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    * PYRO *
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    We immediately open to the World Heavyweight Champion inside the squared circle with a massive smile on his face. In the aisles, people are losing their minds as the fireworks and pyrotechnics welcome them to the 130th edition of WZCW Meltdown.

    Stormrage: Wow, what a reception. I knew that everyone in Milwaukee was pumped up for tonight but you guys have just blown me away.

    Mikey takes another few moments to soak up the adulation from the crowd. With the Heavyweight Championship around his waist, Mikey cuts the figure of a man on top of the world at that precise moment.

    Stormrage: It's been a crazy few weeks for me and everyone else in WZCW. But you guys are always there to ground people. You guys are always here to let everyone know what is right and what is wrong. Truth be told, since I won the the Heavyweight Championship at Gold Rush a few weeks ago, everything has, sort of, been a haze.

    Again, loud cheers and a round applause go around the arena at the mention of Mikey Stormrage finally doing what people thought would be impossible; winning the Heavyweight Championship in WZCW.

    Stormrage: It just seems as though everyone has been through the wringer lately and everyone is just searching for something. It's like WZCW is caught in the eye of a hurricane and everyone is just battening down the hatches. But one thing that has struck me about being Heavyweight Champion is just how much this company is looking to me to be a strong leader. Things are happening that are seemingly way outside of my control but people still look to me to steady the ship. I guess... I don't know if I've got it in me.

    The crowd begin booing the mention of Mikey Stormrage allowing any problem to get the better of him. Mikey, feeling the love, lets a small smile appear on his face.

    Stormrage: You know, it's so funny looking back on things. I used to be the vocal underdog that was always criticising Champions in the past. Holmes, Ty Burna, Dorian Slaughter, Dr Zeus, Constantine. All of those guys were cold to the bone as Heavyweight Champion but being Champion gives you a new-found respect for that role. I mean, over the last two or three weeks Garth Black has begun tearing this pace apart from the inside out!

    A sudden and deafening cheer goes around the arena for a man who has bee very vocal as of late. Mikey allows the fans to get their point across before allowing a small smile to reappear.

    Stormrage: I know how Garth feels, guys. I've been the guy that Management don't believe in. I've been the guy that would give anything just to see things turned on their head and be given just one shot to prove how good they can be. And I guess, in some ways, I applaud the way he has been making everyone sit up and take notice of-

    The crowd erupts into life as the one and only Matt Tastic makes his way out onto the stage. Matt has a similar smile on his face to what Mikey has been sporting since opening the show. And with a microphone in one hand, it seems as though Matt has a lot to get off his chest.

    Tastic: You know something, Mikey, you've done a lot of growing up since becoming the Heavyweight Champion only a couple of weeks ago. In that short of a time, you have truly realised just how hard it is to be the face of this company. And don't get me wrong, you deserve it more than anyone around here. But I'm starting to worry if maybe it was just a step too far for you...

    Matt's words tail off as they hit Mikey like a freight train.

    Tastic: I don't mean that with any disrespect attached, of course. But coming out here and saying you applaud the way Garth Black has acted as of late? Has something snapped in you over the last two or three weeks?

    Matt offers a small laugh in an attempt to break the tension from the confused crowd. A sentiment that his Live Mas brother doesn't seem to want to share at this point in time. Quietly, Mikey continues to listen to Matt.

    Tastic: This is the same dude who hit you across the back with a steel chair only two weeks ago. This is the same guy who rigged production vehicles so that he could get the upper hand before an attack on me. I've got to ask you, Mikey, what part of that deserves an applause? You said it, being Heavyweight Champion requires you to be strong. And I'm just wondering if you've got the strength to be that guy.

    With that, Mikey finally offers a futile laugh.

    Stormrage: First of all, Matt, I know that I have the strength to be World Heavyweight Champion. I did this all on my won with no help from anyone. If I didn't deserve it, I wouldn't be wearing it.

    A small clap of appreciation circles the arena as Matt nods his head in reluctant agreement.

    Stormrage: Secondly, I don't think you have been quite as angelic in all of things Garth Black as you would have us believe. I get it, I get it; you take exception to the way that Garth has been handling himself recently. But ask yourself this, would you even care if you hadn't become the focus of his ire and rage? Are you just angry that people seem to be supporting his cause to be the number one contender and not yours?

    The harsh words between the two drop a lot of jaws around the arena as Matt wants to fire back.

    Tastic: What Garth Black has been doing is wrong, Mikey. And it worries me that you don't have the sense to see it anymore. Like I said, being Champion can be a defining moment for any person. Hell, I was Champion for longer than you can even dream of and it can change you. But I didn't think you would be so stupid to think that Garth Black was in the right over the last two weeks.

    The word “stupid” seems to be left ringing in people's ears for a moment but it is soon interrupted as Garth Black bursts through the curtain to a wave of noise from the fans, and lands a swift and devastating double-axe-handle to the Invincible Matt Tastic. Tastic falls forward and hits the cold hard steel with a thud. But Garth is not done with him there. Stomping Matt ruthlessly, Garth Black shows no mercy. In the ring, Mikey immediately drops the belt and makes a dash for the ropes. But as he gets one leg through the ropes, he seems to come to a sudden halt. The crowd cannot believe what they are seeing but Mikey Stormrage seems lost in his thoughts. Pulling his leg back through the ropes, Mikey looks on as Garth stares a curious hole through him. Giving Matt one last boot for good measure, Garth allows a sly smile to cross his features before running off as officials make their way through the curtain.

    Copeland: What the hell have we just witnessed, Jack? The allure of the Heavyweight Championship may just be a wedge between Mikey Stormrage and Matt Tastic. Never before have I seen Mikey or Matt refuse to come to the aid of another in times of peril.

    Cohen: It's the way of the world, Seabass. Let's see how quick Matt Tastic is to call Mikey stupid from now on. At the end of the day, he is his opponent for Unscripted and this is a dog eat dog world.

    The camera cuts to a shot of the two men sitting at ring side as Sebastian Copeland shakes his head in utter disbelief.

    Copeland: Regardless, folks, thank you for joining us here tonight. A huge card ahead of us with matches that will shape the card for Unscripted in just two rounds. But before we do anything else, let's head backstage to where, I think, Johnny Klamour should be with Logan McAllister
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    Backstage, Logan McAllister can be seen marching towards the ring with a look of serious intent on his face. From his right hand side, Johnny Klamour suddenly breaks into camera shot, a microphone in hand and a sly look on his face.

    Klamour: Hey, Kid!

    Logan barely breaks stride as he continues to march towards the ring. Klamour, undeterred by the seemingly rude actions of the Son of Boston, grabs at McAllister's arm in an attempt to slow his roll and get the interview. Logan turns on the spot quickly and flashes Johnny a frightful look in doing so.

    Klamour: Whoa! No need to be so hostile, kid. Just trying to get your thoughts about facing off against Austin Reynolds tonight; especially given what seems to be going on with him and Steven Holmes...

    Logan takes a deep breath and collects himself for a moment, seemingly lost in thought for a few seconds.

    McAllister: You know what, Johnny, I guess I do have a little bit ah worry somewhere deep inside ah me. Steven Holmes and Austin Reynolds seems like a match made in Heaven, huh? But guess what else is a match made in Heaven, Johnny? Logan McAllistah and a Suplex Pahty! Austin Reynolds, Abel Hunnicutt, Steven Holmes; it don't mahta to me who stands across the ring, quite frankly...

    Klamour looks puzzled as he poses another question.

    Klamour: So you're saying that you don't care about whatever help Austin Reynolds brings with him tonight?

    McAllister: You're damn right, Johnny! I beat Dorian Slaughtah at Gold Rush when no one thought that I could do it. And sure, I came up short against Matt Tastic last week. But when it comes to beating World Champions, 1 outta 2 ain't bad at all. Tonight is the night, Johnny. Tonight is the night that Logan McAllistah shows the world what he is capable of. Steven Holmes, Abel Hunnicutt and Austin Reynolds can come and get all that they want; there's enough Suplexes to go around...

    With that, Logan seems to regains his composure and his sense of intent; stomping down the hall and out of sight.


    We return from backstage to where Austin Reynolds is already in the middle of the ring. With his head bowed and a very understated entrance already over, Austin makes his way to the far corner of the ring. The crowd seem to be totally against the former fan favourite; a sentiment that seems strange given his history.

    Copeland: It is a strange sight seeing Austin Reynolds so under the thumb of Steven Holmes, and to some extent, Abel Hunnicutt. A man so steeped in history in this company should never come to this; it's a crying shame if you ask me.

    Cohen: Vilifying Steven Holmes and Abel Hunnicutt again, Seabass? Let's face it, Austin Reynolds had fallen off the face of the planet when Steven Holmes picked him up. And in the space of a few short weeks, he has transformed his career ambitions completely. Reynolds might be understated on the way to the ring, but his return to it proved that he still has the talent to make things happen.

    Copeland: Whilst I agree with you about his level of talent, Jack, the fact remains that Austin Reynolds doesn't need Steven Holmes. He could have did all of this own his own. But Holmes will claim the credit regardless. It's pathetic.

    After a few seconds of music, Logan McAllister finally makes his way out onto the stage; bathed in blue and red spotlights. Logan takes a deep draw of breath before fixing his eyes on the challenge that awaits him. Without Brittany by his side, Logan almost looks more serious and more willing to do some serious damage.

    Copeland: Well, folks, you heard him a little earlier on. Logan has been chomping at the bit to deliver the kind of results that people are now starting to expect from him. His win against Dorian Slaughter was a watershed moment in his eyes, and he has promised that tonight will be the night that he shows the world what he can do.

    Cohen: I hope so, Seabass. I like Logan. But the fact of the matter is that tonight he will share a ring with someone who vastly outmatches his level of talent. You name it and Austin Reynolds has did it. This is going to be another very disappointing night for Logan McAllister, mark my words.

    Copeland: Austin Reynolds might be a hell of a talent, Jack, I'll give you that. But Logan has all of the belief in the world and if he can defeat a former World Champion, then he will definitely stand a chance here tonight; even if the odds are against him.

    Harrys: And his opponent, weighing in at 275 pounds... The Son of Boston, Logan McAllister!!

    Logan stomps his way down the ramp until he reaches the ring. He has a look of focus in his eyes that seems very prudent, given the size of the match that waits for him. Climbing up the steps and into the ring, Logan immediately makes his way over to where Austin Reynolds stands; getting in his face and mouthing off. Seeing and feeling the intensity from the Bostonian, the crowd seems pleased; getting to their feet and clapping and cheering. As the cacophony of noise continues to build, the referee forces himself between the two and forces Logan to back off into the corner. The referee goes over to give Logan a talking to in an attempt to calm him down before heading back into the middle of the ring. But just as he goes to signal for the bell, something catches his eye off to the right. Turning on the spot, he watches as Abel Hunnicutt lands a clubbing blow over the ropes to the back of Logan's head. Logan hits the canvas like a sack of potatoes as the crowd goes absolutely crazy!

    Copeland: What is this?! This is an utter disgrace!

    Cohen: I don't even like to see this, Seabass. This alliance that Holmes seems to be in control of is becoming more and more of a bad influence in this company. And now it looks as though Logan is going to be the latest person to be put out to pasture here tonight. It's shocking.

    Copeland: You are absolutely right, Jack. Someone needs to do something about this before any more of the roster is attacked by this utter brute.

    With absolutely no hesitation at all, Abel gets in the ring in order to continue his decimation of Logan McAllister. Boos begin to go around the arena as Abel picks Logan up by the hair. But those boos are doubled as Steven Holmes makes his way through the curtain and down the ramp; his arms stretched out at his side as he smiles widely Inside the ring, Abel backs Logan up into the corner and begins peppering him with stiff rights and lefts to the gut. Following it up with a big elbow to the head of the Son of Boston, Abel looks pleased with himself. The referee tries to intervene between the two men as, strangely, Austin Reynolds stays in exactly the same spot as before; watching everything with his head somewhat bowed. Abel continues the assault on Logan by whipping him across the ring and then almost taking his head off with a big boot. Logan hits the canvas as Steven Holmes finally mounts the steps and gets into the ring. With his cane in hand, the thoughts and ambitions of Steven Holmes are clear to see. He goes over to where Logan McAllister is lying before grabbing him by the hair. But as Holmes picks him up, the fight in the Bostonian shines through once again as he throws a few stiff shots at Holmes, catching him in the bread basket and completely unaware. But no sooner has the spark of courage been lit than it has been completely extinguished as Austin Reynolds. Reynolds suddenly bursts into action as his “controller” is assaulted, grabbing the head of Logan McAllister and immediately nailing him with SILENCE! Holmes looks utterly stunned by the sudden action of his new-found puppet but, as the move connects, he allows a massive smile appear on his face.

    Copeland: Yeah, that's right, Holmes, smile about your work! He just couldn't let anything get past him, huh? Someone needs to stop these men or it could get out of control.

    Cohen: But who, Seabass? Holmes knows better than anyone how to exploit things to his advantage and this is all this is. Who is going to stop this brutish alliance?

    Holmes grabs the arm of Austin Reynolds as he gets back to his feet' his head lowered again and looking down at the crumpled body of Logan McAllister with a look of, what looks like, pity. But Holmes pulls Reynolds in the middle of the ring and grabs the arm of his monster, Abel Hunnicutt, in much the same way. As the massive wave of booing goes around the arena, Holmes raises both of his arms into the air in celebration.

    Copeland: Another match ruined by this alliance of sorts, Jack. It's disgusting.
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    Backstage, we see Austin Reynolds and Abel Hunnicutt walking up the corridors. With Steven Holmes at the front of the trifecta, he cuts the shape of a man who is content with the work he has done tonight. Behind him, the hulking mass of Abel Hunnicutt lurches forwards; followed by the downtrodden and dejected figure of Austin Reynolds. As the three men reach the end of the corridor, Leon Kensworth appears into shot with a microphone in hand.

    Kensworth: Austin, if I could just get a few words from you about your previous match with Logan McAllister?

    After a second or two of silence, Steven Holmes edges his way into shot, a smile upon his face as he puts himself between the interviewer and the intended interviewee. Leon struggles to get around The Elite but when Abel puts himself between the two, the cause is truly lost.

    Holmes: Surely you know how this works by now, Leon? Either that or I have seemingly given you more credit than you deserve.

    Knowing that his goose is cooked, Leon backs away from Austin Reynolds. Never one to miss an opportunity, however, Leon moves the microphone towards Steven Holmes instead. Holmes seems pleased with this.

    Kensworth: In that case, Mr Holmes. Could you please enlighten us as to why you felt the need to disturb the match between Austin Reynolds and Logan McAllister tonight? And even more pertinent, why you feel the need to continually carry out such actions.

    Hunnicutt: You watch you're tone there, boy!

    Holmes turns to Abel quickly before patting him on the chest with one hand. Turning back towards Leon, Holmes reclaims his massive smile.

    Holmes: Why not, Leon, that is your answer. Before you, you see three of the men who have shaped this industry and will continue to shape this industry for years to come. WrestleZone Championship Wrestling has become our play thing and we will continue playing with it until it has become exactly what we want it to be.

    Kensworth: And what exactly is that?

    Holmes: Now that is the big question, isn't it, Leon? You know me as a man of strategy and I would like to think that, by now, you know that there is always an end game. For now, however, that will remain a mystery. But what should be no mystery whatsoever is our might. Tonight, Logan McAllister talked ill of this trifecta of excellence and he paid the price for it. The rest of the WZCW roster should be on notice. Where other factions have tried to claim control of WZCW and failed, we will succeed. WZCW is ours now, Leon. And more destruction will follow...

    With that Steven Holmes and Austin Reynolds walk out of shot.

    Abel: Tonight...


    Harrys: The following contest is set for one fall!


    Flex emerges onto the stage in his usual Flex Fitness jumpsuit but he seems even more determined than usual. As he begins to make his way down the ring he uncharacteristically keeps his attention on the ring instead of the fans chanting his name. Eventually he slides under the bottom rope and rips off his tracksuit revealing the body weights he soon takes off. He then begins to meditate in the corner while waiting for his opponent.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Paris, France, weighing 220 pounds, Flex Mussél!

    Cohen: Flex Mussel hasn’t had the best of luck lately, big loss after big loss, and something tells me tonight is going to be no different.

    Copeland: I think the WZCW universe would beg to differ Jack. Despite coming up short recently the fan support for the healthiest man alive hasn’t changed at all.

    Cohen: Oh it will, when the fans realize they’re cheering for a loser.


    As her music plays, the lights in the arena dim as pink lights begin to swirl, but they quickly change to gold and then to grayish white, representing the decay in the life of the cherry blossoms as snow falls. As the lights turn white she begins to slowly walk to the ring. She clutches the book to her chest with one arm, looking around the arena. She ignores the fans attempts to cheer or boo her and walks around the ring to the timekeeper’s area. She hands the book to the time keeper for safe keeping before mocking Flex and entering the ring.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from Ise, Mie, Japan weighing 160 pounds, Kagura Joheki!

    Cohen: She’s beaten him once Copeland, she’ll do it again.

    Copeland: Kagura and Flex are one and one in terms of singles matches. Tonight is the rubber match. However, I’d be lying if I said Kagura hasn’t been a bit more impressive as of late.

    As soon as the bell rings Flex explodes out of the corner with a running European uppercut that knocks Kagura to the ground and sends her rolling under the bottom rope. Flex slides under the ring to follow her and Irish whips her straight into the barricade. He picks her back up and throws her inside the ring and quickly goes for the cover 1…Kagura kicks out immediately. Flex doesn’t waste any time and pulls Kagura up by her hair and positions her on the turnbuckle. He begins delivering repeatedly shots to the face and begins to choke her in the corner as the ref counts to five and implores Flex to stop. Just as the ref gets to four he interjects himself forcing Flex to break the hold much to the dismay of the bodybuilder. His attention turns to the ref and he stares him down with a look most have never seen in fitness freak. While Flex is distracted Kagura takes a turnbuckle pad off hits a palm thrust to the back of Flex’s head stunning him.

    Copeland: Flex seemingly wrestling with some malice tonight.

    Cohen: And Kagura is ready to use that misplaced anger against him.

    Kagura quickly follows up with a shuffle side kick knocking Flex to the ground. The former champion quickly hits a running knee drop and makes the cover 1…2…Flex kicks out. Looking to return the favor from earlier Kagura begins stomping away on Flex before putting him in a reverse chin lock. The fans begin to clap and will Flex back into it and he uses his strength to power out of the hold but Kagura quickly transitions into a Saito suplex! Kagura signals for the Fifth Dance of Amaterasu Omikami and as Flex gets to his feet Kagura tries to hit the Two Fisted Heart punch but Flex counters into an arm drag! As Kagura pops right back up looking to get back on the offensive she runs right into a jumping knee lift! Kagura’s body leans backwards but Flex pulls her forward right into a Belly to Belly suplex! Kagura goes halfway across the ring! Flex goes over and pulls her to the center and hooks the leg! 1…2…kickout! Flex picks Kagura up looking to hit a Mussel bomb but she transitions it into a hurricanrana into a pin! 1…2…Flex pushes her off! She rolls through and lands on her feet and nails a picture perfect chop to Flex’s neck!

    Cohen: It’s the beginning of the end Copeland.

    Flex clutches his throat in pain and Kagura follows up with a knee strike to the face! Flex falls backwards and Kagura folds him up for the pin! 1…2….Flex just barely kicks out! Kagura gets up and argues with the ref slightly before turning her attention back to the bodybuilder. She begins to stalk Flex and wait for him to get to his feet using the turnbuckles. As he turns around Kagura charges at him for a flying knee strike but Flex catches her in mid-air! He moves back to the center of the ring and tosses her in the air, catches her in a fireman’s carry, and then hits a gut buster! He quickly chucks her into the corner and follows up with a running European uppercut, he bounces off the ropes and hits a running forearm smash, and then bounces off the ropes one more time and nails a picture perfect shotgun kick right to Kagura’s face! Flex hooks the leg! 1…2….THR-NOOO! Kagura just barely kicks out!

    Copeland: What is it going to take to put Kagura away?

    Cohen: Something that Flex currently doesn’t have: the ability to finish the job!

    Flex grows more and more irrated by the resilience of Kagura. He begins to signal for the Flex-Decapitator. As Kagura to her feet the bodybuilder tries to hit the discuss clothesline but Kagura ducks and goes straight into a high speed victory roll! 1…2…Flex just barely escapes! Both competitors pop up and Kagura immediately hits the Second Dance of Yamatohime no Mikoto! Flex seems to be out but Kagura used all of her strength to hit the exploder suplex. She tries to crawl for the cover, she’s just barely able to get body onto Flex’s and hooks the leg but before the ref can even count Flex rolls her over and begins delivering repeated knee strikes to Kagura’s midsection! He then deadlifts her into a gut wrench position, but as he tries to go for the throw Kagura is able to wrap her body around Flex for the Fourth Dance of Toyouke Omikami!

    Copeland: Kagura has a very dangerous sleeper hold locked in, things aren’t looking good for Flex!

    The healthiest man alive begins to slowly fade away into unconsciousness as Kagura begins to tighten the sleeper hold. The ref is just second away from calling the match Flex grabs the ref’s t-shirt and begs him not to! The ref struggles to get out of Flex’s grasp, the bodybuilder eventually let’s go and the ref stumbles backwards. While the ref is busy getting up Flex falls forward in the corner causing Kagura’s head to land right on the exposed turnbuckle from earlier! Kagura is forced to let go of the hold and holds her head in pain! Flex is eventually able to shake out the cobwebs and follows up with the Flex-Decapitator!

    Cohen: Flex just used the exposed turnbuckle to his advantage!

    Copeland: I don’t think he meant to, he just fell forward!

    Kagura is out cold and Flex is about to go to the cover but he hesitates….he then looks to the crowd who are cheering him and then picks up Kagura and puts her into powerbomb position. Flex hits a buckle bomb, a powerbomb, and then deadlifts her into a sit-put spiral bomb! Flex then makes the cover! 1…2…3!

    Harrys: And here is your winner, Flex Mussel!

    Cohen: A bit of an overkill with the Mussel-bombs don’t you think?

    Copeland: Yes we certainly saw a more vicious side of Flex tonight but he did promise to get back on the winning track, and he did just that tonight.

    Cohen: With a little help from the turnbuckle…

    Copeland: Which Kagura exposed to begin with.

    Flex gets his hand raised in victory but he does not celebrate with the fans. He instead just looks down at the fallen Kagura, and then back at the exposed turnbuckle. He then sits back in the corner holding his head before eventually exiting the ring and heading backstage at the show goes to commercial.


    Backstage, a wooden door with the name of Vance Bateman comes into view. After a moment or two, a hand comes into view; knocking the wood repeatedly. After a moment of knocking, the door swings open to reveal the annoyed features of Vance Bateman. Upon noticing who stands before him though, the expression of the Meltdown General Manager seems to soften immediately.

    Bateman: I thought you might come here...

    The camera widens to show the bruised head of Logan McAllister as sweat rolls down his forehead. Snarling with anger, Logan pushes past the General Manager and into the small office.

    McAllister: You can't allow this, Bateman! Tonight was supposed to be mah big moment! Tonight, ah was goin' to beat Austin Reynolds and take my career right into the stratospheah. But the inmates seem to be runnin' the asylum around here these days!

    Vance closes the door behind the Son of Boston and motions for him to calm down a little; his tone much softer than it perhaps would have been if the events of tonight hadn't have unfolded the way that they did.

    Bateman: Listen, Logan, I know exactly what you're feeling. You're frustrated that you didn't get that big win that was going to set you apart.

    McAllister: Yer damn right!

    Bateman takes a deep breath as he is met with stiff resistance from Logan but he powers on anyway.

    Bateman: You did some amazing work at Gold Rush, don't get me wrong. WZCW hasn't given up on making you a star, you have everything that we want to see from an aspiring superstar. And trust me, what happened tonight with Steven Holmes and Austin Reynolds will be dealt with in due course. But please don't derail yourself and your career by focussing on what might have been, Look to the future, Logan, and know that you can always have that one moment that really sets you apart.

    A curious look crosses the features of the Meltdown General Manager.

    Bateman: Actually, I have just the right opponent for you for Unscripted. A truly big name and a talent that needs to be tested on the biggest stage.

    Logan leans in towards Bateman, turning his head to the side slightly.

    McAllister: I'm listening...

    Bateman: Picture this, Logan! Unscripted 2016... Logan McAllister goes one on on against one of the biggest names in the business today. Logan McAllister looks to cement his legacy and his reputation against a former Champion... Logan McAllister faces off against James Howard!!

    Logan takes in the hype before nodding his head in agreement and walking straight out of the office.
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    Copeland: I'm hearing, folks, that Leon Kensworth has managed to track down John Constantine backstage. I'm sure you are all interested in what the former number one contender has to say regarding his submission loss to Eve Taylor last week and then the appearance of the Steven Holmes and Abel Hunnicutt after his match. But before we take you there, let's take you back to what actually occurred at last Meltdown.

    The camera cuts to backstage where, sure enough, Leon Kensworth stands in the middle of the frame. With a microphone in one hand and a smile on his face, Leon pivots his body to allow the mass of John Constantine to fit into the shot alongside him.

    Kensworth: Right now, ladies and geneltmen, I am joined by the Power Trip, John Constantine. Thank you for joining us.

    Constantine remains silent as he shoots Leon an unimpressed expression.

    Kensworth: John, I have to ask you, how do you feel about surrendering the Elite Openweight Championship record reign to your opponent from last week, Eve Taylor?

    Constantine sincerely thinks about the answer for a moment as his eyes look down at the floor rather awkwardly.

    Constantine: They say, Leon, that records are made to be broken. My Elite Openweight Championship reign was a remarkable sight to behold. And the truth of the matter is that I thought it would never be surpassed... Especially not by a former catwalk model. But getting into the ring with Eve Taylor, I summed her up straight away. She is a special talent and someone who deserves the accomplishment of besting my reign. This company needs more people like Eve Taylor, someone who knows what greatness is and will do anything to achieve it. Someone with immeasurable talent that doesn't rely on the great unwashed fans to see her through a match. She does it with skill and talent alone. Unlike Matt Tastic and Mikey Stormrage...

    Leon nods his head in appreciation of the candid, and somewhat calm nature of Constantine's honest answer as he withdraws the microphone to ask another.

    Kensworth: I don't think we have had the pleasure of speaking since you were bested by Mikey Stormrage at Gold Rush. Can you talk us through your thoughts on an historic moment in WZCW, and the part you played in that?

    Constantine takes a deep breath as he thinks about the question one more time.

    Constantine: You sound surprised, Leon. You almost sound shocked that John Constantine has delivered another memorable moment in the history of WZCW. Let me tell you something, Leon, that is what John Constantine does! For 7 years, I have busted my ass around here and have delivered special moment after special moment in the name of making this company great again. Well, Gold Rush happened to be another great moment in the legacy of John Constantine...

    The Power Trip stops for a moment.

    Constantine: I have been the single greatest superstar in recent history and I have did that all on my own, Leon. My record speaks for itself.

    Leon continues to nod his head in agreement as he, once more, withdraws the microphone.

    Kensworth: Well, finally, I have to ask you about the appearance of Steven Holmes and Abel Hunnicutt after your match against Eve Taylor. Was that something you expected? And more over, how does that impact your team with Abel Hunnicutt tonight?

    Constantine: Like I said, Leon... I work best alone. Holmes and Hunnicutt might find themselves in control of Austin Reynolds. But they will not control me. I guarantee it!

    With that, an intense John Constantine marches off, leaving Leon alone.


    Harrys: The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first being accompanied to the ring by Steven Holmes from Dead Horse, Alaska, weighing 267 pounds, Abel Hunnicutt!


    A spotlight shines down as Beethoven blasts over the speakers. Steven Holmes enters first, leaning on his cane. He signals at the entrance way where the music turns to The Immigrant Song. Then Hunnicutt emerges, a sneering smirk on his face. He marches to the ring, following Holmes before overtaking him to hold the ring ropes open for Holmes. He then enters by stepping over the top ropes and bows to the crowd as Holmes presents him and they wait for Abel's partner.

    Harrys: And his partner from St Louis, Missouri, weighing 265 pounds, Constantine!


    After a moment or two of the music playing throughout the arena, Constantine finally makes his first appearance on the stage as he slowly paces from side to side on the before stopping in the middle of stage. As the chorus kicks in he sets his chin on his chest. The lights in the arena dim except a single spotlight shining down on The PowerTrip. As the music continues, Constantine throws both of his arms up into the air as the light begin circling in the arena and the lights come back up. He makes his way down to the ring completely ignoring the fans at ringside as he enters the ring via the steps and mounts the turnbuckles. He throws both of his hands up once more as the music stops and he goes to stand next to Holmes and Hunnicutt.

    Cohen: These two are going to win this match. The raw power of Hunnicutt and the in ring cunning of Constantine are a combination that can't be beat.

    Copeland: Maybe Jack but their opponents aren't to be Underestimated. A former World Champion and one half of the Tag Team Champions won't go down easy.

    Harrys: And their opponents, first from Stephenville, Texas, 'The Warblade of Mystra Theron Daggershield!


    Theron walks out still wearing trenchcoat and sunglasses. Red, yellow, blue, green, and purple lights flash as "Mother Of Light" by Epica plays over the speaker. He does some poses for the fans as pyro goes off around him. He then walks to the ring and rolls his d20 before entering. Instead of getting into the ring he waits for his partner to arrive.

    Harrys: And his tag team partner from Sydney, Australia weighing 210 pounds, he is one half of the WZCW World Tag Team Champions Justin Cooper!


    Cooper walks onto the ramp as he holds his Championship in the air. He stands still for a few seconds as he listens to the fans chant his name. He sets his title on his shoulder and walks down the ramp high-fiving a few lucky fans. He stops next to Theron and talks to him before they climb into the ring and stand right in front of their opponents.

    Copeland: Theron and Cooper are showing no fear to the men across from them.

    Cohen: That's because these two aren't smart enough to be afraid Seabass. A normal person would be running in the other direction.

    Theron and Cooper quickly decide who will start the match while Constantine and Holmes argue about who will start the match. Eventually Constantine steps onto the apron as Abel slowly walks to the center of the ring and looks down at the smaller Cooper with a sick smile on his face. Cooper looks up and starts laying lefts and rights to Abel's midsection.

    Copeland: It looks like Justin Cooper is trying to get the upper hand early for his team.

    Cohen: It's gonna take more than those love taps to do anything to a monster like Hunnicutt.

    All of a sudden Cooper gets hit with a European Uppercut that sends him reeling back into the corner. Abel follows that up with a series of fists and forearms in the corner.

    Copeland: Come on ref get them out the corner!

    Cohen: They wouldn't be in the corner if Cooper hadn't fallen into it Seabass. Hunnicutt is just taking advantage of the situation.

    Finally the ref steps in between the two men and tells Hunnicutt to get Cooper out of the corner or he'll be disqualified. While the ref has Abel distracted Cooper falls to the mat and crawls to his corner and makes the tag to Daggershield who climbs to the top rope and hits a huge middle dropkick knocking down the big man and the drops a few knees to the midsection before going for the pin.

    1...2..2 1/4...power out by Hunnicutt who is able to throw Theron off and get back on his feet.

    Copeland: The former World Champion so close to getting the win for his team right there Jack.

    Cohen: Are we watching the same match? Hunnicutt threw that skinny nerd halfway across the ring at the count of 2.

    As Theron gets to his feet Abel hits a big boot to the face of his opponent and tags in Constantine who stalks the downed Warblade before stomping on his spine over and over until he picks him up and hits a vicious Sidewalk Slam and goes for the pin.

    1...2...thr..No, kickout at the last second by Daggershield!

    Cohen: Constantine showing why he's called The PowerTrip and one of the best World Champions this company has ever had.

    Copeland: He is good Jack but I don't know if I'd go that far and I'm sure the man at ringside would disagree with you.

    When the ref tells Constantine he didn't get the pinfall The PowerTrip gets in his face and starts arguing with him while Theron tries to get to his corner to tag in his partner but isn't able to tag out as he gets with a Vertical Suplex. Constantine drags him to his corner and tags in Hunnicutt who sets Daggershield up in the corner and lays into him with a hard series of punches, chops and kicks that send Theron falling face first to the mat and clawing across the ring to his partner as Abel pokes at him with his foot toying with him. He hits an elbow drop to the small of Theron's back and picks him up to inflict more damage when out of nowhere he hits a massive enzuguri that rocks Hunnicutt and sends him rocking back into his corner where Constantine quickly tags in and runs at Daggershield who jumps up and hits another massive dropkick that sends both men to the mat and crawling to their partner.

    Copeland: Both men are down. This is the perfect chance for a battered Daggershield to get to a ready and anxious Cooper who's only been in this match a little bit at the beginning.

    Cohen: He doesn't have anything left Seabass, there's no way he can make it all the way to his corner.

    At that point Abel steps over the top rope which causes the ref to run over to him and demand that he gets back on the apron. Theron notices the ref is distracted and motions to his corner where Cooper is ready with a Buster Sword which he slides into Theron. Unaware Constantine goes to pick up Theron and gets nailed with the Buster Sword giving Theron just enough time to jump to the corner and tag in Cooper who jumps off the ropes and hits Constantine with a forearm that knocks him back down to the mat. As Constantine sits up. Cooper nails him with three stiff kicks and then jumps off the rope and nails a dropkick before falling into the pin.

    1...2...kickout by Constantine at the last second.

    Copeland: Cooper almost had him there, imagine what a boost pinning a former World Champion would give his career.

    Cohen: Never gonna happen Seabass, Constantine is better than Justin Cooper in every way. That's why he's been World Champion and Cooper never will.

    Cooper gets back up and walks in circles around Constantine as he waits for him to sit up so he can lay into him with a few more stiff kicks but as he jumps off the ropes he stumbles and almost falls to the mat. He turns around to see what happened and finds Steven Holmes standing there with his cane in his hand. Cooper leans over the ropes and screams at him for interfering.

    Cohen: Cooper better stop talking to Holmes and pay attention to the man in ring with him.

    Copeland: He shouldn't have gotten involved at all. Why didn't the ref disqualify Abel and Constantine?

    Cooper finishes with Holmes and turns around but gets hit with a devastating Collateral Damage as Constantine falls into the pin.


    The ref calls for the bell as Abel and Holmes climb into the ring and stand next to him.

    Harrys: Your winners of the match, Abel Hunnicutt and Constantine!!!

    Copeland: Cooper gets hit with that vicious Twisting Spinebuster for the pin thanks to a timely distraction from Steven Holmes.

    Cohen: Cooper should know better than to take his mind off his opponent Seabass, he has no one to blame but himself.

    Soon after the victory Steven Holmes and Austin enters the ring and him and Abel stand across from Constantine, Cooper, and Theron. The line in the sand seems to be drawn as Constantine, Cooper, and Theron staredown Abel, Reynolds, and Holmes. That is until Constantine nails Cooper with a Spinebuster out of nowhere! Theron is shocked but doesn't have enough time to react as Abel hits him with a Superiority Complex!

    Copeland: What the hell is going on?

    Cohen: I think a dangerous and powerful alliance may have just been formed Copeland, feast your eyes upon the sort of alliance that will control this company!

    Trying their utmost to fight back, Cooper and Theron battle back their feet; using punches to all four men to gain a little space. But no sooner have they gotten back to their feet than they are on their backs again. Holmes nails Cooper with a stiff smack of his cane to the back of the head, and Constantine hits Theron with THE AXIS. The flight of Constantine's move sends Theron sprawling across the ring and out onto the floor below. Now, at the mercy of the newly formed stable, Justin Cooper lies motionless on the canvas.

    Copeland: This is an unholy alliance, folks. Constantine had made such a big deal of staying away from Holmes and Abel... I just don't know what to think.

    Abel pulls Cooper back to his feet before thrusting him towards Constantine. Constantine grabs the Tag Team Champion and looks deep into his eyes for a moment. On shaky legs, Cooper is at the mercy of the Power Trip. And for a moment, nothing happens except a flurry of boos from the gathered masses at ringside. But suddenly, a look of happiness crosses the face of Constantine as he throws Cooper into the near ropes and, as he returns to Constantine, nails him with the COLLATERAL DAMAGE! A sea of booing meets the new alliance as they stand tall over the Tag Team Champion. Holmes grabs the arm of Constantine, Abel and Reynolds and holds them high in the air.

    Cohen: Wow! Talk about putting the whole company on notice...
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    Copeland: Ladies and gentlemen, it has already been a big night as he move like a freight train towards Unscripted 2016; a night where anything can happen, a night that can and will shock the WZCW audience to it's core. But last week, a similar incident happened when Flex Mussel was unexpectedly assaulted at Ascension 106. Let's take you back to what happened...

    The camera returns to a fixed shot of the two WZCW legends sitting at the announce table as the fans behind them hold their signs up or try to get themselves on television. Undeterred, the two men continue.

    Cohen: Scary stuff. The Angel of Death has returned to WZCW in a big way and no one looks as though they are going to be able to stop him from delivering his own brand of justice.

    Copeland: That may be the case, Jack. Dorian Slaughter is a former World Heavyweight Champion and he has a lot of talent; there can be no doubt. But everyone is wondering why Dorian Slaughter chose to come after Flex Mussel and what lies in wait for the Angel of Death. Luckily, I managed to catch up with Dorian a few days ago and put those questions to the man himself.

    The camera returns to a fixed shot of the two men once again as Jack Cohen lets a laugh cross his features.

    Cohen: Great interview there, Seabass. Award winning journalism, sure enough.

    Seabass offers Jack a look of good humour as Cohen continues to laugh.

    Copeland: Let me tell you something, Jacko. Dorian Slaughter is one of the most harrowing men I have ever had the misfortune to meet in the flesh. His eyes are cold and calculating and I got the unnerving feeling from him, that the longer I remained in that room, the more danger I was in. Truly, I get the feeling from him that he has returned with renewed vigour and passion to cause destruction.

    Cohen: Not good news for Flex Mussel or Ramparte then?

    Copeland: Absolutely not!


    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall!

    After a few moments of music playing and the lights in the arena flashing around, Ramparte finally makes his way out onto the stage. A very mixed reaction greets the bookworm of WZCW but it doesn't seem to bother him at all as he stands stoically on the stage and offers his limited supporters an encouraging nod as he begins his walk down to the ring.

    Copeland: Ramparte is looking very relaxed here tonight, folks. He is a fantastic athlete and he is always confident in his abilities. He's coming off a tag team win against Tony Mancini and Kagura Joheki last week and he'll be looking to continue building towards Unscripted.

    Cohen: I've always liked Ramparte, Seabass. He was the one that managed to pick up the victory against Mancini and Joheki last week. But he goes toe-to-toe with a very different animal this week and one has to hope that he has prepared himself for the challenge.

    Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at 190 pounds... The Reclusive, Ramparte!!

    Ramparte continues to make his way down to the ramp, picking out little signs that have Ramparte Row written on them; marking his most loyal supporters. Getting into the ring via the steps, Ramparte mounts the turn-buckle and waits for his opponent to make his entrance.

    The lights in the arena go completely out as Dorian's entrance theme begins to blare through the arena. The anticipation continues to build until, finally, Dorian Slaughter makes his appearance into the deathly black of the arena. A lot of boos meet the freshly-returned superstar. But like opponent, the seem to make very little impact on the former World Champion. In a catatonic state somewhat, Slaughter begins making his way down the ramp.

    Copeland: What a match and a victory for Logan McAllister at Gold Rush, folks. But, it has to be said, Slaughter seems to have taken the loss to heart and now looks more focussed and more intent on destruction that I have ever seen him. And that can only mean bad things for the WZCW roster.

    Cohen: Absolutely right, Seabass. You seen in the interview there that he is all but vowing revenge on certain people. And what's more, he looks wholly intent on delivering a message to Ramparte here tonight.

    Harrys: And his opponent, weighing in at 295 pounds... From Hell, Michigan... The Angel of Death, Dorian Slaughter!

    Dorian continues down the ramp, not bothering with the fans who stick their arms in an effort to get a touch of the former World Champion. As he reaches the ring, he stops suddenly and looks deep into the eyes of Ramparte; almost as if he is looking through the very soul of the former Tag Team Champ. Rolling under the bottom rope and into the ring, Slaughter seems to slip back into his catatonic state as he stares a hole through Ramparte.

    Copeland: Well, here we go, folks. Don't prepare yourself for a wrestling master class here tonight. This ought to be a brawl, pure and simple.

    Ramparte begins jumping up and down on the spot as his, almost, serene opponent stands in his own respective corner; staring a hole through the former member of Cerberus. As the referee signals for the bell, it is almost as if Dorian Slaughter comes alive. No longer are the eyes of the former World Champion glossy and no longer is the man seemingly moving without purpose. The expression of Ramparte seems to drop suddenly as Dorian immediately runs across the ring and nails WZCW's bookworm with a diving lariat that takes Ramparte to the canvas early. Slaughter is motoring right out of the gate as he quickly climbs onto Ramparte and begins pummelling him with stiff left and right hammer fists that seem to shake the former Cerberus member to the core. After soaking up some of the punishment from the former World Heavyweight Champion, Ramparte manages to roll Slaughter over and begins pummelling him with an assault of his own. Two more stiff shots connect to the Angel of Death before he is able to roll through the assault and out of the clutches of his opponent. Ramparte gets out onto the apron as Dorian manages to claim his vertical base. Sensing that he has an opportunity to strike Slaughter down, he launches himself up onto the top rope and then propels himself towards Slaughter, looking to land a leg lariat. But Slaughter seems to have scouted the bookworm very well and dodges the move at the last second. Ramparte hits the canvas with a loud thud and a piercing yell of agony. Slaughter hits the nearby ropes and then lands a stiff kick to the jaw of his opponent. Ramparte is laid out on the canvas as Dorian goes for the first fall of the match. But he is only able to manage a count of 1 before Ramparte kicks out with ease.

    Copeland: How strange has Dorian Slaughter been since returning to WZCW? One thing that has taken me aback, is just how fired up and fixed on destruction Dorian seems to be. You seen there just how dangerous he can be when he wants to be. Ramparte needs to be careful and not take him lightly.

    Cohen: No one takes Dorian Slaughter lightly any more, Seabass. This fella is a former World Heavyweight Champion. Not to mention the fact that he seems to have a couple of screws loose. The most dangerous people to wrestle are those who are unpredictable and that seems to be the ethos of Dorian Slaughter of late.

    Copeland: And you seen that there, folks. Springing to life when Ramparte didn't expect it, it seems as though Slaughter is now in firm control of this match. And that can only mean bad news for his opponent.

    Slaughter doesn't seem to be in the mood for playing games as he gets back to his feet straight away; not taking any time to curse his luck or give his opponent any time to breath. He meets Ramparte on a vertical base and lands a stiff elbow to the side of Ramparte's jaw. Ramparte recoils into the corner as he tries to come to terms with the fast start of his lethal opponent. But that task is made more difficult as Dorian immediately nails Ramparte with a boot to the jaw. The punishment doesn't end there , however, as Dorian holds his boot on the throat of Ramparte as the referee tries to break up the hold. Having to utilise his 5-count, Dorian finally breaks the hold as Ramparte crumbles to the canvas once more. Dorian moves away from his opponent for only a second before running at him again, and nailing him with a swift knee to the jaw. Slaughter pulls Ramparte out of the corner and leaves him sprawling across the canvas. Seemingly unable to defend himself in his daze, Ramparte doesn't see the leg drop coming as the heavy thigh of Slaughter comes crashing down upon him. Immediately, Slaughter gets into the pinning position and looks to put the match away. But Ramparte seems to be a willing participant in this match still, despite the punishment; managing to get the shoulder out at a count of 2.

    Cohen: I thought that was it, Seabass! So close!

    Copeland: Dorian Slaughter has started brilliantly in this match. And you are right, Jack, that looked like it was going to be the end of the match. But if I know one thing about Ramparte, it is that he has so much fight in him that he would never allow himself to go out like that. He's a fighter and this match will go on.

    Cohen: For how long though? Slaughter seems to be all over Ramparte here tonight. This is just delaying the inevitable.

    Slaughter immediately gets back to his feet and looks very focussed as he keeps his eyes fixed directly on Ramparte; who is beginning to stir on the canvas. Biding his time and waiting for his opponent to get up, Slaughter backs himself all the way into the corner of the ring. But waiting for his opponent to get to his feet proves to be a task that takes a long time as Ramparte crawls towards the opposite corner. Using the ropes to get to his feet, Ramparte turns around to face the middle of the ring. Slaughter senses blood in the water and makes another run for Ramparte. But Ramparte seems to have played possum and dodges the shoulder charge of his opponent at the very last opportunity. Slaughter collides with the steel ring post through the ropes and the crowd comes alive. Ramparte pulls Dorian back through the ropes and smashes his head against the turn-buckles a few times' seemingly finding a new lease of life in this match and a new hunger to dish out some punishment of his own.

    Copeland: Great ring awareness there from the former Tag Team Champion and member of Cerberus. Using Dorian's own momentum to deliver some damage to his shoulder and get some respite in the match. Ramparte will know that this is his best opportunity of the match so far to really deliver some major damage.

    Cohen: I thought Slaughter was on a march towards victory, Seabass, I'll admit it. But Ramparte can never be counted out and it is because of things like that. He used his experience to lure Slaughter into giving him more time to recuperate and then used the ring to his advantage; great experience.

    Copeland: The real question is how Ramparte can use this to his advantage. Slaughter looks stunned as he comes out of the corner; this is his best opportunity.

    Knowing that he has to use this opportunity to turn the match back in his favour, Ramparte seems to be more motivated to inflict some punishment than ever before. Pulling Slaughter into position at the corner of the ring, Ramparte tumbles over the top rope, knotting up Slaughter in a particularly devastating looking tarantula move. Ramparte lets a yell of agony pass his lips as he looks at the referee for some support. The referee tries to pull Ramparte off of the hold but Ramparte has it locked in deep. The referee has no choice but to use his 5 count. 1... 2... 3.... 4... Ramparte finally breaks the hold before he is disqualified from the match. Ramparte tumbles onto the apron of the ring as Slaughter crawls towards the middle of the ring. Getting back to his feet once more, and thriving off of the momentum swinging back in his favour, Ramparte launches himself onto the top rope and re-tries the springboard leg lariat. This time, Ramparte brings his leg down on the back of his opponent's head; smashing his face into the canvas for insult as well as injury. Ramparte gets back to his feet sluggishly and gives a signal to the crowd that this match is done for. Stalking his opponent, who has seen his momentum washed away, Ramparte looks as though he is going to put this match away. Slaughter gets to his unsteady feet and turns around into a kick to the sternum from his opponent! Ramparte immediately follows up by setting up for THE DENOUEMENT! Slaughter struggles against the hold but finally manages to use all of his power and ring-sense to perform a back-body drop to his opponent. Both men hit the canvas and this match hangs in the balance one more time.

    Copeland: Almost curtains for the Angel of Death there. This crowd came alive again as Ramparte looked to land the finishing move of this match. But if you want to talk about ring sense, then how about Dorian managing to reverse that move and turn the tide against Ramparte one more time.

    Cohen: Especially when Ramparte had controlled the match, and the pace of the match, for the last few minutes there. In his head, Ramparte must be pondering just what it is going to take to put Slaughter away. He knows he is capable but Slaughter is making his task very, very difficult at this point.

    Both men struggle to get back to their feet but when they do, they realise that now is the time to seize the advantage and control this match once again. Both men come together in the middle of the ring as Slaughter fires a right hand to the jaw of Ramparte. Ramparte fires back with a right of his own as Slaughter recoils backwards. Back and forth, the two men trade stiff right hands to their respective opponent until Ramparte manages to gain the upper hand with a stunning European uppercut that staggers Slaughter one more time. Ramparte knows that this is his chance to reclaim the impetus in the match and hits the far ropes for momentum. As he hits the ropes, it looks as though he is looking to deal some significant damage to Slaughter by going for the springboard stunner. But Slaughter is ready for him! As Ramparte bounces off of the ropes, Slaughter catches him in the belly to back position and nails him with the full nelson bulldog that sends Ramparte into a world of hurt and hands the advantage back to the Angel of Death. Slaughter flops on top of Ramparte as he looks to pick up the win. But Ramparte manages to roll the shoulder out on a count of 2 to save the match!

    Copeland: Wow! I thought that was the end right there!

    Cohen: A beautiful counter from the Angel of Death there. It could have been anyone's game as the two men traded blows. But it is Slaughter who heads into the latter stages of this match, knowing that one big move will likely seal the massive victory for him.

    Slaughter gets to his knees and slams the mat in frustration as Ramparte begins to roll away from him. But something snaps inside of the former World Champion. He grabs the hair of the bookworm and begins pounding him with stiff right hands until the nose of Ramparte begins to bleed. The referee urges Slaughter to stop the beating but Slaughter seems like a man possessed. Once again, the referee has to use his 5-count to good effect; Slaughter stopping the assault on the count of 4. Slaughter gets to his feet one more time and waits for Ramparte to begin moving around on the canvas. He tells the crowd that this is the end to a swell of support to the newly-returned wrestler. Getting somewhat impatient by the pace of Ramparte getting back to his feet, Slaughter grabs him by the hair...


    Copeland: Is that.... Yes! It's Flex Mussel!

    Cohen: What the Hell is Flex coming out here for? This match has nothing to do with him and he isn't welcome!

    Copeland: And Dorian wasn't welcome when he dragged Flex through the middle of the ring to God knows what last round. He has as much a right to be here as Dorian did then!

    The crowd comes completely unglued as Flex Mussel makes his way out onto the stage, staring directly don at the man who unceremoniously pulled him under the ring only a few weeks ago. Flex looks to be stripped and ready for action as Slaughter gives him a devilish look. From nowhere, however, Ramparte rolls Slaughter up with a school boy pin! The crowd give a massive cheer as the referee shoots down to count the fall. 1... 2... Kick out from Dorian Slaughter. Both men spring to their feet and Ramparte goes for a clothesline to take Slaughter down. But the former Heavyweight Champion manages to duck out of the way at the last second. As Ramparte turns to face his opponent one more time, Slaughter catches him with DEATH BECOMES YOU! Flex curses his luck on the stage but there is very little he can do as Slaughter falls on top of his opponent and goes for the pin! 1... 2... 3! Slaughter picks up the well-earned win!

    Harrys: Here is your winner... Dorian Slaughter!!

    Copeland: My hat goes off to Dorian Slaughter for the impressive victory over Ramparte here tonight. But Ramparte will be kicking himself for not making the most of the distraction from his former tag team partner. Slaughter showed the world that he is here to stay and that he is bringing a world of destruction with him.

    Cohen: And he showed Flex that too.

    On the stage, Flex shakes his head in anger at himself. Dorian moves towards the ropes and begins pulling himself upwards. With a massive smile on his face, he looks as Flex. Suddenly, a blood-curdling laugh emanates from the former World Champion. Flex becomes quickly irritated by Slaughter's cockiness and begins to head down toward the ring looking for a fight.

    Copeland: It looks like Flex may have revenge on his mind!

    Before Flex can even make it into the ring he's blindsided from behind by Kagura! She knocks him to the ground and begins stomping away on him! He then chucks him inside the ring and both her and Slaughter begin to pound away on the bodybuilder! They look to do even more damage until Ramparte slides back into the ring with a steel chair and both Slaughter and Kagura exit and run back up the ramp! Ramparte has a look of furious rage as he stares back up the entrance ramp but soon enough turns his attention to his former tag team partner. Flex gets to his feet and turns around to see Ramparte with the steel chair in his hand. The two have a staredown as the crowd begins going crazy with dueling chants of Ramparte/Flex. Ramparte eventually drops the steel chair and exits the ring as the show goes to commercial.


    Backstage, we see Stacey Madison standing alongside a few members of the production team of WZCW. All of a sudden, a crashing sound comes booming down the corridor towards them. Jumping into action, Stacey tosses away her empty cup of coffee and moves up the corridor; the camera following her intently. As he makes her way up the corridor, more and more crashing sounds fill the air. As she rounds a nearby corner, she lets out a sharp and shrill scream as Justin Cooper slams into the wall beside her, making a very loud loud. Looking exhausted and somewhat beaten, Cooper holds onto his half of the Tag Team Championships.

    Madison: Jesus, Justin! You gave me a fright.

    Stacey puts a hand on the shoulder of the Tag Team Champion and actually sports a look of concern as she pulls a metal chair from the wall and opens it out for the injured member of the roster. Reluctantly, Justin Cooper crashes down onto the chair and puts his head back so that it is resting against the wall.

    Madison: What the Hell happened to you?

    Cooper flashes Stacey an astounded look as he lifts his head from the wall for a moment or two.

    Cooper: What happened? Constantine and his band of bastards happened, Stacey! All of the talk before the match of how they were going to co-exist in a tag team? It was wool being pulled over our very eyes. Holmes, Hunnicutt, Constantine and Reynolds... They've been together from the very start and now their plans have become clear.

    Cooper takes his arm and wipes under his nose with his wrist; wiping away the sweat from the previous match and the assault afterwards.

    Cooper: Weakness, Stacey. Weakness is what those bastards thrive on. They seek it out and they expose it. They look at good ol' Justin Cooper on his own and think that they can take the Tag Team Championships from me because Mark isn't around right now? Well, they had better think again, Stacey. Let me tell those bastards something, and they better listen. If I have to face all 4 of you alone at Unscripted, I will.

    Cooper gets off the chair and begins walking away from the interviewer.

    Cooper: They'll pay for this, Stacey...

    Copeland: Justin Cooper just coming to terms with the shock that Constantine has been a part of Steven Holmes' revolution in WZCW from the very start. And I think he's just as stunned and confused as the rest of us, Jack.

    Cohen: Why are you stunned and confused, Seabass. Above all else, Constantine and Holmes desire power and success. They know that, together, they will attain both of those things. What a Hell of an alliance they have created. It could mean massive problems for Cooper, if he's putting himself in the way of that freight train of momentum.
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    elsewhere in the backstage area, we see the Heavyweight Champion, Mikey Stormrage talking to a random member of the WZCW entourage.

    Copeland: Well, ladies and gentlemen, it has certainly been a night of big news and surprises; the biggest of which was Mikey's failure to help his Live Mas brother Matt Tastic earlier in the night.

    Cohen: Like I said, Seabass, this is a dog eat god world and Mikey knows better than anyone that he has to be in the business of self preservation. I don't blame him for not getting involved in the slightest. It's the exact thing I would have done.

    Copeland: Be that as it may, Mikey is going to have his hands full of something regardless. And that something is the Elite Openweight Champion; Eve Taylor.

    Cohen: I bet he'll love that!

    As Mikey continues to talk to the member of the WZCW entourage, Matt Tastic comes steaming into shot of the camera. Mikey immediately turns to him in a state of readiness. The two men stand face to face; a sight that has rarely been seen in WZCW.

    Tastic: What the Hell happened out there, man? You're supposed to have my back!

    Stormrage: Like I said, man, a lot of this you brought on yourself. I don't condone what Garth Black did earlier on. But like it or not, his beef seems to be with you. And Hell, I've got a Heavyweight Championship to worry about, and a match with Eve Taylor coming up. I can't be fighting all of your battles for you, Matt.

    Tastic looks stunned by the accusation that Mikey has to fight his battles for him.

    Tastic: Are you kidding me? You fight my battles? I've had your back since day one in this company. And when I need you most, you decide that a Championship is more important? What the Hell happened to you, man?

    Mikey offers Matt a small laugh as he backs away from him.

    Stormrage: First of all, I've always had your back. In fact, one of the reasons you ever wore this Championship was because of my help at the Lethal Lottery. Second of all, as far as what happened to me goes, maybe I've just become more and more stupid...

    With that, Mikey breezes past Matt and out of shot. Matt doesn't turn to say goodbye but a look of remorse and frustration is a lasting impression from the conversation.

    Copeland: Well, there seems to be a little trouble in Paradise for Matt and Mikey as their Championship showdown at Unscripted draws nearer. But tonight, Mikey faces off against Eve Taylor, and that match is next!

    The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is your main event of your evening!! This match will be Champion vs Champion!!


    Introducing first, she is the reigning Elite Openweight Champion, from Milan, Italy, she is Eve Taylor!!

    Eve appears on the stage and poses with her title and walks down the ramp showcasing her title.

    This is a big one here tonight. It's a rare occurrence but it does occur. It's Champion vs Champion here tonight. The most dominant Champion faces the most prominent Champion.


    Cohen: It will be so great to see Mikey Stormrage beaten by a GIRL.

    Mikey Stormrage appears on the stage and happily hoists his Championship title up in the air proudly. He makes his way down the aisle as he says hi to the fans.

    Her opponent, From San Fransisco, California, he is the current reigning World Heavyweight Champion, he is Mikey Storrage!!

    The two meet in the center of the ring as they get ready. Jurou Akiyama rings the bell.

    -Ding Ding Ding-

    Both competitors circle each other and lock up. They measure for leverage but the taller and heavier Mikey pushes Eve to the corner. The referee orders him to let go and he does. Mikey then proceeds to blow a kiss at Eve. She just looks on, sorta mad. Mikey immediately flusters seeing her angry. She goes toward him and the two lock up again. This time EVE manages to dominate Mikey, pushing him to the corner. The ref orders Eve to back off and she does. She then proceeds to make strongman poses mocking Mikey who then turns around and hangs his head in shame on the corner. He gets out and waves his arms as if he's signalling he'll get serious now. Mikey goes into it and grabs Eve in a headlock. He puts on the pressure getting on his knees. Eve tries to push her way out to no success. Mikey does not budge. He then switches to a hammerlock, pulling Eve's arm behind her back. Eve tries to fight her way out of it. Elbows to the face but Mikey is able to dodge them. He does start to lose his grip though and he switches back to a headlock. Before he can bend his knees Eve hits one with her own knee twisting him and making him lose his balance. She drives Mikey to the mat and hits forearm shots to him.

    : Eve has managed to get the better of Mikey here in the opening exchange. It seems the size advantage may just be moot now with the shot to the knee.

    : I told you. Mikey is getting beat by a girl.

    She's in her mid 20's, Jack.

    Eve continues to pound on Mikey as he tries to get off. He shoves her, knocking the Openweight Champion off him before he gets up. He shows minimal pain on his leg and goes on the attack. He whips Eve across the ring and catches her with a Samoan Drop. He hooks the leg. 1….. 2………..-But she gets the shoulder up. Mikey quickly puts her in a seated abdominal stretch holding her down. Mikey slaps the ribs over and over as Eve tries to get to a vertical base. She manages to but Mikey decides to switch up the strategy. He starts TICKLING Eve's ribs. She laughs. But Mikey can't hold on and she tosses him over and off. She grabs a headlock but Mikey brushes her off with a backdrop. Both get to their feet at once and exchange chops. For a good while they seem to not be able to get one up on the other. Eve runs across the ropes but gets caught by the large man who then tosses her over with a Fallaway Slam.

    It seems the tables have turned in this match up. Mikey now seems to be very firmly in control of this match.

    He'll screw it up.

    Eve gets to the ropes and Mikey is right on her. He goes to grab her but she chops him right under the throat to slow him down. Eve gets up and kicks him right in the leg, breaking his base and driving him to one knee and hits a Dropkick to his face. She follows it up with the Stilleto Stomps as Mikey tries to cover up. She measures Mikey for the Fashion Statement. Mikey rolls away as Eve charges for the move but Mikey surprises her with an explosive Clothesline, flipping her 360. Eve somehow stays afloat and gets to one knee after the blow but Mikey is right on her and hits a Uranage. He goes for a cover right away. 1…….. 2………-But just two as Eve gets the shoulder up. Mikey has to stop to catch his breath, looking on with slight frustration. He keeps on though, going for Eve and holds her with a headlock for a bit. Eve doesn't let him hold it for long though as she gets to her knees. She fights out of it and tosses him overhead with a Northern Lights Suplex bridging it for the pin. 1……… 2……….. -But Mikey kicks out.

    To me it seems they're both quite well matched.

    The 300 pounder got Suplexed by a girl, Seabass.

    Mikey gets to his knees and Eve is right on him with a couple of Knife Edge Chops. She goes for an Irish Whip but Mikey counters it. He pulls her back and tosses her overhead with an Exploder Suplex. Eve doesn't stay down and struggles to her knees right away. But Mikey doesn't let her rest. He winds up his elbow before hitting a Headshot dropping Eve down. He goes for the cover right off the move. 1…….. 2……..3-But Eve gets the shoulder up at 2 and a half. Mikey seems pretty shocked by it. He points to the ref. Asking if it really was just a 2. Mikey, none the less, gets up. He looks at Eve, still laying on the canvas. He thinks his next move and goes to the ropes. He looks on from the top and waves at his adversary and blows a kiss at Eve before leaping off the top for the Flying Burrito. But unfortunately Eve gets out of the way and Mikey crashes hard against the mat. Eve gets to her feet and quickly hits several Stilleto Stomps on the World Champion. Mikey gets back to his feet trying to fight his way out of the way of the painful stomps but is immediately met with a High Heel Kick. Mikey rolls out of the ring trying to catch his breath holding himself with the ring apron. Eve gets up from the kick and right away Mikey gets back in. Both wrestlers go at it exchanging blows. Eve hitting knife edge chops and Mikey responding with stiff forearms. Mikey manages to dominate but Eve kicks Mikey in the shin and uses the small opening and hits a Sunset Powerbomb. 1……… 2…….3- But Mikey kicks out.

    Eve seems to be having a very hard time keeping Mikey down long enough to take full advantage.

    Yet he can't keep her off. The only time a girl actually wants to smother him.

    Eve measures Mikey and goes for a Fashion Statement but Mikey catches her and tosses her overhead for the Falcon Punch! Mikey goes for the cover. 1……..2…….3-But Eve once again gets the shoulder up. Mikey gets up and measures Eve. She's barely staggering on the mat trying to reach the ropes. Once Mikey see's a chance he grabs Eve and hits the Live Mas Slam! He goes for the cover but Eve manages to roll to the ropes, avoiding a cover. Mikey looks on exasperated but doesn't let it detract him much. He measures Eve for the Game Over. He waits for Eve to get up as she pulls herself up by the ropes. She staggers up assisting herself with the ropes. She turns around and Mikey reaches out to her but is met with a thunderous slap. Mikey takes one step back but goes right back for Eve who surprises him by planting a big lip lock, surprising Mikey AND EVERYONE. She rolls him up with a Small Package. 1…….. 2……. 3!!

    Wait a minute!!

    Cohen: What happened?!

    Here is your winner, the Elite Openweight Champion, EVE TAYLOR!!

    Eve has her hand raised, she looks on seriously after her big win. Mikey is on one knee shocked by what just happened. He gets up and heads towards Eve Taylor. Looking at her just as seriously as she looks on. She slowly extends her hand but Mikey just pats her on the shoulder and hugs her before walking off.

    Copeland: That is a great show of respect by the World Champion. It was a great effort by both individuals here tonight. Great match.

    He got bested, Seabass. Just admit it. By a girl!


    Garth Black appears on the entrance ramp with a microphone on his hand. He tips it over repeatedly before speaking.

    You've got to be joking me, Mikey. You got beat….. By a girl?!

    Cohen: That's what I said!!

    Somehow we have a bumbling World Heavyweight Champion and his loud, schizophrenic best friend is the #1 Contender to the title. This is just unacceptable. But luckily, I'll be able to rectify all this. Because once I defeat Tastic on Ascension, that pretty much secures my entry into the main event of Unscripted. Trust me, Michael. I WILL be taking that title from you, rightfully so, at Unscripted. So stand by.

    Garth leaves as Mikey looks on holding his World title with a concerned look. Eve is outside with her own title.

    Garth just said he was gonna force himself into the main event of Unscripted.

    I think we're seeing Live Mas lose their composure at the seams here. Mikey Stormrage just lost. And tomorrow Garth vows to defeat Matt Tastic in his own specialty. But more to the point, where is he?! I'd expect him to be out here.

    We'll just have to find out tomorrow on Ascension. See you then. Goodnight!
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    Segments / Opening - Dave
    Logan versus Reynolds - Dave
    Flex versus Kagura - Dynamite
    Tag Match - Milenko
    Ramparte versus Slaughter - Dave
    Taylor versus Stormrage - Killjoy

    Rep everyone involved in the show if you can. Special credit goes to Milenko for stepping in to help us get the show out on time. We should have Ascension tonight or, at the very latest, tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled for that.
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