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    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *

    The camera pans around the jam packed Rogers Arena, the capacity crowd is on their feet as the pyrotechnics go off. The camera cuts to a shot of fans still piling into the arena outside, then cuts to the announcer's table where the familiar voice of Sebastian Copeland brings us in.

    Copeland: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the one hundredth and twenty seventh edition of WZCW Meltdown. I'm Sebastian Copeland, and alongside me is the ever present Jack Cohen. Jack, we have a great slate of matches tonight.

    Cohen: Not only will we have two Gold Rush qualifiers, but we have King For A Day Noah Ryder in action, along with Ty Burna taking on S.H.I.T. and the monumental one night only team of World Champion Dr. Zeus teaming with EurAsian Champion Titus Avison to take on the ever popular team of Live Mas.

    Copeland: Three champions in action here tonight in Vancouver, but first we hear Dr. Zeus and Ramparte have a few words they would like to share.


    The crowd boos heavily as the lights go out in the arena. When they come on, Ramparte is standing next to Dr. Zeus, who has his World Title strapped around his waist.

    Zeus: Tonight in Canada may I be so bold
    To say Ramparte and I will fight for gold
    With victories at Gold Rush
    The crowd shall fall in a hush
    No more Mikey no more glutton
    His psyche I will unbutton
    Then Constantine will fall
    On his knees he will crawl

    The crowd boos at Zeus and his rhyming.

    Ramparte: You see, unwashed masses, The Trinity is on the rise. Tonight we will continue the war we wage on WZCW. I will beat Diabolos, and my compatriot will continue to make Mikey Stormrage look like a fool. We are the new avengers, we are here to prove your idols are nothing but false pretenders!

    Zeus: Matt Tastic the former idol
    With his partner so bridal...


    The crowd cheers their approval as Mikey Stormrage's music cuts off Dr. Zeus. He and Matt Tastic stand on the stage, mics in hand.

    Stormrage: Yeah, yeah we get it. Same old routine. Prepare for trouble and make it double. Am I in the ballpark? Is Team Rocket blasting off at the speed of light?

    Tastic: Meowth! That's right!

    Stormrage: Save us the evil Dr. Seus routine and savor that belt while you can. Because at Gold Rush, its going to be Game Over for your title reign.

    Tastic: And don't even think about winning Gold Rush Ram old buddy, because that tournament is mine. And when I deliver Kick Assery all over the field, and my main man Mikey here wins the title, it will be Live Mas Part Two: Electric Boogaloo.

    Stormrage: But why wait until then, let's get this bitch kicked off right now.

    Stormrage and Tastic drop their mics and make toward the ring, but the lights go out again. When they come back on Zeus and Ramparte are gone and Live Mas look around confused.


    We cut backstage to where Logan McAllister can be seen walking through the halls of the Rogers Arena. With a look of confidence upon his features, Logan rounds the corner and straight into the back of Noah Ryder. Both men clatter around before composing themselves and coming face to face.

    Noah: Hey, you should watch what you're doing around here, Kid.

    Logan: Kid!?

    Noah begins backing away from Logan as an almost confused and angry expression starts to crawl across the face of Mr McAllister. Noah offers Logan a smile to prove it was all in jest as both men share a chuckle.

    Logan: Someone has become a big fan of himself since he won the King For A Day briefcase, I see?

    Noah lowers his head in understanding towards Logan as he looks down at the briefcase that has been practically attached to him for the past few months since Kingdom Come; a glint appearing in both of their eyes.

    Noah: Well, I guess you have to be your own biggest fan in this business, man. If you don't believe in yourself, then how is anyone else going to believe in you? I put up a Hell of a fight against 5 other men and women and took home the biggest prize in this business. I guess you have to believe that it is possible before it becomes that way...

    Logan takes stock of the wise words from the KFAD winner before the same look of confidence appears on his face from before.

    Logan: Maybe you're right, Noah. I'll tell you something though. When I beat Veejay tonight, I'll have shown everyone that I deserve to be in this competition. He was in the finals of the competition last year, so he's got some pedigree. But I believe that I can beat him and I guess that's important. And if we fats forward a couple of months and I'm the World Champion and you cash in on me, I guarantee that I'll beat you too...

    The two rookies share a smile as Logan brushes past the KFAD winner and down the corridor as before.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Introducing first, from Mechanical Mecca, weighing 230 pounds, S.H.I.T.!

    The lights go out and blue smoke fills the stage. The crowd cheers as S.H.I.T. makes its way onto the stage and the lights come back up. It scans the crowd before it walks down the ramp, pausing to further scan the arena. It then makes its way up the steps and into the ring, its ever present gaze fixed on the entrance ramp.

    Cohen: A lot of history between these two Seabass. I don't expect this one to be very pretty.

    Copeland: History indeed Jack. It will be interesting to see how that plays into the match up between two old foes and allies who know each other so well.


    And his opponent, weighing 240 pounds, he is one half of the WZCW Tag Team Champions, Ty Burna!

    As the house lights die down the crowd goes quiet. The music slowly picks up until as the lights flicker and the fans slowly come alive at the sight of Ty on the stage, his back turned to the audience. As he takes off his hood, he turns and the fans erupt as he holds his title belt high. His red eyes glow as he methodically makes his way down the ramp. In a sign of respect, S.H.I.T. exists the ring as Ty makes his way inside. He raises his title belt high one more time as fire erupts from the four turnbuckles.

    Copeland: You have to wonder where Ty's mind might be tonight. Will it be on his opponent, or will it be on Mark Keaton and Justin Cooper following their antics the past few weeks?

    Cohen: Ty Burna is a professional, we have seen him run down a whose who of WZCW superstars. I guarantee you he will be focused on S.H.I.T. when that bell rings. Once the match is over, it's anyone's guess.

    Jurou Akiyama is in charge of this sure to be heated contest, and goes over last minute rules with the competitors. He calls for the bell.


    The two combatants slowly circle each other, neither wanting to make the first move. Slowly they close the gap between them, and Ty feints that he is going to jump in. S.H.I.T. is wise to the move however and catches Ty with a right hand. He continues to throw solid rights until Ty is backed against the ropes. Before the ref can step in, S.H.I.T. Irish whips Ty across the ring and takes him down with a a double chop. Ty is quick to his feet, but finds himself tied up in a collar and elbow tie up. S.H.I.T. works toward the turnbuckle, backing Ty up. Once he gets to the turnbuckle he begins to chop away at the chest of his opponent, lighting his chest up. After two, three, four, five chops, Ty's chest is a bright red. Before he relents his offense, he hits a European Uppercut, causing Ty to drop down to a knee. From there S.H.I.T. grabs Ty and connects with a snap suplex. With his opponent in the center of the ring, S.H.I.T. makes the first pin attempt of the match. One!...Two!...Kick out with ease at two for the champ. S.H.I.T. grabs a side headlock and uses it to pull Ty to his feet. From there he connects with a big closed fist to the top of the head, staggering Ty. The robot hits the ropes and then tackles his opponent. He unloads with rights and lefts, forcing the referee to step in and stop the closed fist shots.

    Cohen: Why are closed fist shots illegal?

    Copeland: You're the one with in ring experience Jack.

    S.H.I.T. relents his assault and stands. He awaits Ty to stand as well and goes back to some right hands to soften up the champion. He then grabs an arm and tries to Irish whip Ty, but Ty reverses and sends S.H.I.T. into the ropes. Off the rebound Ty loads up Consecrated Banishment, but his opponent is wise to it and ducks. He quickly turns around and clotheslines Ty in the back of the head, causing him to stumble into the ropes. S.H.I.T. then charges, but Ty manages to drop S.H.I.T. over the top rope and onto the floor below. The two hundred and forty pound Ty looks around before grabbing the top rope and launching himself onto S.H.I.T. with an impressive aerial move rarely seen from Ty.

    Copeland: Now there is something new from Ty Burna. Taking a page from his tag partner's book of tricks.

    Cohen: These two know each other so well, you've got to pull something new out of the bag of tricks.

    The crowd cheers as Ty gets to his feet. The referee, knowing the importance of the match to these two men, tells them to get back in the ring, but is slow to start his ten count. Ty drags his opponent to his feet and throws him hard into the barricade, causing a fan in the front row to spill their popcorn. Ty then drags his foe to his feet again, but this time he rams him hard into the ring apron. He rolls him back into the ring and after dropping a running knee, hooks a leg. One!...Two!...Two is all he gets as S.H.I.T. manages to kick out. Ty nods his head, almost as if he expected his old foe to kick out. He grabs the robotic man and lifts him to his feet. He then connects with a chop to the mechanical chest of S.H.I.T.. It doesn't do much damage, but it allows Ty to fake a second chop, before he connects with a kick to the midsection. Ty then grabs a front facelock and hits Mo' Murda, his signature facebreaker DDT, S.H.I.T.'s face connecting hard with Ty's knee. Instead of going for a cover, Ty slaps on a chinlock to try to wear down his opponent. He pulls back on the hold, before he wraps his legs around S.H.I.T. in a grapvine with the hold locked in. The mechanical man does his best to free his midsection, but Ty's legs are wrapped tight. With his head and chin being pulled back, S.H.I.T. tries and succeeds in turning and he ends up in the guard of Ty Burna. He starts to throw punches to the midsection of Ty, then the face. S.H.I.T. then loads up a Piston Chop, but Ty catches it and transitions into a triangle choke, The Final Seance!

    Copeland: S.H.I.T. needs to find a way out of this and fast.

    Cohen: Not many people survive this hold for long.

    S.H.I.T. does his best to break the hold with punches, but they are taken weakly to the body. Out of desperation, the mechanical man lifts Ty and slams him into the turnbuckle. It isn't the prettiest move, but it does just enough to cause Ty to lose his grip with his legs and be forced to give up the hold. With Ty in the corner, S.H.I.T. stumbles around, holding his throat. Ty charges out of the corner, but S.H.I.T. gets a boot up to slow his progress. S.H.I.T. then grabs Ty by the back and throws him shoulder first into the ring post through the ropes and turnbuckles. The crowd lets out a gasp as Ty hitting the post rings throughout the arena. As Ty falls out of the ring and to the floor, S.H.I.T. takes a running start. He hits the ropes, rebounds then hits the far ropes before he launches himself through the ropes at Ty, who is staggering around the ringside area. Both men go down from the suicide dive, but the crowd loves it. Again Jurou Akiyama forgoes the traditional ten count, instead opting to warn each competitor. Both men struggle to their feet, but S.H.I.T. is up first and begins to chop away at the chest of Ty, again lighting it up. Ty responds with a chop of his own. The two men then begin to trade chops to the chest until S.H.I.T. changes up the gameplan and connects with the Piston Chop. Ty doesn't go down, so S.H.I.T. connects with a second, splitting the champ wide open. He rolls Ty back inside and climbs to the top rope. He connects with a diving headbutt from the top and after he recoils in some pain, he then hooks a leg. One!...Two!...Three-NO! Two and three fourths. S.H.I.T. is livid! He thought he had Ty for sure. He implores the referee that it was three, but Akiyama assures him it was only two.

    Copeland: I thought that S.H.I.T. had him there.

    Cohen: I thought this was over as well.

    Ty, his face dripping with blood, uses the ropes to get to his feet as S.H.I.T. makes his way toward him. Ty throws a wild haymaker that is well wide of the mark, allowing his opponent to slip under and grab him around the waist and connect with a German suplex. S.H.I.T. bridges, the ref slides into position, but S.H.I.T. continues to roll through and connect with a second German. He rolls through again and connects with a third German, this time he bridges into a pin. One!...Two!...Two is all he gets again, as again Ty manages to kick out.

    Cohen: If you thought S.H.I.T. was livid before, just look at him now.

    As Cohen alluded to, S.H.I.T. is in the face of the referee. He is arguing that his count was slow and that it should have been three. S.H.I.T. grabs the ref by his shirt collar, but Akiyama shoves him away, right into Consecrated Banishment! Ty, bloodied, falls on top of his opponent. One!...Two!...Three! Ty Burna manages to knock off S.H.I.T. with a huge kick out of nowhere.

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Ty Burna!

    Copeland: So a hard fought victory for Ty Burna, but not without spilling some of his own blood in the process.

    Both men are slow to their feet, but when they get there they bump into one another. They share an intense stare before Ty extends a hand to S.H.I.T.. The mechanical man looks around, scanning the audience that is cheering him on, before he extends his hand to accept the handshake.

    Cohen: A sickening display of sportsmanship between two bitter foes.

    S.H.I.T. exits the ring as a ringside tech hands Ty his title belt and a microphone.

    Burna: A lot has been said of El Caidos and I since we returned. People have said that we haven't had stiff enough competition for our Tag Team Championships. Others have said that we were lucky to be handed a shot at winning the Tag Team Championships and that our time will come.

    The former owner of WZCW takes a few deep breaths in as the crowd begin shouting their disagreements with that notion. Wiping some blood from his face, Ty seems to react well to the adulation from the crowd.

    Burna: And those same people have put a lot of faith in the likes of Mark Keaton and Justin Cooper to be the ones who knock El Caidos and I off of our nice little perch on top of the Tag Division...

    Ty's words trail off as he thinks back to what happened on the last round of shows.

    Burna: But let me tell all of you something that Mark Keaton and Justin Cooper should be very aware of. I am Ty Burna. I am the WZCW Hall of Fame Superstar. And what's more, El Caidos and I make up the best team in the entire company right now. You may have gotten the better of us with your weapons last round but your penance will come. If I have proved anything in WZCW, it is that I will not be outdone in any way, shape or form.

    Ty lets a maniacal smile appear across his face as he continues.

    Burna: S.H.I.T just bore witness to exactly what I am capable of. But this is just a mere sampling of what we have in store for you at Gold Rush. Mark my words, gentlemen, those who have talked against us will have no choice but to realise our true might. After we dispose of you at Gold Rush, everyone will talking about our era of dominance and you two will be nothing more than a distant thought.

    Ty drops the microphone and exits.

    Copeland: Well, strong words from Ty Burna after that great match against S.H.I.T. Cooper and Keaton may just have bitten off a little more than they can chew. I'm sure we will find out more and the show goes on.
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    The camera cuts to the office of Vance Bateman, who is sitting in his office chair and has his back to the camera. He is speaking on the phone.

    Bateman: Yes, yes, very good.

    The voice on the other end can barely be heard, but it is too mumbled to make out.

    Bateman: Next week it is then. We look forward to having you back in the fold.

    Vance hangs up his cellphone and turns to face the camera with a slick grin on his face.

    Copeland: Well I wonder who he could have been talking to. Any idea Jack?

    Cohen: No clue Seabass, but from the sound of it we will find out next week.


    We go backstage where Leon Kensworth is standing by with Garth Black, who is sporting a new look.

    Leon: Garth, you stand before me knowing that your original opponent tomorrow, The Beard, dropped out of the tournament due to injury. How do you feel about his last minute replacement, Theron Daggershield?

    Garth angrily takes the mic from Leon.

    Black: How do I feel about Theron? How about you ask an original question for once in your life Leon? How about asking me why this company continues to screw me over?

    Leon tries to take the mic back, but Black shoves him away.

    Black: With the exception of our great EurAsian Champion, Titus Avison, I've been in this company longer than anyone, and what do I have to show for it? I've busted my ass night in and night out for this company and its so called fans, and for what? For management to decide they would rather push some fat ass or some Hot Topic reject or some kid living in a fantasy world ahead of me. This is just the type of shit I have come to expect from WZCW. To pull a fast one on ol' Garth and switch his opponent at the last second. Theron Daggershield wasn't even supposed to be in this tournament, but I guess he moves more shirts than me, and management can't have that. So how do I feel about Theron Daggershield Leon? It's time for him to wake up and stop living in his little fantasy world. Starting tonight, its time for everyone in this company to wake up and start living in the reality of Garth Black as the next WZCW World Heavyweight Champion!

    Black drops the mic and walks off.

    Copeland: Strong words from Garth Black, who squares off against Theron Daggershield tomorrow night on Ascension.
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    We return from commercial to see Veejay standing by with Stacey Madison. He is dressed in his usual light up jacket and ring gear.

    Madison: Veejay, last year you made it all the way to the finals of Gold Rush, only to fall to Dorian Slaughter in the finals. What do you plan to do this year to go all the way?

    Veejay: Last year I lost focus in the final act. This year I won't lose focus. I will go all the way, for myself and for Saffron. I will win Gold Rush and at Unscripted I will become champion. Be it Zeus, Mikey, or Constantine, I will defeat them. But I'm not losing sight of tonight. Logan is no joke, and while its nothing personal Logan, you stand between me and my goal.

    Madison: And how is Saffron?

    Veejay glares at Stacey as his music hits.


    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall, and is a first round match in the Gold Rush tournament!

    Veejay enters the arena with "Vancouver" and the Canadian flag flashing on the back of his robe before spinning around and taking in the cheers. He waves to the fans before exchanging some hugs and high fives with the kids at ringside before rolling under the bottom rope and posing on the turnbuckle.

    Copeland: Veejay looks primed as ever tonight, doesn't he, Jack? I mean, this marks one year since he began his journey in last year's tournament, and surprised the world by finishing as the runner-up! I can tell from the look on his face that he is ready to take it another step further this time around!

    Cohen: I liked him a bit more last year, but I will agree that he looks very focused, and that can only lead to good things for the Bollywood actor.


    Logan and Brittany enter the arena to fanfare that not even their matching Bruins sweaters can dampen. Logan heads straight for the ring, very focused. Brittany is much more bouncy, high-fiving everyone she can before leading Logan into the ring. The two men take position in opposite corners.

    Cohen: Who does this whackjob think he is, sporting a Boston sports team in Vancouver? I'm sure he understands the rivalry! Rumor has it that he has turned the page, but this goes to show that he's the same old Logan.

    Copeland: You're looking at it all wrong, Jack. Logan is the "Son Of Boston", and he wears his pride on his sleeve...tonight, literally. The fans here respect that, and respect him, after seeing his match last week!

    Cohen: I still say he should have clobbered Titus when he had the chance.

    Copeland: You would.

    Harrys: Introducing first, hailing from Bollywood...VEEJAY!

    The crowd cheers again as Veejay mounts the turnbuckle and flexes for them.

    Harrys: And his opponent, accompanied by his manager...Brittany O' Shea...He is the "Son Of Boston"...LOGAN McALLISTER!

    The crowd cheers again as Logan simply nods in recognition. Brittany wraps herself around his side, patting his chest and hyping the crowd. The referee signals for the bell, and we're under way.



    The dueling chants have both men captivated as they stand in the center of the ring, nearly chest-to-chest. They both look around the arena, taking in the atmosphere. After a full minute of competing chants, the two men smile at each other, and Veejay extends a hand. Logan shakes it, and they circle the ring, eyeing each other.

    A collar-and-elbow tie-up starts the action, with Veejay moving quickly to a go-behind. He attempts a German suplex but Logan reverses into a hammerlock. Veejay reaches to attempt a break, but Logan whips him across the ring, and misses a high knee as Veejay slides under him and pops up with a European uppercut that catches its mark! Logan staggers a step backward as Veejay connects with a pair of European uppercuts from each arm, alternating as he swings. Logan is backed into the ropes, and Veejay whips him, following him in, before hitting the mat as Logan steps over him. Veejay leap frogs another, and then goes off the opposite ropes. As he attempts to criss-cross the ring with Logan; Logan stops cold and catches him with a Northern Lights Suplex! Logan jumps to his feet as Veejay sits in the center of the ring, clutching at his back. Logan pulls him to his feet, and sends the actor into the corner. He charges after him, hitting a Boston Strong, crushing him against the turnbuckle! Veejay clutches the ropes, gasping for breath, but Logan keeps the pressure on, lifting him high into the air for a German Suplex! He stays locked in, and tries to roll it over, but Veejay bails to the mat and rolls under the bottom rope!

    Cohen: Brilliant move there, by Veejay, Seabass. He knew the Suplex Party was coming, and he bailed for a breather before losing control of this match any more than he already had.

    Copeland: I truly hate agreeing with you, but you have a point. Logan has a size advantage, and if he was able to connect right there, this could have been a quick victory, and an advancement in the tournament.

    3! 4! 5! 6!

    Veejay finds the steps and gets to the apron, taking his time to enter the ring as Logan gives him space. They circle again, and Logan tries for a test of strength. Veejay obliges, and the two men are fairly even until Veejay whips Logan off the ropes again, connecting with a big boot! Logan hits the mat with a thud, clutching at his jaw! The crowd gets back into the match, cheering Logan to his feet as Veejay backs off, allowing the big Bostonian to regain a vertical base. Logan cracks his neck, checking his lip for blood as the two circle the ring again.

    Another collar-and-elbow tie-up initiates contact again, with Logan using his height advantage to push Veejay into the corner. Veejay is stretched over the top turnbuckle and Logan plants an open-handed slap on his chest, raising a welt instantly as Veejay cries out in pain. Logan sizes him up for another, hitting with enough impact to knock Veejay off his feet! Logan backs up across the ring, waiting for Veejay to rise. As Veejay gets to his feet, Logan charges, driving a shoulder into his mid-section, but holding on and running to the middle of the ring for a huge spinebuster! He hooks the leg!

    1...2SHOULDER'S UP!

    Logan pulls Veejay to his feet, connecting with a right hand to the jaw, before applying a front facelock. He wrenches in the pressure, but turns it into a northern lights suplex! The ref hits the mat, ready to count the pin, but Logan follows through, keeping the hold on, and hitting another!

    SU-PLEX PAR-TY! *clap*clap*clap-clap-clap*

    Brittany cheers from the outside as Logan rises to his feet and flexes for the crowd. Veejay lies flat on the mat, attempting to catch his breath. Logan pulls him to his feet as the ref checks for a hair pull, and then Logan whips him into the ropes, but Veejay leaps to the middle rope and surprises Logan with a Pele kick! Logan staggers backwards, but doesn't go down! Veejay connects with a lariat, but the big man doesn't go down! Another drops him to a knee, and Veejay runs the ropes, taking Logan down with a cross body! He stays on for the pin!


    Veejay rolls under the bottom rope as Logan sits in the ring. As Logan gets to his feet, Veejay rolls back in, and the two men begin exchanging right hands, with Veejay gaining the upper hand easily. A kick to the gut doubles Logan over, and Veejay hooks him and goes for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Logan twists out of it, and hits one of his own, bending the actor across his knee before dropping him to the mat! Logan pulls Veejay to his feet, whipping him off the ropes, and catching him with an Exploder Suplex that sends Veejay across the ring and under the bottom rope! Logan pursues his opponent, but Veejay is on his feet and the two begin exchanging haymakers as the ref starts his count!

    1! 2!

    Logan attempts an Irish whip into the barricade, but Veejay reverses it! Logan slams into the barrier, as Veejay falls flat from the force of throwing the Bostonian.

    3! 4! 5!

    Brittany is pounding on the mat, trying to will Logan to life, but Veejay is up first, and collects his opponent. He rolls him into the ring, shoots the half, and goes for the pin!


    Veejay keeps the pressure on, stomping away at Logan as he attempts to roll to the center of the ring and create space. McAllister is on a knee as Veejay surprises him with a roundhouse kick! Logan is flat on the mat, and Veejay climbs to the middle turnbuckle, and connects with a knee drop! He drops an elbow, and hooks the leg!

    1...2..SHOULDER'S UP!

    Copeland: Veejay's starting a solid comeback here, but he must keep his composure if he wants to put away the big man. He cannot lose his cool and risk doing something he'll regret later!

    Cohen: I'm perfectly fine with him losing his cool a little there. That was a slow count, and he knew it. The ref needs to call this down the middle!

    Veejay tells the ref to count faster as he pulls Logan to his feet, only to set up a delayed vertical suplex! He continues holding Logan in the air as the crowd falls silent, counting the passing seconds as Logan teeters in the air. The camera shows Logan's face turning red as Veejay finally begins to fall back, nailing the suplex perfectly! Logan is sucking wind as Veejay mounts him and rains down rights and lefts before going for a pin!


    Veejay again implores the ref to speed up his count as Logan sits up and falls back down. He rolls to the ropes, and attempts to use the middle rope to pull himself up as Veejay grabs him by the arm and pulls him up, before hitting a crooked arm lariat! Logan is out on his feet as Veejay sizes him up and hits a Pele kick! Logan falls into the ropes, and through them, out to the floor! Veejay falls to his knees, pushing the ref to count him out!

    1! 2! 3!

    Brittany runs to her man, shaking him back to life...

    4! 5!

    She starts to panic, smacking his face to revive him.

    6! 7!

    Veejay jumps to his feet, ready for the victory, just as Logan starts to stir to life!

    8! 9!

    Logan rolls into the ring at the last second! Veejay attacks with a diving elbow, but practically bounces off his opponent. Logan retliates with an elbow of his own, and the two men hit the mat, exchanging blows. As they hit the ropes, the ref tries to break them up, but Logan shoves him off!

    Cohen: What did I tell you, Seabass? Same...old...Logan!

    Copeland: Logan is definitely letting the volume of this match get to him, and I hope, for his sake in this tournament, that he can cool off and not get disqualified!

    Logan rises to his feet, putting the boots to Veejay, before leaving the ring! He reaches under the apron and grabs a chair!

    Copeland: No! Don't do it, Logan!

    Logan climbs the steps and enters the ring, chair at the ready! Veejay pulls himself to his feet, but falls back as he sees Logan waiting with a chair!

    Brittany: Don't do it, Logan! No!!

    Logan holds the chair up, but pulls it back down as he looks out to the crowd. He scans their faces, and looks back at the chair. He lifts it up again, but a child's voice is heard from the crowd.

    ???: No!

    Logan stiffens, dropping the chair as he turns to see a young blonde boy sitting in the front row who resembles his own son. The kid has a tear in his eye, and Logan kicks the chair out of the ring. He walks to where Veejay is sitting, and offers him a hand, pulling him to his feet. The two men exchange a nod before throwing more rights and lefts. This time, Logan gains the upper hand, and spins Veejay around! He sets him up for the German suplex!

    Copeland: It seems Logan is fighting with a renewed vigor, after that kid caught his eye! It looks like it's time for a Boston Suplex Party!

    Logan rolls through three German suplexes before lifting Veejay for a fourth! He releases, and Veejay crashes into the mat! Logan scrambles for the pin!


    Logan looks shocked as Veejay gets to his feet, and the two men reverse Irish whip attempts before Veejay gets the better of it and sends Logan into the turnbuckle! He positions his opponent on the top rope and sets him up for the Victory Lap! He connects, and hooks the leg for the pin!

    1...2...3! Logan's kickout is too late!

    Harrys: Here is your winner, advancing in the Gold Rush tournament...VEEJAY!

    Copeland: Oh my! What a surprising win for the Bollywood actor, Jack! I thought Logan had it, but it was stolen right from under him! Congratulations to Veejay, and the best of luck in the tournament, but one has to wonder what this means for Mr. McAllister going forward!

    Cohen: Forget Logan! Let's talk about the winner! Veejay surprised the world with his run in last year's tournament, and you have to agree that he's a favorite against whoever wins the match-up between elegANT and Mancini this week!

    Copeland: You have a point there, I must say. Wait...What's going on in the ring?

    Veejay is posing for the crowd, celebrating his win, as Logan gets to his feet and taps him on the shoulder. Veejay spins around, both hands up in a defensive position. Logan motions to calm down, and extends a hand. Veejay looks out to the crowd, rubbing his chin. He looks back at Logan's hand, before accepting, and shaking his hand.

    Logan goes to leave, but Veejay grabs his shoulder, pulling him back into the ring. He grabs Logan's hand and raises it, and the crowd pops once more for the pair.

    Logan exits the ring, and finds the kid at ringside, giving him a hug, and signing his Logan McAllister "Boston Suplex Party" t-shirt.

    Cohen: Agh, he's gone soft. Such a shame. Wasted talent.

    Copeland: What you see as "wasted talent", the rest of the world sees as a great man, and an honorable competitor. He had a chance, as he did last week, to use a weapon in an attempt to rob his opponent of a win, and he quieted the urge and did the right thing. He lost tonight, but it was a fair match, and that is nothing to be ashamed of.
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    Back from commercial break and we see Vee A.D.Z. in the locker room, stretching. He finishes stretching and looks in the mirror.

    Vee: I am the resemblance of all excellence!

    Suddenly he turns around, as if he heard a voice.

    Vee: Who was that?

    A couple of backstage techs walk past the open door, looking confused.

    Copeland: Seems like Vee may be losing his mind, hearing voices. Don't go away though, Vee is in action against M and Noah Ryder up next.


    The following contest is a Three Way Contest! The first man to score a pinfall or submission wins the match!


    Introducing first from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing 222 lbs, the King For A Day, Noah Ryder!

    Noah walks out with his arms pounding on his chest. He walks down to the ring, clapping the hands of many of the fans he sees along the way. He slides into the ring and runs to the nearest corner, 2 stepping his way to the top rope where he raises both arms up.

    Cohen: The King For A Day, he's got a guaranteed shot at a title of his choosing for whenever he wants it. Why he hasn't used it yet though? It's because he's a fool.

    That's a bit harsh to say about a guy who won the Elimination Chamber to get that prize.


    From Crawley, South East England, weighing 185 pounds, Vee! A! D! Z!

    Vee appears on stage and rotates around in one leg followed by a somersault on the floor and bounces up and high raising his both hands as he walks down the aisle. Then he goes to the audiences on the barricade for some fan fair, gets to the ring and Springboards his way in with another somersault on the mat.

    I've heard some buzzing recently of people impressed with Vee A.D.Z.'s work. What do you think, Jack?

    I think he looks like that UFC fighter from the cereal boxes I eat and says dumb things.

    The Secret Underground Lair, The Masterful Mr. M!!

    The lights go out. The music begins. A lone spotlight is seen shining down on a figure standing on the ramp in a dramatic pose. Upon the word “fire” the music kicks in the full gear and so do the lights, flashing around the arena in many different colours as M walks down the ramp laughing a maniacal laugh which only he could pull off whilst the general follows uninterested in the whole show. M gets into the ring, spins while throwing off his cape into the crowd, and poses again in what may or may not be a painful position but M’s too busy being magical to care.

    So let me get this straight. He's from a secret underground lair. But it's announced out loud on the P.A.

    The location is a secret.

    It's underground, no wonder he's pale and goofy. He gets no oxygen.

    All three participants get set to fight and are examined by referee Elizabeth Prince before she orders the bell to be rung to start the match. Noah charges at Vee quickly but M intercepts and immediately tosses him out of the ring. He knees Vee in the gut and whips him across the ring, catapulting him and dropping him on his back. Noah gets back in the ring and surprises M with a running Neckbreaker and covers him. 1........ 2.......-But M gets the shoulder up. Both men get back to their feet but Vee gets back up as well and bonks both men's heads together. He shoves Noah away and hits a DDT on M. He then turns and hits a Standing Somersault Senton Leg Drop on Noah.

    A what? Aren't a Somersault and a Senton the same thing? Did you get your notes mixed, Copeland?

    I'm just calling it as he named it. He did the flip. I'd say that's what counts.

    Vee covers Noah 1...... 2.....-But Noah gets the shoulder up at 2. M falls off the ring, rolling out after the DDT. Vee gets to his feet and pulls Noah up but the King For A Day armdrags him away. Vee stays on his feet and charges but Noah catches him with a Blue Thunder Bomb, twisting and planting him back first against the canvas. M comes in and tries to attack but is also caught running in another Blue Thunder Bomb. Noah covers him with a jacknife cover. 1........ 2........-But only 2. Quickly, Noah goes over to Vee and covers him. 1........2.......-But this time Vee grabs the bottom rope to break up the pin. Noah gets to his feet and surveys the field. He looks for what to do next and spots M groggily to his feet and Noah tries to capitalize. He front facelocks M for a Suplex and elevates him but M slides out the back and throws Noah with a German Suplex. Vee comes in and is met with a Choking STO from the Magnificent Mr. M, who then climbs the ropes. Noah seems to be prime to get hit and M flies at him with the Mega M Flip! The front flip chocolate rain from the top rope!!

    Cohen: You're making moves up! Gimme those notes!

    Focus on the match, Jack. M's going for a cover.

    1........ 2..........- Vee manages to break it up. He quickly pulls M to his feet and kicks him with the Mawashi-Giri on the back of the head, knocking M down. Vee uses the opportunity to go to the top rope. He measures M and performs Airborne End but Noah appears and pulls M out of the way letting Vee to crash and burn on the impact. He tries to get back to his feet, sucking up the pain from landing seated on the canvas but when he gets up, Noah has M hooked in a Half and Half and Suplexes him right onto Vee. Both men collide with M landing on top of Vee for an accidental cover. 1.........2.......-But Noah realizes it and breaks it up. Measures both men and sees M crawling up the turnbuckle. He see's his opportunity and charges for the Blow Ryder but M manages to see it coming and barely dodges, letting Noah to run into the corner. M schoolboys Noah 1..... 2....... But Vee jumps in to break it up. He grabs M and hits a Northern Lights Suplex. He bridges for a cover. 1...... 2......-But Noah punts him right in the back to make him release. Vee rolls in the floor in pain as Noah waits on him. Vee tries to get back up and turns around to be met by the Blow Ryder! Vee collapses and Noah goes for the cov-Wait! M rolls Noah up!! 1.........2..........3!!

    Here is your winner..... The Melatonic Mr. M!!

    That came out of nowhere! M practically stole that one right from under Noah Ryder with a surprise Schoolboy!

    Cohen: I gotta admit. That was sneaky with M finding the perfect opening.

    M gets his hand raised in victory as he glee's happily about his triumph. He gets out of the ring laps around the ring with his arms raised high, feeling a big sense of accomplishment as Vee comes about and Noah looks on frustrated.

    Copeland: You gotta keep your eyes open in a 3 Way. You just never know when you can get caught from behind.

    Cohen: That's fine and dandy. If you don't mind, I'm gonna stay away from you.

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    Titus: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!

    The camera pans out until the smiling features of the former 2 time Heavyweight Champion can be seen. Smiling widely, Titus cuts a very smart figure with his hair tied back and the EurAsian Championship slung over his shoulder.

    Titus: As some of you may know, Flex Mussel cannot be with us tonight. Unfortunately, he was savagely attacked at the last round of shows by yours truly. And over the course of the last two weeks people have peppered me with question after question about the incident. They've asked me why I did it. They've asked me why Flex was targeted. Hell, they've even asked me if I thought it was worth it...

    The Hall of Fame superstars seems to lose himself in thought for a moment or two as he begins to answer those questions inside of his own head.

    Titus: Well, tonight, I am happy to give you some of those answers.

    The slow pace of Titus picks up as a wide smile reappears on his iconic features.

    Titus: Flex Mussel was a threat to my survival, it is that simple. Since the implosion of Cerberus, every single member has strived to make sure that they are not the after thought of the group. Eve Taylor has proved to everyone that she was the talent within the group. She has gone on to be one of the most successful Elite Champions in history. Ramparte has paired himself with Dr Zeus and John Doe to form an unholy alliance; proving that he was the brains of the group. But poor old Flex has been lost in the shuffle.

    Titus lets out a slight chuckle as he looks down at his glowing EurAsian Championship.

    Titus: Whether he cares to admit it or not, Flex wanted to be a Champion more than anything else; it was all that he knew. And I was the one with the target on my back. I knew it and everyone else knew it. Flex didn't ask for this with words. But his actions have spoke a thousand words. So, was it worth it?

    Titus continues to looks at his Championship.

    Titus: Absolutely! Everyone should be on notice. I am the best EurAsian Champion in this company's history. And I plan to continue building on that legacy. Come between me and my Championship and I will take you down. Just ask Flex Mussel...


    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a Gold Rush Qualifier scheduled for one fall!


    Introducing first, weighing in at 190lbs, he is Ramparte!

    The crowd boos as Ramparte makes his way onto the stage. He doesn't take time to acknowledge the boos, or even part his hair from his face as he walks down the ramp and up the stairs into the ring. Once in the ring he climbs to the nearest turnbuckle and perches himself on top of it, clearing the hair from his eyes and giving the crowd a fleeting look. The boos continue as Ramparte jumps down and retreats into the next corner.

    Copeland: So Ramparte will be looking to do what his former partner couldn't do last week, and that is make it out of the first round of the tournament.

    Cohen: Hey Seabass, do you think if Ramparte wins he will throw a Ramparty?



    Harrys: And his opponent, from the Mouth of Madness, weighing 220 pounds, Diabolos!


    Cohen: Where the hell is Diabolos?


    Harrys: And his opponent.....

    Copeland: It appears that Diabolos is a no show....wait I'm just getting word that Diabolos isn't even here tonight. When asked by WZCW officials where he was, he simply responded by telling them to "Lick is [EXPLETIVE DELETED]"

    Cohen: So what now?

    Copeland: I'm getting word that we have a short notice replacement. It is...Oh God no! I thought we fired this guy.


    Cohen: Now here is a guy I can't even root for.

    The crowd erupts in thunderous boos as Barrett Stratton makes his way onto the stage waving his Confederate flag. He is wearing a 'Trump 2016' t-shirt. He makes his way to the ring, handing his flag to a ring attendant and then sliding in and immediately getting into the face of Ramparte.

    Referee Keith Morse calls for the bell and the match is underway.


    The two men tie up and the larger Stratton get the advantage and works to a side headlock. Ramparte tries to lift him, but Barrett blocks and he transitions and takes down Ramparte with an amateur style takedown. He flashes a smile before he requests a mic from ringside.

    Stratton: I'm gonna make America great again!

    The crowd is all boos as he throws the mic to the side and turns to face Ramparte, who sprays Stratton with the Black Ink Mist. Keith Morse acts like he didn't see the deed, simply turning his back. The former tag champ then locks on an Octopus Hold onto Stratton, the Black Widow! Stratton is in deep trouble, but refuses to tap. Ram continues to crank the hold, but Stratton refuses to give in. Suddenly a sickening crack can be heard and Stratton's arm falls limp. The referee takes his time, but eventually gets in to break the hold and declare Ramparte the winner. The crowd actually cheers for Ramparte, who looks around the building confused.

    Copeland: A fitting end wouldn't you say Jack?

    Cohen: Poetic Justice is would seem for Stratton.

    Copeland: And maybe the only time in his career Ramparte will get cheered.

    Harrys: Here is your winner by submission and moving on in the Gold Rush Tournament, Ramparte!

    Just as Ramparte is about to exit the ring, music hits.


    Kagura stands on the ramp, her book open in her hands.

    Copeland: What is she doing here?!?

    Ramparte stares up at her from the ring. She licks the tips of her fingers and turns several pages. He looks on inquisitively. Finding the right page, she turns to gaze at The Recluse. She waves a hand towards him and recites something unintelligible. Just then, the arena began to vibrate and hum loudly. Fans cover their ears and Ramparte clutches at the ring's ropes, afraid the squared circle beneath him was going to collapse. He stared wide-eyed at the shrine maiden with the Shinto spellbook.

    Cohen: The hell was that?

    Copeland: ...I don't know. I guess Kagura is just showing Ram what she can-

    The Recluse started to shout at Kagura, but faltered. He backed away from the ropes and Kagura flicked her hand in one fluid motion. Ramparte crumpled to the mat, paralyzed! He grasped for his throat, choking and coughing hysterically. The referee knelt down to try and see what was wrong with him, but Ramparte pushed them away. He tried to speak, but couldn't. Terrified, he crawled to the bottom rope and rested his head against it, peering up at the geisha. She produced a microphone from the folds of her robe, and put the book away. Kagura licked her lips, mocking Ramparte's own taunt, and cleared her throat.

    Kagura: I...I am Kagura. And I have taken what you love most away from you, Ramparte. Go ahead...say my name.

    Flustered, Ramparte mouthed "Kagura" but couldn't speak it aloud. His face reddened. She laughed wildly.

    Kagura: Don't worry. After tonight you will never forget who I am. You should consider yourself special that I chose you to be my first victim, little bookworm!

    Beside himself, Ramparte clawed at his neck and Adam's apple trying to produce words but couldn't. He silently screamed. The Japanese superstar gave him a pitying look.

    Kagura: I am Kagura. Now everyone knows me. The one that took Cerberus's voice...the one that took Trinity's words away.

    She left a now mute Ramparte alone in his fears.

    Cohen: Wow. This place gets pretty weird. Now we have a superstar that can steal normal things like voices away from others? She literally learned English, and good English at that, in less than a minute. Always knew that book of hers was funny.

    Copeland: I don't usually feel sorry for a guy like Ramparte, but even this is too much. He's never done anything as heinous as steal a person's very soul like that. I can't imagine what he's going through right now.
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    As we return, the screen splits in two as all four parties involved in the main event are shown, preparing for the match that is about to come. On the left hand side of the screen, the current and former Heavyweight Champion, Titus and Doctor Zeus can be seen. With Championship gold slung over their respective shoulders, the pair cut an impressive figure as Titus pats Dr Zeus on the shoulder and the pair begins moving forward.

    On the right side of the screen, Mikey Stormrage and Matt Tastic can be seen chatting about the match ahead. Mikey seems to be dicatating something to Matt as Matt nods his head in agreement. There is a passionate look in the eyes of the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship as his rant continues. After a moment or two, Matt wraps an arm around his compatriot and Live Mas brethren as they head towards the ring.

    Copeland: What a huge main event we have tonight, ladies and gentlemen. Four of the most successful men to ever grace a WZCW ring are about to do battle here in our Meltdown Main Event. And what a match it is going to be.

    Cohen: I can't call it, Seabass; it really is that close to call. What I can tell you is that it is going to be something very special.


    Harrys: The following match is scheduled for one fall.


    Matt makes a beeline for the ring without sparing a minute. He gets up on the turnbuckle and pumps everyone up for the upcoming match.


    Mikey gives has his hands raised above his head, high fiving fans with the other one walking down the aisle. He looks at Matt, and then gets into the ring, fist bumps with Matt and gets on the turnbuckle.

    Harrys: Introducing first, the team of Mikey Stormrage and Matt Tastic, Live Mas!!


    As Titus’ music plays, he walks down the ramp with his EurAsian championship held above his head. He stops right at the end of the ramp. Mikey and Matt signal for him to come inside the ring, but just then, they are jumped by Dr. Zeus and Ramparte. The 2/3rd of the Trinity start beating down on Live Mas.

    Copeland: This is preposterous! Ramparte has no business being anywhere around this match!

    Cohen: Ramparte isn’t in the match, yes, but the match hasn’t even begun yet. He has all the right to be here.

    Dr. Zeus and Ramparte continue beating down Mikey and Matt as Akiyama tries to break the brawl apart. Satisfied with their work, they retreat, leaving Mikey and Matt bruised and broken in the middle of the ring. Zeus, Ramparte and Titus laugh while being drowned by the chorus of boos. The referee checks up on Mikey and Matt and asks if they’ll be able to compete. The boos get stronger as the match seems more and more unlikely to begin. Titus takes a mic in his hand.

    Titus: What are you waiting for, Akiyama? You know the match is not happening. These two are in no condition to stand, let alone fight. You know what to do.

    Akiyama thinks about it while the boos get stronger, but just as he is about to signal for the bell, Mikey interrupts him and asks for him to start the match. The whole arena comes alive with Titus, Ramprate and Dr. Zeus stunned by their resolve. Akiyama checks with Mikey and Matt again who give him the go ahead for the match. Unwillingly, Titus and Dr. Zeus take their position on their side of the apron.

    Cohen: Are they gone nuts? They should have simply walked away. Instead, they want to go ahead and fight after that kind of a beatdown?

    Copeland: Live Mas has never been about giving up and I don’t think they are going to give up now.

    Mikey, barely standing against the turnbuckle, asks the referee to start the match. The referee checks them for the weapon and signals for the match-starting bell. As soon as the bell rings, Dr. Zeus charges into mikey, driving his shoulders into his belly repeatedly. Once Mikey drops down, he drives his boot into Mikey’s throat. Akiyama warns Zeus to break it before starting the count. Dr. Zeus finally relents at the count of 4.

    Cohen: There is no hope of Liv Mas here. They should simply walk away while still on their feet; otherwise, they’ll have no feet to stand on.

    Copeland: You’d sure want that, won’t you?

    Cohen: I am just stating the facts, don’t you see?

    Dr. Zeus takes Mikey away from the corner and drives his head into the mat. Without another second, he gets him back to his feet, irish whips him into the ropes and meets him with a devastating spinning wheel kick. He goes for the cover. The referee goes down for the count.



    Kick out…

    Mikey barely kicks out. He doesn’t seem to have enough strength to get back upon his feet when suddenly Dr. Zeus hits him with a leg drop. The crowd boos harder as Zeus taunts them all. After gloating for a while, he tags in Titus. Titus immediately goes to work, getting Mikey up on his feet and starts hitting with a flurry of European cuts. The last one gets Mikey drop right down to mat. Titus wastes little time and slaps on a sleeper hold on grounded Mikey. Matt, finally up on his side, tries to egg him to not give up. The crowd joins in with him with claps and chants.

    Mikey, Mikey! Clap Clap Clap Mikey, Mikey! Clap clap clap

    Mikey slowly starts fighting the hold and getting back up on his feet. He drives several elbows to Titus’ belly and finally breaks the hold, but before he could fight back, he gets caught in a swinging neckbreaker. Titus goes for the cover.


    2..Kick out

    Mikey starts firing himself up by slapping himself repeatedly. Trying to keep the heat on, Titus bounces of the rope but misses the clothesline and gets caught into a Samoan drop. Titus writhes in pain while Mikey pushes himself to crawl to Matt. Seeing that, Dr. Zeus gets on the rope which distracts the referee. Just as Mikey is about to make the tag, Ramparte gets hold of Matt’s feet and sweeps him off the corner, leaving Mikey no one to tag. The crowd boos incessantly, but to their (pleasant) surprise, Akiyama caught the action and orders Ramparte backstage, away from the ring. Seething with anger, Ramparte walks backstage. The crowd is ecstatic over it.

    Copeland: I knew Ramparte was going to be trouble. Thank god for the referee he is no longer one.

    Cohen: This is so unfair. This is clear bias against Dr. Zeus, Ramparte and Trinity.

    Meanwhile, Titus tags Dr. Zeus in. Zeus, miffed by referee’s decision to dismiss Ramparte from ringside, charges into Mikey, driving him head-first into the turnbuckle multiple times before slamming him back to the mat. Dr. Zeus then goes to the top rope, looks at prone Mikey, and goes for moonsault! However, just before he lands, Mikey moves, causing Dr. Zeus to fall on his face.

    Copeland: This could be the opening Liv Mas needed. The match seems like going for so long and we haven’t even seen Matt Tastic yet!

    Cohen: Don’t get ahead of yourself. Liv Mas would need lot more than just a lucky break to win this one.

    The lifeless bodies of Zeus and Mikey start stirring as both their partners beg them for a tag in. The crowd is completely into it as well, egging their hero Mikey on to make the tag. Eventually, both Zeus and Mikey make the tag at the same time. Matt comes at Titus like a rolling thunder, connecting with a wicked clothesline before running with a high forearm into Dr. Zeus, knocking him off the apron. The crowd’s eating all of it.

    Liv Mas! Liv Mas! Liv Mas!

    The chants fill all of arena as Matt Tastic goes wild on Titus. He catches Titus and repeatedly chops and punches him, driving him into the corner. He keeps up at it which forces the referee to warn him about disqualification. After separation, he charges back into Titus who drives an elbow right into Matt’s face. Pain surges through Matt’s jaw as he holds on to it for a while. He charges again just to eat another elbow. Seeing the opening, the Hall of Famer hits a flying clothesline from the top rope dropping Matt to the mat.

    Cohen: What did I say? This match is going exactly as it was supposed to.

    Copeland: How do you condone what Dr. Zeus and Ramparte did before the match? How can you?

    Cohen: I am not. But you have to agree it was great strategy. These two fools should have kept an eye over their shoulder.

    Titus goes for the cover but Matt kicks out even before the referee could get down for the count. Matt tries to feel for his jaw, jarred by the elbows and the clothesline. Titus goes back but Matt pushes him back and before Titus could see, he gets hit by a leaping back kick by Matt. He staggers right outside the ring. Titus barely makes to his feet outside before Matt launches himself onto him performing a Springboard Tope Atomico. The crowd goes wild with Matt and Mikey fired up.

    Copeland: The match is swinging again into Live Mas’ favor. This is great!

    Cohen: I hate to say it, but seems like Live Mas is holding the edge here.

    Matt tosses Titus back into the ring. As Matt gets back, Titus backs himself to a corner, begging for mercy. As soon as Matt closes in, he sucker punches him and scampers to Dr. Zeus to make the tag. While Matt tries to shake the punch off, Zeus gets him and connects with the Last Rites! He pushes him back into the mat and covers him.



    3..Kick out!

    Matt kicks out at the last possible moment. The WZCW World Heavyweight Champion looks flustered and frustrated. He starts pounding on Matt and the referee has to pull Dr. Zeus apart. The world champion argues with the referee for the three count, making his frustrations clear. Matt barely makes it to his feet and sees Zeus arguing with the referee. As he prepares to attack, Titus distracts him from behind. As Matt engages in a verbal confronts, Zeus charges at him, but Matt gets out of the way and he runs right into the Eurasian champion, knocking him hard off the apron and on the outside. The fans hold their breath, looking at Titus who doesn’t seem pleased at all. He goes to the announcer’s table, takes his EurAsian title, and just walks away!

    Cohen: What is Titus doing? No Titus! No!

    Titus simply walks past the ring, not even looking at Dr. Zeus at all. He goes back up the ramp and raises his title above his head. Zeus doesn’t notice the tag made by Matt in the meantime and turns back right into Game over! And Mikey is not done yet! He goes right at the top of the turnbuckle. The whole crowd knows what’s coming as everyone’s on their feet.

    Cohen: You can’t do this Mikey! Let the man be!

    Copeland: After what Dr. Zeus did to him and Matt, I am pretty sure he’s not going to listen to you.

    Everyone knows what’s coming. Dr. Zeus hasn’t moved yet after the last move. Mikey raises his hands high up in the air, and there’s Flying Burrito! He connects and almost squashes Dr. Zeus with it. He goes for the cover.




    That’s it! Matt runs in and embraces Mikey who collapses after a very hard fought victory. Matt helps him up and the referee raises both their arms. The crowd applauds vociferously for Liv Mas.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, here are your winners via pinfall, Liv Mas!

    Copeland: A big win for Liv Mas, and especially for Mikey, before his World Title match against Dr. Zeus.

    Cohen: Are you kidding? Dr. Zeus was left to fend for himself and you call it a big win? If only Titus hadn’t walked out on him…

    Stormrage and Tastic exit the ring and pose for photos as the copyright information flashes on screen and we fade to black.
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    Yaz: Opening, Ty vs. S.H.I.T., Ramparte vs Diabolos, segments
    Killjoy: Triple Threat
    Dave: Segments
    Spidey: Segments
    NSL: Veejay vs. Logan
    CyberPunk: Live Mas vs. Titus/Zeus

    Special thanks to CyberPunk for his guest write this round, make sure to rep him and everyone else who put their time and effort into the show. Ascension will either be this evening or tomorrow.
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