Ascension Anarchy [Episode 123]

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    Connor: Hello and welcome to the first Ascension event following the amazing Unscripted pay-per-view! We are live for what will be the final night of the roulette rounds where luck determines the future of the WZCW superstars. I’m Cat Connor, still calling Ascension home, and I’m joined by the ever outspoken, Jack Cohen.

    Cohen: You could’ve been on Meltdown had the ball bounce the other way earlier this week, CC! It’s been a wild week so far with each match being totally random. We’ve already seen one title change hands, Callie Clark defeating Matt Tastic in shocking fashion to become a two-time champion. I wonder if we’ll see another change hands tonight?

    Connor: We very well could. Some of the notable names that have yet to compete during the roulette round include Tyrone Blades and WZCW Mayhem Champion, Vox. That would be a blockbuster match if the ball bounces that way.

    Cohen: You just never know what is coming next!

    Instead of the usual opening shots of the arena, this week Ascension opens up inside the office of the new General Manager, Chuck Myles. Within his office we find a tumbler and just like on Meltdown, Backstage Bob is merrily twirling it around.

    Myles: Next please. Come on, we’ve got to keep things moving. Ah, Vox!

    Walking into the room is the new WZCW Mayhem Champion. Vox proudly displays his newly won title belt, a big smile on his face as he approaches Myles.

    Vox: Do well to others and good things will be done to you, Mr. Myles. Case in point, the universe has seen it fit for I to hold this beautiful title. I do charity not for rewards such as this but it’s always a plus.

    Myles: Many congratulations on your victory. However, WZCW does not stop to celebrate. Ask any champion who has held a title, especially that one, and they’ll tell you winning it is one thing but keeping it is a whole other story. Tonight, your fate is in the hands of lady luck.

    Vox: A fine lady she is too! She smiled upon me at Unscripted when I unhooked the title from high in the air.

    Backstage Bob stops twirling the tumbler as Vox walks up to it and digs out a ball.

    Vox: This one feels about right. Before we crack it open, did you know I am holding a fundraiser for the good people of this city? I hear they have experienced rather harsh times, it is only fitting that those of us with the platform for good use it to do so.

    Myles: Ah, I agree. I’ve left my wallet in the car. I’ll make sure to catch up with you later.

    Handing the ball over to Myles, Vox watches on as Myles cracks the ball open and reads the paper inside it. Myles looks up, a grin on his face and he taps the Mayhem Title with a finger.

    Myles: Well, it seems Ascension under my control is going to have just as big a blockbuster main event as Becky had on Meltdown. Tonight, you’re going to defend the WZCW Mayhem Championship in the main event of the evening.

    The live crowd cheers wildly at the confirmation of a title match. Vox grips his title a little closer as he questions the General Manager.

    Vox: Against who?

    Myles: A man who has shown great potential in recent weeks. You’re going to go one on one for the title against War Zone!

    Vox: I see. A true brute inside the wrestling ring, no doubt. However, I’ve walked the longest roads in all the world raising money with each step. I’ve climbed the highest mountains to bring rice to starving children across the globe. In times of need I have sailed through the thickest of storms to build shelters for those who would otherwise be homeless.

    A fiery passion ignites within Vox.

    Vox: Do not be worried, my people! This title will remain with me and I will help rebuild Puerto Rico to its former glory. I will see you delivered power. I will drive the trucks here myself to see your tummies filled with food, your bottles filled with fresh water and your televisions turned on more once! We must move forward, forget the troubles of the past and rebuild. That is the lesson I will teach War Zone, tonight!

    Without being noticed War Zone has entered the room and is standing right behind Vox. The champion turns and is very surprised to see the challenger. Silence falls over the room as War Zone steps closer to Vox, their noses nearly touching.

    War Zone: You talk a lot. I’m going here to talk. Tonight, I’ll prove that I am the Ultimate Soldier when I rip that title from your hands.

    They continue to star at each other, both men confident that they can defeat the other. Myles tries to get them to step away from each other but neither moves an inch. Vox is glaring at War Zone, War Zone’s eyes like lasers burning a whole through Vox. Their clash in the main event during cheers from the live audience watching in the arena on the big screen.

    Cooper: Enough with this crap. Get out of my way!

    Pushing past Vox and War Zone, and heading straight for the tumbler, Justin Cooper is wrapped in several bandages from his Hell in a Cell encounter with Constantine. The former WZCW World Heavyweight Champion opens the tumbler, pulls out a ball and tosses it at Myles.

    Cooper: There is my pick. I’m done. Send Bob to let me know when I’ve got to go out to the ring. I don’t care who the opponent is or what kind of match I’m stuck in. Constantine already competed, and didn’t have to defend the title, so screw this bullshit.

    Justin storms out of the office slamming the door on his way out. Vox and War Zone have gone their separate ways, leaving the office to be occupied by only Chuck Myles and Backstage Bob. Myles looks down at the pick made by Justin Cooper, he cracks the ball open and his eyebrows are raised.

    Myles: Get my phone for me, Bob. We’ve got a call to make.

    The opening segment comes to a close with Myles dialling his mobile phone and taking a seat at his chair behind the desk.

    Cohen: Who is he calling? What was the pick made by Justin Cooper?

    Connor: We’ll have to wait until later to find that out. How about the main event? It has been confirmed, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight, on the first Ascension under the management of Chuck Myles, we will see Vox defend the WZCW Mayhem Championship against War Zone!

    Cohen: That is sure to be a violent match. I mean, one of the guys has ‘WAR’ in his name!
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    Anderson: The following contest is a triple threat match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first,from The Dark Carnival, weighing 220 lbs pounds, 'The Great' Milenko!

    The black pulsating strobe lights are flashing to the beat of the music but there's no sign of Milenko anywhere. The camera pans around and he's in the ring suddenly!

    Connor:Here comes Milenko The Clown and....

    Cohen Hey Cat, that's The Great Milenko! I know he's a bit insane but I don't think even he'd like being called a clown by anyone.

    Connor Yes, that's right. Don't tell him I said that by the way.

    Anderson: And his opponent......


    Anderson: ...from Neo Japan weighing in at 115 pounds...Batti!

    Beach balls drop from the ceiling and land into the crowd and the ramp. Batti comes out running back and forth and kicking the balls into the audience. She seems overtly excited as she tries to strike a pose but does so clumsily. Batti runs down the runway and slides in. She head bangs to her music and waves enthusiastically at everybody in attendance.

    Connor: These fans are cheering loud for Batti here! Easily the hottest wrestler in WZCW right now! She just overcame a brutal chain match vs Kagura at Unscripted and came out the victor in that match. She is beating all the top wrestlers in the company and there's nothing but a bright future for this girl.

    Cohen: We saw her overcome that busted finger with the chain and there seems to be some medical tape on it tonight but not very much, she is a tough kid and has the energy of ten people Cat! She reminds me of you sometimes after twenty five Kit Kat bars.

    Anderson: And their opponent.....


    Anderson:.....from Brooklyn New York weighing in at 228 pounds, Ace Stevens!

    Ace waits for the opening bars and comes through the curtain as the beat kicks in, he flashes a big grin as he walks toward the ring, Ace struts, adjusts his hair, jacket, slaps five with some fans and just generally tries to look as cool as possible.

    Connor: Another fast rising star here Jack! Ace just won a big triple threat match to crown him the number one contender for the Eurasian Championship! I have no doubt that he's going to give Titus all that he can handle with this challenge!

    Cohen: There's a lot of cocky characters walking around in WZCW Cat, but this is one of those guys that backs it up.

    Referee Morse checks each wrestler for illegal objects then calls for the bell.


    Ace, Batti and Milenko slowly circle each other near the middle of the ring, all with their hands up ready to grapple. All three get tangled up in a collar and elbow tie up. They push each other until the elbow happy group move to a nearby turnbuckle. Milenko starts the strike game with a hard punch to Ace's face then a chop to Batti's cheek! Both wrestlers shrug it off and stare at the painted mad man. Ace and Batti work together, firing off lefts and rights at Milenko, staggering him back with every blow towards the ropes. Ace and Batti hold hands and double clothesline Milenko over the tope ropes to the outside of the ring much to the delight of the fans.

    Batti and Ace back up to the center of the ring. They slowly circle each other, Batti raises her hands high with her fingers curled for a test of strength invite. Ace starts laughing. He has his hands on his hips, not believing Batti's test of strength invite. He takes a step towards her and locks his hands into hers, he applies pressure and she screams. She runs to a corner and shakes her hands. Ace laughs again, he slicks back his hair and taunts her to continue trying. Batti takes a step forward with her hands high again, ready to engage in a test of strength.

    Milenko: This savage dynasty that is the business of all things evil.

    Batti and Ace stop what their doing, Milenko is wandering around the outside of the ring with a mic. He's pressing his palm hard into his cheek like he's trying to squash a pimple that won't bust.

    Milenko: You sit there in your over priced seats, drinking your chemical filled liquids and breathing your stench filled breath all over each other. Just the smell of you disgusting WZCW fans is making me ill.

    Batti springboards over the top ropes and takes out Milenko with a crossbody smash. She runs and jumps on top of the commentating table with a Bat-shit Insane pose, her tongue sticking out and flashing devil horn hand symbols close to her face while the fans eat it up. Ace swings by and sweeps both of her legs with his arm! She lands hard on the table covering and bounces off of the table to the padded mats. He picks her up and rolls her back into the ring. Milenko staggers to his feet and Ace charges at him with a high knee! Milenko staggers back, he keeps staggering back comically far, farther and farther until he hits the barricade in front of the timekeepers booth and falls over it into the tangle of swivel chairs and wires. Ace shakes his head at the oddity of it all. He slides in the ring but Batti is waiting, she rolls him up in a small package....



    Ace just kicks out in time!

    Connor: Ohhh, that was so close! This one nearly ended early!

    Cohen: Ace might be a little too confident dealing with Batti, she's really deceptive. She can't be underestimated.

    Ace jumps to his feet, he challenges Batti to another test of strength. Batti agrees and wiggles her fingers as she has her hands raised high, they meet and Ace tucks his head under her arm pit and flips her over his head. Batti bounces hard on the canvas, the wind knocked out of her lungs. Ace steps to her shoulders, slicks back his hair and drops an elbow on her torso. He picks her up and Irish whips her into the turnbuckle hard, he runs and gives her a corner splash followed by a high knee, she rebounds again and Ace scoops her up and slams her hard to the canvas.

    The lights dim and pulsate suddenly!

    Connor: What is this? What's going on?

    Milenko appears on the Titantron.

    Milenko: You thought you got rid of me by kneeing me in the face. But you can never get rid of me, I'm everywhere....always...

    The lights dim and pulsate and suddenly Milenko is right behind Ace! He spins Ace around and hits him with a big powerbomb! He drops for a cover..


    Batti breaks up the pin. She grabs Milenko and nails him with a belly to belly suplex right over the top ropes! Milenko lands hard on the padded mats and bounces. The fans cheer as Batti looks at the damage she did to Milenko, Ace rolls up Batti from behind but she rolls through and picks Ace off of his feet in a bearhug! She squeezes for all her might as Ace has a pained, shocked expression. He claps his hands on her ears to break the hold. He hits her with a swinging neackbreaker. They both rest on the canvas for a moment.

    Cohen: What is this idiot doing now?! I think we may need Dr.Phil out here Cat!

    Milenko is sitting on the mats next to the commentating table, talking to his crystal skull.

    Ace pulls Batti to her feet, he hits her with a butterfly suplex followed by a quick pin...



    Batti kicks out. Ace mounts Batti and laces her with powerful punches over and over again until Morse hauls him off of her. He says he'll watch it as Morse continues to scold him. Ace picks up Batti and hoists her over his shoulders for an airplane spin, round and round he goes with her, he throws her into the turnbuckle roughly and she rebounds out, Ace snaps her down with a fast powerslam! Boom!

    Milenko slides in the ring, but he still has the crystal skull in his hands. Morse runs over and tells him to put it away, Milenko refuses. Ace falls on Batti and hooks the leg, but Milenko drops down with a crystal skull to his back! Ace yells out in pain. Milenko takes the skull and carefully puts it under the turnbuckle in the corner. He picks up Ace, he punches him in the face, followed by a headbutt then a bicycle kick that floors Ace. Milenko drops down for the cover...



    Batti breaks up the pin. Milenko slaps her in the face hard...CRACK!

    Connor: Oh my goodness! Did you hear that Jack?!

    Batti starts shaking in a rage, Milenko winds up to slap her again but she fires off chops and slaps of her own, Milenko tries to defend but her rage is too much, she's kicking and punching and chopping her way at Milenko's torso with a vengeance, he staggers off of the ropes and Batti wails him with a fast wind up punch, dropping the clown to the canvas.

    Ace gets to his feet, he runs and clotheslines Batti right over the top ropes to the outside of the ring! He picks up Milenko, he slaps on a front facelock and reefs back as hard as he can, Milenko's feet aren't touching the mat as Ace walks him around the ring, his power on display, he suddenly snaps Milenko down hard with a DDT then goes for the cover....



    Batti flys off of the top ropes and lands a hard elbow on Ace to break the pin!
    She covers Milenko instead.....



    Milenko kicks out!

    She covers Ace, but he hooks her leg into a small package.....



    Batti kicks out! Milenko kicks Batti hard in the face with a soccor kick, he kicks Ace with another soccor kick. He picks up Batti and Irish whips her into the corner turnbuckle. He picks up Ace and Irish whips him into the opposite turnbuckle across the ring. Milenko says a few words to himself, he runs and nails Batti with a running european uppercut in the corner, he doesn't stop moving his feet as he runs across the ring and nails Ace with a running european uppercut, he runs across the ring again but Batti jumps out and gives him an axe kick to the face, Milenko doesn't fall but he staggers backwards hard, right into Ace who gives him a reverse snap scoop powerslam on to Milenko's face. Batti jumps down to pin Milenko....



    Ace throws off Batti and jumps down to hook Milenko's leg....



    Batti hauls Ace's feet so he falls off of Milenko. Ace jumps to his feet and starts jawing at her. Morse gets between them as they have an exchange of words in the middle of the ring.

    Connor: This one is getting to the later stages one would think! Nobody really has the clear advantage, it has been a closely contested match up Jack!

    Ace charges at Batti but she uses a spinning toe hold to control him. Milenko makes it to his feet, he runs over and punches Batti in the back of the head. He picks her up, but Ace jumps to his feet at the same time, Ace and Milenko grab Batti in a suplex position....

    Cohen: Ha haaa, this one's gonna hurt, snap double suplex!

    Batti blocks it! She heaves both men in a double suplex to the canvas!


    Connor: Whaaat?! What did I just see there?! Where in the world does she find that power?!?


    Batti gets to her feet, the chants are still going strong as the fans are shaking the building with their cheers. Ace gets to his feet, he charges at Batti but she leapfrogs over him and he rebounds off of the ropes, she gives him a back body drop over the top ropes to the outside of the ring! Milenko staggers to his feet, Batti runs and swings at him but he ducks, Batti runs towards the turnbuckle and jumps high, she springboards off of the top turnbuckle and launches herself back towards Milenko....

    GLOMP! Diving spear from the top rope!

    She covers him....



    3 !!!!


    Andersonn: The winner of this match by pinfall, Batti!

    Connor: Wow! I'm speechless Jack, what a win by Batti! There is no stopping this TNT filled rocket! What a win! The fans are still going nuts here!

    Cohen: I gotta admit Cat, Batti has all the tools to be a champion in this business! She can do things people shouldn't be able to do at her size, I mean did you see that double suplex she pulled off?!Can we get another replay of that?

    Batti rolls out of the ring, still in high celebration mode, she gives fans high fives near the barricade and poses with a little girl decked out in Batti merch. She passes a smiling Ace Stevens, he gives her a polite handshake as they part ways.
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    We open with a shot of the tumbler; a hand reaches in and pulls out a ball. The camera pulls back and reveals Yemrez Reqonic. The crowd offers some cheers as Reqonic hands the ball to Chuck Myles but before he can crack it open a voice is heard from afar.

    Keaton: Hide the mothers and daughters because a truckload of sex appeal just walked into the room, baby!

    Myles: Mr. Keaton, you’re at least an hour late for when you were set to pick a ball from the tumbler.

    Keaton: Whatever, Chuck. I don’t do things on your time. I do what I want, and I do it when I want to do it. That’s how it has always been and it’ll stay that way even if you are the General Manager of this show now.

    Still with his air of arrogance, Keaton struts over to the tumbler, brushing past Yemrez and blowing a kiss to her.

    Keaton: Take a good hard look, honey. This is what a real man looks like. Why don’t you come over here and give this a little kiss before Chucky cracks it open? Might be good luck?

    Mark waves the ball he picked from the tumbler in his right hand, shoving it near Yemrez’s face and laughing. She smacks it from his hand, it spills to the floor, and causes Keaton to stumble back with a shocked look on his face.

    Reqonic: You are disgusting. No longer can you treat people like garbage. Vis Imperium is finished. Darkness has been defeated by light and your teammates have fled. Your boss is in hiding and Justin Cooper cries like a coward that he was screwed. In reality, Vis Imperium faced justice and crumbled under their own guilt.

    Keaton: Do you know who the hell you’re talking to, kid?

    Reqonic: Kid? It’s funny, your former teammate called me the same thing long ago. I am no kid. I am a warrior for truth and justice. I stand up for what is right while the likes of you hides in the shadows and cheats to get an advantage.

    Keaton: I am a two-time WZCW Award Winner! I am a two-time WZCW Tag Team Champion! I was the Rookie of the Year last year. You need shut your mouth before I put your head through that tumbler.

    Before a fight can breakout, Myles jumps between them and pushes both of them back. Keaton looks smug as ever, running his hand through his golden hair, while Reqonic shouts back at him.

    Reqonic: Perhaps fortune will favour us and we will meet inside the ring tonight. I guess, it would favour me over you because if we did meet inside the ring, I’d defeat you just like Tyrone and Titus did at Unscripted.

    Keaton lunges forward with an air swing at Reqonic, it misses by a mile because of Chuck Myles holding him back. Keaton curses at her, spitting in her direction and waving his arms all over the place in an attempt to break free. In contrast, Reqonic remains calm, knowing she has got the better of Keaton in this exchange and exits the room with her head held high and proud.

    Connor: Mark Keaton is still adjusting to life on his own without a force behind him ready to use the numbers game. If he is going to talk smack like that he better be ready to back it up.

    Cohen: Yemrez was disgusting. She poked a wound that is yet to heal. Mark Keaton lost everything at Unscripted and Yemrez had no right to bring it up. Let the man heal. I still can’t believe Vis Imperium is gone!
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    A loud cheer from the audience greets the appearance of veteran WZCW interviewer, Leon Kensworth. Standing in the interview area, a large WZCW logo in the background, Leon is joined by Ace Stevens, wearing a leather jacket.

    Kensworth: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m standing by with the number one contender to the WZCW Eurasian Title, please welcome, Ace Stevens! Ace, you’ve been very impressive since your return to professional wrestling a few months ago at the ten-year anniversary show. You’ve wrestled some of the stiffest competition in WZCW and now hold the honour of being next in line to challenge the Eurasian Champion. Has your return been everything you hoped it would be?

    Stevens: Did I expect to be littered with gold by this point? Sure. I think I’m pretty damn good at what I do inside the ring, Leon. You said it yourself, I’ve faced the very best in the world. I think I’ve hung with the best of ‘em, my boots might have been a little rusty early on but now I’m right where I need to be, even if I didn’t see it at the beginning.

    Kensworth: Depending on how the draw turns out this week, you could be facing Titus Avison for the Eurasian Championship or someone else entirely. Which would you prefer?

    Ace holds out his hands and proceeds to weigh his options.

    Stevens: Come one, come all, as they say. I’m not going to make false promises that I can’t keep, Leon. That happens enough in this business without me adding to it. I’ve spent almost my entire career in the Mayhem division. I ruled that bad boy. I was the big kid in the sandpit.

    He shrugs, smirking afterwards and pointing at Leon.

    Stevens: I’ve grown up, I’m ready to move on from that and to do that, to break away from the long list of Mayhem Champions who have done nothing outside of the most hardcore environment in wrestling, I need to have successful elsewhere. That’s why I’m back. To show the world that I’m not just another forgotten mayhem guy. It doesn’t matter if it’s Titus or someone else, so long as they are carrying the Eurasian Title, that’s all I care about.

    Before Leon can ask another question, he is rudely interrupted.

    Titus: If that’s the attitude you’ve got than you’re about to be sorely disappointed. First of all, you don’t need to focus on anybody else. This title isn’t leaving my shoulder, ever!

    The reigning Eurasian Champion steps into the frame, the Eurasian Title on his shoulder, and a cocky step to his walk.

    Titus: What a time to be alive. Ascension finally has a reason for people to tune in, me! Everyone else is just secondary and you are even less than that. An extra on my set and your fifteen minutes of fame are coming to an end, Ace. This little return tour you’ve been on has run its course and just like everyone else that has stepped up to challenge me, you’ll find out that I am the best damn wrestler in the world and it’ll stay that way until I retire.

    Stevens: That list of names can be written in crayon for all I care. It doesn’t have my name on it. It never will, Titus. You and I are going to fight and I’m going to win. This isn’t my fifteen minutes of fame, it’s your final countdown, so I suggest you enjoy the journey.

    Titus: I’ve heard the same speech from so many before, Ace. There isn’t a line you’ve got that I haven’t heard. Just like your jokes, it’s all recycled material.

    Adjusting the title on his shoulder, Titus steps closer to Ace and holds the belt out in front of him.

    Titus: I have taken this title to heights unlike anything ever seen in this business. You will take your spot in the history books. It’s not the name of the person who dethrones, they haven’t been born yet, it’s the spot reserved for the guy I beat on my way to walking into my second Kingdom Come as Eurasian Champion and breaking 1000 days as Eurasian Champion! That’s your role in this blockbuster, learn to love it.

    Titus glares at Ace, giving him a quick smirk afterwards before walking away with the title held closing to his chest. In the interview area, Ace shakes his head and begins to think about the opportunity that is coming up for him as we transition away.
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    Anderson: The following contest is set for one fall and is a CHAIRS MATCH!

    Anderson: Introducing first, from Keystone City, Kansas, weighing 225 pounds, the reigning WZCW Eurasian Champion - Titus Avison.

    Stepping out of the entrance chute, Titus Avison struts onto the stage with the Eurasian Title proudly displayed over his shoulder. It’s a mixed reaction, some fans still grateful for his role in dethroning Vis Imperium, while others remember all the villainous actions he has taken part in during his lengthy reign. Titus heads down to the ring, cockily smirking and letting everyone know that Ascension just got a major upgrade.

    Connor: This is a strange sight! Titus Avison, with the Eurasian Championship, is here on Ascension and this isn’t just a trip. Titus has found a new home here on Ascension thanks to the spin of the wheel via an announcement of WZCW dot com. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already.

    Cohen: Ascension hit the jackpot, CC. I’ve had the pleasure to call Titus’ matches during this incredible reign and he has been the driving force in making Meltdown the number one wrestling program in the world. He is a great addition to this show. We should point out that this is NOT for the title, the spin of the wheel, the bounce of the ball, favoured Titus on this night.

    Anderson: And now, from Hells Kitchen, New York, weighing 210 pounds, The X-Rated Superstar, Triple X!

    The lights go out in the arena, the fans turn their attention to the stage as Triple X’s arrival is expected. He will be the man to take on Titus tonight in this non-title contest but as time goes by, X fails to appear.

    Cohen: A bit of confusion at the moment, folks! I’m getting word that Triple X is indeed the person who has been selected to face Titus but they cannot find him.

    Connor: I think we just did!

    Cohen: Triple X is in the ring! He’s got a chair and is attacking Titus from behind!

    Triple X is inside the ring, after storming through the crowd with a chair in hand, and blindsides Titus with a sickening shot to the back. X begins to demand the referee rings the bell, shoving him around and reminding him that this is all legal anyway. The referee hesitates for a second, thinking it over and then calls for the bell.


    The match is on as X turns back towards Titus, swinging the steel chair into the champion’s spine. Titus stumbles into the corner, he puts up his arms to protect himself as X slams the chair against his forearms. Each shot making a hard thud, the fans watching on as X unloads like a man possessed. In an effort to protect himself, Titus makes a dive for the legs of X but is unable to get a grip of the man. X steps away, throwing the chair to the side and grabbing Titus by the arm, whipping him into the ropes and connecting with a spinning roundhouse kick. The fans boo as X picks up the chair once again, parading around the ring with it in his hand while Titus pushes himself off the mat. The champion is nailed again, this time with a shot to the stomach which bends him over, and Triple X sizes his shot up before slamming the steel across the back of Titus’ head. The referee slides into position as Triple X places a foot on the chest of Titus, the first cover of this match. 1… 2… Kick Out! Titus refuses to go down like that, X smirks and sends Titus into the corner, he rushes him and tosses the chair directly at Titus’ head, knocking him to the outside of the ring.

    Connor: It has been a brutal assault thus far by Triple X having caught Titus off-guard. We might have to call this match if this continues. Triple X is using the chair in the most violent way possible.

    Cohen: This isn’t the start of the new era of Ascension that Titus was expecting, CC! Triple X is such a dangerous competitor, he’s a guy who wants to claim the top prize in WZCW and will stop at nothing to get it.

    Triple X follows Titus to the outside of the ring, he whips the champion into the ring post and Titus falls to the floor clutching his face. It’s a total one way beating right now as X stalks the champion, stomping on him before throwing Titus back into the ring and looking under the ring for yet another chair. The crowd stands as X pulls out a second chair, he holds it up high and then enters the ring, yelling at Titus to come get some more. Titus stands, he turns and ducks a wild swing from X! Here comes the champion, Titus fires away with a few punches before sending X into the ropes. On the rebound, Titus goes for a back body drop but X leaps over him, spins him around and drops Titus with a DDT onto the steel chair! No cover, X stands up and grabs the chair yet again. He slams it into the canvas a few times, Titus groggy and unaware of where he is at this point. On instinct, Titus rises, using the ropes to do so and X nails him right in the face with one of the hardest chair shots you’ll hear all year. Titus sinks to his knees, a trickle of blood now coming from his forehead as X kicks one chair into position a few inches in front of Titus, the other remains in his hands.

    Cohen: Titus has been cut. Triple X has drawn blood from the Eurasian Champion in the most one-sided affair we have seen Titus involved in since his reign as Eurasian Champion started. Nobody has dominated the champion like this!

    Connor: We saw Titus and Ace Stevens exchange a few words before this match. I know that’s the next match we expected to see but with the way this match is going, it would be very hard to deny Triple X his chance at the gold.

    Barely able to keep himself up straight, Titus stares at X as blood oozes down his own face. X looks smug, like this whole thing was a waste of his time, and proceeds to gently place the tip of the steel chair in his hand against Titus’ face. The crowd comes to silence, X holds the cold steel against the warm blood, Titus tries to stand… it’s no use. Then, X swings and cracks Titus right in the side of the head. He falls face first onto the canvas, his head landing on the steel chair at X’s feet. This isn’t over as X stomps around the ring, screaming that this is what happens when a champion shares his ring. X raises the chair he has in his hand high into the air, the crowd look on in horror as X brings it crashing down onto the back of Titus’ head, placed between the chair underneath! It’s a one-man Con-Chair-To!!! After throwing away the chair he held in his hand, kicking the one on the canvas to the outside, then X rolls Titus over and makes a cover. 1… 2… 3!

    Anderson: Here is your winner – Triple X!

    Connor: I do not think we have seen that during this historic reign, perhaps ever in the career of Titus Avison. Tonight, he has been dismantled by a man who used a steel chair like it was an extension of himself. Triple X has shown since his return that he is very skilled at using that specific tool as a weapon and tonight was the most memorable showing of all.

    Cohen: Some people have thought that Triple X was overhyped in his return to WZCW. For all the talk of challenging for the World Title we really haven’t seen Triple X match that talk inside the ring. Outside of it, he has taken out numerous people and has shown that fire we expect from a guy like him. Tonight, that all changed. We saw the man who can be at the pinnacle of this company.

    The referee raises X’s hand and signals to him that it’s time to leave. That’s not going to be the case, Triple X shoves the referee out of the way and storms over to the edge of the ring, demanding a microphone be given to him. A ringside worker rushes over, X snatches the microphone from her hand and takes the centre of the ring.

    Triple X: Before I say a damn thing, get this piece of trash out of my ring because he doesn’t deserve to share this or any other place with the likes of me! I just took down the so called “greatest champion ever” and here I stand without a scratch on my whole freaking body!

    The champion is already on the outside of the ring, blood on his face as he leans up against the barricade while X continues his rant.

    Triple X: Ever since I returned I’ve heard people talking about earning your opportunities. Well, get a camera on Titus right now. I did that! Let me make this real clear, don’t you dare go thinking that Ace Stevens gets a title shot before I do! I don’t care what match he won. He didn’t beat Titus. I beat Titus and I did it with ease, that’s the best WZCW has these days? Pathetic!

    The crowd boos as X paces around the ring, he spots the Eurasian Championship over in the timekeepers arena, and makes his way out of the ring to grab it, returning once he rips it from their grasp.

    Triple X: Listen up, Titus. I know you’re sitting down there, thoughts rattling around your head from all the chair shots you took but try to comprehend what I’m saying to you. I'm taking what I rightfully deserve!

    The big screen shows Titus slowly pulling himself to a vertical base, using the barricade to balance himself as blood leaks out of the cut on his forehead.

    Triple X: Forget about Ace. Forget about Vis Imperium. Forget about anybody else, I’m next! I’m not waiting in fucking line. I’ve been back far long enough. I’m going to take this title from you, then I’m going to win Lethal Lottery, I’ll main event Kingdom Come and become the first person to ever hold TWO titles at the same time!

    With that said, X throws the title onto the ground outside of the ring near Titus. He exits, laughing at the state he has left the champion in as he walks up the entrance ramp.

    Cohen: Triple X has made his intentions very clear. He is coming for the Eurasian Championship after defeating Titus like we have never seen before. Ace Stevens coming into tonight was the clear number one contender but the landscape of WZCW has shifted thanks to the roulette rounds.

    Connor: It’ll be very interesting to see how things shape out now. You’ve got to wonder, what state will Titus Avison be in leading into his next title defence after the punishment he sustained tonight?
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    Backstage Chuck Myles, Tyrone Blades and Mr. Jones are next to the tumbler. Jones picks the ball for Blades and shows it to Myles.

    Myles: Interesting, it means your match is next.

    Blades: So who have I got?

    Myles: I can't tell you that. What I can tell you is thanks, thanks for removing Banks and VI. You and Avison did quite the job on them. Tell him I said thanks too.

    Blades: I imagine after the match he's just had he'll be seeing you soon enough. Though I am glad to see the back of those bastards. My next goal though is when I see this tumbler again. I'm going to win the Lethal Lottery.

    At the point Batti arrives in shot.

    Batti: I wanted to wish you luck in your match tonight. However I wish you bad luck at the Lottery. I am going to win it!

    Blades and Jones smile to each other as they walk off ready for their match which is next.
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    Anderson: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is a tag team match.

    Connor: I'm sure this will be fun, I love an Anarchy Tag Team match.

    Cohen: Indeed Cat, for once I'm going to have to agree with you.


    Anderson: Making his way to the ring, being accompanied by Mr. Jones at a weight of 225lbs...Tyrone Blades!

    Connor: With Blades it really could be.

    Blades and Jones make their way to the ring, a splatter of cheers dotted around but Blades has his business face on.


    Lights go out as soon as the entrance theme starts playing. At 0:17, the lights come back with Yemrez standing on the entrance ramp. She gazes towards the whole crowd and nods in approval of the applause. She then takes a deep breath and shouts "Euphoria Time!" as loud as she can. Immediately, she runs towards the ring and slides in. She then sits on the top turnbuckle waiting for her opponent.

    Anderson: His partner, from Tallinn, Estonia, weighing in at 151 pounds..."Pikne's Angel" Yemrez Reqonic!

    Cohen: Maybe not.

    Connor: A reminder Yemrez was one of many people who offered her services to Blades during Vis Imperium's reign.

    Cohen: Yet he had better offers.

    Connor: It'll be interesting to see who they face tonight.


    Cohen: Oh yes!

    Connor: This is an interesting turn.

    Indeed it is, Blades is not happy mouthing to Katie Shepard “Again? Why would I waste my time?”

    Anderson: And their first opponent, being accompanied by Big Bad Roady, from Ontario, Toronto, Canada weighing in at 225 pounds...Remarkable Mark Keaton!

    Mark Keaton strolls out to the top of the ramp. He's flanked by Big Bad Roady decked out in biker gear and ripped denim. Mark plays air guitar down the ramp. He jumps in the ring then whips off his leather jacket and throws it over the ropes to BigRoad. He bounces around on his toes throwing jabs in the air, warming up for the match.

    Anderson: And his opponent ...

    Anderson: from Sydney, Australia weighing 210 pounds, he would like to be announced as the Greatest, Justin Cooper!

    Cohen: Yes! Oh Merry Christmas Cat!

    Bright lights flash across the screen, the arena bursting with colour and slowly it begins to drain out like a hole has been punched through the bubble. Standing on the stage, amongst a sea of colour swirling underneath him, large serpents battling, fangs piercing the flesh, is Justin Cooper. The battle beneath his feet comes to an end, a single viper slithers forward, Justin drops to his knees and raises his arms to the boos of the crowd. They hate him but their reaction means nothing to him as Justin smiles. The viper coiled around him now, Justin whispers to it and orders it forward, he follows soon after and makes his way to the ring. Justin Cooper stands before the giant cell structure and puts his hands on his hips, widening his sparkling rainbow robe and a grin appears on his face. Two referees open a door for him and he enters the cell. He climbs in the ring and removes his robe and he stops and stares at Keaton.

    Connor: So Vis Imperium are forced to disband and this happens?

    Cohen: Oh Cat, you remember before Vis Imperium there were the tag team champions. Cooper and Keaton!

    Blades looks down at Jones, they both nod in agreement. Blades jumps down the apron and with Jones he jumps over the barrier.

    Yemrez looks betrayed, she feels like she put up such a fight to end VI and Cooper and Keaton just look as bemused as everyone else.

    Cohen: I knew it, the coward. He's fleeing.

    Connor: I'd say quite the opposite. He won the war so why would he want to engage further?

    Cohen: This is not Vis Imperium it's Cooper and Keaton.

    Connor: Same difference.

    Cohen: Is he?

    Connor: Yup!

    A certain part of the crowd roars as the camera shows Blades and Jones stopping a beer vendor, buying a bottle for everyone around them before grabbing two themselves, toasting towards the ring and then the fans before downing their beers and making their exit.

    Yemrez is left on one side of the ring as Cooper is stood on the apron on one corner, Keaton the other corner also on the apron. Keaton rushes into the ring as Cooper stares at him. “It's not about you...” clearly rushing through his head.

    Katie Shepard calls for the bell as Yemrez looks up for this. Yemrez rushes in at Keaton and hits straight off with a rolling wheel kick. Keaton bashes into the ropes. Cooper tags himself in and steps in the ring. Reqonic hits a rolling wheel kick on Cooper who in turn bounces off the ropes and Keaton tags himself in.

    Connor: Great start by Yemrez.

    Cohen: Cooper and Keaton are more concerned with one upping the other. That'll be a bad sign for Yemrez.

    Connor: She has the spirit to take them down.

    Cohen: You need more than spirit to get anywhere in this game Cat.

    Yemrez goes for a third rolling wheel kick but her overconfidence costs her as Mark Keaton catches her foot. He throws her to the ground as she tumbles. Keaton turns to Cooper and gives him a “see that” look.

    Keaton walks over and picks up Yemrez. A Scoop body slam hits Yemrez on the mat with a crash! Keaton laughs and tries to lock her in the Toronto Claw Submission. Yemrez breaks out pretty quickly as the Remarkable one fails to lock it in properly. He picks her up again and delivers a classic delay piledriver. Rather than going for the pin he tags Cooper in.

    Cohen: Keaton said to Cooper “your turn, champ” there.

    Connor: There's no love lost between the two.

    Cohen: I see this as two brothers, they'll always have each others backs but the other wants to show what he can do.

    Connor: That makes sense.

    The former world champion enters the ring. The crowd boos and Reqonic is out. Cooper picks her up And throws her into the turnbuckle. She crashes and bounces back. Cooper grabs her and throws Yemrez into the other corner. She smacks into the corner and ends up falling in a sit down position (he back facing the turnbuckle).

    Cooper looks at Keaton and smiles. He walks to the corner where Yemrez is sat. He faces to the crowd and holds the top rope and pulls himself above Yemrez. He begins foot stomps to her as she writhes in pain. Cooper walks over and tags in Keaton.

    Connor: Ouch! This can't end well.

    Cohen: It wouldn’t have ended well if that coward Blades stayed. It's made no difference, it's what I'd expect from the decorated duo.

    Keaton waits as Yemrez makes her way up to her feet. The crowd start chanting for her and she turns round. Keaton with a big smile on his face goes to grab Yemrez to set up The Voltron Suplex! She manages to escape and kicks Keaton in the back. He bounces into the ropes and bounces back. He jumps landing a cross body check on Reqonic.

    Reqonic on the mat as Keaton picks her up. He hits the Voltron Suplex! The Jackhammer Suplex connects. Keaton laughs and walks over to Cooper. He stands inside the ring and gives a thumbs up that says “told you so”. Cooper uses this opportunity to tag himself in.

    The former champion forces his way in the ring as Keaton looks annoyed at losing the opportunity he had. Cooper Picks up Yemrez and a 360 Deal is hit. The leaping spiral tombstone piledriver only has one outcome. He covers. 1..2..3.

    Cohen: After months of calling out Cooper, I think Yemrez has underestimated just how much she'll have to do.

    Connor: Oh that girl has fight, I'm sure this will spur her on more.

    Anderson: The winners of this match, Justin Cooper and Mark Keaton!
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    The camera rises up from in front of a desk and reveals Chuck Myles sitting with his hands folded, Backstage Bob is no longer in the office, and the tumbler sits to the side.

    Myles: Ladies and gentlemen, wrestling fans around the world, I hope you have enjoyed the craziness that we have come to expect with the roulette rounds. We’ve seen some wonderful matches this week and still have one final contest to go.

    A round of applause from the live audience watching in the arena.

    Myles: Before Ascension comes to a close I’d like to take this time to address two major issues in WZCW. In the main event Vox will defend the WZCW Mayhem Championship against War Zone, it’s sure to be a chaotic match. Chaos has always been a standard of the Mayhem division and that will continue leading into Lethal Lottery. Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to officially announce that starting next week on Meltdown, we here at WZCW will be presenting a new concept called the Mayhem Throw-Down!

    Unfolding his hands, Myles slides a piece of paper in front of him and gestures to it.

    Myles: It’s a concept that will deliver true excitement to the WZCW fans and provide the chaos that the Mayhem division has thrived in throughout the years. Here is how the Mayhem Throw-Down will work.

    Looking down at his paper, Myles begins to read.

    Myles: Four competitors are involved. In the first round it will be the Mayhem Champion and three challengers. Over three rounds the Mayhem Championship is defended. First in a Fatal Four Way, the following round in a Triple Threat and concluding at Lethal Lottery in a Singles Match, all being contested under Mayhem Rules. In each round the title is on the line, whoever scores the pinfall or submission will be the Mayhem Champion and move onto the next round. The person who is pinned is eliminated from the Throw-Down. Thus, the remaining competitors or competitor not involved in the decision will also advance as they neither won or lost.

    Big cheers from the crowd for the concept. Myles seems pleased with him and folds the paper up.

    Myles: Finally, WZCW is a competitive league where the best athletes in the world compete. However, we do not find it acceptable for people to use underhanded tactics like trying to run the World Champion over in a black SUV. After reviewing the footage from Meltdown where Constantine nearly sustained serious injuries, the Board of Directors, along with Becky Serra and I, have determined that an investigation will be launched to discover the identity of the individual involved.

    With a serious look on his face, Myles points directly at the camera.

    Myles: We have already made moves to discover who was involved. The investigation has started immediately. Do not think those actions are acceptable in WZCW. Whoever was involved will be found and a serious punishment will be handed down once the investigation comes to an end.

    Myles pauses for a moment.

    Myles: If you have any information regarding the incident on Meltdown then I would encourage you to come forward. Those who share their information will find a much more understanding office than those who sit in silence while this investigation takes place. Thank you. Enjoy the rest of the show.

    With that said, Myles nods curtly and the camera begins to transition to ringside once again. Some huge news coming from the Ascension General Manager. The Mayhem Title will be defended for the next three rounds in a concept called the Mayhem Throw-Down featuring four competitors, still unknown. Plus, an investigation has been launched to discover who attempted to commit a hit and run on WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Constantine.
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    Anderson: The following match is scheduled to be settled by submission only and will be for the Mayhem Championship...

    After a few seconds, the understated entrance of War Zone begins. He makes his way through the curtain and out onto the stage. He glares at the audience with disdain as he stands on the stage. he motions that this is his chance to win the gold and the fans give him a resounding boo at the thought.

    Connor: Well, it is a big night for War Zone, Jack. He will go up against Vox for the Mayhem Championship by the looks of it. And in a submission match too? That's very interesting.

    Cohen: Submission matches are all about stamina, Cat. If you can outlast your opponent, then you will walk away with the win. And in this case, the Mayhem Championship too.

    Anderson: Introducing first, the challenger. Weighing in at 308 pounds... WAR ZONE!!

    War Zone continues to make his way down the ramp until he reaches the ring. He gives the crowd another disgusted look as he makes his way up the steps and into the ring. The lights go out once more as he awaits the Champion.

    After a few seconds the atrocities of the world are shown on the tron above the stage. Soon, the tron goes dark and a single light shines down on the Mayhem Champion. Vox has a massive smile on his face as the crowd show him sort of adulation. He begins making his way down the ramp as War Zone looks on from inside the ring.

    Anderson: And his opponent. Weighing in at 225 pounds. He is the WZCW Mayhem Champion... VOX!!

    Connor: And here comes the champion, folks. No such thing as Champion's advantage tonight either for Vox. If he is going to retain his Championship, he is going to have to do it the hard way.

    Cohen: Just like how he won it, Cat.

    Vox continues down the ramp and soon rolls under the bottom rope. With both men in the ring, the referee retrieves the Mayhem Championship from Vox and holds it in the air. The fans in the arena let out a burst of excitement as the thought of a Championship match, this close to Christmas, serves as an early Christmas present. The referee signals for the bell and the match is underway. Both men immediately move into the middle of the ring and begin mouthing at each other. But the verbal sparring is only for a second as the real sparring begins. War Zone throws a punch at Vox that sends him reeling backwards. Vox throws a retaliatory punch at his opponent and the result is much the same. Back and forth the two men slug it out until it is the challenger who gets the better of the assault on each other. War Zone continues to pepper Vox with stiff right hands until he is backed up onto the ropes. War Zone whips the Champion across the ring and, upon his return, smashes him with devastating force in the form of a running shoulder block. Both men hit the canvas but it is War Zone who is back on his feet first. He waits for Vox to get back to his feet and then nails him with a stunning lariat that takes him back to the canvas. The crowd are on their feet at the fast early pace. A pace that seems to suit the challenger.

    Connor: The pace of this match has been startling so far. Both of these men seem very up for the match and it will be intriguing to see who can stand the pace of the match for the longest.

    Cohen: War Zone seems to be getting the better of the early openings, Cat.

    War Zone stands over Vox, looking down at the early damage he has inflicted onto the newly crowned champion. But he is nowhere near down with his assault. He grabs Vox by the hair and begins pulling back to his feet. But the thoughts of continuing to press home his advantage are soon eradicated as Vox manages to find the energy to grab the legs of his opponent and roll through - the end result of that being a single leg Boston crab on the challenger. The crowd can barely believe what they are seeing as the wily champion gets the first submission attempt in much to the surprise of everyone - not least his opponent. The referee asks if War Zone wants to give up but there is too much fight in the Champion. And just as the crowd begin to get excited about the thought of a finish, War Zone has already rolled over onto his back and kicked his opponent away. Vox recoils thanks to the sheer force of his opponent's push and soon hits the far away ropes. War Zone springs to his feet and looks to press home his advantage. He runs at Vox, looking for a clothesline that would take both men over the top. But the wily Champion is too quick for the challenger and simply pulls the top rope down, causing War Zone to fly over the top rope and crash to the floor with damaging speed and impact.

    Connor: Wow! That is crushing impact for the challenger. He was getting the better of the match, for sure. But that might just have turned the tide in the favour of the Champion. A very good instinct from the Champion there, Jack.

    Cohen: And what a time to get that in, Cat. As you said, War Zone was beginning to take control of this match but Vox has put himself right back amongst the happenings with that evasion. He really needs to press home that advantage now more than ever.

    Vox gets back to his feet and surveys the damage that has been done to his opponent on the outside. He looks pleased with the result but knows that he cannot show any mercy now. He moves towards the corner of the ring and begins climbing the turn buckle - an action that draws a huge cheer from the baying crowd. Once at the top, he waits for War Zone to get back to his feet and with dazzling precision, brings a double axe handle down on War Zone from 10 feet above! The fans let out a shriek of joy as the move connects and both men lie motionless on the barely protected floor. The referee knows that he is powerless to help any of the competitors as this match continues. Both men's chests heave with the exertions of this match weighing heavily on them. But it is the Champion who is first back to his feet as War Zone struggles to keep the pace. Vox grabs the hair of his opponent and begins pulling him to his feet once again. This time, it is the turn of the challenger to turn the tide as he ramps Vox into the ring apron with no mercy. Vox let's out a pained cry as he makes impact with the ring and then falls to his knees. War Zone knows that he needs to press home this advantage and soon does just that - following up with a big boot to the jaw of his opponent.

    Connor: Lord, that was savage! This match has gone back and forth since the very first bell and no one is able to keep momentum for very long. It's War Zone who now seizes control of the match with a stunning kick to the jaw.

    Cohen: And it is that type of savagery that War Zone has been missing for too long, Cat. It seems as though he has come to this match for nothing other than a fight. He just seems a step ahead of the Champion at this point.

    The referee urges War Zone to bring the match inside the ring but the challenger looks as though he wants to embrace the more extreme side of a Mayhem match. He pulls Vox back to his feet with an angered expression on his face. He pulls the Champion off to the side and then slams his face into the commentary table - an action that sees Vox slump to the ground like a sack of potatoes. As Vox slides down the commentary table, War Zone picks up the Champion and slams his head into the surface another two more times. The crowd take a sharp intake of breath as the Mayhem Champion falls to the ground. War Zone seems dialled in to his best form tonight and knows that he needs to press home his advantage. The merciless streak of the challenger continues as he continually stomps Vox against the commentary table. So much so that blood begins to pour from the side of Vox's head. All this serves to do is to bring a sick smile to the face of the challenger as he stands over the Champion.

    Cohen: Wow! What did I just point out, Cat? War Zone seems very at home in the Mayhem arena. He is taking Vox to town with this offence and that could mean bad things for the Champion's reign as Mayhem Champion.

    Connor: Vox has certainly taken the brunt of the offence in this match, Jack. But you should never count him out – he's a Champion for a reason.

    With the smile still on his face, War Zone picks up the Champion and pulls him towards the ring. He tosses Vox under the bottom rope and then slides under the rope too. As War Zone stands over Vox and pulls him back to his feet, it seems as though Vox is at the mercy of the Challenger. War Zone puts one hand in the throat of the Champion and looks him in the eye - laughing as he does. But the arrogance of War Zone proves to be his downfall monetarily as the Champion manages to land a low blow to his immediate challenger. The crowd let out a yell of excitement as War Zone slowly falls to his knees. Suddenly, the wheels of fate have turned and it is the Champion who stands above his challenger. Suddenly, the Irishman bursts into action and nails War Zone with right after left, right after left. As the blood pours down the face of Champion, an animalistic side to his becomes prevalent. Soon enough, War Zone falls to the canvas and at the mercy of his opponent. Suddenly, Vox turns War Zone over and locks in the sleeper hold. The previously lifeless challenger suddenly bursts into life as he struggles against the choke hold.

    Connor: This could be it, folks. Remember, this match can only be won by means of submission. Right now, Vox is the closest to accomplishing that goal. I have seen many people put to sleep with that move and it may spell danger for the plucky challenger.

    Cohen: No doubt about it Cat. Soon enough, your eyes will become heavy and the lights will go out. If you slip into unconsciousness you will lose this match. A textbook hold here by the Champion. I'm very impressed.

    After what seems like minutes, the fight seems to disappear out of the limbs of the challenger. Vox's expression seems pained as he struggles to keep the torque on the hold that might see him retain his title at this juncture. The referee holds up the arm of the challenger the first time and it slams back to the canvas. A second time the challengers hand is raised. And a second time it falls back to the canvas. The crowd are on the edge of their seats as the referee raises the hand for a third and final time. But this time, the hand stays in the air. The fans let out a gasp of joy at the dramatic action as life begins to flood back into the body of the challenger. Before too long, War Zone has managed to fight his way back to his feet and the both men are standing once more. War Zone seemed down and out a moment ago but as he lands a few elbows to the gut of his opponent, anything could happen. Vox finally let's go of the resulting headlock and eats a chop to the chest from War Zone. Suddenly, both men hit the nearest ropes to them and rebound, taking each other down with a double clothesline.

    Connor: This is it, folks. This is the pivotal point of the match. Both men have had their offence and they have also been on the back foot. But you get the feeling that whoever gets the early advantage after this interval will be best placed to take home the Mayhem Championship.

    Cohen: This match has been back and forth, there is no doubt about it. And the efforts that both men have put into this match has been utterly staggering. Quite honestly though, this match is all about who wants it more. And that is about to be answered right now!

    With both men lying on the canvas, the fans are on the edge of their seats. Both men begin moving and each of them find the ropes on either side of the ring. Both men find their way back to their feet and stagger towards each other, Vox fires off a punch that catches War Zone on the chin and rocks him. Again, the challenger fires back and catches Vox with a stiff shot. Both men are reeling from the match but it the Champion who seems to have gotten the better of it. He catches War Zone with another stiff shot that sends him staggering towards the corner of the ring. There seems to be some sort of commotion in the corner as War Zone finds one knee and kneels in the corner, fidgeting with something as he does. Suddenly, Vox grabs him by the hair and begins pulling him towards the middle of the ring. War Zone seems to be on shaky legs as Vox tells the crowd that the match will soon be over. The crowd are on their feet and sound off a huge cheer at the thought of Vox putting the match away. But suddenly, War Zone pulls Vox with all of the force he has left in his body – so much so that Vox falls to one knee and smashes his face on the exposed turn buckle that War Zone just unmasked. A sickening thud goes around the arena as Vox staggers backwards. Vox rebounds from the impact and is suddenly caught in the PENTAGON CHOKE (Hell's Gate)! The Champion does his utmost to fight against the hold but he is just too worn down. He has no choice but to tap out and surrender his Championship.

    Anderson: Here is your winner and NEW MAYHEM CHAMPION... WAR ZONE!!

    Connor: I don't believe what I am seeing! I'd say that was cheating but, as we know, anything goes in a Mayhem match. The referee was right to keep that match going as it was all legal under the lack of rules.

    Cohen: And you have to say, Cat, that War Zone turned in one of the best performances he has ever done in a WZCW ring. He looked the more brutal and the more hungry tonight. Vox might not have liked how the match ended but War Zone did enough to take home the Championship.

    War Zone grabs the Mayhem Championship from the referee and rolls out of the ring quickly. He falls to his knees on the ramp as the WZCW logo appears in the corner of the screen. He holds the Mayhem Championship aloft as Cat Connor gives her final address of the year.

    Connor: What a tremendous year it has been for so many in WZCW, folks. But what a way to end the year with a new Champion. War Zone has claimed his first title in WZCW and, what's more, we are now on our road to the Lethal Lottery! Have a wonderful Christmas and holiday, folks!
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    Lethal Lottery 2018
    *Matches to be announced*
    Confirmed matches:

    Lethal Lottery Match
    Winner will face the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion at Kingdom Come IX
    Competitors TBA: Eve Taylor, Tyrone Blades, Batti.

    WZCW Mayhem Championship
    Throw-Down Final

    Vox vs. War Zone – Mayhem Championship – Submission Match - Dave
    Triple X vs. Titus Avison – Non-Title – Chairs Match - Prophet
    Yemrez Reqonic/Tyrone Blades vs Justin Cooper/Mark Keaton – Standard Rules - Lee
    Milenko vs. Ace Stevens vs. Batti – Standard Rules - Jeff

    Segments: Prophet, Lee
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