Lethal Lottery IX

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    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *

    The pyro goes off to welcome fans around the world to the Lethal Lottery. The camera shoots around the arena, showing the sheer size of the arena and the fans that have crammed in to catch a glimpse of some world class wrestling action. Some of the signs that can be seen read "with love, the Hollow Ones", "take me on a date, Randy" and "Justin Cooper will show up". After a few moments, the camera settles on a static shot of the three WZCW announcers.

    Copeland: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to one of the biggest WZCW events on the calendar. It is a humid night in Sydney, Australia as we welcome you to the 9th annual Lethal Lottery!

    Sebastian Copeland motions to his left as he begins to introduce his co-commentators for the night.

    Copeland: I am, of course, the voice of Meltdown Sebastian Copeland. And joining me tonight, on a night that we promise everything can and will change, none other than Jack Cohen and Cat Connor.

    Both Cat and Jack give a nod when their names are called as Copeland continues his introduction.

    Copeland: Thousands upon thousands of faithful WZCW fans have crowded themselves into the arena tonight in the hope of seeing something truly special. The card that we have for you is the reason for that and I am sure that you'll agree with me when I say that tonight should be exceptional.

    Cohen: It's been a long time coming, Seabass. But finally, FINALLY, we are on our way to Kingdom Come! The fans in Sydney know it and we all know it. The time for talking is done. The time for action is now!

    Connor: The Lethal Lottery event is always the event where anything can and will happen. I am more than sure we will be surprised at one point in the evening. But, for now, let's throw it backstage to the Meltdown General Manager as she gets things underway.
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    Backstage we see Becky Serra on the phone.

    Becky: Where the hell are you? I don't care if you've travelled halfway across the world you need to be here. You need to make sure you're on time. Yes Callie Clark, the Lethal Lottery has started!

    Becky looks to the camera shaking her head in disbelief. As that happens Yemrez Reqonic appears from off screen.

    Yemrez: Hi, I'd like to know what number I have for the lottery. It's a great night for females.

    Becky: Take your pick.

    The camera shows a gumball machine with all sorts of numbers on it. Yemrez sticks a quarter in and gets her ball. She smiles and walks off, Vox comes into shot.

    Becky: You want to pick yours too?

    Vox: I don't have a quarter.

    Becky gives Vox a quarter who smiles and walks off without picking a number but keeping the money. The scene ends as Becky looks even more frustrated.
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    Earlier this afternoon

    Anthony Mancini and Gino arrive at the arena. They are approached by Ascension General Manager Chuck Myles.

    Myles: He can't come in.

    Myles points to Gino and Mancini instantly loses his cool.

    Mancini: Why the hell not? He's my appointed manager and is allowed with me in here and to ring side.

    Myles: Well your manager attacked WarZone. I can't have WZCW employees in danger.

    Mancini beckons Myles closer and whispers.

    Mancini: I ordered the hit. He was doing my work. So what you going to do? Have the show without your Mayhem champion?

    Myles shakes his head, no.

    Mancini: I thought as much.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is the Mayhem Throwdown final for the Mayhem Championship! Introducing first….

    Harrys: …residing in Venice, Italy weighing 240 pounds, The Ladies Man Randy Studd!

    Randy Studd saunters out to the stage in a deep pink waistcoat with hearts stitched into the design. He has a rose in his hand and he twirls it around in his fingers as he walks down the ramp. He passes it to a young woman near the barricade and she throws it back on the ramp. He shakes his head and climbs in the ring. Randy slowly takes off his waist coat and swivels his hips, showing the fans his six pack abs.

    Copeland: Here is the self proclaimed Ladies Man, the former Mayhem Champion is on the chase here at Lethal Lottery. He just recently lost his title during this Throwdown Tournament to Tony Mancini after Studd hit War Zone with his Hey Ladies Rude Awakening, Tony threw Randy out of the ring and took advantage of a beaten down War Zone to pin him and become the new champion.

    Cohen: Don’t forget what Tony confessed to as well, he just admitted that HE was the one who organized the hit on War Zone and look at the result! Randy Studd better watch out here tonight, he has a more dangerous version of Tony Mancini!

    Connor: Look at him blowing kisses and trying to get the attention of the female audience members, he just rubs me the wrong way guys.

    Harrys: And introducing his opponent……..

    Harrys: ....from Little Italy, NYC, weighing 275 pounds, being accompanied to the ring by Gino Rizzoli, he is The Mayhem Champion….'The Don' Tony Mancini!

    Tony Mancini walks out to a chorus of boos, he slightly smirks and makes a dusting motion with his hand over the title draped on his shoulder. Gino walks around Tony and stands by his side, he’s chewing a toothpick and there’s a little extra grease in his hair. He slaps Tony’s shoulder with the back of his fingers and points to Studd in the ring, he then makes a breaking motion with his hands that makes Tony nod his head in agreement. They walk slowly to the ring, stopping to annoy the fans, taking really long to make their walk down the ramp. Finally both men step inside the ring, referee Morse positions himself between Studd and Tony, trying to prevent any foul play before the bell.

    Connor: The Mayhem Champion looks ready to create some chaos here, I don’t think anyone was overly surprised that he was behind the attack on War Zone.

    Cohen: I know I wasn’t, once a mobster, always a mobster I always say. It’s only the right attitude to have too Cat, playing the baby’s daddy or goody two shoes Mancini wasn’t getting the man anywhere! Now look at him, Mayhem Champion! Defending it at Lethal Lottery! In order to get anywhere in this company, you’re going to have to stab a few people in the back along the way!

    Copeland: Well I don’t agree with that Jack, showing heart, determination and a passion for your craft will get you further than underhanded tactics ever will.

    Cohen: Tell that to War Zone! You know he’ll be watching from the shelf tonight!

    Copeland: Nevertheless, Morse is getting Gino ushered out of the ring and is getting prepared to get this match going. Parents with small children, I strongly advise putting the little ones to bed, this one might be a bit too hard to watch for them.

    Morse takes the Mayhem Championship from Tony, he shows it to Studd then raises it above his head to show the fans what is on the line. He passes it along to a member of the WZCW staff and motions for the timekeeper….


    Both men meet in the center of the ring, then start jawing at each other. Tony reaches his hands up and challenges Studd to a test of strength. Randy accepts the challenge but then quickly pulls his hands away, he furiously wipes his hands on his thighs and makes a puke face. He complains to the referee that Mancini’s hands are too sweaty. Morse ignores his complaints. Tony beckons Studd to the center of the ring to fight. Studd walks in and both men engage in a collar and elbow tie up. Tony pushes both men to a nearby corner. Mancini hauls back and untangles their arms, he throws a left that is blocked, Studd pokes Tony in the eye with a thumb then throws a knee to his stomach. Randy flips Tony over his hip with a hip toss, Tony rolls though it and jumps to his feet, he runs at Studd but is met with a dropkick to the chest, Tony hops to his feet again and runs at Studd, but he gets back body dropped! Tony rolls to the outside for a breather. Studd swaggers his way to the opposite ropes and blows a kiss at a group of ladies in the crowd.

    Gino comes by and pats Tony on the back. He whispers something to him. Tony responds and both men nod in agreement. The Champion slowly rolls in the ring and gets set for another grappling encounter with The Ladies Man. Tony throws a right hand that is blocked by Studd, he grabs Tony in a tight headlock then punches him in the head. Mancini staggers back off of the ropes, Studd jumps and catches him with a hard leg lariat! He hooks Tony’s leg! 1…..2…..

    Tony kicks out! Studd grabs him in a headlock and holds on while laying next to him on the mat.

    Copeland: The challenger is really on focus here tonight, he’s found a good pace and seems to have Tony really figured out here to start the match.

    Cohen: Well I think you jumped the gun, Seabass! I strongly advise those same parents you warned earlier to go back and wake up those little kids they put to bed, this one looks like it’s going to be a normal match for the Mayhem Championship!

    Connor: I hope so!

    Tony elbows his way to his feet while locked in the headlock, he pushes Studd and throws him off of the ropes, Studd ducks a clothesline but topples over the top ropes! Gino is hanging on the ropes, laughing and watching Studd fall on the padded mats. The fans erupt in booing, Gino takes his toothpick and flicks it in the crowds, he makes a rude Italian gesture then picks up Randy. He Irish whips Studd hard into the steel steps causing a loud crash noise and the top section of steps coming off and rolling to a stop near the barricade. Tony slides out of the ring, he runs and drops an elbow on Studd. He stands up and gives Gino a fist bump. Gino holds a finger up and reaches in his pocket, he places brass knuckles in Tony’s palm. Mancini talks a moment to slowly put on the brass knuckles, he shows off his hardware to the fans, both men turn around but get nailed with fire extinguisher foam! Studd lays into both of them with a long shot of white foam to their faces! Mancini and Gino stand there, they both breath out, clearing the foam from their mouths, Studd runs and nails both men with a double clothesline, sending the brass knuckles flying into the crowds! Randy wastes no time, he picks up Gino then gives him a hard Irish whip to the knee high steps! CLANK! Gino hits the steps and does a front flip in the air and lands back first on the other section of steel steps! CLANK! He rolls off to the padded mats.

    Cohen: I sit corrected!

    Studd stomps around the ring post, he finds a seam in the padded mats then pulls up and folds a big piece of the pads to reveal the concrete floor under it. He picks up Gino, positions him over the concrete, then delivers Hey Ladies rude awakening! Studd jumps up and stares at the knocked out man, CRACK! Tony nails Studd from behind with a steel chair! The Champion lifts the chair and brings it down over Randy’s shoulder, bending the chair a little. Tony rolls Gino out of the way and lifts Studd into position, he drops him with a DDT right on the concrete floor!

    Ooooooohhhhhhh!!! ​

    Copeland: Oh my! Did you hear that thud?! Studd could be out here!

    Tony stands up, he takes a moment to rest on the apron. He has a wild look in his eyes now as a sudden thought looks like it comes to him. He reaches under the ring, he hauls out a wooden table, he slides it in the ring. The fans react with interest. He reaches under the ring again and slides in another table to the ring. He picks up Randy and rolls him in the ring. Tony climbs in, he picks up the table and hauls it to the corner, he rests the table like a ramp on the turnbuckle. He takes the other table and does the same with that one at the opposite end of the ring. Studd staggers to his feet, Tony runs and hits him with a hard clothesline. He points to the table in the corner. Tony picks up Studd by the hair, he gives him a hard Irish whip right into the table in the corner! Randy slams face first into the table…but it doesn’t break! He just bounces off of it and lays right on the table. Tony looks frustrated, he grabs Randy by the hair, he gives him a really hard Irish Whip in the other direction now, Randy slams into that table, but it doesn’t break either! His back slaps on the table and he bounces off on to his side.


    Cohen: We have some extra strong tables here in Australia!

    Tony is resting on his elbows on the mat, he looks really frustrated now. Studd has rolled to his stomach and is pushing himself up. Tony stands up, he’s red faced and angry. He walks to the ropes and tells the chanting crowd to shut up. He runs and punts Studd in the stomach, Randy rolls to his back, winded. Tony picks up Studd, he lifts him and nails a verticle suplex to the canvas, he holds on though and rolls up, still clutched in the suplex hold, he goes to lift him again but Studd blocks it with his leg, Tony forearms Studd in the face, Randy bounces off of the ropes and is hit with a tilt-a-wirl slam! Tony covers him and hooks the leg…1….2….

    Randy kicks out! Tony mounts him and starts hitting him in the head over and over with left and rights. He floats back and hooks the leg again for a pin…1….2…..

    Studd kicks out! Tony yells a curse word, he aggressively picks up Studd and hits him with a Sidewalk Slam! 1…2….3!!!! NO!!!!. Studd barely gets his shoulder up, surviving the signature move!

    Copeland: Wow! That was a close one there! Randy showing us he has some serious heart here by surviving this onslaught by the champion!

    Tony stands and kicks the bottom ropes in frustration. He grabs referee Morse by the front of the shirt and demands that he starts counting his calls faster. The Mayhem Champion hauls Studd to his feet, he throws a left and right, but Studd blocks both shots and starts punching back, left, right, Tony blocks and fires back lefts and rights, Studd fights back again, right, right, right, right, Tony is staggered on the ropes! He picks up Tony and hits an inverted atomic drop, then Irish whip him off of the ropes! He runs and swings a clothesline but Tony ducks it, he bounces off the ropes..he runs at Studd with Il Siluro Italiano (The Gore) – but Studd leapfrogs it….BOOM!!! Tony crashes face first through the table in the corner! The crowds cheer the destruction, Studd walks over, he hauls up Tony, he gives him a hard Irish whip across the ring, Tony does a front flip right through the other table! Boom!!! The wood flys everywhere! Randy hauls Tony to the center of the ring, he hooks his leg…1….2….

    Tony kicks out!

    Connor: Wow! Now it’s Tony’s turn to show some tremendous heart! He just went through two tables and still had the energy to kick out of a pin attempt!

    Both men are laying on their backs in the center of the ring, breathing heavy and trying to get feeling back into their limbs. After a moment, both men use the ropes to stand up on opposite sides of the ring. Randy runs at Tony but The Champion ducks a clothesline then hits Studd with a hard forearm shot, causing the challenger to tumble over the top ropes to the outside of the ring. Tony falls and rolls out of the ring. He picks up Studd and gives him a chop to the chest. Then he grabs him by the head and tries to slam his skull off of the barricade, Studd blocks it and elbows Tony in the gut, he Irish whips Tony towards the commentary table, Tony hits his legs on the side and dives on his stomach, knocking over a monitor, and splashing a drink.

    Copeland: Look out! We have to back up here!

    Connor: My drink!

    Tony wipes the foamy latte off of his face, Studd grabs him by the head and slams his face off of the table. He then climbs on the table and stands in front of Tony. He slowly picks him up to his feet, he positions his head in his arms and goes for Hey Ladies Rude Awakening but Tony rakes his eyes, he lifts Studd up in the air and hits Riposa in Pace! Both men go crashing through the announce table with the sit out spinebuster! The crowds come alive as both wrestlers are buried in cables, wood, plastic and monitors. After a few minutes of replays, Tony Mancini emerges from the wreck, he rolls towards the ring, referee Morse is checking on Studd’s condition and is considering on stopping the match. Tony makes it to his feet, he takes a moment to rest on the ring apron. He suddenly whips the ring skirt up, and searches under the ring.

    Copeland: Tony is definitely not done ladies and gentleman, he’s searching for more….oh no! He hauled out one of those heavy duty barbed wire rolls! What in the world is he going to do with that?!

    Connors: I don’t want to know!

    Cohen: Ha ha haa! He’s going to put this match to bed Seabass!

    Tony rolls the large spool of barbed wire in the ring, he then reaches under the ring again, this time he hauls out another wooden table. He slides that in the ring as well. Tony staggers over, he picks up a knocked out Studd, he rolls him in the ring. Tony crawls in then starts laying in boots to Studd’s chest and head, over and over again. Morse is trying to reason with Tony, telling him to just end the match. Tony gives the referee the finger. Mancini grabs the table, he kicks the legs out and sets it up in the middle of the ring. He then grabs the spool of barbed wire, he starts wrapping the table, around and around with the wire, it takes him several minutes to completely coat the table with barbed wire. Tony lays a few more boots to Studd then hauls him to his feet, he picks him up then kicks broken wood out of his way, he walks over to the top turnbuckle, he sits Randy there. Tony climbs up in front of Studd and gives him a forearm shot to the face.

    Copeland: Oh, don’t do this, don’t do this Tony! He’s going to superplex the man into that barbed wire table in the middle of the ring!

    Studd pushes Tony off of him, Mancini flys through the air and lands in the middle of the barbed wire table! He bounces and it doesn’t break but the barbs stick into his back, he screams out in pain as the crowds all stand on their feet. Studd with a last ditch effort, stands on his wobbly legs on the top ropes, he does a little hip shake, then jumps in the air! He does the Money Shot splash right on Mancini, through the table and barbed wire! Boom!! The table explodes but the momentum rolls Studd right over Tony, they are tangled in the barbed wire with Tony wrapped on top of Studd…....1...2...3!!!!


    Harrys: The winner of this match, and still Mayhem Champion…Tony Mancini!

    Copeland: Unbelievable! What a series of events to end that match! Studd showing some last bits of energy and heart, he jumps through the air with his Money Shot splash off of the top ropes, through the table and both men get wrapped up in that nasty barbed wire!

    Cohen: Tony ended up on top of Studd in that chaos and he retains his Mayhem Championship!

    Connor: This was as violent an ending as we could expect with the Mayhem Throwdown! Paramedics and staff are carefully trying to unwrap these men from the tangle of barbed wire and broken wood!

    WZCW staff and paramedics are helping Tony and Studd clear of the wreckage. Referee Morse hands a tired looking Mancini his Mayhem Championship. Studd rolls out of the ring and falls to his knees. He stands up eventually and slowly walks up the ramp without any help. Tony stands on the top turnbuckle and raises his Mayhem Championship while holding his ribs. Gino climbs in the ring and gives Tony a pat on the arm, celebrating with his friend on a big victory.
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    Elsewhere, backstage we see the WZCW World champion getting ready for her match. Even though she doesn’t speak, her eyes are lively and full of determination, as she puts the finishing touches on her wrist tape. She stands and looks at herself in the full-length mirror in her locker room.

    It was strange; not seeing her briefcase by her side anymore. The one that she had held for six months. Now in its place lay the glittering gold title belt. The coveted prize sought by everyone in the company.

    There were many people who were angry with her. Angry for the way she cashed in and won the belt. Sure, she could have challenged Constantine directly, but she saw her opportunity and she struck. She had never denied what she had done was dishonorable. But she had her reasons. That was about justice. Restoring balance. Changing the guard. And by the gods had it changed.

    Months ago, many had pegged the main event of Lethal Lottery to be another showdown in the seemingly never-ending saga between Constantine and Justin Cooper. And now both were gone. And in their place rose three women that had the hunger, and the passion, and the drive to be on top like no one else in the company.

    And Kagura had gotten there first…

    And that had felt good. It had felt right. Although, as she looked at herself in the mirror, she didn’t have an answer as to what kind of champion she was. It was too soon. “Ask me after the Lethal Lottery, if I retain.” She thought.

    Tonight, though this was all about the glory. The bragging rights. Carrying the strap to Kingdom Come. For three women, their dreams were on the line. And Kagura was no exception. She wanted to be a fighting champion. A capable champion. The losers of the match, would be thrown off the top of the mountain, and would have to climb right back up the side all over again. And she didn’t want that to be her. Not after coming so far…
    There was a silver lining though…

    The losers would be entered into the Lethal Lottery match at one last chance for victory. One last shot at redemption. One last shot at glory. If by chance she DID lose the title match, and new world champion was crowned, the Lottery would be her saving grace.
    If she lost that too, and everything else, well..

    …there wouldn’t be anything left but a lifeless, hollow shell.

    She grits her teeth and vows to never let that happen. Not here. Not tonight! May the best woman win.
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    Backstage, we are back inside the office of the Meltdown General Manager where more superstars are trying their hand at getting the best number they possible can. In the interim since the last visit, Triple X, Matt Tastic and Randy Studd have taken their seats with a bingo card in front of them. Across the room, Leon Kensworth is dressed in a bingo caller's traditional get up – including waistcoat and sun visor. He takes a ball from the bingo machine and studies it for a moment.

    Kensworth: Young and keen, number 15!

    Both Triple X and Tastic give an audible tut as they study their cards.

    X: This is beyond stupid!

    Kensworth reaches back into the machine, much to the protestations of Triple X at the behest of Becky Serra. He pulls another ball from the machine and reads it out.

    Kensworth: One little duck, number 2!

    Studd launches himself to his feet as the chair flies backwards.

    Studd: YES! Bingo, ma cherie!

    He saunters towards Becky with a smile on his face and hands her his card after seductively smelling it for some strange reason. Becky studies the card for any mistakes and then adopts a smile.

    Serra: Well done, Mr Studd! You have won Lethal Lottery bingo!

    Becky hands Studd a scratch card from her pocket and has him scratch it off in front of her. Studd smiles seductively at the Meltdown General Manager - an action that brings a disgusted look to her face as he begins scratching. After he is done, a lot of shock appears on his face...

    Serra: Would you look at that? You finished with number 2 and now you're starting there!

    The camera zooms in on Studd as he gulps hard.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, this next bout is for the WZCW Eurasian championship. It is a Four-Way Elimination match. The winner will be the last man standing.


    Ace waits for the opening bars and comes through the curtain as the beat kicks in. As he walks toward the ring, Ace struts, adjusts his hair, jacket, slaps five with some fans and just generally tries to look as cool as possible. He’s the clear fan favorite here tonight, as chants of “Let’s Go Ace!” are already filling the ANZ stadium.

    Harrys: Introducing first, weighing in at 228 pounds, from Brooklyn, New York, he’s “The American Dynamo” Ace Stevens!

    Copeland: Stevens earned this title shot all the way back at Unscripted. Since then he’s shown that he has what it takes to hang in the same league as Triple X and Mark Keaton.

    Connor: He may not be the underdog in this match, but he certainly has the fans on his side.

    Cohen: He’s got a 25% chance to win any way you want to slice it.


    As the song kicks into gear, white lights flash and pulse all around the arena, as Triple X appears on the stage, looking out to the audience in attendance with a look of pure hatred in his eyes. Boos are already filling the stadium. There is no love for him here tonight. He walks down the ramp with purpose, eyes forward. He gets to the ring and hits the apron, facing the hard cam. When the music hits the chorus, he throws his hands up in the air forming an X, before entering the ring and eyeing Ace Steven’s from the other side of the ring.

    Harrys: Introducing next, from Hell's Kitchen, New York, weighing 210 pounds, Triple X!

    Copeland: Triple X earned his way into this match following two consecutive victories over the champ.

    Connor: Since his return he’s been on fire. There’s been practically no stopping this young man.

    Cohen: I don’t care what these people think! That man right there is the odds-on favorite to win this match. Like him or hate him. Faith in Titus, Stevens, Keaton or not.


    Mark Keaton makes his way out to the ramp with a big sneer on his face. He yells at people to show some respect to the #1 contender to the Eurasian title. Oddly enough, the crowd seems to be giving him and mixed reaction. He then bangs his head to the music, as he heads to the ring. He slides in the ring and plays more air guitar for the crowd, before taking off his leather jacket. He hands it begrudgingly to one of the ring workers.

    Harrys: Introducing next, weighting in tonight at 225 pounds, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, “Remarkable” Mark Keaton!

    Copeland: And here’s the man with the most history with the current champion, the former Vis Imperium member, Mark Keaton.

    Connor: Many would argue that Keaton is the “real” #1 contender, and that this bout should be a one on one bout between he and Titus.

    Cohen: And it should be! Triple X and Ace Stevens ought to have waited their turns. They would have gotten their shots eventually. This is the marque match people have been waiting for.

    Connor: Doesn’t Keaton normally have a lackey with him; Big Bad Roady?

    Copeland: I don’t know. I haven’t seen him.

    As if on cue, the big bald giant of a man comes trotting out onto the ramp. Keaton looks bewildered and shouts at him, “where were you?” The big man shouts back, but his voice is lost in a sea of noise as a group of people come out onto the ramp and surrounds him, preventing him from moving forward. He shouts back, “I can’t hit them! I can’t them!”

    Cohen: Who the Hell are these people?

    Copeland: The Titus Mile Zone. I think.

    Connor: The what?

    Copeland: Titus’ fan club.

    Connor: Titus has a fan club, since when?


    Titus makes his way out on the ramp, the whole crowd boo aside from the TMZ stood up there who are cheering. He has his belt around his waist, blue headgear around his head and a huge smile on his face. He waves to the TMZ and begins his walk down the ramp. It's a slower than normal walk as he takes it in. The "Titus is Trash" chants mixed with the three men in the ring. For 842 days he has been the EurAsian champion. He wants this to continue.

    Harrys: Introducing last, from Keystone City, Kansas, weighing 225 pounds, he the reigning and defending WZCW Eurasian champion of the world, this is...Titus Avison!

    Copeland: And here’s the WZCW Eurasian champion. He’s been the longest reigning champion in company history. And tonight could mark another historic night; the end of his reign.

    Connor: It’s not often that Titus walks into a match as an underdog, but tonight he is. All these contenders are as fierce and as capable as they come.

    Cohen: Even if he does lose tonight, that man will always be champion in my heart.

    *Ding Ding Ding*

    The bell rings as all four men size each other up. Titus adjusts his headgear, as Triple X and Ace Stevens mock and taunt each other. Mark Keaton turns and eyes the crowd. They seem to be split on whether not or they want to support the former Vis Imperium member. Titus eyes all three men, and spats at them, doing the belt taunt at the same time. Triple X nods at Ace, and suddenly all three men attack Titus at the same time. Like a pack of hyena smelling blood, they rip into the reigning Eurasian champion with forearms and body shots. Titus tries to cover up, but to no avail. The attack ceases. Keaton tries to drag Titus out of the corner, but Triple X stops him and shoves him backwards. ‘The Remarkable One’ returns the shove, and X slaps him. The two men get into each other’s faces as Titus rolls out of the ring. Keaton punches X in the face and the two begin to brawl. X knocks his slightly larger foe to the mat with a short arm lariat. He turns and walks straight into a running high knee from Stevens. Ace kicks a recovered Keaton twice in the body, and once more in the head, dropping the former tag champion to the mat once again. ‘The American Hero’ is fired up! He lets loose a mighty war cry that reverberates through the arena. The crowd cheers, fully behind the former Mayhem champion. Triple X is met with a butterfly suplex for his troubles, as Ace turns his sights on Keaton again. He whips him into the corner and follows him in with a splash! He kicks Keaton in the midsection a few times, as ‘The Remarkable One’ collapses. Ace turns, and walks to the middle of the ring, only to be met with a running dropkick from Triple X! X turns and nails Keaton with a low dropkick of his own. He measures Stevens and drops him once more with a springboard tornado DDT. Triple X turns his attention to Keaton, as Stevens rolls out of the ring. He begins to stomp the slightly larger man in the mid-section until the referee pushes him out of the corner. He gives X a warning. He goes right back on the attack, but here’s Titus! The reigning Eurasian champion grabs X from behind, whirls him around, and plants him with a DDT. Ace Stevens is back in the ring as well. He and Titus engage each other with European uppercuts and forearm smashes, the adrenaline rush giving Titus the advantage. He pushes Stevens back against the ropes and whips him off and then forward, but Ace reverses and send Titus into the opposite rope. The Keystone City native charges forward with a spinning heel kick that drops Ace to the canvas. The champion is now in control!

    Copeland: It looks like Titus is firmly in control for now, but this match is still anyone’s game. Earlier we saw Ace and Triple X battling it out for supremacy.

    Connor: They all went after Titus in the beginning, and things broke down from there.

    Cohen: Normal wrestling methods won’t work here. Even though it’s an elimination match. Everyone is out for themselves. You can’t take the time to wear your opponent down and then pin them. You must hit your opponent hard and hit them fast.

    Titus measures Triple X. He backs up, bounces off the ropes and nails him with a knee drop. He lifts X to his feet and begins choking him against the ropes with his leg. The crowd is split on who they wish to cheer. They quickly give up and stick with booing both men. Keaton has recovered. He grabs Titus from behind and flips him up and over the top rope and to the outside. The crowd cheers! He lifts Triple X up and scoops him up onto his shoulders. He turns to slam him to the canvas, but he’s met with a running forearm shot to the face by a recovered Stevens! Mark staggers back, and crumbles under Triple X’s weight. The smaller man falls on top of him and pins him down to the mat. The referee counts: but Keaton quickly kicks out. Stevens lifts Triple X to his feet and nails him with a knife edged chop. And then another. He kicks Triple X in the mid-section, but the smaller man shrugs it off, and retaliates with kicks of his own. He kicks Stevens in the hamstring, and then in the shoulder. He begins forcing the larger man backwards towards the ropes. Triple X attempts his patented Cactus Clothesline, but Ace ducks and counters, as X comes off the ropes with a snap scoop powerslam. He stands, and is immediately hit by Keaton from behind, who nails him with a forearm shot to the back of the head. He lifts Stevens to his feet and hits a back suplex. He measures his fallen opponent, as the crowd is split 50/50 on their support. He places Ace’s head in between his thighs and lifts him up into the air. He holds him there before dropping him head first into the canvas with a thunderous piledriver! Keaton makes a cover: 1…2… but Ace kicks out. Keaton looks up at the ref and begins to argue with him. The ref says “two” and Keaton threatens him with a closed fist. The crowd begins to boo. Keaton moves to lift Ace to his feet, but he’s quickly grabbed from behind by Triple X. X whirls him around, kicks him in the gut, and applies a front facelock. He tries to lift Keaton up, but the larger man counters with his leg, and takes Triple X over to the canvas with a vertical suplex instead. He lifts X up onto his shoulder and bounces his head off the turnbuckle with the Form Voltron! He tries to follow up, but Titus is back in the ring. He floors Keaton with a clothesline, and then drops a recovered Stevens with a running high knee. Titus ducks under a spinning roundhouse from Triple X, grabs him in a headlock, and plants him on the canvas with a springboard bulldog. The crowd boos furiously. They do not like seeing Titus in control. Keaton is back to his feet. He runs across the ring and nails Titus from behind. The two begin to brawl, as Mark hits a few snap jabs. His blows aren’t really having the desired affect thanks to Titus headgear, and the champion manages to absorb the blows. He knees Keaton in the gut, and floors him with a swinging neckbreaker. Before he can capitalize, he’s double teamed by Triple X and Ace Stevens! The two men begin to pound on Titus with forearm shots. But thanks to his headgear absorbing the blows, and the rest he was able to get outside, he’s much fresher than his opponents, and begins to fight them off. He blasts Triple X with a European uppercut, and nails Ace with a forearm shot to the face. He knocks X down with a clothesline, before grabbing Stevens and sending him shoulder first into the ring post! Titus turns and begins knocking Triple X back with European uppercuts before leaping up and taking him down to the mat with a Hurricanrana. He pins X’s shoulders to the mat as the referee counts: 1…2… but he kicks out.

    Copeland: Was that headgear of Titus’ even sanctioned? He’s taken numerous shots to the face and he barely looks to have suffered any damage at all.

    Cohen: It was a brilliant move on our champion’s part. He’s wearing it mostly to protect himself against the Punchline and the Project X, but it protects equally well against forearm blows, kicks, strikes, and uppercuts.

    Connor: Not to mention that Titus spent a long time on the outside too. Perhaps by choice.

    Copeland: It’s an elimination match. No one’s going to stop pin falls from happening, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll stand around either.

    Titus stands, but is immediately attacked by Mark Keaton. The champion cannot catch a break. And neither can anyone else. It’s a free-for-all. Keaton lifts Titus up and nails him with a backbreaker. He turns towards Triple X, lifts him to his feet, picks him up and delivers a backbreaker to him as well. He lifts Titus to his feet and delivers Form Voltron Two! Three inverted atomic drops that send the champion reeling. Keaton turns and catches a recovered Triple X with a big scoop slam. He positions Triple X’s body on the canvas and climbs to the top turnbuckle. The crowd, having grown weary of constantly booing nearly everyone in the match, seems to be oddly behind him. Keaton leaps off the top and nails X in the chest with an elbow drop! Instead of going for the pin, he turns his attention to Titus. The champion has recovered and is now back on his feet. Keaton measures him, kicks him in the gut, and applies a front facelock. He lifts the champion up and nails him with the Voltron Suplex! The vertical suplex powerslam sends Titus crumbling to the canvas. He makes the cover as the referee counts 1...2… but the champion kicks out! And Keaton can’t believe it. He stands and turns right into a Punchline from a recovered Ace Stevens! The rolling elbow smash causing Keaton to stagger backwards as he falls to the canvas. Ace immediately falls into the cover: 1…2… but the count is broken by Big Bad Roady! The giant man has somehow escaped the entourage of the Titus Mile Zone and has made his way down to the ring. Seeing his friend in trouble he reached into the ring with his long arms and pulls the referee out of the ring. Ace can’t believe it, and neither can the crowd. They begin to pelt the big man with drink cups as the members of TMZ rush to prevent him from interfering again.

    Copeland: Titus kicked out of the Voltron Suplex, and Mark Keaton can’t believe it!

    Connor: I can’t believe Keaton wasn’t pinned off that Punchline. Big Bad Roady saves him again. But how did he even get over there?

    Cohen: In all honesty, I can’t tell if Roady is an idiot or a genius. He always seems to be at the right place at the right time.

    Ace gets to his feet, only to be planted to the canvas by a Zero Hour from a now recovered Triple X. The springboard tornado STO driving the former champion into the mat with such velocity that it nearly knocks him out. X sees Titus beginning to stir in the corner, having shrugged off the effects of Keaton’s finisher, and drags him to his feet. He lifts him up and hits a sitout gourdbuster, as Titus’ hits the canvas hard. He turns his attention towards Mark Keaton and begins to measure him. ‘The Remarkable One’ stands and gets blasted in the face by the X-Rated Superkick! The maneuver causes Keaton to fall backwards, and out of the ring. Triple X turns his attention to Ace Stevens instead. He repositions his body and exits the ring. He stands on the ring apron and takes in a deep breath, slowly exhaling. He slingshots himself to the top rope and flips forward, looking to hit the Singularity, but Ace moves at the last moment. Triple X crashes to the canvas! Stevens eyes the smaller man as he slowly gets to his feet. The former Mayhem champion has a crazed look in his eyes and he begs and pleads for X to stand. He leaps forward and delivers a thunderous Punchline, which drops Triple X like a sack of bricks. He goes for the cover as the referee counts 1…2… but for some reason Titus breaks up the pin. He grabs Ace and hauls him to his feet. He’s beyond livid. “He’s mine! Triple X is mine!” he screams. He throws Stevens out of the ring. He turns and eyes the ‘X-Rated Superstar’. Titus looks almost possessed. Like he’s stuck in a trance. He measures Triple X as he starts to stir. He slaps his leg. He knows exactly what’s coming next, as do the fans. However, this is interrupted by Mark Keaton, who slides back into the ring. Titus doesn’t see him coming until it’s too late. A clothesline turns the champion inside out. Titus stands up is immediately sent back down to the canvas with a scoop slam. Keaton grabs Triple X, drags him to his feet, and throws him out of the ring. Titus is back on his feet. He clubs Keaton in the back from behind sending ‘The Remarkable One’ to the mat on one knee. He hoists him to his feet and delivers a chop to the chest. And then another. A European uppercut launches Keaton backwards into the turnbuckle. Titus tries to follow him in, but Keaton moves, and Titus eats the turnbuckle. Keaton chop blocks his knee and takes Titus to the mat. He mounts him and starts reigning down punches. On the outside, Ace Stevens and Triple X have now engaged each other. Stevens bounces X’s head off the barricade. He then whips the smaller man hard into the barricade on the other side! Ace Stevens stands tall on the outside.

    Copeland: This match has broken down into to absolute chaos! Keaton and Titus on the inside. Ace and Triple X on the outside. It’s still any man’s game. No one has been eliminated here yet.

    Connor: All four of these men came to fight tonight. They don’t like each other. They wanted to hurt each other.

    Cohen: Personally, I think all these men are dumb. They should have taken out Titus at the beginning when they were all in synch. That way it would have at least ensured a new champion here tonight.

    Back inside the ring, Keaton has lifted Titus up and placed him on the top rope. He applies a front facelock, but the champion fights out of the predicament, and shoves Keaton down to the canvas. He measures his man, before leaping off the top turnbuckle and nailing Mark with a diving clothesline! Ace slides back into the ring and engages Titus in a scuffle. He ducks under a spinning heel kick, and pummels Titus with European uppercuts. Not to be outdone, the champion retaliates with a volley of his own. Back and forth they strike each other, with the crowd clearly behind Ace, willing him on. With the adrenaline pumping, he begins to get the upper hand, pushing Titus backwards towards the ropes. But thanks to his headgear, his blows aren’t doing as much damage. Titus recovers and floors Ace with a Kesagiri chop. He grabs him, and promptly plants Stevens with an inverted DDT. He’s about to go for a cover, but he sees Keaton up to something in the corner of his eye. He crosses the ring to investigate. He grabs Keaton by the hair and tries to pull him to his feet, but Mark fights him off and throws what looks like white sand into Titus’ eyes. Titus has been blinded! He tries to wipe his eyes clean, but the sweat pouring from his forehead has only made things worse. He screams at the ref, when Keaton kicks him the gut and applies a front facelock. He lifts Titus up and tries to hit another Voltron Suplex, but Titus counters and floats over the hold mid move. He kicks Keaton in the gut and swiftly hits the Tit Drop! Keaton hits the mat face first hard, but Titus can’t capitalize. He’s blind! He doesn’t even see Ace Stevens coming. Rejuvenated and pissed; Stevens wallops Titus with a fierce Punchline! The forearm shot sending Titus crashing to the mat, and against the turnbuckle pads with a heavy thud. Stevens turns and covers the fallen Keaton. The referee counts: 1…2….3…!

    Harrys: Mark Keaton has been eliminated from this match by pin fall!

    Copeland: And Mark Keaton has been eliminated! Ace Stevens capitalized off the assist from Titus.

    Connor: Where did Keaton even get that sand from? Titus might be blinded for the rest of the match now.

    Cohen: I can’t say it wasn’t a good strategy. In a one on one setting it might have worked. But in a four-way free-for-all, it was a desperate move, and it backfired for Keaton.

    Ace turns his attention towards the still down and blinded Titus. But before he can do anything, Triple X returns brandishing a chair! He whacks Stevens in the shoulder with it as he raises his arms to protect his head. He rams the side of it into Ace’s gut, before smashing him over the back with it, sending him down to the canvas. He continues to pummel Ace with the chair, hitting his legs, his kidneys, and his back. Satisfied, he turns his attention to Titus. But he’s rolled out of the ring! Triple X spots him over by the turnbuckle. He exits the ring, bringing the chair with him. He swiftly moves across the floor, and tries to whack Titus with the weapon, but the champ hears him coming and Triple X hits the ring post instead! The impact jostles him and causes him to release his grip on the steel. Titus forces himself backwards against the barricade, and narrowly avoids being hit. He steals a cup of beer from a fan sitting at ringside and splashes it in his face, removing the sand. Triple X raises the chair and tries to hit Titus again, but the champ blocks it and wrestles the chair from his grip. He thrusts the side of it into Triple X’s midsection, before grabbing him and whipping him headfirst into the ring post. He throws the smaller man back into the ring and follows him in with the chair in hand. Titus stands and raises the chair above his head to smack Triple X with it, when he sees Ace Stevens sliding back into the ring out of the corner of his eye. He’s got a chair of his own! He raises his weapon at the same time Titus does, and they both swing it in unison. Ace comes out the winner, as Titus loses his grip on his chair. Aces raises his weapon again and swings it forward, but Titus ducks! The chair hits the ropes and recoils, hitting Ace in the face. Titus raises his chair and cracks ‘The American Warrior’ right in the head! Stevens falls to the mat in a heap. Titus drops the chair and looks to administer the finishing blow. He doesn’t see Triple X until it’s too late. The smaller man flies out of the corner, blasting Titus backwards with the Project X! The claymore kick hits Titus right between the eyes, sending him sprawling backwards. It’s all Titus can do to turn his head right before he hits falls and hits the second turnbuckle. Triple X turns his attention towards Ace Stevens. The larger man is struggling to get to his feet after the brutal chair shot from Titus. X measures him and lunges forward. Nailing him with a Project X in the center of the ring! He makes the cover: 1…2…3…!

    Harrys: Ace Stevens has been eliminated from this match by pin fall!

    Copeland: And Triple X pins Ace Stevens. After he brought a chair into the ring and beat the Holy Hell out of him.

    Cohen: No DQ’s in this match, Seabass. It was smart strategy. Surprised no one thought of it sooner.

    Connor: Now that the fan favorite is gone, fans don’t know what to think.

    The fans are not happy. They are not behind either of these guys. Triple X eyes Titus in the corner. The last man standing between him and the Eurasian title. He walks over and picks up the chair that Ace dropped. He runs, positions the chair right at his feet, and dropkicks it right into Titus’ face. The Eurasian champion looks out of it. X pulls Titus to his feet and turns him so that he’s facing the turnbuckle. Triple X leaps onto his opponent’s shoulder and takes the larger man over with a poisoned Frankensteiner. The maneuver drives Titus right on his head! Triple X makes another cover: 1…2… but Titus won’t die! The EurAvison era won’t die! Triple X grabs Titus’ headgear and screams at him, “The title is mine! Your era is over!” He attempts to pry the headgear off, but Titus fights back and blasts him with a European uppercut. X responds with a kick to the midsection. Titus answers with a chop to the chest. And another. Triple X rears back and kicks him in the head with a reverse roundhouse, sending Titus reeling. He follows up with a dropkick, sending Titus to the mat. He kips up a second later, as Titus is much slower getting to his feet. X eyes the man, gets behind him, grabs him, and delivers a release dragon suplex. Titus is down. Triple X is spent. After a few seconds the smaller man stands, and gestures towards the end. Much more slowly this time, he climbs out of the ring and onto the apron. He measures Titus to make sure that he’s in position, before leaping to the top rope and flipping forward. Triple X hits the Singularity, but Titus gets his knees up at the last second! And the fans can’t believe it! Try as they might, having to choose between Triple X and the champion, many were becoming swayed towards the latter. Titus stands and grabs his opponent. He lifts the smaller man to his feet and wraps an arm around him. He takes him up and over for a Northern Lights suplex, but doesn’t have enough strength to complete the bridge, so he releases him at the top and lets him fall to the canvas. Triple X gets to his feet. A lot slower this time. Titus meets him and promptly drops him with another DDT. Both are exhausted. Titus can’t even capitalize. He slowly drags himself to his feet and stands. He turns and eyes the chair that he had brought into the ring him. He walks over and grabs it. He holds it in his right hand as he stalks Triple X. The smaller man stirs and gets to one knee. Titus swings the chair down hard across his back. And again. And again. And again. Each time the sickening sound of steel hitting flesh could be heard echoing through the area. Titus props up the chair on all fours. He grabs Triple X and heaves him to his feet. His body is practically limp. He muscles him up into his arms and walks over to the chair. With a primal war cry, Titus lifts him up and drives him straight onto the chair with a sidewalk slam! The chair is bent and twisted around the indentation of Triple X’s body. Titus tosses the heap of metal aside and makes a cover. The referee counts: 1…2…3…!

    Harrys: Here is your winner by pin fall and STILL Eurasian Champion, Titus Avison!

    Copeland: I cannot believe what I have just seen! Titus retains. After all of that. He used a chair to win, but still. The EurAvison Era continues.

    Cohen: Yes! He’s still my champion, Seabass. And we all thought the odds were against him. If this match hadn’t of stopped him. Nothing will.

    Connor: It’s poetic justice in a way. Titus got his revenge on Triple X for the chairs match, by using X’s own weapon against him.

    Titus can’t believe it. It takes him a moment to register the fact that he’s still the champion. The referee hands him his belt and he trust’s it high into the air. The crowd is still split over the decision. Half are booing due the fact that Titus is STILL champion, and the other half are cheering this amazing contest. The members of TMZ surround the ring and cheer Titus on as he continues to showboat in the ring. Suddenly, a bright idea crosses the mind of the reigning EurAsian Champion. He hits the canvas and rolls out of the ring, collecting a microphone from ringside and sliding back in. He looks out in the vast swathes of people before starting to talk.
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    Titus: Let me get this straight. Triple X couldn't even win at bingo, and he thought he would end my reign? He thought after 842 days he would be the one to end the EurAvison era. He was not.

    Titus chuckles to himself.

    Titus: So what's next? A reign that will last 1,000 days? You know you want it, so join with me and chant. Titus is Tremendous!

    The crowd, obvious, start a Titus is Trash chant and this leads Titus to smile once again.

    Titus: A very predictable lot. I tell you what else is predictable...

    Titus points to the Kingdom Come Sign above the ring.

    Titus: I will be the first two time Lethal Lottery winner. The holder of the grandest prize in WZCW will show you all that the EurAvison era is just beginning!

    The crowd chants against Titus, boo him and shout all sort of abuse as his music hits and he leaves the ring.
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    We go backstage where odd slurping sounds can be heard coming from a locker room. You can hear voices coming from it soon after. The voice is that of Batti.

    Batti: It's so creamy and delicious, though I hope it doesn't leave white stains on my ring attire.

    The crowd roars loudly before the door opens as Tyrone walks out as well as Batti, who happens to be eating a vanilla ice cream cone.

    Blades: Best of luck, you've got this.

    Batti: So do you!

    Blades and Batti kiss as the camera cuts to ringside.
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    The crowd grows with anticipation as Selena Anderson makes her way to the ring. She shakes hands with Truman Harrys and he hands off his microphone and she steps into the ring. She takes a moment to smile and take in the moment before the historical event.

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a triple threat match and it is for the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship!

    The crowd roars with excitement ahead of the entrances.

    Copeland: The crowd at a fever pitch, and I can think of no one better than our very own, Cat Connor to explain the historical significance of the upcoming match.

    Connor: Thank you Sebastian. June twentieth, two thousand and seven, WZCW broadcast the very first episode of Meltdown, and on that night Celeste Crimson stepped into the ring for the first time. Over ten years later, many female athletes from all walks of life have followed in her footsteps. Some have even gone onto hold gold here in WZCW, as all three of these women have, but until a week ago, no woman had ever held the WZCW World Heavyweight Championship. For the first time in history, three women will battle it out for the right to be called the best wrestler in the world, and stake their claim as the best female of all time.

    Cohen: So what you are saying is that men and women aren't equal, great to know guys.

    Copeland: That isn't what we are say....

    Connor: Just shut your mouth and do your damn job Jack.

    Silence falls over the announce table just moments before the first music of the night hits.


    As the music hits, Batti emerges from the curtain, an absolute ball of energy. She bounces around, soaking in the cheer of the crowd, before she starts to run from one side of the stage to the next, hyping herself up. As she reaches the bottom of the ramp, she jumps high into the air as a confetti cannon causes confetti to rain from the sky. She slides into the ring after high fiving some fans and continues to bounce and hype herself in the corner.

    Copeland: Batti, who many consider the underdog of the match, certainly appears ready to go in the biggest match of her life.

    Cohen: The fact is, Batti is the youngest and least accomplished wrestler in this match, but she has arguably the biggest ace up her sleeve of the competitors. Tyrone Blades.

    Connor: Also hate to disagree with Jack, but he is correct on both accounts. Will the training and close relationship with Tyrone pay off tonight? Only time will tell.


    The arena goes dark, save a single spotlight that shines on the center of the stage. A few moments later, Eve Taylor walks into the spotlight. The spotlight follow her down the ramp. She throws her head up as the lights come back on. Instead of her usual routine of hyping the crowd, her focus lies completely on Batti. She climbs into the ring, her eyes never leaving Batti as she paces around the ring. The look in her eyes is telling, Eve knows this is her shot.

    Cohen: *Cough* *Cough* Does anyone have any water?

    Connor: Very professional Jack. I have another label for you. Most accomplished female wrestler of all time, and she appears laser focused tonight, more so than in the past.

    Copeland: You both make relevant points. Eve Taylor is a multi time champion. Eve Taylor also has a history of falling short in big moments. One of those two narratives will become even stronger tonight.


    As the music of the champ hits, pink lights begin to swirl around the stage. As Kagura makes her way onto the stage, she takes a moment to adjust the title slung around her should. She stands, allowing the fans to cheer her as a thin mist engulfs the stage. She walks through the mist and makes her way to the ring. She climbs a turnbuckle and allows a shower of cherry blossoms to rain over her. She takes the title from her shoulder and hands it to referee Elizabeth Prince as Eve Taylor kicks the blossoms from the ring with an annoyed look on her face.

    Cohen: I am so proud to be here for this historic moment, as Kagura is the first woman to step into a WZCW ring as World Champion.

    Cohen: Oh yeah, big accomplishment. She cashed in a briefcase on a beaten down John Constantine. A man who worked his entire life to get to the top of the mountain. Just like a woman to stomp a man while he is down.

    Arguing can be heard between Cat and Jack until Sebastian calms them down.

    Copeland: Though her win was nefarious, we all knew that the briefcase allowed for a title shot anytime, anywhere. Kagura was well within her rights, though the reception she has gotten from some of the WZCW faithful has shown they are less than pleased with her actions.

    The three women in the ring all step close, the referee doing her best to separate them.

    Copeland: Looks like they are fired up and ready to go in there, so lets get one last quick prediction. Cat, Jack, who heads to Kingdom Come with the gold?

    Cohen: I'm picking Kagura. At the end of the day it was brains that got her here, and I respect that, as much as it pains me to do so.

    Connor: Batti. She is the wildcard and I think given that Eve and Kagura have more to prove here tonight, Batti steals it.

    The referee finally gets enough order to allow Selena Anderson to do her pre-match introductions in peace.

    Anderson: Introducing first, the challengers. In the corner to my left, from Neo, Japan, Batti!

    Batti jumps up and down with her hands in the air and waving to the crowd as they cheer her name.

    Anderson: And, in the far corner, from Milan, Italy, Eve Taylor!

    The crowd is a mix of cheers and boos, though the cheers are stronger. Eve seems to completely tune it out though as she focuses only on the title belt in the referee's hands.

    And, in the corner to my left, from Ise, Mie, Japan, she is the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Kagura!

    Like Eve, the reaction to Kagura is mixed, though the cheers ring louder. Kagura closes her eyes and bows to the crowd, though not to her opponents as Selena exits the ring and Elizabeth Prince hands the belt to a ringside attendant. She calls for the bell and the historic match is underway.

    *DING! DING!*

    All three women circle each the ring, none wanting to tip their hand. Each knows that the slightest mistake could cost them their dream. Eve uses her length to close the gap on Kagura, but Batti surprises her with a roll up...1!....she kicks out with ease, only for Kagura to roll up Batti...1!...Batti kicks out with no trouble, only for Eve to catch Kagura with a roll up...1!...no issue for the champ ans she kicks out. The three women all return to their feet and a standoff ensues.

    Copeland: A series of roll ups, but no one looks worse for wear.

    Cohen: Could you imagine the message boards if the World Title was won on a rollup?

    Connor: It would be an anticlimactic end to a historical event.

    As the girls circle, Eve starts to chat with Batti. Eve motions at Kagura and Batti nods a bit. Kagura knows she is in trouble and attacks Eve. A series of punches catch Eve off guard, but she covers up and is able to minimize the damage. Batti follows Eve's earlier lead and pulls Kagura off Eve. Batti leaps onto the back of Kagura, allowing Eve to recover. Kagura slams Batti back first into the turnbuckle, freeing herself. She stumbles forward however into the Fashion Statement! Eve's Inverted Stomp Facebreaker connects clean! She tries to catch herself on the ropes, but she stumbles, allowing Batti to hit her signature scissor kick, Kawaii Kick! Kagura falls in a heap. Batti jumps into the cover...1!....2!...Eve pulls Batti off of Kagura and slugs her in the face. Eve then hooks the leg of Kagura...1!...2!...and Batti stomps hard on the back of Eve of break up the pinfall attempt. As Kagura rolls outside of the ring, Eve and Batti get in each other's face, despite a foot difference in height and begin to shove each other.

    Cohen: This may be just what Kagura needs. She took two devastating moves that have ended matches before. She was wise to get out of the ring.

    Connor: Batti and Eve both wanted to end this quick and punch their ticket to Kingdom Come, but it is going to take more than that.

    The taller Eve gets the the better of the shoving match and takes control. A wristlock allows Eve to get into dominant position. Batti tries to fight out, but to no avail. Eve wrenches on the hold, twisting the arm and forcing Batti toward the ropes. Before Batti can force a break, Eve lands a clubbing blow to the back, releasing the hold. She spins Batti around and begins to connect with some vicious chops, backing Batti into the corner. After a couple more chops she grabs an arm and Irish whips Batti across the ring. Eve charges, but Batti gets a foot up to deter the attack. Batti rockets out of the corner and clotheslines Eve down. The former model isn't down long, rolling to her knees. Batti is quick to keep on the offensive, hitting a quick dropkick to knock Eve back down. Batti looks like she wants to go for a pin, but hesitates. This gives Eve just enough time to trip Batti up by kicking at her leg, allowing Eve to stand. Batti recovers in time and jumps at Eve with punches. This catches Eve off guard just enough to allow Batti to send her across the ring. Just before Eve hits the ropes, Kagura grabs hold to pull herself up and causes Eve to tumble over. Ever graceful, Eve manages to grab hold of the rope and keep from hitting the floor, landing on the apron. Before either Eve or Kagura can react to each other, Batti flies through the ropes with a modified GLOMP! The spear puts all three down on the floor outside the ring as the referee rushes to the ropes to check on them.

    Copeland: A vicious spear and all three women are down.

    Connor: You have to wonder if Kagura is ever going to actually get into the match.

    Cohen: This may work to her advantage. She was on the wrong end of a few big moves, but if she bides her time and picks her spots, she can let Eve and Batti wear themselves out.

    Batti is on her feet first and surveys the damage. She sees Eve holding her ankle, half her body under the ring, so she grabs Kagura, likely figuring she is the worst off, and rolls her into the ring. Once inside Batti grabs a chinlock, doing her best to keep the pressure on Batti. The hold isn't overly effective though as the diminutive Batti is easily brought back to her feet by a fighting Kagura. Hard elbows to the midsection go into breaking the hold, fired with pinpoint accuracy, until the champ is free. After Kagura takes a moment to shake out the cobwebs, she measures up a hard forearm to the chest of Batti. She follows it up with a second to the face. The vicious forearm causes Batti to stumble back, which allow Kagura an opening for an unblocked side kick to the midsection. With Batti doubled over Kagura uses the ropes to gain extra momentum and connects with a knee to the skull. Batti falls, but falls face first so Kagura has to roll her over before attempting a cover. She gets her on her back...1!...2!...but Batti is able to kick out on her own, as Eve has just started to make her back into the ring. She slides under the bottom rope and as she stands she shakes out her ankle, but appears to be able to stand with no issue. No sooner than does Eve get back to her feet though, does Kagura come in with those lightning quick forearms, keeping Eve trapped against the ropes. Kagura measures up a palm strike to the throat, but telegraphs it just enough to allow Eve to duck and use Kagura's momentum to dump her over and onto the apron. Kagura is quick though and snaps the back of Eve's head down across the top rope. Eve stumbles forward, right into a belly to belly suplex from Batti. Batti then sees Kagura on the outside and runs and attempts a suicide dive, but Kagura catches her with a forearm just as she is diving, leaving her hanging across the middle rope. Kagura climbs onto the apron and measures another knee directly to the head of Batti. The champ takes a moment on the apron, watching as Eve and Batti are down in the ring.

    Connor: Quick turnaround for the champ. From almost losing her title in the opening few minutes to complete control.

    Copeland: Such is the chaos of a triple threat match. One second you are on top of the world, the next you are getting hit from behind and forced to change your entire plan.

    Cohen: Kagura needs to stay on task. I know she is likely overwhelmed, this is the biggest match of her life, but both of her opponents are down and she is taking her time.

    Indeed, by the time Kagura makes it into the ring, Eve is on her feet and hammers away with right hands to the champ. Three stiff shots set up a bodyslam attempt, but Kagura slips out the back. Kagura grabs a side headlock quickly, and wastes no time in taking Eve to the mat with it. Eve uses her long legs to her advantage though and wraps them around the head of Kagura. The move forces them around enough and ends with Eve in a seated position with her legs around the head of Kagura. This doesn't last long as Kagura flips into a crude jackknife pin...1!....2!....but Eve bridges out with little issue. They lock up again, this time with Eve gaining a dominant position and looking for a backslide. Kagura blocks though and they break apart. Kagura quickly spins, looking for a strike, but Eve counters and threatens to set up the Extreme Makeover submission, but Kagura fights it off and transitions to a cradling pin...1!...2!...Eve kicks out, and they are quickly back to their feet. Eve looks to fire the first shot this time, but Kagura ducks and secures a rear waistlock. She tries to lift Eve, possibly for a German, but Eve blocks and reverses to gain position. This allows her to connect with a bridging northern lights suplex...1!...2!...kick out by the champ. As both girls are on their feet, Kagura comes with a short clothesline, putting Eve down, only to turn and be taking down by a diving Batti, who begins to hammer away with punches from the top position.

    Copeland: This is what I mentioned earlier. One second you are in control, the next you are flat on your back.

    Cohen: You'd need eyes in the back of your head or some sort of Spidey Sense to keep track of your foes in this one, and Kagura just found that out.

    The fans start to cheer as Batti rains down the blows. She stops the punches and rolls away. She takes a moment to acknowledge her fans, giving her signature Bat-Shit Insane pose as the crowd drinks it in.

    Connor: Playing to the crowd, Batti's specialty, but might not be the wisest move to allow anyone a breather here.

    Batti turns her attention back to the ring, and hurries over to stomp on the back of Eve, who was stirring. A handful of hair lift Eve to a position to allow Batti to connect with a vicious hip attack, putting Eve back down. Not letting up, Batti advances on Kagura. A quick chop and short punch to the jaw back Kagura into the ropes, allowing Batti to Irish whip her across the ring as hard as she can. Kagura actually tumbles over the top rope, though she hangs on, dangling. Batti bring Eve to her feet and begins to strike away as Kagura does her best to get back into the ring. Batti tries a similar move with Eve, using the ropes to whip her across the ring, just as Kagura is flipping back inside. In a picture perfect move, Kagura lands on her feet and turns just in time to grab Eve and throw her over the top and to the outside. Batti and Kagura then turn and face each other. They exchange a couple of blows, neither gaining an upper hand, until Batti uses her small stature to her advantage to drop down into a splits position and catch Kagura in the midsection with a right hand. She then rolls to her back and uses her legs to shove Kagura into the ropes. The champ bounces off and Batti uses her legs to flip Kagura over with a monkey flip type maneuver, before kipping up. Batti claps her hands with the crowd and turns just in time to avoid a charging Kagura. Though she managed to duck the clothesline, Kagura keeps her momentum and rebounds off the ropes and hits a beautiful leaping knee. Kagura goes for a pin, without much urgency...1!...2!...kick out with little issue from Batti, and Kagura doesn't seem the least bit surprised.

    Cohen: I like that strategy by Kagura. She knows that knee won't put Batti away, but she goes for the cover anyway. With Eve just now stirring on the outside, she was able to force Batti to expend energy on the kickout without worrying about Eve flying in.

    Connor: I'd like to see more urgency from the champ. Playing the long game is all fine and well, but with the threat of a third opponent, you can't afford to let up.

    Just as Cohen mentioned, Eve has made her way to the apron. Kagura approaches, but Eve connects with a shoulder through the ropes. Kagura, not deterred, goes back in and is met with a second, even bigger shoulder thrust, knocking her to a knee for a moment. She approaches again and Eve rears back and launches herself, directly into the knee of Kagura. The champ smiles down at Eve as she crumbles to the floor again. She looks back at Batti, who is still trying to get back to a vertical base. The champ decides to exit the ring. Once outside she grabs Eve, getting her to her feet, before driving her back first into the ring. Eve lets out a painful yell. Kagura readies the move again, but Eve slaps Kagura. This only serves to anger the champ, who drives Eve back first into the ring with all her might. Before she can pull away though, Batti comes sliding in with a baseball slide to the back of Eve, causing her to fall on top of Kagura.

    Copeland: Just pure chaos here. How are any of these women supposed to gain control?

    Connor: They are fighting for the biggest prize in the game. Control won't come easy.

    Batti climbs back onto the apron and decides to climb to the top turnbuckle. She perches, with cat like precision, and pounces just as Eve and Kagura are on their feet. The leaping crossbody takes all three girls back to the floor.

    Cohen: Or you can just launch yourself at people at hope for the best like Batti just did.

    As all three gals crawl around, trying to regain composure, the referee climbs outside to check on them. Satisfied that no one is seriously hurt, she gets back to the ring as the crowd cheers Batti's leap. ALmost on cue, Batti is the first to her feet and rolls Kagura into the ring. As she crawls in herself, Kagura rolls away, preventing a pin attempt. Batti springs to her feet and lays into Kagura with a quick combination of chops and short right hands. She softens Kagura up enough for an Irish whip. She looks for a back body drop, but she tipped her hand and Kagura is able to counter with a knee, though it didn't land as clean as she would have liked, and doesn't drop Batti flat, only to her knees. She keeps up the pressure though and connects with a big Saito suplex. Batti, almost zombie like, just sort of bounces off the canvas and rises to her feet, though she is clearly out of it. Kagura looks to grab her patented sleeper hold, Fourth Dance of Toyouke Omikami, but before she can lock it in Eve scrambles back into the ring and connects with a wicked boot to the face of Kagura, sending her tumbling away. She grabs Batti, still dazed, and looks to set up some sort of suplex, but Batti blocks. This only angers Eve who begins to hammer away with huge forearms and elbows to the back of Batti. She then switches to throwing big knees to the midsection, just draining the energy from the Japanese enthusiast. Satisfied with the amount of knees, Eve grabs Batti and throws her shoulder first through the turnbuckles and into the post. Eve though, just sort of drops to a knee, almost as if she needs to catch a second wind.

    Connor: Eve may have depleted more of her tank than she did Batti with that move.

    Copeland: You made note of it earlier Cat, you can't afford to let up in a match of this caliber. Has Eve used up too much of her reserve too soon though?

    Cohen: At least she is taking a moment to get a quick breather. Batti is just dangling there, she's going nowhere, so Eve wisely is catching her breath while Kagura is still stirring.

    Indeed, Kagura stirs and Eve has to get back to business. A couple of chops allow Eve to set up for and connect with a very quick snap suplex. Both fighters are slow to get to their feet, but Eve makes sure to give Kagura no quarter. She uses sharp kicks and the odd chop to back the champ into the corner. An open hand slap to the chest allows Eve to set up for the whip across the ring, but Kagura reverses and sends Eve chest first and hard into the buckles. Kagura then looks like she wants a suplex or throw, but Eve blocks. Kagura adjusts and lifts Eve to the top turnbuckle. Eve tries to fight with elbows, but clubbing blows allow Kagura to get the upper hand and drop Eve into a tree of woe position. A couple of stomps are all Kagura goes for, as something catches her eye. Batti has managed to free herself and is struggling to her feet. Kagura grabs Batti and uses all of her might to Irish whip Batti into Eve like a missile. Batti crumbles to the mat, Eve still trapped, so Kagura hooks the leg of Batti....1!....2!....kick out by Batti.

    Cohen: Haha, I love it. Such innovative offense by the champion.

    Copeland: Indeed, it was the quick and unorthodox thinking that carried Kagura to this spot and she doesn't look ready to give it up.

    Kagura looks a bit miffed at the count, but doesn't let it deter her. She grabs Batti again and readies to repeat the move. At the last moment though, Batti reverses and sends the champ into Eve, who managed to get one of her long legs up and boot the champ in the face. Batti grabs an inside cradle on the stumbling champion...1!...2!....kick out by the champ. Batti slaps a hand to the mat but is back on her feet and starts to slug it out with Kagura, quickly gaining the upper hand with sharp kicks. A pinpoint axe kick drops Kagura and Batti calls for and gets the Kawaii Kick ready. The crowd chants in anticipation.

    "Batti's Gonna Kick You"

    Just as Kagura is in position, Eve spring from the corner with a clothesline that sends Batti over the top rope.

    Cohen: So much for that.

    Eve then turns her attention to the champ, her eyes wide. She connects with a vicious headbutt, the Eight by Ten. She follows up with a second. Kagura collapses into the ropes, but bounces off and into a third EIght by Ten! She falls to the mat and Eve roars as she paces around the ring, fired up. She notices the position that the champ is in and looks toward the turnbuckle. She heads over and stomps her foot a couple of times, signaling the Stiletto Stomp, and ascends to the heavens. Before she can leap, Batti hops to the apron and shakes the ropes, crotching Eve, though not to the full impact the move would have on a man. As Kagura stirs, she tries to get to her feet but falls to a knee. Batti sees the opening and hurries into the ring and connects with her Kawaii Kick! She slips as tries to make the cover, but scrambles to position...1!...2!...and Even Taylor flies in with the Stiletto Stomp to the back of Batti to break up the pin! She grabs her ankle upon impact though, rolling away in agony.

    Connor: Eve Taylor putting her body and possibly career on the line to save this match!

    Copeland: The World Championship means everything to Eve. She has come so close so many times, only to fall short. She is pulling out all the stops tonight, but at what cost?

    Cohen: Trust me Seabass, when you have gold around your waist, you feel no pain.

    Eve tries to use the ropes to get to her feet and steady herself. Batti is back to her feet and heads straight to Eve. Eve wisely pulls down the top rope and sends the charging Batti crashing to the floor. Eve limps over to Kagura and tries to lift her, but Kagura by punching Eve directly in the bad ankle. The unorthodox move works, and Eve's ankle gives. Kagura gets to her feet and gives herself enough space to build speed for the First Dance of Awarawa no Mikoto! Picture perfect Shining Wizard and she hooks the leg....1!...2!...kick out by Eve. Kagura slams a hand to the mat and tries again...1!...2!...Eve kicks out a second time so Kagura hooks both legs...1!...2!...and Eve just manages to get a shoulder up. Kagura stares daggers at Elizabeth Prince and slaps her hands together three times, but the referee responds it was only two. Kagura mean mugs the entire time she rises to her feet. She takes a few steps to use the ropes for momentum and drops a jumping knee onto Eve. She tries the cover again...1!...2!...and Eve kicks out and Kagura is furious and rolls into a position and begins to just drive her knee into the head of Eve Taylor. The referee cringes at the knees, as Eve almost looks to be completely out.

    Copeland: Just sickening knees by Kagura here.

    Connor: And the referee powerless to stop it, as it is completely legal.

    Kagura readies to throw one more big knee. She swings her legs back, almost doing a handstand. Before she can swing downward, Batti is in the ring and grabs her legs. She lifts her and pancakes her into the mat with a sitout facebuster. Batti rolls her over and hooks a leg...1!...2!...kick out by Kagura. Batti isn't deterred and leaps onto the body of Eve...1!...2!...Eve kicks out. Batti gets to her feet and see both of her opponents crawling, but isn't sure what to do. She looks around, almost as if she is asking the crowd for help. She shrugs her shoulders and starts to stomp her foot, for the Kawaii Kick. Suddenly she stops and looks down. She quickly removes her boot and tosses it aside and begins to stomp again.

    Cohen: What in the hell is she doing?

    Connor: She is setting up for the So Kawaii Kick.

    Both opponents stir and Batti points to Kagura. The crowd cheers a little. Batti then shakes her head and points to Eve, and the crowd cheers even harder. Batti nods her head and sets up for her kick, only for Eve to skirt the move and lock on Extreme Makeover! The signature submission move and Batti is in trouble. The hold is in deep and Batti has no choice but to tap, but there is no bell. Kagura dove in at the last possible second to grab the hand of Batti to prevent the tap! The crowd can't believe what they are seeing as Batti flails her arm and Kagura refuses to let her tap.


    The Australian crowd lets roar their approval. Eve frees Batti from the hold and goes after Kagura. The champ is ready and the two most accomplished women in WZCW history start to trade blows. Back and forth, punches and forearms, neither gaining the upper hand, the crowd reacting with each blow. Batti tries to get to her feet, her body showing the signs of the prior hold, but not even the ropes can aid her and she collapses. Kagura manages to catch a kick attempt by Eve and uses it to shove her away. Eve hits the ropes, and readies for the Designer Clothesline. Kagura is wise to it though and ducks it. As Eve spins around she uses a deft deke to dodge the Fifth Dance of Amaterasu Omikami, Kagura double heart punch. Eve catches teh off balance champ with a reverse STO into the bottom turnbuckle and readies for the Fashion Statement. Just as Eve is about to fall back to complete the move, Kagura sprays red mist into the face of Eve, disrupting the move! Kagura tries to get her balance, but eats a Sooo Kawaii Kick! The impact of the move sends her into the ropes and before Batti can capitalize, the champ rolls from the ring. Batti turns and walks right into the Fashion Statement! Eve Taylor could barely see but she hits her finale flush! She hooks the leg...1!....2!...3! Eve Taylor has done it! Eve Taylor is finally the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion!

    Anderson: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner and NEEEEEEEW WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Eve Taylor!

    Elizabeth Prince tries to raise Eve's hand, but she collapses, having used her bad ankle to hit the finish.

    Connor: Yes! Eve Taylor is a choker no more!

    Copeland: A valiant effort by all three women here tonight, they pulled out all the stops, but in the end it was Eve Taylor who placed her stamp as WZCW Champion.

    Cohen: She also left a pretty good stamp on the face of Batti with that move. Hopefully her ankle is fine though and she can head into Kingdom Come healthy.

    Eve uses the ropes and the referee to get to her feet. She wipes her face, still dripping red, as she is handed the World Title, her World Title. The fans stand and applaud as Eve is overcome with emotion. Eve looks at the title she tightly clutches, almost as if the dream isn't real. She raises her head, a slight smile on her face as she gives the crowd the ever slightest of nods, as if to thank them for giving her this moment. She falls back and rolls out of the ring. Her ankle still giving her trouble as she makes her way up the ramp. She pauses and turns to face the ring. Kagura, the former champ is on her knees and nods at Eve in a show of begrudging respect. Batti is still feeling the effects of the boot to the face and holds her jaw as she sits up. As Eve hold the title high one last time before disappearing behind the curtain, the crowd continues to cheer the effort of the three women who just made WZCW history.
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    Backstage, the next stage for Lethal Lottery numbers has been set up. A supermarket deli counter with assorted meats and pastries has been set up beautifully. Becky emerges through the door with Mark Keaton and Big Bad Roady in tow. She spreads her arms out to them both, presenting her wonderful vision of the next game they'll have to play.

    Roady: What the hell is all of this?

    Becky motions towards the top of the counter where a serving number machine rests. Keaton studies it for a moment before shaking his head and reaching for a ticket. Unfortunately, the ticket seems to be jammed in the machine. Keaton struggles with it for a moment but it does not move.

    Keaton: Is this some kind of joke, Becky?

    Keaton looks furious but is trying to keep his cool in the face of adversity. Becky studies the machine, glum that her latest game doesn't seem to be working out that well. When suddenly, the door behind them flies open again to reveal PC Stevie Broon in his ring gear.

    Broon: Oot the way, ya wee dafty! Ah've seen this happen a few times, ye know? Pedro showed me the trick ae getting it oot the machine! Watch this, ya wee bawbag!

    Stevie pushes past Keaton and Roadie so that he is facing the machine. He looks at it on both ends before sensitively rubbing one end of the machine.

    Roady: Did you make any of that out?

    Keaton adopts a very confused look before shaking his head at Roady. Stevie continues rubbing the machine but nothing seems to be happening.

    Broon: Right, plan B it is then!

    Stevie picks up the machine off the counter and throws it against the far wall. The machine smashes into a hundred pieces as a few tickets fall out. Stevie picks up the first ticket he sees and adopts a, frankly, deranged look as he barges past Roady once more.

    Broon: See, nothin' tae it, big yin!

    No one can quite believe what they have just witnessed but Keaton has bigger fish to fry. He grabs the ticket and leaves.

    Roady: Wait, boss, you left this!

    Roady picks something up and leaves the room after Keaton...
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    The camera returns to a static shot of the three announcers at ring side, all three look pleased with the night so far as all three adopt wide smiles.

    Copeland: Well, ladies and gentlemen, it goes without saying that the Lethal Lottery is a worldwide event. With the 9th Kingdom Come on the cards, anticipation is at fever pitch and WZCW has been making news headlines across the globe. So, for that reason, for the first time ever, we'd like to introduce you to our Spanish announce team for the evening...

    Cohen: Someone reinforce that table!

    The camera moves along the row slightly to reveal two people sitting behind another WZCW desk. The first man, the play by play announcer is wearing a sharp suit and has a cool comb-over haircut. He is in his early 30's but looks comfortable with his surroundings. Beside him, a luchador in his mask, wearing a smart t-shirt. Both men sit behind the desk smiling until Seabass introduces them.

    Copeland: Ladies and gentlemen, Marco Ribero and wrestling icon El Vejigante!

    Ribero: Gracias, Seabass, y gracias por tenernos aquí esta noche. Es una noche masiva para nosotros, pero las cosas solo están comenzando, ¿no?

    Marco hands over to the luchador who adopts a wry smile as he speaks.

    Vejigante: Mi único remordimiento en la lucha nunca es romper completamente el techo de cristal. Esta noche, ¡alguien tiene la oportunidad de hacer justamente eso! Está a punto de ser muy sabroso.

    The camera turns back to the three English commentators as they prepare the ring for the 9th annual Lethal Lottery match!

    Copeland: What a night so far. We've seen absolute chaos and the fun hasn't even started yet.

    Connor: Will we see our first female Lethal Lottery winner?

    Cohen: Probably not Cat, but anything can happen in the Lethal Lottery match. It's my favourite match of the year because there's always heartbreak.
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    Harrys: The following match is a 30 person Lethal Lottery match. The rules of this match are as follows:
    Two people enter the ring and every two minutes a new competitor will enter.
    To be eliminated you must be thrown over the top rope and both feet are to hit the floor.
    The last person standing will win the match and will head to Kingdom Come as number one contender and will face the champion for the World Heavyweight Championship. In addition to that they will also get the chance to main event the biggest show in WZCW.

    The crowd start to cheer all sorts of chants. Titus is Trash can be heard. A Matt Tastic chant breaks out. The camera shows people in the crowd holding a Callie ASSault sign.

    Harrys: Introducing first from Little Italy, NYC, weighing 275 pounds, being accompanied to the ring by Gino Rizzoli. He is the Mayhem champion...'The Don' Tony Mancini!

    Copeland: You can hear the boo's for the Mayhem champion, his new outlook on life has allowed him to retain the Mayhem title earlier tonight.

    Connor: A brutal match by most standards but he also has his outside help.

    Cohen: Mancini may have had a brutal match earlier but he's the head of the biggest Mafia family in America. Surely he can be a surprise package tonight.

    Harrys: And the person who drew number 2...

    #2 – Randy Studd

    Cohen: Ignore what I just said, the S-Express is here!

    Copeland: Mancini won the match earlier tonight, you fancy Mancini's chances here.

    Connor: Justin Cooper won last year after being eliminated first. Studd won the bingo earlier. Anything can happen in WZCW!

    Studd has made his way down to the ring, eventually, after handing a couple of roses out to females at ring side. With both competitors in the ring, the bell is called. Ding Ding.

    Randy Studd goes straight for Mancini and kicks him in the midsection, followed by a DDT. The Mayhem champion hits the mat as Studd flexes to the crowd. A chorus of boo's reign down, but he doesn't care. He kisses his muscles, picks up Mancini and throws him over the top rope!

    Mancini clings on to the top rope as Gino runs around and keeps his feet from touching the floor. The long time family friend helps the champion survive. Studd is flexing to the crowd facing the other way. Mancini climbs back in the ring and hits Studd from behind. Studd snaps back into it as both men start exchanging punches. The 10 count begins as the crowd join in.

    Cohen: Mancini using his smarts there, but Studd with the power advantage.

    Copeland: All could change as the third entrant is about to come out.


    #3 – Wren

    The crowd cheer as Wren makes her way out and sprints straight down to the ring.

    Connor: Wren may be on something of a downward spiral but the crowd are behind her.

    Cohen: Downward spiral is an understatement, she really needs to sort herself out.

    In the ring Mancini and Studd are back and forth with their punches but Wren climbs up the turnbuckle and delivers a cross body from the top rope. This knocks both men down as the crowd get behind her further.

    Studd makes his way up but manages to get to his knees. A Spinning heel kick from Wren hits him on the mat. Mancini does the same and tries to catch Wren's foot but she's too quick and connects. Mancini crashes to the match.

    Copeland: Impressive start by Wren there, taking charge of the Lottery.

    Cohen: Neither Studd nor Mancini are fresh, let's see how she copes against someone who is well rested.


    #4 – Logan McAllister

    Connor: Logan storming down the ring here, he had quite the experience last year didn't he?

    Copeland: That's right Cat, he entered as Elite Openweight champion but left without a belt. Few will forget Noah Ryder cashing in his King For A Day DURING the Lottery match.

    Cohen: Since then he's had Richard keeping him on the straight and narrow.

    The camera shows Brittany and Hayden sat at ringside as Logan heads to the ring, he's accompanied by Richard. He enters the ring as Wren is stood in the centre with Mancini and Studd crashed out on the mat. Logan rushes straight for Wren and connects with a high knee. Wren crumples.

    Logan picks her up and gives her a T-Bone Suplex. The crash to the mat is loud and can be heard across the arena. Mancini and Studd have now made their way to their feet. Studd sees this as an opportunity. He grabs Wren and throws her over the top rope!

    Harrys: Wren has been eliminated

    Connor: Oh.

    Cohen: Not quite the women's revolution we expected.

    Copeland: The crowd do not like that at all. You can hear the boo's and it will take a lot to really perk them up.


    #5 – Theron Daggershield

    Cohen: No! No! No! No! No!

    Copeland: Ladies and gentlemen, Theron Daggershield is back.

    The crowd go crazy as all three in the ring look at each other in absolute shock!

    Connor: Listen to that reaction! We've not seen him in a ring since Kingdom Come last year and the people haven't forgotten the former world champion.

    Daggershield makes his way down to the ring, a huge smile on his face as he holds his sword in the air like when Link gets the Master Sword. He rolls his d20 and heads into the ring. All three men jump him with stomps as he rolls in the ring.

    Cohen: Neither men are phased by Theron here.

    Studd and Mancini pick up Theron and whip him to Logan McAllister who hits a fallway slam. He picks up Theron and whips him back to the Mayhem opponents. Theron leaps and knocks both down. He turns to Logan who signals no with his hands.

    Connor: Looks like Logan is in trouble here!

    Cohen: Here's the timer to help him.


    #6 – The Beard

    Copeland: Number 6 is the Beard and remarkably he's the second former world champion in the match so far.

    The crowd cheer for Beard as he sprints down the ring, he slides in and rushes to Theron's corner. The two men look at each other, smile. They turn and face Mancini and Studd. Both sets of men exchanging punches. This gets the crowd even louder.

    Outside of the ring Brittany is shouting for Logan to watch himself and Richard Goldman heads over to her. They begin arguing and Brittany slaps Richard. This gets Logan's attention as he turns to face Goldman. Mancini spots this and rushes Logan from behind. Logan goes over the top rope.

    Harrys: Logan McAllister has been eliminated.

    Logan is furious outside of the ring as he brushes off Goldman and heads towards the back. Richard follows him pleading his case. The four men in the ring are still trading blows but Mancini and Studd look exhausted. Especially after this evening's earlier bout.

    Connor: Whatever is going on with McAllister’s family and his associate needs to be resolved and quick.

    Cohen: His focus for a match like the Lottery needs to be in the ring and not out of it, Mancini smart with capitalising there.


    #7 – Harald Var Krigare

    Copeland: Harald Var Krigare, from Sweden is making his WZCW debut tonight. The look on Mancini's face says it all.

    Connor: Wow! 6”7 and 303lbs, he's impressive looking for sure.

    As Var Krigare makes his slow walk to the ring Studd and Beard fight in the corner. Mancini and Theron in the other. Harald makes it to the ring and immediately gives Randy Studd a Superman punch. This knocks Randy Studd over the top rope. Beard turns and Var Krigare then shouts “RELEASE THE KRAKEN” and hits a powerful Brogue kick as Beard goes over the top rope.

    Harrys: Randy Studd and the Beard have been eliminated.

    Copeland: I'm told that kick is called The Kraken.

    Cohen: He did shout it Seabass.

    Connor: The punch is the Carolean Charge too.

    Copeland: How can you bring down a man that size?

    Cohen: It looks like Gino has the right idea.

    He does as Mancini breaks from Theron and Gino throws a chair at Mancini. He catches it BAM he hits Harald, who almost doesn't flinch but The Don continues. This eventually gets Harald on the mat who rolls outside to hold his head.

    Theron signals to the crowd as Mancini's back is turned on him. Mancini drops the chair, turns and Theron hits the Critical Hit! The RKO knocks Mancini out and the crowd go crazy. Gino climbs the side of the ring but Theron hits him with an elbow smash. The crowd continue to go crazy.


    #8 – Triple X

    Copeland: This is one angry man, he lost out to Titus Avison earlier on tonight and now will want to show he can win the Lethal Lottery.

    Cohen: His quest to end heroes in WZCW surely presents itself here.

    Connor: Few heroes bigger than Theron.

    Triple X heads to the ring Theron goes for an attack but then Triple X is able to evade it. Triple X turns around shouts at Daggershield. "You have failed this company!" and then hits the X-Rated Superkick on Theron. Theron bounces into the rope he climbs on though but Triple X hits another! The former world champion is eliminated!

    Harrys: Theron Daggershield has been eliminated.

    Cohen: I guess not Cat.

    Copeland: Harald has made his way back into the ring. He, Triple X and Tony Mancini are the only three with the others now eliminated.


    #9 – Jabari Kasim

    Copeland: Another debut tonight from Nigeria.

    Cohen: Cat, you thought Harald was impressive? He towers over him, 7 foot 3 and 485lbs! That's damn impressive.

    Connor: The fact he makes Harald Var Krigare look like Batti!
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    Jabari makes his way into the ring as everyone stops and stares at him as he towers over everyone in the ring. He enters as there's seconds of silence. Mancini just decides to go for Jabari, hitting him with fists and forearms but Jabari isn't even looking at him. The rest of the wrestlers just nod it off and turn to fighting each other, leaving Mancini to Jabari who grabs him and lifts him up very high and throws him over the top rope. However Gino catches him, almost stumbling down but manages to put him on the apron. He hands Mancini brass knux as Jabari turns around. He looks to finish his work and goes for Mancini but is met with a big right hand. Jabari backs off from the blow and looks at Mancini angrily before charging and knocking him off and onto to Gino as they both collapse to the ground.

    Harrys: Anthony Mancini has been eliminated!


    #10 - Batti

    Connor: She may have failed to win the World title but this is her chance to bounce back big time.

    Cohen: How fair is it to have another opportunity like this?

    Batti makes her way to the ring but is immediately met with a big Clothesline from Jabari. He then knocks Triple X down in the ring with a chop, with Batti and Triple X down that just leaves Harald Var Krigare. They face off with Harald having to look up.

    They exchange blows with Jabari clubbing over Harald. Harald shoves him off and tries to lifts up Kasim but Jabari falls on top of him. Batti and Triple X have not got up and face against each other. Batti starts with a swift kick but Tripl X returns the favour. The crowd cheers when Batti kicks but jeers when Triple X returns the favour. There's a huge intensity here, both competitiors already having had gruelling matches earlier on in the night. Triple X hits another knocking Batti to the mat. He's the only one stood up in the ring.


    #11 - Ace Stevens

    Ace emerges on stage, taking his jacket off before making his way down the aisle. Right away, he and Triple X start exchanging blows.

    Copeland: Ace and Triple X met each other earlier tonight don't forget.

    Cohen: Triple X actually elimanted Ace.

    Batti gets up and starts hitting Ace who tries a Punchline on Batti, but she ducks. This hits the person stood behind her. Harald Var Kigare. He doesn't even blink as he returns the favour to Ace with a Bionic elbow. Ace crashes to the mat and HVK delivers some stomps. Triple X and Batti tangle in the corner whilst Jabari uses this as an opportunity for a breather.


    #12 PC - Stevie Broon

    Copeland: Here comes the ex-cop on the edge, the debuting Stevie Brown.

    Cohen: I.... oh-oh....

    Connor: Calm down, Jack. He's not in the force anymore

    Broon makes his way to the ring and stares down Triple X. "It's Go Time!" Broon screams out and charges in. He hits Triple X with a headbutt, followed by one to Ace, one to Batti and one to Jabari.... but has no effect. Jabari stares at him and grabs him with a big Nerve Hold, driving him down to the canvas.

    Harald pushes Jabari and both men exchange chops across the chest. The crowd chant Woo at this (we're not sure where they get this from). Stevie Broon stands up and is met by a kick from Triple X. “See YOU YA BAWBAG FANCY A KISS?” and a kiss he gives him. A Glasgow kiss and he headbutts Triple X! He does it a second time, and then a third! Triple X hits the mat. Ace and Batti are resting in each corner, Broon heads over to give some stomps to Ace. Jabari climbs out the ring to get himself a breather.


    #13 - Grindhouse

    Connor: Who the heck is that?!

    Copeland: At 7 foot tall he's making his debut tonight too. His name is Grindhouse.

    Grindhouse makes his way to the ring, Harald has made his way to his feet and looks up at Grindhouse! The 7 foot giant towers over him. Suddenly there's a tap on the back of Grindhouse's shoulder it's Jabari Kasim! He towers over Grindhouse who looks quite confused that there's someone taller than him.

    Grindhouse hits Harald with an STO before turning to Jabari. The two men stare each other down but then Batti comes in with the GLOMP to Grindhouse this time but he doesn't go down. At the same time, Triple X hits a Missile Dropkick to Jabari who is also unmoved. The two former contenders get up and are met with Clotheslines from the giants.


    #14 - Yemrez Reqonic

    Copeland: Here's Yemrez who will surely want to show her awesome strength.

    Connor: Another woman who can easily do this

    Yemrez makes her way down the aisle and stops, staring at the two giants standing. She opts to stand outside, concerned as Batti and Triple X once again try to attack the two big men. Harald stands back up to make three giants in the ring. Ace and Broon decide to get involved.

    Connor: Smart stretegy by Yemrez.

    Cohen: I don't think that's a strategy. I just think she doesn't know if she should go in .

    Broon and Ace focus on Grindhouse to bring him down whilst Batti and Triple X focus on taking Jabari out. Harald exits the ring and chases down Yemrez. The two begin to exchange blows outside of the ring.


    #15 - Callie Clark

    Callie marches down the aisle and gets inbetween Harald and Yemrez. She throws Yemrez into the ring as Var Krigare returns too.

    Copeland: There goes Callie. Showing no fear whatsoever.

    Connor: Between her frustration at not getting her rematch tonight and everyone focused on the giants, of course she would just go right in there.

    Cohen: Who the hell is she tonight?

    Connor:She's the Scarlet Witch Jack.

    Yemrez decides to attack Grindhouse whilst Ace has moved onto Jabari. Neither of the giants are moved as the grab their attackers. Grindhouse throws Ace out and Jabari throws Yemrez out. Both hit the mat at the same time.

    Harrys: Yemrez Reqonic and Ace Stevens have been eliminated.

    Grindhouse goes right after Batti, grabbing her and sitting her on the top turnbuckle, but before he can eliminate her, she kicks him away and leaps but is caught and hit with a big Chokeslam as the clock winds down.


    #16 - Mark Keaton

    Copeland: Here's Keaton who is by himself strangely. No Roady in site.

    Connor:He has a lot to prove and maybe wants to do it alone.

    Cohen: Or maybe the TMZ are still around him.

    Copeland: Maybe! Just a reminder of who is in the ring. Triple X, Jabari, Harald Var Krigare, Batti, PC Stevie Broon, Grindhouse, Callie Clark and now Mark Keaton.

    Keaton enters the ring and Jabari and Grindhouse go straight for him. Jabari headbutts him and Keaton bounces off Grindhouse who hits him with an Axe Handle. Jabarai uses the opportunity to grab Grindouse to eliminate him. The two men begin to tussle at the corner of the rope.

    Triple X sees the opportunity and rushes pushing both men, Batti and Broon join with HVK and Callie Clark aiding. Mark Keaton helps two as both Grindhouse and Jabari go over the top rope! Jabari has one foot hit the ground but is able to avoid the second hitting as he pulls himself up. Grindhouse, however, is eliminated.

    Harrys: Grindhouse has been eliminated!

    Copeland: We're down one giant!

    Connor: And the countdown is on. Who's next?
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    #17 – Big Bad Roady

    The crowd look shocked as Roady makes his way out, none more than Mark Keaton who looks like he's just seen a ghost. As Roady approaches Keaton then gets more excited, smiling and jumping for joy.

    Copeland: Making his in ring debut, it's the roadie of Mark Keaton, Big Bad Roady.

    Cohen: I'm sure Keaton will appreciate the help, his smile on his face says it all.

    Connor: He may still be feeling the effect from the EurAsian match earlier but he now has an ally.

    Cohen: They do remind me of Rocky and Mugsy from Looney Tunes.

    As Roady enters the ring he and Keaton hug and turn their attention to Stevie Broon. Keaton with a punch to Broon knocks him into Roady who delivers a Gorilla press slam. Broon crashes to the mat and Roady picks him up again. He throws Broon to Keaton but Broon is able to hit the Clean up in Aisle 9! The Angle Slam takes out Keaton as Broon turns to face Roady. Broon approaches and they start exchanging punches.

    Meanwhile the Nigerian and Swedish powerhouses are squaring up to each other once again. Harald Var Krigare lifts his hands up in the air. Jabari responds and both men begin their feat of strength. Jabari with the height and weight advantage has the upper hand here and HVK drops to his knees. Jabari keeps the hold BAM he's hit on the back by Triple X.

    Triple X quickly escapes to the corner as Jabari looks to Batti and Callie Clark who insist it wasn't them. Clark points to Batti and Jabari approaches her, picks her up and launches her across the ring. She collapses in the turnbuckle corner like a rag doll. He then turns to Callie Clark who immediately rolls out of the ring.


    #18 – King Mussel

    Cohen: The King has returned.

    Connor: It has been a while since we've seen him, you may remember him as Flex Mussel.

    Copeland: A lot can change in a year but if he's even half as ruthless as he was this could easily be his night.

    In the ring PC Stevie Broon is still trading punches with Roady as Keaton gets back to his feet, RMK taps Broon on the shoulder as Broon turns around and Keaton hits him in the midsection. Stevie Broon bends over and Keaton hits the Voltron Suplex. Broon manages to escape from it and pushes Keaton into the ropes. The crowd cheer as Broon charges at him but Roady grabs him by the shoulders and pulls him back. Roady hits an elbow to the face of PC Stevie Broon and Keaton uses this as an opportunity to grab the policeman and throw him over the top rope!

    Harrys: PC Stevie Broon has been eliminated.

    Cohen: Smart by Keaton, use Roady and you will go places.

    Connor: I must say it was an impressive show by Brown. We'll see how his future pans out.

    Cohen: It's Broon!

    Callie Clark makes her way back into the ring and decides to go for Triple X. Triple X who has been in the match since number 8 as well as a gruelling EurAsian title match. Clark uses the fact that Triple X is sat in the corner she begins to drop some stomps on him whilst HVK and Jabari are tangled in each other in the corner still.

    Mussel eventually enters the ring after a long walk down the ramp and notices Batti in the corner. He picks her up and immediately goes for the Mussel Bomb. Lifting her above his head the countdown begins. He walks around the ring showing his sheer strength. He goes to the edge of the ring.


    #19 – Tyrone Blades

    The crowd go absolutely crazy for the hall of famer. Batti uses this as an opportunity to escape the potential Mussel Bomb and Blades rushes to the ring to aid her. Mr. Jones slowly saunters down the ring to stand at the side.

    Copeland: Listen to that reaction! The people in Sydney love Blades.

    Cohen: He's the best of both worlds, Seabass.

    Connor: He's somehow flown under the radar but his eyes are set on gold.

    Blades rushes in the ring and immediately punches King Mussel in the face. Batti uses this as a chance to hit Mussel in the back of the knees. A two for one on the King and the Batti/Blade alliance has hit the crowd at almost electric levels.

    Keaton and Roady now approach Jabari and Harald. Jabari and Harald look at each other and nod deciding to put their differences aside for this moment. The begin trading blows with Keaton and Roady. Each blow bigger than the next. Roady bounces into the ropes, fall backs and ties himself in them. Keaton rushes and makes a leap with a double clothesline knocking both the international monsters down.

    Callie continues her assault on Triple X who manages to roll out the ring to avoid further stomps. He enters the ring straight away again using the opportunity to hit Big Bad Roady over the top rope!

    Harrys: Big Bad Roady has been eliminated.

    Keaton hasn't noticed this and turns around after celebrating taking Jabari and Var Krigare down.

    Copeland: Look at the chaos. Callie and Triple X seem to have got a hatred from nowhere. Batti and Blades are taking down Mussel, the monsters are out on the mat and this leaves Mark Keaton alone.


    #20 – Mikey Stormrage


    Cohen: Have you seen how fat he's gotten?

    The crowd go crazy as Stormrage makes his way to the ring. Keaton does not look happy as he backs himself into the corner of the turnbuckle. He gets in the ring, points to Keaton and BAM the former world champion is jumped by Triple X!

    Harald Var Krigare and Jabari make their way to their feet. HVK turns to Jabari and goes for a Carolean Charge. The Superman punch misses though as Kasim evades this, grabs Jabari and throws him into the ropes. Jabari approaches Harald and hits the Bumaye (Kesagiri Chop)! HVK goes over the top rope!

    Harrys: Harald Var Krigare has been eliminated

    Copeland: Another impressive debut there Jack.

    Cohen: Hopefully he sticks around rather than disappearing in a few weeks when he doesn't get his own way.

    Batti and Blades continue their exchange with King Mussel as Mark Keaton decides to join the fray! Blades turns from Mussel onto RMK. The crowd reach peak here as the former VI man is met by one of the two men who ended the group. CLICK CLACK out of nowhere. Keaton bounces onto the ropes and Blades charges at him. He's eliminated!

    Harrys: Mark Keaton has been eliminated


    #21 – Vee A.D.Z.

    Copeland: A man who made his return recently Vee A.D.Z. Wants to show people just what he can do once again.

    Cohen: Did you know he's now officially the smartest man in the world as Stephen Hawking has died and gone to heaven?

    Connor: Vee doesn't believe in heaven because he's just that damn smart.

    Vee heads into the ring and he walks over to the Nigerian Giant. He poses with some air boxing but Jabari does what is unexpected. He shadow boxes back! The crowd love this as the 7”3 giant towers over the 5”9 frame of Vee A.D.Z. Vee Steps back and goes for the 720 Guyver kick! The Nigerian Giant catches his foot and drops it, Vee spins and BAM Jabari hits him with the two handed chokeslam!

    In one corner Batti and Mussel are still continuing their back and forth and in the other Callie Clark and Mikey Stormrage have begun tussling in the other corner. The former champion looks like he's not skipped a beat. Triple X, however, has his sites on a new hero. Tyrone Blades. The crowd boo Triple X as he approaches Blades. Blades knows what's coming as Triple X unleashes a fury of swift kicks. Outside of the ring Mr. Jones is encouraging Blades as the crowd join in.


    #22 – Vega

    Copeland: As if this match needed more chaos!

    Cohen: I'm very much enjoying Triple X's strategy to take down Blades.

    Connor: Triple X has been in a long time now.

    Blades grabs his composure as he steps back causing Triple X to miss a kick. Triple X goes for another and misses. He then collapses in a heap on the floor. He's been in the match for 30 minutes now and has had a gruelling match earlier in the night. Blades chuckles and uses this as an opportunity to go and help Batti.

    Batti and Mussel are at it in the corner, Blades grabs Mussel by the shoulders spins him round and BAM Mussel actually hits Blades with the Flexicution out of absolutely nowhere. This causes the Hall of Famer to hit the mat. Batti, however, uses the opportunity to climb the turnbuckle and hits a Kawaii Kick off the top rope onto King Mussel!

    Vega rushes in and hits a bulldog to Batti knocking her on the mat. Mikey Stormrage, meanwhile, hits Callie Clark with an Irish whip into Vega, Vega is knocked down! Stormrage then hits Callie with a Falcon Punch! She hits the mat but then Jabari hits Stormrage with a headbutt! He crashes. Vee hits Jabari in the back of the knees and he crashes. Vee A.D.Z is stood in the ring, centre, with every man and woman in the match on the mat. He poses for the crowd.

    Connor: The smartest man in the world playing it like the genius he is. Who could possibly stop him?


    #23 – Titus Avison

    Cohen: Oh yes! Business is about to pick up, here's your EurAsian champion! Listen to the crowd chant TIT TIT TIT which we all know means Titus is Tremendous!

    Copeland: It means Titus is trash.

    The boo's reign down on the longest reigning champion in WZCW history but he doesn't care. He approaches the ring, waves to Jones and enters. Vee does not look happy and rushes the hall of famer. Titus, however, steps to the side, Vee bounces off the ropes and this is a perfect opportunity to hit the Tit drop! Vee is on the mat, Titus picks him up and throws him over the top rope.

    Harrys: Vee A.D.Z. Has been eliminated

    Vee looks furious at his elimination and is sent to the back. The mass of bodies begin to stir in the ring. Titus starts to stomp on Triple X as Vega gets up and hits Avison. Stormrage and Jabari get up and turn their attention back to Callie Clark. Jabari hits another headbutt on Callie and she bounces on the ropes. Stormrage rushes over and hits the Headshot! The Bionic elbow knocks Callie Clark out of the ring! She somehow manages to cling on.


    #24 – Crocodile Bruce Irwin

    The crowd go crazy as they all stand to their feet “WALTZIN MATILDA! WALTZIN MATILDA! YOU'LL COME A WALTZIN MATILDA WITH ME!”

    Copeland: Crikey mate! Bruce Irwin from Erinsbrough has got the crowd singing along. This has stirred everyone else to their feet in the match too.

    Cohen: Streuth mate, Bruce Iriwin? Still a better Aussie than Cooper!

    As Bruce heads to the ring Stormrage hits another Headshot to Callie Clark.

    Callie Clark has been eliminated

    Connor: That's another female eliminated.

    Everyone in the ring is stood apart. Triple X, Jabari, Batti, King Mussel, Tyrone Blades, Mikey Stormrage, Vega, Titus Avison and Bruce Irwin. The suddenly rush to the middle and there's absolute anarchy. Fists, feet, heads and everything in between being thrown.

    Cohen: Now we're talking!

    Vega and Stormrage head to one corner. Blades and Batti continue their onslaught of the King. The other four are still in sheer chaos in the middle of the ring. The timer starts.
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    5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

    #25 – Lynx

    Copeland: It's the Elite Openweight Champion at number 25, folks. We've seen Champions win this event before, Lynx would love to be another name added to that illustrious list. He's got a really good number, so let's see what he can do.

    Cohen: And his nemesis, Callie Clark has just been eliminated too. His mind might have been focussed on her heading into the ring but he's got a clear mind and a decent shot at the win now.

    Lynx comes through the curtain to a massive cheer from the WZCW loyal. He takes a moment to look around the expansive arena – a smile appearing on his face as he does. Soon enough, he focusses on the ring ahead of him and begins walking down the ramp. In the ring, Titus and Bruce Irwin seem to have orchestrated some kind of loose alliance – knowing that it will be beneficial to both until it suddenly isn't any more. In the far corner of the ring, Mikey Stormrage is seen tussling with Vega. The former Mayhem Champion is trying his utmost to put Mikey out on his plump ass but has no luck when Mikey finally ends the attempt with a punch to the face. With everyone else on the canvas, Lynx makes his way towards the ring as Titus and Bruce stare him down. He almost reaches the ring before Callie smashes him with a super-kick right to the jaw! A look of sheer annoyance crosses the face of the former Elite Openweight Champion as she grabs Lynx by the hair and tosses him into the ring – a smile now appearing on her face.

    Connor: Oh come on, Callie! There was no need for that at all!

    Cohen: I bet Callie would be willing to argue that she needed to do it, Cat. These two have been at each other's throats for weeks and months now. Callie really thought that she was going on to Kingdom Come but that has been snuffed out. Good on her for voicing her frustrations.

    Copeland: She did a lot more than voice her frustrations, Jack.

    Titus laughs as Lynx gets rolled into the ring He orders Irwin to start attacking Lynx – an action that is swiftly taken. Irwin towers over Lynx and begins raining punches down on the time-travelling superstar. The crowd boo as Irwin pulls Lynx back to his feet. He back him up to the ring ropes and whips him across the ring. Titus waits for Lynx to hit the ropes but his plans are undone when Lynx ducks under his clothesline and nails Irwin with a stunning drop-kick that sends him reeling backwards. Irwin rests against the ropes as the crowd's sense of anticipation is heightened. Lynx tries to get back to his feet But Titus is on him straight away – nailing him with stomps and kicks as Lynx rises. But Lynx, somehow, manages to get back to his feet under massive pressure from the EurAsian Champion. Titus screws his face up and tries to land a clubbing lariat. But once again, Lynx ducks under his arm and nails him with a low drop-kick that sends Titus to the canvas this time. Lynx sees Irwin resting on the ropes and sees his opportunity. He runs at Irwin, looking to eliminate him, but he is swiftly stopped by none other than Jabari Kasim – who nails him with a stunning shoulder block that send shim hurtling downwards and onto the canvas.

    Copeland: That giant is beyond belief, ladies and gentlemen. Lynx seemed to be getting up a head of steam after, not very subtly, being kicked on the jaw as he entered the ring. But look at the way Jabari took down the Elite Openweight Champion with one strike. He really is frightening!

    Cohen: He's my pick now, Seabass. We might have a few more entries to go but no one is going to be as big and as strong as Jabari Kasim. Mr Banks has done wonders by bringing this humongous man to the WZCW.

    Connor: I mean, who is really going to stop him?

    One by one, the members of the roster who are still in the match get to their feet and charge at the beast of a man. Vega is first but he is swatted away like a bug by the African legend. Next, it is the turn of Triple X. X runs at Jabari and launches himself towards the big man. But he is caught in mid-air and planted into the canvas with ease in a matter of seconds. Finally, Batti gets to her feet and moves into the middle of the ring. Jabari stands over the fun-sized wrestler as the crowd take a sheepish intake of breath. Suddenly, Batti begins yelling at Jabari and poking him in the chest – telling him off for being so big and so scary. Jabari's eyes widen as he looks down at the caffeinated WZCW superstar with shock. Suddenly, he picks her up and hoists her way above his head. Batti kicks and screams as he makes his way towards the edge of the ring – hoping to dump her out of the match. When suddenly, Blades makes his way back into the ring and chops the back of Jabari's legs – saving Batti as she falls to the canvas, inside of the ropes. Jabari falls to one his knees but is soon put down as Blades and Batti team up to kick him right on the mouth. Batti hugs Blades as the countdown begins again!

    5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

    #26 – Kagura

    Connor: Oh, boy! Here comes the former Heavyweight Champion, ladies and gentlemen.

    Copeland: And she has her work cut out to try and get herself back in contention for the Heavyweight Championship, Cat. She really needs a win in this match to punch her ticket to the main event of Kingdom Come.

    Kagura calmly appears through the curtain and makes her way down the ramp. The fans in the arena give her a very warm welcome but Kagura seems more focussed than ever to get into a WZCW ring and show the world what she can do. As soon as she its the ring, she makes a dash towards Blades and Batti on the opposite side. She ducks under Blades' clothesline attempt and then nails him with a few stiff shots to the jaw. Soon after. Batti jumps on to Kagura's shoulders and begins chocking her from behind. That attempt is soon put to bed as Kagura flips her recent opponent over her shoulders and onto the canvas. Soon enough, Blades is back on her, nailing her with some stiff shots of his own. He back her up to the ropes and whips her across the ring. As she returns, she somehow manages to divert her momentum and nails Batti with a running drop-kick to the jaw. The crowd take a sharp intake of breath as Batti's head hits the canvas with a thud. Kagura gets back to her feet and squares up to Blades once more. After a few seconds, both of them begin trading blows back and forth. It is Blades who gets the upper hand, however, as he knocks Kagura backwards with a stiff knee to the gut. Kagura recoils somewhat, holding her stomach. Blades sees his opportunity to eliminate the former Heavyweight Champion and goes for the Pele Kick. However, in the interim, Batti is pulled to her feet by Kagura and into the path of the move. Blades connects flush with the jaw of Batti and it sends her reeling backwards. Blades looks on from the canvas with a horrified look upon his face as Kagura allows Batti to stumble backwards towards the ropes and then clotheslines Batti over the top rope and onto the floor below!

    Harrys: Batti has been eliminated!

    Cohen: Uh-oh! That wasn't supposed to happen!

    Copeland: Great instincts from Kagura to pull Batti into the way of that move, folks. But just think how Tyrone Blades is feeling right now. He is part of the reason why Batti is out of this match. Who knows how that will play out going forward.

    Blades looks absolutely shocked by what has just happened but he has no time to consider the implications of his actions as Kagura is hastily attacked across the ring by Titus. Blades continues to stare at Kagura with a look of anger now appearing on his features. The big man, Jabari Kasim, cares very little about Blades' problems, however, and immediately begins stomping away at the WZCW legend. Blades manages to fight back, his actions motivated by his rage and his desire for revenge. He gets to his feet and shows the courage of a lion as he trades stiff shots and head-butts with the African giant. Jabari, for the first time really, is beaten in a fist-fight as Blades finally knocks him backwards. The weakness in the big man is plain for all to see and Blades is soon joined in his plight by Bruce Irwin and Vega. All three men begins peppering the African legend with stiff shots that send him reeling towards the nearby ropes. Jabari can barely cover up as all three men kick, punch and head-butt the big man until he is touching the ropes. Suddenly, all three grab his legs and begin lifting him off of his feet. The crowd are on their feet in anticipation and shock as Jabari is slowly lifted from his vertical base. The crowd reaches a fever pitch as all three men give one final heave and unceremoniously dump the giant over the top rope!

    Harrys: Jabari Kasim has been eliminated!

    Copeland: I don't believe what I just witnessed, folks. Jabari Kasim must have been everyone's pick with his sheer size and presence. But Blades, in a state of shock and anger, has managed to inspire a few more people to his cause and has dumped the big man out of this match. Tremendous strength and – wait a minute!

    Vega and Irwin share a crisp high 5 as Jabari lands on his feet on the outside of the ring. Jabari looks around at the referees, who are telling him to leave. He doesn't really understand what is going on truthfully. But it matters not to Tyrone Blades, who has already hit the ground running – literally. With Irwin and Vega tied up in their celebrations, Blades hits the far ropes and, upon his return, nails both Irwin and Vega with a double clothesline that sends both men over the top rope and out of the match. The crowd explode as 2 more men are unceremoniously dumped out of the Lethal Lottery!

    Harrys: Both Bruce Irwin and Vega have been eliminated!

    5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

    #27 - Matt Tastic

    Connor: Here we go! Business is very truly about to pick up, ladies and gentlemen!

    Copeland: Business is absolutely picking up now, Cat. Tyrone Blades has just eliminated 3 people on his way to controlling this match for the time being. But his task to become the first two-time winner of the Lethal Lottery match has just been very difficult with the introduction of a man with the same quest.

    Cohen: This is why I love the Lethal Lottery!

    Matt comes flying out of the curtain and sprints towards the ring. The crowd are immediately on his side, thanks to his position in the company and his energy down the ramp. He slides under the bottom rope and immediately meets Blades in the middle of the ring with some stiff punches that drives Blades backwards. But Blades isn't the only man on his hit list as Tastic goes around the ring, peppering everyone with shots that he can lay a hand on. First, it is Mussel who gets a lashing from Tastic. Then, he moves right onto Titus – who follows suit. The energy Matt is showing is incomparable to anything else seen in the Lethal Lottery match. One by one, he moves through Kagura, Lynx and Triple X until Mikey gets to his feet in the middle of the ring and Tastic turns around with a look of shock on his face. The crowd are on their feet as the two Live Mas superstars finally meet in the middle of a WZCW ring for the first time in a long while. Both men stand silently looking at each other with a smile upon their faces.

    Copeland: Wow! What a moment this is, folks. No one thought that Mikey would ever walk again a few months ago – not least his best friend, Matt Tastic. And here they both are, legends in WZCW, looking each other in the eye for a spot at Kingdom Come.

    Cohen: Only one man can make his dreams come true though, Seabass. They might still be best friends but only one of them can go on to main event Kingdom Come this year.

    Both men allow their smiles to grow even larger as the fans cheer loudly for them both. Eventually, both men share a small hug in the middle of the ring and then begin circling each other – the match is on! Both men come together with a tie-up but the excitement of the fans is soon extinguished as both King Mussel and Triple X interrupt the tie-up with clubbing blows to both Live Mas superstars. The crowd cannot believe they have been robbed of this moment and begin booing loudly but neither Mussel or Triple X seem to care a great deal. Mussel takes Matt into one corner and begins choking him with his boot – much to the hatred of the Sydney faithful. In the other corner, Triple X is nailing Mikey with some stiff elbows to the side of the head. Both men are taking a beating but that is the least of their worries as, almost simultaneously, X and Mussel lift them both off of their feet and begin trying to toss them over the top rope. The crowd are booing so loud that the commentary is barely audible.

    Connor: What a great moment it was but both men forgot where they were for a second and now they might just be dumped out of this match. Sentiment will get you nowhere in the Lethal Lottery match, ladies and gents.

    Copeland: Wait a minute! Titus is almost gone!

    In the other corner of the ring, Kagura has managed to get Titus off of his feet and is slowly hoisting him towards the top rope. The crowd cannot believe what they are seeing as three favourites in this match seem to be on their last legs in the competition. Titus holds onto the top rope but it is doing nothing to slow his rise to head-height. Soon enough, Kagura has raised Titus high enough to get him over the ropes. Titus falls to the apron as one leg dangles towards the floor. The crowd are yelling and screaming as the EurAsian Champion looks to be on his way out of this match. Kagura puts her boot to the back of Titus and begins pushing him away from the apron with all of her might. Titus is struggling to stay in this match but, somehow, manages divert her boot from his back and lands a swift punch to Kagura's pretty features, Kagura stumbles backwards and Titus wastes no time in scurrying under the bottom rope and back into the match.

    Cohen: I thought Titus was a goner there, guys. But the EurAsian Champion is famous for surviving when the pressure is on and that's just another example of it!

    Copeland: Incredible stuff there, Jack, you're right.

    Meanwhile, Lynx has taken up with Tyrone Blades and both of them are in the middle of the ring. Blades looks to be getting the better of the exchange but a roundhouse kick to the guts of the Hall of Fame superstar turns that tide. Blades falls to one knee as Lynx hits the far ropes. He returns with pace and nails Blades with a running knee that sends Blades back to the canvas. Lynx looks around the crowd as Blades is incapacitated in just the right spot. The crowd know what he is going for and get to their feet once more. Lynx immediately makes his over to the side of the ring and begins climbing the turn-buckles. He looks behind him and makes sure that Blades is still in position. Taking so many chances, Lynx executes a perfect moonsault from the top rope right onto the sternum of Tyrone Blades. The crowd let out a huge cheer as the Elite Openweight Champion makes his gamble pay off. He tries to pull Blades back to his feet but Blades is dead weight at this point. He continues to struggle as the timer begins once more...

    5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

    #28 – Garth Black

    Copeland: NO WAY!!

    Cohen: I don't believe it!

    Connor: Yes, it is him!

    As the familiar tones of Garth Black's music begins playing, the crowd are on their feet once again – the shock of the moment lost on no one. After a few seconds, Garth Black appears through the curtain to one of the most raucous ovations of the whole night. Black looks to be the same person as before as he surveys the Sydney crowd. No one can quite believe it is him but he meakes his way down the ramp nonetheless.

    Copeland: Garth Black has not been seen in WZCW in months, folks. The former World Champion enters at number 28 and has to be considered amongst the favourites for this match now! He looks to be in great shape, given the rumours of what happened to him in his time away from the Fed.

    Garth walks down to the ring and slowly walks up the steps and into the ring. In the ring, Lynx has finally managed to get Blades back to his feet and is struggling to get him over the top rope. Black enters the ring to a massive cheer from the crowd. He saunters towards Lynx and Blades and nonchalantly picks both of them up and tosses them both over the top. Blades manages to hold onto the top rope and saves himself. But the shock of being attacked form behind is too much for the Elite Openweight Champion as he tumbles to the floor.

    Harrys: Lynx has been eliminated!

    Lynx hits the floor and looks up towards Garth Black above him in the ring. Lynx cannot believe ho bad his luck has been as he shakes his head and closes his eyes. Black stares down at Lynx with a smile on his face. But that smile is soon wiped from his features as Blades leathers him with a punch to the mouth that sends him reeling backwards. Blades seizes the opportunity to get back through the ropes and then runs at Black. But has regained his composure though and manages to catch Blades with a perfect judo throw that takes both men to the canvas. Black wastes no time in going to town on Blades, hitting him with a flurry of punches to the face. With that accomplished, Black gets to his feet and raises both hands into the air – the adrenaline coursing through his veins once again. The fans give him a much more mixed reception now but Black doesn't care one bit. Black's moment is cut very short, however, as Mussel comes from behind and nails him with a double-axe handle to the back of his head. Black hits the canvas as the fitness enthusiast stands over him wirh a sick smile on his face. Mussel begins laying the boot into the former World Champion as the crowd begin booing mercilessly. Suddenly though, those boos are changed to cheers as Blades sluggishly gets to his feet behind Mussel. The crowd know that the meeting of the two intense superstars in coming and they cannot wait!

    Copeland: Here we go, ladies and gentlemen! These two surely have no love lost between them. And with so few entrants left to enter this match, it's about time they settled this once and for all!

    Cohen: Look at the hairs on the back of my arm, Seabass! I am absolutely loving this!

    Mussel mirrors the action of Garth only seconds ago by raising both of his massive pythons in the air in celebration. Suddenly though, he is turned around by Blades and is immediately met with a stiff punch to the mouth. Mussel fires back and, soon enough, both men are trading stiff shots in the middle of the ring. But Mussel is the man who gets the better of the exchange and nails Blades with a swift head-butt that sends him reeling towards the ropes. Mussel allows the same sick smile to appear on his face as blood begins to slowly pour from the nose of Tyrone Blades. Mussel saunters across the ring and nails Tyrone with another head-butt to the face. Blades falls to one knee but Mussel soon picks him up and attempts to put him over the top rope. The crowd take a sharp intake of breath as their attention is fixed on the struggle between the two. The struggle between them is great as Blades wraps his arm around the head of Mussel and begins pulling him over the top with him. Until suddenly, the most insane thing happens! From under the ring, Batti appears and pulls Mussel over the top rope as Blades lands on the apron and rolls back into the ring! Mussel tumbles out of Blades arm and onto the floor below!

    Harrys: King Mussel has been eliminated!

    Copeland: I can't believe it, folks! Batti never left ringside! No one noticed her at the side of the ring and she has just saved Tyrone Blades from, undoubtedly, being eliminated from this match.

    Connor: What's more, she's just put King Mussel out of the match that he wanted to win more than anything. I know for a fact that Mussel isn't going to take this lightly at all! What have you done, Batti!?

    Cohen: The timer!

    5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

    #29 – Vox

    Copeland: It's everyone's favourite fund-raiser, Cat!

    Connor: What a great number for Vox to pick from the lot, Seabass. Number 29 means that he only has to outlast the 7 others in the ring and whoever number 30 might be.

    Cohen: Think of all the charitable causes Vox could set up if he won the Lethal Lottery! He's my pick now!

    Vox enters the arena to a good reaction from the fans. He looks excited to be a part of the match and offers everyone a warm smile as he makes his way down the ramp. Inside the ring, Kagura is still wrestling with Titus in the corner of the ring, whilst Tyrone Blades rests in another corner on his own. Meanwhile, Triple X has set his mind to putting Mikey Stormrage out of this match once and for all. He has Mikey in the corner and is now peppering him with more slaps to the bare chest. The crowd are on his back as Vox slides into the ring and makes a dash for Garth Black. Vox gets a great cheer from the Sydney crowd as he stomps Black into oblivion and then makes his way towards Titus and Kagura. Titus had managed to rally back with a few shots to Kagura but is soon put under more pressure as Vox lands a stiff punch to his lower back that makes Titus yell out in pain. Vox whips him across the ring and then nails him with a stunning cross-body. In one corner, however, Mikey is struggling to deal with Triple X. X has managed to summon all of his remaining strength to hoists Mikey up onto the top rope. The crowd don't want to say goodbye to the newly-returned superstar and are shouting at Mikey to find some way to stay in the match – an action that Mikey manages to find by scarping the eyes of Triple X. X drops Mikey and recoils in sheer pain, clutching at his eyes and hobbling backwards. Suddenly, Matt Tastic appears in camera shot and grabs X by the scruff of the neck and runs him towards the ropes – tossing him over the top rope and out of the match! The crowd are on their feet as X slams to the outside with a look of pure shock on his face and his red eyes wide open!

    Harrys: Triple X has been eliminated!

    Copeland: Triple X is out! The team of Live Mas has conspired to get rid of one of the most dangerous people in this match, a man who could have very easily gone on to win the whole thing, This crowd is on fire!

    Cohen: Dirty tactics by Mikey Stormrage in the first place, Seabass! Triple X might be out of this match but there is no doubt that his expedition to rid this company of its false idols will continue, mark my words. He might have just added a few more names to that list actually.

    The newly-initiated Vox makes a run for Matt Tastic and manages to blind-side him with a belly to back suplex that takes the Hall of Fame superstar to the canvas. But Vox is soon met with a reply from Mikey Stormrage. As Vox gets to his feet, Mikey runs over to him and nails him with a clothesline that takes him right back down to the canvas. With everyone else tied up for the time being, Mikey hits the nearby ropes and than drops his entire body weight on Vox – crushing him and sending the air out of his lungs in the process. As Mikey gets to his feet, Black makes a run for him but is immediately met with a spine-buster from the rotund former Heavyweight Champion. Black slams to the canvas as Kagura spies a moment to catch Mikey off guard. She stalks Mikey from behind, waiting on her moment to strike. But, from seemingly nowhere, Matt runs at her and nails her with a beautiful drop-kick that sends her across the ring with speed.

    Copeland: Could it be? Are Live Mas on the same page here, Jack?

    Cohen: It wouldn't surprise me at all, Seabass. They have a history of being an unstoppable tag team. It would make a lot of sense for both of them to work together to try and get a bit furhter in this match.

    Connor: And who would be able to stop them if they did, Jack? I don't agree with it but I can see why it is an attractive proposition to both.

    The crowd are on their feet as Mikey and Matt finally resume their positions in the middle of the ring. They both look around the ring, looking for the next competitor to take on but no one is ready for it – They have cleared the ring. The crowd beginning a chant of “LIVE MAS” as Mikey and Matt share a smile one more time. But any dreams of both men working together are quickly dashes as they share a fist bump and tie up, just like before. Both men struggle for position but it is Mikey who manages to get the better of the situation, landing a swift knee to the gut of his brother in arms. He hits the ropes once more and goes for a knee to the side of Matt's temple. Matt, somehow, manages to get out of the way and then catches Mikey with a bulldog before he can turn around. The fans give a cheer for the sportsmanship between the two men as they both struggle to get back to their feet. Matt catches Mikey with a few chops to the chest as they both make their way into a corner of the ring. Matt continues to pepper Mikey with shots but Mikey fires back with an elbow to the jaw. Suddenly, the timer appears on the tron for the final time.

    Cohen: The timer is on again, Seabass! It's got to be Blazing Tiger, we haven't seen anything from him and he was announced.

    Copeland: It's got to be, right?

    5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

    #30 – Constantine

    Connor: YES!!

    Copeland: It can't be, can it!?

    After the opening chords of Constantine's music begins, the Hall of Fame superstar makes his appearance onto the stage. The fans in the arena are all on their feet and cheering louder than anything Constantine has ever heard in his entire career. No one can believe what they are seeing as the former Heavyweight Champion stands on the stage, his music blasting out. Constantine looks down at his knee – bandaged and protected visibly as he nods and begins walking towards the ring.


    Constantine looks into the ring as he marches towards his fate. One more chance to main event Kingdom Come and fulfil his final dream in WZCW. Mikey Stormrage and Matt Tastic control the ring as they look at each other with a look of concern on their face. Each of them begin shouting at the other until Constantine rolls under the bottom rope and is immediately set upon by Mikey and Matt. Both member of Live Mas begins stomping the Power Trip but Constantine manages to fight his way up, punching both Matt and Mikey anywhere he can for a second of respite. He finally gets to a vertical base but is soon caught by a super-kick to the chin from Matt Tastic. Constantine stumbles backwards and rests against the ropes with both arms outstretched and a dazed look upon his aged features. Mikey signals to Matt to go for the double clothesline but Constantine manages to duck underneath their arms. All three square up and Constantine launches a double clothesline of his own, catching both Mikey and Matt and propelling them over the top rope and out of the match! The crowd burst into life as Constantine staggers backwards in sheer shock!

    Harrys: Both Matt Tastic and Mikey Stormrage have been eliminated!

    Copeland: He's did it! Constantine has eliminated two of his fiercest rivals and is one step closer to main eventing Kingdom Come!

    Cohen: He's my pick, Seabass! Constantine is going all the way, I can feel it!

    Constantine looks down at Mikey and Matt on the floor with a stunned look upon his face but he is soon woken from his daze as Vox grabs him by the scruff of the neck and runs him towards the ropes, hoping to eliminate the Power Trip and improve his own odds of main eventing Kingdom Come. The crowd take a sharp intake of breath as Constantine ears the ropes but manages to reverse the move and tosses Vox staright over the top and onto the floor below!

    Harrys: Vox has been eliminated!

    Connor: Vox is gone! And just like that we are down to 5!

    Constantine grabs the top rope and looks down at the wreckage he has caused. On the floor, Mikey, Matt and Vox sit cursing their luck. Suddenly, however, Titus sneaks up behind the Power Trip and unceremoniously tosses him straight over the top rope and onto the pile of bodies that he had caused! The crowd cannot believe it! Constantine gets to his knees and puts both of his hands on his head. His chances of main eventing Kingdom Come are over...

    Harrys: Constantine has been eliminated!

    Copeland: No! What a sad way for the career of John Constantine to end after such an exhilarating return. He must have thought that it was going to be his night after eliminating Mikey, Matt and Vox in short order. But he took his eye off of the ball and Titus ended it all.

    Cohen: There's no shame in that, Seabass. He is running on fumes in terms of his career. He tried one more time to get to the Kingdom Come main event and he failed. But 29 others will fail tonight, there's no shame in it.

    Connor: He looks utterly distraught.

    Titus offers Constantine a sickening smile as he turns back to the ring and settles in the near corner. As is traditional, all 4 competitors who are left in the match all seem to have found their way to a corner of their own. All 3 men and 1 woman get to their feet and the stare down continues. In the rafters, the Kingdom Come sign hangs in the balance. All 4 competitors look at it as the crowd give them all a massive cheer in anticipation. Blades lets go of a massive breath of air as the tension begins to rise. Suddenly, all 4 competitors run at each other and a massive brawl breaks out in the middle of the ring!

    Copeland: And this is it, folks! You can feel the electricity in the air. One of these competitors is going to Kingdom Come to face off against Eve Taylor for the Heavyweight Championship. 4 competitors of ridiculous talent and all of whom could win. 4 former Heavyweight Champions in their own right and 2 former Lethal Lottery winners too!

    Cohen: You can see how much this means to everyone in that ring, Cat, they are leaving nothing in their tanks now. And that's the way it should be! Kingdom Come is beckoning and only one of these competitors gets to go! Who's it gonna be?

    Connor: Who wants it more? Who's got what it takes!?

    All 4 competitors battle in the middle of the ring until it is clear that Garth Black and Kagura have gotten the better of Titus and Tyrone Blades. Black leathers Titus with a punch to the jaw that sends him reeling back into the corner from which he came. Black looks like he is still pretty fresh and is putting the screws to Titus. Meanwhile, Kagura looks keen to reclaim her spot at Kingdom Come and is doing the same to Tyrone Blades. Kagura manages to hoist Blades up onto the top rope, a familiar scenario for Blades during this Lottery match. Blades struggles against the hold and finally manages to lash out at Kagura – causing her to drop him back into the ring. Blades takes the opportunity to reclaim some of his momentum and retaliates with a running high knee to the face of the most former Heavyweight Champion. Kagura stumbles backwards and then falls into the corner of the ring. Blades watches Kagura fall into the corner and then runs at her once more, nailing her with a stomp to her torso. Meanwhile, Titus is still struggling with Black and now finds himself being lifted towards the top rope. The fans are on their feet as one of the most hated men in the company now finds himself on the wrong end of a potential elimination. Black gives one final hoist and Titus goes over the top, landing on the apron and standing up. The fans are going crazy as Black goes to nail him with a final punch that would take Titus out of the match. Titus manages to get an arm up to block the punch and then fires back with a punch of his own. Black staggers backwards and Titus scurries through the ropes again.

    Copeland: The EurAsian Champion almost found himself out of the match there, folks. But as it stands at the moment, we still have 4 former Heavyweight Champions in the ring.

    Cohen: The toils of this match are starting to show, especially on Titus and Blades who have been in the match the longest now, Over 20 minutes of surviving and doing just enough.

    Titus gets back into the ring and gives Black a kick to the guts. Black bends over and Titus nails him with a stunning DDT that takes Black back to the mat. Black rolls over but is met with an immediate attack from Tyrone Blades. Blades hits the ropes and then stomps Black with the same move as he just attacked Kagura with. Black lets out a yell of agony as both Titus and Blades gets back to their feet. Titus tells Blades to pull Black back to his feet and Blades obliges. Titus gives Blades a nod to give Black a kick and that soon happens. Titus hits the ropes and then nails Black with THE TIT DROP (Fame Asser). The crowd goes wild as Titus soon pulls Black back to his feet and urges Blades to help him toss Black out. Soon enough, both men grab Black and throw him over the top rope!

    Harrys: Garth Black has been eliminated!
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    Connor: And we are now down to 3! The most former Heavyweight Champion, looking for a way back to the main event of Kingdom Come, the EurAsian Champion who has beaten everyone who has stood before him, and the most successful Heavyweight Champion in the history of this company! I couldn't have picked a better top 3!

    Copeland: And it looks as though Titus and Blades are echoing their days as the Hollow Ones now, Cat. A very dangerous alliance if it comes to fruition.

    Cohen: Wait a minute!

    As soon as Garth hits the floor, Titus grabs Blades' hair and runs him towards the ropes. He tosses Blades over the top rope, much to the surprise and shock of the Sydney fans. However, as he has done so many times in this match, Blades manages to hang on and stand on the apron. Titus goes for the punch and it catches Blades on the chin – causing one of his hands to let go. Titus goes for another punch but is met with a block from Blades, who is now fighting for his survival more than any other time in the match. The crowd cheer as Blades rallies on the apron – still in an uncompromising situation. The heat, however, is soon turned up as Kagura begins to move towards him. The crowd don't want to see Blades dumped out as Kagura lands a swift kick through the ropes and then grabs Blades by the neck in a headlock position. Soon enough, Titus joins in on the act and is looking for a double suplex. With all of the strength that Blades has left in his body, he resists the lift and, somehow, manages to pull both Titus and Kagura over the top so that all three are now standing on the apron. The crowd cannot believe what they are seeing as all three fight for the ultimate win!

    Cohen: Look at this, Seabass! This is the end of it all, I can feel it!

    With Kagura on his left and Titus now on his right on the apron, Blades finds himself in the middle of a danger sandwich. He immediately lashes out at Titus, landing a stiff punch to the jaw that sends Titus staggering backwards a little. Blades then turns his attention to Kagura but is immediately caught with a kick to the guts one more time. With revenge in his heart for the jaw-jacker, Titus goes for the lariat to the back of Blades' head but as Blades ducks, he catches Kagura on the chin and sends her flying to the floor below! Blades wriggles through the ropes and back to safety.

    Harrys: Kagura has been eliminated!

    Copeland: That's it, ladies and gentlemen! We are down to the final 2 in the 9th annual Lethal Lottery event! And what's more, they are both former winners! For the first time in WZCW history, we will have a 2 time winner of the Lethal Lottery event!

    Connor: And you might have bet that it would have been Blades and Titus who would have made it this far. Two WZCW legends have outlasted 28 others and will now fight for the right to make, yet more, WZCW history!

    Cohen: One man goes on to face Eve Taylor at the 9th Kingdom Come event!

    Titus looks down at Kagura on the floor with a look of shock on his face. It might not have been his intention to eliminate her but it certainly worked out to his benefit. Blades crawls across the mat as Titus re-enters the ring. With the EurAsian Champion standing tall in the ring, many of the Sydney WZCW loyal are expecting him to begin his final assault on Blades. But, rather curiously, Titus stands still – looking around the crowd as Blades begins pulling himself back to a vertical base. A stoic look crosses the features of the EurAsian Champion as he picks out one sign in the front row of the crowd. Blades gets to his feet and looks stunned that he has not been attacked yet. Titus begins talking to him under the noise of thousands of fans yelling their encouragement for both. Titus extends his finger towards the sign that reads “With Love, The Hollow Ones”. Titus allows a smile to appear on his face as he extends a hand towards Blades. The crowd are on their feet and clapping furiously as Blades studies his opponent for a second. Titus points to the sign one more time and nods his head silently. Blades nods his head and extends his hand as both men share a handshake in the middle of the ring.

    Copeland: Wow! What a moment this is, folks. Both Titus and Tyrone Blades were two of the driving forces behind ridding this company of the blight that was Vis Imperium. Titus and Blades have given this company everything they have and now they get the chance to see who the better man really is.

    Connor: Two legends of this industry that have done more for the name WZCW than anyone else possibly could have. What an amazing moment they have shared.

    Cohen: Both of these men have been in the match for about 30 minutes now and will be feeling the toils of how physically demanding this match can be. This match is all about who wants it more!

    Suddenly, both men drop the handshake and begin pounding each other with fists, similar to something from an ice hockey fight. The crowd explode into life as the two Hall of Fame superstars that remain leave everything in the ring – fighting to make history and, once again, headline the biggest show of the year. The punches continue for about 15 seconds until both men look physically exhausted. Blades nails Titus with one final uppercut that sends Titus reeling backwards. Titus hits the ropes and uses the momentum to spring back towards Blades, nailing him with a clothesline of his own. Blades hits the canvas once more as Titus stands above him. Avison takes a deep breath as he begins pummelling Blades with heavy stomps to the chest and limbs. Blades attempts to get back up but Titus nails him with another stomp to the back that sends him back down. Titus shakes his head as Blades continues to try getting back up – unleashing another stomp to Blades' back that sends him down again. Titus shakes his head once more before mouthing something to Blades. Suddenly, Titus walks away from Blades and slides under the bottom rope, collecting a steel chair from ringside and then going back in.

    Copeland: No, Titus! The man is beat! There's no need for this!

    Cohen: The problem with that notion, Seabass, is that Blades just never knows that he's beat. Titus is the only man left standing and yet Blades can't recognise that his match is done! The race is run and Titus is the winner.

    Connor: Don't count Blades out just yet, Jack.

    Titus gets back into the ring as Blades begins getting up once more. Titus stalks his prey like a lion stalking an antelope. A look of anger crosses the features of the EurAsian Champion as everyone in the audience, barring the TMZ, boo loudly. With chair in hand, Titus waits for Blades to get back to his feet and turn around. He swings the chair but Blades manages to duck out the way at the last moment. Titus hurls around, his momentum turning him inside out. Suddenly. Baldes nails him with CLICK, CLACK (Superkick) that sends Titus reeling towards the ropes! With everything he has left, Blades finishes the move with the running knee that connects with the chair and then Titus' forehead! The EurAsian Champion tumbles over the top rope and onto the floor below! Blades has done it!!


    Harrys: Titus Avison has been eliminated! Therefore, the winner of this match, and heading onto Kingdom Come, TYRRRROOOOONE BLADES!!

    Titus looks absolutely devastated on the outside of the ring as he looks up to the rafters. Mr. Jones pats him on the back as if to say no hard feelings. In the middle of the ring, Blades gets to one knee and is immediately greeted by a referee, who holds his arm aloft. Blades looks stunned as he looks at his own arm being raised into the air. He runs both of his hands through his hair as he looks around the audience who, to a person, are on their feet for the WZCW legend. He has entertained them all!

    Cohen: What a moment for Tyrone Blades, Seabass. The first two time winner of the Lethal Lottery match and absolutely deserved it. He's going to Kingdom Come to take on Eve Taylor. And what a match that ought to be!

    Connor: And that right there, Jack, is all you need to know!

    In the ring, Blades moves towards the corner of the ring and mounts the turn-buckle. He points towards the Kingdom Come sign high in the rafters as the crowd continue to applaud and cheer for his performance.

    Copeland: What a night it has been, ladies and gentlemen! The Road to Kingdom Come is well and truly upon us. Tyrone Blades has won his second Lethal Lottery and has booked his spot at Kingdom Come! What other matches and surprises await us at the 9th Kingdom Come? We will soon find out! But for now, thank you for joining us!

    The final shot of the night is Blades raising his chin up with tears in his eyes, pointing towards the sign...
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    WHC - Yaz
    Lottery Part 1 - Lee
    Lottery Part 2 - KJ/Lee
    Lottery Part 3 - Lee
    Lottery Part 4 - Dave
    Lottery Part 5 - Dave

    Rep accordingly!
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