hold. With one last stretch, Rafael is able to get the bottom ropes. The ref tells Royale to break the hold, which he does at the count of three. Royale picks Rafael up and sends him into the corner. Royale rushes and goes for a spear in the corner, but Rafael moves and connects with a drop toe hold, causing Royale to crash face first into the middle turnbuckle. Rafael makes it to his feet as does Royale. Royale misses with a haymaker, and Rafael hooks Royale, connecting with a sitout rear mat slam. Rafael gets up and signals for the Nike's Gift. He hooks the rising Royale in position, but Royale counters with a knee to the midsection and tries following up with the Royale Cut. Rafael pushes him away and as Royale turns around, Rafael his the Nike's Gift covers, getting the 3 count!

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Rafael De La Noche!

    Copeland: A very impressive win for Rafael, he continues to get better in the ring every week.

    Cohen: He got the win tonight Seabass, and that's all there is to it. But if he wants to take on the big boys, he needs to step his game up.

    Rafael slowly makes his way up to the second turnbuckle, holding his side as he raises an arm in the air in victory. The crowd boos him mercilessly as Royale makes his way towards the back slowly.


    We’re outside the Locker Room of the World Champion Everest as Stacey Madison stands outside, she knocks on the door and enters inside but the room is completely empty aside from the luxuries on the table. Stacey looks around completely and looks annoyed at the room’s lack of a champion. She walks back out of the locker room and heads up the hall way, passing several doors and eventually running into Johnny Klamor.

    Klamor: Stacey, where are going? I thought you were going to interview Everest?

    Stacey: That’s the thing Johnny (She looks over her shoulder to see if anyone is near) He’s gone.

    Klamor: What?!

    Stacey: He’s not in his locker, it’s completely empty

    Klamor: Damn. What are we going to do? We should let Chuck know!

    Stacey: Say nothing of this to anyone! You go looking for him and I’ll try and try and cover this until he’s found!

    Stacey walks off as Klamor watches her walk off and just gives a *humph*
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    Harrys: The following contest is a non title, tag team match-up scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighing in at a combined weight of 381 pounds, The WZCW Tag Team Champions! Garth Black and Phoenix, Second Coming!

    ”East Jesus Nowhere” by Green Day blasts through the speakers as the tag champs walk down the isle together. They both slide into the ring and pose on the turnbuckles.

    Harrys: And the Opponents, first, From Chicago, Illinois, Weighing in at 236 pounds, William Teach!

    Teach comes out to the sound of “Slither” by Velvet Revolver and waits at the top of the ramp for his partner.

    Cohen: This is an odd team to say the least!

    Harrys: And his Partner, from Oakland California, Weighing in at 353 pounds , Matthew Fox!

    ”Voices” by Rev Theory plays as Fox walk through the curtain. Both men walk to the ring, quite far apart with Teach leading the way.

    Copeland: I expect the champs to come out of this one with the win, their experience should overcome this bizarre pairing of two fantastic young wrestlers in Fox and Teach.

    Cohen: Hopefully he will “Teach Us” how to lose with dignity!

    Phoenix and Fox start out in the ring as the bell rings. Both men circling each other, Phoenix faster than his opponent, in anticipation of who will make the first move, they lock up in the middle of the ring. Fox pushes Phoenix back into the corner and hits him with a series of lefts and rights. He Irish whips Phoenix to the opposite corner but he climbs up the turnbuckle and hits a hard clothesline from the top, taking Fox down. With Fox’s leg under the rope Phoenix lays the stomps onto his chest. The referee is demanding that Phoenix stops and issues the 5 count. 1,2,3,4, Phoenix backs off in the nick of time. He drags Fox by the head and into his corner and tags Garth Black in as Second Coming hit Matthew Fox with a massive double suplex.

    Copeland: Fox could be in big trouble here if Second Coming can keep this up!

    Cohen: How they managed to even lift him surprised me!

    Phoenix retreats to the apron as Black uses his full force to throw Fox into the ropes and slides underneath him on the rebound. Black attempts to then catch Fox with a clothesline but Fox senses the danger, stops, and Black ends up on his rear from the force of Fox’s size. Fox picks him and hits a hard DDT on his opponent and walks towards his corner and tags in Teach which gets the crowd chanting loudly for him as “Teach Us! Teach Us!” echo’s throughout the arena.

    Cohen: Good God!

    Copeland: The lesson has begun!

    Cohen: Don’t you start!

    Teach comes in and immediately goes to work on Black, striking him with a series of elbows to his back. Teach then applies a Texas Cloverleaf to black as he builds on the pressure. Black screams in agony, he can’t move closer to the ropes! Just when Garth seems to be at his breaking point, Phoenix runs in and hit’s him with a dropkick to the back of Teach. Fox climbs in over the top rope and clotheslines jumps into the action and hits Phoenix with a clothesline, taking him over the top rope. He climbs out in pursuit on his opponent but the ref tells him to get back in his corner.

    Garth and William get up at the same time and charge at each other, William slides down through Black’s legs and Kip-ups, Garth turns around and William catches the unsuspecting foe with a Jumping calf kick. He then climbs to the top rope and hammers black with a huge moonsault. The crowd is going nuts, as he rolls him over and covers Black, 1….2… Black gets the shoulder up.

    Teach gets up, goes to the apron and tags in Fox who climbs back in and stomps on Black. He picks him up and hits him with the F-Bomb! He hooks the leg 1….2…. Black kicks out again. Fox can’t believe it as he stomps on Black again. Black evades another attack and catches Fox with a drop toe hold. Black holds his stomach in agony as he tries to take advantage of the situation. He holds onto the ropes, waiting for Fox to get back up, stalking up behind him and hits the Black Out, cover by Black 1….2.. Fox powers out!

    Cohen: Good luck there Garth!

    Copeland: It will take more than that to keep Fox down

    Black hits a few rights as he staggers back up, with a rush of adrenaline he bounces off the ropes he attacks the groggy Fox with an impressive hurricanrana. Black does his best to pick up Fox and lean him on the top rope. Garth then climbs to the top rope and smacks him right on the face with a brutal Missile dropkick! He goes for the cover again 1….2….. Kick out!

    Cohen: What resiliency from Fox, a fine specimen of a man.

    Copeland: He is a great competitor, but so is Black, and he’s piling on the offence here!

    Black is getting frustrated and spots Fox getting up in his corner, so he charges at Fox but Fox he’s an elbow perfectly placed into Black’s face. Teach tags himself in as he hits Garth with the clothesline, then runs to the corner and takes out Phoenix. Teach steamrolls Black with a fierce takedown and beats on Black He then goes to the top rope and signals for the end. At that moment Phoenix composes himself and gets back to the apron, sending Teach back to the mat with a forearm smash to the back of his head. Down goes Teach! Black rolls him over 1…..2…... Teach gets a foot on the rope in the nick of time and Garth Black can’t believe it.

    Garth tags Phoenix back in who climbs to the top rope. He signals for the dreaded MoT! Garth Picks up Teach and sets him up for the Black Hole. At that moment Fox gets in and clobbers Black from behind, sending him over onto the ropes, causing Phoenix to lose his balance and crotches himself on the top rope as he holds his groin in agony. The team of Fox and Teach work together and climb to the top rope together hitting a devastating double hip toss from the top rope!

    Black gets himself back together, leaning on the ropes, at which point Teach and Fox hit him with a double clothesline, sending him over the top rope to the floor. Fox decides to take the matter to the outside and lifts Black up and hits a spinebuster on the outside. Phoenix picks himself up and kicks his legs out of nowhere in Teach’s direction, attempting to hit the Rebirth. Teach ducks out of the way and kicks Phoenix in the mid section. He locks in the Die Cast and lifts up Phoenix, only to be reversed with a back body drop. He bends down to pick him up but Teach reverses the attack and locks in a small package. Phoenix is struggling to get out! 1…..2…...3!

    Harrys: And here is your winners, William Teach and Matthew Fox!

    Cohen: What the hell?!

    Copeland: William Teach has shocked the World by pinning one of the Tag Team Champions. A fine victory that might see a title shot come from this!

    Cohen: Don’t encourage the situation! No-one wants Teach as a Champion! Second Coming are bad enough!

    Teach Climbs the Top Rope and celebrates his teams victory, with Fox looking on from the outside of the ring as the crowd gives another round of “Teach Us” chants.
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    The camera cuts to Ricky holding his custom World Title over his shoulders as he walks backstage to the arena, the crowd boos at the sight of him.

    Copeland: Well Ladies and Gentleman, the “true” World Heavyweight Champion is making his way to the ring

    Camera cuts to Drake Callahan walking in another part of the backstage area with the EurAsian Championship around his waist

    Copeland: And he will be facing this man, the EurAsian Champion, Drake Callahan. No doubt he’ll be a future World Champion some…

    Suddenly out of nowhere, an equipment trolley slams into Drake against the wall, taking him out. The camera pans around to find no-one there.

    Copeland: Ladies and Gentleman, I don’t know what you saw but Drake Callahan just got assaulted. Ricky’s up to no good again!

    Cohen: Making assumptions once again Seabass? Thought you would know better!

    [youtube] /v/ogodVnOv048&hl=en&fs=1&[/youtube]

    Ricky comes out to a large outburst of boos as he raises his championship belt high in the air and makes his way down to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope and does his usual run around the ring. He looks around with a smile on his face as he looks set for action against the EurAsian Champion.

    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Tortuga, weighing in at 260 pounds, he is the true World Heavyweight Champion, Steamboat Ricky!

    Copeland: Well Ricky’s here, lets hope Drake is alright

    Cohen: Like you care!


    The crowd work in a huge uproar but there is no sign of Drake as the music continues to play. Ricky looks to the ref and questions what’s going on, he leans at the ropes near the entrance ramp as he waits for Drake to appear. The music cuts out as the titantron returns back to Drake who’s got some EMTs surrounding him, attending to him. It cuts back to Ricky who stares out to the main arena champion and shouts some instructions. We return to Drake and the EMTs who get shoved out of the way by Big Dave and Ace David, they pick him up and they put Drake over Dave’s shoulders and they head to the entrance way.


    The FHD come out with a barely conscience Drake over Big Dave’s shoulder as they head down the ramp to take him to the ring. They take Drake inside and sit him against the corner, when out of nowhere

    [youtube] /v/0eTjMNV__5M&hl=en&fs=1&[/youtube]

    The rWo all stare at the rampway as Showtime comes out on the stage, clapping his hands and mic at the ready.

    Showtime: Well, best not beat around the bush. It was me! I don’t want you three taking credit for my actions now!

    You see, while it might "help" the rWo's cause for tonight, that’s not my main goal here. You see, I want the title shot I deserve, for that EurAsian Championship, but all I keep getting is to wait until the pay per view! My actions are not motivated by the rWo as I do not care about their cause, but I know well enough to steer aside. But I demand my title shot with Drake right now!

    The rWo have a debate as Chuck Myles comes out onto the stage.

    Myles: Alright, alright. Showtime, I can see you’re getting frustrated with waiting, so I’ll tell you what. Next week on Meltdown, you get what you want, you got your title match! As for you, Ricky, your match is still on…and it’s No Disqualifications!

    Cohen: Oh hell yeah!

    Copeland: What?

    Showtime and Myles leave as the bell signals and all three rWo members start beating on the EurAsian Champion. Ace takes Drake and irish whips him and the FHD catches him with the Full House. They pick up Drake who’s virtually lifeless as Ricky with a sick smile kicks him in the gut and hits The Blunderbass. Cover by Ricky 1….2…..3

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Steamboat Ricky!

    Ricky starts to celebrate on the turnbuckle as Ace grabs his championship belt and hands it to him. While they’re celebrating, Big Dave stares at the EurAsian Championship which is on the floor nearby, he turns and joins in with the celebration as the rWo leaves up the entrance way.

    Copeland: Well it’s a rather bad call by Chuck Myles, but Drake has been beaten by Ricky and now he has to contend with defending his title next week against the man who took him out, Showtime Cougar!

    Cohen: And the best part is, hopefully the same will happen to Titus tonight and Zander on Ascension tomorrow!

    Copeland: Indeed, as Jack rightly said, Titus and Ace David is later on tonight and Big Dave will face the Elite X Champion, Zander on Ascension tomorrow. The rWo plague is spreading fast, will Titus or Zander stand a chance where Drake did not? Stay tuned!
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    Backstage we have the rWo in a very happy mood

    Ricky: Well done fellas, that's Callahan sorted. Tomorrow we have Zanders number and today, well it's the man who is starting his crusade against us. Titus.

    Big Dave: Ha Titus, what a joke.

    Ace: Yeah he makes me laugh, he comes out like he's some sort of great man in the ring, he's just a joke.

    Ricky: Never, EVER underestimate the enemy. We're better than him, of course we are. Is he a joke? No.

    We hear a very sarcastic clapping, the camera turns to show Titus.

    Titus: Well done men, you have defeated one of the best in WZCW, you had someone else beat him down, you had a three on one no holds barred match, great, you are such big men!

    Big Dave takes a swing at Titus, but Titus ducks.

    Ricky: Whoa Dave, lets see what he has to say.

    Titus: Did I just hear a voice of reason? Amazing, you guys want to “take over” you want to be taken serious? Be men, I dare you! Dave I dare you to wrestle tomorrow on Ascension one on one v Zander, no help from these guys. Ace there's not point in making the challenge to you as I know you'll still get beaten. Do it alone or do it with the other two?

    All three men look amongst themselves before turning back to Titus

    Ricky: I suggest you leave now before we make you regret your challenge!

    Titus backs away as the rWo look on with angry glares


    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, this next contest is scheduled for one fall and will be contested in a triple threat match.

    Copeland: This match should be an instant classic, Jack. We have three men who have their sights set on respective gold.

    Cohen: You’ve got that right, Seabass. Finally Karnage is going to get what he deserves around here and it’s about time!

    “In too deep” by Sum 41 hits as Frankie Smith comes through the curtain and is met with a flurry of boss from the crowd. He looks at the crowd and shakes his head intensely as he is met with such a hostile response. He begins to walk down towards the ring.

    Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at 238 pounds, from Dublin, Ireland. The Celtic Destroyer, Frankie Smith!

    Cohen: These fans should shut the hell up, Seabass.

    Copeland: These fans have got every right to voice their opinion of any superstar, Jack. It’s the reason we are sitting in these seats. This is a big opportunity for Frankie tonight, folks. He needs a good performance to get back on track after losing out on the Elite X Championship.

    Frankie walks down to the ring, looking out far into the crowd and shaking his head in disgust with his reception. As he reaches the ring, he slides under the bottom rope and gets to his feet once inside. He bounces off of the ropes and waits for his opponents.


    After a moment, “Granite” by Pendulum hits the PA system as Karnage appears on top of the ramp. The crowd boo tremendously as Karnage appears and he in response to this, he merely closes his eyes and stretches his arms out to his side, soaking up the hostile reaction.

    Harrys: Introducing next, weighing in at 287 pounds, from Scotland, UK, Karnage!

    Cohen: Now this is a man who knows what he wants and how to get. He wants the EurAsian Championship and I’m betting he will get it.

    Copeland: Karnage has been in everyone’s business recently and has been impressive in the last couple of months. Tonight he will have to get past two great superstars to keep his rampage alive.

    Karnage walks down the ramp, holding his journal tightly in one hand. As he reaches the ring, he puts in under the turnbuckle and then slides into the ring immediately after. He walks around a little and shares a look with Frankie. They then wait for their final opponent.

    “The Star-Spangled Banner” by Jimi Hendrix hits the PA system as USA appears at the top of the ramp. He smiles widely as the crowd embrace him warmly with cheers. He nods his head in appreciation as the American flag waves on the titantron. USA turns and salutes it.

    Harrys: And finally, weighing at 257 pounds, from Corpus Christi, Texas, “The Only Superpower”, USA!

    Copeland: These fans are going wild for USA tonight and he might need it. He lost out on the WZCW Championship last week and he will really want to get his head in the right place for the Lethal Lottery.

    Cohen: Yeah, he might want to bring some of his army he is building because tonight he might need them.

    The crowd cheer loudly as USA begins to make his way down the ramp. He gets half way down it and drops to the floor in the push-up position. He does three push-ups accompanied by pyro and then gets into the ring. He salutes in all of the corners and the match is ready to begin.

    The referee makes his final preparations and then signals for the match to begin. Both Karnage and Frankie immediately make a break for USA, who is driven back into the corner by the on-rushing competitors. He is trying to cover himself up as both Karnage and Smith land punches and stomps to his torso and lower body. Karnage unleashes a huge backhand chop that makes USA recoil out of the corner. Frankie and Karnage are quick to maintain the advantage though and both grab an arm of USA. They swing him into the ropes across the ring and on his return, land a double clothesline to the neck of USA. USA is grounded as Karnage and Frankie show some cohesion. Karnage picks up USA and launches him into the corner. Frankie is across the ring, in the opposite corner and immediately begins to run at USA. He lands a hard clothesline that once again sends USA out of the corner, he is dazed and Karnage immediately takes the opportunity to land a belly to back suplex.

    Copeland: Oh, come on! How is a man supposed to have any chance against two men working cohesively? This is nothing more than a beating.

    Cohen: USA should have seen this one coming a mile off. He was in the same match as Karnage last week and is not friends with Frankie. He deserves what he gets from both of these competitors.

    Karnage goes for the cover on USA but Frankie pulls him off of USA. Karnage gets to his feet and both he and Frankie square up. They are arguing and motioning that they should have got the pin. Meanwhile, USA is recovering and quickly catches Karnage with a roll-up. Frankie immediately jumps on the pin to save the match. USA gets to his feet and is being punched by Frankie. He ducks out of the way of one punch and lands a few punches of his own. Karnage is across the ring and has a look of disbelief on his face. USA continues to punch Frankie as he drives him into the corner. Karnage begins to run and then thrusts himself in the direction of USA. USA is wise to it though and quickly moves out of the way. With USA out of the way, Karnage lands the spear to Frankie Smith who was behind USA. Karnage gets to his feet after landing the spear and USA is quick to maintain his momentum by landing a sit-down face-buster to Karnage. USA stands tall in the ring as the fans begin to cheer loudly.

    Copeland: Well, I guess we can call it a day on the cohesion front with Karnage and Frankie.

    Cohen: Pah! Frankie will realise that he needs Karnage if he is smart.

    USA picks up Karnage and whips him across the ring, he lands in the corner and USA runs at him, hitting him with hard lariat that rocks Karnage. As he recoils, USA hits an Atomic Drop, that staggers Karnage. USA continues his assault and gets to the second rope. As Karnage turns to face his opponent once more, USA launches himself of of the second rope and lands a lariat that sends Karnage to the mat. USA gets up and moves over to Frankie. USA attempts Old Glory but Frankie transitions out of it into a belly to back Suplex that sends USA flying across the ring. Frankie goes over to USA once more and picks him up. He attempts to throw USA into the ropes but USA turns the momentum against Frankie and whips him instead. As Frankie returns, USA swings a punch that Frankie ducks out of the way of, Frankie gets behind USA and lands the Full Nelson to his opponent. USA rolls out of the ring and with Karnage still down, Frankie stands tall.

    Copeland: Frankie has the advantage just now, Jacko. Do you think he can maintain it?

    Cohen: No way! Karnage is in control, Seabass.

    Copeland: He is strewn out on the mat, Jack

    Cohen: …

    Frankie goes over to Karnage and picks him up. Karnage looks dazed and Frankie runs at the ropes. As he returns, Karnage ducks out of the way and Frankie’s own momentum takes him out of the ring. USA is recovering and gets inside the ring. Karnage sees him and immediately goes over to him. He grabs USA by the head and lifts him high into the air. He is setting up the brainbuster and holds USA in the air for a few seconds. Frankie gets into the ring and chops the back of the leg of Karnage. USA falls directly on top of Karnage and the referee begins his count. 1…2… Karnage powers out. USA gets to his feet and goes over to Frankie. He attempts a punch but Frankie ducks out of the way and on USA’s return hits the Final Message. Frankie gets to his feet to deal with Karnage. However, Karnage is ready and hits the Early Release. He quickly picks up Frankie and hits the Solitary Confinement and covers him. USA struggles across the ring as the referee counts the pin. 1…2…3.

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Karnage!

    Cohen: I told you, Seabass! Ha! What did I say!?

    Copeland: An invaluable victory for Karnage here tonight that is bound to mean a lot to him and gives him a lot of momentum before the Lethal Lottery.


    Johnny Klamor is still looking around but is looking disappointed with his search as he can’t seem to find Everest anywhere. He suddenly runs into Chuck Myles

    Myles: Johnny, you’re in a bit of a hurry, everything alright?

    Klamor: Not at all, I just lost my…favourite microphone

    Myles: You have one of those? And I thought Leon was crazy enough

    Klamor laughs to him and then realises what just been said

    Klamor: By the way, great announcements, both for the Lottery and the EurAsian Title Match next week. I like your approach.

    Myles: Indeed! Try and see Vance Bateman match my cunning for the Lottery. He’ll no doubt put that Elite X belt up on the line in respond.

    Klamor: I would it’s likely, but we’ll find out tomorrow I guess!

    Myles: Correct, now, excuse me, I got to see out the rest of Meltdown and get this contract signing prepared. Hope you find your lucky mic!

    Myles walks off as Klamor smiles and talks behind his teeth

    Klamor: So do I…
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Titus comes out to the stage all hyped up, he points to the crowd and rushes down the ramp, high fiving the crowd along the way. He does his usual lap around the ring, continuing the high fives and then rushes up the steps into the ring. He climbs up the turnbuckle, giving his usual thumbs up to a series of flashes from the crowd.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Keystone City, Kansas, weighing in at 215 pounds, Titus!

    Titus then goes over and grabs a microphone

    Titus: Well I offered a challenge earlier on tonight, so the question is am I facing Huey, Dewey, and Louie tonight or is he man enough to face me one on one? Ace David...What'll be?

    Ace makes his way out to a huge chorus of boos. He makes his way down the ramp, stopping halfway before kneeling down and holding his arms out, causing even more boos to rain down on him. He gets to his feet and makes his way into the ring, staring down his two opponents before a smile creeps onto his face.

    Harrys: And his opponent, he's from Brisbane, Australia, he stands' 6'1” and weights 231 lbs., Ace David!

    Cohen: Well it seems Ace is going it alone

    Copeland: Well Titus has been waiting for this match and has promised a victory.

    Cohen: He shouldn't understimate Ace, he was one half of the tag champs picking up most of the victories himself.

    Ace straights off trying to do a flyring forearm smash, Titus moves to the side with Ace lying on the floor titus goes to get him in a head lock, Ace reverses this and manages to change position with Titus. This keeps going with lots of mat work reversals between the two men.

    Cohen: Ace matching Titus at his own game there

    Copeland: It's always odd seeing men of their high flyign nature grapple on the floor.

    Ace picks up Titus and goes for an Irish whip into the turnbuckle, Titus reverses as Ace collides into the top right turnbuckle. Ace bounces back as Titus gives him a swinging neckbreaker. Ace is down on the floor as the crowd starts to chant for Titus.

    Cohen: This fickle lot, easily won over
    Copeland: Easily won over? It's took Titus an age to get to this point with the crowd

    Titus picks up Ace as he whips ace into the other turnbuckle, Ace is looking rather dazed as he stumbles back. Titus goes for a forearm smash as Ace ducks down and kicks Titus in the mid section. Titus is taken off guard as Ace goes for a bicycle kick, which knocks Titus down.
    Ace makes the climb up to the turnbuckle as he signals for the Rock Out.

    Cohen: Nice turn around by Ace there.

    Copeland: If Ace hits this it's over.

    Ace leaps with the Rock Out as Titus lifts his legs hitting Ace in the stomach. Ace goes down as Titus stands up and goes for the ankle lock on Ace. The Ankle lock is held in strong as Ace clearly looks like he's in pain. Ace manages to grab the ropes as the referee orders the break up.

    : Never write Titus off, that was a good reversal and the advantage is surely his.

    Cohen: Ace still has a fight in him.

    Titus picks up Ace who is looking very worn out, Titus stands back as Ace still holds his midsection. Titus capitalizes on this by delivering the Tit Drop. The crowd goes nuts as Titus then climbs the turn buckle. Titus leaps from the top rope connecting the Red Comet. The crowd are the loudest they've been all night as Titus goes for the cover. 1...2....3

    Copeland: Game over!

    Harrys: And the winner of this match as a result of pin fall....Titus!

    The crowd start to boo as Ricky and Big Dave come running down carrying chairs. Titus makes his way out of the ring and exits through the crowd as both men see to Ace. Titus leaves as the fans all congratulate him.

    Cohen: See Titus running scared there!
    Copeland: Well up next we have the contract signing!


    We cut to Lars Reidar walking up the hall way to head to entrance arena

    Copeland: Well it’s up next, the contract signing. But where is Everest? I hope he shows

    Cohen: He’ll be here, he’s never let us down before

    Copeland: Well it’s up next, stay tuned to Meltdown
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    The camera pans across the arena as we see signs reading 4th rWo member; Titus: Superhero, Superchampion and I came to see Everest

    Harrys: Ladies and Gentleman, this is the Official Contract Signing for the World Heavyweight Championship Match at the Lethal Lottery

    The Meltdown down theme plays as Chuck Myles heads back down again with the paperwork, he slides inside the ring and places the papers down on the table in the middle of the ring and takes the mic from Harrys.

    Myles: Thank you Harrys, I’ll take over. Introducing first, the challenger, Lars Reidar!
    “Broken Soul” plays throughout the arena as Lars Reidar starts his slow walk down the isle focused on the ring, not looking back or to the sides. He climbs between the second and third rope and walks to the chair that faces the entrance ramp and just stares straight down the ramp

    Myles: His opponent for the match, the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Everest!

    “Supernova Goes Pop” starts playing but after a minute there’s no champion. Chuck Myles looks bamboozled and Lars is going “Where the hell is he?!” Myles has a think for the moment

    Myles: The WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Everest!

    “Supernova Goes Pop” plays again but still no champion in sight. Lars looking annoyed gets up from his chair and starts pointing at Myles who doesn’t know what’s going on as the titantron suddenly changes to Everest on the screen, sitting in casuals with the belt next to him.

    Everest: Quite an impressive announcement there Chuck, you should step down as GM of Meltdown and let Harrys take over. Now as you can see, I’m chatting you live from my own home and I guess you would be asking why? I’m not entitled to give you my reasons but I suppose I will have to enlighten you anyhow.

    I simply refuse to be anywhere near Lars prior to the Lottery because the last time I stood in the ring with him, he blasted me with a steel chair. And because I’m the World Heavyweight Champion, I can choose to go where I want, when I want. But it was nice to have the week off after fending my championship from seven different men in a fortnight. I appreciate the rest, you’re starting to realise how a champion should be treated Chuck!

    But also, why do we need to this sort of crap? I mean why does a piece need to be required to confirm that I’m going to beat Lars at the Lethal Lottery? I was never made to do so in the past, so why does Lars need it now? He’s probably scared enough to get a paper cut.

    Lars stares looking really annoyed and flips the table over and takes out one of the chairs from this frustration.

    Woah, woah, easy there Lars, don’t throw your toys out of the crib when you’re getting the privilege of having to face me at the Lottery than endure the sausage fest of the Lottery itself. I’m really glad for a second year running, I don’t have to endure that filth just so I can get out of the arena quick enough before finding which is the next weaker opponent I have at Kingdom Come! But I’ll tell you what Lars, if you want this match so bad, I’m going to give you a given. I’m going to let you decide how to get beat at the Lottery, name the way you wish to go down and get buried!

    Lars stops and slowly starts to give a sick smile. He looks at Myles who hands him over the microphone. He takes a moment as he stares at the titantron before raising the mic to his mouth.

    Reidar: It’s funny how you mention filth and being buried, because you’ve given me the best idea for the match at Lethal Lottery. Given you’re giving me the rights to name the terms, I’ll give you an idea of what you will endure. You will feel fear…you will feel claustrophobic…you would want to be dead as you endure the boat right on the River Styx. Consider the Lethal Lottery as the place where your title reign…and your career ends, or as you quoted “Buried.”

    Because at the pay per view, you will experience a match that you, or anyone on this roster has never experienced and they will be wise enough not to cross my path when I hold the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship around my waist as you spend the rest of your eternity covered and living in filth. The match that we will compete is a Buried Alive Match!

    Everest’s expression turns to a shocked yet angry look as he tries to correct Lars’ choice but is cut out by Chuck Myles

    Myles: It is official! Lars Reidar will face Everest for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship in a Buried Alive Match at the Lethal Lottery.

    Everest looks even more angry as stares at the camera whilst Lars stares back at the titantron with a sick smile on his face as Meltdown closes off.
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    Who wrote what:
    Opening/Ricky vs. Drake/Contract Signing - Phoenix
    Second Coming vs Teach/Fox - Fratelli
    Triple Threat/Hammond vs. Payne - Dave
    Rafael/Royale - Ty
    Titus/Ace - Lee
    Backstage - Phoenix & Lee
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