Meltdown Madness [Episode 132]

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    * PYRO *
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    The camera pans around the sold out Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, before it stops on the commentary desk with Sebastian Copeland and Jack Cohen.

    Copeland: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to a very special edition of Metdown. I'm talking of course about Meltdown Madness!

    Cohen: There isn't an empty seat in the house tonight, and Seabass, I can't wait to see what we have in store.

    Copeland: It's like Christmas time here in WZCW as not even the competitors know what they will be facing. First though, I have word that newly crowned WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Garth Black will be joining us momentarily.

    Cohen: Oh man, what a treat this will be.


    The crowd is mostly cheers as Black makes his way onto the stage, his newly minted WZCW World Heavyweight Championship around his shoulder. He makes his way down the ramp, his sunglasses not giving away any of his emotion. He climbs into the ring and is handed a microphone, but the crowd has some words for him first.


    Garth waves his hands, signaling the crowd to die down.

    Black: I did it!

    Again the crowd comes alive with chants that Garth deserved his win.

    Black: You see I've been in this business a lot of years, a lot of people never thought I would make it here. I proved them all wrong though.

    For a third time the crowd chants that Garth does indeed deserve his title.

    Black: There is one thing I have to say though, to each and every one of you. You are all wrong! You see I didn't do this for you. I didn't do this for everyone this machine has ever held down. I did it for me, myself, and I. I don't give a damn about the little people in the back who have been stepped on. I care about number one. After I beat the odds at Unscripted, nothing can stop me, and if this company wants to keep stacking the deck against me, and that seems appropriate here in Vegas, then I will just keep...


    The crowd cheers loudly as Mikey Stormrage makes his way onto the stage, mic in hand.

    Stormrage: You will keep doing what Garth? Sending some lackeys to do your bidding? Look man, you may have walked out of Unscripted and the Hell in a Cell as a winner, but you are no champion.

    Black: The hell I'm not.

    Stormrage: I admire your tenacity Garth, you proven a lot of people wrong. You showed to the world that you are no pushover, but you didn't do it alone. Your little guys that you sent to beat down on me and Matt Tastic, they helped you win. I'm here to say though, that it won't happen again. You took something from me and I intend to take it back. So I am officially announcing that at Lethal Lottery, I am using my rematch clause. So Garth it will be you and me, one on one. No Matt Tastic, no goons with baseball bats, no Hell in a Cell. Just a straight up wrestling match. Let's see who is the better man.

    The crowd cheers as Black throws down his microphone in anger, as Stormrage makes his way to the ring and climbs inside and gets in the face of Black.

    Stormrage: That is, if you survive until then.

    Black pushes Stormrage away, and Stormrage pushes back as security rushes to the ring and separates the two men.

    Copeland: Already the action getting hot and heavy, and it will only continue to get better.

    Cohen: Blatant disrespect by Mikey Stormrage to the champion Garth Black.

    Copeland: Don't go away folks, our first match of the evening is up next!
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a fatal four way match scheduled for one fall, and is a fans bring the weapons match!

    The crowd goes absolutely bananas at the announcement.

    The match can only end by pinfall or submission, and any weapons given by the fans are legal!


    Harrys: Introducing first, from Southwestern, Puerto Rico, "The Invincible" Matt Tastic!

    The crowd cheers for Tastic as he makes his way onto the stage. He slaps hands with some fans along the barricade before he rolls into the ring and climbs the nearest turnbuckle and raises his arms to his fans.

    Copeland: Matt Tastic, coming off a failed attempt at winning his third World Title at Unscripted, appears to be in good spirits tonight. You have to wonder how the mystery opponent and stipulation will play into his game plan.

    Cohen: I think Tastic is weak. He hasn't looked himself backstage, and I think tonight is going to prove his mind is elsewhere.


    Harrys: Introducing next, from Sydney, Australia weighing 210 pounds, Justin Cooper!

    Cooper makes his way onto the stage, mostly to cheers. He takes a moment to psych himself up before he walks to the ring, his focus on Matt Tastic. He climbs into the ring and looks around at the various weapons in the hands of the fans before he takes a seat in the nearest corner.

    Cohen: Speaking of weak, I can't believe Cooper is now embracing these fans. It's all Mark Keaton's fault, and I hope someone beats some sense into Cooper tonight.

    Copeland: It will be interesting to see where Cooper is at, following his loss at Unscripted where he and Keaton lost the tag team titles. A win would go a long way to building back some of that momentum they had.


    Harrys: Now making his way to the ring, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing 222 lbs, he is the WZCW King For a Day, "The Unforgettable" Noah Ryder!

    The crowd cheers as Ryder makes his way through the curtain, pounding his chest with his free hand. He cups his hands over his mouth and calls out the 2 opening lines to the course before eagerly hoping his way down to the ring, clapping the hands of many of the fans he sees along the way. He slides into the ring and runs to the nearest corner, 2 stepping his way to the top rope where he raises both arms up.

    Copeland: So the third competitor to kick things off tonight is the King For A Day, Noah Ryder. Ryder, coming off a big victory over Theron Daggershield at Unscripted, will look to continue that momentum with a victory in tonight's contest.

    Cohen: You know that Titus Avison and Austin Reynolds have one eye on their back at all times with Ryder lurking around. The chaos of the Roulette Rounds is the perfect time to cash in. I just wonder if Ryder has the fortitude to do it.


    Harrys: And finally, from Paris, France, weighing 220 pounds, Flex Mussél!

    The fans chant "Flex" as the Healthiest Man Alive makes his way onto the stage. He nods in tune with his music before he sprints toward the ring. Once inside he climbs the free turnbuckle and soaks in the cheers of his fans before he hops down and personally shakes the hand of every opponent and referee Keith Morse.

    Copeland: The fans sounding their approval of Flex, who is coming off a huge win over Dorian Slaughter at Unscripted. He will be looking to build whatever momentum he can as he heads into the Lethal Lottery, and a win tonight will certainly help that.

    Cohen: I swear I saw Flex eating a slice of pizza backstage. Some hypocrite he is.

    Keith Morse informs each man of the rules one last time before he calls for the bell, and this match is underway!


    As a show of respect, each man comes to the center of the ring and exchanges handshakes, much to the chagrin of Jack Cohen at the announcer's table.

    Cohen: Boo! Come on and fight already!

    The four men pair off, Tastic with Flex and Cooper with Ryder. Flex and Tastic start to trade right hands while Cooper and Ryder engage in a more technical fest. Cooper secures a headlock and takes Ryder down, but Ryder is quick to get his legs around the head of Cooper, and both men scramble to their feet. Cooper is quick to secure the headlock again, but Ryder falls back into the ropes and pushes Cooper away. Ryder rushes and throws a jumping knee into the back of Cooper, pushing him into the corner, where Ryder begins to hammer away with right hands. Across the ring, Tastic finds himself on the wrong end of a hammerlock by Flex. Flex shows his impressive strength by lifting Tastic and dropping him on his back. From there he drops a quick elbow and tries a cover while Ryder and Cooper and distracted...One!...and only one as Tastic kicks out, but Flex makes sure to keep the pressure up by latching onto a chin lock as Cooper manages to block a punch from Ryder, then a second. He manages to turn the tide and duck under a third punch, and slip being Ryder. He then starts to unleash vicious chops to the chest of Ryder, each shot echoing throughout the arena.

    Copeland: The action starting to pick up, but how will the eventual addition of weaponry play into this match?

    Cohen: It can only get better Seabass.

    As Cooper chops hard into the chest of Ryder, Tastic begins to break the chinlock he was locked in. He gets to his feet and trades a few shots with Flex, before he gets the upperhand. Fists and chops alternate from Tastic as he backs Flex into a corner. He looks back at Cooper and the two men nod and both Irish whip their cornered victim to the center of the ring where Flex and Ryder collide and collapse. Tastic laughs at them until a flying shoulder block from Cooper takes him down. Cooper then drops three elbows in quick succession to the former world champ before he attempts a cover...One!...Two!...Kick out at two by Tastic. Cooper grabs Tastic by the head and pulls him to his feet before he plants him back down with a scoop slam. Cooper then rolls out of the ring and takes the first weapon from a fan. A Kendo Stick!

    Cohen: Things are going to pick up Seabass!

    Cooper slides back into the ring and targets Flex first. He whacks the weapon across the back of Frenchman, Flex yelling in pain. He continues to go to town until Flex rolls out of the ring. He then turns to Tastic and whacks the stick across the midsection. He continues to tee off, just clobbering Tastic, until he too rolls out of the ring. Cooper then turns to Noah Ryder, who is on his feet. He swings but Ryder ducks. He continues to swing at Ryder, who continues to dodge each shot, until he is caught between the ropes and Cooper. Cooper taps the kendo stick on the ground and swings, catching Ryder on top of the head and knocking him down and causing him to roll out of the ring. With the other three competitors out of the ring Cooper shrugs his shoulders and throws aside the now broken kendo stick and raises his arms to cheers from the crowd.

    Copeland: And for the moment at least, Justin Cooper stands tall.

    Cooper climbs to the outside of the ring, where he first approaches Matt Tastic. He stomps at him a couple of times, before he lifts him to his feet and starts to throw more vicious knife edge chops to soften up the Puerto Rican star. He backs him into the barricade where he gets a running start and charges at him, but at the last second Tastic moves out of the way, leaving Cooper to crash shoulder first into the barricade. Tastic takes a moment to shake off the cobwebs before he turns to the crowd and looks for a weapon. He grabs the first thing he can find. A bottle of water.

    Cohen: A water bottle? He knows he can choose any weapon right?

    Copeland: Yeah, that hardly seems like an effective strategy from Tastic.

    Tastic walks over to Flex and takes a giant drink and spits it into his face. With Flex trying to wipe his eyes, Tastic smashes the bottle over his head, to little effect. Flex, angered, wipes his eyes and spins and hits Flexicution! A discuss lariat that nearly decapitates Tastic. Flex goes for a cover, but the referee informs him that pinfalls are only legal inside the ring. Flex slaps his hand on the floor and begins to lift Tastic, but as he does he is hit from behind by a clubbing blow from Noah Ryder. Ryder continues to just club away with forearms to the back of Flex, until Flex is positioned against the ring. Noah then connects with a dropkick to the lower back of Flex, smashing him into the ring. Noah rolls Flex inside the ring and climbs onto the apron. He springboards into the ring and connects with a leg drop. He quickly hooks a leg...One...Two...Kick out without much issue for Flex at two. Noah kneels beside Flex and hits him with a couple of stiff right hands. He then pulls Flex a couple of feet closer to the corner, and climbs to the top rope. He leaps and connects with a splash to Flex, and again he hooks a leg...One!...Two!...kick out at two.

    Copeland: Not for nothing, but Matt Tastic hasn't moved on the outside since Flex hit him with Flexicution.

    Cohen: Good, maybe when he comes back around it will have knocked some sense into him.

    Justin Cooper, trying to stretch out his shoulder, slides back into the ring. The three men all get to their feet at varying speeds. Cooper and Ryder look at each other and decide their best option is to take out Flex together. Flex backs away, while Cooper and Ryder advance upon him. Flex does his best to fight them off, but the numbers game is too much and they both begin to beat down on Flex. They back him into the turnbuckle where Cooper connects with a devastating knee to the midsection, dropping Flex to a seated position. Meanwhile, Ryder gets a running start. He connects with a running dropkick to the seated Flex. With Flex laying on the ground, the two then begin to stomp away at him, holding onto the top rope for extra leverage. Satisfied with the damage done, they bring Flex to his feet and the two of them Irish whip Flex across the ring. Off the rebound they set up for a double backdrop, but they telegraph the move and Flex is able to catch Ryder with a kick. Flex tries to kick Cooper, but Cooper catches the leg. Ryder comes back and the two set up for a double suplex on Flex, but Flex wraps his leg around the leg of Cooper. Showing his remarkable strength, Flex struggles but suplexs both Ryder and Cooper. All three men go down.

    Copeland: Incredible strength from the former tag team champion, Flex Mussel.

    Cohen: I can't believe he suplexed both Noah Ryder and Justin Cooper at the same time. Unrivaled power from the Frenchman.

    On the outside of the ring, Matt Tastic is finally stirring. He gets to his feet and looks around. He grabs a trashcan lid from a nearby fan and climbs onto the apron. He sets the trash can lid on the mat and then launches himself using the top rope and connects with a tope atomico onto Ryder. He then grabs the lid and places it onto the chest of Cooper. He climbs to the top rope and hits a big frog splash onto Cooper, the trashcan lid doing extra damage. He rolls off of Cooper for a moment, clutching his midsection, but Tastic quickly gets back to the make the cover...One!...Two!...Broken up by Flex just before the three. Flex stumbles to the turnbuckle after breaking up the pin, where Tastic charges at him. Flex gets a boot up though and stops Tastic in his tracks. Flex then hops to the second rope and leaps, but Tastic catches him and throws him with an overhead belly to belly, where he lands on top of Justin Cooper. Noah Ryder is back on his feet though and tosses Tastic shoulder first into the corner. He rolls out of the ring and grabs the first weapon he can find from the fans, a beer bottle.

    Cohen: Hey Seabass, do you think Ryder is going to drink to forget? HAHAHA!

    Copeland: Never change Jack.

    Ryder take the bottle and climbs into the ring, where he smashes it over the head of Justin Cooper, who has gotten to his feet. Cooper stumbles around, trying to stay on his feet, but Noah takes him down a quick snap suplex. He bridges and the referee slides into position to count the pin...One!...Two!...Cooper kicks out just before the three. Matt Tastic is getting to his feet just as Flex is as well. Cooper struggles to his feet and all four men are in the ring and on their feet. They look around at each other before they all slide out of the ring on all four sides and each grabs a weapon.
    Ryder ends up with a baseball bat, Flex a crowbar, Cooper a guitar, and Tastic...

    Copeland: Does Tastic have a...?

    Cohen: A fan's prosthetic leg.

    All four men slide back into the ring and engage in an epic battle of swordplay with their weapons, with many counters and dodges that would make Theron Daggershield proud. The guitar is knocked from Cooper's hand and he is clocked over the head by Flex with the crowbar and goes down. Flex has little time to celebrate though as he is jabbed in the ribs by Ryder with the bat, before the King For a Day takes a Ruthian swing and knocks Flex out cold. Tastic and Ryder are left. Each man circles the ring, feinting and faking. Finally Ryder leaps in and swings, but Tastic ducks and hits Ryder over the head with the prosthetic leg. Instead of going for a cover he rolls out of the ring and gives the fan his leg back in exchange for a small black bag. Tastic has a wicked smile across his face as he slides into the ring.

    Copeland: I have a feeling I know what is inside that bag, and it won't be good for whoever Tastic has in mind for them.

    Cohen: Remember, Matt Tastic was a record setting Mayhem champion. He knows sadistic.

    Tastic slides into the ring and dumps the contents of the bag onto the ring floor. The crowd comes alive as instead of thumbtacks the bag is full of Legos!


    Tastic calls for the Headache Driver, but as he turns around he is met with a kick to the midsection by Ryder, who then connects with Pass Out onto the Legos! The referee carefully gets into position...One!...Two!...Three! Noah Ryder is victorious thanks to the small plastic devils.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner, "The Unforgettable" Noah Ryder!

    The referee, careful not to step on any Legos, raises Ryder's hand before he checks on Tastic, who has a red Lego embedded in his forehead. Ryder takes his King For a Day briefcase and climbs the nearest turnbuckle and holds it high above his head as the crowd cheers and additional medical personal make their way out to check on Flex and Cooper.
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    Backstage Leon Kensworth is standing by in the the interview area.

    Kensworth: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, Eve Taylor.

    The crowd cheers as the former Elite Openweight Champion steps into frame. She nods at Leon.

    Kensworth: Eve, you lost your title to Austin Reynolds in a grueling ladder match in what must go down as a disappointing loss. How do you plan to deal with the loss of a historic run and what are your plans going forward?

    Eve takes a moment before she speaks.

    Eve: Well Leon, losing is never easy, especially to someone like Austin Reynolds who has betrayed everything he ever stood for by aligning himself with Vis Imperium. My Senshuken is no more, but it comes at a very opportune time. You see, it was at last years Lethal Lottery that I cemented my name in history by becoming the first woman to win multiple championships here in WZCW. At this years Lethal Lottery, I will prove to the world that I am the very best competitor in WZCW by winning the namesake event and going on to main event Kingdom Come, where I will walk out as champion. My dream to become the first female World Champion will finally be realized when I stand in the Louisiana Super Dome as champion.

    ???: Girl, I'm not so sure you can get past me at Kingdom Come though.

    Mikey Stormrage walks into view of the interview, Eve and Mikey smile at each other.

    Mikey: See I plan on winning back my WZCW World Heavyweight Championship at Lethal Lottery, so if you want to make that dream a reality, you are gonna have do it at my expense.

    Eve cocks her head to the side and smiles.

    Eve: You, me, New Orleans. It's a date.

    Eve goes for a fist bump as Mikey leans in for a hug. Eve giggles and Mikey looks embarrassed as the camera cuts away.
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    Elsewhere backstage, Stacey Madison can be seen standing alone in front a monitor with the logo of WZCW upon it. Her hair and make-up are perfect as he receives her cue and pulls the microphone to her mouth.

    Madison: Ladies and gentlemen, I am so pleased to be joined, at this time, by Andrew Adonis and his client, the Class Act, Xander LeBelle.

    With that, Xander LeBelle and Andrew Adonis wonder into shot. Xander, in typical fashion, has his trademark cane in one hand and cigar in the other. Beneath the sunglasses on his face, a smile can be seen on the features of The World's Greatest Mind.

    Madison: Gentlemen, it is such a pleasure to be joined by two of the classiest men on the WZCW roster. Lord knows how much scum I have had to wade through in my time within the pond that is the WZCW roster.

    LeBelle: Thank you, Stacey. And you could not be more correct about the WZCW roster, this much is for certain.

    With that, Andrew Adonis leans into the frame to insert himself into the conversation.

    Adonis: What my client means is that, at Unscripted, he was forced to take part in a tag team contest against someone who is nowhere near his level of class. Against two other members of the roster who are nowhere near his level of class. Of course, in the interest of fairness, my client went out to the ring with an open mind and a willingness to be proved wrong. Oh, how he wanted to be proved wrong at Unscripted about the talent in WZCW. Unfortunately, he was not.

    Stacey nods her head in agreement as Adonis continues, a smile forming in the corner of her mouth.

    Adonis: My client, Miss Madison, is the greatest mind in the entire world. He had already summed up everything about that match before he even stepped through the curtain and out into the arena. My client had planned that match in his head a thousand times and knew what the result would have been before the contest started. A lot of talk since then has been about how Mr. LeBelle here was a coward and left his tag team partner high and dry. I have heard some talk about how Mr LeBelle is not cut out to be a WZCW superstar.

    Suddenly, a look of venom appears on the face of both Xander LeBelle and Andrew Adonis, a sudden silence deafening everyone in earshot.

    Adonis: Tonight, my client faces the unknown again. He is not scared about what that entails. On the contrary, he embraces it. The WZCW top brass and the fans that line the arena do not know what my client is capable of. Tonight, no matter the opponent who comes out from the locker room, my client will end that talk. He is the Classiest Act in WZCW in every sense of the word. Tonight, he proves it without a shadow of a doubt...

    With that, Andrew Adonis and Xander LeBelle leave, the still smiling, Stacey Madison on her own once more.
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    Harrys: This match is a singles match and is scheduled for one fall. At this time, we ask for near perfect silence so that Xander LeBelle may make his entrance.

    A sudden but expected rain of booing comes from the fans as the WZCW upstart. As the melodic tones of Michael Buble continues, the anticipation builds until the beat drops. Suddenly, the very classy figure of Xander LeBelle makes his appearance. With his trademarked gold glasses and cigar visible, he cuts the figure of a man not entirely bothered about the impending danger. After a moment, he extends his cane backwards as his manager, Andrew Adonis comes through the curtain to join him.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from the City of Light. Weighing in at 215 pounds... The World's Greatest Mind, Xander LeBelle!!

    Copeland: Well, Xander LeBelle faces the unknown for another time tonight, ladies and gentlemen. He didn't know his opponent at Unscripted either and decided to take a walk, leaving his tag team partner at the mercy of Haven and Carmen Bratchny.

    Cohen: He is the World's Greatest Mind, Seabass. He isn't one of the world's greatest minds. He doesn't just have a high IQ. He is the greatest mind in the world! You seriously don't think that he had better things to do than team with that creepy snake chick?

    Copeland: Hmm! Maybe or maybe not, Jack. But what I do know is that he faces the unknown again tonight. I would sincerely hope that he wants to right that wrong from Unscripted and show everyone what he is capable of.

    Xander allows a wide smile to appear on his face as Adonis joins him on the stage. After taking a few puffs of his cigar, Xander raises his cane and then begins his walk down to the ring; not bothering to interact with the fans. All the way down the ramp, Adonis is in the ear of his client until they reach the ring and mount the steps. As he enters the ring, his music stops and he turns on his heels to await the announcement of his opponent.

    A sudden and overwhelming chorus of support goes around the arena for the former Heavyweight Champion as his music begins to play. The camera cuts back to the ring, where Andrew Adonis and Xander LeBelle look shocked and a little bit worried. After a few moments, Mikey blasts through the curtain and out into the arena; pumping himself up off of the amazing reaction that he has received from the WZCW loyal.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, his opponent. Hailing from San Francisco, California by way of Indianapolis... Weighing in at 325 pounds, Mikey Stormrage!!

    Copeland: What a match, folks! These people are on their feet to show their true champion some well-earned and well-needed support after his loss to Garth Black at Unscripted. Mikey looks to be in amazing form tonight, Jack. This ought to be an utterly amazing contest.

    Cohen: Well, true to form, Mikey Stormrage choked in his big match against Garth Black at Unscripted and lost the Heavyweight Championship. He may have his rematch at the Lottery but Xander LeBelle might make it that Mikey doesn't even make it that far. He looks like a broken man and Xander is nothing less than a predator.

    Copeland: Again, you don't give enough credit to Mikey Stormrage, Jack. On his day, he is a match for any single person on the roster and has beaten the very best that this company has to offer. Tonight, Xander will have his hands full, mark my words.

    Mikey makes his way down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans on his way. He sports a half-smile along with a look of determination to put right the loss from Unscripted. He walks around the ring in it's entirety and slaps some more hands before rolling under the bottom rope and raising both of his hands in celebration. A taunt that is met with a hugely positive reaction from the WZCW fans at ringside. Mikey stands in his corner of the ring, looking into the eyes of his gentlemanly opponent as Xander dips his head out of the ring to take on some final advice from his manager, Andrew Adonis. Xander closes his eyes softly and offers Adonis a nod of approval as he comes back inside the ring. Xander allows a smile to appear on his face as Mikey continues to bounce up and down on one spot in the corner of the ring. The referee signals for the bell and this match is underway.

    DING! DING!​

    Mikey comes out of his corner quickly and moves towards Xander with some aggression on his mind. But Xander quickly puts his body through the ropes to stave off the sudden attack from the former World Heavyweight Champion. The crowd boos as Adonis claps in appreciation on the outside. The referee gets between Stormrage and LeBelle as Mikey tries to plead his case. But he knows the rules and he knows it is useless as Xander begins to sport a smarmy and sly smile. The referee pushes Mikey back to his corner as Xander brings himself back inside the ring. The crowd continue to boo as Xander begins circling the ring slowly. Again, Mikey runs at Xander, looking to take control of the match. But once more, Xander ducks his head outside of the ropes as the referee is forced to get between the two men one more time. Again, a flurry of booing reverberates around the arena as Mikey tries to plead his case. The referee turns to Xander as Mikey puts on the pressure behind him. But little does the referee see the boot of Xander rise to catch Mikey on the nuts with a quick punt. Mikey grabs his groin and falls to his knees with a look of sheer painful devastation on his features. Xander quickly gets himself back in the ring and lands a quick kick to the chest of Mikey, forcing him onto the mat and gaining the first pinfall attempt of the match. 1... 2... Kick out from the former World Champion!

    Copeland: Well folks, like I pointed out when Xander was entering this match, this is not going to be one for the wrestling purists amongst you all. Xander LeBelle seems to have found a niche in WZCW that he seems intent on fulfilling. That niche, I'm afraid to say, is a cheating weasel!

    Cohen: Whoa, Seabass! That's slander! And against the greatest mind in the entire world? You have a death wish, Seabass. In reality, Xander used the judgement of Mikey against him and almost picked up the win as a result. Nothing wrong with that.

    Xander gets back to his feet and begins fixing his hair as he struts around the ring. He raises his arms out in celebration of the fast start he has made before Mikey begins to pull himself back to his feet. Xander goes over to where Mikey now finds himself on his knees and slaps him across the face. Mikey recoils backwards as strands of saliva fly from his mouth. Once again, as Mikey tries to recover, Xander nails him with another kick to the chest that sends him backwards. This time, Xander doesn't go for the pin. Instead, he walks towards his manager on the outside of the ring and motions that he is in complete control of the match. Adonis continues to clap in support of his client before urging him to concentrate on the match and pointing towards Mikey in the middle of the ring. In the time that it has taken Xander to gloat, Mikey has not really moved. He is lying on his back with his eyes shut as the fast paced start to the match takes it's toll on the former World Champion. Xander makes his way back towards the rotund man on the canvas and grabs his by his straggly hair. But Mikey springs into life and pulls him downwards into a school boy pin. The referee is stunned, just like everyone else, but shoots down to count the fall. But with a count of 2, Xander LeBelle manages to shoot out of the pin and wriggles his way under the bottom rope and out onto the floor below. Immediately, Adonis is around the ring in support of his client; shouting obscenities at Mikey in the middle of the ring.

    Copeland: Well, there you have it, folks. Don't take your eyes off of Mikey Stormrage for a second. He may be bigger than the average wrestler. But he has the agility of a cat at times. And the taunting from Xander LeBelle almost cost him the match. He needs to stay focussed on what it in front of him and don't concentrate so much on winding up these fans.

    Cohen: How many matches have you wrestled, Seabass? That's right, none! You leave the wrestling to the World's Greatest Mind and let him show you how to do things. He may have taken his eyes off of the prize for a second. But look just how quick he turned the tide back in his favour there.

    Andrew Adonis pulls Xander back to his feet as Xander allows a look of shock to cross his features. Patting his client on the shoulder with one hand, he whispers instructions in his ear, whilst pointing at Mikey with the other hand. Mikey has finally gotten to his feet in the middle of the ring after a while of being on the back foot and now he waits for Xander to make his move. Xander nods in agreement with Adonis before movign around the ring and mounting the steps. The fans continue to boo him as he takes his time walking across the apron and sporting a venomous look as he catches a glimpse of Mikey. Finally, he goes through the ropes and into the ring. But Mikey is ready for him and runs at him; nailing him with a big splash against the ropes. Xander immediately stiffens up as the shock-wave of pain rifles through his body and causes him to crumble back to the canvas. The fans in the arena immediately lighten up as Mikey begins to get a firm control of this match and Xander finds himself on the wrong end of the offence in this match. In an act that seems oddly out of character for Mikey Stormrage, Mikey begins peppering Xander with some stiff kicks and stomps as he tries to cover up on the canvas. Knowing that he cannot allow Mikey to claim the advantage for too long, Xander uses his agility and pace to scuttle towards the corner of the ring. He puts his back against the bottom rope turn-buckle, looking for some sort of reprieve from the assault. But this soon proves to be a big mistake as Mikey nails him with a big running knee to the jaw as the crowd come unglued one more time. Mikey removes himself from the corner and raises both of his arms in a pumping motion; beckoning the crowd to get behind him and carry him through the match.

    Copeland: Careful, Mikey... Xander LeBelle found himself guilty of celebrating too much and not focussing on what was in front of him in the ring. Now look at the position he finds himself in. Mikey ought to realise that it could happen to anyone and get his head in the game as soon as possible.

    Cohen: It is so much easier said than done, Seabass. Once you get in that ring and someone slaps you around a little, it is so easy to begin to lose your head. Soon enough, the emotion of the match clouds your judgement and revenge is the only thing that you can think of. But Mikey ought to be showing more experience than this.

    Mikey pulls Xander out of the corner of the ring and pulls him back to his feet with the help of the corner of the ring. He nails his opponent with a stiff elbow to the side of the head over and over again until Xander is finding it difficult to even stand against the corner. Mikey slaps himself on the face to get the blood pumping as he marches towards the opposite corner of the ring. Once there, he focusses on his opponent and then bursts into a run at Xander. Mikey looks to land the spear to the gut of his opponent but Xander moves away at the final moment and causes Mikey to collide, mercilessly, with the ring post. Xander crawls away from danger as the crowd take a sharp intake of breath and this match hangs in the balance once again. The referee checks on Mikey in the corner before moving out of the corner and towards Xander on the other side of the ring; still trying to find his feet after the assault from the former World Champion. But as the referee turns his back, Andrew Adonis quickly gets onto the apron and begins peppering Mikey with stiff punches to the face to further compound the agony for Mikey and add insult to injury. A tsunami of booing circulates around the arena as the referee deals with Xander and misses the uncalled for assault on the fan favourite.

    Copeland: Oh, come on! I get that anything can happen in a WZCW ring but there is no way that this should be happening, Jack. The referee ought to send Adonis to the back and let these two men settle this fair and square in the ring.

    Cohen: As you well know, Seabass. If you don't get caught, then it isn't technically cheating. What is happening here is Andrew Adonis looking after his investment. If Mikey Stormrage had any friends left in the world of wrestling, maybe he wouldn't be such an easy target out here. But he has alienated all of them with his selfish actions and now he is paying the price. I have no sympathy for him.

    Finally, Adonis drops off of the apron as the referee turns around. Xander seems pleased with the work that his manager has done as he walks across the ring and pulls Mikey out of the corner. He backs up the former World Champion and begins peppering him with his own stiff strikes, gaining some measure of retribution with a few knife edge chops to light up the chest of Stormrage. The fans cannot help but lose control of their tongues as another wave of hate crashes down on the World's Greatest Mind. Mikey staggers out of the corner but Xander is soon upon him with white on rice as he lashes him with a stiff elbow to the back of his neck. Mikey hits the canvas one more time as Xander quickly gets on top of him and begins peppering him with punches and slaps to the back of the head. On the outside of the ring, Andrew Adonis continues to shout advice to Xander as the Frenchman seems to lose control of his emotions once again and lets his desire to hurt Mikey take over. Finally, Xander stops the beating as the referee pulls him off of Mikey once and for all. Xander lets out a breath and shakes his head in disagreement but soon tries to calm himself down as the referee checks on Mikey once more. Upon the referee moving away from Mikey, Xander runs his fingers through his sweat soaked hair and moves back towards the former World Champion on the canvas. Grabbing Mikey by the hair and pulling him up into a seated position, Xander looks to put the match way with a submission; locking in a sleeper hold and gritting his teeth in ruthless aggression.

    Copeland: The interaction between Andrew Adonis and Mikey Stormrage really has turned this match on it's head. Mikey now finds himself up against the odds one more time as Xander LeBelle tries to bring the pace of the match down to a snail's pace.

    Cohen: Really smart move, it goes without saying, from Xander LeBelle. He knows that Mikey tries to use the fans at ringside to get him through the match. And when he gets on a roll, it is hard to stop him from pulling out all the stops. Slowing the pace down is killing off that chance of momentum. Really impressive strategy from LeBelle.

    LeBelle dips a knee into the back of Mikey as the hold continues. The fans are trying to get behind Mikey. But the deeper the hold goes, the harder it is for him to resist. Mikey reaches out for the nearby ropes but Xander seems utterly determined to keep him from reaching them, and his salvation from this devastating move. The fans cry out their cheers as Mikey gets within touching distance of the ropes. But with one more twist of his forearm, Xander seems to apply too much pressure to the hold. Mikey's eyes close over as he begins to fall asleep in the arms of his opponent. Andrew Adonis leans into the ring to shout more insults at Mikey as he continues to fade.

    Adonis: Let go, Stormrage! Feel the sweet embrace of the sandman's spell...

    With that, Mikey seems to go out. The referee takes a closer look into the face of Mikey as it seems he has gone out. He raises his right arm, expecting it to fall back to the canvas but it remains in the air as the fans start to get behind the former World Champion. Mikey's arm begins moving quickly in the air as his eyes open wide and he begins convulsing in pure energy. The fans begin cheering loudly as Mikey seems to find a second wind and manages to get back to one knee as a look of grave concern crosses the face of The Class Act. Once on his knees, Mikey lays some elbows into the gut of LeBelle to break the hold and gets back to his shaky legs. LeBelle goes for the clothesline but Mikey ducks under the arm. And with everything he has left in the tank, Mikey plants him with GAME OVER! Both men hit the canvas with tremendous impact; causing Mikey to bounce off of Xander and onto his back a few feet away. The crowd come alive at the sudden signature move but cannot believe how unlucky Mikey is by being thrown clear of the pin. They urge him to begin crawling towards his opponent which he soon obliges. The anticipation grows as Mikey lifts one arm and drapes it over the chest of his opponent. 1... 2... Kick out from Xander LeBelle!

    Copeland: I don't believe it! I don't believe it, Jack! We have seen Mikey Stormrage put so many people away with that devastating move. But Xander LeBelle has kicked out of it and this match continues!

    Cohen: I don't know how he did it myself, Seabass. You have to give Xander some credit for, somehow, finding the stamina to kick out of that move. But a lot can be said about the landing for Mikey there. Had he not have bounced clear, we would be looking at Mikey with his hand raises above his head in victory right now.

    Mikey rolls over and looks at the rafters of the building, not fully comprehending how Xander LeBelle could have kicked out of his finishing move. He runs his hands through his hair this time, contemplating just how he can put this match away. He rolls over towards the ropes and begins pulling himself to his feet. LeBelle, on the other hand, is not moving at all. Andrew Adonis begins yelling encouragement as he watches Mikey pull himself back to his feet on the back of a wave of cheers from the assembled WZCW faithful. Mikey points to the sky with one finger and leaves no one in the arena with any doubt as to what is coming next. Adonis allows a look of shock and horror to appear on his face as Mikey goes onto the apron and begins climbing to the top rope; the sweat from the match falling from his brow as he climbs ever higher. Mikey steadies himself and looks down at Xander to his right. He is close to the ropes but Mikey knows that he has to land this move to put him away and end this contest. He swallows hard and then launches himself off of the top rope, looking for THE FLYING BURRITO! But at the last moment, Adonis pulls Xander out of the ring, causing Mikey to collide with the canvas and the crowd to break into rapturous booing.

    Copeland: No! This match was all but over and Andrew Adonis has, once again, left his grubby fingerprints all over what could have been an instant classic in WZCW.

    Cohen: Listen, Seabass, this is exactly what having a manager is all about. A manager is someone who knows what is best for you at all times. And having Mikey Stormrage land on you with all of his tremendous body weight is no good for anyone, never mind the Class Act. I applaud Adonis for looking out for his clients best interests actually.

    Adonis pulls Xander LeBelle back to a shaky vertical base as Mikey begins to question just went wrong with his intended finishing move. Grabbing the nearby ropes and looking out to the outside, Mikey allows a look of shock to appear on his face. He had been robbed of the win there and he knew it. Meanwhile, the referee urges Xander LeBelle to get back into the ring but he looks pretty hurt from the match. Adonis leans into one ear and gives his client some advice as the referee begins his count out. LeBelle seems to be nodding in agreement as Adonis motions in different way towards the ring. At a count of 7, Xander and Adonis break from their silent conversation with a look of determination on their faces. By this time, Mikey is back on his feet and waving Xander back into the ring with both hands. But suddenly, LeBelle turns on his heels and heads up the ramp! A flurry of boos cannot be contained as Andrew Adonis and Xander LeBelle begin laughing maniacally; leaving Mikey in the ring with a look of sheer disgust and shock on his face. The referee reaches the count of 10 and calls for the bell. This match is over!

    Copeland: I don't believe it, Jack. Seemingly on the advice of his manager, Xander LeBelle has turned tail and run away from a match that he controlled from the outset. He has robbed everyone here tonight, including himself, of a great match and these people are letting him know just what they think about that decision.

    Cohen: Who cares what these people think, Seabass?! The truth of it is that Xander LeBelle had more important things to do tonight and he couldn't stand to be out here with these ungrateful plebs for a second longer. Maybe he was even injured, how would you know? I don't blame him for leaving Mikey in the ring.

    Copeland: Disgusting behaviour from LeBelle, Jack. He's supposed to be paid to wrestle and, for the second time in two events, he has left his opponents high and dry with a walk-out. This has got to stop.

    Harrys: Here is your winner by way of count out... Mikey Stormrage!!

    With that, Mikey falls backwards onto the mat and into a seated position. He again runs his fingers through his hair as he watches the smiling faces of Andrew Adonis and Xander LeBelle make their way up the ramp and through the curtain.

    Copeland: It's a win for Mikey but this match had so much more story to tell, folks.
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    The camera cuts to a static shot of the two commentators sitting at ringside. Seabass puts one finger to his ear as he obviously receives some instruction from backstage.

    Copeland: Well, ladies and gentlemen, that was an excellent match, it was a shame about the result. That said, it has been a whirlwind Meltdown Madness. And I am now hearing that Vance Bateman, the General Manager of Meltdown has a huge announcement to make on the back of the randomiser being completed for tonight.

    Cohen: No doubt a big announcement, Seabass. I can't wait to find out what is happening!

    The camera then cuts backstage to where Leon Kensworth is standing outside a door with the words “General Manager” written on a wooden sign. Leon precociously knocks on the door before grabbing the handle and revealing the General Manager of Meltdown sitting behind his desk and looking at a few scraps of paper. Hearing the door creak open, Bateman offers Leon a wide and confident smile as he beckons him inside hurriedly.

    Bateman: Leon, my friend, come in this instant!

    Leon allows a look of surprise to cross his features as he lets the warm greeting of the long-serving General Manager soak into his brain. He had never been called a “friend” by Vance before – he must have been in a great mood. Leon moves inside of the room and takes a look around the scraps of paper, noticing that names of various WZCW wrestlers are written on them in no real order.

    Leon: What's going on, Vance? This is all very...

    Bateman: Unpredictable?

    Leon: … Yeah...

    Bateman: Well, that's the point, isn't it? This is the round, Leon. This is the round that everyone in the back looks forward to for one reason. They can go from the bottom of the card, jerking the curtain, to becoming the Heavyweight Champion in just one night. It doesn't matter about what has gone before or what will come after. For this one night anything can happen. And tonight, I promise that it will.

    Leon looks around the office one more time at all of the whiteboards and scraps of paper as a confused look appears on his face.

    Leon: I mean, is there a point to this, Vance?

    Bateman: A point, Leon? The point is that everyone in the back and everyone in the arena is out there wondering just what I have in store for them. They are wondering if there will be a World Heavyweight Championship match here tonight. And what I am telling you, Leon, is that there absolutely will be!

    Leon is actually stunned by the announcement as Vance gets out of his seat quickly. Vance moves around the table before putting his arm around Leon. He offers Leon a smile as he fixes his suit.

    Bateman: Let's see Serra try and compete with that, huh? They might have Titus defending his Championship tomorrow night but there's no way it is going to come close to what we have in store here tonight! Now let's go and break the news to the guts in the back...

    With that, Vance and Leon take their leave from the office as a massive roar can be heard from outside in the arena.

    Copeland: Well, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, tonight's Meltdown Madness will give the fans what they want; a World Heavyweight Championship shot! But who will Garth Black be facing off against tonight; it could pretty much be anyone on the roster.

    Cohen: More importantly, did I hear that Titus will be defending his EurAsian Championship tomorrow night on Ascension? I can't wait to see the longest running Champion in this company show just why he is now called that!

    From around the doorway, a heads begins to poke around, surveying the scene and getting a read on what is going on. That head belongs to none other than the EurAsian Champion himself. A sudden wave of booing begins to rise as Titus allows a dirty smirk to appear on his face and moves around the doorway. He moves around the room, looking at some of the scribbles on the paper and on the whiteboard off to his left. Upon reaching Vance's desk, Titus looks down at the assembled names and their locations on the show. He allows a smile to appear on his face until something he doesn't like crosses his view. With that, a venomous look appears on the face of the EurAsian Champ.

    Cohen: It looks as though Titus may have found out that he is defending his Championship tomorrow night on Ascension. A true travesty, if you ask me.

    Titus studies the papers for a few moments before picking up his own name and staring at it. Suddenly, an idea seems to cross the mind of the EurAsian Champion. He looks at the array of names beneath him and then purposefully changes his locations on the show draft. Giving a wide smile as he picks up the name of Austin Reynolds, he places it in his spot and makes his way back around the desk; laughing as he does.

    Copeland: Could... Could it be that Titus has just wrangled a way out of defending his Championship tomorrow night and now we will see Austin Reynolds defend his newly-won Championship instead?

    Cohen: Pure genius, Seabass! What a guy! Ha!
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    We return from commercial and are at the announcer's desk.

    Copeland: Just before the break, folks, we heard that Garth Black will be defending his Championship here tonight. What's more, we have just received a big announcement from WZCW headquarters. Following the always popular Roulette Round shows WZCW dot com will be running an exclusive interview with current WZCW Heavyweight Champion Garth Black.

    Cohen: Boy, am I excited to hear what our glorious champion has to say. Should he even make it out of here with that Championship, that is...

    Copeland: Well, folks, be that as it may, as part of our continuing effort to bring the WZCW superstars closer to you than ever, the interview promises to be hard hitting, and well as a little personal. It promises to bring out a side of Garth Black the world has yet to see, and we hope you will tune in.

    Cohen: For now though, I hear we have tag team action coming up.
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    Harrys: The following match is a tag team match and it scheduled for one fall!


    Harrys: Introducing first, From Crawley, South East England, weighing 185 pounds, Vee! A! D! Z!

    Vee ADZ enters the arena and the crowd cheers. He rotates around in one leg followed by a somersault on the floor and bounces up and high raising his both hands. Then he goes to the audiences on the barricade for some fan fair, gets to the ring and Springboards his way in with another somersault on the mat. Then "I Am The Fire" begins to play.


    Harrys: And his partner, making her way down the runway, from Milan, Italy, weighing 156 pounds.... Eve Taylor!

    The arena goes dim, with a single spotlight shining at the top of the entrance ramp. Eve Taylor steps in it, with her head looking down, almost as if she is doubting herself. She slowly walks step-by-step down the ramp, treating it like a fashion runway, with her head slowly rising. As she gets halfway down the ramp, and the chorus kicks in, Eve Taylor raises her head, and shoots her arm into the air as the crowd's cheering grows even louder. Flames shoot out from behind her as she stands with her hand raised, looking directly towards the ring. Eve heads to the ring, climbing up onto the ring apron, and ascending the turnbuckles, throwing her same arm into the air. She looks out to the audience, pointing around the arena, showing her support for her fans.

    Copeland: The fans are loving this combination of Vee ADZ and Eve Taylor.

    Cohen: But can they get the job done, Seabass? That is the bigger question.


    Harrys: And their opponents, introducing first, accompanied by Steven Holmes from Deadhorse, Alaska, weighing 267 pounds, he is Abel Hunnicutt!

    The cheering of the fans quickly turns into boos as the Vis Imperium music starts playing, lights begin flickering through the infinite darkness of the blackened arena. As the music begins to settle. The music picks up once more, the drums crashing like thunder through the lightning. Soon after, Abel with Steven Holmes by his side appears next. Holmes and Abel begin making their way down the ramp. Once inside the ring, Abel stands in the middle of the ring, looking at both Vee and Eve, while Holmes stay outside of the ring.

    Harrys: And his partner, from Keystone City, Kansas, weighing 225 pounds, Titus Avison.


    Titus comes out to the stage. He looks around and laughs at the crowd who boo him. He lifts his belt up and walks down the ramp. He climbs into the ring and does his point, which makes the fans boo more heavily. He stands by Abel.

    Copeland: God damn it! I would safely assume that this spot in the tag team match belonged to Austin Reynolds before Titus got his grubby hands on the schedule for tonight.

    Cohen: What an amazing turn of events for the EurAsian Champion. He has managed to turn a Championship defence on Ascension into a tag team match with one half of the Tag Team Champions. And what a team they make, Seabass. Look at them now, they're already strategising.

    Titus and Abel go to one corner of the ring while Vee and Eve go to the other. Both teams can be seen whispering to one another. Titus points at Vee and laughs as he whispers to Abel, who goes and stands outside the ring. Upon seeing this Vee shows a determined look and steps up to begin the match on his side. Eve goes outside the ring and the bell is rung. Vee and Titus are in the center of the ring eyeing each other as the crowd's excitement is heard. Suddenly, Titus laughs again and runs over to his corner to tag in Abel, much to the fans and Vee's disappointment.

    Copeland: Somehow I am not surprised at Titus for pulling that. The fans clearly wanted to see those two in action against each other again.

    Cohen: Titus already beat Vee ADZ. Maybe he wanted Abel to get a chance at doing the same.

    Senior Official Jurou Akiyama looks on prepared to officiate the action as Abel walks over to Vee. Abel pushes Vee into the ropes. Vee springs off the ropes back into Abel who grabs Vee, who hits a Tirl-a-Whirl. Both are down. Vee gets up and applies a Fujiwa Armbar on Abel. Eve and Titus look on from their corners, as does Holmes from ringside. Akiyama goes over to see if there is an early submission. Abel tries to overpower Vee to break free of the Armbar. Vee maintains the Armbar and holds on harder. Another attempt by Abel to break free, and he does! Abel climbs up on the top rope and hits a Double Foot Stomp. Abel tries to go for a cover, but Vee is able to push him off before Akiyama can begin counting. Vee hits a Dropkick and Abel is knocked into the corner where Titus has been standing. The Eurasian Champion tags himself in! Abel gets out of the ring and stands at the corner, Holmes goes over to Abel and stands beside him. Vee and Titus are once again eyeing each other in the center of the ring.

    Copeland: Here we go again. Is Titus going to face Vee after all?

    Cohen: We all saw what happened at Unscripted. Looks like Titus wanted to prove yet again he is the better of the two.

    The staredown continues until Vee hits his adversary with a 720 Guyver kick! Titus gets back up and Vee grabs him but Titus reverses it into a Reverse DDT. Vee's down and Titus hits a Knee Drop on him. The fans boo at this and Titus goes over toward the ropes by Abel's corner to mock the fans from that section who are boo'ing him. This gives Vee enough time to get over to his corner, where Eve is motioning for a tag. Vee tags in Eve Taylor and gets out of the ring to stand in his corner. The fans are now cheering. Titus turns back around to see that Eve is now in the center of the ring instead of Vee. She immediately hits him with a Knife-Edge Chop! Titus responds with a Hurricarana. They both get up and Eve grabs Titus to hit a Northern Lights Suplex. She covers him and Akiyama goes over to begin counting. 1.... 2.... Kick out!

    Cohen: Eve shouldn't underestimate Titus, he's our Eurasian Champion for a reason. It will take more than that to get the win.

    Copeland: He may be a Champion but him mocking fans like that.

    Eve and Titus both get up. Eve backs up a little. Titus looks over to his corner and sees that Holmes is speaking strategy with Abel outside the ring. He looks back over at Eve right as she runs up to him to hit a Thesz Press followed by several punches once they are on the mat. Vee is still in his corner, he motions for a tag, but Eve is not within reach. Titus successfully pushes Eve off of him and pulls her toward his corner so she cannot reach Vee for a tag. Titus goes to tag in Abel, who he sees is still listening to Holmes at ringside.

    Titus: Hey! Hunnicutt! Get in here!

    Abel and Holmes both look in The Eurasian Champion's direction.

    Holmes: You heard the man, Abel! Get in the ring!

    Abel jumps back up onto the apron and Titus tags him in. Eve tries to make her way over to Vee for a tag but Abel has gotten into the ring and he grabs her and uses a Swinging Neckbreaker. She gets up and Abel tries to hit an additional Swinging Neckbreaker but she evades it and hits him with a thunderous Knife-Edge Chop, and then another. Eve quickly goes over to her corner and is able to tag in Vee. He runs up to Abel hitting a Big Boot! Abel is down. Vee looks over to the ropes and climbs the turnbuckles to the top. Titus starts making his way over to where Vee is to interfere, but is stopped by Eve who has run over in the same direction outside the ring. Vee jumps and uses his finishing maneuver, the Airborne End. Vee covers Abel for a pin. Akiyama goes into position to count. 1.... 2.... 3! The fans cheer for the result.

    Harrys: Here are your winners.... Vee ADZ and Eve Taylor!

    Eve gets back in the ring where she and Vee celebrate their win. Abel gets out of the ring, joining Titus and Holmes who are arguing their frustrations of the result outside the ring.

    Copeland: Great teamwork tonight by Eve and Vee ADZ. Especially there at the end when Titus tried to interfere.

    Cohen: I never would have expected this outcome, not when Titus and Abel are teaming. I guess anything really can happen on the Roulette week.
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    The camera quickly cuts to Vance Bateman standing on a chair in the middle of the WZCW locker room. Around him, the assembled WZCW superstars stand at full attention.

    Bateman: So it is with that, that I am here to announce that there will, indeed, be a World Heavyweight Championship match right here tonight. Garth Black will defend his newly-won World Heavyweight Championship against one of you standing in this room. Unfortunately, those who have already competed will not be eligible for the match but...

    Vance looks around the room at each and every one of the wrestlers in turn, sizing them up and giving them a fierce look of determination.

    Bateman: For the one man who will take on this company's Champion momentarily, I urge you to seize this opportunity with both hands. Who knows how long it will take for another Championship shot like this to come back around. Look at the people around you, they are your competition. And with a chance at the Heavyweight Championship coming up, you take the risk of painting a massive target on your back.

    Vance's tone is solemn but inspiring in the same way.

    Bateman: You are all here to prove that you are the very best that this company has to offer. And tonight, you are on my show. If your music plays and you walk out for the Championship match, I expect you to put everything into my main event. Leave it all in the ring and leave the fans with no doubt that Meltdown is the best brand in sports entertainment. That's all...

    With that, Vance makes his leave from the locker room; leaving a hush falling over the assembled wrestlers. In the corner of the room, Vis Imperium crowd around Constantine; the only many not announced to be in a match tonight and can still be drawn. In the same way, Justin Cooper gives Mark Keaton a pat on the shoulder as he gives him support that it could be him that gets the shot at the Championship. However, not all is rosy I the garden as some arguing and pushing breaks out. With that, Garth Black enters the room and the room falls silent once again.

    Black: You see, you idiots. Everything I have been saying about the authority in this place has been proved right. Once again, they feed me to the wolves after my match at Unscripted. Well, you better listen to what Vance is telling you. You better leave it all in the ring here tonight. Because I am at my best when my back is up against the wall.

    Garth tosses the World Heavyweight Championship over his right shoulder and gives one final look to the people in the locker room.

    Black: I'll see you in the ring...

    Copeland: Wow! That was intense. Either way, the Championship match featuring Garth Black and an opponent unknown to everyone will be next.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a singles match, set for one fall and is for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship!


    Harrys: Introducing first, from the Last Chance Saloon, weighing in at 15 stone... the REIGNING, DEFENDING, WZCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD; GARTH BLACK!

    Garth Black emerges from behind the curtain, carrying a bottle of water in his right hand. Some of the older males in the audience cheer as Black looks at the camera and slaps the World Heavyweight Championship strapped around his waist. “And still. I’m not givin’ it up tonight.” Black walks to the ring, soaking in the loud response from the crowd. When Black gets to the ring, he slowly climbs in, acknowledges the crowd, and has a drink of the water before tossing the bottle out of the ring.

    Cohen: Legends are made in moments of adversity and this man overcame the world last Sunday. Garth Black beat not one but two men, Mikey Stormrage and Matt Tastic, to become the WZCW Heavyweight Champion. They’ll write songs about this man when his time is done but that isn’t going to be for a long time.

    Copeland: Garth Black has been a roll as of late. He beat Live Mas in a handicap match, he won the triple threat to end the title reign of Mikey Stormrage and now here he stands as the best wrestler in the world. The problem he faces right now is he has no clue who his opponent is for this title defence.

    Cohen: If you’re the World Champion you’ve got to be ready for anything. Garth Black fought hard to get the title but now he’ll have to prove once again that he deserves to be called World Heavyweight Champion. I think he can do it.

    The crowd waits on the edge of their seats for the challenger. Inside the ring Garth Black unclips the World Championship and slings it over his shoulder. He paces back and forth inside the ring. Black is becoming restless, the challenger is making him wait and Black is not taking it kindly. He begins arguing with the official about how long this is taking and says he’s ready to go.

    Suddenly the lights go out!

    Copeland: Here we go!


    Harrys: And the CHALLENGER from Bollywood, India, weighing 251 pounds, “The Showbiz Himself” - Veejay!

    Veejay enters the arena with the lights still dark. Wearing his hooded robe Veejay makes his way down to the ring, the lights coming back on now, with a look of confidence on his face. Once inside the ring, he gets up on the turnbuckle and poses for the crowd and riles them up before finally taking his robe off in the ring.

    Copeland: A massive opportunity for Veejay on Meltdown. He scored a big win at Unscripted but that will become a distant memory if Veejay is able to win the World Heavyweight Championship here tonight. Three seconds is all it takes and Veejay finds himself just three seconds away from being the World Champion for the first time in his career.

    Cohen: Three seconds is like a lifetime when you’re facing Garth Black. Stormrage and Tastic both found that out on Sunday. Veejay has gone against the very best before but he’ll have to dig down deep if he wants to beat Garth Black.

    Veejay tosses the robe to the outside and locks eyes with Garth Black. They exchange some words; Garth looks at his title and tells Veejay that he’s getting nowhere near it tonight. The official takes the championship from Garth, moves into the centre of the ring and holds it high above his head to thunderous applause from the crowd. He sends both men to their corners and then signals for the bell and the start of our main event!

    *Ding, Ding, Ding*

    The bell sounds and immediately Veejay comes in firing with several kicks to the body and legs. Garth is caught off guard and backs up into the ropes which forces the official to get between the competitors and back Veejay up. Black smirks and nods his head; he points at Veejay and says bring it on. Moving away from the ropes slowly, Black appears hesitant to engage but the challenger rushes forward and gets caught in a judo throw! Turning his hips and pulling Veejay over him, Black executes the throw perfectly and lands on top of his opponent. Quickly Garth gets the mount and strikes down with punches while Veejay tries to scramble to his feet. He gives up the back and Garth tries to apply a choke but Veejay is able to escape and find his way into a corner. The crowd cheers the early action, Veejay shakes his head and stares back at Garth. The champion remains in the centre of the ring on one knee and slowly returns to a vertical base. Garth extends his arm and motions for Veejay to try again, this time the challenger does not rush in and instead dares Black to try his luck. Garth rushes forward, Veejay meets him and they lock up for a moment until Garth Black gains the advantage with a headlock. He pulls Veejay from near the ropes and tightens his grip. A punch for Veejay is ineffective, a second only slightly better and before he can try a third, Garth Black jumps into the air and brings Veejay down face first to the mat with a bulldog. He goes for the cover. 1... Kick Out!

    Cohen: Early advantage goes to the reigning World Champion. Black also has the experience factor over Veejay.

    Copeland: Veejay was baited into running in and was hit with the judo throw. He’ll have to watch out for that as the match progresses.

    A combination of strikes from Black gives him time to set up his next move. He grabs Veejay by the head and pulls him to a vertical base. A kick to the knee stumbles Veejay, Black wraps both arms around him and throws down to the mat hard with a belly to belly suplex. Once again Black goes for the cover, this time hooking the leg. 1... 2... Kick Out! “Come on!” Garth says but the shoulder was indeed up. He grabs the ropes and pulls himself off the canvas. Veejay begins to push himself off the mat and with his eyes staring at the canvas he doesn’t see Black’s boot come crashing down across the back of his head. Garth unloads with stomps, quickly firing them off and then he makes yet another cover. 1... 2... Kick Out! While Black checks with the referee about the speed of the counting, Veejay begins crawling to the ropes. He falls to the outside of the ring and crumbles up against the apron of the ring. Inside the ring, Black repeats that these counts are awfully slow in his opinion. He turns to grab Veejay only to find him missing. Looking confused Black turns to the big screen and sees the wide shot of the ring, spots Veejay on the outside and makes his way over to the challenger. The official begins his ten count as Black drives his boot into the stomach of Veejay. He picks him up and tries to toss him into the ring but Veejay counters with the SPINEBUSTER!

    Cohen: Where’d they come from?

    Copeland: Veejay pulling out anything he can to stay alive in this match. A spinebuster on the floor to the World Champion. If he can get Garth back into the ring this could be over.

    The crowd cheers for the big move out of nowhere. Garth Black clutches at his back and his head which bounced off the floor. He turns over and tries to get up but struggles to do so on his own. Meanwhile Veejay gets to his feet, breaks the count by sliding in and out of the ring before heading over to Black. He drops a knee into the lower back of Black and then gets a handful of tights for leverage to throw him hard into the guardrail. Black smacks the railing back first and hits the ground with a loud thud. Sensing his opportunity, Veejay pulls Black by the arm over to the ring and tosses him back inside the squared circle. He follows and rolls Black over for a cover. 1... 2... Kick Out! Veejay looks around the arena at the fans who are cheering this World Championship contest, something which doesn’t happen often on a weekly show. He stands and yells at Garth to get up. The World Champion gets to his knee, his eyes dazed and confused, and he soon staggers forward into an armdrag. Garth tumbles over the shoulder of Veejay yet somehow ends up standing again, bounces off the ropes and is thrown over the other shoulder with another armdrag. He bounces back a third time, gets nailed with a European Uppercut and is put down with a double underhook backbreaker. Veejay grabs both legs as he makes the cover. 1... 2... Kick Out! Neither man will go down easily. The challenger rubs the back of his head, still feeling the stomps from earlier in the match. He walks around the ring, the World Champion proudly fighting back to a vertical base even without all his ducks in a row. Black eyes appear glassed over, Veejay stalks him and goes to strike with a roundhouse kick... which is caught by Black!

    Cohen: He caught him! Great ring awareness by Garth Black to see Veejay coming.

    Veejay can’t believe it and tries to free his leg but Garth Black pulls him forward and nearly takes his head off with a clothesline. Immediately Black lifts Veejay up and slings him into the corner. He rushes forward, Veejay extends his leg and connects with a big boot! Black stumbles backwards and Veejay looks for the DDT, only for Black to shove him back into the corner and rush forward to connect with the Enziguri! Veejay doesn’t fall, instead he leans back against the turnbuckle until Black steadies himself and lifts Veejay onto the top rope. A chop to the chest keeps Veejay subdued for a moment. Black climbs onto the second rope and slaps Veejay back and forth, telling him that the World Championship isn’t going anywhere. He gets the underhook and lifts Veejay off the top rope, both men go crashing to the floor below in a SUPERPLEX! The crowd cheers, both men are down and it’s hard to tell who has the advantage at this point in time. Black is the first to stir and he manages to get an arm over the challenger, just barely. 1... 2... Kick Out! If Garth had the energy to scream he’d completely lose it because he thought the match was over. The official checks on both men and begins the ten count for them to get back to their feet. Veejay rolls to the far corner while Garth goes to his right, pulling on the ropes for support. He grabs at his back, the pain shooting through his whole body.

    Copeland: Both these men are giving it everything they’ve got. What a move by Garth Black to put it all on the line with the superplex.

    Cohen: Desperate times, partner. Garth Black needs to put Veejay away or he risks losing everything he worked so hard to achieve. The World Championship is calling to both these men, who is going to answer the call first?

    Veejay is met with punches from Garth, who then sends him into the ropes. On the rebound Garth ducks behind, looking for a German suplex but Veejay counters with elbows to the side of the head and Garth is forced to release the hold. He moves back for a moment and tries to rush in as to not lose the advantage - Veejay counters with a title-a-whirl backbreaker! He goes for the cover and possibly the victory. 1... 2... Garth Black reverses the pin and pulls Veejay’s shoulders down to the canvas. 1... 2... Kick Out! At the last second Veejay gets his shoulders off the ground and the crowd knows it, cheering wildly for the contest. Veejay is on his knees, as is Garth Black, both men within reach of each other and Veejay fires a forearm. He receives one back so the challenger sends another, this time a little harder. They trade shot for shot, both men still on their knees, and the strikes are getting harder and the sound is thundering throughout the arena. Garth screams aloud and thrusts his elbow into the forehead of Veejay nearly splitting him open. Veejay gets to one knee and punches Garth right in the mouth. Responding kindly, Garth stands up and hits a combination, left and right, to the challenger. Veejay and Garth are now both standing and the punches continue to fly and they are not holding back. Suddenly Garth ducks one shot and lifts Veejay onto his shoulders. Black Out! No, Veejay struggles and elbows his way free slipping out the back.

    Copeland: Veejay escaped the Black Out! It would have been over if Garth had hit his most powerful move.

    Cohen: I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Veejay might have this match.

    Garth turns around and is nailed with the Pelle Kick! He goes down to one knee for a moment but fights back up and charges at Veejay, clearly still stunned as he nearly trips while doing so. Veejay meets him and lifts Garth up off the ground and slams him hard with the SPINEBUSTER! The crowd goes wild as Veejay rolls Garth over, hooks both legs and the official dives into position. 1... 2... 3?

    Cohen: Did he do it? Garth didn’t kick out of that spinebuster. Have we got a new champion?

    Copeland: Look! The official is putting towards something.

    Inside the ring Veejay’s eyes are wide as he turns to the official. Garth Black did not kick out but this match is not over. While Veejay hooked both legs he did not secure the arm and Garth Black, the smart veteran, got his arm underneath the bottom rope before the count of three. Veejay is stunned at the result and struggles to stand. So much adrenaline has rushed through his body and he has nothing left to give. He watches the World Champion, still on the ground, only his head moving. Back and forth, Garth Black turns slowly and stares up at the roof of the building. He rolls again, facing the turnbuckle and begins to pull himself off the canvas. Watching from afar Veejay ponders his next move; Victory Lap on his mind as the one thing that could finish off Garth Black. He moves in, spins Garth around but is hit with a knee to the stomach. Garth slings Veejay into the corner and runs toward him - Getting On the Wagon - Veejay moves at the last second! Black hits the corner hard and Veejay slips underneath and lifts the World Champion onto his shoulders! The crowd goes wild as Veejay moves into the centre of the ring.

    Copeland: Oh my god! Veejay has him set for the Victory Lap. We’re going to have a new World Champion!

    Cohen: No! No! No! Garth, do something.

    With everything on the line Veejay goes for the Victory Lap... Garth pushes off the shoulders and lands on his feet behind Veejay. The challenger turns, receiving a second Enziguri. Veejay is stunned, Garth smells blood in the water and lifts Veejay up onto his shoulders. He spins around and looks at the hard camera, his face showing determination. In one sharp motion Veejay goes up and comes down onto the knee of Garth Black - BLACK OUT! The World Champion stares down at Veejay, knocked out cold from the finisher, and slowly rolls him over for the cover. 1... 2... 3!

    Harrys: The winner of the match and STILL the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion - Garth Black!

    Cohen: He did it! Garth Black retained the World Heavyweight Championship and what a match he did it in. Veejay had him in position for the Victory Lap at the end of the contest but Garth Black dug down deep just he has down for months now and found a way to win.

    Copeland: Both men really performed here tonight and put it all on the line but at the end of the day only one can be called World Champion. That man, standing in the ring is Garth Black and he is still the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion. He’s defended the title tonight and he’ll do it once again when he meets Mikey Stormrage at Lethal Lottery. That’s going to be a great match.

    Garth Black is handed his World Heavyweight Championship as he stands in the ring alone. Veejay rolls to the outside where he is checked on by members of the medical team and appears to be alright. Garth Black looks out into the crowd and they are loud, all of them respecting the match they just saw for the richest prize in professional wrestling. He holds the title up high in the air.

    Copeland: Ladies and gentleman, we hope you have enjoyed the show tonight and don’t forget to tune into Ascension tomorrow night where things will be just as unpredictable as they were here tonight.

    Cohen: You just never know what is going to happen around this time of year. An amazing performance by Garth Black in defending the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship and I think it’ll be the first of many.

    Pyro begins to go off around the arena and Garth Black exits the ring, heading up the ramp still feeling the war he just went through. He turns around one last time and hoists the belt up in his right hand.

    Copeland: Goodnight everybody!

    The copyright and show logo flashes on screen as we fade to black.
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    Yaz: Fatal Four Way, segments, Opening
    Dave: Stormrage vs. LeBelle, Segments
    Prophet: Black vs. Veejay
    Dagger: Tag Team Match

    So give these guys rep and credit for a job well done, especially Prophet and Dagger who are fitting in better than I could have hoped. Hope you guys enjoyed, and look forward to Ascension.
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