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    Mr. Bank walks out proudly on to the entrance stage. The Cubans give him a very warm reaction as he waves out to the roaring crowd.He makes his way down the entrance ramp.

    Copeland: Welcome, WZCW Universe! We are in the passionate country of Cuba. Live at the Estadio Latinoamericano in Havana! We are fresh off our amazing Gold Rush PPV!

    Cohen: The nation of Cuba has been ever-so-inviting to us since our arrival. And look, they are already getting their money’s worth. They are getting to see the big guy himself, the WZCW majority owner, Mr. Banks!

    Copeland: It certinaly is a surprise that Mr. Banks would grace Meltdown 117 tonight, but one thing is for sure. When he comes out to address the WZCW Universe, it is for a purpose. Most often those purposes are game-changing.

    Cohen: I can’t wait!

    The crowd is still buzzing as Mr. Banks is now in the ring with a microphone in his hand. He confidently smiles as he waits for them to quiet down.

    Banks: Thank you for your warm welcome. For the first time ever, WZCW is live in HAVANA, CUBA!

    The crowd explodes in approval.

    Banks: The reason I am out here is because tonight marks the beginning a long journey for WZCW. We are an American based company, but we realize that our fanbase stretches across the globe. Cuba marks the beginning of our long international tour.

    The crowd pops at the declaration.

    Banks: But not only does tonight mark the beginning of our tour, but it marks the beginning of the cycle to one of WZCW’s longest televised annual Pay-Per-Views. In this year where we have seen so much change to our big event schedule, there is nothing that can quite replace what you get when it comes to Unscripted.

    The crowd pops at the name of the PPV.

    Banks: So, tonight we offer you a sampling. A sliver of what Unscripted will offer in a few weeks. Tonight we showcase two of WZCW’s finest in an epic conclusion to a heated blood feud. Tonight we see Chris K.O.--

    Bank has to pause as the crowd goes wild at the mention of the bearded superstar.

    Banks: Versus James Howard.

    The crowd turns sour at the sound of Howards’ name. Their souring worsens as a tune hits the PA sytem.


    The crowd boos heavily as James Howard walks out on to the entrance stage. He swipes his nose and looks out at the crowd in disgust. He waste no time as he makes way down the entrance ramp to the ring.

    Copeland: Well, there he is. The man who beat Chris K.O. at Gold Rush in a Chairs Match somewhat controversially. He distracted Chris by threatening Steve the Volleyball with a steel chair. Chris took the bait and it cost him the match.

    Cohen: Quit trying to paint it in a negative light, Seabass! There is no DQs in a Chairs Match. Let the record show that James Howard beat Chris K.O. exactly by the book!

    Howard stands opposed to Banks in the ring. He now sports a microphone in his hand.

    Banks: James, first let me say that I am glad that you are back with us here in WZCW. You’ve been nothing short of fantastic since your return, but let me ask you one thing. What possessed you to come out here and interrupt me?

    The crowd pops at the tension in the ring.

    Howard: That’s a fair question, Banks. Yeah, it is. Because you see I have no qualms with facing Chris K.O. again tonight. I have no qualms with the possible stipulations. I beat him at Gold Rush with a steel chair. I can surely do it again whether it be with another weapon or simply my bare hands.

    The crowd disagrees and they let Howard know with thier boos.

    Howard: My issues is the fact that it is for the #1 Contendership to the EurAsian Championship.

    Banks: You have an issue with being given a title shot?


    The crowd boos.

    Howard: I already beat Christopher at Gold Rush. I already proved that I am the #1 Contender to any title in the WZCW. The fact that I have to jump through one more hoop is appalling.

    Banks: Well, James. The last time I checked, you and Chris were one and one in singles competition.

    The crowd cheers at Banks’ retort.

    Howard: That first match was a flu-

    Banks: Let me stop you right there. I came out here for two reasons. The first was to welcome all these wonderful people to Meltdown 117.

    The crowd pops.

    Banks: The second was to announce the stipulation for your match tonight with Chris K.O. for the #1 Contendership to the EurAsian Title. The winner facing Theron Daggershield at Unscripted.

    The crowd pops again. This time at the mention of Theron.

    Banks: And I really wish you would have found me earlier in the day, because I may have already let the stipulation slip to a certain someone.

    The crowd buzzes with curiosity as Howard looks confused.

    Banks: Ladies and gentlemen, by choice of all of your voting, tonight we will see the return of a forgotten art in WZCW. Tonight we see James Howard vs. Chris K.O. in a MAYHEM RULES MATCH!

    The crowd roars in approval. Their excitement is ignited even further at the sound of a tune.


    Chris runs out of the gorilla position while pushing a shopping cart full of hardware supplies! Banks exits the ring as Howard drops his microphone and prepares for battle.

    Copeland: It’s Mayhem Rules tonight in our main event, but Chris is ready to get the fight started now!

    Chris slams the shopping cart against the ring apron and pulls a barbedwired bat out of the cart. He holds it up for the crowd to marvel at it. Howard is still in the ring, but he exits as soon as Chris slides in. The crowd boos as Howard runs over to the entrance ramp. Chris yells at him to pick a weapon from the cart and get into the ring. Howard cusses at him as he makes his way up the ramp. He yells out, “We’ll settle this later tonight!”

    Cohen: Chris is nuts!

    Copeland: I can't wait to see these two in the main event tonight! Later we get the return of Mayhem in WZCW, but before that we have an action-packed card. The new EurAsian Champion is in action against Alhazred, and Kagura Ohzora rebounds off of losing the Elite X Title as she takes on Bruce Irwin!

    Cohen: There’s that and much more! Don’t go away, WZCW Universe! We are live with Meltdown 117 in Cuba!



    We cut to a place backstage. We see a door plate with "HMP" in bold gold printed on it. A loud scraping sound occurs as we see a janitor scraping off the plate from the door. The camera pans and zooms in on something down the hallway. Alhazred is watching from afar. His upper-torso is poked out from a round a corner. A single tear falls from his right eye. He mutters under his breath.

    Alhazred: Rosebud...

    The camera fades out.
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    We see Leon Kensworth standing by with Kagura Ohzora and her manager Gozaburo, ready for an interview.

    Kensworth: Kagura Ohzora, at Gold Rush, you lost your Elite X championship to elegANT in a very competitive match. What are your plans heading into the future?

    Gozaburo steps forward.

    Gozaburo: There is no denying that Kagura Ohzora failed to defend the Elite X championship successfully against the elegANT. He put up an excellent fight and he wanted to win the title more than Ohzora wanted to keep it.

    Kagura lowers her head.

    Gozaburo: But that's been the story of Kagura Ohzora here in WZCW. Every time a challenge too tough for Kagura is presented, she dusts herself off and keeps on training; keeps on competing. This time is no different and I intend on training Kagura harder than ever bef-

    Gozaburo trails off as he, along with Kagura & Leon, here previously distant noises become very loud complaints. They turn around to see Eve Taylor trying to keep up with WZCW Owner Mr Banks.

    Taylor: ... and I'm owed a damn Eurasian championship rematch! You can't deny me my legal right to promote tonight's main event! You are screwing me out of my Eurasian title, just like Theron did at Gold Rush!

    Banks stops, hearing enough of Eve's complaints.

    Banks: Miss Taylor, you are not owed a championship rematch. There is no clause in your contract that states you are owed one and besides, you didn't even successfully defend your title once during your reign. Theron beat your fair and square in your first and only title defense and you lost.

    Taylor: But... but I'm the first-ever female to win Eurasian championship gold by myself. Shouldn't that count for something?

    Banks: I wish it did for your sake but it doesn't, unfortunately... but you're not alone. Miss Ohzora here was also the first female to win the Elite X title and just like yourself, she isn't owed a re-match for the Elite X title. The two of you need to show me and the rest of the world why you deserve another shot. Now... if you'll excuse me, I've got some important matters to attend.

    Banks walks off, leaving a shocked Eve Taylor and everyone else behind. Ohzora respectfully bows as Banks leaves, causing Taylor to look at her with malicious intent.

    Taylor: He tells you that you cannot get a championship re-match for your own title and you bow?

    She scoffs and shakes her head in disgust, stomping away from the scene. She lets out a frustrated scream as Leon & Gozaburo look at each other. Kagura shrugs.

    Gozaburo: Someone has their Calvin Klein's in a twist... anyway, you heard Mr. Banks: Kagura needs to earn her spot again and that's exactly what we aim to do and tonight, that starts off by winning her match against a familiar opponent in Bruce Irwin.


    Harrys: The following contest is set for one fall!


    Harrys: Introducing first, from Los Angeles California, The Masked Warrior…Prince!

    Prince appears on the ramp and as he makes his way down to the ring he shakes hands with the audience in the front row before entering the ring and posing on the turnbuckle.

    Copeland: Prince hasn’t had the most successful tenure here in WZCW so far but he’s looking to get back on track tonight.

    : How many times has that line been used? If the kid wants to start winning he’s going to have to start changing it up.

    Copeland: We’ll see if he does just that against his opponent tonight.


    Harrys: And his opponent, from the last chance saloon, Garth Black!

    Garth walks down to the ring purposefully, carrying a bottle of water. On the way down to the ring he looks into the camera and says “sweet dreams Prince” and makes his way to the ring. Before he enters he tosses the water bottle aside and slides under the bottom rope to prepare for the match.

    Copeland: Garth Black makes his return to WZCW tonight; it’ll be interesting to see if he still has what it takes to compete in the best wrestling company in the world.

    Cohen: Garth is a WZCW veteran but this is not the same company it was when he left. It’ll definitely be an adjustment.

    The bell rings and Prince and Garth immediately lock up. Garth is able to maneuver his way to the back of Prince and attempts a German Suplex but the masked warrior is able to block the move by wrapping his own leg around Garth’s. Prince immediately begins hammering elbows into the side of Garth’s head forcing him to release the hold. A dazed Garth then walks right into a reverse DDT and Prince goes for the cover 1…2…Garth kicks out. Prince does not let up as he immediately begins pounding away on Garth. He picks up the veteran and goes to Irish whip him but Garth reverses and instead hits a belly to belly suplex. Prince pops right back up into a hurricanrana from Garth! The masked warrior rolls under the bottom rope for a breather but Garth doesn’t look to let up. He signals to the crowd to get hyped and goes to the rope looking for a diving elbow to the outside. But as he’s posing for the fans Prince quickly scales the apron all the way to the top rope and clutches Garth into a T-Bone suplex back into the ring!

    Copeland: What agility by Prince!

    Cohen: Indeed, Garth’s lack of focus was his downfall there and if Prince wants to win he’s got to take advantage of that.

    Both men are down in the middle of the ring but Prince begins to crawl toward a seemingly lifeless Garth. He drapes his hand over his body and the ref makes the count 1…2…Garth just barely gets his shoulder up! A frustrated Prince slowly makes it to his feet and picks up Garth looking for an Electric Chair…only for Garth to slip out and hit an enziguri sending a stunned Prince into the corner. Garth then gets to his feet and hits a flying body splash into the corner. He then hits a dazed Prince with a northern lights suplex bridging into a cover 1..2…Prince powers out! Garth gets to his feet and signals for the Blackout. He waits for Prince to get up and gets him in the fireman’s carry. As he propels him into the air looking to hit the knee Prince catches it! He then hits a vicious dragon screw contorting Garth’s leg in ways it’s not supposed to. As Garth struggles to get up on one leg Prince bounces off the ropes delivering a pounce sending Garth flying into a turnbuckle!

    Cohen: What a sequence, this kid might actually win!

    Copeland: But he’s got to capitalize, go for it Prince!

    Prince is noticeable tired but still makes his way toward Garth for the pin. As he hooks the leg looking for the pin Garth reverses into a crucifix for his own pinning combination! 1…2….Prince kicks out. The masked warrior pops right up looking to continue the fight but Garth meets him with a vicious judo throw sending Prince down on his neck! He then gets Prince up onto his shoulders and hits the Blackout! He hooks the leg 1…2….3!

    Harrys: And here is your winner, Garth Black!

    Copeland: Impressive return match for Garth Black but a hell of a fight put up there by Prince.

    Cohen: But as usual he just comes up short.

    Copeland: But he’s improving with every single match, he just needs to find that missing ingredient to put him over the top. Regardless it was a very good showing for both men.

    Garth celebrates up the ramp as Prince begins to stir in the middle of the ring.


    We cut backstage and see Vance Bateman in his office. He is lighting up a thick Cuban cigar at his desk. He savors the taste as he exhales the smoke through his nostrils. He then leans back and puts his feet up on his desk. Suddenly, a knocking can be heard off-camera. Bateman looks started as he puts his feet back down and clears his throat.

    Bateman: Come in, damn it!

    Bruce Irwin moves into the camera shot. The crowd pops from within the arena.

    Irwin: Sorry to bother you, mate.

    Bateman coughs in his idle hand before taking another puff.

    Bateman: Yeah, yeah. What do you want?

    Irwin: Well, I won the battle royal at the Gold Rush preview show.

    Bateman: Yeah, so?

    Irwin: So, I was under the impression there was a prize.

    Bateman: And?

    Irwin: And what is it?

    Bateman: Look, "mate." I don't deal with that pre-show kiddy stuff. Rebecca is in charge of that. Take it up with her.

    Irwin: Fine, I will.

    Bateman: Now get the hell out of my office.

    Irwin obliges and exits the camera view. Bateman puts his legs back up on the desk as he enjoys his cigar.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Introducing first, from Erinsborough, Australia, weighing 250 pounds, CROCOOOOOOODILE Bruce Irwin!

    Bruce comes out through the curtain and soaks in the crowd. He wears his shirt down to the ring. He slowly walks down with high fives to the crowd. He climbs in to the ring and takes his shirt off, which he throws to the crowd before he hits the ropes.

    Copeland: Irwin, coming off a big win on the Gold Rush pre-show, will be looking to continue his momentum here tonight.

    Cohen: One win can be a fluke Seabass. It remains to be seen if there is any momentum to be gained.


    And his opponent, from Ise, Mie, Japan weighing 160 pounds, Kagura Ohzora!

    As her music plays pink lights begin to swirl around the stage in a circular pattern, representing the petals of many cherry blossoms falling through the air. A fine mist appears on the stage. Kagura emerges and walks down the ramp through the mist. She carries a long wand with triangle shaped streamers called a “gohei” which she waves back and forth as to bless the audience and the facilities. She ascends the stairs and enters between the middle ropes. Afterwards she bows to the audience on each side of the ropes and places the wand aside.

    Cohen: So the former Elite X Champion will be looking to regain some momentum after losing her title at Gold Rush. Am I in the ballpark Seabass?

    Copeland: You said it Jack. Coming off a loss to elegANT at Gold Rush, in which she lost the Elite X title, Kagura will be looking to pick up some new momentum heading into the Unscripted cycle.

    Cohen: Its all about momentum with you isn't it.

    The referee, Keith Morse, goes over last minute instructions before he calls for the bell.


    The two combatants slowly circle each other, looking for an opening to strike. Kagura uses the speed advantage to hit a couple of jabs, but little to no damage is caused to the larger Irwin. Irwin tires to to grab hold of Kagura, but she slips away each time, connecting with some sort of quick strike on the way out. Still though, she isn't dealing enough damage, so she decides to finally engage and the two tie up. The larger Irwin is easily able to get the initial advantage and works to a side headlock. He wrenches on the hold, applying as much pressure as possible. Kagura tries to lift him to slam out of the hold, but Irwin is able to block and starts to rattle off some punches to the head. The ref steps in to warn about closed fist shots, so Irwin throws Kagura into the ropes and connects with a boot off the rebound. He goes into a cover.
    But one is all he gets as Kagura kicks out with ease.

    Copeland: Curious as to why Sasuke Gozaburo, Kagura's manager, isn't with her at ringside.

    Cohen: Maybe its some sort of punishment for failing to retain her title. Maybe there is a rift forming between the two. Only time will tell.

    Back to the action and Irwin is working on a chinlock, trying to wear down Kagura. He releases the hold, only to throw some vicious downward elbows to the shoulder area. Kagura is in obvious pain as she rolls away, trying to escape. She gets to the ropes, forcing the ref to step in and allow her to get to her feet. Irwin gives Kagura enough time to get to her feet, before he charges. Kagura thinks quickly though and drops down, pulling the top rope with her, causing Irwin to tumble to the outside. Kagura takes a moment to regain her wits before she launches herself over the top rope with a plancha, connecting with Irwin. The two roll around the floor a bit as the ref starts his ten count, with Kagura getting to her feet at the count of three, and rolling Irwin into the ring by a count of five. She stomps away at Bruce, waiting for him to stand, and when he does she tries to connect with a shuffle side kick, but Irwin is able to grab her leg and in an impressive display of strength, lifts her into a gorilla press, before slamming her down hard. He goes into a cover...
    Only two though as Kagura kicks out. Irwin looks a bit frustrated, but he calls for the The Dingo, and begins to climb to the top rope. He waits on his opponent to stand before he launches himself from the top rope, but Kagura is ready for him and connects with The Fifth Dance of Amaterasu Omikami! Bruce collapses in a heap from the double heart punch and Kagura hooks the leg...

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Kagura Ohzora!

    Copeland: What a quick finish! Just as it appeared Irwin was going to put it away, Kagura hits her finish and steals a win.

    Cohen: Irwin showed off some of his power, which should serve him well as he heads into the Unscripted cycle, but he tries to put it away too early and it cost him.


    Johnny Klamor & Theron Daggershield with his Eurasian championship are backstage, ready to conduct an interview.

    Klamor: You've finally capturing your first championship in WZCW after almost 2 years, defeating Eve Taylor for the Eurasian championship at Gold Rush in your crusade against Cerberus and continuing your impressive winning streak. Congratulations on finding a way to prove to the world that you belong here.

    Theron: Thank you but being here in the Gladiatorial Combat Federation is exactly where I belong. I might not have the impressive record that some of the greatest warriors have accrued in the same amount of time I've been here but there is literally nowhere else for Theron Daggershield to go. Yes, I failed against Kaiser at the Risky Raffle to win the Expert F championship. Yes, I failed to capture the Global Championship at Empire Rally... but I kept fighting and eventually, I managed to defeat Ella Teague and win this title.

    Klamor: That means you're a targeted man now. No more going on crusades against others; there are now crusaders coming after you and the Eurasian championship including James Howard & Chris K.O. will be fighting in a Mayhem Rules match and put to rest their rivalry just to get a shot at that title.

    Theron: I understand that holding the Global championship means I can no longer rest or walk around these halls without watching my back but I live for the challenge, whether the dice are with or against me. I welcome any and all challengers for my title and for whoever walks out as the victor, I wish that gladiator the best of luck.

    Theron walks off, leaving Johnny behind.


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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Theron walks out with his trenchcoat and sunglasses still on, receiving adulation from the crowd. Multiple colours flash throughout the arena as he stands on the stage, holding his prop sword in hand. Theron poses with it on the ramp and does some slashing poses before proceeding down to the ring.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Stephenville, Texas, weighing 190 pounds, he is the NEW WZCW Eurasian Champion... "The Warblade of Mystra" Theron Daggershield!

    Cohen: I still cannot fathom how Theron Daggershield managed to take down every member of Cerberus and become Eurasian champion at Gold Rush.

    Copeland: When you have enough heart and determination, you can achieve almost anything if you set your mind to it. Plus, I hear Theron rolled his die and scored twenty prior to his match.

    Cohen: Don't encourage him, Seabass. His luck will eventually run out, probably as close as Unscripted depending on who wins the #1 contenders match tonight.

    Copeland: You have to believe Theron will be watching that match very closely.

    Theron rolls his d20 before entering, jumps into the ring, takes off his trenchcoat and sunglasses before striking another pose, and tells referee Elizabeth Prince he is ready for his match.


    The crowd cheers for the arrival of Alhazred who walks out on top of the ramp, looking out into the crowd for the final time. He smiles and closes his eyes, taking a deep breath to consume the moment before he begins hip thrusting down the ramp in a rhythmic tune. The fans have some fun with Alhazred, hip thrusting along with him.

    Harrys: And his opponent, from His Hidden Underground Laboratory, weighing 178 pounds... Alhazred!

    Copeland: Rumours have been running rampant among the locker room that this might potentially be the final match for Alhazred tonight.

    Cohen: I'm inclined to believe you; I've seen that look in his eye many times before. With his partner S.H.I.T. taking time off to recover from injuries, this might be the last time we'll be seeing either member of Hard Metal Penetration for a while.

    Copeland: And what an interesting match to host for his last encounter, too. Theron & Alhazred had a very rocky relationship leading up to the Gold Rush event and never had a chance to blow off any steam. Tonight, Alhazred gets to face against the newly-crowned Eurasian champion and has a chance to go out on top.

    Alhazred enters the ring and hip-thrusts in the center. The camera pans out to the crowd who are all hip-thrusting together, making sound with every thrust. Theron looks around and cannot keep a straight face, chuckling at the sight.

    As the crowd settles down, referee Prince checks on Alhazred, asking if he is ready to go. He gives a hip thrust in her direction to signify a "yes" and she signals for the bell.


    Before either man makes the first move, Theron extends his hand out to Alhazred and after some hesitation, Alhazred excepts the shake. The good sportsmanship receives a small applause from the crowd as they look to lock up.

    Theron & Alhazred lock-up with Theron twisting the arm of Alhazred to gain the advantage. He stays indisposed for only a few seconds before rolling out of the hold, performing a quick kip-up handstand before twisting the arm of Theron right back. The crowd applauds the athletic prowess of Alhazred as he keeps the hold on Theron. The champion looks to counter, pushing Alhazred back into the ropes, looking for an Irish whip. Alhazred counters, letting Theron run the ropes. Alhazred goes to attack but Theron ducks, coming back off the ropes with an elbow smash. Alhazred stumbles back into the ropes and performs the pendulum reversal, hitting an elbow in retaliation. Theron stumbles this time, allowing Alhazred an opportunity to hit a springboard clothesline, knocking Theron down. He covers...

    ... 1
    ... 2
    ... kick-out by Theron.

    Copeland: Alhazred taking it to the champion early on in this match.

    Cohen: Told you his luck would run out. Could you imagine what Alhazred winning in his last would do to Theron psychologically as Eurasian champion?

    Alhazred mounts Theron, not letting him up and delivers a series of repeated elbow strikes until Prince warns him, telling him to get off. Alhazred obliges, does a hip thrust before hitting a fist drop on Theron. He gets up and hits another fist drop, with the crowd counting...

    ... "3!" ... "4!" ... "5!" "... 6!" ... "7!" ... "8!" ... "9!" ...

    Cohen: I'm surprised they know English here.

    Copeland: It's one of their primary languages in Cuba, alongside Spanish.

    Cohen: Okay, Mister Bi-Lingual.

    ... as Alhazred goes for the 10th first drop, he looks out to the crowd and points to the turnbuckle. They cheer for him as he ascends the turnbuckle and raises his fist. However, Theron has managed to get up in time and throws Alhazred off the top, sending him crashing into the canvas. Theron takes refuge in the corner for a short moment to recover from the flurry of fist drops.

    Alhazred gets up and charges at Theron but the champ catches Alhazred with an atomic drop. Theron wraps his arms around Alhazred, spins them 180 degrees and hits a bridging Northern Lights Suplex on Alhazred...

    ... 1
    ... 2
    ... kick-out by Alhazred.

    Alhazred sits up, trying to shake the cobwebs from the attack. He goes to the corner for some refuge and gets to his feet but his stay is short-lived: Theron runs at him, hitting a turnbuckle clothesline. A groggy Alhazred walks weakly out of the corner, allowing Theron to perch himself on the top and hit a missile dropkick, knocking Alhazred down. Theron takes a few seconds to recover before standing up, rallying the fans behind him as he looks to take a dive.

    Cohen: Why isn't Theron going for a cover? Even if he is going up to the top, he should at least try to end it right here.

    Copeland: When was the last time someone got pinned to the missile dropkick? Your era, maybe? If Theron's going to end this match with Alhazred, he'll give Alhazred the respect and finish the match properly.

    Cohen: Well, he's taking his time getting to the top.

    Theron slowly climbs to the top rope, getting himself completely vertical near the top. He looks out to the crowd and delivers an "X" crotch chop BEFORE DIVING OFF FOR THE LIMIT BREAK...

    ... but Alhazred rolls out of the way, causing Theron to hit nothing but canvas.

    Cohen: What did I tell you?

    Referee Prince checks on Theron who rolls onto his back, clutching his stomach. Alhazred uses the ropes, pulling himself back to his feet. Prince signals that Theron is right to continue as he too tries getting up. Both men reach their feet and begin exchanging blows until Alhazred gains the advantage, delivering a strong right punch to Theron, causing him to be dazed. Alhazred finishes with a heart punch before quickly running the ropes to hit a running breaker to an immobile Theron. Alhazred looks over to the turnbuckle, raising his fist in the air. He climbs it and hits the diving fist drop from earlier, this time with success...

    ... "10!"

    Alhazred is exhausted but is ready to end this match, warming up the back of his hand. The crowd watches in anticipation as Theron slowly gets to his feet, dazed and confused... but all of a sudden, Alhazred stops for a second and thinks, glancing over at the turnbuckle.

    Copeland: What's Alhazred thinking?

    Cohen: There is no correct answer to that question.

    Alhazred ascends to the top rope, standing as tall as ever, signalling for the end.

    Copeland: Wait... is he attempting a Level 5 from the top rope?

    Alhazred dives off, spinning gracefully in the air, LOOKING TO HIT A DIVING LEVEL 5 [SPINNING BACKFIST]...


    Theron, with the last of his energy, covers Alhazred with one arm...

    ... 1
    ... 2
    ... 3!

    Elizabeth Prince calls for the bell, ending the match.

    Harrys: Here is your winner... Theron Daggershield!

    Copeland: What a great match. Alhazred gave everything he had at Theron but the unstoppable Eurasian champion continued his winning streak, with a big Critical Hit.

    Cohen: It's not the ending that Alhazred probably wanted but he shouldn't be disappointed with this loss. He still gets to rid off into the sunset knowing he could've beaten a champion.

    Theron slowly gets to his feet and raises his arm in the air in victory, politely asking for his Eurasian championship. Alhazred is being tended to by Prince and is recovering very slowly. Theron holds his title high in the air, noticing Alhazred trying to get to his feet. He lowers the title and goes over to Alhazred, offering a hand up. Again, Alhazred is hesitant but he accepts and Theron helps him to his feet. They exchange a couple of words before Theron raises Alhazred's hand in the air, clapping for him. The crowd cheers and applauds as Theron leaves the ring, giving it to Alhazred.

    Copeland: An excellent display of sportsmanship; giving Alhazred the ring to stay with the fans for one last time.

    Alhazred looks around and begins thanking the crowd in the only way he knows how: hip thrusting. He begins doing it in the middle of the ring with the fans joining in. Almost everyone in the building is hip thrusting and having fun.

    Cohen: Cuba is Alhazred-ing, Seabass!

    Copeland: Please don't say that ever again.

    Cohen: ... sorry, got a little carried away there.

    We end with a zoomed-out camera shot of the entire arena being led by Alhazred in the biggest hip thrusting the world has ever seen.


    We go backstage where Stacey Madison is ready to conduct an interview with her guest, Garth Black.

    Madison: In what must be the twentieth time in WZCW history, you've made your return to the company in a surprising victorious effort against Prince.

    Black: I know, I know, why should you or anyone else care about Garth Black wrestling in the squared circle once again? It's a tough question I cannot answer correctly with my own words; it is one I must provide out there as a wrestler and I'd like to think that tonight's victory over Prince was the first of many steps I'll be taking to become the wrestler I believe I can be... but I'm not vying for the World title or anything major just yet. I need to show that I belong here and payback the fans for all their support over the years. No more injuries; no more addictions; no more obstacles... just me, Garth Black, looking for one more chance.


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    Harrys: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome, Everest!

    Copeland: Well this is certainly a welcome surprise.

    Cohen: I hope he’s not here to plug his new autobiography…

    The WZCW hall of famer and former world champion Everest makes his way down the ramp with a microphone in hand. The fans applaud him graciously as he motions for them to settle down so he can speak.

    Everest: Hello WZCW universe! Gold Rush has come and gone and a lot has happened within the last couple of days. A lot of exciting and new things are happening and I know an old timer like me might just slow things down. However, I wanted to take this time to bring a spotlight to two men aren’t exactly fan favorites but certainly deserve to be highlighted. You may know them as the WZCW tag team champions; they are Flex Mussel and Ramparte….Cerberus!


    The first two heads of Cerberus appear on stage to a surprisingly mixed reaction. They cockily parade their championships in the faces of jeering fans as they make their way down the ramp but their demeanor changes as they enter the ring and uncharacteristically shake hands with Everest in a very seldom sign of respect.

    Cohen: It’s about time some WZCW legend showed Cerberus the respect they deserve.

    Copeland: The last thing Cerberus needs is someone else stroking their egos, but it is incredibly interesting to see the mutual respect between Everest and the tag team champions. I didn’t even know they knew each other.

    Everest: Gentleman I’d like to thank you two for coming out here because I know you don’t exactly play well with others not in your selective circle. However, not many people know that it was I that separately scouted each of you for WZCW developmental contracts. Now when I did so I never really see either of you as team players so it was much to my surprise when I saw you formed a tag team, and it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing but eventually you became the cohesive unit known as Cerberus. And just about a year later you two are now a part of one of the most successful factions of all time, tag team of the year, and record tying two time tag team champions. Not mention you two successfully defended your titles in a show stealing match up against Hard Metal Penetration at the previous PPV. And whether anyone likes it or not you have to respect that.

    Everest begins clapping for the champions and a few fans join in while others continue to jeer and some stay neutral.

    Everest: Now don’t get me wrong folks I’m not the becoming the fourth head of Cerberus or anything but it makes me incredibly proud to know I helped get you two in the door of this amazing organization and you two gained the skills and ability needed to become one of the best tag teams this company has ever seen. You two have caught lot of flak and have been questioned at every turn so I thought it was only fair that I call you two out here for the entire world to see to tell you that I’m truly proud of all you’ve done. You two are part of a bright future for WZCW.

    Everest embraces the champs in a quick hug that slightly brings a tear to Flex’s eye while Ramparte tries to shrug off any noticeable emotions. The monsieur of muscle gets his partner and himself microphones to address the current situation.

    Flex: I know everyone thinks we’re cocky loud mouths. And I can’t deny it, a majority of the time we are. However, I don’t think anyone can say that we haven’t backed up any of the claims we’ve put out the last couple of months. Yeah we do this for the recognition, the money, and the fame but you want to know what really matters? Moments like this where the legend who helped give us the opportunity to live our dreams tells us how proud we’ve made him. Moments like this our priceless and I know some of you still aren’t fond of us but believe me it’s coming from the bottom of my heart when I say thank you Everest and thank you WZCW universe for allowing my best friend and I to be the absolute best and what we love to do. I honestly don’t know what’s next for Cerberus but since we don’t plan on losing these belts any time soon, I guess our next goal can only be becoming the longest reigning champs of all time!

    More of the fans begin to get into the seemingly honest words of Flex as most of the crowd claps in appreciations while others instead choose to stay silent. However the sentimental moment is interrupted by a certain national anthem…


    Instead of Victor Makarov and Oleg Rasputin appearing on stage their manager Freddie is instead the one to appear on stage with a microphone in hand.

    : Wow, I find it highly pathetic that not only does someone like Everest believe you two are one of the best teams in WZCW history but that you worthless fans are buying into it.

    The fans begin to boo Freddie’s interruption of the feel good moment as he tries to speak over them.

    Freddie: Cerberus may be the current champions but they are nowhere near being the best team in this company. That honor obviously belongs to Makarov and Rasputin: Team Russia!

    : You know the last three teams to come up against us were dismantled to the point where one or more of its members left the company with serious injuries. It might be in your best interest to not send your soviet friends our way.

    Freddie: Ah but it is you two that will be leaving with serious injuries once Team Russia is done with you!

    Flex: Well I find it interesting that I don’t see Team Russia anywhere in sight. Instead I see their scrawny and annoying spokesman getting into business that doesn’t concern him. But I’m willing to overlook that mistake as I don’t feel we’ve been properly introduced. So Ram, why don’t you and I make our way up the ramp to properly show Joseph Stalin up there what Cerberus is all about.

    Ramparte: I couldn’t agree more Flex.

    More and more of the fans begin to cheer as Flex and Ram exit the ring and make their way up the ramp towards Freddie is noticeably becoming more and more nervous with every step Cerberus takes. However, the cheering of the fans quickly turn to gasps as Makarov and Rasputin quickly enter from the back of the crowd and attack Everest who is in the ring all alone! Rasputin holds Everest up while Makarov hits a Mother Russia nearly taking the legend’s head off! Oleg then locks in the Red Scare but quickly releases it as he and Makarov and make their exit just as Cerberus notices what’s happening. Team Russia scamper up the ramp towards Freddie while the champions check on an injured Everest.

    Copeland: What a cowardly assault by Team Russia! Everest is in no condition to be taking abuse like that!

    Cohen: You may not like their tactics but they’ve certainly gotten the attention of the tag team champions. Flex and Ramparte better be on the lookout if they want to become the longest reigning champs in history.

    Medical personnel come down to check on Everest as Ramparte and Flex begin yelling at Team Russia from inside the ring as we go to commercial break.
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your main event of the evening. This match will be contested under Mayhem Rules, meaning that there is no disqualification and falls count anywhere. The winner of this match will move onto fight for the EurAsian Championship at Unscripted!


    Harrys: Introducing first, from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, weighing 232 pounds, Chris K.O.!

    Chris KO emerges to a good reaction. He marches down to the ring and places Steve on one of the chairs at ringside.

    Copeland: James Howard managed to pick up the win only a few weeks ago when these two met but I am willing to bet that Chris KO wants nothing more than to even out the score here tonight.

    Cohen: Let him want. Howard was unstoppable at Gold Rush.


    Harrys: His opponent, from Leeds, England, weighing 223 pounds, James Howard!

    James emerges with a scowl on his face and a hoodie covering his head. He walks down the ramp and enters the ring.

    Copeland: Howard looks focussed here tonight. With some gold in sight, who can blame him. Gold Rush was just the beginning for these two. What lies before is a different situation altogether.

    Cohen: Howard showed himself to be the better athlete and wrestler. This match is just another match for James Howard. He looks ready to go here tonight. Watch out Chris KO!

    Both men stand across the ring from each other, sizing the other up and thinking about the size of the task that awaits them. The referee signals for the bell and we get underway in this Mayhem Rules match. Although the fans fully expect both men to start the match at a frantic pace, neither man jumps the gun; instead continuing to stare at each other. This match means a lot to both men and it is very clear to see. After a few more seconds, both men start to circle the ring; neither taking their eyes off of the other. Suddenly, both men come together in the first lock up of the match. It is a tremendous struggle to start out with, neither man wanting to give anything away in the first altercation of the this much-anticipated match-up. True to the occasion, neither man budges causing both men to break the hold at the same time. Howard gives KO a wry smile as both men come back into the tie-up. But Howard is in no mood to allow this to continue, landing a knee to the gut of his opponent and then immediately tossing him to the outside of the ring and onto his head in the process. Howard then turns his sick smile the way of the fans who pack out the arena; resulting in a huge booing reaction from the locals. Howard exits the ring as Chris KO is beginning to get back to his feet. But Howard knows that he has to keep his momentum going and follows up the assault with a low kick to the chin of his opponent from the apron. The referee tries to signal to Howard to keep the match in the ring, more in hope than anything else, but Howard simply disregards him and jumps down onto the floor.

    Cohen: Dirty tactics from James Howard already in this match. But guess what, it's all legal. This match has no rules and falls count anywhere!

    Copeland: After such a gruesome match at Gold Rush, you have to wonder how much these guys have left in the tank. And this match shows every sign of being very personal already.

    KO winces in pain as he moves away from his opponent; who is already using dirty tricks to his advantage. But Howard quickly follows him, running after him and nailing him with another knee to the gut. As if this wasn't enough, Howard grabs the head of his opponent and rams it into the commentary table rather unceremoniously. Again, not willing to allow KO any breathing space, he grabs his long and scruffy hair again and this time rams it into the apron. The crowd boo again as Howard begins to take control of this match. Howard keeps hold of the hair of his opponent and walks towards the corner of the outside of the ring. There, he pulls on the hair of his opponent and then rams his face into the steel pole that holds up the ropes. KO falls to one knee as the pain of the impact takes hold of him. With KO on one knee, Howard moves backs away, measuring his downed opponent. Suddenly, Howard runs at KO before launching himself into a dropkick that sends the face of KO back into the unforgiving metal post. The crowd boo vigorously but Howard doesn't care; getting back to his feet and allowing the same smug smile that has haunted the opening stages of this match to shine through once again. KO might be counting his teeth but Howard wants to press home his advantage. He picks up KO with the hair and pulls him to a vertical basis once again. He turns around KO to look in his dizzy eyes... Bam! Howard nails him with a glorious snap suplex onto the cold hard floor.

    Copeland: Damn! James Howard has taken the fight to Chris KO straight out of the blocks here tonight. He has showed no sign of a Gold Rush hangover anyway.

    Cohen: These guys are at the top of their game and are 100% professional. There is no way that they are going to leave anything in the tank.

    The groan of KO's pain is loud enough for everyone in the arena to hear but Howard is not done with his opponent by a long shot, not matter how happy he seems to be with his night's work so far. When Howard re-emerges after landing the previous move, the smile on his face is no longer evident. This time, a look of frustration and determination crosses his features. He looks down at his struggling opponent before heading away from him. He continues to walk away until he reaches the steps at the other side of the ring. By this point, Chris KO is starting to get back to his knees; crawling hopeless towards the black security barriers that separate the crowd from the wrestlers. KO puts his hand onto the top of the barrier, helping himself to his feet in the process. As KO finally makes it to this feet, Howard runs at him, looking to shoulder-barge him into next week! But Chris, with absolutely no time to spare, dives out of the way, causing James Howard to burst through the barrier thanks to his own dangerous momentum. The crowd bursts into life now as James Howard makes his first mistake of the evening. The crowd sit on the edge of their seats, wondering just how Chris KO can take advantage of this situation. Chris wobbles back to his feet and steps through the broken pieces of security barrier towards where Howard lies clutching his shoulder in pain. KO urges a member of the audience out of their seat and grabs the steel. He hoists it into the air as an indication of what is to come before driving it down onto the shoulder of his hurting opponent; amid a chorus of noise from the now excited fans at ringside.

    Cohen: Sheesh! This match has become more hardcore than we could have ever have imagined in the early stages. This is no doubt a sign of things to come! I love it!

    Copeland: A sickening shot from Chris KO, who is now finding his way back into the match thanks to that mistake from James Howard!

    KO drives the point of the chair into the body of his opponent a few more times before tossing the crumpled metal to the side. The security at ring side try very hard to push back the baying audience as the fight spills out into the audience. KO wastes little time in inflicting more punishment on his opponent; the same treatment that was dished out to him only moments ago. He picks up another chair from beside Howard and folds it into shape. By this time, Howard is in no mood to mess with the ever-growing momentum of Chris KO. Howard begins to crawl away, still trying to hold the injured shoulder. But this turns out to be a huge mistake as it opens up the back of the former MMA fighter to an attack. Something which Chris KO is keen to seize upon. He lifts the chair high into the air before bringing it down onto the unprotected flesh of his opponent. Howard yells out in pain this time as he continues to try and crawl out of the way of KO. Chris brings the chair down on the back of his opponent one more time for good measure before tossing it away in traditional fashion. He moves towards Howard, picking him up by the neck and throwing him into a nearby guard rail. With Howard hanging over the metal rail, KO quickly jumps over and grabs him by the neck. He pulls Howard a little further onto the rail until only his legs are holding him up at one side and, at the other, the smiling features of his opponent with his arm around Howard's neck. Suddenly, he drops Howard with a gruesome DDT onto the cold stone floor. There is a shocked gasp around the arena as KO gets back to his feet, looking down at his work.

    Copeland: Oh my God! These two will not be happy until the other man cannot walk!

    Cohen: They knew what this match was all about, Seabass! If you want the EurAsian Championship then this is what you have to do to get it.

    Instead of choosing to go for the pin at this point, KO instead chooses to pick up James Howard by the neck, a trickle of blood beginning to pour down the face of the former MMA fighter. KO begins to walk through the crowd, every now and then peppering the face of Howard with some stiff shots with a closed fist. Howard looks rocked by the recent developments as KO begins to pull him up the nearby steps and deep into the crowd. Finally, however, Howard is able to get some offence going, taking advantage of Chris KO's lack of concentration on him; landing an elbow to the face of his opponent. Halfway up the steps, KO takes the elbow and stumbles backwards, falling down a few of the steps in the process; his ankle bending at an awkward angle as he does. Howard doesn't seem to have the energy to immediately go after his opponent so takes some time to catch his breath. KO really doesn't want to allow his momentum to be let go so quickly tries to get back to his feet. But his ankle is hindering him and Howard can see it. Howard knows that he has to jump on this opportunity and he does so with everything he has left in the tank; tossing himself down the steps towards KO with a gnarly dropkick. Both men take the worst of it, however, as KO continues to roll down the steps and Howard lands awkwardly on his back on the unforgiving stone steps. After a moment, Howard uses the guard rail to pull himself to his feet and looks for his opponent some way down the steps. KO slowly gets back to his feet just as Howard once again jumps at him, nailing with a glorious DDT. Howard drops an arm over his opponent for the first fall of the match. 1... 2... Kick out! No time to spare!

    Copeland: I thought he had it there!

    Cohen: A devastating move, no doubt. But this match has become very scrappy. Anything can happen when you are out there in the crowd. Let's hope that no one gets seriously hurt!

    The referee urges both men to head back towards the ring but even he must know that this match was never going to go that way. Howard is the first man to slowly get back to his feet in this brutal match but he is soon joined by his dazed opponent, both men fighting more on instinct than anything else. Grabbing KO by the hair once again, Howard continues the work of his opponent by walking him up the steps again. Mirroring his opponent and, perhaps, getting some measure of payback, Howard slams the face of KO into the guard rail without mercy. As if this were not enough, Howard grabs the hair of his opponent and pulls him through a curtain at the top of the steps. The camera and the referee struggle to work their way through the crowd but as they finally make their way through the curtain, Howard has KO set up for the bulldog. A few feet away, a table filled with merchandise can be seen. Howard looks to put KO through it with a stunning bulldog but as he runs, KO manages to lift him off of his feet and tosses him through the table on his own! KO immediately falls to his knees but slowly crawls towards his opponent and dropping an arm over him eventually. Within the broken wood the referee counts the fall! 1... 2... Kick out with no time to spare!

    Copeland: Jesus Christ!

    Cohen: Well, there goes the merchandise. And my cut by the looks of it...

    This match surely cannot go on the same way as it has but you cannot tell that to the competitors, who seem utterly hell0bent on inflicting as much pain and humiliation on the other as is humanly possibly. From the ruins of what used to be the merchandise table, finally, come the broken bodies of Chris KO and James Howard. It is Chris KO who takes the initiative though, grabbing the head of Howard once again and moving towards the other side of the corridor. He uses what he has left to toss Howard into the stone wall before grabbing him again and landing a tired European Uppercut. The two continue to battle down the corridor as they finally come to the snack stands. KO stands in front of the table with his back to it. He puts his arms around the belly of his opponent, looking to nail him with a German Suplex through the table lined with snacks. But Howard knows that he has to escape this hold; the whole match rests on his ability to do so. KO tires to hoist him up but Howard quickly blocks the move, instead going around the back of his opponent himself. Perhaps KO was expecting a German Suplex of his own but Howard's intentions are much more severe and grim. Howard grabs a glass jar of candy from a nearby shelf and nails KO with it; the glass smashing into pieces and blood beginning to flow from the face of Chris KO! Howard falls onto the stone floor beside a horizontal KO. He slowly edges towards KO and drops his arm over KO... 1... 2...

    Copeland: This is it surely!?

    Kick out! What an amazing show of determination and guts from the former White Knight of WZCW! Howard simply cannot believe that Chris KO has found it within himself to kick out that deliberate attack. Howard rolls over onto his back and runs his hands through his hair; wondering what it is going to take to put Chris away once and for all. Howard slowly gets back to his feet as Chris KO begins to bleed on the floor. Howard scans the area for inspiration before finding something and setting his sights on it. He gets to his shaky feet and stumbles towards a nearby flight of steps. Between the up and down flights, a ledge of stone separates them. Howard looks down through the gap and stares at a sheer drop of about 2 stories. So many thoughts must be going through the brain of Howard and the referee can see it. Thinking that he is going to push KO through the gap and down 2 stories, he rushes over to Howard. Howard, however, pushes him away as KO begins to crawl towards him; slowly getting to his feet in the process. Howard jumps up on the stone ledge, putting his own life in the balance. There is a huge gasp as he jumps towards KO, looking for THE CHAOS THEORY! Howard does hit KO but it doesn't look as though he got all of it, both men hitting the stone floor once again. The referee looks stunned as he searches for the right thing to do. Both men lie motionless for a few more seconds before Howard slowly crawls towards KO. He covers him and this match should be all over! 1... 2...

    Cohen: This time!?

    Kick out again! Unbelievable! What is it going to take for this match to be over? Howard simply cannot believe it once again; a look of unbridled shock on his face. Howard allows KO to crawl away from him as he struggles to come to terms with the fact that he cannot put KO away. KO gets to wobbly legs and begins to stumble down the nearby steps, his head bloodied and dazed. Down the steps he goes as Howard reclaims his vertical basis, too. With Chris KO now out of sight, Howard follows him down the steps. After reaching the bottom of the first flight of steps, Howard spies Chris KO at the bottom of the next. Another look of determination crosses the features of Howard. He looks as though he is going to look to land THE CHAOS THEORY once more! But KO turns around at the right time and launches himself into THE COCONUT STRIKE! KO has finally turned this match around once again. He doesn't get it all though as he didn't have the perfect running start. Nevertheless, he falls on top of Howard! 1... 2... Kick out! Amazing!

    Copeland: I cannot believe that these guys keep kicking out. Many other competitors would have given up long before now!

    Cohen: Where do we go from here? Who comes out on top!?

    This time it is the turn of Chris KO to not believe what he is seeing. But he does not falter and worry about what has gone before. He pulls Howard over onto his back and slowly gets into position. What is he going to go for here? THE BURNING CRUSADE! KO finally manages to get the move locked in and there is nowhere for James Howard to go! This could be the end for James Howard as more and more pressure is levered onto his already injured shoulder! Howard attempts to break the hold of Chris KO but his face is the picture of pain and exhaustion. The referee gets into position just as James Howard can take no more.... He finally taps out!

    The referee signals for the bell!

    Harrys: Here is your winner and new number 1 contender for the EurAsian Championship... Chris KO!

    Cohen: What. A. Match!

    Copeland: Chris KO moves onto Unscripted to fight for the EurAsian Championship and who can say that he doesn't deserve it? Both of these guys have been utterly fantastic tonight. Great match and a fitting end for this week's Meltdown! I've been Seabastian Copeland alongside Jack Cohen... Good night!

    The last scene we see if Chris KO and James Howard lying on the stone floor breathing heavily and bleeding profusely.
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    Who Wrote What:

    Dave - Howard vs. KO
    Dynamite - Prince vs. Black & Everest/Cerberus/Russia segment
    FalKon - Theron vs. Alhazred & segments
    Kermit - Opening & segments
    Yaz - Ohzora vs. Irwin

    You know the drill by now. Rep and such if you feel obliged.

    Ascension should be done by tomorrow, followed by the boards.
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