Lethal Lottery IX: By the numbers

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    The Prize?

    A trip to the biggest stage of them all: Kingdom Come. The winner of the Lethal Lottery will face the winner of Kagura v Eve Taylor v Batti.


    Eight winners

    We see a clip of Big Will eliminating Steamboat Ricky to win Lethal Lottery I
    We see a clip of Titus eliminating Carmen Bratchny to win Lethal Lottery II
    We see a clip of Showtime eliminating Big Dave to win Lethal Lottery III
    We see a clip of Ty Burna eliminating Big Dave to win Lethal Lottery IV
    We see a clip of Drake Callahan eliminating Rush to win Lethal Lottery V
    We see a clip of Matt Tastic eliminating Chris KO to win Lethal Lottery VI
    We see a clip of Dr. Zeus eliminating Matt Tastic to win Lethal Lottery VII
    We see a clip of Justin Cooper eliminating Tyrone Blades to win Lethal Lottery VIII


    Five Hall of Famers have won the Lethal Lottery. Big Will, Titus Avison, Showtime, Tyrone Blades and Matt Tastic.


    With six events with thirty competitors and two with twenty there have been 220 competitors in the Lethal Lottery match. Only eight have won.


    The first ever competitor in a Lethal Lottery match was “Highlight” Aaron Craig.


    The Mandroid S.H.I.T was the 100th Competitor at number 20 in Lethal Lottery IV.


    The 200th Competitor was Logan McAllister who entered number 10 at Lethal Lottery VIII.


    At Lethal Lottery VIII Logan McAllister entered as Elite Openweight champion but Noah Ryder left as champion after cashing in his KFAD. This marks the first time a title has changed hands during the Lethal Lottery.

    1 to 6

    When Showtime won Lethal Lottery III he only eliminated one other competitor. Ty Burna, Matt Tastic and Drake Callahan eliminated four. Big Will and Titus had five whilst Dr. Zeus and Justin Cooper hold the winner record of six eliminations.


    Four is the number of people Mr. Baller eliminated at Lethal Lottery IV. This was Saboteur, Action Saxton, Rush and Black Dragon. At Lethal Lottery III he used a basketball to eliminate Justin Cooper yet at Lethal Lottery II he tried to pin Phoenix. Neither of those will be in the Lottery this year. Will we see a Mr. Baller return?

    (un)Lucky 13

    Tradition has that 3, 7 or 8 are lucky numbers and all three have produced winners. Dr. Zeus and Drake Callahan entered at number 3, Ty Burna and Justin Cooper was at 7 and Big Will and Showtime were number 8. Yet when Titus Avison won Lethal Lottery II he entered at the unlucky number 13. Matt Tastic entered at number 6. Will we see 13 or 6 win this year?


    That's the chance of winning the big one. With Matt Tastic, Big Will, Titus, Dr. Zeus and Justin Cooper winning the prize. If you ignore Matt Tastic's win (as that was for the championship) there's a 57% chance the Lethal Lottery winner will win at Kingdom Come.


    With 220 competitors and 8 winners you have only a 3.6% chance of winning the Lottery. If you factor in your chance of winning AND winning the World Heavyweight Championship at Kingdom Come this comes in at 2.27%!

    4 or 5?

    Lethal Lottery V, VI, VII and VIII all saw new World Champions crowned. Will we see this happen tonight to make it five in a row or will the run end at four?


    Zero is the number of people who have won the Lottery twice. Will we see our first two time winner this year? Titus Avison, Matt Tastic and Tyrone Blades are all confirmed for the match. Will we see a surprise return of a previous winner?


    Currently this is the amount of views all eight lottery shows have had. WZCW management thank you all for your continued support and we hope you enjoy Lethal Lottery IX.

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