LL - Mayhem Thrown Down Final – Mancini (c) vs Studd

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    Tony Mancini captured his first piece of gold in WZCW only a few days ago when he defeated Randy Studd and War Zone in a triple threat match. War Zone took the fall, which leaves the Champion and the former Champion left. Which one of them will win the match, the first ever Throw Down Tournament, and the Mayhem Championship? Everything that has gone before has led to this one match and both wrestlers will be keen to show everyone that they were superior all along.

    RP deadline is Tuesday the 6th of March at 23:59 EST
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    A few hours after Meltdown is off the air

    The camera turns on and we see Tony Mancini sitting alone in the locker room staring at his newly won Mayhem Championship. While Gino was with him when he won the title soon after they got to the back he got a phone call that sent him rushing to the airport. As he was getting ready to leave he told Tony something had happened back home that he needs to help take care of, but wouldn't tell him what. Not knowing what to say Tony just waves him off and goes about his business as a WZCW Superstar. Now that the Toyko Dome is almost empty however, he finds his mind going to the one thing that means more to him that the title he can now call his. After a while Tony is jolted out of his thoughts by Backstage Bob opening the door to the locker room.

    "Sorry Tony I didn't know anyone was still here. I'm just doing some final rounds before I head back to the hotel so I can get some sleep before the flight to Sydney, I'll see you there." He goes to leave but stops and glances over at the Mayhem Championship Tony had set next to his bag and looks back. "Congrats on the big title win earlier by the way, that sure was something."

    Tony smiles and gives Bob a wave as he closes the door. After Bob leaves Tony thinks for a few more minutes before pulling out his phone and making a few calls as well as buying a last minute plane ticket home in order to take care of some business. Once he puts his phone away he quickly grabs his stuff and leaves for the airport.

    15 hours later

    After fourteen hours on a commercial airline and an hour in the NYC National Bank Tony comes out in a bad mood with a briefcase in his hand. He tries to make another phone call but angrily hangs up when no one answers.

    "What the hell is going on over there and why won't anyone pick up the goddamn phone?"

    He puts his cell phone back in his pocket and gets in the car so he can head to The Social Club. Once he gets there he's surprised to see only a few cars. He grabs the briefcase and his title belt off the passenger seat and gets out of the car as he looks up and down the surprisingly empty street right in front of the building. He walks inside to more surprise when he sees the bar area empty and only one sleeping man sitting in a chair guarding the door to the back room where is father held Family business. He walks up and pushes the man off the chair with his foot so he can slam open the door and walk in, stopping as he stares at the dozen men sitting around the huge oak table. After a few seconds they all look up at him but one. Gino montions to Vito who tries to wake up a drunken Don Leo to no avail. With a furious look on his face he slams the briefcase on the table which causes Leo to quickly wake up and look around with watery eyes.

    "What are you doing here man," Gino asks with a slightly shocked look on his face. "I figured you'd be on your way to Australia by now for the Lottery."

    "Don't do that Gino," Tony says with anger in his voice. "The only thing that we need to talk about is going on here."

    Gino and Vito look at each other and down at Leo before shaking their heads and looking back at Tony with fear and sadness in their eyes

    "I kept telling you that we're on our last leg without you here. The Social Club out front has been dead for months and everyone is only out for themselves so most of them jumped ship as soon as they could. We don't have enough money coming in and the other Families know that so they're choking out what we do have in order to get rid of us for good."

    Tony takes a deep breath and opens the case and sets his Mayhem Title next to it as he shows them the ten thousand dollars he won by beating Wren back at Unscripted.

    "I'm not really doing anything with this so I'm willing to put it to work in order to get this Family back where it was."

    The man sitting next to Tony reaches for the cash but Tony slams the briefcase closed, almost taking off two of the man's fingers in the process.

    "Before I hand over this money I want a few assurances that it won't be wasted."

    "Anything Tony," Vito says with a small bit of hopeful optimism in his voice. "Just tell us what you want done and I'll see to it personally."

    Tony takes a deep breath and counts to ten before opening them and talking again.

    "First thing I want is that drunk son of a bitch out of my father's chair."

    He waits impatiently for two men to get Leo out of the Don's chair at the head of the table and into another one at the other end.

    "The second thing I want is for us to collect on any outstanding debts owed to the Family. Gino told me that people out in the city owe the Family at least forty grand. That's all well and good but we need to show them that we won't be messed with anymore so I want you to double it. If we don't collect eighty grand then I promise heads will roll, starting with the person who couldn't get the job done and ending with the person who wouldn't pay up. That money coupled with what I have here will be enough to get us started on the road to bring this Family back to where it was."

    As he's talking he walks around to the head of the table and his father's old chair. Almost without thinking he pulls the chair out and sits in it. Tony notices the look Gino and Vito share as he motions to Gino to slide him his title and the case full of money.

    "The last thing I want is everyone who jumped ship to learn that no matter how down and out the Family may be you can't just leave, not without severe consequences."

    As soon as he's done talking a huge snore is heard from the other end of the table. Everyone looks over to see Leo passed out and drooling on the table with a small metal flask in his hand.

    "Get him out of here," Tony said with a look of disgust on his face. "And don't ever let me see him again."

    Two men jump to their feet and all but drag Leo out of the room as everyone looks around at each other.

    "What are you guys staring at," Tony wants to know. "Get out there and get that bar clean. We need to get this place looking halfway decent so people will come in."

    The rest of the men jump up and head out the door as they mumble to each other, leaving Gino and Vito alone with Tony who is looking at them with fury in his eyes and on his voice.

    "Listen Ton'…"

    "Shut your mouth Gino, just shut your goddamn mouth. Had you told me exactly how bad things were getting this wouldn't have to go down the way it is."

    Gino closes his mouth and squirms slightly as Tony turns his attention to Vito who asks him one question before he can lay into him the way he just did to Gino.

    "Hold on a second Tony. Does this mean you're back in charge of the Family?"

    "I never should have left by the looks of things Vito. It took me a long time to realize that a Mancini needs to be in this chair for things to work out the way they need too."

    Tony pushes the briefcase full of money towards Vito who takes it and closes it before looking up at Tony.

    "I told you we're going to put that money to work. I don't know what buisnesses We have left but I want you to find something and put all of it into. Between that and everything else I have planned we will slowly work our way back into prominence."

    "There are a few gun runners and drug dealers that still talk to us ," Vito said as he grabbed the briefcase and walks towards the door. "I'll go take care of it so they know what's up."

    Vito closes the door behind him Tony relaxes as he turns towards his best friend with a sad look in his eyes.

    "Jesus fuck Gino this is what you've been dealing with? Why didn't you tell me it was this bad?"

    Gino looks down at the table and back up at Tony before answering.

    "Honestly Ton' I didn't think you'd ever want to come back. You cut me out of your life there for a bit, moved out of the city and every time I brought this up you seemed to really want to move on from all this."

    Tony sighs and seems to deflate a bit as he leans back. The stress he put on himself this past week finally getting the better of him.

    "Part of me did want to get out of this life but not at the expense of everything my family worked for. You should have told me the whole story."

    "Well all that matters now is that you're back where you belong," Gino said with a smile on his face as he ignores the reprimand. "We're going to be back on top in no time."

    "Don't get ahead of yourself Gino," Tony tells him as he frowns. "Things here are so fucked there won't be any quick fix."

    "Well than what can we do that we're not already doing? The other Families won't sit there and let us regain everything we lost. Not to mention we don't have the man power to fight off a gang of toddlers let alone what's going to be coming our way soon."
    Instead of answerwing Tony reaches for his Championship and stares at it for a bit before looking back up at Gino.

    "I have a plan. Problem is this plan only works is I remain Mayhem Champion. With this belt in my possesion I can get in to meet people all over the world I may not have been able to meet otherwise. Some of these people may be willing to help us with our problem here."

    "What happens if you lose it, Gino wants to know. "Don't you have a defense coming up in Australia soon? Champions haven't been doing well in this little tournament you're in."

    "That's where you come in my friend," Tony tell him as he hold his title close. "Vito can hold the fort down here so he will stay as my Consigliere and you will come with me to Sydney. My match at the Lethal Lottery is of course a Mayhem Rules match which works to our advantage. You'll be at ringside and doing what needs to be done to ensure I remain Mayhem Champion."

    As Tony talks Gino gets a fire in his eyes as he starts to rub his hands together.

    "I need to beat Studd and that wont be easy. He's held this title twice and has shown that despite being a pretty boy he's not afraid to do what it takes to win a Mayhem match."

    "Studd has nothing on you man. When you won the belt you did it using his own trick against him. He's to worried about his silk sheets to go into this with all the concentration he needs."

    Tony shakes his head and chuckles as he looks at Gino like he's an idiot.

    "Did you not listen to a word I just said? He may be a sex crazed pervert but Studd can go in that ring and if you forget that he'll take you out in a heartbeat.

    The camera fades out as it focuses on the Mayhem Championship while Tony and Gino can still be heard talking about what else needs to be done to keep the Family alive.
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    Date night had arrived. No cancellations, no falling through tables, no nonsense. Randy Studd and the girl with the clipboard were finally going to have their first date.

    Studd had his car in for a service, so he thought about ordering a limousine. Upon seeing the price of doing so, he quickly baulked at the idea. As it was, he stretched to an Uber Black. Within a matter of seconds Mohammed (4.75 stars) was on his way in a black Lexus E50. Black surveyed the car, and was impressed by the look. He put in the girl with the clipboard's address and on they went.

    "Would you like to listen to the radio, sir?" Said Mohammed with 4.75 stars.

    "Yes please, could you put the Easy Listening Smooth Love Song radio station on please?" Studd replied, smirking at the genius of his decision.

    As the soulful voices Marvin Gaye, The Temptations and Al Greene filled the airwaves, Studd allowed himself a sense of relief. He had put on his lucky grey shirt, he had covered himself in Lynx Africa, with two sprays of Armani Blue Jeans into the bargain. He had bought the fragrance at a cut price rate from a market stall whilst on tour. The only problem with it was that it smelled slightly musty and the bottle read "Armarni Blue Genes", which Studd felt was an economy worth making.

    He saw himself pulling up to the girl with the clipboard's house, and he asked Mohammed (4.75 stars) to keep the engine running.

    "No can do, boss, only one stop per journey." Said Mohammed with the 4.75 stars.

    He continued "I tell you what though, boss, if you give me a good rating, I'll hang around here so you can order another Uber and I'll be right here."

    Infuriated, Studd got out of the taxi, and awarded Mohammed a mere 2 stars for his insolence. Seeing that he had now become Mohammed (4.72 stars), the Lexus driver pulled away, shaking his head as vigorously from side to side as the air Magic Tree air freshener on his rattled around its string.

    Studd didn't care, he could easily order another cab, and he wasn't going to waste time worrying about it, he had a far bigger issue. He had written down the girl with the clipboard's address, but he hadn't written her name down, and he had forgotten it, having forever associated her with the clipboard, as if she had been born with an extra, wooden limb.

    He looked at the scrawled address on the post-it note he produced from his pocket, removing the fluff that had been stuck to it. Reading in the dull sodium glow of the streetlight, he could see he was in the right place. Mohammed with 4.72 stars hadn't let him down at all. He regretted giving the bad review, but not as much as he would come to regret the decision later in the evening.

    Studd walked up the drive, but he could feel a sense of foreboding dread as he did so. There were three cars in the driveway. Whoever she was, the girl with the clipboard did not live alone. If it wasn't her who answered the doorbell, he could be in serious trouble. His posture began to wilt as much as the petrol station flowers he carried in his left hand. With his right, he reached for the doorbell and rang.

    Coming towards him, he could see the figure of a large man through the translucent glass of the front door. It opened wide, and sure enough a gargantuan of a man stood before him. Older, wiser and threatening, but wearing a knitted jumper with cats on it.

    "Can I help you, son?" he asked, in the precise sort of gruff voice you'd expect.

    "Yes, Mr..." What had Studd done. Embarrassed that he didn't know the final word in that sentence his eyes began to wander around the garden looking for inspiration. As if by divine intervention, a car drove past, its lights illuminating the mail box in the garden just enough to show the letters JONE embossed upon it.

    "...Jone" Studd was able to continue.

    "It's Jones" said the gruff man.

    "Of course it is, Mr Jones. My apologies." Studd was speaking very meekly, not wishing to upset his future father in law.

    "What do you want?" Replied Mr. Jones.

    "I'm here to pick up your... daughter". Studd had weighed up the brother and uncle lottery and thought this was most likely.

    "My daughter?"

    "Yes!" Black had struck gold.

    "Which one?"

    Oh hubris, again the vanquisher of Studd.


    "Actually, you know what, I recognise you from the TV, you're a wrestler right?"

    "Yeah! Two time WZCW Mayhem Champion, as luck would have it. Well, I mean my opponents are lucky it's two time, as I never should have lost it at all."

    "My daughter's a pro wrestler, but I guess you knew that."

    Studd stared at him, puzzled. Mr. Jones then shouted into the house.

    "Jezebel! Some guy is here for you, he's got flowers!"

    "Jezebel?" Studd had trouble believing the sweet girl who had given him a chance could possibly have such a name.

    "Yeah, it's not her real name, but she rejected being called Sam, as that's her patriarch name." Mr. Jones looked doleful at this. "But you already knew that as her friend, I'm sure."

    Jezebel appeared. Studd was sure that she was the girl with the clipboard, but she was different, and not just because she wasn't carrying what had become her defining characteristic. Her hair was dyed, and shorter. She seemed a little more rugged in her dress than he expected, as she wore fishnet stockings, a mini skirt and the biggest Doc Martins he had ever seen. He was dumbstruck.

    "You wanted me?" Jezebel lacked the sincerity and warmth in her voice that he remembered from the speed dating night.

    "Err... yeah... I'm here for our date." He said, confused.

    Jezebel laughed in his face.

    An agonising one minute and seventeen seconds later, Jezebel stopped laughing and immediately took a more stern tone.

    "I would never go out on a date with one of the architects of the patriarchy like you. I got into wrestling so I could fight back against creepy men like you, and you're lucky my training is not yet over."

    Studd was lost for words. He stood in awe as Jezebel tore his heart out in front of him. He thought to himself that it must be something in the name, as that woman in the Bible had turned out to be a bitch too.

    He was staring straight past Jezebel when he hear the voice that would change everything. He heard her before he saw her.

    "Randy?! So glad to see you!"

    Then, stood besides Jezebel, she was there. She was a lot more in keeping with his memory of the girl with the clipboard. Still without a clipboard, but her hair still long and blonde. Facially, she bore a striking resemblance to Jezebel, but she had a lot less metal stuck through it.

    "I see you've already met my twin Jezebel. She's not really called that, but when I last called her Jenny, she tore my head off."

    Jezebel nodded in agreement.

    Studd was still finding it difficult to put the words he wanted to say into action, he still didn't know her name.

    "Are you ready, Miss Jones?" He enquired, thinking himself to be the Kasparov of conversation.

    "I certainly am Mr Studd!" She took the flowers off him and gave him a thank you hug, before turning to her sister. "Don't wait up Jezebel!"

    Janie handed Jezebel the flowers.

    "I won't, Janie!"

    Jamie! Sweet Lord the gods were onside with Randy Studd, he had negotiated the situation better than could be imagined and now he was finally out on a date.

    No sooner than they had left and closed the door, and the flowers were already in the bin. Jezebel Jones did not do flowers.

    Outside, Studd was about to learn the error of his ways.

    "I'll get us an Uber, Jamie"

    He waited. And waited. And waited. Eventually an Uber was on its way. Not the luxury Lexus of before, but a Ford Cortina, somehow still allowed to run on the network. Pavel (2.37 stars) was on his way.

    "Where going sir?" asked Pavel, with the 2.37 stars.

    "Happiness" said Studd, before adding "wherever my Jamie wants to go!"

    "Francesco's Italian Eatery please" said Janie.

    "No problem" said Pavel with the 2.37 stars, before adding "in Poland, I office work. Here I taxi" apropos of absolutely nothing.

    The journey should have taken 20 minutes. Pavel (2.37 stars) made it in 4, delivering his ashen faced passengers to the restaurant at approximately 4 times the speed limit. Pavel (2.37 stars) may have felt overqualified as a taxi driver, but he was anything but. To him a speed bump was a take at speed bump. Battered, and despite having seriously shortening the life spans of all concerned, they made it to the restaurant. Delighted to have arrived in one piece, Studd awarded Pavel 3 stars more than he should have, giving him 4.

    Pavel (2.38 stars) was now heading in the right direction, but showed very little gratitude for it. Feeling queasy, Studd made it as far as the reservations desk before his churned-up delicate stomach found its way out of the body and all over the Maitre d'.

    Studd was mortified, but he was unsurprised. Italian food had been repeating on him a lot lately, and he thought that the smell of the restaurant must have been what set him off.

    At least, that's what he told himself. He had been pent up with rage that Mancini had taken his title, his life blood and he could find himself getting angrier the longer they stayed in Francesco's. Not that he was particularly welcome. He imagined that the door men who asked him to leave were Mancini family henchmen, but the reality was they were just two large men on minimum wage.

    So with her pick out of the window, he took her to the most upscale, classy establishment he could think of. The Cheesecake Factory.

    Studd decided to impress with an order of wine.

    "Can we have the Merlott please?"

    "Sir, that's pronounced Merlo" replied the Sommelier, which was actually just a waiter.

    The conversation flowed as quickly as the wine and Janie was smitten by Randy's charms, to the surprise of literally everyone that had ever met him.

    He took her home on the bus, not wishing to face the challenge of the Uber lottery again. On the way there, he fell asleep on her shoulder, dribbling a little bit, but she had a smile on her face.

    Once they'd arrived at her house, he decided to play his ace.

    "Jamie, I've had the best time tonight, I'd love for it to continue"

    "Oh Randy, I'm so tired"

    "Maybe you could just have a nap, while I give yo ass a tap"

    "I don't think so, not tonight. I had a lovely time"

    "Me too, do you think I could ask you out again sometime, Jamie"

    "It's Janie. You've been getting it wrong all night"

    "So sorry!"

    Despite her slightly souring tone, she felt herself soften as she looked at Studd's puppy dog eyes. This guy was difficult, and quirky, but there was an innocence she found cherishing.

    "Why don't you give me a call tomorrow and we'll sort something?"

    And for the first time in his life, Randy Studd had a second date.
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