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    The camera pans over the excited Japanese crowd before settling on Becky Serra who is standing on the middle of the ring with a smile on her face as she soaks in the cheers.

    Serra: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the best show on television WZCW Meltdown!

    The crowd cheers at that causing Becky to lower the microphone and let it happen.

    Serra: Last week we started a small tournament called the Mayhem Throwdown where four WZCW superstars compete for the Mayhem Championship with the one getting pinned dropping out and the man who pinned him becoming champion. Last week saw Randy Studd pinning Vox to win the championship for a second time with Vox's title aspirations going up in smoke. This week will see the remaining three men fight for a spot at the Lethal Lottery event in the Finals where the winner will be the undisputed Mayhem Champion. In fact lets bring the men out and see what they have to say.

    With little fanfare Tony Mancini and Gino Rizzoli walk from the back followed by War Zone and Troy Excellence. When they all get into the ring Mancini and War Zone get in each other's face but before they come to blows the music of the new Mayhem Champion hits the PA system.

    Randy Studd comes out wearing a silk lounge robe that he throws open revealing the Mayhem Championship around his waist. He swaggers down to the ring stopping periodically to hit on women he notices at ringside. Once he gets into the ring he whispers something in Becky's ear that causes her to frown and narrow her eyes as she tells him something that the mic can't pick up. Tired of waiting War Zone takes the mic from Becky and starts talking.

    War Zone: I don't know whay you're so happy Studd you may have won MY title last week but you didn't pin me to do it. Tonight I take back my Mayhem Championship and go on to the Lethal Lottery and show everyone why WZCW is a War Zone!

    Instead of taking the mic from War Zone Studd grabs one from a stage hand at ringside as he winks at yet another woman.

    Studd: There's no way that's happening muscles. The ladies love Randy Studd and they love rubbing my big shiny…belt so there's no way I'm going to lose tonight.

    Tired of waiting Tony snatches the mic out of War Zone's hand and gets in the face of the Champion.

    Mancini: I'm sick and tired of being overlooked. I've been here longer than either of you and tonight I finally become a champion.

    ????: Guys, guys, guys. It doesn't matter who wins because after the Lethal Lottery the longest reigning Mayhem Champion is coming to get what's his so whoever win this little thing you've got going on here better keep the title warm because soon it will be mine again.

    The camera quickly cuts to the stage where we see Vega staring towards the ring with an intense look in is eyes as the camera fades to black.
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    Harrys: Your opening contest is a triple threat match scheduled for one fall!


    Harrys: Introducing first from Tallinn, Estonia weighing 150 pounds, “Pikne's Angel" Yemrez Reqonic!

    The lights go out as The Calling by TheFatRat hits the PA system. After a bit the lights come back on with Yemrez standing on the ramp. She looks out towards the crowds and nods in approval at the applause. She takes a deep breath and shouts as loud as she can.

    Yemrez: Euphoria Time!

    As soon as she says this she runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. She jumps up onto the top turnbuckle and sits on it as she waits for her opponents.

    Copeland: With this new found faith of hers Yemrez is ready to go and looking for that one big win and she's hoping to get it here.

    Cohen: I don't know Seabass beating one of her opponents would be a tough challenge but both of them at once? Not a chance.

    Harrys: And her opponents introducing first from Crawley, South East England, weighing in at 185 pounds please welcome back to WZCW Vee A.D.Z!


    He walks out on to the stage as Hate By Design by Killswitch Engage hits the PA system. He rotates on one leg and does a somersault before bouncing up and down and raising both his hands in the air. He walks down the ramp and high-fives some of the younger fans by the barricade as the rest cheer for him. When he gets to the ring he springboards his way inside before doing another somersault before standing in the corner opposite Yemrez.

    Copeland: We haven't seen Vee since both he and Flex Mussel got taken out by a returning Triple X back in September. The question on my mind and the mind of all these fans here in Tokyo is does he have what it takes to win this match after five months of being away?

    Cohen: I don't think he does Seabass. While he was relaxing at home both Yemrez and Logan have been in the ring every night honing their craft. He may be a certified genius but Vee will need more than his intelligence to win tonight.

    Both Yemrez and Vee stare at the entrance ramp as they wait for the last competitor


    The sound of bells reverberates thought the arena as the lights go dark for a few seconds before green lights come on and start pulsing to the beat of the song as the letters L-O-G-A-N slowly appear on the Tron. After about 30 seconds Richard Goldman comes strutting onto the stage and stops at the top of the ramp and turns to the entrance way with a big smile as Logan emerges from the back. Logan walks out onto the stage and walks to the left and just stares out at the audience before going to the right and does the same thing before coming back to the center and power walking down the ramp. He bounces at the bottom of the ring steps. After a second of pumping himself up he runs up the steps and walks slowly on the apron to the middle of the ring and leans on the rope as he stares out into the crowd. He climbs into the ring and walks to the center of the ring and throws him arms out with his jersey open as Mr. Goldman smiles and applauds on the outside.

    Harrys: And introducing the final competitor being accompanied by Richard Goldman from Boston, Mass weighing in at 275 pounds “The Son of Boston” Logan McAllister!

    Cohen: This man right here is my favorite to win this match. He's got the raw power needed to not only withstand the onslaught of his to opponents but give back double what he gets.

    Copeland: I don't know Jack, he seems to be in between his manager and his family. I can't believe that's not messing with his head right now.

    Cohen: Logan is better than that Seabass. His mind is one hundred percent on the task at hand.

    As the announcers talk Yemrez hops down from the top rope and all 3 competitors walk to the center of the ring and stare at each other as the ref gives them some last minute instructions. As soon as he's done the wrestlers start circling each other as they look for an opening. After a few second Yemrez and Vee lock eyes and nod to each other before jumping on Logan and getting him into a corner. They take turns landing punches and kicks to Logan's midsection in an effort to get him out of the match early. Logan blocks the some of the blows before powering out of the corner and sending his opponents across the mat. They catch their footing quickly but it's to late as Logan comes running at them as he hits a double clothesline that sends them back first hard to the mat. He alternates between them as he lands hard boots to their midsections.

    Cohen: What did I tell you Seabass. This man is all business.

    Copeland: So far Jack you're right. Yemrez and Vee came out of the gate with a bang but that still wasn't enough to keep Logan down for long.

    Logan gives Vee one last kick before concentrating on Yemrez and landing a final boot before picking her up and throwing her hard into the corner which he quickly follows up with multiple knee strikes to her midsection. He keeps doing this until the ref threatens to disqualify him at which point Logan stops and lets Yemrez collapse into the corner. He smirks as he looks over at Goldman before pulling Yemrez out of the corner and lifting her up so he can land a vicious brainbuster. He quickly goes for the pin.


    As the ref's hand is coming down for the 3 Vee comes flying across the ring and breaks up the pin. He lifts Logan up and hits him with hard knees to the face as Logan stumbles to his feet Vee hits a reverse hook kick that sends him stumbling into the corner he just pulled Yemrez out of. With Logan slumped in the corner Vee goes to the center of the ring and hits running drop kick right to the chest of McAllister. Logan comes stumbling out of the corner while Vee quickly gets to his feet and connects with a shinning wizard that send Logan back into the corner. Vee does another somersault before hitting a running dropkick this time pulling Logan to the middle of the ring and hooking a leg as he quickly goes for a pin


    The ref's hand is coming down for three when all of a sudden Logan throws Vee off of him as he powers out.

    Copeland: Vee just a fraction of an inch away from winning his return match Jack. That would have been a huge boost to his confidence heading to the Lethal Lottery.

    Cohen: Close but no cigar Seabass. Vee is going to have to do a lot more than that to keep a beast like Logan down.

    Vee quickly gets to his feet and tries to put a hammerlock on Logan but before he can sink it in Logan is able to hit him with a stiff fist that causes him to let go. Both men stumble to their feet but before they can go at it again Yemrez comes off the top rope and hits both of them with a double dropkick that sends both men back to the mat. She stands in between them and as Logan gets up she hits him with an axe kick that sends him right back down to the mat. She turns to Vee and picks him up so she can hit him with that brutal Triple Snap Dragon Suplex she calls Divine Dragons. As soon as she hits the move she quickly goes for the pin


    Vee kicks out as soon as the ref counts two and immediately Yemrez picks him up and puts him in position for her finishing move Euphoria (One One Winged Angel) but before she can Logan runs across the ring and hits her with a devastating shoulder tackle that sends all three competitors to the mat in a heap of limbs Logan is first up and climbs on top of Yemrez and starts raining down shoulders to her head. After it looks like she's out he picks her up and hits the Boston Suplex Party. On the last German he releases it which sends Yemrez rolling under the bottom rope and crashing to the floor. Logan gets up and as Vee comes fast off the ropes he grabs him and hits him with a match ending Boston Massacre (End of Days). He quickly rolls Vee over and hooks his leg as he goes for his own pin cover.


    Harrys: The winner of the match “The Son of Boston” Logan McAllister!

    The ref raises Logan's hand until Goldman pushes him out of the way and takes his clients arm and raises it high in the air as he congratulates him on the win and starts talking about the Lottery match coming up.

    Cohen: I told you there was nothing going on between these two. Logan wins this opening match up and gains that much needed momentum going into the Lethal Lottery.

    Copeland: You're absolutely correct Jack. Vee and Yemrez gave it everything they've got but they were no match for the raw power of Logan McAllister. It's that power that very well may have Logan winning the Lottery match and going on to Kingdom Come.

    Vee A.D.Z stands in the ring after being pinned and is approached by Truman Harry's with a microphone.

    Vee: I want to say sorry to my fans for that performance.

    The crowd, right on cue, cheer for this.

    Vee: I have missed WZCW and I am glad to be back. I can promise you you won't be seeing much like that again.

    Vee points to the mat and the crowd laugh.

    Vee: My focus is to be World Champion and as such I am announcing that I will enter the Lethal Lottery and I will win!

    The crowd cheers again as we head to commercial.
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    The camera comes into focus on Lynx getting ready for his upcoming tag match. After a few stretches he hears someone clearing their throat as they come up to him which causes him to raise his head only to see Matt Tastic standing in front of him.

    Tastic: Hey man I just wanted to congratulate you on winning the Elite Openweight Championship on Meltdown last week, beating Callie is no small feat. Now what you need to do is keep it because she will do whatever she has to do in order to get that belt back.

    Lynx: Thanks Matt, that means a lot coming from a Hall of Famer and former champion like you. I will do my best to live up to the reputation you and others have given this championship.

    Matt narrows his eyes at being called a former champion but takes a deep breath instead of lashing out at his tag partner.

    Tastic: I may be a former champion but I've still got fight left in me. With the Lethal Lottery coming up I plan on making history like only I can by becoming the only man to win the Lottery match twice and I will deliver kickassery in the Kingdom Come Main Event for a second time, I promise you that.

    Lynx nods his head and sticks his hand out which Matt looks at for a second before shaking it. Once he does he turns around and grabs his championship before walking off and leaving Tastic with a slightly confused look on his face.

    Tastic: Where are you going dude our match is up next.

    Lynx: I need to find Josh Browning, I know he's around here somewhere and I won't stop until I do.

    Lynx turns a corner as Tastic shakes his head before walking off to do some last minute preparation of his own before their match.
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    Harrys: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first....

    Harrys: .... from Dublin, Ireland, weighing 225 pounds, Vox!

    Lights go out, and a video shows of images of world atrocities in rapid succession for 8 seconds, then a spotlight shines on Vox. The natural lights come on as he begins walking. He walks out wearing his backstage attire and with a microphone in hand. Looks to the crowd to find anyone with an outstretched hand. He finds an elderly woman with a Kagura T-Shirt on and grabs her hand, he takes the crumpled up bill and holds the microphone up to his mouth, "Yush, Ummm I saying that right? No? Well, let there be change anyway!" Vox continues walking down the large ramp. He climbs in the ring and removes his jacket. He brings the microphone up to his mouth again but is completely interrupted by Callie's entrance music....

    Harrys: Introducing his partner. From New York, New York weighing in at 100 pounds...Callie Clark!

    Callie Clark hits the top of the stage. She stops and poses for the fans and struts down the ramp. She quickly darts to the right and rips up a - I Love Lynx- sign and throws it behind her. She marches down and climbs in the ring, she gives eye rolls at Vox then climbs the turnbuckles to pose again.

    Cohen: Four words Seabass, Mothers Against Double Dipping!

    Copeland: Ha ha, I can only assume that's one of Vox's crazy causes. But in all seriousness, I think if these two can work together they can pose a real threat to anyone in WZCW.

    Cohen: I think Callie should've cosplayed as a starving kid from Africa.

    Copeland: Well, I don't think that would've gone over well. Callie Clark and Vox must have titles on their minds recently as both have lost the Elite Title and Mayhem belt's recently, it has to weigh on their minds as they go to battle here.

    Harrys: And their opponents.....

    Harrys: ..from Times Unknown, weighing 204 pounds, The Elite Openweight Champion.... The Melanistic Jaguar......... Lynx!

    Lynx walks out onto the entrance ramp with his hooded robe covering his face. He has his Elite Openweight Championship draped over his shoulder. He is looking down at the ground for a few seconds as a countdown clock ticks down 5.... 4.... 3.... 2.... 1.... Then he looks into the audience and takes the hooded robe off as pyro goes off as the fans cheer. Blue, purple, and green lights flash throughout the arena. He enthusiastically asks a fan when he passes them down the entrance ramp if they know what time it is. He then yells, "Time to donate a loss to Vox and Callie!" into the camera and continues down the entrance ramp into the ring where he poses at the top of the turnbuckles.

    Harrys: And introducing his tag team partner.....

    Matt walks down the aisle slowly hands in pocket. He's wearing a chrome Samurai mask with steam pouring out of it like it was on fire on the inside. He stops midway looking at his surroundings before getting on the apron and sitting on the top turnbuckle. He takes his mask off and continues to sit on the turnbuckle, glaring at Callie. He breathes out smoke as Lynx walks over and starts trying to formulate a plan with him.

    Copeland: When you're talking about the GOAT Jack, the conversation begins and ends with none other than Matt Tastic.

    From Southwestern, Puerto Rico, Matt Tastic!

    Cohen: Oh shut up Seabass! You say that every time during a Matt Tastic match! How about this? How about he's the worst title defender of all time? He's lost every title multiple times, not like our heroine, Callie Clark! There's the wrestler you should be blabbing about!

    Copeland: Well you're entitled to your opinion Jack,but you have to admit this, the current Elite Openweight Champion Lynx and Matt Tastic make for a great tag team! This should be a great match! You're only going to see this kind of action right here on Meltdown each and every week!

    Cohen: I don't have to admit anything! The future man and Goatman are no match for the power of Clark!

    All four wrestlers are standing in the center of the ring, jawing at each other. Referee Alkiyama comes in between them all and starts shouting orders, trying to get them to calm down. Eventually they agree to back to their respective corners. Callie and Vox play a quick game of rock, paper, scissors to decide who gets to wrestle first, Vox wins, paper over rock. Callie claims a best two out of three. They play again and Callie wins with paper over rock this time. Meanwhile, Matt Tastic and Lynx have gotten into a little argument on who should start first, Matt is defiantly pointing at his own chest and growling about starting the match. Lynx just waves his hand and eventually climbs through the second rope and grabs the tag rope.

    Referee Akiyama calls for the bell.

    DING DING! ​

    Vox and Callie haven’t finished their game yet, they both keep picking paper. Matt rolls over both of them with a double clothesline sending them flying through the second ropes to the outside of the ring. Matt climbs the turnbuckle and looks out at the massive crowd, they are cheering as he jumps and nails Vox on the outside with a flying front flip splash! Tastic jumps to his feet and clobbers Callie with another clothesline sending her to the mats. Akiyama is yelling and trying to get the match back under control. Matt kicks off the steel steps and heaves them up, Akiyama jumps through the ropes and gets in between him and Callie, who’s still on her back. Matt turns and puts the steel steps down and starts arguing with the referee. Lynx takes this moment to run off of the ropes, he launches himself over the top ropes with a flying legdrop on Callie but she rolls out of the way! Lynx lands hard and bounces on the padded mats. Vox is balancing himself on the barricade, he jumps with a fist drop on Lynx’s head. Matt runs around Akiyama but Callie catches him with a sling blade. Callie and Vox roll back into the ring. Akiyama slides in as well, demanding one of them pick a legal start or be DQed. Vox and Callie start another last round of rock,paper, scissors. They both pick rock. They start again, they both pick scissors. They start again, they both pick rock. Akiyama is losing it now, he starts loudly growling at them to pick and get their side going. Vox holds up a hand and says one more time. He turns to the crowd to get support, they start chanting Vox, Vox, Vox. They both try again….Callie picks paper but Vox picks scissors! The fans cheer as Vox makes an exaggerated cutting gesture with his finger scissors now, cutting Callies paper hand.

    Cohen: I mean, how much time is this idiot going to waste tonight?! Just pick a damn starter and go!

    Copeland: Well, the fans certainly enjoyed that exchange.

    Matt rolls back in the ring, Lynx makes it back to his corner. Vox runs at Matt and attempts a single leg takedown, Matt turns it into a standing enzuigiri. He hooks Vox’s leg…


    Vox kicks out, Matt grabs Vox in a tight headlock. They slowly make it to their feet, Matt with Vox’s head still tightly clenched, Vox elbows Matt in the ribs and throws him off of the ropes, he swings and connects with a forearm to Matt’s face, Tastic falls but quickly jumps to his feet and is met with a kick to the stomach followed by a DDT to the canvas. Matt jumps to his feet again, he swings at the air then falls through the second ropes to the outside. Vox does a fist pump and tags in Callie. Lynx jumps off the apron, he rubs Matt’s back as he’s getting to his feet, Matt shoves him away and growls at him. Both of them start to jaw at each other again as Callie comes flying over the top ropes with a corkscrew plancha sending them flying into the barricade! Callie jumps to her feet and slides back in the ring. Akiyama is on 5 now as he does a slow count. Callie looks at Vox, they both nod as Callie bounces off of the ropes again, she runs and jumps over the top ropes at a recovering Matt Tastic getting to his feet, corkscrew plancha again….NO! Matt counters it into a vicious powerslam on the padded mats! He rolls in the ring and takes a breather. Lynx makes it to the tag ropes again. He reaches out for a tag, Matt tags him in extra hard.

    Matt: Think you can do better?

    Copeland: Lynx and Matt having a little animosity between them here Jack. They should stay focused here tonight, this tag match has been all over the place.

    Cohen: This is the third time these two have gotten into a little spat, I don’t know Seabass, maybe a little one-up manship between these two will spark an unbeatable force. But I really think it’s that Elite Title causing this little bitterness. It’s been hotly contested between Matt, Lynx and Callie for awhile now and tempers are sure to run hot here.

    Lynx is still jawing at Matt, saying watch this. He crawls out of the ring, he rolls Callie back inside the ring then climbs on the apron, then climbs to the top ropes. Lynx jumps in the air, he twists and flips into a phoenix splash right on Callie! ……



    Callie kicks out! Lynx hauls her up, he snapmares her back down then jumps down and performs a surfboard stretch submission! Callie quickly grabs the bottom rope and breaks the hold. Lynx hauls her up again, he picks her up and slams her back down with a falcon arrow, he jumps to his feet and springboards off of the second ropes for a senton splash! He jumps to his feet again and gives Matt another – watch this- look as he climbs to the top ropes. He turns then jumps backwards off of the top for an arcing moonsault but Callie barely rolls out of the way, Lynx lands hard! Callie does a front roll into a tag to Vox! Lynx is barely on his feet as Vox grabs him around the side and gets his back, german suplex! Vox jumps up then punches Matt right off of the apron. He falls down for a pin….


    Lynx kicks out. Vox picks Lynx up, he slams Lynx’s face off of the top turnbuckle, then again and again then quickly spinning behind him for a roll up….



    Matt kicks Vox right off of Lynx! Callie charges in and throws lefts and rights at Matt, he fights back and a wild brawl has started between the two! Vox and Lynx start throwing rights and lefts at each other as all four wrestlers are slugging away in the center of the ring, the crowds stand and cheer for the brawl!

    Copeland: All hell has broken loose here in this match and referee Akiyama better get this under control and quick!

    Cohen: I think this is going to be a double disqualification here Seabass!

    Vox swings and misses with a left and Lynx hits him with a dragon screw, making Vox roll out of the ring. Akiyama is yelling at everyone now, warning them that he’ll stop the match if they don’t stop. Callie hits Matt with a Pele kick sending him flying over the top ropes. Lynx runs and scoops up Callie, he bodyslams her over the top ropes then rolls under to the outside. Vox rolls back in the ring, he has a steel chair in his hands now, ready to do war with everyone. Akiyama rips the chair out of Vox’s hands and throws it out of the ring, it hits Lynx in the back of the head and he falls next to Callie. Matt rolls in the ring. Vox grabs Matt by the hair. He throws him off of the ropes and catches him with a high double leg takedown. He then crouches next to Matt as he is slowly getting to his feet. Vox grabs Matt, he picks him up and hits World Pieces! The package piledriver bounces both men as Matt lands and goes limp. Vox floats over…



    Akiyama stands up and waves his hands. He points to Lynx on the outside of the ring. Vox pulls at his own hair, he can’t believe it. He kicks Matt and rolls him out of the ring. Vox rolls under the ropes, he then slowly rolls Lynx back in the ring. Lynx is slowly getting to his feet… Vox kicks him in the gut then puts him in a piledriver position but Lynx gives him a back body drop over the top ropes, Vox lands right on Callie who’s trying to make it to her feet and they both fall to the mats. Akiyama starts his count. Lynx takes a rest on the ropes for a moment. Vox makes it to his feet at 5, he helps Callie get to her feet. Matt Tastic crawls in the ring, he is breathing heavy and keeps crawling along the canvas, Lynx runs and propels himself off of Matt’s back right over the top ropes into a flying crossbody smash but Vox and Callie both catch him! They use him as a battering ram right into the steel post! Clink! The crowds oooooh and aaaaah as Lynx looks completely knocked out. Vox and Callie climb in the ring, Vox waits for Callie to grab the tag rope then tags her in. He picks up Matt in a bearhug, Callie runs fast off of the ropes and dropkicks Matt right in the back causing Vox to give him a belly to belly suplex right into the turnbuckles! Matt falls limp to the canvas. Callie drops down and hooks his leg….



    Matt Tastic kicks out! The fans cheer, Callie looks beside herself as she can’t believe he survived that. Callie picks up Matt and stands him up leaning on the turnbuckles, she chops him over and over again in the chest, she runs to the opposite turnbuckle then charges at him at full speed, she does a step up knee then a spinning back fist into a tornado DDT! She quickly hooks his leg….




    No!!!! Matt Tastic kicks out at the very last second! The crowds cheer loudly for the tremendous heart showed by Tastic.

    Copeland: The crowds are loving it! Matt Tastic is a warrior and survived that onslaught!

    Cohen: And look at him Seabass! He’s getting CHARGED up from this capacity crowd!

    Matt Tastic has a really wild look on his face and he’s shaking from adrenaline, Callie grabs his hair and hauls him to his feet. She declares that it’s over and grabs him in a reverse headlock, she tries the Lights Out small package driver but Matt puts his leg in between hers to block it, he pulls out of the headlock and starts headbutting her repeatedly, over and over and over again! Both of them stand, wobbly legged, Matt runs and springboards on the ropes but Lynx is hauling himself up on the apron with that rope causing Matt to crash and burn on the canvas! Callie falls on her face, looking knocked out. Lynx is yelling at Matt to tag him in now, Vox is doing the same on the far end of the ring. Callie crawls on the canvas, making slow progress. Matt has barely moved, he’s blinking, shaking his head, trying to clear the cobwebs. Callie has almost made it now, she’s clawing at the canvas, stretching out, fingertips not quite touching….Matt has sit up, he rolls to his side, he wobbles to his feet. He reaches out for a tag, Lynx swipes….Callie swipes and tags in Vox! Matt suddenly hauls his hand away! He narrows his eyes and gives Lynx a look of hate, Vox charges in, Matt ducks a clothesline and springboards off of the middle ropes with The Flying Power Kick! Vox is floored! He jumps down and hooks Vox’s leg….



    Vox kicks out! Matt punches the canvas in frustration!

    Copeland: Wow! Vox showing some big heart there Jack!

    Cohen: Matt Tastic has to tag here Seabass, he looks really whipped right now.

    Matt is sucking serious wind, he’s covered in sweat and on his hands and knees. Lynx yells something that makes him nod in understanding. He gives Lynx a nod then crawls over. Lynx tags in, he says something again to Matt and gives him a reassuring pat on the chest. Matt pats him back and they both walk over to Vox. They hook their arms in his head and both give him a double snap suplex! Vox looks out cold. Lynx covers Vox as Matt climbs back on the apron.



    Vox kicks out again! The fans start chanting Vox, Vox, Vox! Lynx stands up, he makes a thumb motion to Matt, who seems to understand another pre planned move they set up. Lynx tags in Matt. Tastic grabs Vox in a reverse bearhug, looking ready to german suplex him, Lynx runs off of the ropes and uses his Kick to the Future superkick! But Vox ducks and it hits Matt right in the face! Vox quickly grabs Lynx and hits a snap brainbuster suplex on him! Lynx rolls out of the ring. Vox tags in Callie who climbs to the top ropes, Vox picks up Matt and hits World Pieces (small package driver) and Callie jumps into the Calliesault! (Best moonsault ever)! But she lands right on Vox!!!

    Copeland: Whaaat?! What an incredible miscue! Right when Vox landed World Pieces Callie jumped too far and landed right on Vox!!

    Cohen: I can’t believe it Seabass! Usually Callie is such a finely tuned tag team competitor, that is a rare mistake!

    Callie hooks Vox’s leg, then screams at the ref for not counting. She stands up and gets right in Akiyama’s face. Meanwhile, Matt has barely made it to his feet using the ropes to pull himself up. Callie is still arguing with Akiyama. Lynx rolls in the ring. Matt comes up behind Callie to attempt a roll up right as Lynx fires off another Lynx to the Past superkick that Callie dodges and connects right on Matt’s face! Callie hits Light’s Out on Lynx, who rolls back out of the ring! Vox is super dazed and rolls up Callie for a pin, the ref doesn’t count and Vox gets angry, he turns and argues with Akiyama for not counting, Matt barely makes it to his feet again, Callie stands up in front of him, Matt attempts a Seismic Toss but Callie slips out the back door and NAILS Tastic with a hard low blow out of the refs view, she quickly spins Matt around and hits Light’s Out on Matt! Akiyama makes his way around Vox and see’s Callie falling on Matt for a cover.....




    DING DING! ​

    Harrys: The winners of this match, Callie Clark and Vox!

    Copeland: Mass confusion there Jack! Multiple pinning errors by Callie and Vox but they got it done in the end vs a very game Lynx and Matt Tastic!

    Cohen: What can I say Seabass! Callie continues to roll on here in WZCW! Another big win here that she can slap on the record books, with the help of Vox, who probably made a killing here tonight in donations!

    Copeland: Lynx and Matt were not on the same page for a large chunk of this match, but they starting coming together at the end there but it was another miscue that led to the loss. Both teams were pretty shaky when it came to a well oiled tag team. Plenty of mistakes but you can expect that when you’re paired together with a teammate you’re not used to.

    Callie is celebrating on the turnbuckle, Vox is near the ring ropes, posing for the fans on that side of the arena, some fans are throwing crumpled up bills at him. Lynx is standing on the ramp with his Elite Openweight Title draped at his side. Matt walks by him, very sweaty and tired, but he gives him a pat on the arm and a nice word. Callie is staring death beams at Lynx now, mouthing that she wants her title back and motioning with her hands around her waist.
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    Backstage, we see Triple X heading down a corridor with a determined look on his face. Suddenly, he is interrupted by none other than Johnny Klamour himself. Johnny puts a hand on the arm of the superstar to halt him but Triple X does not seem very pleased with that at all. He turns towards the veteran interviewer and stares right through him. A stare that would put a chill down the spine of many. But not Johnny.

    Klamour: Kid, I gotta ask you something. You're heading out there to take on one of the most promising superstars on the WZCW roster. How confident are you of taking home the W?

    Triple X can barely believe what he is hearing from the veteran interviewer. He shakes his head slightly as he continues to look totally furious.

    X: That's what you just couldn't wait to ask, huh? That's why you stopped me on the way to the ring?!

    Triple X looks at Johnny with an incredulous look on his features. He shakes his head one more time as he lets out a shallow laugh.

    X: Fine, Johnny, I'll talk. You know how Champion boxers spar to get ready for the big fight? Well tonight is my sparring session for the bigger match. Since I came back here, WZCW Management have refused to see what is staring them in the face. They refuse to see that I am the best thing going in WZCW right now. They've continually booked me away from the Heavyweight Championship after I showed Constantine what's what...

    Triple X stops for a moment, allowing a smug smile to appear on his face.

    X: After I win the Lethal Lottery, Johnny, they will have no choice but to see what's right in front of them. They chose Eve Taylor and Batti to compete for the Championship shot. But it doesn't matter who wins. At the Lottery, all of the heroes that WZCW hold dear to their chest will fall. Mark my words!

    With that, X walks off, leaving Johnny alone in the corridor.
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    Harrys: This next match is scheduled for one fall...


    Ace waits for the opening bars and comes through the curtain as the beat kicks in. As he walks toward the ring, Ace struts, adjusts his hair, jacket, slaps five with some fans and just generally tries to look as cool as possible.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing 228 pounds, he is The American Sweetheart, Ace Stevens!

    Ace turns and gives the ring announcer a look, and mouths "Who the hell fed him that line?" But then shrugs his shoulders.

    Copeland: Ace Stevens is still nursing that loss he suffered to Mark Keaton in Honolulu. A win tonight would give him some much needed momentum going into the Lethal Lottery.


    The lights go out in the arena as "I Hope You Suffer" begins with the quiet, uncomfortable opening. As the song kicks into gear with guitar and drums, white lights flash and pulse all around the arena. Triple X appears on the stage, looking out to the audience in attendance with a look of pure hatred in his eyes. He walks down the ramp with purpose, eyes forward towards his opponent. He gets to the ring and hits the apron, and faces the hard cam. When the music hits the chorus he throws his hands up in the air forming an X, before entering the ring and getting into the face of his opponent.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Phoenix, Arizona, he weighed in tonight at 210 pounds, Triple X!

    Cohen: Triple X is coming off a huge win over Titus in the Eurasian's champs own match. Since we're in Japan I hope Ace stopped to pray to the local deities. He's going to need all the help he can get.

    Ace Stevens taunts Triple X, who bad mouths him back. The two former champions are now nose to nose, having an intense stare down that lasts for several heart pounding seconds. Suddenly Triple X extends his hand. He tells Stevens to shake it, and calls him a coward. Ace smirks, when Triple X reaches forward and slaps him in the face. Triple X gives him the finger as the referee pulls the two men apart and calls for the bell…

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    Ace Stevens charges forward and begins to pelt Triple X with rights and lefts, sending the smaller man reeling backwards in surprise. Ace punches Triple X in the stomach, then hammers him in the chest with a forearm shot that sends him stumbling. He’s forced to grab the ropes to keep himself up. Suddenly X drops down and rolls out of the ring to escape his opponent’s onslaught. He turns his back and proceeds to walk up the ramp, but Ace jumps out of the ring after him. Triple X sees this, and runs around the outside, as Stevens chases him. He slides back into the ring, and lies in wait as the larger man rolls in after him. Triple X stomps him, before dropping to his knees and raining down forearm shots of his own. He pulls Ace to his feet and whips him hard into the turnbuckle. He pummels Stevens with a flurry of kicks to the abdomen, before choking him with his boot against the top turnbuckle. The referee breaks up the choke and separates the two men. He gives Triple X a verbal warning to ease up on the choking. Triple X dashes forward and nails Ace with a forearm shot to the face in the corner. He grabs him and applies a front face lock, before twisting him, lifting him up and dropping him with a sit out Gordbuster. And we have our first pin fall attempt…


    But Ace kicks out…

    Copeland: Triple X really suckered Ace there in the beginning, but the former Mayhem champion was having none of that.

    Cohen: Ace Stevens is a hothead. Those kinds of reckless emotions are the reason why Triple X could lure Ace back into the ring and take control.

    Triple X pulls Ace to his feet, and drapes his body against the ropes. He forces his throat into the second rope, and applies pressure against his neck with his knee; choking him. The ref sees this and breaks the hold. He warns Triple X a second time to lay off the chokes. He runs and nails Stevens from behind with a flying knee to the back of the head. He pulls Ace to his feet, and pulls his body backwards towards the corner. He positions him for a reverse STO, but Ace suddenly comes to life and plants his fist into Triple X’s side. He does it again, and pulls himself free from the smaller man’s clutches. He grabs Triple X in a front facelock and tries to execute a swinging neckbreaker, but X blocks it. He takes Ace over with a vertical suplex and slams him back first against the second turnbuckle. He chokes Ace with his boot against the bottom turnbuckle, and the referee forces him to break the hold. He warns X that if he’s sees him perform a choke one more time he’ll DQ him. The fans are solidly against Triple X here, as they will Ace Stevens on. Triple X measures his opponent as he gets to his feet. He charges forward, but Ace sidesteps him, as the smaller man plows into the turnbuckle pad. Ace lifts him up onto his shoulders and starts to spin him around. And around he goes. Ace continues to spin as fast as he can, before dropping Triple X down onto the canvas on the back of his head. He covers him and tries to pin him…



    But Triple X kicks out…

    Copeland: Triple X better watch those chokes. One more and he might get disqualified.

    Cohen: I don’t think Triple X cares about a DQ, Seabass. He just wants to hurt Ace Stevens. This is about payback. Revenge from what happened at Meltdown 91 when Stevens beat him.

    Ace pulls Triple X to his feet, and whips him into the turnbuckle. He follows him in with a splash against the corner. Stevens signals to the crowd, and grabs Triple X by the hair. He applies a front facelock and lifts him up and places him on the top turnbuckle. He climbs the ropes, and tries to position the smaller man for a superplex, but Triple X recovers and fights him off. A headbutt sends Ace crashing to the mat. Triple X stands on the top and measures his opponent. He jumps and nails a freshly recovered Stevens with a flying dropkick! He kips up afterwards and screams at Ace to get up. The larger man pulls himself to his feet as X rears back and clocks him with the X-Rated Superkick. Ace Stevens is down! Triple X leans down and mocks his fallen opponent and signals for the end. He steps onto the ring apron and positions himself right in the center. He springboards himself to the top rope, bounces off, and flips through the air. He’s looking for the 450 splash, but he doesn’t see the grin on Stevens face. He’s been had. Stevens gets his knees up and X lands hard. Ace leaps to his feet, grabs Triple X, drags him to his and plants him with a lifting DDT! He goes for a cover…



    But Triple X barely gets his shoulder up…

    Copeland: Did you see that? Triple X went for everything, but ate nothing but Ace Stevens knees!

    Cohan: Ace Stevens sure is a crafty one; I’ll give him that.

    Ace shakes his head. He grabs Triple X and purposely throws him out of the ring and onto the floor. He taunts him by making a motion like he’s just taken out the trash. He steps out onto the apron and measures his opponent. He slicks back his hair and jumps off, before bashing X in the head with a diving elbow smash. Ace is really fired up now! He grabs Triple X and throws him back first into the barricade. He continues to pound on his fallen foe, as the referee continues to count. Ace rolls back into ring to break up the count, before turning his attention back to his opponent. He drags Triple X to his feet, but the smaller man suddenly pushes him forward, driving him back first against the ring apron. Triple X grabs the larger man and returns the favor by whipping him hard into the barricade as well. He climbs onto the ring apron and gives his opponent another one finger salute. He dives off and executes a modified Zero Hour – tornado reverse STO – onto the floor! He boots Stevens in the head and taunts him, before rolling back into the ring as the referee counts…





    Triple X taunts the crowd, who boo unmercifully. Slowly, an “Ace!” chant begins to fill the arena. Followed soon by a “Let’s Go Stevens!” chant.



    Ace stirs and starts to get to his feet.




    He quickly rolls into the ring, barely beating the count. Triple X looks stunned…

    Copeland: Not even a Zero Hour to the floor is enough to keep Ace down! What’s it going to take?

    Cohen: Both men are beating the hell out of each other here tonight. It’s about pride. The winner’s going to be the one that pushes himself just a little bit further than the other.

    Triple X growls with rage and grabs his opponent and starts to pull him to his feet, but Ace lets loose with a wild right fist that buries itself deep into the smaller man’s lower abdomen. X doubles over in pain. The referee assesses the strike and determines that it was legal, even if it looked awfully low. Stevens charges forward and nails Triple X with a running knee lift. A facebreaker knee smash sends Triple X reeling. Ace grabs him and takes him up and over to the mat with a butterfly suplex. He gets to his feet and signals for the end. He measures Triple X and tries to hit his rolling elbow smash finisher, but X ducks under and kicks him with the face with a roundhouse. He rears back and kicks Ace in the gut with a low placed kick that looked intentionally illegal. Ace drops to the mat in pain. The referee determines that the strike was legal. The match continues. Triple X grabs Stevens from behind and takes him to the mat with a release tiger suplex. It’s his turn to signal for the end. Ace gets to his feet, as X runs and bounces off the ropes. He dashes forward, looking for the Project X claymore kick, but Stevens moves out of the way! Triple X eats nothing but canvas. Ace charges forward with a European uppercut. The force of the strike sends the smaller man reeling backwards against the ropes. He attempts to whip X off the ropes, but he counters and kicks Ace in the stomach again. This time much higher than before. He runs and bounces off the ropes, but Stevens catches and plants him with a snap scoop powerslam. Both men are down. The referee begins to count…






    But both men are up. Triple X suddenly grabs his opponents face, and rakes Ace Stevens in the eyes. He kicks him in the midsection, but Ace catches his leg. He sends X to the mat with a short arm lariat. He grabs the smaller man and returns the favor, raking his hands across Triple X’s face. Stevens rears back and nails his foe with a forearm blow. Triple X staggers, before nailing Ace with a forearm shot of his own. Stevens retaliates with another forearm, and X does the same. They’ve got a rally going, with the crowd clearly behind Stevens. Triple X suddenly cuts off Ace’s momentum with a knee strike to the gut. He runs and bounces off the ropes before delivering a huge forearm shot to the face, which staggers the man. Breathing heavily, Triple X runs bounces off the ropes and looks for the Project X once more, but Ace catches him in mid-air with the Punchline! The rolling elbow smash finding it’s mark. Stevens drops into the cover…




    Harrys: Here is your winner by pin fall, Ace Stevens!

    Copeland: Stevens caught Triple X in mid-air! What a move.

    Cohen: Stevens should be DQ’ed for cheating. Didn’t you see him rake Triple X in the eyes?

    Copeland: Yeah, after Triple X did the same thing. Didn't you just say something about reaching down deep? Well, Ace Stevens just out-cheated the cheater.

    Triple X rolls out of the ring looking pissed, while holding his jaw, while Ace taunts him from the inside. He climbs the turnbuckle and continues to play to the crowd, as Triple X gets to his feet. He starts to walk away in disgust.
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    Backstage Randy Studd is walking down a hallway towards the camera, he has the Mayhem Title draped over his shoulder and he's taking in deep breathes, preparing to fight for his title next.

    ??? Hold on there young lad, a moment of your time please?

    Studd takes another deep inhale through his nostrils as he turns around.

    Vox: God bless, I just wanted to wish you luck out there tonight, defending that Mayhem Title is tough, I should know, I tried to defend it once.

    Studd: What are you trying to do here Vox? Are you trying to cramp my style? That's impossible, I'm the most stylish superstar WZCW has ever seen.

    Vox: Easy, easy there sex symbol, I don't want you to lose your cool out there tonight and find yourself out of the Mayhem Tournament.

    Studd: Lose my cool?! Lose my cool, you fail to realise that losing my cool is also impossible, you greasy haired dork. Because you can't lose something that you are, and that something is cool. Which is something....

    Vox: Wait...what?

    Studd: You can't lose coolness when you have

    Vox: Do you want to start over? From the top this time...God Bless, I just wanted to wish you luck....

    Studd: Shut up! What I'm trying to say is, I'm cool! I won't lose it either!

    Randy Studd breaths out then readjusts his Mayhem Title on his shoulder, then turns and walks off camera leaving Vox alone.

    Vox nods.

    Vox: I'm cool too.
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    Harrys: It is now time for the main event of the evening!

    An expectant cheer goes around the arena as Truman Harrys signals the finale of the night's entertainment. Event he veteran ring announcer cannot help but smile at the thought of it.

    Harrys: This match will be wrestled under Mayhem Rules with no disqualifications, count outs or time limits. The winner of the match will move onto the final match of the Throw Down Tournament and will be crowned the new WZCW Mayhem Champion!

    A sudden and overwhelming boo greets the Mayhem Champion as he makes his way out onto the stage. He has adopted a smarmy look that adorns his face as he scans the crowd, perhaps looking for a beautiful woman to schmooze. Studd slowly extends his arms out to his side to allow everyone in the arena to take in his sheer beauty before beginning to make his way down the ramp.

    Harrys:Introducing first, the Champion! Weighing in at 240 pounds... The Ladies Man, RANDY STUDD!

    Copeland: Well, the odds are certainly against Studd here tonight. Just as they were against War Zone last week. Remember, Studd doesn't have to be pinned to lose the Championship here tonight. But he does need to be the one who pins to retain it.

    Cohen: The key to the game tonight, Seabass, it survival. Studd wont want to lose the Championship tonight, of course. But he needs to stay away from a pin-fall against him to stay in the race for ultimate glory.

    As Studd continues down the ramp, he catches a beautiful woman in the corner of his eye. He stops suddenly before sauntering off to his left and producing a rose from his tights. He hands it off to the woman and blows her a kiss. Offering a wink to the camera, Studd continues down the ramp and slides into the ring under the bottom rope – offering a few thrusts to the canvas before getting to his feet.

    After a few seconds, a rather mixed reception greets the former mob boss as he makes his appearance. Mancini, however, doesn't seem to be putting any stock into the reception of the fans. He looks down at Randy Studd in the middle of the ring and begins marching towards the ring – Gino marching at the same pace behind him.

    Harrys: Introducing now, his opponents. Weighing in at 275 pounds... From NYC, Tony Mancini!!

    Copeland: Here is a man with something to prove to everyone, ladies and gentlemen. War Zone, Vox and Studd have all been Mayhem Champions in the past. And whilst Mancini has been around longer, he is still unable to call himself a Champion in WZCW.

    Cohen: Again, Seabass, it's not about winning here tonight as much as it is about not losing. Mancini can be called a veteran in WZCW now and he needs to play this one with an ounce of intelligence. Allow the rookies to tear each other apart and pick the bones.

    Mancini continues down the ramp and marches up the steps. With Mancini and Studd now in the ring, both men begin the pre-fight mind games – waiting all the time on the third and final opponent in the match. Suddenly, however, the lights go up in the arena and the tron flickers back into life. The screen is shaking as the cameraman makes his way through the corridors surrounded by a chorus of noise. The cameraman rounds a corner to find a scene of horror in front of him. The former Mayhem Champion, War Zone, is lying visibly amongst the carnage. A few WZCW officials run past the cameraman and begin pulling some of the debris from the WZCW superstar but it is doing nothing to bring War Zone around. With a table, shattered and bent out of shape, lying under the former Champion, War Zone seems to be unconscious.

    Copeland: Oh, my word, Jack! What the Hell has happened to War Zone backstage? It's pretty obvious that someone has done a number on the former Mayhem Champion and has left him unconscious backstage.

    Cohen: We don't know that, Seabass! He could have tripped and fell through the table, you know?

    Copeland: I seriously doubt that, Jack. Come on now...

    A member of the production staff call for some water and is given it after a few seconds. He unscrews the top of the bottle and tosses it into the face of War Zone. The former Mayhem Champion suddenly awakes with a deep intake of breath. He sits up suddenly and grabs the innocent official by the lapels of his suit. The rage in the eyes of War Zone is clear for anyone to see. That is until the damage from the earlier attack takes its toll on him and he slumps backwards, beaten.

    Official: Get me a stretcher here now!

    The concern on the face of the official is no clear for everyone to see. In the meantime, the camera pans around the scene to give an illustration of the damage that must have gone on only moments before. Garbage cans, steel chairs and a broken table that War Zone lies on point towards destruction. As the stretcher begins to wheel into shot, War Zone comes back to his senses and pushes the official away one more time.

    Copeland: There's no way that War Zone is going to be able to compete here tonight, folks. The guy can barely keep himself awake for any more than 5 seconds at a time. It looks to me as if he is surrendering his chance at being Mayhem Champion and his place in the Mayhem Throw Down Tournament.

    Cohen: Wait a minute, Seabass!

    Suddenly, War grabs a production locker and begins pulling himself to his feet. A couple of officials from WZCW try to stop him from going any further but War Zone simply swats them to one side as he slowly but surely makes his way down the corridor. There is a glaze in the eyes of the former Mayhem Champion as he stumbles against a nearby wall and then round the corner.

    Copeland: There's no way that War Zone is on his way out here, folks! He has just been assaulted backstage! He's not in any state to compete, that much is obvious to everyone!

    Cohen: Uh, I think War Zone might disagree with you there, Seabass. He's on his way out here.

    Copeland: I don't believe it! I genuinely don't believe what I am seeing! Only thirty second ago, War Zone was taking a nap, thanks to an assault backstage. Now, the man is making his way to the ring to fight for the Mayhem Championship!

    Cohen: He may not be in any shape to wrestle, like you said. But wrestling might not be high on the agenda in this Mayhem Championship match, Seabass. If anything, that crazy bastard is more desperate than ever now. He might just go on and win it!

    At that, War Zone finally stumbles through the curtain and onto one knee. He bows his head for a moment before raising it to the cheers from the crowd. Mancini and Studd are looking down the ramp towards War Zone with a look of sheer shock and bewilderment – they too, it seems, cannot believe what they are seeing. The muscle bound freak gets back to his feet and wearily begins making his way down the ramp, only stopping to lean on the barricade from time to time.

    Harrys: Uh... Making his way to the ring... Weighing in at 308 pounds... War Zone!!

    Copeland: I genuinely can't believe this. What heart from the rookie!

    War Zone continues towards the ring, his legs looking more and more shaky as he proceeds. He falls onto one knee at the ring steps but it doesn't deter him from making the ring. His eyes are fixed on Randy Studd and Tony Mancini inside the ring. He knows that this is his chance to win back his title and it looks as though he is not going to allow anyone to get in the way of that. Finally, he picks himself up and walks up the steps, somehow managing to get through the ropes without falling to his face. The referee cannot believe what he is seeing either but slowly signals for the bell.


    Copeland: Well, against my better judgement at least, this match is going to continue. War Zone went from having no chance in this match to at least-

    Suddenly, the awe and surprise on Studd's face disappears as he makes a dash for War Zone. He immediately grabs the former Mayhem Champion and smashes him with HEY, LADIES (Rude Awakening). Mancini is still struggling to believe what he is seeing but he soon kicks into gear when Studd tries to roll the rookie over. Suddenly, Mancini grabs Randy Studd by the hair and tosses him through the ropes. Studd crashes to the mats on the outside violently as Mancini falls on top of the Pentagon native. The referee counts the fall... 1... 2... 3! It's over already!!


    Cohen: HA! I love it! Tony Mancini just won the Mayhem Championship from Randy Studd in the shortest Championship match there has ever been in WZCW!

    Mancini gets up from the pin-fall and falls to his knees in the middle of the ring. The referee goes over to him and presents him with the Mayhem Championship. On the outside of the ring, Gino is celebrating wildly – he can't believe how lucky they have been either. Tony holds the Mayhem Championship against his face lovingly.

    Harrys: Uh... Here is your winner... And, uh, NEW Mayhem Champion... TONY MANCINI!!

    As the words leave the mouth of the announcer, Tony gets a rude awakening. Behind him, Studd leaps under the bottom rope and into the ring. Studd looks totally irate at what has just happened but there is nothing he can do about the match now. He is the former Mayhem Champion. Mancini notices the lothario approcahing him and immediately rolls under the nearest bottom rope he can find. The Ladies Man can't catch the new Mayhem Champion and looks utterly furious about his luck. He gets to his feet and signals to Mancini that this isn't over by any means. Mancini cares not one ounce as the fans boo the match loudly. They can't believe what has just transpired but there's no doubt about it. Mancini gets to the ramp and holds the Mayhem Championship above his head as the WZCW logo appears in the bottom corner of the screen.

    Copeland: Well, ladies and gentlemen, a bit of a disappointing main event for anyone not named Tony Mancini. But, if anything, this will light the fire for the Lethal Lottery and the final match in the Mayhem Throw Down. Randy Studd will come at Tony Mancini with all guns blazing, there is no doubt about it.

    Cohen: I still can't believe what I just witnessed, Seabass. Tony Mancini is really the Mayhem Champion?!

    Copeland: Join the club, Jack. That's it for Meltdown, folks. Tomorrow night, we will find out just who will be going on to face Constantine for the Heavyweight Championship at Lethal Lottery. It is not to be missed, for sure! Join us then!
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    Intro, Vee/Yemrez/Logan - Milenko
    Callie/Vox vs Lynx/Matt Tastic, Segments - Jeff
    Ace Stevens vs Triple X - Ech
    War Zone vs Mancini vs Studd, Segments - Dave
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