Meltdown Madness 4 (Episode 67)

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    Copeland: It only happens once a year. A set of shows that are completely random and no one knows what will happen on them!

    Cohen: And what a way to kick it off on Meltdown Madness!

    “Falling On,” ignites on the PA system and Chuck Myles comes out from the back and begins to walk to the stage with a contract in his hand.

    Copeland: Ladies and gentlemen, if you have not heard, reported that Chuck Myles has opted to sell his half of the WZCW. I can only imagine that he has come out here to address the situation.

    Cohen: It seams that Bateman will finally get sole ownership of the WZCW and regain his total dominion over the company Seabass.

    The camera shows Myles in the ring with a cloaked table.

    Myles: As reported earlier in the week, I have agreed to sell my half of the WZCW to a buyer. It’s been fun, but I would honestly rather be retired and sipping on a smoothie in Cabo.

    Cohen and Copeland chuckle at Myle’s statement.

    Myles: However, I have made sure that I get to make one final change to this year's Lethal Lottery match.

    The crowd perks up in anticipation.

    Myles: Because of the increased roster size, and overall increase in talent. This year's Lethal Lottery will be bumped up from the traditional 20 man entry count to 25!

    Cohen: Did you hear that? Five extra men will be inserted into the Lethal Lottery.

    Copeland: This definitely puts a whole new perspective on the Lethal Lottery match itself.

    Myles: Now, I know that many of you have been anxious about this. So allow me to introduce the man who bought my half of the WZCW.


    Ascension’s opening theme plays as Vance Bateman makes his way out from the back and to the ring.

    Copeland: So the rumors are true. Vance Bateman has purchased the other half of WZCW and now will be in full ownership of the company.

    Bateman is now in the ring with Myles.

    Bateman: Thank you everybody for coming out here tonight. Thank you Chuck for your hard work and dedication during the course of this company. I have big, big plans for Meltdown and the WZCW all together. My first act as the sole owner of WZCW is to fire the Apostles of Chaos and Ty Burna. Their careers are over and---

    Myles: Vance.

    Bateman: they---

    Myles: Vance!

    Bateman looks over at Myles with an annoyed look.

    Myles: I’m sorry Vance, but you were outbid and I took the other offer.


    The lights go dim as Chris K.O., James King, Dr. Alhazred, and Serafina step out in druid robes. Everyone in druid robes bow as Ty Burna comes out on center stage in red trimmed robes.

    Ty smiles sadistically at Bateman in the ring. The camera shows Bateman’s horrified face. Ty makes his way to the ring as the Apostles follow him from behind. Ty walks up to Myles and grabs the contract from him and signs it. The crowd erupts in boos.

    Ty: What is the matter Vance? You look like you’ve seen a ghost. Do you think that you are the only one who knows how to play dirty? You’ve let your ego grow far too wide and completely overlooked a situation such as this, and now you’ve made a grave mistake. The Age of Chaos is here!

    The figures outside of the ring chant and raise their torches.

    Ty: Now, for my first act as owner of Meltdown. I am giving you the night off Vance. So get the hell out of my ring!

    Bateman: I’m still co-owner of this company damn it!

    Chris steps up and gets in Bateman’s face. Bateman slowly backs down and exits the ring. The Apostles watch him as he exits backstage. Myles shrugs his shoulders and begins to exit the ring as well. Ty catches him by the arm.

    Ty: Where do you think you are going?

    Myles mouths that he is retired and he is done with this.

    Ty: I don’t think you read the fine print properly Chuck. I don’t have time to listen to whiny superstars in the back. So I need someone to do that job for me. I had my agent slip in a part in the contract that says you will still remain under my command.

    Myles starts cussing out Ty, but Ty only laughs in response. The crowd boos Ty maliciously.

    Ty: You will come to enjoy being my liason Myles. You don't have a choice. If you decide to quit then any money involved becomes voided, and I retain control of Meltdown. I don't believe you would want to give up that big payday now would you?

    Bateman: This is unacceptable!

    Bateman suddenly climbs back up onto the apron and enters the ring, his hand visibly shaking as he stares down Ty.

    Ty: What's the problem Vance? I do enjoy the look that is gracing your face right now. This moment has been building for some time Bateman, and now you will see true Chaos unleashed from the position of power and order. The duality of the situation is so beautiful and symmetric isn't it Vance? Meltdown has continually destroyed Ascension, and with your pathetic excuse for leadership, it will succumb to my own vision of WZCW, and you will be relegated to a mere puppet in my game.

    Bateman: This isn't over Ty. I still control Ascension, and I can still lead this company even while you try to poison the very business that I control.

    Ty: For far too long you have stagnated this company Bateman. Chaos has remade WZCW into what it should be, that only the strongest truly survive, and I will see to it personally that the weak are cut out of the equation.

    Ty suddenly gets right up in Vance's face, a wicked grin forming on his face. Vance takes a step back, a tense look forming on his face.

    Ty: And that includes you as well Vance. Consider your acts of war finally volleyed back right at you, only now I am on a level playing field. I have eliminated your advantage, and soon I will break you and your power in WZCW!

    The lights go out for a moment and then turn back on. Everyone associated with Ty is gone.

    Cohen: This is great Seabass! Ty has control over Meltdown and now can provide some fair treatment amongst the roster. Good move by Myles.

    Copeland: I’m not sure if I totally agree with you partner. A lot has happened so far and the night has only just begun. It’s Meltdown Madness everyone!
    As Myles and Bateman clear out of the ring and to the back, Harrys steps into the ring with mic in hand.

    Harrys: Ladies and Genlemen, le's find out tonight what our first match of the night will be!

    The crowd pops as the Roulette program begins playing on the Tron. The randomizer pops up 2v2.....Mick Overlast and Mr. Baller vs. Johnny Scumm and Saboteur.........Tuxedo Tornado Tag Match

    Harrys: Our first match will see Mick Overlast and Mr. Baller facing off agains Johnny Scumm and Saboteur, in a Texas Tuxedo Tag Team Match!

    Copeland: A Texas Tuxedo Tag Team Match? What in the hell?

    Cohen: Johnny Scumm and Saboteur in tuxedos? The Roulette has already given us some high comedy!

    Copeland: And that match will becoming up, after the break!
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is set for one fall, and will be a Texas Tuxedo Tag Match!

    "Hate Me Now" by Nas f/P. Diddy blares through the PA system as Mick Overlast makes his way out from the back. He is dressed in a nice black tuxedo top, with his trunks underneath, as he walks towards the ring. The crowd does not greet him kindly.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing 235 pounds, Mick Overlast!


    Mr. Baller comes out in an orange tuxedo top, with his respective trunks underneath. He has his signature basketball as he walks towards the ring. The crowd boos him heavily.

    Harrys: And his tag team partner, from Miami, Florida, weighing 220 pounds, Mr. Baller!


    Johnny Scumm comes out in black tuxedo top, with his trunks underneath. He responds to a fan, who is reaching for a high five, with a middle finger. This prompts a chorus of boos towards him.

    Harrys: And their opponents, first, from Manchester, England, weighing 223 pounds, Johnny Scumm!

    All three men are in the ring as the titantron begins to show a video feed. Saboteur is standing in the parking lot with a tuxedo shirt over his costume. He is signing paper work for what appears to be a delivery man.

    Saboteur: Thanks for pulling some strings Ricardo.

    The delivery man nods and opens the back of his cargo truck. Strange noises begin to erupt from the confines within the truck.

    Saboteur: Let’s go!


    Harrys: And his tag team partner, from Union City, New Jersey, weighing 198 pounds, Saboteur!

    The crowd and the three men in the ring look at the entrance ramp as nothing seems to happen. After a short delay, Saboteur finally emerges from the back to an erupting applause. Several penguins begin to storm out from the back as Saboteur points to the ring and yells charge.

    Cohen: What is this? This has to be against the rules!

    Copeland: I don’t think there are any rules against bringing “pets” to the ring partner. Saboteur has showed up in an exciting fashion for our first match of the night.

    Overlast and Baller begin to complain to the referee about the large amount of penguins that have encircled the ring. The referee says he can’t do anything about it. Overlast and Scumm both exit the ring, leaving Saboteur and Baller to start out the match.

    Copeland: The object of this match is to strip the tuxedo off of your opponent. Only then can a team win.

    Cohen: So, do they have to strip off both of their team’s tuxedos?

    Copeland: No, just the legal man in the tag match.

    Cohen: Saboteur isn’t even wearing a legal tuxedo. It’s just a t-shirt that resembles the look of one! He should lose automatically.

    Copeland: A tuxedo is a tuxedo partner.

    Baller walks up to Saboteur and gestures at himself and then at Saboteur. Baller gives a “really?” look on his face. The crowd boos at his pride, and Saboteur responds with a chop to the neck. Baller steps back from the blow and is met from behind with a one-handed bull dog! Saboteur crawls over to him and begins to yank away at his tuxedo.

    Copeland: It looks like Saboteur wants a quick win here!

    Baller instantly kicks Saboteur away and recoils to his corner and makes a tag to Overlast. Overlast jumps in and ducks a clothesline by Saboteur. He catches some rope and bounces back with a clothesline of his own! Saboteur rolls on the floor and quickly recovers to his feet. Overlast meets him head on and executes a swinging neck breaker! Overlast is quick to pounce on him and begins to tug at Saboteur’s tuxedo shirt.

    Cohen: Saboteur’s cocky idea is going to back fire. That shirt is coming off easily.

    Copeland: I would have to agree about the shirt. It is an easier target than the other three competitor’s tuxedos.

    Saboteur pushes Overlast away with his leg, but Overlast won’t have any of it. Overlast grabs Saboteur’s leg and turns him over into a half crab submission. Saboteur powers out of it and sends Overlast face first into the mat. Saboteur quickly gets up and crawls to his team’s turnbuckle. Overlast crawls over to Baller and makes a tag. Saboteur hesitates to make the tag as Baller charges at him with full speed. Saboteur dips his shoulder and sends Baller over the top rope and crashing into the outside mat. The penguins begin to surround Baller and peck at his orange tuxedo. The crowd begins to cheer for the penguins.

    Cohen: Ref! Look! That has to be a DQ! They are helping Saboteur and Scumm win the match!

    Copeland: I- I don’t know what to say, but this is strange sight if I have ever seen one.

    Saboteur tags Scumm in and he quickly jumps into the ring. Overlast has finally recovered in his team’s turnbuckle, but is unfortunately met with a spear from Scumm! The crowd begins to perk up from the excitement of the action. Scumm picks Overlast up and executes his finisher, The Facebreaker! He follows up by tugging on Overlast’s tuxedo.

    Copeland: Scumm is gunning to take off that tuxedo, but Overlast isn’t the legal man.

    Baller has finally fought off the pecking penguins on the outside and rolls back into the ring. He runs at Scumm and drop kicks him from the back. This causes Scumm to go through the ropes and land on the outside apron. Baller turns his attention over to the opposite team’s corner. He is horrified when he is met with the sight of Saboteur on top of the turnbuckle. Saboteur goes for it all with a spinning wheel kick from the top rope. Baller immediately jumps out of the way and avoids the aerial kick.

    Cohen: Sweet move by Baller!

    This leaves Saboteur rubbing his tail bone as Baller quickly comes over to him. He grabs him on the back of the head and throws him over the top rope. The penguins on the outside begin to comfort the fallen Saboteur. Baller turns his attention to Scumm, who is now standing in a daze on the outside apron. Overlast is kneeling on the outside as he reaches underneath the ring and pulls out a pair of cable cutters. Baller walks over to Scumm and grabs on the shoulders of his tuxedo. Overlast comes from behind and begins to cut the back of Scumm’s tuxedo with the cable cutters. This allows Baller to easily pull off Scumm’s tuxedo, and the referee calls for the bell!

    Harrys: Here are your winners, Mick Overlast and Mr. Baller!

    Cohen: Yes! Despite all of the show boating done by Saboteur, Mick Overlast and Baller still pick up the win! It’s like I always say Seabass; skill beats out flare any day.

    Copeland: I wouldn’t exactly call that skill, as Overlast clearly used the cable cutters that were underneath the ring.

    Cohen: Saboteur uses his penguins and Overlast uses his cable cutters. Seems fair to me.

    Copeland: I guess that kind of makes sense...

    Cohen: Now, who is going to get all of these penguins out of here?!
    We cut to a shot of the Roulette Program spinning on the Tron. It lands first on 1v1, followed by Matt Tastic as the crowd pops loudly. It continues spinning, rotating through all the potential opponents.

    Copeland: Matt Tastic looks to be on deck, question is, who and in what type of match will we see him compete in? We'll find out after this!

    The Roulette begins slowing down as we go to commercial.
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    As Truman Harrys steps into the centre of the ring, a referee enters with a long, leather strap alongside him.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, this next contest is set for one fall, and will be a STRAP MATCH!

    There is a good cheer from the crowd as they know things could get messy tonight with this sort of gimmick match. The cheer continues on as a strap match veteran’s music hits...


    Harrys: Introducing first, from Southwester, Puerto Rico, weighing 225 pounds; MATT TASTIC!

    Tastic enters the arena, a smile on his face despite the nasty stipulation he has been handed. He stomps his way down to the ring as our commentators share some feelings on this situation.

    Copeland: Matt Tastic’s got a lot to be angry about, but he’s keeping up with his great attitude regardless. It’s admirable.

    Cohen: Oh yes, because being admirable equals success. Matt Tastic is #1 in Lethal Lottery because he stunk up the joint at All or Nothing.

    As the bickering on commentary continues, Matt has entered the ring and is posing on all four corners, one after another to a series of mini-pops. He stands in the ring and allows the referee to attach one end of the strap to his wrist, but never taking his eyes off of the entrance, awaiting his foe.

    Harrys: And his opponent...

    There is a sense of anticipation and we can hear it building as the crowd gets audibly louder and louder. We wait for a few more moments before finally the anticipation is shattered by...


    There is an almighty pop from the crowd and smiles are on the faces of all, even Matt Tastic.

    Copeland: Oh my!

    Harrys: ...from Matsumoto, Japan, weighing 550 pounds, please welcome back; WASABI TOYOTA!

    The reaction for Toyota is prolonged, and grows louder still as the big man enters a good ten seconds after Harrys’ introduction. He has a big grin and raises an arm to the crowd’s delight. He makes his way towards the ring before stopping to throw his jumpsuit into the crowd. There is real clambering to get at it from the crowd.

    Copeland: Wasabi Toyota has returned here at Meltdown Madness to a phenomenal reception.

    Cohen: Great, just what WZCW needs in this new era, a popular fat man.

    Toyota has now entered the squared circle and extends his arm for the referee to attach the strap to it. He has to adjust the opening for the mastodon’s entire wrist to fit, but he eventually gets there. Matt Tastic beams, knowing he’s facing an old friend while Toyota’s smile stays bright also.

    Copeland: This is what WZCW’s really all about. Wasabi Toyota’s return has completely brightened up my day. What a feel good moment.

    The referee calls for the bell and suddenly, Toyota’s smile shrinks into a sea of darkness. Tastic’s also drops, more over concern than anything else.

    Cohen: Something tells me it won’t feel good for someone.

    Tastic realises that Toyota means business and gets in the zone himself, trying to go from side to side to see if he can exploit any flaws in his defence. He doesn’t expect what follows though. He is pulled right into a throat thrust by Toyota. There is an “oooh” from the crowd at the slapping sound that the thrust results in. Toyota next lifts Tastic back to his feet through brute strength with some assistance from the strap. He hoists Matt into a sidewalk slam position and plants him. 1...2...KICK-OUT! Toyota looks to the referee immediately and gives a look that would strike fear into most men’s hearts. He then returns his focus to Matt Tastic who has rolled over to his front. Wasabi applies a shoulder clawhold. Tastic flails around in pain. Toyota now uses both his hands to apply pressure and increase the pain. Matt Tastic knows he won’t last long and has to think quickly. He notes the strap he’s attached to and grabs hold of it with his free arm. He uses all his might to smash Toyota in the face with it. This forces the “Matsumoto Mauler” to relinquish the hold and also sends him staggering back.

    With his opponent occupied across the ring, Tastic realises he has a chance to go on the offensive and does so with a dropkick. This forces Toyota to bounce into the ropes, but he‘s still standing. He follows up with a clothesline, but still Toyota won’t go down. The former Baez decides to go for a judo sweep and that knock Toyota down and into the ropes. He gets rapped up by them too though and the returning Toyota is in trouble! Baez sees this is his big opportunity and looks to seize it. He moves back as far as the strap allows him and prepares for a run up. He then springs forward, using Toyota as a step ladder to climb over him and grabbing the big man’s hair. On the way down though, he drives a knee into his back. Tastic drops to the floor and again notes the strap. He begins to wail on the former tag team champion with a good four or five shots as the referee looks to try and free Toyota. Much to the referees surprise though, Toyota refuses to scream and simply seems to absorb the obvious pain.

    Cohen: Maybe I missed something, but didn’t Toyota just get battered with that strap? Shouldn’t he be, screaming in pain?

    Copeland: I--I’m not sure.

    The referee finally frees Toyota as Tastic ascends to the top rope. The ex Brother in Arms gets up and Tastic leaps from the top with a Screw Attack. Things don’t end too well for him though as Toyota nails him with a thunderous Savate Kick. “The Hunter” is now in obvious pain and grabs hold of his injured ribs. Toyota picks up on the injury and with his foot, flips Tastic over onto his back. He slams the strap into Tastic’s ribs numerous times, causing him to writhe and wriggle in severe pain. Toyota holds the strap up, at first to appear to taunt his adversary, but in fact, to pull him into position for Toyota’s devastating finisher; The Banzai Drop! The crowd reacts with a much more mixed response compared to before as the super heavyweight climbs to the second rope before bringing all his weight crashing down onto Tastic’s chest. 1...2...Toyota stands up? The referee has to stop his count as Wasabi stands to his feet, apparently not contempt with letting it end there. He looks to the crowd with a face of steel before looking directly at Tastic with the same glare. He hoists him to his feet with the strap. Tastic falls limp though as his ribs and chest may well be crushed.

    Copeland: Come on Wasabi, you’ve got him beaten, what are you doing?

    Cohen: Perhaps Toyota’s looking to send a message?

    Toyota brings Tastic to his feet again, but this time he catches him in a hug. The crowd is, for a brief moment confused before realising what this means. The vicegrip like Bearhug is locked in and Tastic is done at this point. He’s ravaged in pain, so much so that he can’t even submit. It takes the referee to verbally ask if he wants to submit before the match can be declared as over. Toyota leaves the hold locked in, as the referee calls for the bell. He finally releases Baez after noticing that the bell has rung.

    Harrys: Here is your winner; WASABI TOYOTA!

    The crowd elicits a very strong mixed reaction, unsure as to what they’ve just witnessed. Toyota outstretches his arm for the referee to release him from the strap. He quickly leaves with no celebration and no reaction to the win. Just an ice cold stare. Tastic is clutching his ribs in excruciating pain, unable to do anything but lay there.

    Cohen: I think we just bore witness to a new Wasabi Toyota.

    Copeland: I don’t understand. Wasabi was always such a peaceful man. What has happened to him?

    Cohen: Who knows, but I like what we just saw.

    The referee calls for medical staff to assist Tastic out as Toyota finally vanishes behind the curtain and into the back.


    We see Leon Kensworth walking backstage when he is interrupted by Scott Hammond and Blade.

    “Leon, what’s my draw?!”

    “I....I don’t know. I’m sorry. You want to do it now?”

    “Well it’ll have to do.”

    Leon sets up the Roulette program. It comes up with Scott Hammond...Meltdown...1v1....Title Contendership. Blade and Hammond grin as they are clearly impressed. The program runs again and the opponent drawn is....Alexander Stark.

    “Your thoughts Scott?”

    “Couldn’t have made a better draw. I’m going to beat that weakling Stark and then I’m going to take any title I choose. Because that’s our destiny!”

    "OK, go get ready mate. I'll be through in a second."

    Hammond nods and disappears from view.

    "Leon, get me my draw now."


    The program is run again, Blade....Ascension....1v1....Stretcher Match....Dr Alhazred.

    Blade walks off cackling to himself before Leon can even ask him a question.
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    The following match is scheduled for one fall. The winner will instantly be a number one contender for any WZCW Championship that they choose!


    On his way to the ring, from Oxford University, weighing in at 225lbs, this is Alexander Stark!

    “This is a great opportunity for both men!”

    “I don’t know who would benefit from this more! I’m a big fan of Stark but Hammond may just be too strong for him!”

    Stark walks down to the ring, full of arrogance and he heads to the far corner.

    And his opponent from London, England, he weighs 275lbs, Scott Hammond!

    “Both men are former tag team champions but who knows what title they would go for if they won here.”

    Hammond walks out to the ring with Blade. They talk briefly before shaking hands and Blade walks off. Hammond hesitates before talking to himself as he makes his way to the ring.

    Stark is met by a charging Hammond but the arrogant Stark sidesteps him, grabs an arm and takes Hammond down. He works over the arm by twisting it around and then stomps on his elbow. Stark drags him up by the arm before taking him down with an armdrag. He tries to transition into an armbar but Hammond appears to have had enough and counters with a simple punch to the face. Stark releases the hold and he backs off. Hammond is allowed to get back up. Stark goes to tie up with him again but Hammond this time pushes him away with authority.

    “Both men have tremendously differing attributes but I think they are both great superstars.”

    “Stark is tremendously technical and he appears to be on top thus far. He should push on extremely well without a partner holding him back”

    “Hammond on the other hand should be flourishing beside Blade but neither men have clicked thus far. Hammond will look for a title opportunity here to push on.”

    Stark charges in somewhat rashly this time but Hammond meets him, picks him up and drops him with a simple body slam. Hammond grabs him again and this time, the strength of Hammond is on display as he lifts Stark high above his head. The muscular Hammond presses Stark up and drops him to the mat. Hammond goes for the cover, 1....2 Stark kicks out.

    “Incredible strength from Hammond.”

    “You can really see why Blade wanted Hammond as an ally. It’s better to work with that strength than against it.”

    Hammond locks in a side headlock but Stark hits a shin breaker then forces him off to the ropes, Hammond comes back with a flying axe handle to floor the smaller man. Stark stumbles to the outside. Hammond follows and tries to hit a belly to belly suplex but Stark reverses it and sends Hammond head first into the steel post. Stark sends Hammond back into the ring and he slowly follows. He covers Hammond, 1....2.... but Hammond kicks out.

    “Neither man has advantage – they are very well matched.”

    Stark stands, comes off the ropes and lines up a double knee drop, he hits it and then two more before Hammond tries to roll out of the way. Stark stops him by grabbing his neck and hits an elbow drop across Hammonds’s back. He tries to lock in the guillotine choke but Hammond retaliates by viciously charging across the ring into a corner. Stark is crushed. Hammond lifts him up and tries to hit London’s Calling. Stark counters that into a DDT but Hammond is too strong for it and hits a huge overhead suplex style throw across the ring.

    “Hammond is smart enough to realise that attempting to go for victory early will help him here.”

    “Thus far Stark has been able to pull off some very smart counters.”

    Stark tries to roll out of the ring but Hammond drags him back. Hammond grabs an arm and appears to go for the Anaconda Vice but Stark rolls him up, inside cradle, 1....2.... Hammond reverses it and he grabs the tights, Stark kicks out at two and reverses into another cradle. Stark grabs the tights and the ropes! 1....2....! Stark is up quicker but Hammond shoves him chest first into the turnbuckle and he rebounds back out, Hammond lifts him up for London’s Calling and drops him!!! 1....2....3!!!

    “Your winner by pinfall, Scott Hammond!”

    “By hook or by crook, Scott Hammond has managed to pull a win out the bag. I’m not quite sure how the ref missed the illegal pin attempts by both men but Hammond was able to react quicker.”

    “The referee was there to make the decision and he did that exactly right!”
    The camera feed shows James King and Dr. Alhazred a in locker room in the backstage. King has a bandage wrapped around his left shoulder as he holds it in pain.

    King: It's worse then I thought Alhazred. I've been barely able to move it all since All or Nothing. I told Ty that I couldn't compete until I am healed. He wasn't exactly happy about that.

    Alhazred: Don't worry James. I've been working on a project that will solve this minor inconvenience. Leave it to me; the Forgotten Powers will rise again!

    Alhazred smiles evily and slaps King on the shoulder. King yells in pain and snorts at Alhazred before he exits out of the camera shot.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    The crowd boos loudly as the sadistic Englishman Holmes walks out on the stage with a wide smirk on his face, showing off the championship he can finally call his own. He stops for a moment, relishing in the spotlight before he continues down the ramp.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Buckingham, England, weighing in at 235 pounds, he is the new WZCW Elite X Champion; STEVEN HOLMES!

    Cohen: Look at how proud this man is to finally hold the title that he's been chasing ever since he came to this company.

    Copeland: I only fear that Holmes' mental state of mind will deteriorate much more because of the obsession he has for the belt now that he holds it within his grasp.

    Holmes uses the steps to get on the apron and calls over the ref to open the ropes up for him, which he does so. Holmes dusts off his shoes and enters the ring, raising his championship only a little as he does not need to expend a lot of energy showing the lower class in the cheap seats his shiny gold title. The ref tries to get the belt of Holmes but he simply refuses to give in.


    A definite change of pace as the crowd goes wild for Reynolds as he jumps out in excitement with his arms spread out and a huge grin on his face. He walks to the left side of the stage, showcasing his belt around his waist to the crowd, then goes over to the right and gets them pumped up.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from the West End of London, weighing in at 190 pounds, he is one half of the new WZCW Tag Team Champions; AUSTIN REYNOLDS!

    Reynolds runs down the ring and slides in, excited for the match as he gets on the turnbuckle and poses once more for the crowd with Holmes being very smug about his actions.

    Copeland: This is going to be a classic battle of the English: Royality vs. the common man. Champion vs. Champion... I can't remember if these two have ever faced off.

    Cohen: Should be interesting here, Seabass. However, if I was a betting man, I'd be putting my stock in the singles champion rather than one half of the tag team champions. It's only common sense.

    The two men stand in the center of the ring, almost toe-to-toe as they stare each other down. Holmes doesn't look all that concerned as Austin still has a smile on his face. Before anything happens, they are interrupted by Truman Harrys.

    Harrys: Considering this match is a singles contest where a singles champion is competing, the Roulette wheel will decide if this match will be contested for the WZCW Elite X Championship.

    Holmes' expression goes from an uninterested face to an angry and concerned one with Austin's smile growing bigger as he could go home with his old belt. Holmes tries to argue with the referee and Harrys but it does no good as the titantron begins flashing and a sound plays in the background to amp up the suspense. The titantron stops and two pictures split the screen: one with the Elite X title and one with the word "no title defense."

    The "no title defense" fades out as the Elite X title gets pushed forward to take up the whole screen, signalling that the title will be defended.

    Harrys: This contest will be for the WZCW Elite X Championship!

    Holmes is almost livid and is cracking a hissy fit, face fully red and getting darker as Austin goes over to the stagehand on the outside to give him his belt.

    Copeland: We could crown a new double champion here tonight!

    Cohen: This is an outrage! Why does Holmes have to defend his title but not Austin?

    Copeland: As you said Jack, Austin is a tag champ. You can't defend one half of a belt in a match without the other half.

    Holmes' outrage hits his boiling point and he attacks Austin with the Elite X belt whilst he is distracted, causing Austin to topple to the outside. The referee does his best to restrain Holmes but cannot hold him back for long as Holmes heads to the outside with rage in his eyes as he continues the attack on Reynolds, using fists and kicks to keep him grounded. The ref slides out and this time is more successful in restraining Holmes, although Holmes gets in a couple of shots in before the ref pulls him off. Holmes flicks back his hair and smirks as he re-enters the ring, taunting the fans as they boo him. The ref checks on Austin to see if he is still okay to compete. It takes some time for Austin to get to his feet but says he's good to go, although he still feels the pain from the gold hitting the back of his head.

    Cohen: Smart move by Holmes to gain as much of an advantage as he can before the match starts.

    Copeland: Leveling the playing field is one thing but an attacking your opponent without the bell ringing is taking this too far.

    Austin slides into the ring where he is met with Holmes who doesn't allow Reynolds to get to his feet by attacking with another barrage of fists and kicks. The referee rings the bell, pulling Holmes off and warning him about a disqualification.

    Holmes smirks as he almost pushes the referee aside as he goes back to work on Reynolds, who quickly reverses the shots taken by Holmes to some hits of his own. The crowd cheers as Holmes is forced to the ropes by Reynolds' attacks, allowing him to whip Holmes across the ring and connect with a dropsault. Reynolds is up before Holmes and hits a discus lariat to Holmes. Reynolds quickly runs towards the ropes and performs a springboard diving headbutt, crash tackling into Holmes who has just gotten to his feet. He goes for a quick pin but only gets a 1 count out of it. Reynolds is up to his feet and waits for Holmes to get to his feet. A disorientated Holmes takes a swing but Reynolds ducks and is able to perform a monkey flip to Holmes, sending him into the corner. Holmes pulls himself up using the turnbuckles as Reynolds gets up and riles the crowd up who cheer wildly before he runs at Holmes and hits a roaring elbow in the corner. Holmes stumbles out, prompting Reynolds to rebound off the ropes and hits the lungblower on Holmes. Although Holmes is still on his feet after the shot, he staggers around clutching his chest trying to breath. Reynolds uses this to his advantage and sweeps Holmes off his feet to lock in the lion-tamer submission. Reynolds has it locked in tightly with the knee on the face of Holmes as the crowd cheers. Holmes tries desperately to reverse but the knee in the face isn't doing him any favours. Holmes contemplates tapping for a brief second, causing the fans to go crazy... but Holmes sees an opening as Reynolds tries adjusting his feet and quickly crawls to the ropes, forcing Reynolds to let go with the ref forcing him off. Holmes rolls to the outside and tries recovering as the ref talks to Reynolds about his actions. Once Reynolds gets a break from the ref's discussion, he goes to the outside and follows Holmes who is on the ground. He slowly picks him up and goes to chuck him into the ring but Holmes reverses it and uses Reynolds' body as a battering ram as he runs him into the apron. He smacks Reynolds across the face before Holmes chucks him into the barricades head first. This allows Holmes to recover for a short time whilst Reynolds feels the damage done to his head earlier by the Elite X title.

    Copeland: Again Holmes utilising those underhanded tactics. Has he ever gained momentum without resorting to this?

    Cohen: It's called playing possum, Seabass. Every wrestler has it in their arsenal: it's just that Holmes' version may be considered a little bit controversial but hey, it gets the job down without the "DQ", right?

    Holmes quickly rolls into the ring to break the refs count before proceeding outside to go after Reynolds who is still a little sore from that last shot. He tries fighting back however but after a couple of blows Holmes manages to sneak in a knee shot to the stomach to slow Reynolds down before pulling his head forward and throwing it back, causing a whiplash as he hits his head on the barricade once more. An evil grin comes on the face of Holmes who exclaims how good he is to the crowd, who don't appreciate on bit and respond with boos. He picks up Reynolds and twists his neck, hitting a neckbreaker on the thinly-padded floor on the outside. The crowd "ooo's" at the impact and are concerned for Reynolds as Holmes rolls into the ring, instructing the referee to count him out. The referee begins counting as Reynolds stays laid out on the ground... as the count gets higher, little movement is shown from Reynolds on the outside. Once the ref reaches the 5 count, the crowd chime in to chant Reynolds back into the match who slowly gets up. Slowly but surely, Reynolds is able to make it back to his feet and slide himself into the ring before the count of 9. He gets little rest however as Holmes continues his attacks with some well-placed knee shots before rolling Reynolds into the ring for a cover... 1... 2... kick-out by Reynolds. He slaps on a chinlock to Reynolds, applying pressure to the damaged neck of Reynolds. Being in the center of the ring, Reynolds is unable to reach for the ropes nor find a specific way to counter Holmes' submission. The crowd begins to cheer once more as Reynolds manages to slowly get to his feet and tries breaking free of the hold but again Holmes knees Reynolds in the gut and takes him out with a quick belly to back suplex. He goes for another cover... 1... 2... kick-out again by Reynolds. Holmes gets up with a smirk on his face and taunts the crowd who boo at him. He positions Reynolds and hits a knee drop to him, going for another cover... 1... 2... kick-out again. Holmes becomes a little frustrated and double checks with the referee on his counting skills.

    Copeland: Reynolds is hanging in there... he's a tough competitor.

    Cohen: Maybe so but he's only hanging by a thread. One false move and snap, Holmes breaks him in half and takes home the title once more.

    Holmes has picked Reynolds up off the ground and has him in a bear-hug type grip where he switches his feet to perform a belly to belly suplex on Reynolds. Holmes still has some sort of grip as he holds the arms of Reynolds in his hands. Holmes flips and is able to keep Reynolds in an double underhook position as he lifts him to his feet, hitting an underhook suplex on Reynolds. Holmes goes for a cover... 1... 2... kick-out again by Reynolds. Holmes isn't pleased with the lack of a three count as he grabs the almost limp body of Reynolds and picks him up again. He gets Reynolds in the standard suplex position and lifts him up, doing a standing delayed vertical where Holmes keeps Reynolds in the air for quite some time. Although the crowd is somewhat impressed with Holmes keeping Reynolds up for a prolonged amount of time, they still boo him as Holmes drops Reynolds hard onto the canvas. Holmes rolls through and tries for another cover.... 1.... 2..... kick-out again. Holmes is definitely annoyed at the ref and begins barking at him to count faster but the ref says he's doing all he can. Holmes mutters under his breath as he once again picks up Reynolds and locks his arms around his waste trying for a Northern Lights suplex. Reynolds is showing some life here as he tries to struggle out and hits a couple of elbow shots to Holmes but he manages to duck one of the shots, switch positions and hit a quick German suplex. The amount of suplexes doesn't allow Holmes to hook the bridge, so he has to flip Reynolds over make the pin normally.... 1...... 2........ shoulder up by the challenger. Holmes is almost about to lose his cool for the second time as he goes off at the ref for counting slower each time. The ref argues back indicating he has been counting at the same speed but Holmes refuses to believe it. Eventually, Holmes stops yelling and turns around to pick up Reynolds body once again but he has left it too long and it has allowed Reynolds to recover enough to hit a kip-up hurricanrana that sends Holmes to the outside, crashing onto the floor. Reynolds is exhausted from the suplexes and remains on the canvas trying to recover. The referee starts the count for both men.

    Cohen: Lucky shot for Austin here. A man can't handle all those devastating suplexes without sustaining major damage.

    Copeland: There is still some gas left in the tank, Jack... and Reynolds isn't known for giving up early.

    The ref is up to four before Holmes shows signs of movement out on the floor with Reynolds still trying to catch his breath. A count of five to six sees the crowd rooting for Austin as Holmes is almost about to get to his feet. Seven to eight sees Reynolds starting to get to his feet as Holmes slides into the ring. On nine, Holmes is back to his feet and aids Reynolds to his feet and tries for a Northern Lights suplex but Reynolds counters with a few elblows before Holmes releases his grip. Reynolds unloads a couple of strikes before tries whipping Holmes across the ring, who counters by sending Reynolds instead. Holmes tries for a clothesline as Reynolds runs at him but he ducks and hits a shoulder block off the rebound from the other side. Reynolds runs off the ropes again and hits a leg lariat as Holmes has gotten to his feet. With Reynolds building up a head of steam, the crowd is going wild for Austin as he runs off the ropes, hitting a forward roll into the Millions and Millions kick to Holmes who staggers a little from the impact. Reynolds goes to the ropes and springboards off to hit an Asai moonsault with a pinning combination... 1... 2... kick-out by a surprised Holmes. He tries getting to his feet before Reynolds but he fails as Reynolds sets up Holmes and hits his signature Five Star uranage. Austin again goes for the pin... 1... 2.... kick-out by Holmes. Reynolds can feel the championship as he prepares for his finisher. Before Reynolds can pull it off, Holmes manages to slip around Reynolds and lock in the Superiority Complex. Reynolds struggles ferociously before any damage can occur and almost escapes but Holmes levels Reynolds with the Execution. The crowd boos as Holmes regains control of the match, slowing things back down to his level. He sees Reynolds in perfect position as he sits poised waiting for Reynolds to get up, allowing him to set up for the Imperial Impaler. Before Holmes can pull it off, Reynolds flips Holmes over. He gets up and is met by a kick from Reynolds and he tries hitting the Ratings Killer... but Holmes pushes away and hits a high running knee to Reynolds, causing him to stumble back into the nearby corner. Holmes goes over to the corner and sits Reynolds on the top turnbuckle. He slowly climbs to the top himself and perches there, readying himself.

    Copeland: He's not going to... is he?

    Cohen: Looks like Holmes is going to pay tribute to the loss of Big Dave here by performing a superplex.

    Holmes hooks the arm over his shoulder and tries to pull Reynolds up but he does not budge from the corner. Holmes tries a second time but Reynolds is being stubborn. Holmes hits a couple of shots to try and loosen the grip on the third attempt but Reynolds isn't going anyway. Reynolds gets some shots of his own, stopping Holmes momentarily and tries getting to an upright position on the top but Holmes grips Reynolds and tries to perform the superplex but Reynolds counters. However, the footing of Reynolds doesn't block the attack and causes him to tumble off the edge and towards the apron. With Holmes still attached to Reynolds, both men fall off the top rope in different directions and crash into the ropes/apron and down to the ground. The crowd don't know what to make of the situation as the two men lay out as the referee begins the count.

    Cohen: Ouch... that was a nasty spill. What happened?

    Copeland: I think Reynolds tried to block but didn't have the right position and caused both men to slip to the outside.

    Cohen: This is all Austin's fault then. It would have ended much better if he allowed Holmes to hit that superplex.

    Copeland: He was doing what any good wrestler would have done: avoided a major catastrophe. Unfortunately, it happened to these two anyway.

    The referee is almost finished his count and both men are just beginning the budge on the ground. The referee gets to ten and signals for the bell, ending the match with both men still on the outside.

    The crowd boos at the decision that the ref had to make as he goes over and speaks to Truman Harrys on what the outcome of the match is.

    Harrys: Due to a double count-out, this match has been ruled as a draw! Therefore, still your WZCW Elite X Champion; Steven Holmes!

    The crowd boos as Holmes is barely able to recognise his defense being announced and raises a finger in celebration. At this moment, Constantine can be seen coming down to the ring, getting the Elite X belt and going over to assist his fallen comrade. Ricky Runn also comes down momentarily and helps out Reynolds. Holmes embraces the help whilst Reynolds wants to get to his feet himself as Runn looks on and continues to cater for Reynolds. Constantine helps Holmes and his belt get up the ramp as Reynolds goes over to the barricadeand recovers, talking with the fans as Runn keeping an eye out on the other two.

    Cohen: That's a pretty good first title defense I'd say for Holmes. He took a beating, showed what he was made of and still walked out as the champion.

    Copeland: He just barely made it out alive, Jack. If it wasn't for the champions advantage he would have lost the title. I just hope that both men are alright and can both fight for another day.
    We go backstage where Ty Burna is sitting in Chuck Myles' old office, the name tag on the door ripped off and tossed aside on the desk. Ty leans back in his office chair and rests his feet up on the desk. A knock at the door is heard and Ty motions Chris K.O. to open the door which he does so. Barbosa walking in calmly into the room, not speaking a word to Chris or paying any attention to him.

    Ty: Barbosa, it's unfortunate to see you without the WZCW World Title I must admit.

    Barbosa: It is a situation I will rectify shortly.

    Ty: As I'm sure you will. So you are here to see what your match will be I assume?

    Barbosa: That is correct. I have the urge to put someone in a body bag, the sooner the better.

    A sickening grin forms on Ty's face as he listens to Barbosa. He sits up and removes his feet from the desk and hits a button on the keyboard in front of him. The Roulette program starts up as Ty speaks.

    Ty: A fine attitude to have my dear friend. Let's see who your victim will be.

    The roulette shows Barbosa on one side, with the various options circling in the middle. It lands on 2v2.

    Ty: I should say victims I suppose...

    The roulette pops up Barbosa's first opponent, Black Dragon. Barbosa watches intently yet doesn't speak or show any emotion. The second opponent pops up Chris K.O. Chris and Barbosa immediately turn towards one another as Ty cackles maniacally.

    Ty: Excellent! Chaos truly has given us a worthy match this evening. But, the question is, who is your partner Barbosa?

    The roulette spins one final time, going through the various options, Titus, Showtime, Darren Bull, Steven Holmes, before finally landing on.........Ty Burna. K.O.'s jaw drops as he sees the results on screen. Ty's grin disappears formed by a look of intensity. He turns towards Chris and motions him out of the room, which Chris exits immediately. Ty turns back towards Barbosa, tapping his hand on the desk absentmindedly.

    Ty: So here we are again.

    Barbosa: They do not stand a chance Mr. Burna.

    Ty leans back in his chair and takes a deep breath.

    Ty: You are partially correct Barbosa. Come. Our match is next.

    Ty stands up from his chair as does Barbosa and begin exiting the room.

    Copeland: Ty Burna and Barbosa against our Eurasian Champion Black Dragon, and Ty's Apostle Chris K.O.? I don't see this ending well for our Eurasian Champion.

    Cohen: Ty just stacked the deck for himself. I love it!

    Copeland: It's all random, but can Ty trust Barbosa? They were victorious the last time they teamed up, but the distrust was clear. What will happen? Find out next!
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    The crowd greets the new owner of Meltdown with a loud chorus of boos as Ty Burna emerges, standing on the stage as he has smirk across his face. He walks down to the ring slowly, ignoring everything the fans are yelling at him.

    Harrys: The following Tag Team Contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighing in at 235 pounds... Ty Burna!


    The crowd boos as Barbosa walks onto the ramp. Barbosa has a cold blank stare as he walks down to the ring.

    Harrys: And his partner, from Bedlam, weighing in at 237 pounds, Barbosa!

    Barbosa walks up the stares and enters the ring. He stands near a corner and stays there. Ty looks on from the other corner, curious about Barbosa's changed nature.


    The lights go dark and Chris K.O. emerges from the back and walks down to the ring.

    Harrys: And thier opponents, first from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, weighing in at 212 lbs, Chris K.O.

    K.O. slides into the ring and walks over to his master Ty Burna. He stands near Ty who tells him to go stand near his corner.

    Copeland: Ty appears to be instructing K.O. to treat this as a normal match. Maybe there is hope for Dragon in this contest.

    Soul of the Shadow plays and the crowd cheers for the first time for this natch as Black Dragon walks out, EurAsian Title hung over his shoulder. He stands up at the top of the ramp at all three men before continuing to the ring.

    Harrys: And his partner, from The Halfway House, weighing in at 180 lbs, he is the EurAsian Champion, Black Dragon!

    Cohen: Black Dragon is without a doubt screwed in this match. His partner, K.O., is an apostle to our new boss, Ty Burna. And Barbosa’s a fricking nut job who Ty would love to have alongside him.

    Copeland: Jack you paint a pretty accurate picture for a change. The odds do not look good for our EurAsian Champion, but if I know Dragon, stepping into the ring with three dark evil individuals is exactly what he’s after. Pain or no pain, these are the type of men he wants to face.

    Dragon stops in front of the ring and surveys the three men in the ring. He removes the title from his shoulder and rolls into the ring. He hands the belt over to the ref and starts swinging and stretching his arms ready to start this match. K.O. quickly straddles through the ropes. Ty stands in the ring and stares at Dragon. The crowd cheers in anticipation, but then boos loudly as Ty steps over the middle rope and lowers himself under the rope and out. Barbosa stands coldly, hardly moved since arriving to the ring. The bell rings and Barbosa’s head snaps up. He rams into Dragon at full force with a barrage of swinging arms. Dragon is smothered by the larger opponent, but holds his arms up and blocks most of the swings as he is pushed back to ropes. Dragon himself springs back off the ropes and hits a stiff forearm perfectly timed to the face of Barbosa. Dragon follows with more forearms and soon both are trading off punch after punch. Dragon breaks Barbosa’s attack with a swift kick above the the knee of Barbosa. Barbosa hobbles and Dragon follows up with a Roundhouse kick, putting Barbosa to the mat. Barbosa is back to his feet when Dragon grabs him. Dragon Irish Whips Barbosa. Barbosa reverses it. Steps back then runs full force at Dragon. Clothesline misses as Dragon ducks under. Barbosa bounces off the ropes and runs full force back. Dragon hits the ropes and sees Barbosa running near centre. Barbosa with a Kitchen Sink knee strike. Dragon slides under the leg. Stands up behind Barbosa. Sleeper Drop. Dragon is near his corner and reaches out to tag his partner. K.O. moves his hands away and slides away from Dragon.

    Cohen: Well looks like Dragon is going to fry early in this contest.

    Copeland: I’m not sure if this is out of K.O.’s shear loyalty or Ty’s bidding.

    Ty doesn’t look pleased as Dragon shakes his head at his partner. He picks Barbosa up, who’s recovered and hits Dragon with a knee to the midsection. Barbosa grabs Dragon’s arm and wraps it across his neck. Now standing behind Dragon, Barbosa grabs the other arm and wraps it across Dragons neck. Split Personality set up. Barbosa holds the Dragon showing his superior strength. Dragon suddenly snaps the head back, Head butting Barbosa in the face. Barbosa breaks the hold. Dragon runs off the ropes. He goes to Sunset Flip over Barbosa. Barbosa stands up early, catching his head under Dragon’s arm. He lifts him up into the air holding him there before dropping him down into an Inverted Atomic Drop. Dragon hobbles on his feet as Barbosa grabs across his neck. STO! Barbosa goes for the cover. 1... 2 Dragon kicks out. Barbosa stays over top of Dragon and starts driving knees into the head on Dragon. He rotates over Dragon and locks in a Front Face lock, pressing his knee into the back of Dragon. Barbosa pulls back as Dragon continues to reach out to grab the ropes. Barbosa changes his mind and slams Dragons head into the mat. Tries for a quick cover. 1.... Dragon kicks out. Barbosa wraps his arm around the back of Dragon’s head and lifts him to his feet. Barbosa goes for a DDT. Dragon grabs a spot on Barbosa’s forearm and is able to move it before Barbosa moves. Dragon moves behind and around Barbosa. Snapmare by Dragon. Barbosa is seated on the mat. Dragon with a swift kick to the back of Barbosa’s head. Barbosa rolls face down to the mat, but remarkable starts to stand up right away through the pain. Dragon bounces off the ropes and runs at full force. Dragon leaps off the air with a clothesline. Barbosa swings a wild standing clothesline and both men connect, knocking the wind out of each. Barbosa rolls towards his corner as Dragon reaches out to tag K.O. in. Again K.O. moves away from Dragon. Barbosa tags Ty in and Ty enters the ring.

    Cohen: A fresh man is in now, it’s almost lights out for Dragon.

    Dragon pulls himself up to his feet with the ropes. He stands up and puts his fists out ready. Ty shakes his head and points at K.O. K.O. points in himself and Ty nods his head and mouths a few things. Dragon looks at K.O. keeping a close eye on Ty who also watches him. K.O. at last reaches out and Dragon tags him in.

    Copeland: And Ty has ordered K.O. to tag into this contest. What does Ty have in store for his disciple?

    K.O. stands in front of Ty. He lowers himself and looks to lie down for Ty until Ty barks at him and lifts him forcefully back to his feet. Ty yells at K.O. and then slaps him. K.O. shakes his head and argues back with Ty. Ty shakes his head at him and strikes him across the chest, dropping K.O. to his knees. K.O. stands up and lowers his head. He says something to Ty and turns around. Ty has had enough and grabs the arm of K.O. Ty with an Irish Whip across the ring. K.O. bounces back. Ty goes for Consecrated Banishment. K.O. ducks under it. He bounces back off the ropes. Spinning Wheel Kick connects. Ty rolls to his knees and grabs his lip as K.O. gets to his feet. Ty Burna smiles at the hint of blood and says something to K.O. nodding his head. The two lock up at centre. K.O. gets the better of his master and wrenches the arm of Ty. K.O. angles Ty’s arm high and gets him to a Standing Armbar. Ty moves around a little in the ring. The veteran strikes K.O. once with his free arm and then grabs the waist of K.O. Backbreaker by Ty. Ty holds K.O. on his knees and pushes down on his neck in a submission move. Ty smiles as continues to push his elbow into the neck of his apostle.

    Cohen: Ty Burna is showing K.O. that he’s the master and K.O. is his pupil. I bet Ty could take K.O.’s head off right now if he wanted.

    Ty doesn’t and releases K.O. and rolls him onto the ring. Ty lifts K.O. to his feet and delivers a boot to the gut. Ty lifts K.O. up onto his shoulder. Ty walks around the ring about to hit a Shoulderbreaker. K.O. slides down the back side. German Suplex into a pin. 1... 2.... Ty kicks out.

    Copeland: Nearly a 3 count from K.O. He may have surprised his master there for a minute.

    K.O. stand up, excited he nearly pinned his master. He debates tagging Dragon in and waits for Ty to stand. K.O. bounces off the ropes, unaware Ty is doing the same thing across the ring. K.O. leaps at running knee strike. Ty also attacks K.O. with a High Knee. The two collide. Ty overpowers K.O., sending him crashing to the mat. Barbosa sticks a determined hand out. Ty looks down at K.O. and then nods. He tags Barbosa in. They both Irish Whip K.O. across the ring. Barbosa runs at him. Kitchen Sink Knee flips K.O. onto the mat. Barbosa with a pin. 1... 2.. K.O. kicks out. Barbosa slams a forearm across the neck of K.O. He lifts him up and grabs across his body. Overhead Sambo Suplex! Barbosa again goes for the cover. 1... 2....

    Dragon breaks up the count. Barbosa is immediately up and in the face of Dragon as the ref tries to get Dragon out of the ring. The two continue to stare as K.O. recovers. Dragon pushes Barbosa back. K.O. with a Dropkick from behind sends Barbosa forward. Dragon lowers the top rope and Barbosa sails over onto the floor. Dragon leaves the ring to inflict more pain of Barbosa. Ty slowly sneaks into the ring and waits behind K.O.

    Cohen: Apostle or not, Ty is really taking this match seriously.

    Copeland: Perhaps he is testing K.O.

    Cohen: Or perhaps helikes removing heads off people.

    Ty continues to wait for K.O. to turn around. K.O. does. Consecrated Banishment misses as K.O. ducks. K.O. with a kick to the gut. Hooks Ty’s arms and goes for The Butterfly Effect. Ty breaks his arms free and lifts K.O. up and over the ropes. Dragon and Barbosa are trading punches at ringside. Dragon sees K.O. and moves out of the way. K.O. lands on top of Barbosa. The ref escorts Ty out of the ring as K.O. and Dragon roll Barbosa into the ring. K.O. slides in and tags Dragon in. Dragon goes to work on Barbosa with kicks to the back. Dragon picks Barbosa up. Swinging Neckbreaker. Dragon with the cover 1... 2. Barbosa kicks out. Barbosa is by the corner and pulls himself to his feet. Dragon stand in the opposite corner and runs at Barbosa. Handspring elbow in corner connects. Dragon tags K.O. in. K.O. enters the ring and grabs Barbosa’s head. Bulldog from the corner. K.O. stays on top and starts punching the head of Barbosa. The ref gets to 4 and K.O. stops the attack. K.O. picks Barbosa up and Irish Whips him. Barbosa reverses. Barbosa bends down and K.O. hops over. Barbosa turns, K.O. with a Scoop Slam. The cover 1... 2.... Barbosa kicks out. K.O. grabs an arm of Barbosa and tags in Dragon.

    Copeland: Ever since K.O. was first tagged into this match, him and Dragon have been performing well as a team.

    Cohen: Yes, but Dragon should still be aware that all three men could possibly jump him at any moment.

    Dragon Irish Whips Barbosa, Barbosa reverses. Dragon bounces back and delivers a kick. Barbosa catches the foot. Enziguri Kick by Dragon. Dragon turns around facing Ty and knocks him off the apron with a Roundhouse kick. Ty lands on his feet on the floor on the outside. Dragon is staring down at Ty. Barbosa takes advantage of Dragon’s moment of distraction and gets behind him. Hangman’s Neckbreaker. Barbosa stands up and looks straight down at Dragon. That cold look still in his eyes. He grabs Dragon from behind the neck and lifts him up. Drops a DDT, still holding onto Dragon. He and Dragon stand up again and Barbosa hits another DDT.

    Cohen: Duplicity!

    Is not what Barbosa hit as Barbosa slowly rises again still holding onto Dragon. Barbosa stares around at the audience and then hits a third DDT, Multiplicity!

    Copeland: No Jack Multiplicity is what Barbosa hit. This could put the EurAsian Champion away.

    Barbosa reaches over for the cover. 1... 2...... Dragon kicks out. Barbosa stares down at Dragon. A smile finally cracks on the face for a moment before reverting back to cold. Barbosa grabs Dragon and lifts him to his feet, standing from behind.

    Cohen: Doppelgänger Time!

    Barbosa lifts Dragon up for the Doppelgänger. Dragon slides down the backside of Barbosa. Barbosa quickly turns around. Snap Powerslam. A loud boom is heard from Barbosa hitting the mat and both men lay unmoving on the mat. The ref begins a 10 count, but soon both men are crawling towards their respected corners. K.O. has his hand out and his fingers shaking, ready for a hot tag. Ty is reaching out to, but stares at K.O. Chris at last notices his masters stare and Ty shakes his head no. K.O. stops and appears to question. K.O. continues to his hand out as Barbosa makes the tag to Ty. Dragon is almost to his partner who at last removes his hand from the ring as Dragon swings out. K.O. hops off the apron and Dragon is alone in the ring with Ty Burna.

    Copeland: K.O. stepped away from his partner.

    Cohen: I knew this would happen at some point.

    Dragon pulls himself to his feet. He seems very aware of the situation with Ty. Ty allows the tired Dragon to stand. Dragon does and turns around and hits a forearm across the face of Ty. barely fazing him. Ty swings right. Dragon ducks and kicks the side of Ty. Ty grabs the leg. He pulls Dragon towards him as he drivers his left knee into gut of Dragon. Dragon is bent over as Ty hooks his arms. Double underhook backbreaker. Ty goes for the cover. 1... 2...... Dragon just kicks out. Ty grabs the arm of Dragon. He looks back at his apostle and then nods. Ty locks in The Final Séance! Dragon is refusing to tap out and swings his legs out to try and get near any ropes. Ty continues to pull as Dragon starts to fade and then blacks out. The ref checks on him and then calls for the bell.

    Harrys: Here are your winners, Barbosa and Ty Burna!

    K.O. enters the rings as Barbosa hops off the apron. Ty wants him in the ring and barbosa slides in. Ty Burna extends a hand and congratulates his partner. Barbosa appaears unwelcomed by Ty's greeting. Ty spots the ref checking on Dragon and grabs him, telling him to leave the ring or he's fired. The ref does. Ty grabs Barbosa's arm and raises them to loud boos. Barbosa lowers his and then leaves the ring. Ty walks over to the aporn and yells to Barbosa. Barbosa looks back as Ty waves him back into the ring. barbosa seems to think about it, but then decides to continue up the ramp.

    Copeland: Ty appears to be courting Barbosa to be apart of his apostles, but Barbosa appears unsure about the proposal.

    Cohen: With Barbosa's mind in the state it is I'm sure it won't be easy for Ty to get him to come around.

    Copeland: Nonetheless Jack, a heavy hitting and exciting main event here tonight. While many would've hoped it wouldn't have come to this, they also assumed this is exactly what would happen and unfortunately it did for Dragon.

    Cohen: You're so biased Seabass. Did you not see Ty Burna out there with K.O. He was testing the battle experience this kid brings. He got a fire under him and watched him go toe to toe with Barbosa.

    Ty and K.O. stand in the ring together with Dragon on the mat. Ty tells K.O. to grab Dragon's belt. K.O. rolls out of the ring and brings Ty the EurAsian Title. Ty points to Dragon who's rolled onto his knees. Ty tells him to level him with the title. He's not worthy to be our show's champion Ty yells at him. Dragon stands and K.O. decks him with the title. Ty claps his hands and then grabs K.O.'s hand and raises to as the corwd boos.

    Copeland: Is this what we'll have to go through each and ever week with Ty burna running Meltdown.

    Cohen: I think I'm going to like things here now.

    Copeland: Well folks that is the end of Meltdown. From all us at WZCW, Jack and Seabass say goodnight.
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    Kermit: Opening, Backstage, Mick Overlast and Baller vs. Johnny Scumm and Saboteur
    Funkay: Matt Tastic vs. Wasabi Toyota
    Falkon: Austin Reynolds vs. Steven Holmes
    Numbers: Alexander Stark vs. Scott Hammond, Backstage
    Showtime: Chris K.O. and Black Dragon vs. Ty Burna and Barbosa
    Ty: Helped with Opening, Backstage, murderer of the ponies.

    Sorry for this getting up late guys. It was for good reason however as Showtime Jr. celebrated his 1st birthday last night, leaving his father of course with the massive clean up. So on behalf of WZCW, we wish Showtime Jr. a Happy Birthday, and hope that the shipment of every piece of Showtime merchandise we could find will suffice for a gift.

    Oh and rep these fine gentlemen who worked hard on the show. Except Falkon. He's too busy hallucinating about an LSD inspired pony world.
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