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    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *

    Copeland: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another jam packed episode of WZCW Meltdown this time coming to you from beautiful Newcastle Upon Tyne. Tonight we're going to find out just who is going on to Kingdom Come to fight for the Elite Openweight Championship but first our World Champion has something she would like to say.


    Eve comes out onto the stage with her Championship drapped over her shoulder as she listens to the smattering of boos that dot St. James Park. Forgoing her usual entrance she quickly walks down the ramp and into the ring where she asks for a microphone.

    Taylor: I came out here to address some of what's been going on out there on Social Media concerning Tyrone Blades and why I did what I did.

    Before she can get another word in the music of the Mayhem Champion hits the PA system as he walks out onto the stage with his own title over his shoulder and Gino at his side.


    Copeland: Oh come on, Mancini has no business out here. This is Eve's time to address some important matters that are going on.

    Cohen: I have no idea Seabass but judging from the look on his face he's not in a good mood.

    Mancini: From up here it looks like what you're doing is looking past me and on to Kingdom Come and let me tell you something princess looking past me is a huge mistake.

    As he talks Tony walks down the ramp and into the ring where he gets in Eve's face.

    Mancini: Tonight you need to be concerned with getting past me.

    Tony takes his title off his shoulder and shoves it in Eve's face who pushes his arm away and tries to say something but is again interrupted.

    Mancini: Shut up, it's time that you and everyone listens to me. Whether you and everyone wants to acknowledge it I am a Champion in this company and I deserve respect. Tonight I'm going to start getting that respect by beating the mighty Eve Taylor in the middle of this ring.

    The fans boo Tony as he stands there staring at Eve with his Championship held high above his head.

    Taylor: Ok Anthony I'll give you that much. You are a Champion but there is only one Championship that matters and it's not that paperweight you carry around with you it's this, the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship.

    As she talks she lifts her own Championship in the air and moves in until the two Champions are nose to nose each with their Championship held high.

    Copeland: Eve and Tony face each other tonight in our Champion vs Champion Main Event but by the looks of things neither competitor wants to wait.

    Cohen: If I was a betting man Seabass I'd put my money on Tony Mancini. He's got a chip on his shoulder the size of the UK and he wants to show everyone that the Mayhem Championship is more than a paperweight.


    Backstage Titus arrives, he sports a strapping suit as the crowd cheers him on. He stops and smells the air, showing the utmost confidence and then approaches Backstage Bob who is using a vending machine.

    Titus: Ah, hello Bob. I need to know something.

    Bob: Oh yes, Mr. Avison. What do you need?

    Titus: I know this isn't his show but is Chuck Myles by any chance around?

    Bob: I don't know. You may want to check with Becky Serra. She might know.

    Titus: Of course. Good man.

    Titus leaves to find Becky Serra and Bob resumes with his vending machine. It dispenses a bag of Doritos..... but it gets stuck.

    Bob: ......oh man......
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    Cohen: I'm telling you, Logan needs consistency. Every now and then you see his killer edge, but ninety nine percent of the time he is just fudging around with some agent or his family and can't make up his mind what he wants.

    Copeland: He has a chance to pick up a big win against Var Krigare tonight though and get some momentum going.

    Logan stretches with the ropes as he awaits his opponent.

    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, already in the ring, Logan McCallister!


    And his opponent, from Gothenburg, Sweden weighing 303lbs pounds, "The Lion From The North" Harald Var Krigare!

    The stage flashes blue and gold lights as Harald makes his through the curtain. He waves a giant Swedish flag, which doesn't elicit the biggest cheer, though the fans appreciate him. He gets to the ring and stares down Logan while throwing his hands in the air and letting out a primal roar.

    Copeland: Var Kirgare has made a fairly big impact in his short time here in WZCW, picking up some key victories after a solid Lethal Lottery debut.

    Cohen: He has rare size, it will serve him well, but what is so great about Sweden? Aside from Swedish twins, I mean.

    Referee Keith Morse checks both competitors and goes to call for the bell, but first Logan has to wave to Hayden.

    *DING! DING!*

    Logan turns around, and Harald's giant boot meets his face, sending him tumbling out of the ring.

    Copeland: Harald just unleashed the Kraken!

    Hayden: Come on dad, you can do it!

    Hayden yells words of encouragement as his dad stumbles around. Hayden urges him on and he rolls back into the ring just before the count of nine. He gets to his feet very slowly and turns to meet a second boot to the face. The Kraken has been unleashed a second time! Harald puts a boot on the chest of Logan and flexes as the referee gets into position....1!...2!...3! Harald wins with no effort at all.

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Harald Var Krigare!

    Harald simply scoffs at Logan, unimpressed with his lack of effort. He raises his arms and gets some cheers for the steamroll performance.

    Copeland: I think Logan was done after the first kick to the face.

    Cohen: Yeah, blame that snot nosed kid for his dad probably having a concussion now. I hope you feel good Hayden, this is all your fault.


    Backstage, Stacey Madison frantically paces backstage, eventually she finds what she's looking for and starts her segment. She approaches an unsuspecting Batti.

    Stacey: Hello ladies and gentlemen, at this time I am here with Batti. Batti, please listen to me. That video shown last week. It was doc-

    Leave me alone.

    Stacey: But Batti, please listen to me. This is Flex and Ev-

    Batti: I do not care, Stacey. Leave me alone. I have other things on my mind. Now leave me alone.

    Batti leaves, leaving Stacey Madison alone with the mic on her hand. Stacey seems very disappointed but turns back to the camera.

    Stacey: It seems Batti has something in mind. After weeks of attacks and mindgames by King Mussel, time will tell what's on her mind. But one has to assume we'll find out either tonight or at Ascension. Stick around, fans. More action is coming your way.


    Titus Avison stands in front of an office labeled "Becky Serra" and promptly knocks on it. Muffled but audible, he hears the call and steps inside, finding Becky Serra with Chuck Myles.

    Titus: Ah, I've found you. How are my two favorite general managers doing? Becky is that a new haircut? You look lovely. Myles, you look younger and younger by the week.

    Any reason for you to butter me up?

    Titus: Nothing mayor. I mean, as you know, I am your WZCW Eurasian Champion. The longest reigning Champion in the history of this company. I suppose you've heard legends of me, especially in my beautiful birthplace of Newcastle. Which is why I have to wonder. Why would you put me in such a dangerous position?

    Myles: What do you mean?

    Titus: A match with that wannabe vigilante cop Stevie Broone is bad enough, Myles. But Constantine gets to be the guest referee of the match? Do you want me to get hurt just before the biggest show of the year, Myles? You're putting your true main event match in jeopardy here, Myles.

    Serra: I'm not gonna lie, I agree with him. Broone's crazy and there's no telling what Constantine would do. He's no saint.

    Titus: See?! Do the right thing, Myles. If you want a guest referee, fine. I can get you in contact with Anthony Michaels. How's that?

    Serra and Myles stare at each other, surprised.

    Myles: Anthony Michaels?!

    Titus nods enthusiastically as Myles and Serra yet again stare at each other.

    Myles: Sure. Why not? You got a deal.

    Titus and Myles shake hands and Titus leaves, pleased with himself.

    Hear that? I got Anthony Michaels on my show.

    Serra: You think the audience remembers him?

    Myles stares angrily at Serra.
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    Harrys: The following contest is a singles match in the Elite Openweight League. Introducing first from The Ashen Jungle, weighing in at 210 LBS "Red Hot" Blazing Tiger!


    The lights go out, leaving the arena in blackness for a few moments before the sounds of a lone piano start, as the arena turns red. With the words "we're on the path" Tiger starts slowly walking down the ramp to the ring. When "It's time to get in the zone" he drops to one knee, looking down. He rises and poses, spreading his arms wide when "Tigers are out of the cage" before breaking into a run with the shout of "Move!" breaking into a sprint when "I think it's time to steal the show." He slides into the ring under the bottom rope. Once back on his feet he runs towards the hard camera side jumping off the middle rope into a backflip. Until the bell rings he's restless, bouncong on the balls of his feet, stretching as if he's frightened of his muscles cooling down while he waits.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Venice, Italy weighing in at 240 pounds... The Ladies Man... Randy Studd!!


    After a few seconds of the intro playing, Studd makes his way through the curtain wearing his waistcoat and standing on the stage. He stares out at the arena full of people and winks at some of the women as he walks down the ramp. Before he gets in the ring he takes a rose out of his pocket and hands it to a woman at ringside before climbing the steps. Once he gets in the ring he stares intently at Tiger as the ref calls for the bell.

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    Immediately the two men start circling each other for a bit before going into a collar and elbow tie up.

    Copeland: Both men jockeying for position to start this important match off.

    Cohen: Important match? Even if Tiger wins he won't be fighting for the Elite Openweight Championship. He would have been better off forfeiting and concentrating on getting ready for the Mayhem Championship match at Kingdom Come.

    As Cohen is talking Studd pulls Tiger in close and puts him in a headlock. To add insult to injury Studd grabs Tiger's mask and tries his best to rip it off his head.

    Copeland: Oh come is that necessary?

    Cohen: Maybe not Seabass but who's going to stop him?

    In the ring Tiger shoves Studd away from him and makes sure his mask is still on tight before running at Studd and hitting a dropkick to his knees that sends him face first to the mat. Without giving him time to get up Tiger jumps on his back and rains down rights and lefts until Studd is able to buck him off.

    Copeland: Tiger taking exception to what Studd tried to do and getting the upper hand in this match.

    As Copeland talks Tiger quickly gets to his feet and ppgoes right after Studd, picking him up and putting him in position for a suplex but as he lifts him up Studd punches him in the ribs. Tiger tries a second time with the same result. As he tries a third time Studd is able to reverse the move and hits a delayed vertical suplex of his own, flexing his left arm while doing it.

    Cohen: And just like that Studd has taken control Seabass. Unlike Blazing Tiger Studd knows what it's like to hold gold in WZCW and wants to add the Elite Openweight Championship to that list.

    With Tiger on the mat Studd starts dropping knee after knee to his chest. After about a minute of this he switches to a half boston crab which prompts the ref to ask Tiger of he wants to give up.

    Copeland: Tiger showing great resilience here Jack. He may not have a shot at the Elite Openweight Championship but a win over a two time Mayhem Champion would sure boost his momentum going into the Mayhem Championship match at Kingdom Come.

    Studd continues to wrench on the leg for a little bit but lets go in order to pick him up and hit a quick DDT befor going for the pin. 1…2..kickout by Tiger!

    Cohen: Studd doing the smart thing and staying on Tiger so he can't get a breather. If it me in there I'd go back to the leg and try to take out his knee.

    Copeland: Tiger is fighting back though Jack. By the looks of things he won't go down without a fight.

    Studd quickly goes for another pin but Tiger kicks out before the count of one. To prevent another pinfall attempt Tiger getdls to his feet as fast as he can on one leg and nails Studd with chop after chop to his well defined pectoral region. Studd tries to get away but finds himself backed into the corner of the ring where Tiger hits a standing dropkick that sends Studd crashing to the mat. Tiger quickly pulls him to the center of the ring where he hits a standing moonsault and goes for a pin of his own. 1…kickout by Studd!

    Copeland: It looks like Tiger hit his knee on the mat going for that moonsault. It may have prevented him from getting the leverage he wanted on that pin.

    Cohen: With that bum leg he's got it's only a matter of time before Studd locks in his Studd Muffler finisher and makes Tiger tap out.

    Studd and Tiger both slowly get to their feet and again jockey for position with Studd once again getting the better of the situation and putting Tiger in a headlock and starts rabbit punching him in the top of the head. Tiger manages to push Studd away and starts slapping him repeatedly in the face which causes him to quickly head towards the ropes and demamds that the ref makes Tiger back up. The ref does so and as Tiger turns around in irritation Studd hits a vicious chop block to the knee he worked on earlier in the match. He stomps on it a few times before locking in the Studd Muffler (Stretch Muffler). Tiger claws at the mat, trying to get to the ropes but can't move with Studd locking in the move even tighter. Faced with no other option Tiger taps out in the middle of the ring.

    Harrys: Here is your winner by submission 'The Ladies Man' Randy Studd!

    Cohen: What did I tell you Seabass. Studd is going on to Kingdom Come riding a huge wave of momentum and has to be a favorite to win the Elite Openweight Chanpionship.


    Backstage Randy Studd is standing inside Becky Serra's office as she arrives with a contract in hand.

    Serra: Well, Mr. Studd. Congratulations. With today's victory, you have emerged victorious from the Elite Openweight League's A Block. As such, you will face Callie Clark, Lynx and tomorrow's winner at Kingdom Come for the Elite Openweight Championship. This is the match contract and I just need you to sign it. Here.

    Studd looks a bit nervously at the paper as she places it on the desk and sits down.

    Serra: What is it?

    Studd: Well, I have a history with women and clipboards. But to be fair, I don't mind a little rough play.

    Serra: Mr. Studd, I suggest you watch your mouth before you lose the opportunity you worked so hard to win.

    Studd: Yes ma'am!

    Studd sits straight on his chair and proceeds to sign. As he does, Lynx walks into the room.

    Lynx: Ah. So you're Randy Studd. The former Mayhem Champion and now one of my opponents at Kingdom Come. Nice to meet you.

    Studd: Woman hater.

    Lynx: What?

    Studd: Woman hater. How else could I describe a man who is so openly capable of fighting women?

    Lynx: It was a title match, man. Whatever. I look forward to facing you.

    Callie: Trust me. I don't.

    Callie Clark now enters the room with her Elite title over her shoulder. She does not look pleased being present with these two at the moment.

    Callie: I hope you realize, I am now the only three time Elite Champion in WZCW history. I'm dead sick of you, Lynx. And I haven't even fought you yet, but you're gross.

    Studd: I used Olive oil instead of baby oil once and now rumors run rampant. I did not think we would be getting into this kind of a situation. But Lynx, she turned me down. So I guess you get he-

    Serra: Finish that statement and you'll be unemployed you pervert. Lynx. Clark. Sign. Tomorrow the second League winner will sign so your match will be set.

    Callie approaches the contract to sign it.

    Callie: Congratulations, gentlemen. You'll have the honor of sharing the fact that you were the people I beat in my first Kingdom Come and the first to fail in ending my historic 3rd title run. Enjoy.

    Callie signs and leaves as Lynx also proceeds to sign.

    Lynx: I'm sorry. She can have a bit of an attitude.

    Lynx signs and leaves as Studd stands up impressed.

    Studd: She is feisty.

    Serra: Leave!

    Studd: Yes!
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    The music of Tyrone Blades can be heard throughout the arena as the man himself comes x]onto the stage and looks out at the audience before walking down the ramp and straight into the ring where he demands a microphone. Once he is given one he wastes no time and gets right to the point.

    Blades: Alright enough is enough. Everyone is constantly giving me shit about what went on with Eve Taylor in that hotel room and I'm here to set the record straight! Batti, baby please come out here so I can talk to you.


    Instead of Batti's music King Mussél's music starts playing as he walks out onto the stage. He looks to go to the ring but decides against it.

    Mussél: Set what record straight Tyrone? That you're a drunk and womanizer? Everyone already knows that. What they don't know but will learn later tonight that the almighty Tyrone Blades is nothing compared to King Mussél. Tonight when we get in that ring together i'm going to do what I've done to countless other legends and that is leave you laying with a Mussél bomb.

    Before he can say anyting else Stacey Madison comes out and says something to Flex that causes him to stare daggers at her.

    Mussél: Shut Up woman this doesn't concern you.

    He goes to shove Stacey out of the way but before he can lay a hand on her Tyrone throws his mic down and jumps out of the ring, sprinting up the ramp towards Flex, not even paying attention to Stacey as he runs by her. Flex sees him coming and runs to the back before he gets up the ramp leaving Stscey alone on the stage.
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    Harrys: The following contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall!


    The Remarkable One walks out with a big sneer on his face and the Big Bad Roadie by his side. He looks out into the sea of the majority British audience doing his best stereotypical high class royal persona, equipped with some swear words that Keaton treats as a casual greeting, before heading down the ramp. When the audience rejects him, he tells them to stick a jam crumpet up their back trumpet and respect him.

    Harrys: Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Big Bad Roady, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing 225 pounds... "The Remarkable" Mark Keaton!

    The crowd boos as his name is announced as Keaton is in the ring stretching out his arms, waiting for the audience to understand that they are supposed to cheer him instead.

    Copeland: I just don't understand Keaton. He has the charisma, the personality and the skills to get it done inside the squared circle but he continues to persist with this appalling attitude and taking shortcuts wherever he can find one.

    Cohen: In this industry, you need to take as many opportunities that come your way because you'll never know if there will be another one. You need to be selfish. If that's makes you what these people here call an "********", then so be it.

    Copeland: Sure, but if he was a lot nicer, this man would be a fan favourite for years to come.


    Harrys: And his tag team partner, from Hell's Kitchen, New York, weighing 210 pounds... he is the "X-Rated Superstar", Triple X!

    The lights go out in the arena with white lights flash and pulse all around the arena. Triple X appears on the stage, looking out to the audience in attendance with a look of pure hatred in his eyes. He walks down the ramp with purpose, eyes forward and giving a couple of heckling fans the finger without turning his head to grant them eye contact. He gets to the ring and hits the apron, facing the hard cam. As soon as the chorus hits, he throws his hands up in the air forming an X. He enters the ring and begins pacing back and forth, looking towards the entrance ramp. Keaton observes this and tries to calm his partner down. X ignores him, causing Keaton to get upset at this rude display. He reminds X that he is the leader of this team and X must do what he says. X stops and the two begin having words in the ring. Big Bad Roadie does his best to calm it down.

    Cohen: Now this is what I don't get, Seabass. These two have to work together as they head into Kingdom Come if they stand any chance of becoming victorious at the big event. Yet, we are on our last stop and these two are bickering.

    Copeland: Maybe if they changed their attitude a little and were a bit nicer, this would have less of a chance of happening to them.

    Cohen: I think you need an attitude adjustment.


    The crowd goes from boos to cheers as pink lights begin to swirl around the stage in a circular pattern, representing the petals of many cherry blossoms falling through the air. A fine mist appears on the stage and the former World champion emerges, taking a second to appreciate the view before heading down the ramp, adorned with a small smile to fans who greet her amicably.

    Harrys: And their opponents, first, from Ise, Mia, Japan, weighing 145 pounds... Kagura!

    As Kagura heads to ringside, she ascends the stairs and cautiously watches the three men in the ring half-paying attention to her and half-bickering amongst themselves. She seems confused as to whether she should enter the ring, deciding to wait to see what happens. She keeps an eye out towards the ramp, as well as the crowd around her. Kagura is seemingly watching all sides as she observes X and Keaton arguing.

    Cohen: Although Kagura is the most accomplished of the four competitors here, being a former World champion and all, she seems to be the most off balance tonight. She's watching all angles for her opponents who could implode at any moment, a tag team partner she probably doesn't trust and Garth Black looming the shadows ready to strike.

    Copeland: Pressure and tension can be great motivators, Jack. Kagura has shown she can handle herself in big situations with her winning the most recent King for a Day elimination chamber match. She had to keep her eyes open at all times for the right opportunity to cash the contract in to become World champion so keeping an eye out for danger would be a walk in the park.


    Harrys: And her tag team partner, from New York, New York, weighing 100 pounds, she is the first-ever THREE TIME and NEW Elite Openweight Champion in WZCW History... Callie Clark!

    Callie Clark struts out onto the stage and holds her championship up high with pride. Instead of boos or cheers in the arena, the audience applauds in appreciation for Callie Clark's achievements, showing her some respect. Callie nods and re-iterates everyone should be applauding her as she has a big smile on her face. She goes down to the ringside area and meets up with her tag team partner, showing off the title to Kagura as well. She holds the title in one hand and uses her other hand to hold up three fingers.

    Copeland: Callie Clark has put herself in similar company to Mikey Stormrage and "Showtime" Cougar as one of the very few competitors to hold a championship more than twice.

    Cohen: Exactly! Callie Clark's efforts in reclaiming her championship just shows how much dedication she has to professional wrestling. To me, Callie has become synonymous with the Elite Openweight championship. Callie has become the shining pinnacle of the Elite Openweight division. Callie Clark is the Elite Openweight division.

    Copeland: If she manages to best all three challengers at Kingdom Come, all of whom who had to work for their opportunity to enter the match, then maybe she'll have that claim. She just won the title back. She needs to prove herself and defend the championship at least once.

    Cohen: Blasphemy!

    Callie and Kagura enter the ring at the same as the bickering between X and Keaton has almost resolved. They are in their corner talking more peacefully with Big Bad Roadie on the outside. Kagura now has the chance to stand in the middle of the ring and respectfully bow to the audience. However, as she does this, Callie Clark walks over to both X and Keaton to show off her championship and accomplishment. Whatever disagreements that were left between the two are instantly squashed as the two now focus on Callie. Seeing what she has done, she backs away near her partner Kagura, who stands tall. The four competitors stare off for a moment until Referee Prince can get into the mix and break it up.

    Copeland: Maybe Callie should stop showing off until after the match.

    Cohen: Don't speak of the true Elite Queen like that! She'll send you to the gallows... actually, never mind. Keep talking. You have words of wisdom today, Seabass.

    After some back and forth discussions between both teams, it is Callie and Keaton who begin the match. Prince checks on them both before signalling for the bell.

    * * * DING DING DING * * *

    Callie continues to remind everyone, especially Keaton, that she is the Elite Openweight champion and she has won the title three times. Keaton laughs it off, which visibly annoys Callie. She asks him what is so funny and Keaton responds, telling her that the only reason she is a three-time champion is because she was bad enough to lose it twice. Keaton laughs as Callie stares daggers at him, responding back that at least she managed to become a successful singles wrestler and didn't need the help of a better wrestler to hand them championships. Keaton's laugh turns into a sour look as he attempts to charge at Callie. She manages to duck, runs the ropes and hits a Sling Blade on Keaton... and another! On the third time round, Callie drops Keaton with a dropkick, sending him back to his corner. She throws up the Three Time symbol yet again as the crowd applauds the efforts.

    Cohen: Solid mind games by the champion, here. If she can get into the minds of someone who isn't challenging for her title, imagine what she could do at Kingdom Come!

    Keaton orders Triple X into the ring and slaps him across the chest to make the tag. Mark is back on the apron and points to Callie. Triple X just stares at Keaton before shaking his head, entering the ring. However, this is enough of a distraction to let Callie hit a step up high knee to X, knocking him to the outside. Callie measures X, runs the ropes and goes for a suicide dive. X, seeing this happen, pulls Big Bad Roadie and dives out the way. Callie launches into Roadie, knocking him down. Callie immediately gets up looking disgusted, brushing away the ickiness of Roadie. She turns around to go after X but he clocks her in the face with a BIG forearm smash that makes the crowd feel uncomfortable. Callie falls to the ground and X throws up his straight-edge symbol, much to the chagrin of the crowd.

    Copeland: I think Triple X just re-invented how to execute a jawbreaker. That was a nasty shot.

    X rolls Callie into the ring, following up behind, before the referee's count hits ten. He goes for a cover... 1... 2... kick-out by the Elite champion. Callie tries to crawl to her corner but X throws her towards his, stomping away with kick after kick until referee Prince has to physically break it up. As she reprimands Callie, Keaton rakes the eyes of Callie. The crowd boos heavily at this display. X moves away from the referee and goes to do some more damage but Keaton orders X for the tag. X doesn't bother arguing and instead of tagging Keaton's hand, he slaps him on the chest back. X steps back and allows Keaton to enter the ring before going back on the apron. Keaton enters and picks up Callie, hits a series of multiple snap jabs before delivering a picture perfect dropkick. Keaton looks over to X and reminds him that is why he is the leader. X shakes his head and requests a tag. Keaton obliges and asks him to show him how it is done. X enters the ring and stalks Callie, knocking her down with a front dropkick. X kips-up, looks at Keaton, immediately goes to the top rope and waits for Callie. As she gets up, he hits another front dropkick and kips up afterwards. X looks at Keaton and tells him to beat that before going for a cover... 1... 2... kick-out again by the champion.

    Copeland: These two should really be concentrating on the match.

    Cohen: They have the upper hand and they are working well together. If it works, why not keep doing it?

    Keaton wants the tag in as X puts Callie into the corner. They make the tag and Keaton begins telling X what to do. X is reluctant but follows what he says, whipping Keaton into the corner. Keaton attempts for a corner clothesline but Callie ducks, forcing Keaton to connect to the turnbuckles. X goes for the block but Callie hits a spinning backfist on him and knocks him down with a pele kick. Callie is open for a tag as she crawls to Kagura who wants in. The crowd gets behind Callie as they want to see Kagura in the match.

    However, Keaton is not down and goes over to Callie, picking her up and looking for a piledriver. As Keaton lifts her up, Callie uses her core strength to continue flipping onto Keaton's shoulder and drop in position to hit a standing tornado DDT. The crowd comes alive as both Keaton and X are down. Callie crawls over to the corner, looking for the tag. Kagura reaches out desperately as Callie is fingertips away. X somehow gets up, grabs the leg of Callie but the champ pushes him back with all her strength... and she makes the tag!

    Copeland: Here we go! Here comes Kagura!

    For the first time in the match, Kagura enters and begins to rally with a forearm strikes to X before delivering a big palm thrust to the throat, knocking down X. Keaton is up and he gets given the same treatment. The former World champion continues to go back and forth with palm strikes to both X and Keaton until the Remarkable One stops her in her tracks with a big chop block. Keaton tells X to get up and the two send Kagura flying across the ring. They try for a double clothesline but Kagura ducks it. She comes back, jumps on Keaton's head and locks her feet onto Triple X, deliver a double headscissors that sends X to the outside as she keeps Keaton in a headlock position. Keaton manages to use his power to get up and power out with a side suplex on Keaton to Kagura. Keaton gets to his feet and smirks as if he had stopped Kagura... but what he doesn't realise is that Kagura is immediately on her feet and waiting for Keaton to turn around. The suplex had almost no effect on her!

    As Keaton turns around, she hits him with a chop to the neck, followed by a shuffle side kick, sending Keaton into the corner. She runs off the opposite turnbuckles and hits a flying knee strike, followed by one more. As she goes for a third, she holds up the three time symbol, similar to Callie Clark, that gets the crowd cheering hard. In this time, X manages to sneak on apron, tag himself and drop back down out of sight. Kagura hits a third flying knee strike on Keaton who walks out of the corner groggy. Seeing the taunt by Kagura, Callie enters the ring, pushes Kagura out the way and clothesline Keaton to the outside. Big Bad Roadie is up and goes over to help Keaton as Callie goes to the ropes and hits a springboard plancha. Roadie pushes Keaton out of the way and takes the brunt of it.

    Copeland: That's the second time Roadie has taken a hit for his team.

    Cohen: What a lucky guy!

    Callie gets up, disgusted she did that for a second time. Keaton sneaks up behind, hits a chop block and pushes Callie into Roadie once more. They collide heads, causing Roadie to fall. Callie turns around and is met by a devastating backbreaker to the outside. Callie appears to be out.

    Meanwhile, as Kagura watches and goes to help, X ambushes from behind with a spinning roundhouse kick. Kagura is down to a knee as X climbs up the top, hitting a whisper in the wind style attack. Dazed and confused, X measures up Kagura and nails her with the Project X, knocking her unconscious. X goes for the cover... 1... 2... 3!

    Elizabeth Prince signals for the bell as the match is over. The crowd isn't happy with the result as Triple X celebrates in the ring before looking out over the ropes to see the mess on the outside.

    Harrys: Here are your winners... "The Remarkable" Mark Keaton and Triple X!

    Copeland: The Roadie made his money tonight because he had a big assist for this victory tonight. If he wasn't here, it would've been a very different outcome.

    Cohen: It was the teamwork, Seabass, that got them the victory. Callie and Kagura wrestled like singles competitors whilst X and Keaton worked together. It wasn't pretty but it worked. They've got the much-needed momentum heading into Kingdom Come.

    Keaton gets into the ring and celebrates with X, telling him it all went according to his plan. X shakes his head at him and exits the ring. Keaton follows after him with Roadie attempting to keep up. Keaton and X leave together with some bickering happening but ultimately, happy with the victory. Callie gets up on the outside, grabs her title and looks at Kagura in a disappointed manner. She leaves in a huff, still nursing the pain from the match.

    Kagura is slow to get to her feet as she sees Callie Clark shaking her head and leaving. She looks out to the audience who applauds her efforts. As she goes to bow, the crowd begins sparking up as Garth Black appears at the top of the entrance ramp. As soon as Kagura catches this, she immediately goes on the defense in the middle of the ring. Black looks on with a disappointed look, shakes his head and slowly walks to the back. Kagura looks confused at this and watches around her to make sure nothing happens.

    Copeland: What is Garth Black doing?

    Cohen: After what he saw tonight, I don't think he saw it fit to do anything or even get close to Kagura. He is turning his back on her and walking away. A powerful, yet disrespectful gesture aimed squarely on the former World champion.


    Backstage, Leon Kensworth is standing by.

    Leon: Ladies and gentlemen, we are just moments away from a big Champion vs Champion match. Standing by me is none other than the current Mayhem Champion, Tony Mancini. Tony, are you ready for tonight's challenge?

    Tony: If I'm ready? Of course I'm ready. As your Mayhem Champion, I should be ready for anything. Eve Taylor may be Italian, just like me, but she grew up soft. Walking runways. I on the other hard, ran walkways if you know what I'm saying. We're two different slices of the same pie and tonight I'll show I mean business.

    Leon: Now, we've seen you eyeing competition. Your match for Kingdom Come is still not official.

    Tony: Yeah, tune in to Ascension. You'll see what I have planned. It'll be big.

    With that Tony walks away to get ready for his match.


    Off in another area, Stacey Madison stands by.

    Stacey: As we continue to get ready for the Champion vs Champion match, I have with me the current WZCW World Champion, Eve Taylor. Now Eve, is your head on tonights match given all that is going on with your opponent for Kingdom Come Tyrone Blades?

    Eve: Is there a difference between Blades and Mancini? Two scums of the Earth trying to fool themselves into thinking they're something they're not. Batti was warned repeatedly about Tyrone but she never listened. Now she's suffering. Betrayed. Trust me. I know the feeling.

    Eve glares at Stacey who seems uncomfortable.

    Stacey: I should interject. I know this was all fabrica-

    Eve: If you have no further questions, I'll take my leave now. I have a match to prepare.

    Eve leaves as Stacey pinches her eyebrows in frustration.
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    The following contest is a Champion vs Champion match! Introducing first, from Little Italy, NYC, weighing 275 pounds, being accompanied to the ring by Gino Rizzoli, he is the WZCW Mayhem Champion, 'The Don' Tony Mancini!

    Tony makes his way to the ring slowly as Gino hoists the Mayhem Championship above.

    Copeland: This is a golden opportunity for Tony Mancini here tonight. A victory will bring great prestige to him as Mayhem Champion and elevate him.

    Cohen: You say that, but this isn't a Mayhem Rules match. This is simple one on one against the Champion of the World.

    His opponent, from Milan, Italy, weighing 156 pounds, she is the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion... Eve Taylor!

    Copeland: And here comes the World Champion. She's all business here tonight and- Oh, wait a minute~!

    Taylor does not waste time. She marches down the with her World title held high above but before reaching the ring, she hits Gino with the World title belt. She kicks the Mayhem title away, angering Tony who gets angry and decides to go after her. The brawl starts in the floor as referee Jurou Akiyama begs for them to get back in the ring to start the match. Eve kicks Tony repeatedly in the legs and hips, trying to break his base. Tony responds with chops to the chest of Eve as they continue to circle the ringside area. Eve throws Mancini over the broadcast booth, leaving him on the office chairs as Cohen and Copeland back away from hard.

    Cohen: Hey! Get off my chair!

    Copeland: The action has broken down early here as Tony Mancini was just sent over our table here.

    Eve runs into Gino who tries to poke the eyes but she avoids that and grabs him, bouncing his head off the ringpost. She turns around to see Tony Mancini, standing on top of the broadcast booth with the World title in his hand. He tosses it aside and then raises his own Mayhem title. Eve goes for him but gets kicked as Tony has the high ground. He gets down from the table but Eve bounces him off the ring apron. She rams him through several times over, punishing his lower back but Mancini manages to respond with a Hip Toss that lands Taylor over the announce table, her back bouncing off of it. She writhes in agony as Tony tries to catch himself, clutching his back as he tries to get up.

    Cohen: At this rate neither one will be able to walk if they keep hurting their backs like this.

    Copeland: Interesting strategy I'd say, but I kind of feel their brawl out here just happened to hurt their backs.

    Tony grabs Eve and pulls her over, trying to get her into the ring. He throws her into the ring and enters as referee Jurou Akiyama finally getting to ring the bell and start the match officially.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    Eve manages to get back up as Tony Mancini charges at her and hits him with a hard slap to the chest, stopping him flat. She hits two more chops to the chest and changes to several Knife-Edge Chops, pushing the Mayhem Champion to a corner. She whips him across to the opposite end as Tony's lower back takes more punishment. She charges ahead but hits a Tilt A Whirl Backbreaker, Eve crumbles to the ground, clutching her back in pain after her own earlier brush with the table. Tony grabs her by the neck and follows up with a Neckbreaker before going for a cover, draping his arm over her lower stomach. 1......... 2.......... 3-But Eve gets the shoulder up at 2 and half. Tony shows clear frustration as Gino is shown finally coming about at ringside. Tony hits several forearms at Eve as she tries to get back up. He hits forearms to Eve's back, but she responds with strong kicks. The impact of the kicks fend off Tony as he tries to avoid more pain in the back. He tries a Bulldog but Eve pushes him off and bounces off the ropes, she catches him coming back with a Big Boot as Tony bounces off the mat and falls outside the ring. Gino helps Tony to his feet but in doing that, Eve Taylor seizes her opportunity. She dashes across the ropes and leaps over them with a Tope Mortal, flipping over the top rope and crashing over Tony and Gino but clutching her back after impact.

    Copeland: Bad back and all! The World Champion takes a big risk and soars over the top rope!

    Cohen: I can't help but feel that was a dumb move. Eve has nothing to really prove. Unless she wants to just beat Mancini. Can't say I blame her.

    Eve gets back up first. She goes to get Tony but Gino tries to intervene so she grabs him instead and rams him against the barricade. She hits Gino with a Big Boot, sending him over the barricade and into the crowd. She turns back for Tony but he's back up now and kicks her, following it up with a Vertical Suplex on the entrance ramp. Unfortunately, the impact of the move hurts both of them as they feel the agony in their backs. The referee, Jurou Akiyama, begins his count with both down and out on the floor. They both begin to crawl back into the ring as the referee goes through his count. 1.......... 2............. 3............. 4............... 5............... 6.............. 7................ 8................. 9............. As they get to the apron, they realize they need to move and both leap into the ring, breaking the count in the nick of time. They struggle to get back to their feet and exchange blows. Eve kicks Tony repeatedly as he responds with forearm shots. Tony kicks the shin and tries a DDT but Eve grabs the ropes and holds on to avoid it. Instead she powers through and hits a Northern Lights Suplex and rolls through to her feet, following it up with a standing Stiletto Stomp. She climbs the ropes steadily, stopping to clutch her back and measures Mancini. She leaps but he gets out of the way. Eve rolls through and quickly gets back up but is met with a Hard Hitting Lariat, knocking her down hard. He grabs her wrist and pulls her back to her feet and tries Riposa In Pace but Eve rolls over his back. Tony grabs the legs and tries to pull down but Eve counters with Code Red, pinning down Tony. 1........ 2........ 3-But Tony manages to kick out. Gino is back as he stands on the ring apron and Eve is distracted with him as Jurou Akiyama tells him to get down. Tony tries to take advantage but Eve bounces him off Gino who falls to the floor. Taylor grabs Tony, hits the Extreme Makeover and seeing no way out, Mancini has to tap out.

    Here is your winner, the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Eve Taylor!!

    Copeland: Mancini tried his best but his reliance on bending the rules may have ended up costing him a golden opportunity.

    Cohen: He's Mayhem Champion, why are you surprised he was trying to bend the rules?

    Taylor raises her arms in victory as referee Jurou Akiyama brings the World title and she takes it, raising it above her head as she's handed icepacks. In the background, Mancini and Gino get the same treatment.

    Copeland: And with that, ladies and gentlemen, we only have one more show left. The final stop before Kingdom Come, tomorrow is Ascension. Thank you for joining us fans and tune in tomorrow!
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    Harald Var Krigare vs Logan McAllister - Yaz
    Intro, Blazing Tiger vs Randy Studd, Segments- Milenko
    Triple X & Mark Keaton vs Callie Clark & Kagura, Segments - Falkon
    Tony Mancini vs Eve Taylor, Segments - KJ
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